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Part of the History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers. ARCHAEOLOGY/ANTHROPOLOGY

We tend to look at ourselves and others in our culture (and to other cultures) with a lens that has been twisted and warped by our limited experience and education. The resources available in the sites below should help teachers think and plan on how they can use the global resources of the Internet to make sure that their charges have access to information about the varieties of cultures -- both past and present (See also the "Diversity" sites from the Main Menu). These sites are a start and need the input and feedback from others. Please send your suggestions by E-mail to
Classical Wreck Site

RESEARCH FIELDS (Maritime Archaeology, Human Evolution, Archaeometallurgy, Rock Art)

  1. American Section @ UPM of Archaeology and Anthropology
  2. sci.archaeology.moderated
    A new moderated Usenet group dedicated to the discussion of Archaeology. Current discussion threads include web sites of ongoing digs, algorithms for Egyptian fractions and Neolithic bones of the feet. Pointer here goes to information/signup page. Newsgroup: sci.archaeology.
  3. The Talk.Origins Archive
    A Usenet newsgroup devoted to the discussion and debate of biological and physical origins. Discussions include the topics of creation/evolution controversy, the origin of life, geology, biology, catastrophism, cosmology and theology.
  4. Anthropology, Cross-Cultural Studies, and Archaeology
    listing of scholarly and professional e-conferences.
  5. AnthroNet: Mail List Subscription Service
  6. Newsgroup: sci.anthropology.paleo
  7. Newsgroup: sci.archaeology
  8. Newsgroup: alt.archaeology
  1. Homepage @ University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
  2. The University of Arizona Press
    Offering free online books: Hohokam Indians of the Tucson Basin by By Linda M. Gregonis & Karl J. Reinhard, By the Prophet of the Earth: Ethnobotany of the Pima by L.S.M. Curtin, Mission San Xavier del Bac by Helga Teiwes, Text by Bernard L. Fontana, The Seri Indians of Sonora Mexico by Bernice Johnston and Faith, Flowers, and Fiestas: The Yaqui Indian Year by Muriel Thayer Painter.
  3. Archaeological Research Facility
    An Organized Research Unit of the University of California.
  4. Wake Forest University Archeology Laboratories
  5. Museum of Archaeology and Antropology
    Online Exhibits: 14 Eyes in a Museum Storeroom, The Ancient Greek World, Architectural Archaeology: A Centennial View of the Museum's Buildings, Black Sea Trade Project: An Archaeologists Online Journal, Bodies of Cultures: A World Tour of Body Modification at the Museum, Corinth Computer Project, Date Sex in Ancient Mesopotamia? Eggi's Village: Life among the Minangkabau in Indonesia, The Origins and Ancient History of Wine, Plains Indian Health: Traditional Healing and Western Medicine, Reconstructing the Ram in the Thicket, The REAL Story of the Ancient Olympics, The Return of a Stolen Cultural Treasure to Peru, Sailing the Ocean without Map or Compass: Traditional Navigation in the Western Pacific.
  6. University of Maryland Field School in Urban Archaeology
    Alexandria Archaeology Museum, City of Alexandria, Virginia and To Witness the Past: African American Archaeology in Alexandria, Virginia
  7. Home Page for Anthropology 149a, Brandeis University
  8. Queen's University of Belfast, Department of Social Anthropology Staff Page
  10. Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge --- Home Page
  11. University of New Mexico, Department of Anthropology
  12. Archaeology at Edinburgh
  13. Department of Archaeological Sciences
    University of Bardford page.
  14. Anthropology 212 -- Trent at Durham College
  15. Anthropology
    Comprehensive Internet Reference to Discussion Lists.
  16. School of Archaeological Studies
    School of Archaeological Studies, University of Leicester.
  17. Dept of Anthropology, University of Geneva
  18. Bookmarks from the University of Zurich
    Department of Prehistory.
  19. Department of Anthropology, The University of Montana - Missoula
    See the Departmental Archives for some interesting and extensive course notes online.
  20. Anthropology Internet Resources
    Links provided by the Western Connecticut State University Department of Social Sciences.
  21. The DAE Home Page
    University of Geneva, Switzerland.
  22. California State Anthropology
  24. SC Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology
  25. Anthropology Department, Lawrence University
  26. Society for American Archaeology - Main Menu
  27. University of York Library - Archaeology information sources
  28. UMT Anthropology Home Page
  29. Anthropology Department Home Page
  30. ArchNet - University of Connecticut Anthropology Department
    Links to academic departments and programs, a "geographic menu", Museums and Research Facilities and Site Files and Tours. Most of the sites described are in the United States. A click on "Little Salt Spring..." brought a description of the procedures and tools used in an underwater site. You might also note the "Subject Areas" menu and find "A Walking Tour of Plimoth (Plymouth) Plantation In New England." See Plimoth Plantation
  31. Anthropology Resources at the University of Kent
  32. Wash U Anthro Home Page
  33. Department of Anthropology
    University of Western Australia.
  34. The Department of Anthropology -- University of California at Santa Barbara
  35. Humboldt State University Anthropology Department
  36. SFSU Anthropology Department Home Page
    San Fancisco State.
  37. Glasgow University Archaeology Research Division
    Access to a number of archaeology projects undertaken by the Department of Archaeology.
  38. Department of Archaeology
    See the map of current research projects.
  39. Archaeology at Edinburgh - New Page for Netscape
  40. Department of Anthropology, Stanford University
    See the The New Guinea Sculpture Garden.
  41. Department of Archaeology
    See "What is Archaeology" for a discussion of defining the the term.
  1. Mammoth Trumpet
    A quarterly news magazine that reports on all aspects of the peopling of the Americas, with full text versions of recent issues online.
  2. Archaeology Magazine
    Besides selections from the current print edition (Jan/Feb. 2000) , the site it featuring Neanderthal News (note the "kick line") and an excellent listing of the exhibits in Museums, some included in this What's New."
  3. Journal of Field Archaeology
  4. Current Archaeology
  6. ANISTORITON Magazine of History, Archaeology & ArtHistory
    A quarterly journal of archaeological research
  8. Athena Review: Guide to Archaeology on the Internet
  9. Expedition Magazine @ University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
  10. Journal of Folklore Research
  11. Internet Archaeol. 6. Electronic Publishing Theme. Table of Contents
    Registration required for full access, but it is currently free.
  12. Archaeology
    Table of Contents, January/February 1999.
    Recently celebrated 50 years of publication with a special anniversary issue.
    The full texts of newsbriefs and selected longer articles are also available online.
    My March/April issue just arrived in the mail, with an article on Tattooing in Antiquity. Should be loads of information on the history of tattooing that might make an interesting student presentation.
  13. The Anthropological Index to Current Periodicals in the Museum of Mankind Library (incorporating the former Royal Anthropological Institute library)
  14. Archaeological Newsletter - ROM
    With a nice collection of archived articles and one selection from the current issue.
  15. The Anthropological Index to Current Periodicals
    From the Museum of Mankind Library and the former Royal Anthropological Institute library.
  16. Sydney Morning Herald - Daily News - Homo erectus was an able seaman aeons before man
  17. Anthropology in the News
    Links to news stories published on the web by ABC, CNN, USA Today, Washington Post, Nando, Archaeology, university press releases and other sources.
  18. Northeast Anthropology
    A bi-annual journal dedicated to scholarly investigations and reports from the northeastern United States and adjacent Canadian provinces.
  19. Archaeometry
    A research journal covering the involvement of the sciences with archaeology and art history.
  20. Anthropoetics
    The Electronic Journal of Generative Anthropology.
    One of several articles from KMT offered online.
  22. AZTLAN E-Journal
    A resource on Central America.
  23. Mesoamerica
    Site photos from Central America and Southern Mexico.
  24. Discover Magazine June 1997
  25. Visual Anthropology Review
  26. CAM Cultural Anthropology Methods
    Enhanced electronic Journal.
  27. The Anthropology Review Database
  28. Archaeological Research Facility
    Berkeley - Good Online newsletter with past issue available. Articles are fairly short and easy to read.
  29. Online Archaeology - An Electronic Journal Of Archaeological Theory
  30. Internet Archaeology
    With 6 issues currently online.
  31. Histoire et Archologie
  32. Current Archaeology
    Guide to Archaeology in Britain. See Anthropology on the Internet: IntroductionA Review and Evaluation of Networked Resources as a sample article. This British publication features a special internet edition of the recent issue devoted to Archaeology in the Hebrides, an introduction to archaeology for students and beginners and a directory of British excavations.
  33. The Artifact
    A publication of the Milwaukee Society of the Archaeological Institute of America.
  34. Nature Genetics
  35. Athena Review
    Quarterly Journal of Archaeology, History, and Exploration. A recent issue featured articles on Roman baths and fortifications in Scotland, Religious idols of the Caribbean, images of ancient sites and cultures in an Image Archive.
  36. Anthropology Reviews
  37. Texas Archeology E-Journal
  38. Missing Link
    The Journal of Topical Anthropology - A student journal.
  39. African-American Archaeology Newsletter
  40. Archaeological Dialogues Dutch Perspectives on Current Issues in Archaeology
    English-language journal to promote theoretically oriented approaches in archaeology.
    SABA MELON INSTITUTE - Archaeological Deconstruction Publication. If you every speculated on how the scientists of the future might view current cultures, this is the site to browse.
  42. French Archaeology Documents - home page
  43. Cultural Anthropology
    Journal Of The Society For Cultural Anthropology.
  44. Journal of Field Archaeology
    Interesting article on "The Nature of Clarity in Archaeological Line Drawings".
  45. 'British Archaeology' Home Page
    Several issues on line.
  46. The Journal of World Anthropology
  47. Archaeology Magazine
    From the Archaeological Institute of America -- reports all the latest archaeological discoveries, news briefs and links to other relevant web sites. This links should take you to the index.
  1. Kiowa Drawings in the National Anthropological Archives
  2. National Anthropological Archives Home Page
  3. The Wisconsin Archeological Society
  4. Archaeological Institute of America
    You can browse an interesting collection of links to Archaeology web sites or view an experimental collection of images (see the cut of a screen shot to the right) of high quality. Their publication list also seem geared to K-12 teachers and parent.
  5. Institut fuer Klassische Archaeologie - Department of Archaeology
  6. Museum of The Red River
    Idabel, ID. Key Content links to: The Caddo, The Choctaw, News & Events, Sherds Newsletter.
  7. Homepage GIA
    Groningen Institute of Archaeology.
  8. The Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities - The Official SCA Website
  9. Center for Archaeological Research
    Southwest Missouri State University
  10. Society for American Archaeology - Teaching Archaeology in the 21st Century
  11. Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park
  12. Archaeological Research Facility
    An Organized Research Unit of the University of California.
  13. Institute of Human Origins
    See the results of the Summer Paleoanthropology Field School at Makapansgat, South Africa.
  14. Wake Forest University Archeology Laboratories
  15. Phoebe Apperson Hearst Museum of Anthropology
  16. Hunterian Museum : Guided Tour Intro
  17. Kroeber and the Yurok Galleries
    Featuring samples of Alfred Kroeber's field notes and photographs on the Klamath River area, photographs of Yurok material culture and photographs pertaining to the Klamath River area and its development in historic times.
  18. Society for American Archaeology Bulletin
  19. SAAweb - Society for American Archaeology
  20. IFAO
    Institut français d'archéologie orientale du Caire.
  21. Amerind Foundation Museum and Archaeological Research Facility
  22. Amerind Museum Exhibits
  23. Council for British Archaeology Internet Information Service
  24. 'British Archaeology' home page
    Part of the CBA site above.
  25. WWW Virtual Library: Anthropology
    New URL.
  26. Archaeological Research, NMAI Museum Site on Mall
    Archaeological Investigations at the National Museum of the American Indian Site (Washington, D.C.). A bit of a slow load, as the entire site seems to be on one page...with internal links. After visiting the site, I placed the Museum on a long list of places to see when visiting Washington, D.C.
  27. Archaeology - ArchNet - WWW Virtual Library - Archaeology
  28. ArchWEB, the Netherlands: Archaeology on the Internet

