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Part of the History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers



    "Social studies is the integrated study of the social sciences and humanities to promote civic competence. Within the school program, social studies provides coordinated, systematic study drawing upon such disciplines as anthropology, archeology, economics, geography, history, law, philosophy, political science, psychology, religion, and sociology, as well as appropriate content from the humanities, mathematics, and natural sciences. The primary purpose of social studies is to help young people develop the ability to make informed and reasoned decisions for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world."

    (From the NCSS Members Only Archive)

    A site that provides audio access to print data for people in Arizona who cannot read because they have a visual, physical or learning disability. When we consider that some students learn best with their ears, this should be a site visited by all teachers.
  2. Spartacus Educational Home Page
    Key items in a recent visit (2/10) Beyond Multiple-Choice, Using ICT to Promote Independent Learning, Beyond the History Classroom: The Potential of Podcasting, Simulations in the Classroom, Developing Interactive Teaching Styles, Web 2.0: Collaborative Teaching and Learning, Digital Video in the History Classroom, VLE : Guided Research of the Roman Empire, ICT-Based Distant Learning, ICT for Collaborative Teaching and Learning, The Student as Teacher and much more!
  3. Virtual Library museums pages (VLmp)
    "These pages provide an eclectic collection of WWW services connected with museums, galleries and archives."
  4. World Links for Development (WorLD)
    "The Education Program provides WBI with an important, unique vehicle to synthesize and disseminate the accumulated wealth of experience across World Bank member countries on the design, delivery, and monitoring and evaluation of educational reforms."
  5. PBS TeacherSource - Social Studies
    Great site to keep up to date. I visited Teachers blog offering strategies and resources to help you create rich, engaging learning experiences with multimedia.
  6. Social Science Research Network (SSRN) Home Page
    "The SSRN eLibrary consists of two parts: an Abstract Database containing abstracts on over 273,200 scholarly working papers and forthcoming papers and an Electronic Paper Collection currently containing over 224,300 downloadable full text documents in Adobe Acrobat pdf format."
  7. Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - Social Studies
    Free social studies materials from government sources. This is some list for U.S History teachers.
  8. William E. Hewit Institute
    Established in June 1998 to support K-12 education in history and the social sciences.
  9. Social Sciences
  10. NewsDEN
    Current events center for students in Grades 6 through 12. A new local, national (Canadian), and international story each week. Each story is accompanied by a quiz, a poll, a glossary of terms, a graphical summary and a discussion group. Also features a Math Den, and Internert Den, an Chinese Den and a Graphic Den. Take your basic cyberspace flying skills from Sputnik, a cyberspace flight instructor who is a real dog.
  11. Episteme Links
    Includes thousands of sorted links to philosophy resources on the internet as well as assorted other features.
  12. A Logic Text
  13. Exhibits Collection -- Personality
  14. Academic Info
    See the Subject Guide Index.
  15. Totally Social Studies
  16. wNetStation Homepage
    Links to some leading PBS feature programs, including GREAT PERFORMANCES, NATURE, AMERICAN MASTERS, THE MACNEIL/LEHRER NEWSHOUR and BILL MOYERS specials.
  17. LibrarySpot
  18. National Library of Canada Home Page
    I explored the link to The Canadian West as a base for comparison with the American West.
  19. Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program Home Page
  20. Yahoo Babel
    Cut and Paste text or provide a Webpage URL and this page provides a language translation. Very fast.
  21. PDF Publications - Census Bureau
  22. INCORE internet country guides
    Information about internet resources on conflict and ethnicity on a country-by-country basis. Currently, only Asia Europe and Africa have content. Most country pages feature links to: Academic Articles, News Sources, Email Lists and Newsgroups, Prime sources (those that focus on the topic of conflict).
  23. DPLS -- Internet Crossroads in the Social Sciences (links)
  24. MyYahoo
    Select from topics (Business, Current Events, Health, Investing, Politics, Technology) that you are interested in by clicking on the boxes and submit the information. You decide what information My Yahoo! will display.
  25. Social and Behavioral Sciences and Economics
  26. WebSEEk: Content-based Image and Video Search and Catalog Tool for the Web
    A place to start when looking for images.
  27. The Explorers Club ®
    Dedicated to Scientific Exploration and Field Research.
  28. The World Of I*EARN
    Impressive listing of projects, with many in the Social Studies areas.
  29. Virtual Public Library - Instructional Media Center: Lobby
  30. Odyssey Home
    Travel the world online. See the Teacher Zone.
  31. PORTICO - the British Library
  32. SIRS, Inc.
    Comprehensive site with links to; What's New, Food For Thought, Intellectual Freedom, Online Newsletters, The Knowledge Source - SIRS Guide to the Web, SIRS Databases, Computer Hardware Systems, SIRS Print Information Systems, Photo Essays.
  33. Bartlett, John. 1901. Familiar Quotations
  34. The Smithsonian
    A must site to review before a visit to the Smithsonian.
  35. ZD Net AnchorDesk
  36. The Argus Clearinghouse
    "The Civil Rights Litigation Clearinghouse is a collection of documents and information about civil rights cases in selected case categories across the United States."
  37. SCORE History-Social Science Resources
    "Schools of California Online Resources for Education, History/Social Science (SCORE H/SS) evaluates, aligns, and annotates quality resources from the World Wide Web to the California History-Social Science Content Standards and curriculum."
  38. A Sociological Tour Through Cyberspace
    Contents features links to General sociological resources, Sociological theory, Data resources, Methods and statistics, Guide to writing a research paper and Exercising the imagination: Subject-based Inquiries.
  39. Soros Foundations Network
    Dedicated to "... the development of open societies around the world, particularly in the previously communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. These organizations help build the infrastructure and institutions necessary for open societies by supporting a broad array of programs for education, children and youth, media and communications, civil society, human rights and humanitarian aid, science and medicine, arts and culture, and economic restructuring."
  40. Social Science Information Gateway - SOSIG
  41. The Global Campus
    A multimedia database containing a variety of educational materials (images, sounds, text, and video).
  42. Documentary Image Collection. Vast image collection accessed by a search tool. Returns thumbnails when that option is selected. Students will need instruction on how to conduct searches before visiting the site.
  43. Caboodles of Clip Art
  44. The Independent Reader - Leading Bookseller's Recommendations
    Interesting and informative site that features book recommendations. Read a combined list or one from your favorite book store. Once a book is selected you can read reviews from several sources. I selected New Non-Fiction: Undaunted Courage by Meriwether Lewis and Thomas Jefferson & the Opening of the American West By Stephen E. Ambrose.
  45. Invention Dimension
    Lewis Howard Latimer (1848-1928), inventor of the carbon-filament light bulb featured the week I visited. Past inventors are archived.
  47. Welcome to Lifetime Online
  48. University of Memphis Migrating Government Publications
    Impressive collection of documents for research.
  49. University of California GPO Gate
    Full text of selected information published by the United States Government.
  50. Demographic statistics
  51. Maison des Sciences de l'Homme
  52. Sociological Research Online
  53. "ZIA"
    Interesting site which covers a vast array of topics. Claims to screen links and information so that it's safe for kids to use.
  54. Purely Academic...
  55. LEARNER ONLINE - Annenberg/CPB Project's Web
  56. Eye on the Web
  57. SARA Holdings
    Canal Records, Genealogical Sources, Military Service Records, Naturalization and Related Records, Probate, Native Americans, Revolutionary War, World War I, Vital Records (birth, death, marriage)
    Abstracts of research projects by students from around the country and world published on a quarterly basis.
  59. Virtual Exhibits on the World Wide Web
  60. General Social Survey [annual poll of USA]
    Guide to social science citations & abstracts of all studies that used this major data base. Enjoy New York (for $2,000 per day!). See "Lifestyles of the Elite in Upper East Side" in the link to "New York City Social Trends and Maps."
  61. Info-Tech Resource Guide: Contents
    A page to trigger thinking about the impact telecommunications and information technology will have on our communities.
  62. Image Projects
    Archive and links to image databases.
  63. MPEG Movie Archive/Various
  64. MediaMart Online Sales Store Catalog Video Clips
    Long clips to download.
  65. Technology Coordinator's Resource Center
    See the link for "Warning Signs of Computer Use in School Age Children". A web site full of information and links that would be of interest to K-12 technology coordinators and other educators who deal with educational technology issues.
  66. "Network-Based Electronic Publishing of Scholarly Works: A Selective Bibliography"
    "This updated PACS Review paper presents selected articles, books, electronic documents, and other sources that are useful in understanding scholarly electronic publishing efforts on the Internet and other networks."
  67. Vatican Web Site
    Soon to include original speeches and encyclicals of the Holy Father and documents and news from the various Vatican offices.
  69. International Relations and Security Network (IntSecNet / DEFSEC)
    An information network for security and defense studies, peace and conflict research and international relations
  70. WRAL OnLine
    Excellent site.. I browsed briefly through the photo link and a click on "News" produced a link to the "WRL Data Center" and interesting and well written stories about technology and the Internet.
  72. Switchboard
    A people locator that claims to have 93 million names. I tries several without full information (name without state, last name and intitial of first, etc) and the system produced name, address and phone number for all. I wonder how much disk space this database requires on their server?
  73. GPO Access
    See "Information Available for Free Public Use in Federal Depository Libraries (including the Monthly Catalog).
  74. Internet Resources Database Home Page
    An IRD readers (available on site) is needed to view the extensive data.
  75. WWW Meta-Indexes and Search Tools, A Library of Congress Internet Resource Page
    A non-profit source for over 250 videos and multimedia programs for all age levels.
  78. webCATS: Library Catalogues on the World Wide Web
  79. The Michigan Electronic Library
  80. Social Studies at
  81. The University of Virginia Social Science Data Center
    "County and City Data Book" contains over 200 demographic, economic, and governmental variables designed to present a "snapshot" of county, city, and state data for the year.
  82. "County and City Data Books"
    Social Science Data Center. Also -- "Regional Economic Information System" (REIS) 1969-1993, "County Business Patterns" and "World Tables" (World Bank) 1950-1992.
  83. webCATS
    A page of library catalogs which can be searched via the Web geographically, by type of library, and by library catalog vendor. The site also connects to the HYTELNET home page.
  84. Go Net-Wide...
  86. excite NetDirectory: General/
  87. Net Reviews
    From IGuide.
  88. Global Info-Links
  89. SocSci Homepage
    Social Science Research Facility of the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota.
  90. Great Books Interdisciplinary Matrix
    Books in the Matrix are also linked with a selection of Internet related sites. Very nice! Be sure to see the "Great Books" database... The "Author List" is sectioned by chronological (Western) time divisions:| Antiquity | Medieval | Renaissance | Baroque | Classical | Romantic | Modern |
  91. Human Systems
  92. K-12 World
  93. Overview of0the Scholarly Societies Project
  94. MSN Welcomes You To The Internet!
  95. Research on the Management of Social Transformations.
  96. Cyber Library
    Many links under topics of Cool Sights, MOO an educational tool, Museums, Politics, Schools of Distinction, Student Internet Resources, Teacher Internet Resources, Electronic MagaZines, Writing Process.
  97. Blue Web'n Applications Library
  98. The World Factbook 1995
    Although an "older" site, it is worth a revisit to see the format and information available.
  99. Social Studies Resources
    Kindergarten thru Grade 12 / Other Sites / KSD Home.
  100. Multidisciplinary WWW Subject Directories
    Multidisciplinary, subject-oriented, Web-based directories to Internet resources, primarily directories created by academic libraries.
  101. Social Sciences & Humanities INFOMINE
    University of California Search. (Subject, Keyword, Title).

