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Social Studies School Service
Part of the History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers General History Sources/Sites

Wars and Military History, Print and Media History,History of Science and Technology, History of Art/Architecture, Women's History, Other Topical History


  1. Odyssey Online
    Presents "...a journey to explore Near Eastern, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, and sub-Saharan African cultures. At Odyssey Online you'll find museum objects from the Michael C. Carlos Museum at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia and the Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York. You can make your own discoveries through cool puzzles, games, and worksheets."
  2. Antiquarian Maps at the Reed College Library - Viewing the Maps
  3. frontline: apocalypse!
    Perhaps this should be in the European section, as the content of the PBS program and companion site looks at the Western World.
  4. The History Guide -- Main
  5. History on the Internet
  6. Digital Library Main Page
    TOC: English Fundamental Laws, American Colonial Charters, U.S. Founding Documents, Early State Constitutions, Other Seminal Writings.
  7. History -
  8. UCB History Guidelines for Writing Papers
  9. Leiden University’s Business History Site
  10. History Matters
  11. Positive Press HP Archive by Subject
    Historical Perspective Archive by Subject.
  12. Ask Asia Lessons
    Top site for global lessons, almost a gateway for the World History.
  13. History Update
    Houghton Mifflin site for news in history.. Usually brief text files and press releases. The page also includes an archive of past updates.
  14. Education Calendar & WWW Sites
  15. The History Guide -- Main
  16. Education Calendar & WWW Sites
  17. Griff's Historical Site: Social Sciences Section
  18. Jewish Student Online Research Center (JSOURCE) Table of Contents
  19. Hands-On History with the WWW Home
  20. CAVEMAN - By artist Harry Hilson c - 1999
  21. TeacherServe from the National Humanities Center: Introduction
  22. GeoHistory
    A geographic framework for cultural comparisons. One of the on-line demos takes a look at past empires and asks students for research tasks based on the similarities or differences. Useful for all secondary history or geography courses.
  23. Odyssey Online
  24. Research Institute for the Humanitites - History
  25. TheHistoryNet - Where History Lives on the Web
  26. History at The Idea Channel
    The Gettysburg Re-enactment and the Cuban Missile Crisis Revisited was playing when I visited the site.
  27. [], un service éducatif en ligne du musée du Louvre
  28. History
  29. - the internet history timeline
  30. Lies My Teacher Told Me
    Book site....
  31. Access Excellence Classic Collection
    A focus on a single person or event. Currently, find lessons on: Handwashing, The Mysteries of Aging: Is Diet a Contributing Factor, The Heart and the Circulatory System, Genetic Counseling: Coping with the Human Impact of Genetic Disease, The Discovery Of Radioactivity: The Dawn of the Nuclear Age, Radioactivity: Historical Figures, How We See: The First Steps of Human Vision, Discovery, Chance and the Scientific Method, A Visit with Dr. Francis Crick, DNA Structure, Restriction Nucleases, Vaccines--How and Why and the Development of Polio Vaccines.
  32. Coffee @
  33. KITEcast - Kite History
  34. The Nationalism Project: Home
  35. Exploratorium: Exploring Chocolate
    Students can "...examine the fascinating -- and often misreported -- history of chocolate, follow the chocolate-making process, and take an online visit to a chocolate factory."
  36. Chase's
    "The 1999 Chase's Calendar lists more than 12,000 historical anniversaries, holidays, birthdays, and events that can be attended, such as fairs and festivals."
  37. Borderlands and Frontiers
    Cross-Cultural Exchanges and World History Conference site (San Antonio - April, 99)
  38. Teacher Oz's History Page
  39. History Links
  40. Choose Your Own Adventure Through History
  41. Welcome to the Center for History and New Media
    Umbrella site for a number of projects and history pages. I tried to read one of the essays listed (under the "Essay" menu item) and the link simply generated a title. I followed this with an attempt to find out who authors the web site... A site author was listed but when I clicked on this link it did not generate a mail-to or list an E-mail address.
  42. Teaching History's World History Links
  43. History
    Major British gateway site, with pages on seaching, doing research, subject-based gateways to world and European history.
  44. History Channel International
  45. Choose Your Own Adventure Through History
  46. Global Interaction in the Twentieth Century - History
    On the use of historical fiction to teach historical terms in to the Grade 12 Social Studies curriculum in Alberta.
  47. National History Day Home Page
  48. Flashbacks Index
    The Atlantic has been quite aggressive in making content available on the Web page, currently with a host of articles from past issues on a current topic.
  49. Digital Lab: Dig This
  50. "A GIANT LEAP FOR MANKIND"Shuttle photo
  51. The Houshold Cyclopedia
  52. National Archives of New Zealand. Te Whare Tohu Tuhituhinga O Aotearoa (Graphic Version)
  53. The Official Yesterday USA Home Page
  54. World Domination
    A student production of the recent 1998 Thinkquest Competition. Since many k-12 teachers use the theme of "Empire Building" in Western and Global history, this should be added to the bookmarks.
  55. A Virtual History of the 20th Century
  56. Agricultural History
  57. The Ancient World
  58. Historical Microdata around the World (1st version)
  59. Philosophy of History Arhive
  60. The Nobel Channel
    Watch it load! Includes extensive, multimedia-enhanced explanations and demonstrations of achievements, discoveries, and innovations during twentieth century. TOC: Laureate Profiles, Nobel Moments, Life of Alfred Nobel, Physics, Featured Event, Story of Achievements, In Their Own Words, Nobel's Will, Chemistry, Nobel Calendar, Connections, See For Yourself, 360° VR Tours, Physiology or Medicine, Event Library, Animation, Theatre Archive, Timeline, Literature, Achievement Archive, Peace, Economics.
  61. Art Images
    University of Haifa Library.
  62. National History Day
    Provides activities for navigating the National Archives and Records Administration Web site resources.
  63. Essays of blupeter.
    The author's vocation is law and his avocation is history.
  64. Longman
  65. World History
    An electronic text by Frank E. Smitha.
  66. PBS History
    Access site for all of the history prgrams on PBS.
  67. History and Social Science Standards of Learning
  68. General History & Social Science Links
  69. The History Ring
    Annotated links to 317 history pages! A history teacher's dream.
  70. Online NewsHour: History in Art-- March 19, 1998
  71. Education Calendar & WWW Sites
    March Issue. A look at web sites on Korea, Adoption of U.S. National Anthem, Newspaper in Education Week, Albert Einstein, National Energy Education Day and Patrick Henry's "Liberty" Speech.
  72. Related Readings
    Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities. A collection of "...pointers to resources on the internet that are broadly related to the projects underway at the Institute, or to the general topic of computing in the humanities." See the excellent site map, with resources listed from American to World History.
  73. TCI - Home Page, Frames
    History Alive! Teachrs Curriculum Institute. Interesting sample activities online.
  74. TCI - History Alive! Catalog Series
    I first explored the link to Ancient World History Seriesand selected the links to Early Humans. The page contains sketches of several activities students can do to become involved in the study of Early Man. The samples/examples of the program are very extensive on the US History page.
  75. 9. History
  76. Index of Resources for History
    Offering a single large file (approximately 265 Kb) offering about 2500 connections arranged alphabetically by subject and name.
  77. History
    Library in the Sky listing.
  78. Politics & History Home Page
    "Established to foster greater interchange among scholars interested in the historical and developmental aspects of political inquiry."
  79. Kolbe Academy
    Online History and Literature Class in Napa, CA. Interesting student work featured and many historical links to Classical cultures.
  80. Living History Activity and Children's Literature
    By the author of the book for grades 3-8.
  81. HistOracle: A Journal of Uncommon History
  82. History Links
    European/American emphasis for the listings with short annotations.
  83. Index of Resources for History
    Notice the very large alpha index at the start of the page...(the entire 365K file loads). I found the page very useful despite the time it took to load (I was working with a 14.4 modem while visiting in Texas) . "...general aim is to offer a sufficient number and variety of pointers to suggest the wealth of material available, to allow the user to build a personal bookmark file quickly and effectively, and to provide those building web sites a convenient source of pointers."
  84. History
    Northwest Regional Library in the Sky.
  85. Politics & History Home Page
  86. Discovery Online, History
  87. Department of History -- Purdue
  88. The History Net - Where History Lives on the Web
    This site is complex and well organized. It makes little difference where you begin to explore... You are not likely to gain a measure of finality on the first visit. Pick a spot, explore it and return later for a survey of another feature. In addition to a few featured articles on the main page, the site also links to a number of print publications, and each has a selection of articles to read from their current issues. Included (on a drop-down menu) are: American History, America's Civil War, British Heritage, Civil War Times, Early American Homes, Historic Traveler, Military History, Vietnam, Wild West, Women's History, World War II. I selected Women's History and Aviation History as a sample and was pleased to find a few recent essays with graphics. Some of the articles were in the form of summaries with an option to see the entire article. For a quick view of the scope of the site, see the Article Index. I recently subscribed to Archaeology magazine after reading (and viewing) some samples at a site similar to this one and I plan to visit the site in the future and resample the link to the Women's History magazine. Finally, the site has a special section with an Article Index, with an extensive list organized by topics, mostly in the area of U.S. and Western history.
  89. MultiEducator History Central Home Page
  90. Soon's historical fiction site
    Selected topics and subjects from the archives of rec.arts.books.hist-fiction. This is the first site to visit for that first fiction book you use in your classroom.
  91. The History Channel Listings for Week
  92. Destination: The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
    CNNs quick look at the Wonders. Short pages on: Pharos of Alexandria | Hanging Gardens of Babylon| Temple of Artemis | The Statue of Zeus | Mausoleum at Halicarnassus | The Colossus of Rhodes.