    In the near future -- Visits to the Tomb of Tiberius and the Museo Archeologico in Naples will make over 20 MEGs of graphics available to K-16 visitors to this page. Many of these graphics -- especially those from the Museo Archeologico -- will augment those taken earlier in Pompeii.
  29. Deadly Shadow of Vesuvius (PBS Nova Program) will air Tuesday, November 10th. "Learn why Mt. Vesuvius - dormant since 1944 - could once again become active. Also, take a closer look at the USGS Rapid Response Team, which stands ready to fly anywhere in the world on a moment's notice to take the pulse of potentially dangerous active volcanoes."
  30. Anglo-American Project in Pompeii - Field School 1999
  31. Unguided Tour of Pompeii
  32. Bradford-Pompeii Research Laboratory
  33. The Institute For Ice Age Studies
  34. Hopi Ancestors
    A project sponsored by Earthwatch and South Shore Educational Collaborative.
  35. anthro-l Home Page
  36. SAAweb - Society for American Archaeology
  37. National Association of State Archaeologists
  38. Council for British Archaeology Internet Information Service
  39. Pensacola Archeology Lab
    Specializing in early Spanish contact and colonization.
  40. Center for American Archeology
  41. NMNH Anthropology Page
    National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institution. see the links below
  42. SI Anthropology Outreach Office
    See the Outreach-AnthroNotes
    for the National Museum of Natural History Bulletin for Teachers, current and archived editions.
  43. <>Center for Archaeological Research, Southwest Missouri State University
    Offering abstracts of recent publications and a link to a key current project -- The Big Eddy Site -- that was not working when I visited in early November.
  44. BSRCS
    Bulgarian Society for Regional Cultural Studies.
  45. CAARI Home Page
    Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute.
  46. Maxwell Online
    Museum of Anthropology Online.
  47. Yale Peabody Museum: Anthropology
    Primarily a "New World" collection.
  48. National Archaeological Museum of Athens
  49. The Society for Historical Archaeology
  50. Homepage @ University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
  51. Iowa Office of the State Archaeologist
  52. The Society for the Anthropology of Europe
    1990 and 1993 available online.
  54. The Archaeological Museum
    Display of information on Spain, with a focus on the Roman period.
  55. The London Museum of Archaeology Publications
    Take the Virtual Tour, for a look at Ontario's Native People through excavations representing "...all periods of Native occupation, from their nomadic beginnings in a frozen land 11,000 years ago to a settled village life, living as the early European explorers found them just 450 years past."
  56. Peabody Museum of Archaeology and EthnologyAgainst the Winds. Current exhibits: Rainmakers from the Gods: Hopi Katsinam, Against the Winds: American Indian Running Traditions, Three Generations of Women Anthropologists, The Children of Changing Woman.
  57. ASSONET - Home Page
  58. Welcome to the Museum of Anthropology
    At Wake Forest.
  59. Pointe-à-Callière, Montréal Museum of Archaeology and History
    The quality of this site is clear within a click or two...especially in design presentation and a creative background.
  60. University of Kansas Museum of Anthropology
  61. The Society for Historical Archaeology
    A showcase of information on archaeology and archaeologists, careers in Historical Archaeology.
  62. Archaeological Research Institute
  63. Feathered Serpent Pyrimid Home Page
    Teotihuacan, Mexico.
  64. Chucalissa Archaeological Museum and Reconstructed Village
  65. Center for Anthropology Communications
    A media resource for finding anthropologists with resources for communicating anthropology/science to the public.
  66. Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research
  67. Provincial Museum of Alberta
    "This site contains over 325 pages of information about the Museum, including an introduction to the twelve curatorial programs, information on galleries, exhibits and educational programs, and a visit to the Museum Shop. It also contains general visitor information (dates and times of opening, admission prices etc.), details of volunteer opportunities, and a calendar of events." The "Human History" section alone connects to pages on: Archaeology, Ethnology, Folklife, Government History, Western Canadian History and Human History Publications.
  68. Royal Ontario Museum - Fun Stuff
    Archaeological Analysis: Pieces of the Past. "Are you ready to see what it feels like to be an Archaeologist?"
  69. Archaeological Society of Virginia
    Zine type articles -- currently on the death of Mary Leakey, Human Species Coexisted, Neanderthal Flute, Asian Clovis Point, Looters Convicted in Virginia and Australian Rockart.
  70. Nova Scotia Museum Archaeology Home Page
    A page that looks at: Research Methods, History of NS Archaeology, Table of Contents, Chronology, Palaeo-Indian Period, Archaic Period, Maritime Woodland Period, Contact Period, Post-Contact Mi'kmaq, Colonial, Post Confederation, information on Cultural Resource Management and Heritage Research, Archaeological information, compliance with the Special Places Protection Act, links to various Archaeology Sites, Artifacts and Collections, Nova Scotia Museum Online Artifact Gallery Underwater Archaeology (Protecting Nova Scotia's Shipwrecks, Underwater Archaeology Links, Archaeology Links and Early Black Settlement in Nova Scotia.
  71. Arkansas Archeological Society
  72. World Archaeological Congress - home page
  73. Archaeological Institute of America Home Page
  74. Anthropological Association Homepage
    See What's New in Abzu
  76. Chicago Anthropology Exchange
  77. Royal Ontario Museum Object Identification Clinic
    Interesting link to the topic of Backyard Archaeology.
  78. National Association of State Archaeologists
  79. Society for Applied Anthropology
  80. Archaeological Museum - Kibbutz Ein Dor
  81. Le Musee d'Archeologie Mediterraneenne
    In French.
  82. California Department Parks Recreation Archaeology and HistoryLinks to Artifact Collections, Cultural Resource Management, Historic Sites and Structures, Prehistoric and Underwater Archaeology, Missions of the Californias and Tribal Areas of California.
  83. Diana Nemorensis
    Lake Nemi Roman Ship Reconstruction Project. Yahoo now has a comprehensive listing of Shipwreck sites.
  84. The ANTHAP Home Page
    The Applied Anthropology Computer Network.
  85. HomePage ArchWEB the Netherlands
  86. Lewis Henry Morgan Chapter NYSAA
  87. Archaeological Institute
  88. Tennessee Archaeology Net
  89. Iraklion Archaeological Museum
  90. ArchNet: WWW VL - Archaeology
  91. Hudson Museum of Anthropology at the University of Maine
    See the current exhibit (Tree & Tradition). Note the link to Brown Ash & Maine Native American Basketmaking and the Penobscot Primer, a computerized Native American language resource for teaching and research. Some sound resources online.
  92. Iraklion Archaeological Museum
  93. Lewis Henry Morgan Chapter NYSAA
  94. HomePage ArchWEB the Netherlands
  95. Internet Resources for Historic Preservation, Conservation and Archaeology
  96. Conservation
    Preservation of archaeological sites.
  97. Division of Historical Resources
    Florida site with some good links to historic and archaeology sites..See the underwater sites.
  98. ASSONET - Home Page
  99. Vendyl Jones Research Institutes Home Page
  100. CMC - Museum Collections
    View a selection of artifacts representative of archaeology, ethnology, folk culture, history, living history, the Children's Museum collection, and the National Postal Museum collection. Links to information on the library and archival collections and the collections of the Canadian War Museum.
  101. Hecht Museum Welcome Page
    "Reuben and Edith Hecht Museum's permanent archaeological exhibition is based on the private collection of Dr. Reuben Hecht, which he donated to Haifa University. Current exhibits: Phoenicians on the Northern Coast of Israel, Caesarea - a Mercantile City by the sea.
  103. Welcome to the Museum of Antiquities
    Exhibit of "Flints and Stones" -- see a world of the late Stone Age (Europe and England). Seems suitable to a wide range of ages.
  104. Maxwell Anthropology Museum
  105. The University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology
    Links to Orient Ethnology, Great Lakes, North America, Old World, New World, Physical, and Publications.
  106. Archaeology Repository
    Southern Utah University
  107. Society for Economic Anthropology Homepage
    Archaeologists/economists study diversity and change in the economic systems of the world.
  108. Historic Archaeological Research, Inc.
    Specializing in Electronic Reconnaissance & GPS Survey.
  109. Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology
    Current displays on line: Three Generations of Women Anthropologists and The Children of Changing Woman.
  110. Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland
  111. Council for British Archaeology WWW homepage
  112. Canadian Archaeological Association
  113. The Ashmolean Museum of Art & Archaeology
  114. Historic Archaeological Research, Inc. Home Page