    A Few Web Pages on Psychology

  102. Psych Web
    A very impressive collection of resources arranged by topic. The page was designed for an "Honors" course on the topic.
  103. Psychology
  104. School Psychology Resources Online
    Information on the topics of learning disabilities, ADHD, gifted, autism, adolescence, parenting, psychological assessment, classroom management, special education, k-12, mental health, reading and research. Offers reprintable handouts for parents and teachers.

  105. Index for SESRC Home Page
    Washington State.
  106. A World Wide Web site on K-12 standards
    Provides the very best in resources for most subject areas on this topic.
  107. NYPL Home Page
    See links to The Center for the Humanities (encourages the preservation and cultivation of the documentary evidence of human behavior, social life and culture, by acquiring, organizing and making accessible materials for study in the fields of history, languages and literature, art, popular culture, philosophy, religion, psychology, sociology, anthropology, theology, geography and politics.) The site also features links to The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture and the Science, Industry and Business Library. A map section on site includes some fine maps of NY city dating back to 1600. Sheet maps and atlases document the growing and changing city. The Map Division's collections from the 1600s to the present are outstanding.
    The French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control.
  109. Privatization Project - Budapest
    National Telecommunications & Information Administration.
  111. Oxford Humanities Computing
  112. Virtual Online University
  113. Institute of Social Studies
    Graduate school specializing in international policy-oriented, social science teaching, interdisciplinary research and advisory work in the field of development studies.
  114. Center for Documentary Studies
    "The Center encourages students to go outside the University's walls to produce their own documentary works, and to become responsible social observers and commentators, listening, sharing, and reflecting." For a real treat, find the photo/essay documentation of Children's dreams (and nightmares).
  115. Social Studies Center
    Houghton Mifflin.
  116. LALAC -- Language and Learning Across the Curriculum
    Advocate for the central role of language, both oral and written, in the learning process.
  117. MSN Welcomes You To The Internet!
    Web gateway from Microsoft.
  118. Social Studies Framework
    Nebraska site.
  119. Social Science Information Gateway - SOSIG
    Note the new address for the North American mirror. " provides a browsable and searchable database of thousands of high quality Internet resources of relevance to social science researchers, academics and practitioners. The gateway will draw on the expertise of a number of specialist organisations within the social sciences to help build its database of resources." See the listing of new partners at the site.
  120. Lisa Mitten's Home Page
    From a librarian at the University of Pittsburgh, responsible for the anthropology, sociology, linguistics, and communications collections in Hillman Library. Includes the university's collections on Native Americans.
  121. Canadiana -- The Canadian Resource Page
    A large Canadian Gateway.
  122. New Galaxy Items
    Large subject listing - and an early "gateway" site.
  123. The Escotet International Link-Welcome Home Page
    The International/Intercultural Development Education Connection.
  124. Newspaper and Current Periodical Reading Room Home Page, Library of Congress
  125. SuperCAL
    Interactive Computer Aided Learning for the Internet.
  126. Unicef Homepage
    SeeThe State of the World's Children 1996, UNICEF.
  127. National Coordination Office for Computing, Information, and Communications
  128. Mansfield Library Web Server
    Provides links to: The Art of the Net , A Page of Music, The Educational Spider, Literary Links, Computer Science Connections, JobSearch, Cybrarian Signs, Historical Pages, Library Catalogs on the Net.
  129. Sociology Departments - Queens NY
    Social trends, maps and lifestyles.