  93. NOVA Online/Cracking the Ice Age and the Lost City of Arabia. Visit the NOVA Online | Teachers | Teacher's Guidewhich lists guides for previous Nova programs. Although many of the lessons are grouped under the "science" category, some are clearly useful in the social sciences.

  94. ART HISTORY RESOURCES: Part 1 Prehistoric, Ancient, and Middle Ages
    Massive 5 part listing of art history resources: Part 1 -- Prehistoric, Ancient, and Middle Ages, Part 2 -- Renaissance, Baroque, & Eighteenth-Century Art, Part 3 -- Nineteenth-Century and Twentieth-Century Art, Part 4 -- Non-European Art and Part 5 -- Research Resources in Art History.

    Education Calendar & WWW Sites

    The October issue features annotated links and reviews in the following topic areas: October 02, 1997: Mahatma Gandhi (Birthday Anniversary), October 13, 1997: Canadian Thanksgiving, October 13, 1997: Columbus Day/Discoverer's Day, October 20, 1997: John Dewey (Birthday Anniversary), October 24, 1997: United Nations Day, October 25, 1997: Make A Difference Day , October 26, 1997: Standard Time (United States), October 31, 1997: Halloween. The site (reviewed earlier) continues to provide timely well organized information that can be used in most k-12 classrooms.

  95. The British Library
    Resources and links to Africa, Hispanic, Manuscripts collections, Maps, Music, Newspaper, Oriental & India and a Sound Archive.
  96. Amsterdam History Projects
    A group of international students from Amsterdam has created this site to showcase their online exploration of ancient civilizations. "Drawing from a variety of resources (including the Internet), their projects offer visitors information and links to Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, as well an an online exploration of The Vikings, Celts, Maoris and Incas."
  97. Using the Multimedia Tools of the Internet For Teaching History in K-12 Schools
    Table of Contents - This is a revisit to an excellent study/report that is frequently updated as new informaion is collected on Net applications (history-focused projects). Please contact the authors if you have sites that might be added to the revisions. Contact Linda Swanson at the International School of Amsterdam ( for more information.
  98. Chapter 05: Charting the Unknown
    Useful resource tools to help history teachers locate historical sites.
  99. History Neighborhood
    PBS has placed an index of all history releated pages on its server. All current programs are showcased on the site with links to past features. One of the links I explored was "World History" and I located several PBS sites I had never seen before, including the great page on Japan called The Inland Sea.
  100. Jessica's History Teaching Resource Page
  101. Index of Resources for History
    Index (a single large file) offering over 1900 links arranged alphabetically by subject and name. No annotations.
  102. The Afrocentric Debate Resource Homepage
  103. Living Landscapes - Educational Resources
    Historical and environmental information.
  104. Discovery Online, Connections3 - Game 3
    Once you get past the grinning Burke picures, try the online game "Web Weaving." A Java equiped browser is required. Four games were online at last visit (8/99).
  105. LCC HISTORY Home Page
  106. Utilizing the World Wide Web in the Historical Profession
  107. Making History on the Web: History Resources on the Web
  108. Humbul Gateway
    International Resources For the Humanities.
  109. Kansas State Historical Society
    Large and diverse table of contents with many links of interest to teachers and students.
    Web page for the Humanities. The Table of Contents says it all... a major site for your bookmarks.
  111. The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: History
  112. History
    A new BBC site dedicated to history. TOC: Getting Started | Some Advice | Roman Empire | Britain 1750-1900 | The Great War | The Second World War | History of Medicine | Germany 1919-1945 | The Cold War | The American West | Can You Help.
  113. S * P * I * R * O Query Form
    ARCHITECTURE SLIDE LIBRARY. This is a vast database of images. Site presents a form based search with the following options: 20th Century, 19th Century, 17 & 18th, North American Colonial. General Renaissance, Gothic-late 12th to early 16th C (Europe), Romanesque-560 to 1200 CE (Christian Europe), Byzantine-after 560 CE (East), Early Christian-to 560 CE (East & West), African-to 1799, Roman-500 BCE to 350 CE, Ancient Europe, Greece-1100 BCE and after, Aegean to 1100 BCE, Americas-Pre Conquest & Native American, Indian-to 1799, Oceanic-to 1799, Japanese-to 1799, Chinese-China, Korea, Tibet, Mongol, Manchuria to 1799, Islamic-Hegira, 622 CE, Ancient Orient, Egyptian, Prehistoric-to 3400 B.C.E., Natural Landscapes, Ideal Cities, Topography-Ancient, ,Maps: Islamic, Modern, Prehistoric, Topography-Proto - 20th Century, Colonial, Medieval, Social Factors, Climatology. I selected "Islamic-Hegira, 622 CE" for my first search and the query returned with a series of pages with 371 image thumbnails. A second search on " Oceanic-to 1799" produced a smaller selection of images.
  114. History SFASU
    Stephen F. Austin State University. Nice listing of History Web Sites of Resource Sites.
  115. Ancient Calendars
    A very interesting page on man's preoccupation with measuring and recording the passage of time.
  116. Horus' History Links
    Histories of specific countries, times and places. Areas of history (art history, photos, history of science, public history, publications) on-line services about history (forums, voting polls, bulletin boards, issue-oriented study halls, on-line genealogy) and help for navigating the internet designed especially for historians.
  117. The Virtual Past (Spennemann)
    A cultural heritage information service provided by the Johnstone Centre of Parks, Recreation and Heritage == Albury, Australia.
  118. Antiquity OnLine
    An excellent resource with an extensive number of online maps. See "List of Text Maps" From the World History Page. The site also lists thirty chapters on various topics in World History.
  119. The Michigan Electronic Library

    Best recipe on site: Ingredients:

    " Lots of different children, leave no one out
    Loving parents from many
    backgrounds and cultures
    Dedicated staff and teachers

