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  1. Rare Books and Special Collections from The National Library of China
  2. The Shinto Online Network Association
  3. Asia Society - China: Fifty Years Inside the People's Republic
  4. AskAsia
    A library of short multi-media discussions on topics concerning China and Japan by well-known experts on Asia.
  5. Visual Art as Cultural Memory in Modern China
  6. CNN - Visions of China
    Learn about the burial customs, religious practices and rituals of daily life in ancient Chinese civilizations. See the recently discovered masterpieces in jade, stone, ivory and bronze in a exhibition and companion catalog -- "The Golden Age of Chinese Archaeology: Celebrated Discoveries from The People's Republic of China." The exhibition opened at the National Gallery of Art September 19th and runs through January 2, 2000.
  7. National Gallery of Art - Current Exhibitions
    (Right -- Part of the Painted marble relief of musicians, Later Liang Dynasty (A.D. 924) Hebei Provincial Cultural Relics Institute, Shijiazhuang ) TOC: go the the source, The Golden Age of Chinese Archaeology: Celebrated Discoveries from The People's Republic of China, Related Online Resources.
  8. CNN In-Depth Specials - Visions of China
  9. the art of japan
  10. Half a Century of Chinese Prints
  11. The 50th Anniversary of the Founding of the PRC
  12. Chinese Studies at the School for Historical Studies, Institute for Advanced Study, 1999-2000
  13. BRITISH MUSEUM: Gilded Dragons
  14. International Dunhuang Project Bookbinding Pages
    History of Chinese bookbinding.
  15. China WWW VL - Internet Guide for Chinese Studies (ANU/Heidelberg Univ.): History
  16. China WWW Virtual Library - Internet Guide for Chinese Studies (WWW VL/ANU/Heidelberg Univ.): Main Page
  17. International Dunhuang Project
    View details of over 23,000 pre-eleventh century manuscripts and documents from the ancient towns of the Chinese Silk Roads. Full search facilities - by language, form, library number and subject - and high-quality colour images of over 1,500 manuscripts. Visit the International Dunhuang Project Bookbinding Pages before you exit.
  18. Ancient China Daily Life
  19. South China Sea WWW VL
    South China Sea regional development, environment, and security issues.
  20. Ricci Institute Home Page
    Named after the 16th-century Jesuit missionary Matteo Ricci. Publications focus on the history of Christianity in China.
  21. International Dunhuang Project Bookbinding Pages
    Combines text, diagrams and photographs of the actual objects to illustrate binding techniques in China. From the Dunhuang collection of the British Library.
  22. Calculating Machines in China and Europe in the 17th Century
  23. The Great Wall of China
  24. Windows on China
    History | News | Philosophy | Art | Lesson Plans | Culture | Hot Lists.
  25. Core Knowledge - Lesson Plans
    Medieval China: How to Put Some "Tang" in Your Medieval Dynasties. You might ask your advanced students why the concept of "medieval" is used in connection with China.
  26. Out of the East
    You will need to sign in and register, but it is currently free. Read the featured article -- 'China Chic': From Dragon Robes to Mao Suits By AMY YEE ( China's influence on fashion) or take a tour of the show (RealAudio and text/graphics)
  27. Bibliography of Modern Chinese Literature, Film and Culture
    English-language materials on modern Chinese literature, film, art, and culture from the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, The Ohio State University.
  28. Chinese Propaganda Poster Pages
    Stefan Landsberger's collection.
  29. China Time Line
  30. History of China: Table of Contents and Index
  31. CHINA: Concise Political History
  32. Condensed China: Chinese History for Beginners
  33. EAWC Chronology: China
  34. The Romance of the Three Kingdoms
  35. Romance of the Three Kingdoms: The Website
  36. Three Kingdoms--A Masterpiece by Luo Guanzhong--Full Text--First Page
    Full text with Foreword The Story of Dragons, Preface 1 (By C. H. Brewitt-Taylor) and Preface 2 (By Snow N. Snow).
  37. History Alive! Teachers' Curriculum Institute
    From Imperial China and Feudal Japan. A samle unit from the series World History from 500 to 1700. See how Japan's population distribution and geography affects its culture.
  38. In Xanadu
    Jonathan Spence (teaches the history of modern China at Yale) reviews the book OPIUM by Martin Booth. First chapter on line for viewing.