  1. Computer Magazine Archive
  2. Journals
  3. Y-Life: URL's Appearing in this Issue
    "Support" site for an internet magazine.
    See the issue on Virtual Environments.
  5. Eumeness - European and Mediterranean Network of the Social Sciences
    An attempt to create a new institutional framework for cooperation in the social sciences in Europe. You can also access the journal on this topic -- EUMENESS - Mediterranean Social Sciences Review.
  6. T.H.E. Journal Electronic Field Trips
    Electronic Field Trips Bring History to Life
  7. Computing in the Humanities and Social Sciences
  8. ACLS Newsletter 4.4 (February 1997)
    Internet-Accessible Scholarly Resources for the Humanities and Social Sciences.
  9. increase and diffusion
    A Web Magazine created to further the primary goal of the Smithsonian to "increase and diffuse" knowledge.
  10. The Online World resources handbook
    Presents an option to download a 425 KB zipped copy of version 2.8 or a 953 KB uncompressed version 2.8.
  11. representations online
    Quarterly publication..with summaries of articles from the current issue.
  12. _CSS Journal - Computers in the Social Studies_
    Jan/Feb Issue.
  13. Journal of World-systems Research
    Articles, such as "The Industrial Revolution and Birth of the Anti-Mercantilist Idea", Special Thematic Section (Praxis and the Future of the World-System) and Book Reviews.
  14. The Concord Review
    Essays by High School students of history from 20 nations.
  15. Mississippi Review Web Edition
  16. Humanities Extension/Publications Home Page
  17. Scholarly Journals Distributed Via the World-Wide Web
  18. Desktop Journal
  19. PC Magazine InternetUser
  21. Humboldt Journal of Social Relations
    Research in the sociology, anthropology, political science, economics, geography, history, philosophy and psychology.
  22. Reversion of History
    Book review from CTHEORY, an international, electronic review of books on theory, technology and culture -- sponsored by the Canadian Journal of Political and Social Theory.


  1. Untitled Normal Page
  2. Oswego High School Social Studies Department
    Mr. Thomas Caswell.
  3. Social Studies Links
    Killeen High School -- Texas. The site has a great page on Bosnia...
  4. University High School
    See the interesting WebQuest on medieval towns.
  5. Mr. Cassutto's Student Website Workshop
    Mr. Cassutto's Computer Applications classes at North Hagerstown High School. Showcase for student site production at Hagerstown.
  6. Roberto Rodriguez's Social Science Resource
  7. Kim Champagne's Social Studies Homepage
    Kim has an excellent page, especially the detailed lessons on how to integreate technology into social studies teaching. The 6 lessons in world history are worth the visit alone...
    Lesson #1: Using Microsoft Excel to Make Social Studies Charts
    Lesson #2: Create a World War I Bookmark webpage in Netscape
    Lesson #3: Using PowerPoint to Create a World War II timeline
    Lesson #4: The Industrial Revolution
    Lesson #5: Area Studies Project
    Lesson #6: World of Islam
    Note that the lessons can be altered and modivided to fit most history teaching situations.
  8. Mr. Walls - Lakeview High School Page
  9. Kargin's Corner of the Net
    School site for US history.
  10. Reynoldsburg High School...Home of Room 413 Online and Mr. Sabetta
  11. K-12 Arts & Social Sciences Gateway (Cornell Theory Center)
  12. Mr.McAuley's Social Studies Site.
    Here is a page that makes every effort to publish student work. Enjoy the fine efforts in the form of essays and garphics to document and process learning.
  13. Student Projects
    From Echo Lake Schools
  14. Social Studies Resource Center
    From Hyde Park Memorial High School in New York.
  15. University of Arizona Library SABIO Information Gateway
  16. Information Resources in the Social Sciences
    From the University of Arizona.
  17. Yale University Social Science Libraries and Information Services
  18. UWM Golda Meir Library Resources
  19. UWM GML Non-UWM sources
    This is a special page of resources in Wisconsin. With a telnet client on your computer, you can visit and browse the online cataloges of a host of University and public libraries. The page also features a section to logon to the libraries of Big Ten schools. I also discovered the link to the University of Chicago page (see below) with some great links to Social Studies and Humanities resources.
  20. 4th and 5th Grade Student Research Sources
    Covering: Current Events, Math, Science, Reference, Language Arts, U.S. History, Search Engines, Geography.
  21. Kargin's Social Studies Page
  22. Mrs. Eaton's Home Page
    Add this to your list of Social Studies sites by teachers. This one is especially good because of the first-hand information on Japan.
  23. Selma Middle School's Social Studies Department
  24. Parker Social Studies
    Parker presents a fine page with critical information about their program, together with some fine off-site links. See the special page for Parker's Washington visit --Washington Seminar.The seminar was a special citizenship education program offered to Seniors as part of the AP - U.S. Government course at the school.
  25. Social Sciences Internet Resources
    Western Connecticut State University Social Studies Dept. -- a list of internet resources for anthropology, economics, geography, political science, sociology and social sciences.
  26. Social Studies Home Page
    Montgomery County Public Schools.
  27. Social Studies 9-12
    North Carolina.
  28. Social Studies Page
  29. LWHS Social Studies HomePage
    Has "... two ongoing projects. The first involves role-playing that some of our Ancient and Medieval students are involved in. The other is a project that will hopefully preserve some of the unique stories and artwork of our ESL (English as a Second Language) students."
  31. College and University Home Pages