    Mix above ingredients together with
    leadership and season with community
    support, time, and money. Add one garden and
    stir vigorously with many volunteers.
    Cook with hard work and love until done."
  120. Seeds of Change Garden
    A page to teach about "... diversity and history by looking at the evolution of agriculture and cuisine throughout the world."
  121. Department of History
    University of Saskatchewan. Good listing of related links in history.
  122. The Lemelson-MIT Prize Program
    Profiles an inventor each week with past weeks archived.
  123. HyperHistory
    Enhancement site for the well known printed chronological chart. The online chart becomes a clickable image with hyperlinks to text infomation, graphics and internet sites. This provides a "... nucleus for an evolving Historical Encyclopedia with links to relevant web sites all around the globe." Thus, the Web version "...infinitely extends content." This may not be overstated, as I visited the site some time ago and was impressed with the expansion since then, although much needs to be done by way of linking. I hope it is completed for the new school year!
  124. Yahoo! - Arts:Humanities:History:Today in History
    Yahoo listing of sites for "This Day" in history.
  125. National History Day
    The National History Day 1999 - Final Results are now posted!
    See the new "Classroom" page, with the A&E Classroom Calendar, classroom study guides and program descriptions. The calendar is especially useful for teachers in planning and programs listed for most dates are linked to the support material and teacher's guides.
  127. The History Channel Classroom
    See the "History for Kids" section for historic drawings to download. Preview The Heart of the Nation and Statue of Liberty -- to air October 27. The program will look at the history of Washington, DC and the Capitol building and the story of the construction of Statue of Liberty. Discussion guides with vocabulary/terms listing online. Many more resources online...
  128. History Webliography
    Links to:Bibliographies, Catalogs, Discussions, Images, Periodicals and Other Indexes.
  129. Institute of Historical Research
    University of London.
  130. HNSource Main Menu
    The Central Information Server For Historians. New URL.
  131. Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library
    Duke University
  132. Yahoo! - Arts:Humanities:History and History:20th Century.
  133. EXPO
    View images and documents from the following Library of Congress exhibits: Rome Reborn: The Vatican Library and Renaissance Culture, The Soviet Archive Exhibit, The 1492 Exhibit (Columbus "discovered" America in 1492), Scrolls from the Dead Sea -- The Ancient Library of Qumran and Modern Scholarship.
  134. PCL Map Collection
    Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection. See the historical collection.
  135. CTICH Guide: Welcome
    Guide to Electronic Resources for Teachers of History, Archaeology, and Art History: Pre-Publication Edition. Active link to Art History only on recent visit...Under construction - a site to watch and revisit.
    A link between concerned historians and human rights organisations.
  137. IATH home page
    Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities, University of Virginia in Charlottesville.
  138. Repositories of Primary Sources
    List maintained at the University of Idaho that includes both Gopher and Web sites, and covers both U.S. and foreign sites.
  139. Lesson Tips with American Memory Resources
    See the Category Index for the linked areas.
  140. Hanover Historical Texts
    Primary textes in history and the humanities. The electronic forms of the texts created by the HHTP are under copyright, but teachers may use the texts freely with proper citiation.
  141. History
    University of Chicago resource listing.
  142. Social Science Information Gateway
    North American mirror.
  143. ANU - SocSci Bibliographies Clearinghouse
  144. The Center for History and New Media
    The Center aspires "to produce innovative historical works in the new media" such as CD-ROM disks on U.S. history, and present seminars and conferences on history and new media. The site, newly opened, presents hypertext essays on new media and history, a hyptertext guide to history sites, reviews of history CD-ROM's and software, connections to teaching projects, and links to other history sites, including a long list of university and college history departments.
  145. History Happens - Stories from American History on Music Video
  146. FilmakersLibrary
    Documentaries on social issues, global concerns, and academic subjects, such as psychology and anthropology.
  147. World History 79-104
  148. SHARP Web
    Society for the History of Authorship, Reading & Publishing. Includes a list of Publishers' Web Pages with Historical Materials.
  149. OLD NEWS homepage
    Old news written as if it was new....Great examples from various cultures and time periods.
    To 1500. This site is much more than a linked listing of resources. Visit the "Learning Modules" for some excellent guides to areas and event. I recently revisited the site and browsed the module on the development of agriculture. Viewers are led through a series of pages that raise general questions about the "event" in history land display text and graphic frames to support learning. Excellent graphics support the content. This could be one of the first Internet assignments for a World History or Western Civ. class as the K-6-12 level.
  151. Economic History Services
  152. Web Sites for the History Profession
  153. Hanover College History Deptartment - Texts and Documents
    Archive with sections on Europe, The United States and East Asia.
  154. Ohio Council for the Social Studies
    This excellent home page is maintained by Paul Filio, a curriculum specialist in Cincinnati Public Schools. It includes links to Excerpts: _National Standards for History Grades K-4: Expanding Children's World in Time and Space_ Published by National Center For History in the Schools, U.C.L.A. AND "An abbreviated transcript of the National Standards for World History: Exploring Paths to the Present*, published by the National Center for History in the Schools at the University of California, Los Angeles."
  155. History Index
    Full Index of Resources. A comprehensive history index (30 pages of hyperlinks) maintained jointly by the Department of History of the University of Kansas and the Lehrstuhl für Ältere deutsche Literaturwissenschaft der Universität Regensburg. A likely "gateway" page in the area of history.
  156. Social Studies Sources
  157. History and Historiography
    From Aragonese Historiographics to Woodrow Wilson. Careful, this site does not warn you about the size of files behind the links. I clicked on the "Peloponnesian War" and got all 828 pages of the text by Thucydides! Part of English Server. The collection is good for American/European/Western history, but lacking in Non-Western areas.
  158. Links for the (History) Profession
    From the Organization of American Historians.
  159. Tulane University Manuscripts Department
    Manuscript and document archive.
  160. UCLS - History
    University of Chicago Lab Schools, with some interesting student projects online -- current as well as archived.
    Wars and Military History

  1. War, Peace and Security Guide
  2. Markings on Japanese Arisaka Rifles and Bayonets of World War II
  4. Stephen E. Ambrose, author of Citizen Soldier, Undaunted Courage, and D-Day and Biographer of Eisenhower and Nixon.
  5. Pearl Harbor accounts come alive on the Web (12/06/1999)
  6. Cadence Military History - Main Page
  7. War & Conflict - Past :: Present :: Future
  8. i&d's Cultivation: Wristwatches
    The authors inform us that During the war, American men began to reassess their opinion of the wristwatch. To prewar men, a watch on the wrist was a feminine ornament, or worse, an object of ridicule.
  9. PBS History
    See the MacArthur link and the Battlefield Vietnam links for recent programs on military history.
  10. Documents in Military History
    Focused primarily on European military history before the twentieth century, although we intend to incorporate the American and non-Western military heritages, as well as contemporary warfare.
  11. Death of the Father: An Anthropology of Closure in Political Authority
    The site provides information about the "fathers" and the rise and fall of their regimes, including chronologies, maps, archival images, and a glossary of terms. Mussolini, Hitler, Hirohito, Ceausescu, Stalin and Tito are featured, with primary links to: Chronologies, Maps, Glossary, Other Resources, Student Work, Media Sources.
  12. Virtual Texan | Texas War Veterans
    Offering a host of oral histories from World War II to the Gulf War. A well organized presentation.
  13. AITLC Student Guide to History/Social Studies
    See the Guide to Wars (Peloponnesian War, Trojan War, Defeat of the Spanish Armada, French Revolution, American Revolution, War of 1812, American Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War).
  14. Soviet-Afghan War 1979-1989
  15. Military history: 20th century
  16. A Personal Record of Hiroshima A-bomb Survival
  17. U.S. Army Military History Institute
  18. The Japanese Monographs
  19. Military/War Art and Artists
    Showing naval,maritime and aviation art and artists.
  20. Military history
    Part of the Canadian Forces College, Department of National Defence (Canada) . Offers an excellent timeline from Ancient to the present...with emphasis on the Western context of conflict and war. If this is a limitation, it is minor. Since chronology (and its visualization) is such an important part of the discipline of history, this interface offers some obvious benefits to the serious student.
  22. E-HAWK Resources
    Now offering Castle Graphics and Military Clipart (the selection rotates to save server space). Most are in Zip (IBM) format (armored vehicles and tanks, medieval and ancient weapons, battleships).
  23. Japanese War Crimes
  24. World War II Quiz
    Twenty-five questions from Grolier.
  25. Information Warfare, I-War, IW, C4I, Cyberwar
    If you assign projects like "Contrast warfare in 1896 with warfare in 1996", send your students to this site. See theThinkQuest site for how to fold this into a student assignment.
  26. The War Times Journal
    on-line magazine which covers all periods of military history.
  27. Australian War Memorial Issue
    Current issue features: The life experience of partners of ex- POWs of the Japanese, The war art of Colin Colahan, Beyond the metaphor: football and war, 1914-1918 and GARRY KINNANE a study that explores the life experience of eleven wives or widows of POWs of the Japanese.
  28. THE U-475, FOXTROT CLASS SUBMARINE - ( Soviet Submarine Navy War Military )
    Climb aboard a Soviet Sub... It may be the only chance you get... Text along with some fine photographs.
  29. Hiroshima - Survivors
    Stories of survivors..text files.
    The history of refugees. Some selected essays. Punished peoples: the mass deportations of the 1940s (Displacement in the Commonwealth of Independent States, May 1996), The origins of asylum (From The State of the World's Refugees: The Challenge of Protection, UNHCR, 1993), The evolution of refugee protection (From The State of the World's Refugees: The Challenge of Protection, UNHCR, 1993), Refugees and the Nobel Peace Prize (From The State of the World's Refugees: The Challenge of Protection, UNHCR, 1993).
  31. Yahoo - Arts:Humanities:History:Military History
    Links to the U.S. Civil War, Philippine-American War of 1899-1902, World War I and II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Persian Gulf War and Museums.
  32. The World War I Document Archive
    Primary documents from World War I assembled by volunteers of the World War I Military History List. Feature commerating the Somme, with date on the battle, losses, maps of the Somme and other primary documents.
  33. World War II on the Web
    Over 400 page links.
  34. World War II maps
  35. World War II Preservation Society
    Oral histories arranged by theatre plus other links on the topic.
  36. H-GIG Historical Photographs Online
    This has to be the most extensive listing of Internet resources in this area. A first stop for graphics, from the Department of History -- University of California, Riverside.
  37. Cold War & Intelligence Agencies
  38. WAE - History, Military History, Aviation CD ROM Catalog
    Catalog also has graphics, site mirrors, links and articles. Educators, military, history, and aviation buffs, researchers, students, and veterans will appreciate the wide selection of CD titles as well as the interesting side trips.
  39. World War II on the Web
  40. Peace and Security WWW Server
    Armed forces of the world, current conflicts, International organizations, and relations, Military art and science, Military history, Peace and disarmament, Peacekeeping. A click on "military history" and then on World War I revealed a large listing of WWW, Gopher and FTP links -- with a focus on World War I. See the graphical quick reference for a world "clickable" map of conflict areas and a timeline of conflicts from neolithic times to the Gulf War.
  41. The 50th Anniversary of D-Day
  42. Grolier - World War II Commemoration
  43. L'Chaim: A Holocaust Web Project
  44. Pilot Online - World War II - August 1995