  1. Center for the Study of the First Americans
  2. Oregon Archaeology: Prehistory
  3. Bones, Boats, and Bison - Archaeology
  4. American Section @ UPM of Archaeology and Anthropology
  5. Minnesota Archaeology - FSTS From Site to Story Main
    See the site guides/reports on the Northern Headwaters Region, the Twin Cities Metro Area, and the Red Wing Locality.
  6. Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana
  7. MSARP Virtual Slide Show Introduction
    Archaeological research carried out in the Canadian High Arctic.
  8. Minnesota Archaeology - FSTS From Site to Story Main
    See the site guides/reports on the Northern Headwaters Region, the Twin Cities Metro Area, and the Red Wing Locality.
  9. Mesoweb
    Big new finds at Palenque and information on past research.
  10. A Social Divide Written in Stone
    New research is in progress at the mud brick "village" known as Cliff Palace in Colorado's Mesa Verde National Park.
  11. Kiowa Drawings in the National Anthropological Archives
  12. Online Exhibit about History of Milwaukee County Wisconsin roads highways freeways expressways thoroughfares bridges I-94 I-43 interstate archives
  13. Central Wisconsin Archaeology Center
  14. Dig Afognak Archaeological Expedition
    Alaskan dig.
  15. Paul S. Martin Collections
    Field Museum of Natural History"s archaeological materials from the southwestern United States, often referred to as the "Paul S. Martin Collection." While you are visiting the site, browse the other excellent collections at the Field Museum and the temporary exhibits. Finally, bookmark the Special programs for students and teachers. I was so impressed with this site that I plan to break out the backpacks and the digital camera and drive the short distance to Chicago to spend the day, the A.M. at the Field Museum and the P.M. at the Oriental Insitute. If you plan a trip to Chicago, view the Chicagoland Expressway Congestion Map first. A great time-saver.

    The Oriental Institute recently reopened the Egyptian Exhibit and the new web site is well worth a visit.

  16. BRASS/El Pilar Program
    The ancient Maya center of El Pilar. Showing Current Research, Maya Prehistory, Project History and Research Themes.
  17. Archaeology:Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center
  18. Archaeology of Ancient Arizona
  19. Metis
    Metis: A QTVR Interface for Ancient Greek Archaeological Sites. An excellent collection of presentations on sites in Greece, including: Delphi, Karphi, Lefkandi, Mallia, Menelaion, Mycenae, Myrtos (Phournou), Myrtos (Pyrgos), Pellana, Phaistos, Sounion, Sparta, Troy, Tylissos, Vaphio and Vasiliki. You will need QuickTime and a sound card, and some time for the files to load. Best to view with a fast connection at school rather than at home.
  20. Archaeological Sites
    TOC for: Africa | Asia | Europe | Meso America | Middle East | North America | Pacific | South America. You might visit the main site at the Minnesota State University EMuseum for other pages of interest in related fields. An excellent listing, especially for teachers/students interested in a global view of the current state of archaeology in the field.
  21. The MacIntyre Creek Archaeology Project, 1995-1997
  22. Search for the Hopewell Road
    Companion site for a documentary on the central Ohio Valley people.
  23. Ethnologue, 13th edition, 1996
    Looks like the Americas are currently online.
  24. Southwest Archaeology Team, Inc.
  25. A village, an anthropologist, two goats and a meal...
    Interesting site...but the photos need to be lightened up a bit....
  26. Southwestern Archaeology - Arizona Health Information
    Beware of the bugs! If you want to be an Archaeologist in Arizona (or anywhere else) better get your shots and take a well-stocked first aid kit. Best advice: " Save your alcoholic and caffeinated libations for refreshment at day's end. Wear a hat and slather on a sunscreen rated SPF 15 or better." Pleasing, friendly tone established by the Webmaster.
  27. Old Mobile Archaeology home page
    Brief site reports on the Exploreum site in downtown Mobile, Old Mobile, capital of French Louisiane (1702-1711), Bottle Creek, the largest Mississippian town site on the northern Gulf coast (A.D. 1100-1400), the Dauphin Island Shell Mounds, date from the Mississippian Period (A.D. 1100-1550), Port Dauphin, a French village on Dauphin Island and port for French Mobile (1702-ca. 1725) and the Dog River Bridge. A series of 16 newsletters are also available on the site in PDFPDF Document Icon format. Fianlly, the page offers an small selection of lesson plans for K-12 teachers.
  28. The Old Mobile Project Newsletters
  29. Homes of the Past - ROM
    The Archaeology of an Iroquoian Longhouse.
  30. Caracol Homepage
    Presents some of the results of a decade of archaeological research in the jungles of Belize by the University of Central Florida.
  31. Navajo Nation Archaeology
  32. The Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology, Simon Fraser University
    Archaeology in Canada and worldwide, with an additional section on methodology. Visit Keatley Creek (Pithouse site on the Canadian Plateau), Charlie Lake Cave (Northern British Columbia) and the Namu Site (early human occupation of British Columbia).
  33. Dig it Digitally
    Alexandria, Virginia.
  34. Five Points
    A famous nineteenth-century New York neighborhood.
  35. Arbuckle's Fort Archaeology
    Provides frequent updates from the field excavation of this Revolutionary War era fort in Greenbrier County, West Virginia.
  36. Virtual Palenque
  37. KUMA Current Research
    An Archaeological Site at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.
  39. Ancient Mexico : Archaeological Sites
  40. Five Points
    Archaeologists and historians investigate a nineteenth-century New York neighborhood. "Named for the points created by the intersection of Park, Worth, and Baxter streets, the neighborhood was known as a center of vice and debauchery throughout the nineteenth century."
  41. 3D Hohokam Pithouse
    Overview of the construction of a pithouse, the main dwelling of the Hohokam, known as the "Ancient Ones."
  42. Cultural Overview of the Upper Mississippi Valley
    Part of the Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center HomePage
  43. The Silo Site
    Late to Transitional Archaic burial site located in South Texas.
  44. Nacirema Web: Resources on the Nacirema People
    A North American group living between the Canadian Cree, the Yaqui and Tarahumare of Mexio, and the Carib and Arawak of the Antilles.
  45. Ancient Civilizations of the Andes
  46. Project of the Month
    Andrew Jackson's Hermitage. Archaeology Program to examine various sites on the Hermitage property to gain a more detailed picture of life and labor of the 130 African American slaves.
  47. Southeast Archaeological Center, National Park Service
    Archaeology at the Andersonville Civil War Prison Camp, Southeast Archaeological Center and Lower Mississippi Delta Projects.
  49. Archaeology -- West Virginia
  50. Ancient American: Archaeology of the Americas
  51. Pot Creek Pueblo
    1995 Excavations by the Southern Methodist University Archaeological Field School.
  52. Archaeological Sites of the Southwest
  53. Anasazi Archaeology
  54. MSARP Virtual Slide Show Introduction
    A slide show based upon archaeological research carried out in the Canada. Interesting sound files included at this site.
  55. North American Archaeology
  56. Southwestern Archaeology Internet Conference
    (Nov.96) The conference will demonstrate how to use the Web to establish and disseminate the 'Big Picture' ideas of Southwestern Anthropology and Archaeology, promote virtual research, electronic database and information development and efficient communications exchange.
  57. The Archaeology Collection
    Focus on the excavation of the San Luis Mission in Florida (Franciscan architecture on the southeastern mission frontier) to investigate cultural stability, change, and patterning.
  58. Arctic Archaeology
    This is an excellent page (high content and good organization) with links to: The Arctic Environment, Doing fieldwork in the Arctic, The Archaeological Sequence of the Arctic, QkHn-12: A Thule culture site from High Arctic Canada, Books on Arctic Archaeology and other WWW sites.
  59. 72-163: The Power Plant Site
    Here is an alternate to the usual World History bias for European or at least Eurasian prehistory. Sample the prehistory of the Lower Connecticut River Valley.
  60. Chetro Ketl Great Kiva 3-D Model Home Page
    Includes a Quicktime VR Interactive Movie of the Kiva and movies of Anasazi Pottery.
  61. NOVA: Warriors of the Amazon
    The Yanomami people from the Amazonian jungle, one of the few remaining hunter gatherers, are featured. Links to: Hot Science: Plant Magic, The Last Shaman and a Yanomami Resource Page. Teacher's guide on site.
  62. Archaeology Research in Peru by Bruce Owen
    A motif from Tiwanaku V (750 AD-950 AD)and Tumilaca phase pottery (950 AD-1050 AD).
  63. The Eli Whitney Industrial Site
    An online field report brought to you by the Yale Archaeology Field Course people (a student project).
    Site just South of Dallas, Texas. This is a very large report with great potential as a source for lessons and activities.
  66. Mesoamerican Archaeology WWW page
    See the Aztec stone scan.
  67. Venable Lane Home Page
    Archaeological excavations of a 19th century African-American site.
  68. Visit Tulum Mexico
    A virtual tour of the Ancient Mayan city of Tulum, Mexico. The site includes extensive photos and text (based on Samuel K Lalthrop's 1924 study of the area). Links to "historical information, archaeological research, chronology and links that showcase parts of the site (some with good text descriptions and background information). Archaeologists might choose to visit the site to evaluate how effective the Web could be to "advertise" a site for fund raising purposes. In fact, what we need is a "check off" box on the Frederal Income Tax to make a voluntary contribution to either a political party or some educational institution of our choice. That would send some message to the politicians!
  69. Gazetteer of archaeological sites
  70. MAP of CANCUN
    [Cobá] [Chichén Itzá] [Tulúm]
    [Puerto Aventuras] [Akumal] [Xel-Há] [Xcaret]
    [Cozumel] [Puerto Morelos] [Playa del Carmen] [Isla Mujeres].
  71. Birchtown Start Page
    The first 18th century African American site to be excavated in the province of Nova Scotia.