  1. Guggenheim Museum
  2. Museum Learning Collaborative Homepage
  3. 24 Hour Museum
  4. Musee Online
    "MUSÉE is a not-for-profit organization which works with cultural institutions around the world to provide services to museums, schools, and the general public. MUSÉE's mission is to enhance cultural awareness, advance education at all levels, and stimulate public interest in cultural institutions. MUSÉE is helping cultural institutions prepare for the future by fostering information exchange on existing and emerging electronic technologies and by creating a forum for the discussion of other innovative approaches to education, culture, and entertainment using museum resources in tandem with these technologies."
  5. Archives & Museum Informatics: Museums and the Web 1999
    One of the most interesting conference sites I have seen recently.
  6. Welcome to New Zealand Museums On-Line - A guide to museums, art galleries and national treasures in Aotearoa New Zealand
  7. A Virtual Tour of the Robert C. Williams American Museum of Papermaking
  8. WWW Virtual Library: Museums around the world
  9. IWASM
    International Women's Air & Space Museum.
  10. The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago
  11. Museums in London
  12. Virtual Museum Resources and Schools
    Articles and other resources meant to guide those who are just starting out building virtual museums with their students. Offers a "Grand List of School Virtual Museums", provides ideas on building Archives (See area studies database @ uni of manchester and Building an Archive. This site is sponsored by From Now On - The Educational Technology Journal.
  13. Virtual Museum Resources and Schools
    A guide for those who are just starting to build virtual museums with their students. Presents a "Grand List of School Virtual Museums", ideas on building Archives and links to all known school museums. (For some more information in this area see What's New - 8/24, Creative Applications and Building an Archives.)


  1. The British Library
    Be prepared for a wait on the loading of this page....Best try the site index for navigation.
  2. DOI Library Home Page
    This site provides a gateway to the vast resources of the Interior Department. The retrieval of information was rather slow when I visited, as much of the content is in PDF format. I clicked on a publication called "People Land & Water" and was not impressed with the display speed for the 31 page document.
  3. Archive WWW Sites
    From Colorado State.
  4. Rivendell Educational Archive
  5. Yahoo! News - Image Gallery
  6. MIT: Rotch Visual Collections:Exploring Image Collections on the Internet: Resources at MIT and Beyond
  7. Related Readings
    Readings that relate to projects which are Indexed at the Institute of Advanced Technology in the Humanities. Here is a fine starting page for this Summer, especially if you are new to the Web and want a "home page."
    150 great works -- "books, movies, plays, television shows, and works of music that broaden, deepen, or define the experience of being alive." Second in a series on Lifelong Learning.
  9. Repositories of Primary Sources
    A listing of over 2500 websites describing holdings of manuscripts, archives, rare books, historical photographs, and other primary sources for the research scholar.
  10. ERIC IT Clearinghouse
    One of 16 clearinghouses in the ERIC system. "ERIC/IT acquires, selects, catalogs, indexes, and abstracts documents and journal articles in these subject areas for input into the ERIC database...[and] ...publishes Monographs, Digests, and Minibibliographies in the fields of educational technology and library and information science."
  11. The Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE
    A library of digital texts, images, and other digital content as well as a support service for digital library, museum, and archive developers world wide. This is a must for your bookmark! See the Image Finder (DL SunSITE). Scroll down the entire it features the ability to search several sites for images that might be useful to social studies students.
  12. D-Lib (April) -- Library of Congress - C. Arms
    Trainers might add this site to the required reading for all history/social studies teachers. It features: Historical Collections for the National Digital Library, Lessons and Challenges at the Library of Congress Part 1 (Caroline R. Arms --Information Technology Services & National Digital Library Program, Library of Congress) and Part 2.
  13. Digital Picture Archive on the 17th floor
    Gif and jpg archive.
  14. Manuscripts and Archives, Yale University Library
  15. Political, Social, and Economic Data Archives
  16. ERIC Clearinghouse For Social Studies/Social Science Education
    The site features the full text of several selected ERIC/ChESS Digests, the annual ERIC/ChESS newsletter ("Keeping Up") and other publications.
  18. Utah State Archives
  19. Archives & Archivists
  20. Essex Social Science Data Archives
  21. Internet resoures for archives
  22. Archival Repositories on the Internet
  23. Essex Social Science Data Archives
    Demographics/Social data
  24. Title List, A Preliminary and Partial Listing of Data Files in NARA
    National Archives and Records Administration.
  25. DPLS -- Archival Data Online Repository
    Data and Program Library Service, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  26. The Nobel Prize Internet Archive
  27. Danish Data archive
    Demographics/Social data.
  28. BRITANNICA Guide to the Nobel Prizes
    Features a page or so on each winner. A great source for film clips about and by winners.
  1. Social Science Related Usenet Newsgroups
  2. SUPERNEWS - Discussions Start Here - Useful Usenet Links
  3. H-High-S Home page
    With postings from the discussion group and other resources.
  4. H-Net Search See the H-Net Teaching Project for online resources for K-12 and Collegiate teachers. There are currently five H-Net networks; H-High-S, H-MMedia, H-Survey, H-Teachand H-WCiv.
  5. News groups
  6. H-High-S WWW Site and H-Net Events Search. The Teaching Project HOME PAGE is a project is well worth investigation and monitoring by K-12 Social Studies teachers. It aims to "...incorporate the rich material circulated on the Listserv with additional resources to create a repository open to all, including OnLine Resources, Pedagogy, Syllabi, Reading Lists, and Lesson Plans. Many other resources online.
  7. Usenet Archives
  8. Library-Oriented Lists and Electronic Serials
    See the "Subject Index."
  9. Usenet Addresses Service (MIT)
    Allows a search for e-mail addresses if you know the name of a person, or the name of the organization that provides their net access.
  10. - Internet Mailing Lists -
  11. List of USENET FAQs
  12. Newsgroup: k12.ed.soc-studies
  13. Newgroups relevant to the WorldWideWeb project
  14. Search for Mailing Lists
    Search and sign up using a database of 12,850 listserv, majordomo and listprocessor mailing lists at 298 sites is maintained by the Indiana University Support Center for the UCS Knowledge Base.
  15. Graphical Educational Newsgroup Interface
    Provides access to educationally-relevant newsgroups for K-12 teachers, university students and faculty. New newsgroup readers might read "A Guide to Usenet Newsgroups of Interest to Educators."
  16. - Free Usenet/Newsgroup Access
    Provides free access to newsgroups through a web-site. This eliminates the need for news reader software and a news server. Posting is also done through the browser.
  17. Deja News - The Source for Internet Newsgroups!
  18. List of USENET FAQs Try this after reaching the page:
    1. Locate "Holocaust" in the listing and click on it.
    2. Select "Auschwitz " from the next page.
    3. then select (click on) either HOLOCAUST FAQ (Auschwitz-Birkenau: Layman's Guide 1/2) or HOLOCAUST FAQ (Auschwitz-Birkenau: Layman's Guide 2/2). You should now see a text file of over 28 page of informaton on topic. If you find some interesting items, historicical or otherwise on this site, fire an E-mail message with navigation instructions similar to those above and I will be glad to publish it for other teachers to use.
  19. Liszt
    A searchable catalog of mailing lists.