  45. The Smoking Gun: The Titanic Files
    Currently presenting a collection of historical documents about the maritime disaster. Archive includes a large collection of earlier "smoking guns": Old Bust Leaves Linda Tripped Up, The Malcolm X Files,Nailing Two Nasty Nurses, Tobacco And Teenagers, This Date In History, Is Tyson On The Ropes?, Tim Allen: Wheely Dangerous?, Versace: Case Closed, State Of The Union, Hoover's Trouble With Hollywood, Gotti Jr.: In Dad's Footsteps?, A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Days, Happy Birthday Howard Stern, The Capeman Files, Sleazy Scribe Snitches Out Sinatra, David Duchovny's Ticket To Ride, Beware Of Guy With Shifty Eyes, Trying To Drive Castro Crazy, The 12 Docs Of Christmas, Diamonds Are A Gangsta's Best Friend, Unabomber Suspect: I'm No "Sickie", JonBenet Ramsey Case Documents, Lucy: Only My Hair Was Red, The Minnesota Kidney Caper, JFK: Tales From The "Darkside", Alicia Silverstone: Clueless Behind The Wheel?, Halloween Special: Sad Tale Of Smashed Pumpkins, A Taxing Solution: Gates Will Pay The Bill, MLK JR.:The First Attempt, Beatle Battle: The Fight For John Lennon's FBI File, Moore's Wife: Dudley Didn't Do Right, Air Force: There's Nothing Out There, Elvis's Blood on FBI's Hands, Bill Cosby extortion plot. Enjoy the Newspaper Exhibit of the Titanic, a Virginia Newspaper Project that examines the news covering the sinking of R.M.S. Titanic, April 14, 1912. A most interesting page, especially the documentation and links to the "Inaccurate Reporting" in the news reports.
  46. An Auschwitz Alphabet
    Alphabet represents selection of the significant facets of life and death in Auschwitz. In twenty-six "slices" illustrate the entire human landscape of the camp.
  47. The Early Aircraft Years" 1911-1929
    An entire book on line.
  48. WWW services for historians
    Great Source! Browse a World War II Czech factory, European historical sites, history listserves.
  49. Grolier - World War II Commemoration
  50. The U-boat War 1939-1945
Some Recent sites on the "Bomb Issue."

  1. Hiroshima and Nagasaki Gallery Exhibition
  2. History of Nuclear Testing
    Documents nuclear explosions since 1945.
  3. The personal account of exposure to A-bomb
  4. Peace96 Project
  5. A-Bomb WWW Museum ~ June,1995
    Links to: Introduction: About the A-Bomb From the exhibits of the Peace Memorial Museum, Things that tell the story, Record of A-Bomb disaster, Voices of A-Bomb survivors, A child's experience, Hiroshima today (interviews with children and citizens), Tour around the Peace Park, The atomic bombing of Nagasaki.
  6. HIROSHIMA Live Project
    CSI (Chugoku-Shikoku Internet council: an academic reagional Internet provider) will broadcast the 50th Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony at August 6 on the MBone with video and voice. See the schedule on site. Links to: HIROSHIMA Live project, Peace Memorial Ceremony, Video archives HIROSHIMA 1995, Hiroshima City WWW server, Abomb WWW museum, 1000 Cranes Project, 200,000 Paper Cranes for the 21st Century, Citizens of the Earth Campaign, Bright Hope for Tomorrow(Painting and Poem).
Print and Media History

  1. National Signs of the Times Museum
    View the history of the sign industry and its significant contribution to commerce and the American landscape.
    Showing "... permanent exhibits of specialty advertising, all-time best advertising campaigns, broadcast advertising, outdoor advertising and more."
  3. MSU Vincent Voice LibraryFeatures "...the largest academic voice library in the nation..." and speeches, performances, lectures, interviews, broadcasts of over 50,000 people
  5. The Social Construction of the American Daguerreotype Portrait
    "Early photography was intentionally used to evoke, to represent classes, occupations, cultures, and lives in the lights and shadows of a daguerreotype... The photograph is rich with connotation; it is often said to evoke the past, to provide a sense of the nineteenth century that extends beyond the borders of the picture."
  6. Radio Netherlands Media Network: Antique & Old Time Radio: History
  7. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History
  8. Journal for MultiMedia History - Volume 2, 1999 Contents Page
    Especially interesting to me was the fine article Viva Computer Links not Chain Links!: A Review of Web Sites on the US-Mexican Border by Andrew G. Wood and Travis Du Bry.
  9. Welcome to Dime Novels
    Cataloged graphic images of illustrated covers to issues of the dime novels and story papers that were popular in America from the mid-nineteenth century to its close.
  10. Ad*Access
    Produces images and database information for over 7,000 advertisements printed in U.S. and Canadian newspapers and magazines between 1911 and 1955. The site looks at five main subject areas: Radio, Television, Transportation, Beauty and Hygiene, and World War II.
  11. Welcome to 'Reaching Out: The Evolution Of Communication'
    ThinkQuest site, covering "...the development of verbal and non-verbal communication through human history, covering prehistoric cave drawings and hieroglyphics; the more sophisticated semaphore, telegraph, telephone, radio, and television; and today's advanced computer and satellite based systems."
    Airing on PBS Wednesday, October 13, 1999, 8:00 p.m. ET (check local listings), explores the role of photography in the personal lives and public history of 20th-century America and "... the profound effect photographs have had on Americans."
  13. Pinhole Visions: Pinhole Photography on the Web
  14. Daguerreotypes Home Page
  15. Quality Reproductions of 19th and Early 20th Century Vintage Photographs
  16. The American Experience/Technology/Big Dream Small Screen
    PBS Companion site to the program on the history of television.
  17. Vintage Photographs: Superb Reproductions of 19th Century Photographic Images
  18. History and MultiMedia Center
    State University of New York projects and initiatives of the History and MultiMedia Center: Capital Voices ~ Capital Lives, Life and Labor in a Corporate Community: The History of the Endicott Johnson Corporation, The Glovers of Fulton County, The Journal for MultiMedia History, Lecture and Workshop Series, Schenectady General Electric in the 20th Century, Special Features Archive, Talking History: The Radio Show, Teaching Initiatives, U.S. Labor and Industrial History WWW Audio Archive, A Virtual Conference: Writing History / Writing Fiction.
  19. Newsfilm Library at The University of South Carolina
    Archive with an "...estimated 75 million feet of motion picture film, ... the best existing record of such material produced in the United States." The web site features a portion of Movietonews, outtakes from 1919-1934, " well as the complete newsreels and all associated outtakes from the important World War II period of September 1942 through August 1944."
  20. Talking History Home Page - Department of History, University at Albany
    Prepare for a long stay at this site. I clicked on some "page not found" messages, but be patient and try some of the earlier programs in the archive(sample sound file link below). The site plans on serving as "...a production, distribution, and instructional center for all forms of 'aural' history..." with academic and media specialists affiliated with the center now offer radio production and oral history courses and workshops. Interested in a sample on the History of Adoption?
  21. The Moving Wall. [HIGH FIDELITY, 40 Kbps].
    "The Moving Wall," produced by Jane Ladoucer. Remembering Vietnam veterans; S
  22. America, The Dream of My Life (Program 2): Lost Places. [HIGH FIDELITY, 40 Kbps].
    Part 2 ("Lost Places") of America: The Dream of My Life (1992), narrated by Eli Wallach. Part two of a three-part documentary exploring the immigrant experience. Produced and written by Marty Goldensohn, Directed by Charles Potter. Executive Producer: David Cohen. Based on America, the Dream of My Life : Selections from the Federal Writers' Project's New Jersey Ethnic Survey (1990) by David S. Cohen (Editor)
  23. Segment 1: "The Newcomers." Part 3 of Charles Hardy's documentary. [HIGH FIDELITY, 40 Kbps].
    Segment 1: "The Newcomers." Part 3 of Charles Hardy's documentary. [HIGH FIDELITY, 40 Kbps]. Part 3 of Charles Hardy's five-part documentary on the movement of African Americans from the South to Philadelphia in the first half of this century. The title of the documentary series is Goin' North; this segment is titled "Goin' North."
  24. North American Print Conference 1999 -- Art as Image: Prints & Promotion in Cincinnati, Ohio
    See the fine listing of print history sites.
  25. A History of Photography, by Robert Leggat
  26. Impressions: 250 Years of Printing in the Lives of Canadians
    The site concentrates on the 19th century, which demonstrates the greatest diversity and change.
  27. photos, magazine, home, travel, graphics, games, free, uploads, awards
    Large archive of fine photos. I explored the "American Indian" link to pages on George Catlin on the first visit, but plan to return for the host of other features.
  28. Newsfilm Library at The University of South Carolina
    Unique newsreel material from the Fox Movietonews newsreel collection of the 20th Century Fox Film Corporation. The sample at right is an example of Movietone's wartime logo...RealAudio a must to see/hear the site at its best.
  29. The History of Printing
  30. History of Stereo Photography
  31. Prints and Photographs: An Illustrated Guide - Table of Contents
    Portfolios on : An American Gallery, Pictorial Journalism, Politics and Propaganda, The World at Large, Architecture, Design, and Engineering, American Landscape and Cityscape and Defining Moments: A Chronology.
  32. Newspapers & Magazines : METAGRID
  33. Moose Jaw Newspaper - The Reviewer moose jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
    The Reviewer, the last newspaper in Canada to be produced the "Old Fashioned" way, using hot lead composition, and printed on a hand-fed 1898 Two-Revolution Miehle Flatbed cylinder press.
  34. Vanderbilt Television News Archive
    Offers Network Evening News Abstracts -- story level summaries of network evening news programs, Special Reports & Periodic News Broadcasts, Specialized News Collections.
  35. Yahoo! Entertainment:Movies and Film:History
  36. AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies
  37. National Museum of Photography, Film & Television
  38. typographic
    A site that aims " illustrate the depth and import of type, and to raise relevant questions about how typography is treated in the digital media, specifically online."
  39. The Virtual Gramophone -- Home Page
    Digital project in Canada, with a focus on the 78rpm era and its music. Current selections available are from the period from 1900 to 1905. Click on "Bring back my Bonnie to me" for a short 1-2 minute selection from the site. You will need the RealAudio Player.
  40. The American Museum of Photography: Resources
  41. Keeping Our Word
    Preserving Information Across the Ages. From Cave Paintings to Clay Tablets to Papyrus. Other links to: Vellum -- Iowa Vellum, Vellum Manuscripts -- Book of Hours, Paper -- The Art of Papermaking, Paper Manuscripts -- Gutenberg Bible, Libraries and Preservation, Archives: The University of Iowa Repositories and The Digital Age.
  42. History of Printing Timetable
    From 3500 BCE Sumerian clay tablets to present day.

