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Non-Western History
  1. The Africa Media Project
    Hopes on the Horizon: Africa 1945-1995.
  2. Wonders of the African World
    PBS Episodes: Black Kingdoms of the Nile, (Aswan Dam), The Swahili Coast, Slave Kingdoms, (Ouidah), (Elmina), The Holy Land, Road to Timbuktu, Lost Cities of the South.
    Explore the tribal arts of Africa and the great tradition of hand-knotted carpets and textiles of the Orient.
  4. Music for the Eyes: African Musical Instruments
    Explore the tribal arts of Africa and the great tradition of hand-knotted carpets and textiles of the Orient. Worth a visit for the splash page alone, which presents a Java display of about eight works of art with transition effects. When you move to the next section, a similar page is presented. Graphics are again presented, but the rendering is gradual, and one picture blends into the next. A third page presents the site navigation in the form of a graphic menu to the right and a text frame with cascading menu choices in the left frame. Top shelf stuff. No digital dust will collect here.
  6. Wonders of the African World
  7. Center for Advanced Studies in Race, Ethnicity, and Society
    Africa and Atlantic world focus.
  8. Contemporary conflicts in Africa
    An excellent map of Afica showing the major conflicts. A click on the conflict area generates a page that includes historical background information.
  9. Outpost: Human Origins @
  10. African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning
  11. TIME FOR KIDS | "Africa's Lost World" | November 7, 1997
  13. African History on the Internet
  14. Images of Colonial Africa
    an imaginative and industrious woman's view of Africa, mostly of Kenya, at the beginning of the twentieth century, probably before 1914. They depict the country's society, customs, economics, and geography, as well as its growing Christian church, the missionary community assisting in that endeavor. You can gain a quick feel for the contents of the exhibition by selecting the thumbnail page of all of the images.
  15. What is Currency? Lessons from Historic Africa
  16. frontline: the long walk of nelson mandela
    Inlcudes: live chat, young boy, revolutionary, prisoner, husband & lover, biographers, interviews, synopsis, anecdotes, chronology, discussion, map, tapes & transcripts and a viewers & teachers' guide.
  17. Afican Studies Gateway
  18. Art and Life in Africa Project
    Segments from the Art and Life in Africa CD-ROM being produced at The University of Iowa, namely an abbreviated online version of Key Moments in Life. The segments inlcude: Ancient Africa, Arts of Healing, Abundance, Cultural Exchange, Death and the Ancestors, Divination, Education/Initiation, Everyday Endeavor, Governance and Social Order, Key Moments in Life, Sacred Spaces, Essays on African History (developed exclusively for ALA Online), Chronology of African Art, Diffusion and other Problems in the History of African States, Issues in African History, Snapshots of Daily Life in Mali and Burkina Faso, Contemporary Malian Art, Images and essays about art by contemporary artists in Mali, Countries Resources, Information for 27 Sub-Saharan African Countries and 107 African Cultures. The site also inlcudes a search tool to locate specific resources.
  19. Crisisweb: the International Crisis Group on-line system
    Interested in recent history in Africa? This group features a page on Aftrica with over 200 links.
  20. G. I. Jones -- S.E. Nigerian Art and Culture
  21. Awele Makeba, Teller of All Tales
    Looking for that special site for African folktales, southern plantation tales, historical tales, children's literature, multicultural folklore, and personal stories? "Through the ancient art of storytelling, theatrically trained, and raised on the stories of Bigmama Alice, Grandma Ruth, Gran'daddy Joe, and her parents, Awele weaves African-American history, culture and stories of pride. She celebrates the value of joy, courage, and compassion in the face of adversity."
  22. Imperialism in Africa
  23. International Journal TOC
  24. African Clip Art
    Many thanks to Lin & Don Donn for information on this site.
  25. African Century Frame Page
  26. South Africa and Cry, the Beloved Country
    Student assignment to explore the history and land of South Africa prior to reading the book.