  1. Le Ministère de la culture et de la communication
    The site now includes pages on: The Arago Cave (the Tautavel Man), The Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave, The Cave of Lascaux, Underwater Archaeology, Excavations on the site of Colletière, Ancient Vienne, Prehistoric art of the Pyrenées, French Archaeology Documents, Archaeological Guides and Atlas of France and a listing of other sites.
  2. VL - Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe
    Current archaeological communication and information resources across Europe.
  3. A Cache of Vintage Ships: Introduction
    Explores the results of the discovery of nine Roman ships uncovered during construction at Pisa's San Rossore train station.
  4. International Workshop site
    Central and Eastern Europe from 50,000 - 30,000 B.P. Summary of research presentations in PFD format.
  6. Mostre. ...presso l'Adige ridente...
  7. Archeologia Italiana
  8. North European Archaeology
  9. The Heuneburgmuseum
    Early Celts.
  10. Earthwatch Project Results
    Field results for: Caribbean Shipwreck, Homol'ovi, Andrew Jackson's Hermitage, Northwest Hunters and Traders, Jamaica's Freedom Fighters, Ancient Iberian Village, The City of Armageddon, Excavating Medieval Moscow, Hadrian's Wall, Iron Age Namibia, Origins of Ethnic Russia, Roman Fort on Tyne.
  11. Northern Clans Northern Traces
    Read about theories on the peopling of the new world, about Kennewick Man, an ancient "caucasoid" ancestor that has caused great controversy...and Paleo-Anthropologist Dennis Stanford looks at ancient Native American history with a new perspective.
  13. Archaeology excavation sites
    Archaeologists have discovered a number of sites in London: Excavation at London Bridge, Excavation at Stratford and Westminster, Medieval finds, Southwark Inns, St Mary's Abbey discovery, Medieval buildings, Post medieval finds, Topology of Stratford, Iron Age settlement, Roman buildings, Roman & Saxon finds.
  14. Kalkriese - Lower Saxony
    An archaeological search for the locality of the defeat of P. Quinctilius Varus in the battle in "saltus Teutoburgiensis" in AD 9. - Preliminary explorations and excavations in the district of Osnabrueck, Lower Saxony (FRG)
  15. Roman Germany
    A project at the University of Osnabrueck (FRG) about Roman inscriptions in Germany.
    Newsletter for Bronze Age Archaeology of the Department of Classics, The University of Manitoba. Click on Archaeological Digs.
  17. Archaeology in the Longmarket
    The Longmarket site was fire-bombed in 1942. The site looks at the excavations since then.
  18. SMU Excavations in Tuscany: Introduction
    Mugello Valley Archaeological Project and Poggio Colla Field School. Presents current information and background on the Etruscan excavations in Tuscany, Italy,
  19. ArchNet: Regions / Europe
  20. Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe
  21. History and Archaeology of the Alamans
    An exhibition (In German) about the history and archaeology of the Alamans after the Romans left the country in the 3rd century AD.
  22. Etruscan Archaeology
    Well organized with fine graphics. Information on several Etruscan sites in Italy.
  23. Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe
  24. NOVA Online | Search for the Lost Cave People
  25. Belgrade
    A " of rural-urban relationships between the Roman town of Viroconium Cornoviorum... and its social and economic hinterland from the Later Pre-Roman Iron Age to the sub-Roman period, centering on processes of Romanisation." IT - GIS and Image Processing, geophysical surveying and remote sensing complement traditional archaeological techniques.
  27. From Material To Meaning
    By Randall White - an article that originally appeared in Beyond Art.chaco.jpg
  28. Remote Sensing Archeology Research at NASA
    "Much of human history can be traced through the impacts of human actions upon the environment. The use of remote sensing technology offers the archeologist the opportunity to detect these impacts which are often invisible to the naked eye."
  29. Stone Pages
    Information and pictures of British and Irish stone circles, standing stones, dolmen and cairns.
  30. Rhamnous.
    An ancient deme in northeast Attica, on the Euboian gulf and the sanctuary of Nemesis.
  31. NewsHour Online: Vinland Map
  32. Archaeology in Luxembourg
  33. UCSB Anthropology Projects -- Europe at 10,000 B.P.
  34. Inst. f. Altertumskunde - Ur- und Frühgeschichte
    Prehistory of Central Europe, the "Area north of the Alps".
  35. Williams College Excavations at Psalmodi, France
  36. OSU Excavations at Isthmia
    Other Related Projects and reports on the Korinthia Regional Research Consortium, the Survey at Dokos, preliminary report for the investigations at Kenchreai and the he Excavations at Isthmia Multimedia Program, plus links to other interesting WWW sites.
  37. The Corinth Computer Project
    A computerized architectural and topographical survey of the Roman colony of Corinth. While you're in the area, visit the Minnesota Archaeological Researches in the Western Peloponnese with links to the Pylos Project (The Palace of Nestor), The Heroon at Messene and the Morea Project.
  38. Archaeological Research at Oslonki, Poland
    "Excavations at Oslonki have revealed a large settlement of these early farmers with well-preserved archaeological remains. Nearly 30 trapezoidal longhouses and over 80 graves make it one of the richest such settlements in archaeological finds from all of central Europe."
  39. Archaeological Park - Xanten, Germany
    The site presents an interesting view of the Roman town. Clicking on any area of the map generates an enlarged view and detailed description.
  40. Rick Sutter's Andean Bioarchaeology Web Page
  41. VL - Archaeological Resource Guide for Europe
    Has a chronological index:Prehistory (Paleolithic | Mesolithic | Neolithic | Bronze Age | Iron Age), Roman, Medieval (Anglo-Saxon | Merovingian | Viking), Modern (17th Century | 18th Century | 20th Century). Be sure to see the New links page.
  42. An Evaluation of Chaco Anasazi Roadways
    Includes several version of the page, including an Adobe Portable Document File.
  43. Chetro Ketl Great Kiva 3-D Model Home Page
    A Guided Tour of the Great Kiva (A Quicktime VR Movie and a Description). One of the great religious structures excavated at Chaco Canyon.
  44. "An Evaluation of Chaco Anasazi Roadways"
    HTML version of a paper presented at the Society for American Archaeology Conference in New Orleans. It uses the Geographic Information System (GIS) to demonstrate that Chaco Anasazi roads follow routes that conform with models focusing on religious and integrative road functions rather than economic theories.
  45. Archaeologists using GIS
  46. gisarch
    Focal site for discussion between archaeologists making use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology.
  47. GIS and Remote Sensing for Archaeology: Burgundy, France
    A rather slow load that results from placing all the site information and graphics is what appears to be one file.
    Image products of Remote Sensing.
  49. Little Salt Spring home page
    Improvements in Digital Video Mosaicking at Little Salt Spring by John A. Gifford.
  50. Historical Archaeology in Ireland
    Pre-famine and famine-era villages in central Ireland.
    Middle Pleistocene site near West Sussex with the "...largest area of preserved palaeolithic landsurface in Europe."


  1. TAY-Expedition
    An ambitious project to systematically survey all of Turkey using the skills of an archaeologist, geologist, surveyor, photographer and film-making team, and using current technologies.
  2. Archaeological Resources in Sardinia
  3. The Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities - The Official SCA Website
  4. The Ohio State University Excavations at Isthmia
    Archaeological research at the Sanctuary of Poseidon at Isthmia.
  5. The Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean
    A series of 20 lessons on the topic. Top content in text form.
  6. Near East Archaeological Society Main Page
    Research (with a distinctively evangelical perspective) on the lands of the Bible and the modern Middle East.
  7. Mediterranean Prehistory Online - Home Page
  8. The Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean
    A series of 29 lessons.
  9. Israel: Archeology from the Air
  10. Institute of Nautical Archaeology: 1998 underwater archaeological surveys in Turkey
  11. Archaeological Sties
    Bahrain National Museum.
  12. Ephesus, Turkey:  Panoramic pictures of Ephesus.
  13. Underwater activities, scuba diving companies and schools, underwater archaeology information... and all in Bodrum, Turkey
  14. Mysteries of Yavneh-Yam
    Visitors must navigate through three layers before they reach content in the form of a menu page. The third and last splash page contains the link to a two-part frame with the menu and introduction. If you have the time, this is fine.
  15. American Museum of Natural History
    Cave of the Warrior - American Museum of Natural History exhibition featuring a rare find from the fourth millennium BCE: a unique burial assemblage that included unusual textiles, sandals, and the oldest bow known to be preserved in the Near East.
  16. Archaeological Sites in Israel - Introduction
    isralarc.jpgInformation about:
    Jerusalem in early Christian times
    Archeological sites in Israel
    Jerusalem in old maps and views.
  17. Biblical Archaeologist
  18. CenturyOne Foundation, Inc. - Main Page
    Activities include: Mount Zion Project, The Dig at Sepphoris, The Original Bible Project, The Princeton Dead Sea Scrolls Project, The Origins of Christianity Video Project.
  19. TAY-Hello
    For all you want to know about archaeology in Turkey. See the Databases site, which is worth a visit for graphics alone... The organizaiton will also publish CD-ROMs for K-12 with the database, multimedia material such as photos, video clips, animations, 3D renderings, etc.. Since much of the content has yet to be made available on the site, this spot might be visited and bookmarked with the notation to return. The Palaeolithic/ Epipalaeolithic is currently available. To be added in the future: Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Early, Bronze (Middle, Bronze, Late), Iron Ages.
  20. Archeology in Jerusalem
    Great graphics with simple text descriptions of some of the main sites.
  21. Arabiaweb: Archaeology
  22. Hypertext Index To Material Culture
    Egypt and Canaan In Ancient Times.
    Islamic archaeology, including medieval Islamic town planning and economic and political history.
  24. Jordan Antiquity
    A weekly news feature on the antiquities of Jordan,
  25. Israel Antiquities Authority
  26. News from Antiquites
    Recent Discoveries from ArchaeoIogicaI Excavations in Israel. (Tel Hazor, Bethsaida, Caesarea, Tel Miqne, Ekron, Shiqmim).
  27. Archaeological Survey in the Eastern Desert of Egypt
  28. All About Turkey
    A comprehensive page on Turkey that begins with links to historical and archaeological studies.
  29. Çatalhöyük
    Excavations of an Anatolian Tell in 1993 and 1994.
  30. Israel's Archaeological Treasures
  31. Archaeological Resources in Sardinia
  32. Sardinia
    Archeology and ancient music of the Mediterranean island. Read the complete history of the Launeddas, a musical instrument over 2,000 years old and Carbonia's Archeological museum.
    dig in Israel.
  34. Shikhin
    First published in Israel Exploration Journal.
  35. Archaeological Fieldschool -- Carthage, Tunisia, 1996
  37. DeLorme Mapping: Valley of the Kings, Egypt, Mag 9
  38. Archaeology Online - The DigSite
    Documents an current archaeological dig in Wadi Natrum, Egypt -- a Coptic church dating from 385 CE.
  39. UCSD Nahal Tillah Regional Archaeology Project in Israel
    Features weekly reports on their findings in Israel's Negev Desert.
  40. Egyptology resources
  41. Combined Caesarea Expeditions
  42. CIMEC - Romanian Archaeological Excavations '95
    In Romanian. Only some titles and form headers are available in English.
  43. CIMEC - European Bronze Age Monuments
    Includes a Multilingual-Glossary of Archaeological Terminology.
  44. Roman Ceramics
  45. Minnesota Archaeological Researches in the Western Peloponnese
    Includes the Pylos Project (The Palace of Nestor), The Heroon at Messene and Morea Project. Also, see Pylos Regional Archaeological Project for more information.
  46. Odyssey in Egypt
  47. Archaeological Sites in Israel - Introduction
  48. The Wadi Araba Archaeological Research Project
  49. NGS - Lectures and Public Programs
    National Geographic recently presented (Thursday, April 17) Excavating an Egyptian Tomb with Kent Weeks.
  50. NOVA Online/Lost City of Arabia
    PBS combines with NASA to create a dramatic and comprehensive story of the discovery of the Lost City. You will need to pull information from both sites for an "umbrella" lesson/guide. Travel from the Home page to Lost City Home | Remote Sensing | Interview | Desert Finds | Artifact Gallery | Map | Links.