    Oatmeal Box Pinhole Photography

    pinhole.jpg By Stewart Lewis Woodruff - how to make, take pictures with, develop and print oatmeal box pinhole pictures Aftrer a look at the history of the pinhole camera (and perhaps some historical images) send the students to this site for some great active learning and fun. They will need an oatmeal box and a soda can, but visit the site for all the details. It is designed for kids in a school setting, but you can try it at home with your children or grandkids. The hardest part will be getting them to sit still for the required 20-second exposure time.

    KODAK: How to Make a Pinhole Camera - Can Or Box

    Kodak also has a site, but the site annotated above provides more details. Teacher should visit the Kodak site anyway. It sports a fine and growing section on "Teaching photography in your classroom.." If you are interested in learn how to add pictures to your MICROSOFT PowerPoint Presentations? Download a tutorial and pick up great tips in our "Pictures in Presentations" chapter in the "How To" Book.
  43. Film & History
    With WWW Links, Discussion of the Film "Saving Pvt. Ryan" Each film is reviewed and has a collection of links to other films in movie history. You can download a zip file of most of the content. See the on-line Table of Contents for Volume 28, Numbers 3-4 (1998).
  44. Journalism history links
  45. A History of Photography, by Robert Leggat
  46. National Museum of Communication History
  47. Paper, Leather, Clay & Stone
    The Written World Materialized. The visual and tactile aspects of the written word are explored in this exhibition. All this is transitory.... What will the recording medium be for the distant future, as materials for recording knowledge occupy space and can be degraded/destroyed by time? (Visit the Keeping Our Word site for more)


  48. The Media History Project
  49. Media History Monographs
    A quarterly online journal devoted to publishing scholarly works in journalism and mass communication history.
  50. National Museum of Photography, Film & Television
  51. Old Time Victrola Music on Cassette
    Ready for a nostalgia digression? I remember the old recordings purchased at the local drug store prior to World War II -- one sided and perishable, with a short (high quality) life because of the damage from the steel needles on the wind up Victrola. Here is a site that plays recordings of many of those old victrola songs from a 1918 hand cranked Victrola. It has everything but a graphic of the record spinning. The site is massive, offering 10 tapes of World War I songs alone...with selections you can listen to for each song. Also featured are Gospel Tunes -Old time gospel hymns, 4 tapes of Christmas Songs of the period, Old Time Spirituals, including Black Spirituals of the early 1900's of the Fisk University and Tuskeegee Institute quartets, Fun songs and sleep time songs for children, Early 1900's popular childrens stories, nursery rymes, Dance tunes range for the years 1913-1929, Marches (including 4 selections by Sousa), Popular Tunes by time period (from 1908 to 1923), Scottish, Hawaiian and Irish Tunes, music on the Origins of Bluegrass, Songs of the Civil War, Popular Songs of the Old South, Popular Exercises of the early 1900's done to music of the time and recordings of Early 1900's Humor.
    Cheap speakers will do fine, but you also need the sound card and the (free) RealAudio software. This might be one of those sites you offer to individual students who are interested in the era or in the general history of music and entertainment. Some secondary schools have anticipated the millenium by offering special courses with the time frame of 1900 to 2000. It is clear that the transformations of culture associated with media have been revolutionary, and will continue to be so in the 21st century. Some students might wish to make a comparison between the first decade of the 20th and the last..or perhaps project current trends in media technology into the future and where they are likely to take us in the next century. Science Fiction again, right ??
  52. Early Recorded Sounds and Wax Cylindersearly wax recording
    Think your phono records are old? Wait till you hear these songs recorded early in the century. Wav and RealAudio choices. Play the song or a short selection. Cylinder Excerpts include: Southern Smiles Two-Step (1904), Liberty Bell March (1897), The Dixie Rube (1906), Our Victorious Nation (1909), Hot Time March (1904) and The Stars and Stripes Forever. You must visit the Archive for short selections (wav or RealAudio) of hundreds of songs, some with historical significance. For example, what was the last song played by the band of the Titanic? (Nearer My God to Thee )
  53. Seperate Cinema
    Splash page for the series on film history. A monthly series of films (Turner Classic Movies) on Independent Black Filmmaking.: 8:00 PM. See Midnight Ramble (1994) An in depth look at the black independent film industry that thrived outside of Hollywood between 1910 and 1940 and Symbol of the Unconquered (1920) A black heiress fights off the Ku Klux Klan to save her land. Iris Hall, Walker Thompson, Lawrence Chenault. D: Oscar Micheaux. Within our Gates (1920) A black schoolteacher finds the battle against racism is everywhere when she goes North to raise money for better schools. Evelyn Preer, Flo Clements, James D. Ruffin. D: Oscar Micheaux. Since many of these are Oscar Micheaux's, make a stop at the Oscar Micheaux Society Home Page for more on this facinating topic.
    You can also view or download the schedule for the current month.
  55. "A Separate Cinema" Programming Schedule (PDF Document IconPDF file)
  56. The Red Hot Jazz Archive
    The history of Jazz before 1930, with links to the bands, artists and the actual music. (RealAudio required)
  57. News Now: Arts
    Provides a focus on Smoke Signals, the first full-length feature film to be written, directed and co-produced by Native Americans.

    [For much more on the topic of media history, see the Media History section of the General History page.]