  39. NOVA Online | Mysterious Mummies of China
    Find out how mummies across the ages came to be preserved. TOC: Mummies Home | Takla Makan Mummies | Mummies 101 (mostly text description of mummies in various cultures and time periods), Digging into Language | Resources | Transcript.
  40. Historical Society for 20th Century China
    Part of a collection of superior pages by Marilyn Levine. See the World History site (next on the listing) and the brief annotation in the section on "Creative Applications."
  41. China WWW VL - Internet Guide for China Studies (ANU/Heidelberg Univ.): Main Page
  42. Evolution of Singapore - A Digital Journal
    Created by a ThinkQuest team.
  43. Chinese History Library: Qing - Rob Gray
    Provides information on the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) -- General Qing Dynasty History and the history of the Opium Wars.
  44. Out There News explores China, the 21st century superpower
    Interactive map of recent history of China.
  45. Fairbank Chinese History Library: Rob Gray
    People's Republic of China (1949-present), Republican Era (1912-1949), Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).
  46. Traditional Chinese Culture in Taiwan(5)
    Advocates of the "English Only" school might be sent to this page for enlightenment. Viewers of this page are likely to make some association and linkage to their own experience with language and writing and discover that their thinking processes, music , artistic preferences and other cultural attribute are language-related. It is simply part of who/what we are. Perhaps they will gain some sympathy/understanding for the Native American (Immigrant, migrant worker, African/Asian American) children in our schools (past, present and future) who are confronted with (to them) an alien language.
    "Chinese calligraphy is like a rare, exotic flower in the history of civilization, and is a unique gem of Oriental culture. Graphically, it is comparable to painting in its ability to evoke emotion through a rich variety of form and design. As abstract art, it displays the rhythmic and harmonious flow of music. And from a practical point of view, it is written language." From the site. "these pages link Chinese calligraphy figuratively and literally to other oriental arts. Comparing it to dance, theatre, and even to medicine, these pages delve into Chinese writing's form, composition, and the origins of its graphic radicals" (Netsurfer review).
  47. Corkankhamun Explains Mummification
  48. Dr. Sun Yat-sen
    Research report from a High School honors class.
  49. Resources for the Study of Buddhism, Confucianism and Taoism
  50. Florida Splendid China Exhibits
  51. NOVA Online | Mysterious Mummies of China
    (Scheduled launch: January 20). See "...a perfectly preserved 3,000-year-old mummy, and examine the science of mummification and the evolution of modern language."
  52. Art of China Homepage/Classic Chinese Literature
  53. Center for Chinese Studies
    Conference site that includes some essays: "The Political Economy of Agrarian Empire and its Modern Legacy" by R. Bin Wong, UC Irvine. and "An Early Ming Perspective on Song-Jin-Yuan Civil Examinations" by Benjamin Elman. More to be published before and after the conference.
  54. Fall of Singapore
    A personal diary of Victor Neville Bruce of the Japanese attack and fall of Singapore.
  55. Chinese Culture Online Library
  56. Fairbank Chinese History Library: Rob Gray
  57. History of China: Table of Contents
  58. UCSD Modern Chinese History Site
  59. The Forbidden City
    Beijing. The Palace Museum views the location of the offical residence of the 24 emperors in Ming and Qing Dynasties(1420-1911).
  60. Eternal China.
  61. Cho Duck Hyun
    Memories of the 20th Century -- a current exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond.
  62. OIOC: Chinese Section
  63. CNN - Museum highlights Chinese astronomy - August 2, 1997
    Summary of the achievements of Chinese astronomers centuries ago -- a sophisticated calendar and the recording of solar eclipses. The museum displays astronomical instruments invented about 3,000 years ago.
  64. Animated Chinese Characters
  66. UCSD Modern Chinese History Site
  67. The New York Times: Hong Kong
    "Explore the history of Hong Kong through the pages of The New York Times, with articles and photos going back to the 1850s." When I visited in late June, historical articles and links were few and difficult to locate. If you are interested in a substantial amount of historical information, visit the PBS">Site.
  68. History of China: Table of Contents
    Book (chapter) format in text, although many of the chapters include links to maps and charts. Covers the Historical Setting, The Ancient Dynasties and the The Imperial Era.