  1. SSHRC/CRSH - Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council / Conseil de recherches en sciences humaines
  2. Home - RGSS
    Resource guide for Social Studies designed to meet the needs of those working and studying in the social sciences in United Kingdom.
  3. PEN-DOR Educational Resources - Social Studies
  4. ACSS
  5. The PartheNet
    Combined internet resources for students of art history.
  6. SOSIG: Welcome
    Social Science Information Gateway (SOSIG). Providing selected, high quality Internet information for researchers and practitioners in the social sciences, business and law. See the What's New link for the latest additions.
  7. National archives around the world
  8. SSEC - Resources for Social Sciences and History Education
  9. CDCSSWeb Introduction Page
    The Web Site of the Capital District Council for the Social Studies
  10. The State Historical Society of Wisconsin
  11. Smithsonian Institution Research Information System
  12. The Social Science History Institute at Stanford University
  13. National Library Week
    You might also want to backspace to the main directory for a look at the other resources.
  14. SCORE History/Social Science
    Find Resources & Lessons by Grade Level and by Topic/Keyword. The SCORE stands for Schools of California Online Resources for Education. Language Arts, Science and Math as well as Social Studies and History.
  15. Southeast Regional
    Social Studies conference site.
  16. ICPSR Homepage
    Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research.
  17. Natz - US I*mmigration and Naturalization Service
    U.S. History and Government Knowledge Online Tests. Sample U.S. History and Government Questions with answers. Download United States History Study Guide and the Government Structure Study Guide.
  18. WCSS - The Wisconsin Council for the Social Studies
  19. MOST Clearing House Home Page
    "MOST is a research programme, designed by UNESCO, to promote international comparative social science research."
  20. One World Homepage
    Alberta Teachers' Association Social Studies Council.
  21. Florida Council for the Social Studies
  22. Illinois Council for the Social Studies
  23. Social Science Resources HomePage
    Nebraska Department of Education. Links to Social Studies listserve, Search Engines, Schools and Social Studies Programs on the Web.
  24. Connections '97
    Social Studies Conference Site -- Education for Responsible Citizenship-- held at Sydney University in July, 1997 showing a number of papers. TOC: Teaching conflict and conflict resolution in school: (Extra-) curricular considerations, From On the Beach to Star Trek: Using literature to confront the impact of nuclear energy, Literature; Nuclear Energy; Social Studies; STS; Secondary Education, Charting a Better Course - Improving Map Use for the Study of Society and Environment, Education for Responsible Citizenship:Using Classroom Projects to Enhance History, Geography, and Political Education.
    A List of Websites for Social Studies Education -- Charles S. White.
  26. Southwestern Social Science Association Home Page
  27. Alberta Teachers' Association Social Studies Council
  28. ATSS
    Association for the Teaching of the Social Sciences.
  29. Ohio Council for the Social Studies: The Review
    Current issue has a focus on controversial issues.
  30. Southeast Regional
    Social Studies Conference Home Page.
  31. NCSS Great Lakes Regional Conference Program
    Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.
  32. Harvard University Conference on The Internet
  33. Alberta Teachers' Association Social Studies Council
  34. NECC 96
  35. Internet Conference Calendar
  36. Directory of Scholarly and Professional E-Conferences
  37. Wisconsin Society for Technology in Education
  38. About ISTE
    International Society for Technology in Education. Offers great publications (note the "Computing Teacher" has been renamed) and many other resources.
Social Studies School Service
  1. Looted Treasures @
  2. photos, magazine, home, travel, graphics, games, free, uploads, awards
  3. Connecting Students Through Themes & Units
  4. PC Magazine: Top 100 Web Sites
    The "epanded category" feature of the newest list convinced me to add this to the general file, even though they don't list my site. The list has expanded to 20 categories " reflect the way the Web is expanding into every aspect of life, with the five top sites selected in each category.
  5. Net Zero
    After installing this program, you will be able to access the Internet free of charge from most cities in the USA. The catch? An advertising banner is always on your desktop.
  6. Idea Channel
    Videotape conversations between some of the worlds greatest thinkers with links to additional resources.
  7. Insight
    Sales of computers and electronic equipment. When I visited, they were offering a Pentium III for $1400 (450MHz Pentium III Processor, 64MB SDRAM, 6.4GB HDD, 32x CD-ROM, 10/100 NIC, Windows 95).
  8. Social Studies Center
    From Houghton Mifflin Company. Folks here may have discovered a winning concept -- offer loads of free content and activities for teachers and students and your products will sell. I'm not sure what their success is so far, as most teachers have not (as yet) accepted the notion of electronic purchases, but this holds true for the rest of the Web. Have you tried electronic banking on the Web yet? Made a purchase? See the Site Index for a feel for the resoruces. li>Torpedo Software
    Offering samples of 4 inexpensive software programs.
  9. Discovery Channel School -- Lesson Plans

    Weekly lesson features. January, 2001 showcased lessons on: The Korean War -- Start gathering firsthand accounts, Apes to Man -- Compare humans with other bipedal primates, Cruel Schools -- dealing with school bullies and Language Acquisition