  1. The Virtual Past (Spennemann)
    Focus on Australia and the Pacific.
  2. Pacific Encounters
    A Pacific Encounter to Western Samoa, where traditional life continues into the 21st century.
  3. Anthropology Fieldstudy
    Based on research in Papua,New Guinea. The four major sections (Planning, Method, Writing, and Reference) are designed to cover the topics of writing proposals, choosing field sites, setting up, adjusting to culture shock, and writing field notes and reports.
  4. Peggy Reeves Sanday's Homepage
    See "Eggi's Village: Life Among the Minangkabau of Indonesia" -- ethnographic photos taken in a West Sumatra village.
  5. Archeological and Historic sites -Bangladesh
  6. The Ruins at Nan Madol in the Caroline Islands of Micronesia
    New Netscape needed for best results.
  7. Ryan-Polynesian Archaeology
    A site located in Aomori City -- northern extremity of Honshu that dates to the Middle Jomon Period s(5500-4000 BP).
  9. Keith Colvin's Hawaii Archaeology Links
  10. Hunters and Collectors: The Antiquarian Imagination in Australia
    A multi disiplinary research project by the University of Otago Department of Anthropology and the Fine Arts Department of Thailand " assess the seminal aspects of the social, cultural and technological development in the Huai Yai valley of Northeast Thailand.


  1. Investigating Olduvai CD-ROM. Archaeology of Human Origins
  2. Archaeological research in Northeastern Nigeria
  3. Press Events @
    Press conference to announce discovery, made near Cape Town, of the oldest known footprints of an anatomically modern human ever found.
    Remains of an extensive town built between 1200 and 1450 AD.
  5. grinco's Archaeology: Images from South Africa
    An account of excavations at the site in the Kruger National Park in northeastern South Africa, plus many links of interest.


  1. Expeditions
  2. Alphabetical List of Archaeological Sites
  3. Paleo End Scraper -- Introduction
  4. Anthropology in the News
  5. Megalith Site
  6. Tlahuica Culture Home Page
  7. BRASS/El Pilar Project
  8. Welcome to Classics Eireann and the Classics Eireann_Archaeology Page.
  9. Guide to Historic Wreck Sites
  10. Casco Bay Online: History: Portrait of a robust people
  11. Tuscan Archaeological Service
    SOPRINTENDENZA ARCHEOLOGICA DELLA TOSCANA. Key links to: Exhibitions, Excavations, Restoration, Education, Museums, Library and News.
  12. Natural Catastrophes during Bronze Age Civilisations
    Archaeological, Geological and Astronomical Perspectives. A conference at Fitzwilliam College.
  13. Archeology
    Great page! A click on African Archaeology revealed a page with over 15 links to sites, studies and pages that deal with Africa. This is a site to explore this summer, when K-12 teachers might have some time...TOC for: Australian and Pacific, British Isles. Egyptology, European Continental, Far East, Near and Middle East Archeology, North American Archeology. South and Meso-American, Underwater Archeology, Publications, Reference Resources, University Departments, Institutes, and Labs, Museums and Libraries, Archeology Film and Photo.
  14. Anthropology/Archaeology Sites
  15. Little Lonsdale - Exploring A Vanished Community
    What can the fields of history and archaeology contribute to one another? "Hitherto, historians focused so exclusively upon documentary evidence from the past that they overlooked archaeological data, whereas archaeologists were often hesitant to relate material objects rigorously to their enveloping historical contexts." The Tell es-Sweyhat Home Page
    The University of Pennsylvania Museum's Tell es-Sweyhat Archaeological Project.
  16. Glass Finds From Sepphoris
  17. UC Berkeley Tel Dor Expedition
  18. Rione Terra
  19. Computer based reconstructions of archaeological sites
    See the INDEX, Archaeology, University of Bristol.
  20. Archaeological Fieldwork Server
    Indexed geographically.
  21. Human Prehistory
    An Exhibition.


  1. What in the World: the Original TV Show @ University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
    A popular weekly presented on TV by the Museum for 14 years. "On each What in the World?® program, four or five unidentified objects were presented to a panel of experts who were asked to guess what each piece was, where it came from, how old it was, and how it was used. Objects were selected from storerooms and had never before been seen by the panel. Before the experts guessed, the audience was told what the object was, and, during the course of the program, could watch the thought processes of real --and often fallible!-- anthropologists and archaeologists."
  2. Public Archeology in the United States: Introduction
  3. Kids Dig Reed - Homepage
  4. Why We Weep
  5. AnthroLink: Teaching Materials
  6. Mary Douglas Nicol Leakey 1913-1996
  7. Origins Reconsidered: In Search of What Makes Us Human - Richard Leakey
  8. Inherit the Wind
    History of the play's presentation from it's Broadway start in 1925 to the present, with background on the Scopes "Monkey Trial".
  9. Historic Archaeological Research Links
    With a focus on American archaeloogy.
  10. Stone Tools and Archeology
  11. An introduction to the National Paleolithic Society
    Read about Early boat consruction.
  12. Digital Archives from Excavation and Fieldwork: Guide to Good Practice
  13. How to make a fire with a spindle and hearth using friction
  14. KIDS Report April 27, 1999: Archaeology
    By students at Elmore Elementary School in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
  15. TAY-Hello
  16. Diving Into History
    ThinkQuest site to "Explore the Fascinating World of Nautical Archaeology." The site was created by Logan and Arem Thor (George) Merriweather, and Niek van Alphen. Logan and George are 14 year old homeschoolers and live in Pearland, Texas. Niek van Alphen age 16, is from the Netherlands.
  17. CAM Cultural Anthropology Methods
  18. Stone 1997, Animated Images and Animated Images in Anthropology
    Which presents demos of how animation can be use to present anthropological data.
  19. Anthropology on the Internet: Introduction
  20. Anthropology Home Page
    Secondary teachers might find the Tutorials Menu useful.
  22. The "Looting Question" Bibliography
    The bibliography is organized by format type and focuses on North American materials.
  23. Archaeology's Dig
  24. The Piltdown Plot
    "Essentially a large collection of primary documents, this site traces the hoax from its origins in 1912-17 to the 1953-55 expose. Included are articles that set the context of early 20th-century anthropology, examples of favorable and critical commentary on Piltdown Man, and pieces setting out the "prosecution" and "defense" of likely hoax suspects... "
  25. Willkommen bei
    English Verson.
  26. CSA Newsletter
    Computer Technologies for Archaeologists & Architectural Historians (full-text). K-12 teachers might be interested in an article from one of the recent issues -- Who Needs Film?
    A lesson on Opposable Thumbs from the Missouri School Boards Association (from:Beth-Ann Shepley. Woodrow Wilson Biology Institute. You might want to visit this site for a host of other lessons and activities.
  28. Old Pueblo Archaeology
    Offering hands-on instruction in archaeological excavation techniques through various programs.
  29. MayaQuest Archaeology Lesson Plans and Classroom Activities
    Lesson Plans/Classroom Activities for Archaeology themes.
  30. Discover Archaeology
  31. Archaeological Pieces of the Past - Introduction - ROM
    Also on the site: Web Activities, Family Games & Quizzes, Build a Batwing, Biodiversity Bingo, Fact or Fiction, Fossils Quiz, Quiz - Ancient Egypt, Maiasaur Quiz for Kids and Parents, Whale Match, Whale of an Opinion.
  32. Virtual Excavation -- Medieval Archaeology
    An online Tutorial.
  33. Luiseño Prehistoric Archaeological Site
    A virtual tour.
  34. Southwestern Archaeology (SWA) and Message Archive
    You might send your K-12 students to this site with the charge of researching a specific question:
    1. What are some of the controversies/conflicts in the research in SW Archaeology?
    2. What are some of the questions asked by those contributing to the list?
    Messages are archived from 1995 to the present (late 1997). Current messages (1998) are also linked on the page. The supervisor of this list indicted that a few high or middle school students visited from time to time, but participation and questions might best be directed by the teacher. It might be best to view the FAQ in any list soon after joining.
  35. Indigenous Development International (INDI)
    Information on circumpolar regions with their unique evolution, peoples, flora and fauna.
  36. archaeology & archaeological studies-Center for Indigenous Research
  37. Center for Indigenous Research
    Interesting Outreach programs. See the "Travelers in Time program ...aimed at exposing young people, especially at risk and disadvantaged youth, to archaeology and educational activities involving the importance of understanding and preserving the past." See the Comments from Mesita Elementary School students.
  38. Into the World of Anthropology
    One of the best places for the new student in the field.
  39. McGraw-Hill Anthropology Showcase
    See the Anthropology Newsletters and sample chapters from Culture Sketches: Case Studies in Anthropology, and a "Course Integrator" for Cultural Anthropology (A Course Integrator is a detailed listing of all supplements -- including ancillary materials and software -- used with the related text).
  40. ROM: Archaeological Analysis: Pieces of the Past - Archaeology on the Net
    Be sure to visit the Fun Stuff - ROM for Kids page and archaelogy. Offers a Kid's Stuff Fun Page. See Archaeological Analysis: Pieces of the Past, Cuneiform to Computers, Homes of the Past (Archaeology of an Iroquoian Longhouse), and Make Your Own Dinosaur Out of Chicken Bones.
  41. GenEd - Learning Commons - Fundamental Topic - What is Culture?
  42. SAAweb - Archaeology and Public Education, 5(3)
    Current linked issue features articles on: Trash Treasures Esoros de Basura, Lesson Plan: Trash Treasures - To Dig OR Not To Dig, More from Trash Treasures, Math and Science Funds Mesh with Archaeology Education.
  43. NOVA Online | Treasures of the Sunken City
  44. Zagarell's Archaeology Page
    A new location for the page and some very interesting features for K-12 students and teachers. Enjoy some interesting animations and visual descriptions.
  45. NOVA Online | Teacher's Guide | Treasures of the Sunken City
    Treasures of the Sunken City. a Nova Program to air November 18, 1997.
  46. Links to the Past: National Park Service Cultural Resources
    Currently showing a tour of Civil war camp life from the Gettysburg National Military Park. Links to past features and a page for teachers/students (Archeology, Historic Places, Structures, and Landscapes, Maritime Museums and History).
  47. GSU Anthro Field School Home Page A potential nineteenth-century Chinese mining encampment located in the Payette National Forest is the project's focus. From the Georgia Southern University (GSU).
  48. Welcome to the Archaeological Adventure
    One of the finest features of this site is the glossary, which features an alpha listing and icons to generate an audio file for the correct pronunciation. Teachers realilze that one of the most difficult tasks is how to provide the vocabulary background that students need to process with understanding what they read. This site provides an example of one way to do this. This superior site by students is part of the ThinkQuest contest reviewed briefly below.
  49. Anthropology
    McGraw-Hill texts in anthropology, and Physical Anthropology Newsletters.
  50. Decoding the Past
    Smithsonian Lesson - PDF format (424K) -- featuring three lesson plans and a background essay.