  69. "China: Ancient Arts & Sciences" @ The Franklin Institute
  70. The Three Movements in Buddhism
    Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana (Tantric or Esoteric Buddhism).
  71. The World In A Bowl Of Tea
    Promo site for the book.
  72. Historical Society for 20th Century China
  73. C H I N A: New Resources
    Net Publications and Indexes on China
  74. Center for Chinese Studies
  75. Brooklyn College Core 9: Chinese Culture Page
    Course information from Class Handouts to Software.A great course page with links to the Syllabus, a Course Outline, Images, Texts, Class Handouts, Class Projects and more. See the "Museum Exercise" for a template on a student assignment in the course to visit a museum and respond to specific questions. The Image site was especially good and includes a number of maps (The Four Great Old World River Valley Civilizations.) that should be useful for the study of historic China.
  76. Hong Kong Web Site
    Under the History" link. TOC: Hong Kong -- China's territory since ancient times, Britain's long-standing ambitions for Hong Kong, Britain's dumping of opium in China and Lin Zexu's burning of opium at Humen, Opium War and Treaty of Nanjing, Second Opium War and Treaty of Beijing, Britain's lease of the New Territories.
  77. canons.html
    Free "Cannons" to battle the high price of texts. Do you teach ancient Chinese history, philosophy, or society?
  78. "China: Ancient Arts & Sciences" @ The Franklin Institute
  79. The Forbidden City : A Virtual Tour ---- Beijing Vista : China Travel Vista: ChinaVista
  80. Daoist Home Page
    Chinese Philosophy.
    Links to the orgin of Chinese Writing, Chinese Poetry, Art and Calligraphy, Chinese Literature, Poems from Tang Dynasty, Classical Chinese Poetry, hinese literature archive gopher, Chinese Literature archive in Taiwan, Chinese Proverbs, Three Characters Classic (poems with 3 characters).
  82. Nationl Heritage Board: National Archives of Singapore
  83. The Complete Reference to China/Chinese Related Web Sites
  84. History of China
  85. Condensed China: Chinese History for Beginners
    From The Origins of Chinese Civilization to The Birth of Modern China.
  86. Chinapages-Culture
    Links to: Ancient China, Confucius, Lao Zi and Taoism, Sima Qian and the Record of the Great Historian, Buddhism, Tang Poetry, Arts and Crafts, Chinese Acrobatics, Chinese Architecture, Chinese Medicine, Chinese Traditional Opera, Customs and Festivals, Minority Groups, The 12 Symbolic Animals and Wushu(Gongfu) and Qigong.
  87. Shnaghai - a historical mirrorl
  89. Asiapac - 100 Celebrated Chinese Women
  90. Asiapac - 100 Chinese Emperors
  91. Chinascape: Chinese Web Index
  92. Condensed China: Chinese History for Beginners
    The Origins of Chinese Civilization | The Early Empire | The Second Empire | The Birth of Modern China | Bibliography.
  93. The Gate of Heavenly Peace
  94. History of China: Table of Contents
  95. Nomius - Zen Images - A City of Cathay
    A joint work painted by five court painters Ch'en Mei, Sun Hu, chin K'un, Tai Hung and Ch'en Chih-tao during the first year of the Ch'ien-lung reign 91736-1795) in the Ch'ing Dynasty.
  96. History of China: Table of Contents
    [ Table of Contents | Timeline | Map of China | Historical Setting ] Ancient Dynasties: II.
  98. Chinese History
  99. CHINA
  100. Destination: New Asia Singapore
  101. China History Timeline
  102. History of China: Table of Contents
  103. Chinascape: History
  104. A Cyberway To China: A Cyberway To 36 Military Strategies from Ancient China
  105. Audio files of Chinese Communist Leaders
  106. Fairbank Chinese History Library: Rob Gray
    A click on one link - the Qing Dynasty, revealed a page with the following table of contents: An Outline History of the Qing Dynasty (from Hong Kong), An Outline History of the Qing Dynasty (from University of Maryland), List of Qing Dynasty Emperors, Conversion Table for Late Qing Calendar (1860-1892), Conversion Table for Late Qing Calendar (1893-1911), An Extensive Collection of Pictures Related to Chinese History (includes major Qing personalities), Liang Qichao's "Xin Min Shuo", General Historical Information on All Provinces in China (many files contain substantial historical information from the Qing era), Short History of the Opium War, (A History of Opium in China, the Opium Wars, and General Information on Opiates, Map Showing Western Encroachments into China During Qing Dynasty, Philately During the Qing Dynasty, Commemorative Stamp Collection of Famous Chinese Historical Figures, Stamps of the Qing Dynasty.)