  10. MCI MarcoPolo - EDSITEment
    Provides access to valuable on-line resources for teaching history, English, foreign languages and art history. Offered by the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Council of the Great City Schools, MCI and the National Trust for the Humanities.
  11. NetGuide: School.html special
    Rates this K-12 site with the "Best" in the Elementary category.
  12. 2/6/98 Acrobat PDF Newsweekly: Emerge EXTRA
    From time to time I get a message from someone ask where I locate all of the pages listed... This source was listed in the Net-happenings, and led to the Emerge Extra page. The authors of this page canvas/search the Web for fine examples of the use of PDF and provide links to those pages in a timely fashion. See for the history of Japan. PDF viewer needed. The file is about 6 pages with graphics. The site also feature some other files on Japan...
  13. Social Studies Update
    From Prentice Hall. Backgrround essays (with links to Web pages and Prentice Hall texts) for: The Budget Battle, An End to the Tobacco Wars?, The UPS Teamsters Strike, The Budget Battle, Affirmative Action Under Fire, The Debate Over Money in Politics, A New Beginning for Congo, India Turns 50, Hong Kong Returns to Chinese Rule.
  14. E-Conflict, World Encyclopedia and Simulation
  15. TMS Catalog Page
    Commercial site for films and CDs. The academic and documentary topics look most promising.
  16. Apple Global Education
  17. Metaplus
  18. HotSheet -
  19. Multimedia
  20. Success Partnership Network
    Page for Technology consultants - commercial emphasis.
  21. Cobblestone Publishing, Inc.
    Nonfiction for Young People Ages 9-14, showcased by a site that should be visited by both students and teachers.
  22. MCI LibraryLink HomePage
  23. CUP Catalog by Subject
    Cambridge University Press on-line catalog.
  24. KODAK: Education - Social Studies
    Great ideas and projects here!
  25. Welcome to Britannica Online
  26. Welcome to Intel
    See the "Teachers Corner."
  27. May Web100
    Top U.S. firms on the Web reshuffled.
  28. Oryx Press Home Page
    Browse Selected Articles from The National Teaching and Learning Forum Newsletter. Also features sample chapers from: Native American's in Children's Literature, How to Edit Technical Documents, The "How to" Grants Manual, Crime on Campus, Beauties and Beasts, Exploring the Pacific States through Literature, Multicultural Folktales: Stories to Tell Young Children, Understanding American History through Children's Literature, Using Picture Storybooks to Teach Literary Devices, Using Poetry across the Curriculum: A Whole Language Approach.
  29. ComputerWare's Links to Macintosh WWW Sites
  30. Yearbook Builder File List
    Older versions (including Encarta95) can be updated at this site.
  31. NetGuide Magazine Online
  32. MecklerWeb Home Page
  33. Net Day
    Meckler Webs daily news of sites to visit.
  34. Internet CNN Newsroom
    Also in K-12 menu.
  35. NETRO 95
  36. The Secret Diary of Bill Gates, Aged 40 1/4
    One of the richest men in the world needs to advertise on the Internet? And he begins his page with "...Hey, you know, it ain't easy being the world's richest man. People just don't see my warm, caring, sharing side.."
  37. AOL Reference Desk Home Page
  38. As You Like It (tm) Home Page
    Customizable E-book reader for MS Windows, 200 free books for registered shareware users.
  39. Millennium Whole Earth Catalog Table of Contents
    A click on "Learning" brought up links to "Play Tools" and an interesting collection of links to Kite Toolkit, Kites & Kids, Boomerangs, Tensegritoy, Juggling for the Complete Klutz, The Woosh. Under the kite link was Winslow Colwell's page and a collection of kites from the East.
  40. Educators Bed and Breakfast Network
  41. Information SuperLibrary(tm)
    Internet home of Macmillan Computer Publishing USA. Nice software library...
  42. Welcome to iGuide