  27. Africa Studies Home Page
  28. Africa Research Central: A clearinghouse of African primary sources
  29. Electronic African Bookworm
  30. African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning
  31. The History of Postcolonial Africa
    Inlcudes General Materials, a Selected Bibliography and links to Individual Countries (Nigeria is currently the only region with extensive materials listed).
  32. Olowe of Ise
    The Yoruba diaspora, a result of the Atlantic slave trade and religious pilgrimages to Mecca, extends from Senegal to the Nile in Africa and from North to South America.
  33. Michael C. Carlos Museum
    Emory University, Harvard University and W. E. B. DuBois Institute collaborate on the Image of the Black in Western Art photo archive -- Sub-Saharan African Art from the 16th - 19th centuries. A series of increasingly detailed maps (rather slow loading) provide access to content. Patience is required as content does not appear in the frame interface until the third map is formed. Further, when some image listings do not have images available for viewing and there were no thumbnails to assist in browsing.
  34. CNN Interactive - World Regions: Africa
  35. African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning
    "It is consistent with the use and meaning of African art that it should be both beautiful and good, because it is intended not only to please the eye but to uphold moral values."
  36. Exhibits Collection -- South Africa
    "South Africa" is inspired by programs from The Africans, a video series in the Annenberg/CPB Multimedia Collection. Can a country overcome its history? If the past cannot be changed, does finding out the truth matter?
    A series of reprints from the era and part of the 50,000th EDITION.
    Page on the Grammy Award winning singers that have come to "... embody black traditions suppressed under apartheid."
  39. Art and Life in Africa Online
    See the "Key Moments in Life" chapter for a complete sample of the CD. The site also links to Geography, Countries Resources, Maps and other Links, a Countries and Peoples Database and search tools.
  40. African Art Webquest
    Students play the role of a museum curator who has located a large unlabeled crate of artifacts from Africa and uses the Internet to search for information to set up an exhibit.
  41. African Lives
    Content based on a series in the newspaper on everyday life in Africa, with articles on Sudanese Dinka tribe, child brides in the Ivory Coast, and funeral rites in Ghana. Each article may be accompanied by a photo gallery and a set of annotated links to more information about the country discussed.
  42. University of Iowa: Center for Electronic Resources in African Studies
  43. The Magic and Mysteries of Ancient Egypt
  44. African Art: Masking
  45. H-AfrTeach HOME PAGE and H-AfrTeach Internet Links.
    Focus on materials for the study of Africa for young students.
  46. H-AfrArts Exhibition Preview: Bedu Is My Lover
    Review of an African mask exhibit.
    African web sites provided by South Africa.
  48. H-AfrTeach HOME PAGE
    Discussion group that will examines the possibilities and problems involved in teaching about Africa in many educational settings.
  49. African Mask Project
  50. The Encyclopedia of African Music
    TOC: Alphabetized Artist List || Related African Links || African Music Sources.
  51. African Odyssey Interactive
    Promoting the interactive exchange of ideas, information, and resources between artists, teachers, and students of African art and culture. Be sure to see Africa's Ancient Empires and States.
  52. SDP: African Lessons
  53. Time.Gate - The Zanzibar Network
    Great starting point for a study of East Africa.
  54. The TimeTraveller
    Take a journey through the history of the South African port city of Durban from the 1850s to 1996. Read an account of a shipwreck, view Victorian fashions and Gandhi's "visit" to South Africa.
  55. Online NewsHour: Roots of Crisis: Rwana & Burundi -- December 24, 1996
    An excellent background on current events in Africa... The graphics slow the page turn images off for the text and load images later if needed.
  56. Rhodesia and South Africa: Military History
  57. FAMSF-Education-Publications-Guide to African Art-Introduction
  58. Unfolding the Mystery of Timbuktu
  59. Welome to the Mali Interactive Project!
    Teaching Resources.
  60. Africa: K-12 Studies
    Top site for this unit.