  58. Welcome to the Parker Schools Resource Pages
    Parker Provides a history of writing. "Discover how from making marks with sticks and stones over 25,000 years ago, we arrived at the modern roller balls and fountain pens we use today. A timeline extends back to "Cave Paintings" (25,000 B.C.) is clickable (linking to special pages with text and graphics of writing instruments and samples) and slanted to fit on the browser window. Naturally, this makes the timeline a gateway to more detailed information and provides for choice and interactivity on the part of the visitor. When you dig beneath the surface to see how this is done with graphics and image maps, you will discover that the methods and tools to do this are not that difficult.
  59. AFI's 100 Years...100 Movies
    afi.jpgAmerican Film Institute's 100 Years...100 Movies Web site, the site to discover America's Greatest Movies.
  60. Home Page of Rich Samuels: Broadcasting in Chicago, 1921-1989
    Broadcasting in Chicago: 1921-1989, with Special Emphasis on the NBC Studios in the Merchandise Mart. An On-line Museum of Broadcast History.
  61. Early Recorded Sounds and Wax Cylinders
  62. Media History Project Timeline Pages
  63. History and MultiMedia Center
    History Department, University at Albany, State University of New York. Description of programs of History and Multimedia Center.
  64. The Origins and Emergence of West Semitic Alphabetic Scripts
  65. Resources for Multimedia History
    American History/ Civil War/ Revolutionary War/ JFK:History Maker/ FDR: History Maker/History of Aviation/ History of Railroads/ History of Ships & Navies/ World History of the 20th Century/About MultiEducator/ What's New On The Site/PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION STATS (1796-1992).
  66. History Wired
    A course page. Provides an overview of electronic media as they relate to the various disciplines of historical research and teaching.
  68. Cyberguide: Historical Photography
  69. National Film Preservation Board of the Library of Congress, Home Page
  70. Incunabula, Hebraica & Judaica
    Resource on the history of Hebrew printing. (Also includes information useful for a study of the European Renaissance.)
  71. The Media History Project
    See the timeline and "...encounter thumbnail images illustrating pertinent technologies, people, or events. Click on the thumbnail to see a larger version of the image from which it is excerpted! (Some images will be displayed on separate pages with accompanying explanations. All images will eventually have this feature."
  72. KINEMA Homepage
    Journal of History, Theory and Aesthetics of Film and Audiovisual Media.
  73. Vanderbilt Television News Archive
  74. Radio Days: A Soundbite History
    At last visit (8/99) this site was featuring a look at sciencie fiction on radio.
  75. H-GIG Historical Photographs Online
  76. The Motion-Picture Industry: Behind-the-Scenes
    See the History link to discover " it all began over a century ago with the first pioneers in photography revolutionizing filmmaking. Learn Motion-Picture Mechanics, how movies are produced, Special Effects (Set construction, Stunts and pyrotechnics, animation, bluescreen process, Cel animation, Stop-motion, Computer-generated animation, Compositing, Matte painting).
  77. Architecture Through the Ages
    Student ThinkQuest site that examines Aztec, Cathedrals, Chinese, Classical, Egyptian, Greek, Mayan, Roman.
  78. Pictures: A Celebration of 100 Years
    See the fine Index and try the link to "The Magazine at 100: Memorable Articles." Seems the Times Magazine marked its 100th anniversary with special issues, featuring excerpts from past issues. The complete texts of seven articles is online, with each representing a different decade. (Note "Henry Ford: The Mussolini of Highland Park" By Waldemar Kaempffert, Jan. 8, 1928, and "The World Must Not Forget" By Harold Denny, May 6, 1945. Loads of covers and graphic from the last 100 years are also featured.
  79. Dead Media Project
  80. The Silents Majority
    A media history treat. View lobby passes and poster and Quicktime clips of silent film stars. The October issue of "The On-line Journal of Silent Film" features all of these and more. Text Index: The Silents Majority
  81. One hundred Years of Film Sizes
    Almost one hundred film widths and perforations were tried.
    An international electronic journal of visual media and history. Information on the history of film, television and multimedia and the representation of history on/in these media and the role of these media in social history. The site also replicates article by historians. I browsed an interesting essay by Robert A. Rosenstone -- History in images/history in words: Reflections on the possibility of really putting history onto film -- first published in the American historial review 93, no.5 (December 1988).
  83. Printing: History and Development
    TOC: China: The Technological Roots, Gutenberg and the Historical Moment in Western Europe, Print and Modern Thought, Print in the U.S., Advances in Print Technology.
  84. The History Channel Classroom
    You will not be disappointed in a revisit to this site...especially if you have a new version of the browsers (I use and enjoy Netscape 3.0) and have Java installed.
  85. The Media History Project Connections Pages
    An excellent page. I especially enjoyed the organizaion and information of the "oral history" page.
  86. The Origins of Television
    Part of the "exploration" theme of Discovery Magazine. The online resoruces follow the same pattern as the others in the series: Program Overview, Academic Standards, Vocabulary, Study Questions, Activities, Related Resources. The study questions include factual focus questions followed by more general discussion questions. The program is copyright-cleared for classroom use until December 30, 1998.
  87. American Memory Collections: Original Format: Motion Pictures
    This link generates a search page rather than an actual exhibit.
  88. le Moyen Egyptien (29-Nov-1995)
    Brief introduction to the history and meaning of Middle Egyptian writing. Write a phonetic version of your name and see it transformed into Middle Egyptian.
  89. John W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising, and Marketing History
  90. Photography's Beginnings: A Visual History
  91. Alphabet Frameset
  92. The Dead Media Museum
    Shockwave required to view the "Movie Slider" -- a timeline that can be minipulated for the era from 1901-25. You grab the bar with your mouse and drag in over the timeline, which responds with sounds that signal links to media history. Younger students should love this page...but, again, you will need shockwave and a soundboard installed.
  93. SHARP Web
    The Society for the History of Authorship, Reading & Publishing.
  94. The Media History Project
    Features links to: "Oral Culture | Printing | Telegraph | Telephone | Journalism | Photography| Comics & Graphics | Radio | Recording Industry | Movies | Television| Computing | General Reference Section | What's Fun?
  95. A Virtual Tour of the Robert C. Williams American Museum of Papermaking
    History topics of interest: Forerunners to Paper, The Invention of Paper, The Papermaker, Papermaking Moves to the United States, The Advent of the Paper Machine and Watermarks. Links to information about modern papermaking and recycling also on site.
    Links to a history of pop-up books and other online material on POP-UPS.
  97. A Guide to the Book Arts and Book History on the World Wide Web
    What a gold mine of source information! Guess I have a fondness for beauty and books. And history in all forms. The current explosion of web resources makes it so difficult to say "been there, done that..."
  99. Ancient Scripts
History of Science and Technology

  1. Images from the History of Medicine HOME
  2. Greatest Engineering Achievements of the Twentieth Century
  3. History of Plumbing Index
  4. Smithsonian Institution - Science Service Historical Image Collection 1926-1976
    Twentieth-century scientific research consisting of images and their original captions as they appeared in period publications. Offers a Browse option, a "Choose a Subject" search, a What's New link to recent additions and an option to download a randomly arranged set (100) of thumbnail images. I chose the "Subject" browse choice first and then clicked on the topic of "communications." The browser produced a page with over a dozen thumbnail images from the archive on the history of communications. Looks like a valuable page for students researching themes in the history of technology....
  5. Hornbook Collection
    Showing information on the teaching device for reading instruction, used in the 1440s in England and as late as the 1850s in America.
  6. Transistorized! The History of the Invention of the Transistor - Home Page
  7. TIME 100: Scientists & Thinkers
    An excellent starter page for those units that look at the past century. Each person selected has a special page, often with audio selections that play in the background.
  8. History of the Sciences
  9. Smith College Museum of Ancient Inventions: Home Page
  10. History of Plumbing Index
  11. Railway History Home Page
  12. The Origins and Ancient History of Wine
    University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. Wine production from the Neolithic Period through Egypt, Mesopotamia and the Modern Era. Be sure to visit the parent site for a very enjoyable and information-packed page.. From Mystery objects to the Origins of Wine. Don't forget to try the "New Exhibits" before you leave the site entirely. I located a gem of a site on a segment of an Italian family that migrated to the United States and is contrasted with relatives who remained in Italy. You might also look at the Museum's Exhibit Team, which lets you look over their shoulders as they plan and design a major exhibition -- from start to finish! The actual exhibit might be on-line by the time you can visit the page.
  13. Math Forum: Famous Problems in the History of Mathematics
    "The purpose of this site is to present a small portion of the history of mathematics through an investigation of some of the great problems that have inspired mathematicians throughout the ages. Included are problems that are suitable for middle school and high school math students, with links to solutions, as well as links to mathematicians' biographies and other math history sites."
  14. SCIENCE Online -- Teller 280 (5367):1200
    Part of a series on Science and Society (1848-1998). Teller was a key figure in the effort to develope the Hydrogen bomb.
  15. Society for the History of Technology
  16. s m i t h s o n i a n w i t h o u t w a l l s
    Focus on objects that tell stories about people, their cultures, and the meanings they associate with their possessions.
  17. Scientific American
    See the 1845 issue on line. Also, view the CURRENT ISSUE and links to: Quick Article Summaries, News and Analysis, Reviews and Commentary, 50, 100 and 150 Years Ago, EXPLORATIONS, Ask the Experts, Interviews, Letters to the Editors, Product selections, Scientific American Frontiers, Children's books, Medical Publications, CD ROMs, Reprints and back issues, Single topic issues, INSIDE SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, PREVIOUS ISSUES.
  18. Society for the History of Technology
  19. "History of Science"
  20. The Virtual Hospital: Syllabus of the History of Medicine
  21. AIP Center for History of Physics Niels Bohr Library
    American Institute of Physics. A site designed to "... preserve and make known the history of modern physics and allied sciences and their relations with society, the Center maintains the Library to provide reference services and save unique materials where other repositories would be less suitable."
  22. physics history
    An excellent page, especially the Exhibit section, which features links to current exhibitions and "Online Source Materials for History of Physics and Allied Fields." Exhibits: Albert Einstein: Image and Impact, The Discovery of the Electron, Werner Heisenberg and the Uncertainty Principle, Andrei Sakharov: Soviet Physics, Nuclear Weapons, and Human Rights.
  23. Rice History
  24. Helicopter History
  25. Institute for Ancient Equestrian Studies
    A study started by archaeologists concerned with the domestication of the horse and the origins of horseback riding. Send your students to find out how scientists know that a 6000-year-old horse has been ridden and see the report - CONFERENCE IN KAZAKSTAN on the focus topic Early Horsekeepers of the Eurasian Steppes, 4,000-1,500 BC.
  26. Bread Chemistry
    Why Does It Rise? Ever ponder a joint lesson with the Science teachers? Here is one that could be used to merge the chemistry of bread-making with the history of grain domestication and ancient bread making. See the Countrylife Online Village plaza for some excellent pointers and information on bread making.
  27. Special Collections/History of Medicine, Ruth Lilly Medical Library, Indiana University
    See HISTLINE, a new database on "...literature about the history of health related professions, sciences, specialities, individuals, institutions, drugs, and diseases in all part of the world and all historic periods."
  28. The Walk Through Time
  29. Appleton's Cyclopaedia of Applied Mechanics - published in 1857.
  30. Invention of Knowledge Home Page
  31. Mac Tutor History of Mathematics
  32. History of Biomedicine
  33. The Origin of the Celcius temperature scale
  34. Department of History of Science/Technology/Medicine
    The Johns Hopkins University.
  35. Radiocarbon WEB-info
    Great location for the student interested in science. A term/concept included in all high school World History texts.
  36. HyperDOC: NLM History of Medicine Division
    Online Images from the History of Medicine (a database of nearly 60,000 images from the prints and photographs collection), images from the History of the Public Health Service, PEREZ ON MEDICINE: The Whimsical Art of Jose Perez (1994), THE ART OF MEDICINE at the 21st Century [Work by May Lesser] (1994), Paracelsus, Five Hundred Years; Three American Exhibits, Cesarean Section -- A Brief History (1993), Origins of the National Institutes of Health.
History of Art/Architecture