  1. | National Council for the Social Studies
    See the Lesson Plans from Social Education.
  2. Using Fiction to Support History Reading
    From the October 1998 issue of Social Education on Africans in America.
  3. Crossword Puzzle
    Featuring "...two theme-based crossword puzzles a month, written at a ninth grade level, that can be played online or on paper. The current archive of 30 puzzles includes topics ranging from the Civil War to Insects to the Electoral Process.
  5. American Forum for Global Education
    Global Systems (Economic, Political, Technological and Ecological Human Values and Cultures including Ethnicity, Nationalism and Multiculturalism), Global Issues (Human Rights, Sustainability, Peace and Security Issues), Regional and Country Studies (Africa, The Americas, East Asia, Europe, South Asia, The Middle East). Visitors are encouraged to print and make photocopies of any On-Line Curriculum Materials, which include a wide variety of activities, lesson plans, case studies, simulations, and games for grades K - 12. The organization also publishes Issues in Global Education and Guidelines for Global and International Studies Education.
  6. ZDNet: Help & How-To: New PC Setup Guide
  7. How To Write a Good Newgroup Message
    Gateway to a wide variety of museum related resources, museum websites,
  9. About SmartDownload
    I tried this program several weeks ago and use it constantly now... It simplifies the process of downloading files, can pause and resume downloads from a dropped Internet connection. It can work in the background as you continue your Internet session elsewhere. Just "minimize" the windows that are generated. The program also creates a special directory called "my downloads" and automatically places the file in that directory for later viewing.
  10. TNTY '99 Overview
    The Next Twenty Years.
  11. How war has evolved since World War II
  12. Films For the Humanities & Sciences Home Page
  13. American History, Supreme Court Cases, American History Notes, Government, AP Government,
  14. Is Linking Always Legal? The Experts Aren't Sure.
    An interesting article, especially for those (like myself) that feel the Web should be linked. Feel free to link to my pages, should you decide to establish your own pages on the Internet. There has also been some recent articles on "deep linking" (thus avoiding the ads and commercial content).
  15. Teacher Source: Planning Calendar
    Quick resource for PBS programs in social studies.
  16. The Amazing Picture Machine
    Features: Index to Graphical Resources on the Internet, Lesson Ideas, Search Tips.
  17. Country Studies: Area Handbook Series (Library of Congress / Federal Research Division)
    Gateway site for all the country studies by the Library of Congress. Very useful for both teachers and students.
  18. Library of Congress Learning Page: Directory of Internet Resources
    I'm positive I have listed this before, but just in case...
  19. ArtFul Minds - Home
    Theoretical information and practical information on arts education, brain research, and technology use and integration.
  20. GenEd - Learning Commons - Fundamental Topic - What is Culture?
  21. Learning Page of the Library of Congress: Places
    Country studies, places.
  22. Myths and Legends - frames
  23. Teach With Movies
    A new tool for "intentional parents." "Supplement School Curriculum - Control Screen Time - Increase Shared Experiences with Your Children - Use Entertainment as a Learning Tool. The site features learning guides on a number of movies, including: Gandhi, Modern Times, Judgment At Nuremberg, Amadeus, The Yearling, Much Ado About Nothing, Gentleman's Agreement, Madame Curie, Oklahoma!, The Miracle Worker, To Kill A Mockingbird and Stand And Deliver.
  24. Teaching Resources
    H-net content... see "Content Gateways."
  25. Envisioning the Future: Electronic Poster Sessions
    Multimedia presentions -- WWW World Wide Web Pavilion and CD-ROM. The Web based presentations include: American Studies Crossroads Project, Community History Visualized, Connecting 21st Century Classrooms to the Records of Our Nation, Crisis at Fort Sumter, From Revolution to Reconstruction, The Great Chicago Fire & the Web of Memory, H-AfrTeach: Teaching about Africa, Oyez, Oyez, Oyez, "Pictures of Health", Preparing Coursework for the Future, RiverWeb: A Knowledge Network, The Technology High Project, U of Wisconsin Student History Network, The Valley of the Shadow and Who Killed William Robinson?
  26. TeachingOnline Index.
    This is the home site of starters & strategies - a magazine used by all primary and intermediate teachers in NZ. Tons of lesson plans and lots of interesting links, but especially the Teaching Online Lesson Plans.
  27. Discover Learning: LearnOnline - Daybook
    A database of online lesson plans.
  28. Lesson Plan Launchpad
  29. Story: Feed Your Brain With Top-Rated Computer Tutorials
    Many teachers are confronted daily with questions about how much to get involved in the technical aspects of computer literacy. Most of the schools I talk to are still using the "Workgroop"version of Windows rather than 95 or 98. These tutorials will offer help to get up to speed.
  30. Connected Calendar - January, 1999
    I've listed the three most recent calendars from the folks at Classroom Connect. All three offer fine information and ideas about simple, easy-to-use activities for internet lessons. Clearly, these need not be directly related to the major classroom focus. Students in a geography class/unit might visit the computer lab and work on the calendar links to "Women History Month" and return to regular activities after the brief exploration is completed. Teachers with students who may not have a lot of "internet savy" can use these as familirization tools. See the Calendar for February, 1999 and March, 1999.
  31. Webtech
    A "Gateway" page to the best sites on the Internet. The site follows individual themes (world economy and art) and traces the relationship between curriculum areas such as geography,history, religion, world resources and the environment.
  32. Annual Reviews in full text
    A resource for K-16 teachers and post-secondary students. Reviews in Psychology and Public Health. Currently, this resource is free (trial period to 12/31/98) and will be offered on a subscription basis later. Best visit soon before the full texts are removed.
  33. Open Directory Project
    Citizens organize a small portion of the web and present it back to the rest of the population keeping only best content.
  34. The Division of Territory in Society
    An on-line book by Ed Stephan. Read individual chapters (with maps and graphs) or download the entire book (zip file) for off-line reading.
  35. Technology in the Social Studies Classroom | July 8-10, 1998
    I found that the link to Creating a Virtual Fieldtrip was most informative, with many examples of Virtual Fieldtrips.
  36. MIT: Rotch Visual Collections:Exploring Image Collections on the Internet: Resources at MIT and Beyond
  37. Building an Archives
    The most interesting feature (one that might have immediate application) is the information on how to go about creating a "school archive" from materials that might be available to students and teachers. "Students can benefit in several ways from researching their school's history. . . This is history that is near at hand and that has a direct connection to their lives." Teachers currently involved in the process of writing and thinking about those class/school projects for 1998-99 will find the site very useful...
  38. Social Studies Resources
    From two teachers and a technology specialist.
  39. AHDS: Guides to Good Practice
    Publishing Guides "...with practical instruction in applying.. standards and good practice to the creation and use of digital resources."
  40. Creating Digital Images
    Tutorials and examples on how to get and present images for publication.
  41. Folk and Fairy Tales from Around the World
    Reproducible student sheets offered for the lesson.
  42. Social Studies Outline
    Michigan State University College of Education and Ameritech have cooperated to produce a web site with a large collection of K-12 lessons. This link connects to those in Social Studies, but other subject areas are available. Many of the lessons are designed to augment and supplement traditional lessons with new technology.
  43. PBS Teacher Connex: Teachers' Guides for Social Studies
    PBS will often air a program and later add lessons to various web pages for teachers. Here is a handy page to locate them.
  44. Lesson Plans
    Global education guides and lessons from the Peace Corps. A section called "Teacher Guides is also available...The site (backspace over the end of the address to "" for the general TOC) contains a wealth of information suitable for various age groups on global education by country.
  45. Search Results- Social Studies
    Results of a simple lesson plan search at with "Social Studies" as the key words.
  46. Lesson Plans
    From "Connecting Students"
  47. The Center for Learning - Social Studies Lesson of the Month
  48. LETSNet Home Page
    "Mission Statement: LETSNet is a dynamic on-line environment where teachers can develop their understandings of the Web and find ways to effectively use - or make sense of - the World-Wide Web in their classrooms. To help teachers achieve these goals, we have organized teaching resources around classroom teachers' stories, including lesson plans, curriculum standards and guides, pointers to e-mail discussion lists, and many other Internet and Web materials. The stories we have collected about teachers document their feelings about their successes, lessons learned, and plans for future Internet activities with their students."
  49. Social Studies Education's Home Page
    A page (under construction) that will "focus on how to incorporate Internet resources into lesson plans and will be intended for secondary teachers."
  50. Subject Guides to Sources at the University of Chicago and on the Internet
  51. Classroom Page at C-SPAN.
    Catch the latest information on programming, Classroom Support Materials and links to Teacher Guides.
  52. Scout Report: Social Sciences Current Awareness Metapage
  53. Luckman Best Of The Web Selections - Humanities:
  54. Indexes, Abstracts, Bibliographies, and Table of Contents Services
    Providing a comprehensive listing in the fields of Arts and Humanities, Sciences and Technology, and Social Sciences.
  55. CLN WWW Home Page
    A page to help K-12 teachers integrate technology into their classrooms.
  56. Social Studies(Social_Studies)
    The Library-in-the-Sky. Links to hundreds of lessons in Social Studies and History.
  57. CSA/SDA
    Programs for the documentation and analysis of survey data developed and maintained by the Computer-assisted Survey Methods Program (CSM) at the University of California, Berkeley.
  58. Connections+
    Lesson plans, activities, curriculum resources linked with corresponding subject-area content standards (From Content Knowledge: A Compendium of Standards and Benchmarks for K-12 Education). The TOC includes "packets" of resources in: The Arts | Behavioral/Social Sciences | Civics | Economics | Foreign Language | Geography | Health/PE | History | Language Arts | Math | Multi/Inter-disciplinary | Science.
  59. Responsibility
    K-9-12 Lessons that incorporate four disciplines:Computers, English, Mathematics, Social Studies, and to a lesser extent, Science using themes on personal, community, and global responsibilities.

  60. Hewitt's Index of Best webquests and Resources
  61. Webquests
  62. Social Science WebQuest Inservice
  63. Teachers spin Web of virtual voyages
    Follow a team of five explorers as they document a 4,000-mile drive across the USA. Students can research rain forests, oceans and wildlife while interacting with scientists taking part in expeditions. Teachers might also visit the Creating a Virtual Fieldtrip site and WebQuests: Exploring the Internet Through Guided Activities , which includes A Power Point presentation on the topics of standards, problem-based learning, and WebQuests (Presenting and Evaluating WebQuests, Readings/Resources, An article by Bernie Dodge and a PowerPoint presentation by Kathy Schrock. The site also provides access to Rubric for Evaluating WebQuests and Student Performance.
  64. WebQuests: Exploring the Internet Through Guided Activities
    Includes Power Point presentations on the topics of standards, problem-based learning, and WebQuests. Other topics and links to: List of Social Studies WebQuests, What you thought of the WebQuests, Step 3: Presenting WebQuests and Evaluating Them (45 minutes), Readings/Resources, Some Thoughts About WebQuests--An article by Bernie Dodge, The WebQuest Page at San Diego State University, WebQuests in Our Future--A PowerPoint presentation by Kathy Schrock, Building Blocks of WebQuests, A WebQuest about WebQuests, The WebQuest Design Process, Rubric for Evaluating WebQuests, Rubrics for Evaluating Student Performance.
  65. LinkMonster Website Search and Announcement Directory