  107. Peabody Essex Museum, Exhibitions
    Looks at the 17th, 18th and 19th century furnishings created in China with typical household furnishings in room settings similar to those found in South China and the provinces of Hebei, Shanxi, and Shaanxi. Each room represents a different region.
  108. China the Beautiful - Chinese Art and Literature
  109. Confucius Publishing Home Page
  110. Chinese Historical and Cultural Project
    The lessons on the Chinese Lunar Calendar, the Abacus, Folktales and Games, Puppetry, Agriculture, Railroad Building and Writing. Main links to: New Beginnings, Immigration, Chinatowns, Survival, New Almaden Mine, Daily Life, Clothing, Bound Feet, Queues, Names, Traditions, Celebrations, Symbolism, Lunar Calendar, Tangrams, Folktakes, Postage Stamps and Lasting Legacy.
  111. CHCP Chinese Summer Festival 1995, San Jose
    Contains some links to historical data.
  112. CHCP Golden Legacy Curriculum
    The Chinese Historical and Cultural Project (CHCP) provides lesson plans from GOLDEN LEGACY (Bound Feet, Abacus Lunar Calendar among others).
  113. Shanghai Museum
    Consists of a main page with links to three pages on the contents - each with an image or two from the vast collection of ancient art. For those interested in information about art, consider another location.
  114. Fairbank Chinese History Library: Rob Gray
  115. Royal Ontario Museum - T.T. Tsui Galleries of Chinese Art
    T. T. Tsui Galleries of Chinese Art Ancient China and Early Empire. This is a "showcase" museum, and not just for the current exhibits. Enjoy the educational/fun resources and the well organized interface. Also listed in the "Non-Western" menu.
  116. China the Beautiful - Chinese Art and Literature
  117. Selected Chinese Journals
    Table of Contents from Selected Chinese Journals.
  118. Textile Exhibition
    Heavens' Embroidered Cloths: One Thousand Years of Chinese Textiles. See some outstanding thumbnails.
  119. Searching for China: a WebQuest
    "Your task in "Searching for China" is to join a team and take on one of the roles listed above. You and your teammates will work together to create a Special Report for the American people (also known as your classmates) that makes sense of the complex country that is China. You might want to read a Guide to Tourists before you embark on your journey." Six activities created to demonstrate how to integrate the World Wide Web into classroom learning. The new revised site provides more"... scaffolding for student cognition and more effective use of the Internet.
  120. Su Tzu's Chinese Philosophy Page
  121. Shaolin Kung Fu
    Some historical background for the Shaolin Temples is given.
  122. Singapore Online Guide
    See "Facts and Figures" for information in the history area.
  123. 5000 Years of Chinese History
  124. The Online Museum of Singapore Art & History
  125. Charles Muller's Translated Confucian Texts
    Includes Analects of Confucius (Great Learning, Doctrine of the Mean, Mencius).
  126. The Confucian Web
    Confucian Private Secondary School is one of the oldest Chinese schools in Malaysia.
  127. Kong Zi -- Confucius
  128. Charles Muller's Translated Confucian Texts
    Includes Analects of Confucius (Great Learning, Doctrine of the Mean, Mencius).
  129. The Confucian Web
    Confucian Private Secondary School is one of the oldest Chinese schools in Malaysia.
  130. International Dunhuang Project (IDP)
  131. December 8, 1941 - The Fall of Singapore
    Covers "The Timeline" (day-to-day events of the Malayan Campaign), "The Textbook" (an account of the war from a textbook on Singapore's history), "The Glossary" (Description of people, places and other relevant topics), "The Image Archive" (Battle of Malaya), and "The Sound Archive" (Radio broadcasts and excerpts of wartime speeches).
  132. Dollar Pattern
    Essay exploring the origin of the so-called Dollar Pattern which appears on 19th century Spode china and its possible origins in early Chinese and Japanese images. The author is interested in the "... transmigration of images between the East and the West."