  51. Anthropology Department, The University of Kansas
    World History students (especially Middle and Secondary) might visit the course site information included in the Introduction to Archaeology (ANTH 110/310). Point students in the direction of the information on the origins of agriculture, especially the lifestyle description of hunter-gatherers. The American Indian Ethnobotany Database Page provides students with a search tool to locate foods, drugs, dyes, fibers and other uses of plants (a total of over 47,000 items) by 291 Native American groups. Finally, a visit to Native American Herbal, Plant Knowledge with an assignment to explore and evaluate the extent of achievement in this area. If you plan a field trip in this unit or assign students to collect edible/useful plants or herbs, send them to Chez Marco's Botany Pages. prior to venturing out.. Although designed as a guide for field workers in botony and environmental science, this page could also be used by students and teachers in world history. Units on early man and the development of agriculture could be enriched by visits to the electronic sites on native plants and herbs. For a more "global" approach, visitWorld Food Habits Bibliography.
  52. Students would also learn how the field of history is enriched by the Anthropologist, the ethnobiologist and other scientists. Simple materials collected in a field exercise could be brought into the classroom. I have assigned students to collect rose hips to dry and prepare as a Vitimin "C" drink, or have them collect and assemble a database of information about "free" edible plants used by their parents/grand-parents. If you assign students to do a complete review of the "Botony" site, have them view the visual site map (after all other items on the main menu have been examined) as a lead-in to a lesson on concept mapping. As a final activity (evaluation??) you might have students attack the use of the term "primitive" that was often associated with early man. Processing skill might also be encourage by a discussion of why student researchers often have more questions after a unit of study than at the start. In teaching such units, I have discovered that several issues are often raised: Who did what in pre-agricultural societies - specialization, division of labor and gender issues. How was the vast and growing knowledge preserved and passed on to the next generation? Why would societies that were "expert" at food collecting turn to agriculture, as collecting often takes less time and requires less labor?

  53. BLM's Resource Explorers
  54. Archaeology 102: Introduction to Roman Archaeology
  55. Constructing a Folsom Point
    Graphics display the various steps of manufacture of a Folsom Point. Fire up that fast modem!
  56. Cities Through Time Theme Activity: The Lost City
  57. NASA Observatorium Education-Ubar is a companion site on How Remote Sensing Helped Find a Lost City. The NASA site also has a Shockwave Version. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (THE NOT-SO-LOST CITY OF UBAR) also presents an excellent resource.
    Why is Alan Witten hunting Seismosaurus with an 8-gauge shotgun? Seems firing a sonic gun into the earth generates sound waves to create a process called geophysical diffraction tomography (GDT).
  59. The OCR Carbon Dating Home Page
    A Brief Introduction to the OCR Procedure for Dating Archaeological Features.
  60. RADIOCARBON Home Page
  61. Waikato Radiocarbon Home Page
  62. Canadian Archaeological Radiocarbon Database,
  63. Dating Techniques
    RELATIVE (Fluorine Dating, Obsidian Hydration, Patination, Pollen Analysis, Rate of Accumulation, Seriation, Varve Analysis) and ABSOLUTE (Archaeomagnetism, Dendrochronology, Fission Track, Potassium-Argon Dating, Radio-Carbon Dating (Carbon-14), Thermoluminescence Dating, Uranium-Thorium Dating).
  64. Applied Archaeology Services Artifact Quiz.
  65. Neanderthal Flute
    Complex reading unless you have technical musical training. Presents the "Oldest known Musical Instrument" that plays the notes of Do, Re, Mi Scale.
  66. Bureau of Land Management Environmental Education Programs
    Under the topic of "Archaeology and History": Environmental Technology is an Ancient Science, Mystery of the Mesa, Project Archaeology, Public Lands and Your Students, Steel Rails and Iron Horses, Solving the Mystery of Santa Cruz.
  67. FAQ-Career in Archaeology in the U.S.
  68. Sandbox Archaeology Education Program
  69. Big Dig Timeline
    This site from the Boston Globe displays a simple timeline of the chronology of the "big dig" in Boston. The timeline was a special perk and the idea could be used by teachers in creating HTML lessons in history on their LANs.
  70. Absolute Chronology for Early Civilisations in Austria and Central EuropeUsing 14C Dating with Accelerator Mass Spectrometry.
  71. Material Aspects of American Life
    Course page. American culture, with "things" (objects, landscapes, and buildings) as sources of insight.
  72. Shapes and Uses of California Indian Basketry
  73. The Next Best Thing to Being There
    Technology and ethnographic research from a Senior High School perspective. The site will use of rich audio, video, photographs and graphics and text to create "interactive ethnography" so that the excitement of ethnographic research is captured.
  74. HADDON Home Page
    Online catalogue of archival ethnographic films and film footage shot during the first half-century of cinema.
  75. Ritual Behaviour and Ceremonial Structures in Eastern Polynesia: Changing Perspectives on Archaeological Variability
  76. Clive Ruggles's image collection
    A collection of 1100 images of archaeological and archaeoastronomical interest.
  77. Native American Archaeology Resources on the Internet
  78. Access To Archaeology
    Gives free access to a collection of archaeological tutorial and training materials on a variety of core archaeological subjects.
  79. Welcome to the Archaeological Adventure
    Student created site...finalists in the ThinKQuest 96 contest.
  80. archlaw
    Site for a collection of professionals dedicated to the protection of the world's cultural heritage.
  81. Archaeology and Prehistory.
    Outstanding graphics of Malta's archaeology - part of a larger "field trip" page.
  82. Virtual Field Trip
    Fieldwork opportunities in Malta. See the history link for a brief page with graphics on Malta's history.
  83. Archaeology 1 - home page
    Course with some materials online.
  84. Archaeology Resources for Education
    Produced by a second year student at OISE (Ontario Institute for Studies in Education). Links to: Archaeology Resource Menu, Historical Background/Primary Research, Online resources with 18th to 20th century information and primary documents, Online "tours" of archaeological and historical theme parks, Site Reports, Archaeological resource lists on the Net (Yes, including ArchNet!), what is Archaeology?
  85. Summer Archaeology Program
    North Windham Elementary School --North Windham, Connecticut.
  86. Kinship Terminology
    A hypertext guide to the systems used for classifying kinship and descent. Key links to: Kinship Terms, Hawaiian System, Eskimo System, Omaha System, Crow System, Iroquois System, Sudanese System, Diagram of a Matrilineal Descent System and of Parallel and Cross Cousins.
  87. Archaeological Sampling Strategies
    Lesson by Jonathan Lizee and Thomas Plunkett from the University of Connecticut.
  88. ANTH 106 - Introduction to Anthropology
    Another Online Course.
  89. Barathosi Balogh Benedek Expo
    Artifacts and photos from Barathosi Balogh Benedek's 1908 and 1914 expedition.
  91. Readings in Archaeology
  92. Systematics in Prehistory
  93. DER Home Page
    Producer and distributor of films and videos in anthropology/ethnography, sociology and documentary.
  94. GNN Travelers' Center: Features -- Looking for Lovedu
    Adventure archaeology.
  95. Archaeology and Adventure Page
  96. The Nature of Clarity in Archaeological Line Drawings
  97. CTICH Guide: Welcome
    Guide to Electronic Resources for Teachers of History, Archaeology, and Art History: Pre-Publication Edition. Site under heavy construction, but one to watch and revisit.
  98. Australian Stone Tools on display in the ANU.
  99. Into the World of Anthropology
  100. Australopithecines
  101. A. afarensis
  102. SMU Glossary
  103. Arqueología Mexicana
    Site will attempt to promote Mexico's pre-Hispanic past. Includes the publication of a bi-monthly magazine, an Internet page, an annual calendar, supplements of maps, chronograms, catalogues and an image bank.
  104. Archaeology Resources for Education
    A click on "What is Archaeology?" revealed a page with links to: What Did Our Ancestors Eat? Glaciers and the Glacial Ages. Flints and Stones. Environmental Choices and South Dakota's People from Prehistory to the Present. Middle School Archaeology Web Unit.
  105. CAA++ - Computer Applications in Archaeology Home Page
  106. The beer-bread debate.
    Did beer come before bread?
  107. Web Resource Page for : Anthropology C30-1
    Folkways and Modern Life - Eastern Europe.
  108. British Archaeology Gopher
    Inculdes: Young Archaeologists' Club, Getting started in archaeology, Metal detecting: advice for users in England and Wales, Training in archaeological science, Archaeology in higher education, A job in archaeology.
  109. Kinship and Social Organization
    An Interactive Tutorial.
  110. UCSB Anthropology Web Site -- Archaeology on Film
    Large selection of reviewed films and a forms interface to add your own reactions/reviews.
  111. Horizon Productions*Visual Anthropology
  112. AIA - Archaeological Institute of America Lecture Series
  113. Hopi Basketry PresentationCourse (Anthropology 310b).
  114. Introduction to Phylogeny
  115. HOMINID
  116. Hominid Skulls
    White plaster casts. Average price - about $130 for a full skull. Extra for the "aged" cast stained with coffee.
  117. Hollywood Archæology
    Is this the latest and newest branch in Archaeology?
  118. The Anthropology Syllabus Exchange
RESEARCH FIELDS: Maritime Archaeology, Human Evolution, Archaeometallurgy, Rock Art
  1. Yahoo! Social Science:Anthropology and Archaeology:Archaeology:Marine Archaeology:Organizations
  2. Nautical Archaeology at Texas A&M University
  4. Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology
  5. Centre for Ethnomusicology
  6. Ethnomusicology Resources on the Web
    Maritime Archaeology