  66. Using Archives: A Practical Guide for Researchers
    Part of the Canadian National Archives.
  67. AskERIC
    New Social Studies Lesson plans.
  68. Encarta Lesson Collection: Welcome
    K - 12 -- Social Science. Lessons contributions in the following areas: American Landscape Art (Students examine U.S. geography through works of 19th-century landscape art), America's Labor Movement (Students will examine a wide variety of sources to gain perspective on the Haymarket Affair in Chicago and its place in the late 19th-century labor movement), Tiananmen Square (By visiting a variety of Internet sites and other media, students will view several perspectives on the events in Tiananmen Square during June 1989), Sports Marketing (Students will link their knowledge of sports celebrities with the behavior of stock prices for the companies who hire those celebrities to endorse their products), Women's History (This lesson gives students a view of the documents and personalities involved in the early struggle for women to gain the right to vote). Teachers with older versions of Encarta can download updates... BTW, I attended a computer conferece in my area where copies of the Encarda 96 CD were being distribute free for use in schools. Might be worth an Email message to the Microsoft people on this site to see if this could be made available in your area.
  69. internet-now!
    An easy-to-use, all-in-one resource center.
  70. Project Cool: great sites, coolest on the web, developer tutorials
  71. The Interactive Classroom
    Hands-on Strategies for the Interactive Classroom (Architectural Drafting, Carousel Brainstorming, Clue Deliberations and Merging Time Lines).
  72. Internet Navigator Home Page
    Utah's first online, multi-institutional Internet course.
  73. Lesson Plans
  74. Internet Help
    Especially notable and useful is the Netscape Bookmark Tutorial below.
  75. Netscape 2.x & 3.x Bookmarks Tutorial (Windows 3.11)
  76. David Levin's Learning@Web.Sites
  77. BCK2SKOL Lessons
    A complete tutorial. for Librarians with Little or No Net Experience.
  78. The Whole Internet-Academic Edition
  79. Intermind Global Directory
  80. NETLiNkS! Your Online Cyberspace Guide
  81. Education Calendar & WWW Sites
    The calendar is very useful, but this site adds the internet sites that relate to that event or special day. So far, I have not seen an archive of past calendars, so you much visit monthly to retrieve the current calendar.
    K-12 Social Studies lessons.
  83. High School
    Over 90 lessons for HS social studies.
  84. An on-line education program from U.N. Publications
    Teaching modules, classroom activities, and on-going events on global issues: Human Rights, Health, Land Mines, Environment, Women, Poverty.
  85. Good Quotes by Famous people
    The most topical is "Do, or do not. There is no 'try'. "
    - Yoda ('The Empire Strikes Back')
  86. Ethnologue Database
    Information on some 6,500 languages spoken in the world, including alternate names, number of speakers, location, dialects, linguistic affiliation, and other sociolinguistic and demographic data. Nice search tool on site.
  87. Social Studies - Elementary for K-5, and Intermediate. -- Mini-Lessons.
  88. The Amazing Internet Guide
  89. Daedalus's Guides to the Web: Net and Web Resources and Information
  90. Scott's Tutorial Hotlist
  91. CAIN: Conflict Archive on the INternet
    A collaborative multi-media database of resources relevant to teaching and research in conflict studies, with Northern Ireland as a case study. This is an active site, with frequent additions on the topic.
  92. History/Social Studies Lesson Plans
  93. Welcome to Life on the Internet!
    Companion site for the PBS series.
  94. Teaching With the Internet
    Examples of Delivery / Strategies.
  95. Project FIRST Social Sciences
    Provides an introduction to the social sciences as a general area of study. Uses the demographics of the freshman class itself as the focus for demographic analysis, which involves the collection and "...compilation of data, computation of statistics, analysis and interpretation of statistics and relating of these statistics to sociological ideas. Students must apply mathematics and writing skills in this project as well as an understanding of sociology principles and even some genetics." History is approched through the local community, the early inhabitants of the area and the development of the political, social, and economic institutions of the county.
  96. World Surfari
    Site has visited Japan and (currently) Italy. Well organiized graphics and links makes this a pleasure to use. Lots of stats and links. Your vote determines the next naton visited.
  97. Social Studies
    HyperStudio files on: All Quiet on the Western Front: WWI Companion, The First Battle of Bull Run, World War II: Axis Powers, Spanish Texas, The March Toward American Independence.
  98. English
    More Hyperstudio stacks on: Inside the Globe Theater, Figure It Out, Constructing Sentences, The Harlem Renaissance, Medieval Prose and Poetry, To Kill a Mockingbird: A Historical Perspective.
  99. The World Of I*EARN
    Many current projects in the social studies areas.
  100. CTICH Guide: Main Menu
    Guide to Electronic Resources for Teachers of History, Archaeology, and Art History.
  101. Larry's World Home Page
    Larry offers an Internet Glossary and a host of information on understanding computer technology. See the special page for kids and a Linked page on the Internet.
  102. Learn The Net
  103. The Times of Our Lives: Investigations into Socio-chronology
  104. Walker/ACW Style Sheet
  105. Social Studies Lesson Plans and Resources
  106. KODAK: Education - Social Studies
    Lesson Plans on site (12 in my last visit).
  107. IRD Telnet sites datafile - Download / Installation Instruction
    1300 Telnet sites. IRD Reader (link on site) needed. Sorted by subject! A very handy resource.
  108. WorldVillage
    Features software reviews, articles, great downloads, live chat, online gaming, and daily updates. Top rated site...for many reasons.
  109. Biographical Dictonary
    Be sure to see the "Ideas for Students and Teachers" page, which features some excellent suggestions on how to use the resources on the page in the classroom and suggestions for student reports and projects. Visitors are encouraged to send in their suggestions and ideas. contains biographical information on over 18,000 people from ancient times to the present.
  110. Sierra Club--Environmental Education
  111. Sending a Fax on the Internet
  112. Sites to See
    Handouts from a Librarian's Training Workshop -- 101 Sites to see.
  113. Argus/University of Michigan Clearinghouse
    For Subject-Area Internet Resource Guides.
  114. ABasic ASL Aid
    American Sign Language.
  115. My Virtual Reference Desk - Welcome
  116. The Online World resources handbook home page
    Deals with the practical sides of using online information resources.
  117. EFF's (Extended) Guide to the Internet - Table of Contents
  118. The Internet for Social Scientists
    Good starter document with links for those just starting on the Internet.
  119. World Lecture Hall --Classes on WWW
    Links to pages created by faculty worldwide who are using the Web to deliver class materials.
    A Newcomer's Guide to the Internet.
  121. Student Web Pages
    University students from a Methods Course. Current events and historical presentations.
  122. Social Science Lessons
    The Global Classroom, Historical Fiction, The Landmark Game, The Flag Project, Franklin Institute Units of Study, Pacific Islands Project, Galveston Bay Area Interdisciplinary Unit, Seasons.
  123. Danny Yee's Book Reviews by Subject
    This site has been listed previously, but more reviews are added constantly. Especially useful for teachers who wish to add fiction to their required reading. Also see Global Interaction in the Twentieth Century relating to using historical fiction to teach historical terms in to the Grade 12 Social Studies curriculum in Alberta.

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