  133. Christus Rex
    Tiananmen, April-June 1989 (273 JPG images).

  1. The Taoist Restoration Society
  3. Project - Teaching Japanese History Through the Humanities
  4. Edo Japan, A Virtual Tour
    Enjoy the tour, especially for younger students.
  5. Singapore History
    In Association with The National Archives of Singapore. Explore: Biographies, Oral History, Maps, Bridges, Buildings, Places Of Interest, Schools, Streets, WW II Sites, Events, Then and Now, Timelines.
  6. Japan: Images of A People
  7. Kyoto National Museum -- Japan
  8. The Distortion and the Revision of History in Postwar Japanese Textbooks, 1945-1998
  10. Japan Resources
    Resources for teaching about Japan. An excellent guide. I clicked first on the topic of "Themes" for teaching. The page describes 5 themes that could be used in the classroom for a focus for student research. Each is briefly described and tied to the other themes.
  11. U.S. and Japan After the Cold War
    A brief RAND Research report.
  12. A Japanese Rail History
    From 1853 (From Toy to Reality) to the Present.
  13. Taisei Corporation History of 120 Years
    Presents a history of the corporation and the role it has played, with special attention to the role in rebuilding Japan following World War II.
  14. Japanese Information : History
  15. Scientific American: Feature Article: Japanese Temple Geometry: May 1998
  17. International Research Center for Japanese Studies
  18. Nick's Asian History: Japan
  19. Welcome to REKIHAKU!
    National Museum of Japanese History.
    Sample articles from Issue 1-3: Nagasaki in the Meiji Restoration, Choshu Loyalists and British Arms Merchants by SIDNEY DEVERE BROWN, THE HUMAN DAM by Setoguchi Chie ( primary account of the nuclear attack on the city), SQUARE DANCING AND DEMOCRACY IN OCCUPIED JAPAN by Lane Earns, Reflections from Above: An American Pilot's Perspective on the Mission which Dropped the Atomic Bomb on Nagasaki also by LANE R. EARNS, and 'Like a Graveyard with Not a Tombstone Standing': U.S. Air Force Photographs of the Nagasaki Atomic Bombing, In the Words of an Atomic Bomb Survivor by BRIAN BURKE-GAFFNEY, and Victor's Justice: Colonel Victor Delnore and the U.S. Occupation of Nagasaki. Issue #4: MOM AND SILVER RICE: BOYHOOD REMINISCENCES OF THE WAR AND OCCUPIED NAGASAKI.
  21. ... ABOUT JAPAN Subject Index
  22. See for the history of Japan. PDF viewer needed. The file is about 6 pages with graphics. The site also feature some other files on Japan...
  23. A Pilgrim In Japan
    "The route of the eighty-eight temples of Shikoku is the classic Japanese Buddhist pilgrimage. Its 1200 kilometers test the body and spirit and open the mind to an experience of its true nature. For over a thousand years, only Japanese followed this path to the remote places of the Japanese island of Shikoku. In 1992, the noted photographer Don Weiss walked this path. This book records what he experienced in deeply felt words and pictures." Ever think about the grindstone of "covering the material" associated with a unit, course or time period? Give yourself and your students a break with a creative unit on "pilgrimage" (past-present, political, religious, as a form of inner exploration).
  24. Remembering Nagasaki: Index
    Slide presentation - 25+frames.
  25. Japan Close Up
    This is a site in Japan that describes various regional traditions in kite construction and decoration.
  26. Japan Infoweb
    Japanese Culturezine - in English. Students blessed with a graphical browser will enjoy this site with its excellent graphics. Links have a good quantity of information. A click on"art" presented an opening graphic of current art and a brief (2 page) summary of art history in Japan. This has to be one of the better Asian sites with descriptions and gates to other major servers in Japan.
  27. NTT Home Page - Japan
  28. JAPAN/History
    Pages for: Ancient times, Feudal age, Unity in isolation, Restoration of imperial rule, Modern period, From 1945 to the present.
  29. The Utility of Map Decoration
    Utility of map decoration -- focus on the Edo period (1603-1867) in Japan.