  61. African Studies WWW (U. Penn)
    Penn has a new face on their site and some new material and links.
  62. African Pottery Forming - Virtual Slide Show
  63. K-12 Africa Guide
  64. An Eternity of Forest: Paintings by Mbuti Women
    Berkeley Site with an Essay and introduction on the exhibit, Musical Slide Shows of works of art from the exhibition, information on how the Mbuti artworks are made, links to Resources on the Mbuti's art, culture and environment and a Teachers and Young Persons exhibition worksheet which can be downloaded and printed.
  65. History of South Africa
    TOC: Beginnings, Colonisation from Europe from the 1600s, The Anglo-Boer War of 1899 to 1902, The Union of South Africa 1910 - 1960: a white run state, The overthrow of apartheid
  66. OneWorld Magazine - ETHIOPIA, LAND OF ZION
  67. Mozambique
    Designed for high school World Studies students. "The web pages include an overview article with color slides on Mozambique. The exhibit also has two interviews, and several shorter articles on Mozambican history. The heart of the exhibit are several on-line student activities on Mozambican history, geography, and current events. The student activities make use of the Mozambican web pages, in addition to internet data bases with country information, maps, foreign languages, and time zone information. This is an exhibit rich in information, with a valuable set of internet based activities for classroom use." The site has a list of list activities for students that accompany the exhibit, with lessons that incorporate internet databases and web pages.
  68. African Educational Research Network
  69. African Studies on the Internet
  70. Africana resources on the Internet
  71. Djoser Complex
    Clickable plan from a art history course.
  72. Egypt and the Ancient Near East for Young People and Teachers
  73. Ancient Egypt for Students
  74. The Palace of Rameses III
    TOC divides the resources into: Sites for Young People (Sites about Egypt, Sites about the ancient Near East, Non-Egyptian Mummies) and Sites for Teachers (Museum Education Departments and Other Non-Specific Sites, Bible, Dead Sea Scrolls, Egypt).
    Organized by THE ROYAL ACADEMY OF ARTS, LONDON. Outstanding (but rather large) graphics and interesting text - much of it historical. Divided into geographic regions with a page (or more)for each. Ancient Egypt and Nubia, Eastern Africa, Central Africa, Sahel and Savanna, Northern Africa, Western and Southern Africa.
  76. The Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology
  77. Reeder's Egypt Page
    New location.
    Multimedia presentation of a 22nd Dynasty Egyptian mummy. Includes x-ray images and 3D reconstruction images from CAT scan data.
  79. Contemporary conflicts in Africa
    Apart from the small type used - this is an excellent site -- from the large Imagemap of Africa to the well organized frames. A tremendous depth of information has been gathered on this site, which serves as an overview of information about current and historical conflicts in Africa.
  80. Project Capetown
    "A combination of text, still images, sound, and full motion video depict four actual teaching scenarios in schools in Cape Town, South Africa. Three schools making a transition from apartheid to racially integrated student populations provide the material for the case...Understanding issues these teachers face may help teachers in other countries to view multicultural issues in a new light."
  81. Natural Resources for the Greater Horn of Africa
    Great maps portraying soils, cropland use intensity (CUI), and population. The site focuses on three key factors affecting food security -- resources, current agricultural uses, and current population pressures.
  82. Horn of Africa Archive (GIF)
    Nice collection of Gifs about Africa.
  83. GHIE Homepage
    Greater Horn Information Exchange.
  84. Africa Policy Information Center
  85. Western Sahara History of the Conflict
    Nice chronology of the area. Site might be used as a part of a unit on Western Imperialism and its long range impact on Africa.
  87. Rhodesian and South African Military History
    Military history of Rhodesia and South Africa -- Bush wars and border wars.
  88. African Studies at UW-Madison
    The site recently added revised sections on K-12 Resources and Opportunities for K-12 Educators
  89. Yoruba and Akan Art in Wood and Metal: The Doorway

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