  1. ART HISTORY RESOURCES: Part 9 Non-European Art
  2. - The Art History InternetOnly TV Channel
  3. Penn Digital Library Oxford University Press history books
    A project of the Penn Library and the Oxford University Press to study digital book use and its impact on teaching, learning, and book sales. This preview site for the project offers three books in PDF format: White Women's Rights The Racial Origins of Feminism in the United States, The New Terrorism: Fanaticism and the Arms of Mass Destruction and Return To Diversity: A Political History of East Central Europe Since World War II.
  4. Treasures of the World Home Page
    PBS looks at two monumental visions of devotion;Taj Mahal: Memorial to Love and Borobudur.
  5. Art History 201 Syllabus
  6. The New York Times Magazine, Sunday, September 19, 1999
    The goal of this special issue, the fourth of six that reflect on the last 1,000 years, is to give history back to artists. We asked an array of recognized artists from around the world to reimagine milestone moments of the past millennium. Want to see the first three parts in the series? Highlight the #4 in the address and change it to 1, 2 or 3.
  7. Architecture Web Sites
  8. Discovery Online, Expeditions -- The Human Canvas
    T H E H U M A N C A N V A S -- body art.
  10. AMICO: Sample Records
    Art Museum Image Consortium You can view sample search results or download in PDF format.
    A primary gateway site for art history resources. The best! World History teachers will enjoy the expanding non-Western sections.
  12. Center for Theory and History of Architecture
    A Visual Text: History of Architecture.
  13. 1413.COM - The Art History Directory
    Well organized site that could serve as a gateway to art history resoruces. I found the ads on the site somewhat intrusive (there are 3 on all the pages), but you be the judge.
  14. Index of art historical sites. Digital Imaging Project: Art historical images of European and North American architecture and sculpture from classical Greek to Post-modern
  15. - architettura
  16. Yahoo! Arts:Visual Arts:Photography:Exhibits:Historic
  17. Atlas Index
  18. Home Page
    Check out the Thumbnail Catalog, NOW with over 50,000 works of art!
  19. Archimedia
    When students ask what ancient buildings looked like and how they were constructed, this site provides the answers " displaying numerous views, plans and sections, as well as axonometric and computerized reconstructions of these buildings." The project currently features buildings from Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia.
  20. Art History Network: Roman
  21. Site Map: Fly Over the Garden of ORIGAMI
    LEARNING with ORIGAMI, ORIGAMI History & Bibliography. Origami Origins & History, Origami Peace Cranes and The Story of Sadako. Teacher Resources - Folding Patterns, Geometry & Design, Lesson Plans for Social Studies, Geography and Mathematics.
  22. Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum
  23. DIA: Galleries - Ancient Art
  24. Great Buildings Collection
    Gateway to architecture from around the world and across history. Documents "...hundreds of buildings and leading architects with 3D models, photographic images and architectural drawings, plus commentaries, bibliographies, and web links, for famous designers and structures of all kinds." I browsed the 3D models on the first visit. The site has some slick search tools if you know the name or architectural style. Each pages had a graphic (when available) and a fairly comprehensive description of the building and its history and ends with a link to off-site materials on the Web (and a link to books at Amazon. com).
  25. The Frick Collection and Frick Art Reference Library
  26. AP/Honors History of Art
  27. Welcome to the Museum of Antiquities
    Current exhibit look at Visit the Virtual Mithraeum, a temple to the Roman god Mithras.
  28. H-GIG Architectural History

    Brooklyn Museum of Art

    Egyptian, Classical and Ancient Middle Eastern Art and links to the Arts of Africa, Pacific, the Americas, & Asia. Menu items for the Decorative Arts, Painting & Sculpture/Prints, Drawings, & Photography.

    The Glory of Byzantium

    Well organized, with fast-loading graphics to illustrate the themes in Byzantine art. A site with surprising depth, considering it is an "exhibit" site that was created in conjunction with the international loan exhibition The Glory of Byzantium (March 11 - July 6, 1997), which celebrated the art of the second golden age of Byzantine art (843­1261). The on-line version expands the time frame of the exhibition and includes examples of art from the first golden age of Byzantine art (324­730) and the late period, which ended with the Turkish conquest in 1453. TOC: Explore Byzantine works of art, Investigate a theme in Byzantine art, Probe the history of Byzantium, View the works of art in a visual timeline, Check a definition in the glossary. The site authors have created a Byzantium: Teacher Resource section, with extensive resources, lessons, activities and suggestions for teaching.

    Includes visits to the Chicago Art Institute, The Los Angeles County Museum, Holocaust Museum and Children's Television Workshop.
  30. Tapestries Home Page
    A History of Tapestry and Wall Hangings from Ancient Greece to Modern Europe.
  31. The Mother of All Art History Link Pages: Intro
  32. TURKEY
    A "...visual introduction to the splendours of classical architecture and sculpture in Turkey.."
  33. Paperback Cover Art Illustration Display
    From the late 20s to the 50s. Several artists featured.
  34. ANU Art History Top Level Menu Page
    80,000 Images of Art & ArchitectureImages of Art & Architecture ... Still offers some "free" samples, but most are now on a paid subscription basis.
  35. History as Romantic Art
    Student ( Bancroft, Prescott, Motley, and Parkman) hyptertext display of David Levin's History as Romantic Art.
  36. The Getty Research Institute For The History Of Art And The Humanities
  37. Eby's Parthenon: History Index
  38. Museum of International Folk Art Home
    Includes a Spanish Colonial collection, contemporary Southwestern Hispanic art collection, the international textiles and costumes collection, and a collection of folk objects (late 19th and 20th centuries).
  39. World Art Treasures
    Click on "First Progarm" for images from Egypt, China, Japan, India and other. Rome to be added later. Strictly text.
  40. ANU Art History Top Level Menu Page
    See tutorials in art history and the image archives.
  41. The Mariners' Museum - Age of Exploration educational curriculum
  42. ANU Art History Top Level Menu Page
    Sites that deal in some way with Art History
  43. ANU Art History Top Level Menu Page
    See tutorials in art history and the image archives.
Women's History

  1. Two Women of Peace
  2. Journal of Women's History--Table of Contents vol. 11
  3. 11th Berkshire Conference on the History of Women
  4. Celebration of Women at Ancient Sites

  5. Women's History Sites
    ACRL Women's Studies Section Collection Development Committee.
  6. A Bibliography of Women's History in Historical and Women's Studies Journals
  7. AMAZON CITY * Museum of Women in Science & Technology
    With a dozen bios online.
  8. Great Women in History and Art - cover
    Book preview page.
  9. Barnes and Noble
    Biography section, feturing a "Top 10" listing and an editor's choice.
  10. Women's History: A Todd Library Research Guide
    Offering excellent research materials. See especially American Women's History: A Research Guide: Finding Digital Collections.
  11. Women In World History Curriculum
    Current lessons on site: Tools Uncover Women's Work and Ancient Tablets, Ancient Graves: Accessing Women's Lives in Mesopotamia.
    Part of the vast HistoryNet site... Once you visit.. you will not want to leave.
  13. Women in History
  14. Distinguished Women of Past and Present
  15. National Women's History Project
  16. Women's History Month
    A "Teach Women's History" page offers various teaching tools including a full text browsable and searchable online version of "The Feminist Chronicles: 1953-1993", by Toni Carabillo, Judith Meuli, and June Bundy Csida.
  17. Multimedia Sites: Women's History
    TOC: American Indian Women, Asian American Women, Civil War, Education, Farm Work and Life, Sexuality, Women in Medicine, Women's Rights, World War II.
  18. Women Artists Archive
    Key links: Women Artists from Medieval time through the 19th century. As of a recent visit (8/99) the university also displays a Women Writers Archive.
  19. 4000 Years of Women in Science
    "If the bringing of women - half the human race - into the center of historical inquiry poses a formidable challenge to historical scholarship, it also offers sustaining energy and a source of strength." The site includes an interactive quiz on the History of Women in Science.
  20. Women's History ALIVE!
  21. Women's History Bookmarks
Other Topical History