  30. Tailing the Samurai's Tale
    Web quest assignment options for examining a work in historical fiction, The Samurai's Tale by Erik Haugaard. created by Mr. Dan Fickett of Bonita Vista Middle School.
  31. Japan Today Home Page.
  32. The Inland Sea
    PBS Web page for the program that "...documents a centuries-old way of life that is rapidly disappearing." If you use themes in your World History classes, try the conflict between tradition and modernity. Since this is a "universal" theme, the problems will not be locating resources and examples, but selecting from the almost unlimited resources. "The Inland Sea, a landlocked body of water bounded by three of Japan's four major islands, lies west of Tokyo and Osaka. Called the Aegean of the East, the region's sumptuous beauty is the backdrop for a traditional way of life where native islanders have historically remained isolated from each other, and the mainland.
  33. The Mingei/USA Tour
    Two Centuries of Japanese Folk Art.
    Representative aspects of Japanese life
    and civilization using the
    Shiga Prefecture as a sample.
  35. Center for Japanese Studies
    Lists K - 12 Resources.
  36. Teaching (and Learning) About Japan
  37. Origin of the Samurai
  38. Web space of Kusado Sengen
    Provides information about the medieval town of Kusado Sengen and the Hiroshima Prefectural Museum of History in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan.
  39. ASUKA Historical Museum
  40. Chado, the way of Tea - Main Table of Contents
    Japan House at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. Undergraduate course in Art and Design 209, "The Tea Ceremony and Zen Aesthetics." The Tea Ceremony is a starter to give students a chance to "...acquire a better understanding of Japanese culture and to open the eyes of students to new ways of thinking and of viewing the world."
  41. Japanese History
  42. Japanese National Museums & Research Institutes for the Humanities
    Lists important web pages on Japan and notes language of content.
  43. Feudalism in Japan and Europe
    WebQuest lesson.
  44. WebMuseum: Japanese Art and Architecture
    Wisconsin mirror for the resources of the Museum. Site links to Japanese Prehistory and Art in the form of: Asuka and Nara, Heian , Kamakura, Muromachi, Momoyama, Art of the Edo Period and Art since 1867.
  45. Japanese sword page
  46. History of Japan
    ERAS: Asuka Era : -710, Nara Era : 710-794, Heian Era : 794-1192, Kamakura Era : 1192-1333, Muromachi Era : 1333-1467, Civil War Era and the Azuchi Momoyama Era : 1467-1603, Edo Era : 1603-1867.
  47. Japan Information
  48. Japan -- Virtual Library
  49. PhotoGuide Japan's PhotoHistory
    Presents a chronology of events (1646 to present) in Japan's history of photography.
  50. Teaching (and Learning) About Japan
    See historical chronology historical sites under the "Subject Index."
  51. Imperial Japanese Navy
    A major site to visit for information on the Pacific area of World War II. Text pages explain the strategy with excellent maps as a backdrop.
  52. CNN - Rare film documents devastation at Hiroshima - Aug. 10, 1996
    (1.2M QuickTime movie of recovered footage).
  53. kutani
    Kutani History - Virtual Museum - Virtual Library - Japanese History - Ishikawa Prefecture History.
  54. Japanese Onomatopoeia Game You will need the Shockwave plug-in from Macromedia.
  55. Museographs main
    Art History Monographs of World Culture. Sample Issue - Japanese Satsuma: A Tale of two Cultures.
  56. The Golden Elixir - Resources on Chinese Alchemy
  57. Tsuba
    A tsuba is the hand guard mounted on a Japanese sword.
    Japan's Edo period saw the debut of puppets, called "karakuri-ningyo," with mechanisms fitted inside that made them move by themselves.
  59. Some of Ukiyo-e Arts
  60. Japanese Art Resources
  61. Information on the National Clearinghouse for U.S.-Japan Studies
    Includes a Database Search, Stories & Artwork from Students in Japan & Oregon, Clickable Map of Resource Organizations Around the U.S, K-12 Lessons on Japan - A full-text database and other resources on Japan.
  62. Japanese Text Initiative
    "The Japanese Text Initiative (JTI) intends to put online on the Web texts of classical Japanese literature in Japanese characters...Where possible, the Japanese texts will be accompanied by English translations. All JTI texts will be tagged in Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML), according to Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) standards, and converted to HTML for display on the Web."


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