  7. Underwater Archaeology
  8. Nordic Underwater Archaeology
  9. Institute of Nautical Archaeology (INA)
    Guide to Higher Education in Historical and Underwater Archaeology.
  11. Grands sites archéologiques
    See the sections on Underwater Archaeology
  12. Projects and Research: Nautical Archaeology at TAMU
    Active links to: Bozburun Shipwreck Excavation Project, The Bronze-Age Wreck at Uluburun, Crimean Coastal Survey, The Port Royal Project, Medieval Tombs, Knights Castle, Bodrum, Turkey and the Tantura Lagoon Expedition.
  13. Welcome to the Institute of Nautical Archaeology - Egypt
  14. Kingstown Harbour Shipwreck Project
    Information on the Wreck Site,including an Interactive Site Map and Representative Artifacts. Other site features involve Historical Research and Comparative Analysis and links to St. Vincent and the Grenadines and to other Nautical Archaeology and Maritime History sites.
  15. The Centre for Research in Maritime Archaeology and History
  16. Ships of the Ancient Greeks
    An excellent listing of information and sites.
  17. Hilti Foundation
    Information on the underwater excavations in the Harbour of Alexandria, Egypt, which led to the discovery of the sunken ancient Royal Quarters of Cleopatra and the underwater remains of Napoleon Bonaparte's fleet in Aboukir Bay (Egypt).
  18. The Deeper You Go
    Increase and Diffusion (Smithsonian Magazine) on underwater archaeology.
    "Ancient City Of Alexandria Explored! Learn about the historical and cultural significance of the excavations in Alexandria; Get details about artifacts found at the sites ranging from remains of foodstuffs to ceramics and jewelry; Send online postcards featuring these exciting underwater discoveries..."
  20. Wisconsin Underwater Archaeology Association
    Includes an great listing of links and resources in underwater Archaeology, especially Great Lakes Shipwreck Sites.
  21. Floating Dock Bermuda
  22. Nordic underwater archaeology
  23. ASSONET - Underwater Archaeology & Underwater Speleology
  24. CMAR WreckScatter, February 1996
    Channel Islands Marine Archaeology Resources.
  25. PIMA, Welcome Page
    Pan-American Institute for Maritime Archaeology. See the Monte Cristi Shipwreck Project (Also known as the Pipe Wreck). Help excavate a 17th-century shipwreck in the tropics.

  26. Archaeometallurgy

  27. Hierro Ingles
    Production and trade of metals in Antiquity with a focus on archaeometallurgical research in Catalonia (Spain).
  28. INAGINA, the last house of iron
    On the reduction of iron ore. Information on a thousand-year-old technology which has now disappeared. Students and teachers interested in more information on this area should visit
  29. Ancient Metallurgy Research Group
    Includes WWW Resources for Archaeometallurgy.
  30. Historical Metallurgy Society WWW page

  31. Some Interesting Sites on Human Evolution

  32. Human Origins | Revealing Ancient Family Ties
  33. Scientific American: In Focus: Is Out of Africa Going Out the Door?: August 1999
    Advanced students might also benefit by viewing a 22 page PDF article called "Body Proportions in Australopithecus afarensis and A. afrianus and the Origin of the genus Homo" and "How Australopithecines Measure Up."
  34. Institute of Human Origins
    See the results of the Summer Paleoanthropology Field School at Makapansgat, South Africa.
  35. Stone Tools and Archeology
  36. Outpost: Human Origins @
  37. Science World of Discovery - Ancient Life:Early Man
  38. L.S.B. Leakey Foundation, Research Related to Human Origins
  39. Scientific American Exploration: Rambling Road to Humanity: 6/16/97
  40. Origins of Humankind (Human Evolution, Paleoanthropology, Physical Anthropology, Prehistoric Man) New location. Worth a frequent visit for new content and a "new web site" listing.
  41. The Human Dentition QuickTime viewer required. Examine tooth by tooth.
  42. The Talk.Origins Archive An excellent site for both students and teachers. The FAQ and the effort to provide definitions will help to clear the air on the creation/evolution debate.
  43. Fossil Hominids FAQA web page designed to refute creationist claims that there is no evidence for human evolution. Provides an excellent summary of current thinking about human evolution and the fossil evidence supporting it.
  44. Scientific American: Science and the Citizen: Neanderthal Notes: 9/97
  45. Scientific American: Science and the Citizen: ANCESTRAL QUANDARY: January 1998 Neanderthals not our ancestors? Not so fast.
  46. Mary Leakey: Unearthing History

  47. Primate Handedness and Brain Lateralization
  48. Fossil Hominids: Peking Man and Homo erectus
  49. The Armstrong/Schuller Early Human Project
  50. Anthropology 1101 Human Origins website
  51. Evolutionary Theory Home
  52. Talking About Our Evolution
  53. Sites
    Homo habilis, Homo erectus, Homo sapiens, neanderthalensis and Homo sapiens sapiens sites.
  54. Fossil Hominids
  55. In Search of Our Past
    Our earliest ancestor? The site reports the discovery of a new species of human ancestor, Australopithecus anamensis, who lived between 3.9 to 4.2 million years ago, almost 600,000 years before Australopithecus afarensis.
  56. Origins of Humankind
    A comprehensive internet resource for the story of human evolution. The TOC (always on the vertical left) lists a Communication Room (links to the very active Chat, Message and key newsgroups on human evolution), The Mainkind Information Center, The Bookstore, Controversial Theories and Human Origins Links. The information center lists Topics (General Topics, Hominid Precursors, Aegyptopitecus, Proconsul, Sivapithecus, Ramapithecus, Australopithecus (General), Australopithecus (all varieties), Homo habilis, Homo erectus, Neanderthals, Archaic Homo sapiens, Cro-Magnon, Homo Sapeins, Tool Kits, Oldowan, Acheulian, Mousterian, Upper Paleolithic and Art in Prehistory) with a host of articles on each topic. The articles I looked at also included links to Related Articles in Britannica Online. The Bookstore links to AmazonCom. The controversial theories page features The Independent Birth of Organisms. A page of links to other resources rounds out this excellent site.
  57. AnthroLink
    Offering Chapter One of In Search Of The Origins Of Humanness(zip and sit format) with individual pages online for viewing.
  58. Human Origins and Evolution Page
  59. Take the Lucy Test!
    Evaluate for yourself the fossil evidence for Australopithecus afarensis.
  60. Long Foreground -Overview of Human Origins
    Also presents a fine graphic with associated links. Presents an interesting Species Timeline Species Timeline.
  61. Evolution Title Page
    Presents an animation of evolution.

  62. Forensic Anthropology at Mercyhurst College
  63. UCSB Anthropology Web Site
    Features a very well organized searchable glossary/vocabulary of terms in the major research areas of Anthropology and Archaeology (both cultural and physical).
  64. Archaeological Predictive Modelling Program Home Page
    | Introduction | Methodology | Variables and Rankings | | Research and Development Phase | Pilot Project Phase | Current Progress.
  66. Anthropological Linguistics
  67. Ancient Languages and Scripts and Ancient Technology.
  70. Satellite Remote Sensing and Archaeology
    The Archaeology of Early American Life.
  72. American Indian Studies Research Institute
    Full-immersion Rupestrian Archaeology Professional Workshop site. Valcamonica (Italy) - June 23-28, 1997.
  74. Explore! Linguistics
  75. Anthropology Fieldstudy
  76. Computer-enhanced archaelogical reconstructions
  77. Dental Microwear Web Site
  78. National Spatial Database
    A collection of data from census information, remote sensing studies and information collected at specific points/stations (relating to themes linked to the understanding of cultural resources (archeological site distribution, climate, tree-ring, pollen studies, vegetation, agriculture and population).
  79. Obsidian Hydration Analysis Service Home Page
    (OHAS)An archaeological laboratory investigating prehistory using "...transmitted light microscopy, reflected light microscopy, macroscopic analysis, satellite navigation (GPS), geographic information systems (GIS), laser technology, and a hefty computing facility."
    TOC: American Indian Sites, Cultural Anthropology, Archaeology, Linguistics, Physical and Biological Anthropology, Electronic Journals, Museums, Other sites.
    Read an articles by Martin Evison on the state of computerised forensic facial reconstruction, and Rebecca Harrison on parallels between Elvis worship and the Roman imperial cult. Also interesting is a section called "FIELD NOTES" where James Karbula describes "digging a never-ending hole in Texas."
  82. The English Heritage Archaeology Division home page
    Electronic versions of Scientific and Technical Guidelines (See Archaeometallurgy in archaeological projects and Guidelines for the care of waterlogged archaeological leather).
  83. M&A - Main Page
    Musical Anthropology of the Mediterranean and Beyond.
  84. Forensic Anthropology Home Page
  85. Forensic Anthropology and Human Rights Homepage
    Forensic Anthropology.
  87. Prehistory of Alaska
  88. Israel Archaeology from the Air
    Starting point for information about aerial archaeology - including a brief history of aerial archaeology. The AERIAL ARCHIVE includes aerial photographs, information on archiving procedure, how archaeological structures are mapped using photogrammetrical tools and how combination of all available data combine to form conclusions.
  90. The Aerial Archaeology Newsletter
    History and prehistory of the Southwestern U.S. featured. Discussion topics illustrated with aerial photographs.
  91. Eliadis Archaeological Photography Home Page
  92. Against the Grain: Still Cultural Anthropology
  93. Archaeology and Architecture
    European Archaeology, Greek Archaeology, Roman Archaeology, Computers in Archaeology, Archaeological News, Web-sites.
  94. Biblical Archaeology.
  95. Anthropological Linguistics
    Journal with TOC of recent issues online and abstracts of articles.
  96. Against the Grain: Still Cultural Anthropology
  97. Applied Anthropology Computer Network
  98. XRAYS-Welcome-Page
    Page for archaeometric research, which aims to collect facts by natural sciences which are inaccessible by solely archaeological methods.

    Rock Art

  99. Rock Art of India
  100. Rock Art Gallery
  101. Palatki - 6000 Years of Arizona Rock Art
    Good opening graphic and gallery of images of rock art.
  102. ROCK ART & PETROGLYPHS: Rupestrian Archaeology
  103. Archeologia e didattica - ARCHAEOLOGY AND EDUCATION: ROCK ART
  104. ROCK ART ONLINE BULLETIN, no. 5, 1996 November
  106. Ancient Rock Art Info Sources

  1. Anthropology on the Internet For K-12
  3. Yahoo! Full Coverage:Anthropology and Archaeology
  4. Clovis and Beyond Conference
  5. Osteo Interactive
  6. Neandertals: A Cyber Perspective
  7. : Test Shows Kennewick Man 9,300 Years Old
  8. Human Prehistory
  9. The Sandrocks Shelter (36GR68)
  10. Doug's Anthropological Niche
  11. Anthropology in the News
    The web site below provides an example of a recent (12/99) article. You might also read an article about the role of children (based on fingerprints) in pottery making.
  12. Discovery Online, Discovery News Brief
  13. Global land environments during the last 130,000 years
  14. Strategies for Digital Data - A Survey of User Needs
    Findings and recommendations from Digital Data in Archaeology.
  15. The Micronesia Center - Papers Center
  16. Archaeology: an Introduction by Kevin Greene
    A selection of Internet links to supplement Kevin Greene's book Archaeology: an introduction (1996).
  17. Human Prehistory
  18. National Anthropological Archives Home Page
  19. Public Archeology in the United States: Introduction
    Presenting a chronology of Archeology in the US.
  20. State Historical Society of Wisconsin, Archaeology
    Provides some sample teacher and student materials in PDF format. Use the "Shift/right click" on the graphic to download the file for offline viewing.
  21. Biographies
    Developed by anthropology students at Minnesota State University, who present brief descriptions of anthropologists and other scientists that have direct influence on anthropology. The site was showing 176 biographies when I visited (7/99)
  22. Free Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - Anthropology
  23. Human History, Archaeology, Anthropology, or Ethnology
    Resources in Canada.
  24. The ANTHAP Home Page
  25. Athena Review: Guide to Archaeology on the Internet
    A site based on the fact that "...Archaeology and history share an attachment to visual evidence, making the web a near-perfect medium for gathering primary information on these subjects." At first glance, the site seems to emphasize Western sources, but look lower on the page for non-Western resources.
  26. Anthro.Net Research Engine
    Uses a "bot" to "... find links and references for anthropology, archaeology, history, linguistics, psychology, sociology and other social sciences. The Anthro.Net database contains thousands of reviewed web sites and bibliographic references."
  27. Art and Archaeology Magazine
  28. ARChaeological Holdings Search System
    An online version of the British & Irish Archaeological Bibliography.
  29. Ashmolean Museum of Art & Archaeology, Oxford
    University of Oxford.
  30. Archaeology Resources for Education
  31. Ethnologue, 13th edition, 1996
  32. Anthropology Resources on the Internet
  33. WEDA ~ the Worldwide Email Directory of Anthropologists
  34. Tri-City Herald's Kennewick Man Virtual Interpretive Center
    Animal Management and Demography Through the Ages. Conference in Turin (Italy) 16-18 September 1998.
  36. The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Anthropology
    Lists links to specialized fields and a large list of institutions as well as "General Resources." A first stop for K-12 students and teachers.
  37. From Cyprus to Munich
    MARK ROSE, Managing Editor of ARCHAEOLOGY offers this excellent story FROM CYPRUS TO MUNICH on the topic of the occupation of northern Cyprus by Turkish forces in 1974, when looters stripped the region's churches, removed thousands of icons and several dozen major frescoes and mosaics dating from the sixth to the fifteenth century.
  38. Scientific American: Exhibit: Radar Archaeology: June 22, 1998
    Using "ground penetrating radar" to pioneer pumping pulses into the ground and creating images of the radar reflections on a computer.
  39. GIS Guide to Good Practice
    Part of the Arts and Humanities Data Service, which "...caters for digital archiving needs across the humanities disciplines of archaeology, history, literary studies, performing arts, and visual arts." This guide is for individuals and organisations involved in the creation, maintenance, use and long-term preservation of GIS-based digital resources.
  40. Discovering Archaeology: A Guide to Archaeology on the Internet.
  41. Scientific American: Science and the Citizen: ANCESTRAL QUANDARY: January 1998
  42. Archaeologists find 1500-yr-old woman under shopping mall
  43. The Lott House Archeological Research Project and Historical Restoration
  44. Center for Indigenous Research - Archeological Studies
  45. WWW Biological Anthropology Resources
  46. Anthropology and Archaeology - General.
  47. GoButton Archaeology
    Information on Australian, Pacific and Unconventional Archaeology.
  49. Dangerous Archaeology
  50. Anthromorphemics: Anthropology Glossary
    Provides a very fast search for definitions.
  51. Iowa Archaeology Week 1997
    Information on becoming an Archaeologist and on the nature of the discipline.
  53. Archaeology is Here!
  54. Project Lead Coffins
  55. Yahoo! Net Events: Anthropology and Archaeology
    IRC Channels & Chat Rooms.
  56. AnthroLink
    A " ...dedicated to the exchange of curricula and noteworthy anthropological news and information to instructors of anthropology in colleges and secondary schools. The site features a page for secondary teachers, with Chapter one of "In Search Of The Origins Of Humanness" for download in "sit" or "zip" format. The site also invites teachers at the secondary level to send lessons in the area.
  57. Minnesota Archaeology Week 1997
  58. bOING bOING
  59. Anderson & Associates - WinRelic for Windows
  60. William H. Calvin's THE THROWING MADONNA (Bantam, 1991) TABLE OF CONTENTS
    The entire book online for personal reading.
  61. D I R T
    Another find page -- especially in the design of the main menu.
  62. Anthropology Webliography
    A LSU listings of: College Departments, Organizations, Periodicals, Projects, Reference Materials and Other Indexes.
  63. Archaeology
  64. WebWeaver's North American Archaeology Links
    This is perhaps the best Archaeology web page in terms of design. The entire page (almost) fits in the Netscape Browser window and it only takes a brief moment to view the scope of the entire collection. With information sources growing almost geometrically, viewers are likely to return to a site such as this because it offers access to vast information quickly with a very little fluff and bandwidth.
  65. MMMN, Hudson's Bay Company Digital Collection - Index
  66. Archaeology on the World Wide Web
  67. The Future of the Past: Archaeology and Anthropology on the World Wide Web
    A paper with a "...focus on the Web sites created and maintained by institutions with collections of archaeological and ethnographic material, and the particular ways that they can and will continue to address the needs of patrons whose principal interest is scholarly research."
  68. The Paleo Award Home Page
    First awards to be listed in April.
  69. Celtic Hertiage
  70. Nicole's AnthroPage
  71. Decoding the Past
  72. Review of the Archeology/Anthropology page
  73. Science World of Discovery - Ancient Life:Early Man
    Features a listing of Anthropology Resources on the Internet and link to geographic regions and topics.
  74. Anthropology Resources on the Internet
  75. Virtual Archaeology - University of Memphis
    Designed to show various aspects of Archaeological field techniques taught at the University of Memphis.
  76. Sandals Virtual Exhibit
  77. Related Resources-Classical Studies
    Also lists Archaeology and Anthropology links.
  78. PaleoWorld!
    Flora and Fauna that existed over the past 650 Million years.
  79. Franciscan Archaeological Institute - Jordan
  80. ArchDATA bienvenue LDA94
  81. Classics of Out(land)ish Anthropology (Lawrence University, WI)
    Secrets of Bigfoot, UFOs, Creationism and Other Coverups.
  82. UCSB Anthropology Department
    (University of California at Santa Barbara) Pointer page to Anthropology related sites arranged by subject (cultural and physical anthropology, archeology), geography, departmental and museum and pointer sites.
  83. Southampton Archaeology - WWW - Archaeology Places on the World Wide Web
  84. Archaeology on the World Wide Web
  86. The Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology
    Take a tour of over a dozen different ancient Egyptian sites along the Nile or visit the Artifact Exhibit.
  87. Mothers of Time
    Seven Palaeolithic Figurines from the Louis Alexandre Jullien Collection.
  88. Iowa Office of the State Archaeologist
  89. Anglo-Saxon Archaeology
    Anglo-Saxon Cemeteries (The Sutton Hoo Research Project, Thomas Bateman's Ten Years' Diggings in Celtic and Saxon Grave Hills), Regional Studie (Anglo-Saxon Derbyshire and Anglo-Saxon and Viking Yorkshire), Other Archaeological Materials.
  90. UCMP Web Time Machine
    Geologocal time periods.
  91. Cameron Laird's personal index to anthropologic resources on the net
  92. Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology Home Page
    One of the best listings available!
  93. History of Evolutionary Thought
    Theory and History. Does the word "evolution" as applied to human development and history appear in your World History text? Is this a word that generates conflict and controversy on the part of your school board and text adopotion committee? Supplement your existing units with the information from this site.
  94. Resources for Anthropologists
    FAQ: Network Resources of Interest.. HTML versions of some lists.
  95. Robotic Tele-Excavation at USC
    You can actually conduct an excavation on the Internet! Remotely view and alter the real world via tele-robotics and search for artifacts buried in a sand-filled terrarium in the laboratory in Los Angeles.
  96. Culture (Community)
    See "Native American" links and try the search form included at this site.
  97. Carrie Crazy Quilt Cultural Page
    Celebrate Diversity by Carrie Bodensteiner.
  98. Seeker1's CyberAnthropology Page
  99. Exploring Ancient World Cultures: The Near East
  100. Anthropology Resources
    Provides an excellent search tool!
  101. FOSAP - The Federation of Small Anthropology Programs
  102. Centre Stone: The Stones Begin to Speak
  103. Arkansas Archeological Survey Home Page

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