  1. World History of Democracy
  2. Conversations with History
    I found the Index by Topic to be the most useful for teachers.
  3. Essays in History -- University of Virginia
  4. The New York Times: Visions | Reflections
  5. Tattoo History Source Book: Table of Contents
  6. The Historical Cookery Page
    Add to the historical dimensions in the classroom. Anybody for dates stuffed with almonds & baked in honey? Or Sweet Saffron Rice with Pistachios and Almonds?
  7. Map History
  8. History of Cartography - Other Topics of Interest
  10. The Costume Page
  11. Solemates : The Century in Shoes
  12. Stein Online: Those Great Kids Toy's of the 1950's and 60's
  13. Chiff & Fipple: The Post-Structural Tinwhistle Internet Experience and the The Chiff & Fipple Tune-O-Matic
    Does it have to be tin? Enjoy.
  14. Lipton - Tea History & Development
  15. Parthenon Graphics.....Timelines, Histories, etc.
  16. History of Toys
    "Discover the origins of your favorite toys and games, from chess and checkers to Barbie and Atari. Find out how many crayons are produced each day, who invented Lincoln Logs (hint: he's the son of a world-famous architect), and which classic toy truck is the brainchild of a group of Minnesota school teachers."
  17. History Channel
  18. The History of Toys and Games
    What toy or game has maketed over 100 billion items? It looks like this...
  19. MHN Instrument Encyclopedia
    This resource features musical instruments from around the world from the Stearns Collection at the University of Michigan. "Explore the diversity and creativity of musical traditions as you browse our gallery or search for a favorite instrument."
  20. AACTchrOz's Teacher's Page
  21. CARD ART
    cards.jpg The start of an interesting exhibit, with a brief text description of the history of cards in Eurasia.
  22. Great Economist and Their TimesPDF Document Icon
  23. IS IT A BOOK?
    A number of Discussions on the Nonlinearity of certain parts of Ancient and Modern Literature, and Arts. Try a click on "history" A small History of the Book, or how its Past relates to the Topic at Hand.
  24. Scientific American: Exhibit: The Digital Museum: June 1, 1998
    Restoring Virtual Ruins.
  25. Tobacco History
  26. Sweat
    The Illustrated History and Description of the Finnish Sauna, Russian Bania, Islamic Hammam, Mexican Temescal & American Indian & Eskimo Sweatlodge.
  27. CircusWeb! Circus Present and Past
  28. Vincent Ferraro
    Documents relating to International Relations through the ages.. Includes a section on current events.
  29. Electric Guitar
    Examine the history of an instrument that has "...shaped the sound and direction of modern musical styles..." From the Jerome and Dorothy Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation, which also is presenting exhibits on Edison (Edison's life and work how to make a light bulb!), The Colors of Invention (an exploration of color, technology, and culture), Colorful Cottons (Meet Sally Fox, who invented a way to grow naturally colored cotton). Other features on the inventor of the implantable heart pacemaker and the inventor of the one-person gyroplane.

    Think you are smarter than a Gorilla? See Discovery Online, Gorillas
    and revisit the Ishmael sites below.

  30. Ishmael's Companion
    The history of this site began in 1989, when Ted Turner created a $500,000 fellowship to be awarded to a work of fiction offering positive solutions to global problems. The winner was Daniel Quinn's Ishmael's Companion, "...a Socratic journey that explores the most challenging problem humankind has ever faced: How to save the world from ourselves. The leading character of the book is a 1000 pound lowland gorilla named Ishmael, a creature uniquely placed to vision anew the human story."

    The Companion Site to the book offers materials for teachers, including teachers of World History (Ishmael's Use in World History). The support site TOC offers: The course and students, Why Ishmael?, Class activity, Skills, Assessment, Student response.

  31. Welcome to the Bnetwork: Are you B? <

  32. Seeking the Source
    From the Migrations In History site, which is constantly adding new materials. "It presents some guidelines Smithsonian folklorists have developed over the years for collecting and using primary sources, especially from our own families and friends. It features guides to conducting an interview, sample lists of questions, ideas in presenting your findings, and the ethics of collecting and using these sources."
  33. Migration Research Unit Homepage
  34. Inventors - Welcome from The Mining Company
  35. Pit Pony
    Companion site for the PIT PONY movie on CBC-TV Sunday evening, December 14, 1997. The site provides a "...historical context for the story, a behind-the-scenes look at making the film, and a ready-to-use guide for teachers who want to use the book and film at school."
  36. Rooney Design
    Are your students mature enought to get the "real facts" about Mother Goose and other rhymes for children? Read about the stories behind childhood rhymes in the exhibit called "A Visual Goose." Browse before sending students. You may not agree with all the interpretations. I always thought "Humpty Dumpty" related to the downfall of the British absolutism. Hmmm. Pehaps the students could be assigned to research the origin and verify or refute the site contents.
  37. Pencils! Pencils! Pencils!
  38. Governing: Assessments column/December '97
    For an interesting article, see "Urban Reincarnation and the Burden of History." Berlin, as an example of a city almost completely rebuilt.
  39. The Origins of the Compass Rose
  40. Education Calendar & WWW Sites
  41. The Story of Magic
    Part one of the four-hour A&E special: THE STORY OF MAGIC: CENTURIES OF DECEPTION, traces the history of magic from the Egyptian Empire to the golden age of Europe's master magicians.
  42. Map History
    A list was established to publish the results of current research. To subscribe, assuming your name is John Smith:
    [send to]
    [type nothing under 'subject']
    [type, in the body of the message] subscribe maphist John Smith
  43. A Resource of Glass
    From the Corning Museum of Glass-Education Dept. morgan.jpg Featuring information on a host of topics relating to glass, but especially good on the history of glass and glass-making technology.
  44. Looking Through Roman Glass
  45. Glass History
  46. The History of Education Site
    See the site map for a complete guide.
  47. International Institute of Social History
  48. A History of Fairs and Expositions
    Focus on Europe and the United States.
  49. Wine Business Monthly - Wine's Medicinal Roots Traced To Stone Age
  50. World's Transportation Commission Photograph Collection
    Several hundred images by American photographer William Henry Jackson. See railroads, elephants, camels, horses, sleds and sleighs, sedan chairs, rickshaws, city views, street and harbor scenes, landscapes and local inhabitants.
  51. Bodleian Library / Toyota City Imaging Project
    Featuring the John Johnson Collection of Printed Ephemera, with thousands of motoring and transportation images accessible at the site, searchable by keyword, by browsing through images categorized and by type of transport (motor cars, carriages and coaches, bicycles, ships, and railways). Thumbnail images and brief descriptions or full-screen images.
  52. Table of Contents (Scrolls From the Dead Sea)
  53. The History of Cartography Project
  54. History in a Box
    CMCC - History in a Box - Time in a Box. Postal Heritage Hall. Presents a spiral timeline as a navigational device. Just click on the year you want to visit. All the dates lead to a page that includes text descriptions and further hyperlinks and an interesting left margin marker for the spacing of the "years." A similar device could be used by students in their multimedia presentations involving timelines and chronology. The background for the HTML documents actually becomes a ruler for placing the text on the page. The segments can refer any time period designated in the key..clarified by the dates in the text.
  55. Who Killed William Robinson?
    Race, Justice and settling the land: A Historical Whodonit.
  56. A Comparative Chronology of Money from Ancient Times to the Present Day
  57. A Capsule History of Tobacco
    When did warnings first appear on cigarettes? Answer these and a host of other questions by visiting the timeline.
  58. AAEC History Page
    History of cartoons and links to current political cartoons.
  59. National Trust for Historic Preservation Home Page

    World Heritage Web Table of Contents

    Mission statement -- " define and conserve the world's heritage, by drawing up a list of sites whose outstanding values should be preserved for all humanity and to ensure their protection through a closer co-operation among nations."

  60. Preservation Internet Resources

  61. Maritime History on the Internet
    Focus on themes of racism, anti-Semitism and violence.
  62. A Moment In Time
    "Moments" now includes: The Oath at Tennis Court, Harry Truman fires MacArthur, The Spanish Republic, The U.S. Leaves Vietnam, The Wit of Churchill, The Arrest of the 5 Members, The Fall of the Incan Empire, Ivan the Terrible, The Deaths of Jefferson & Adams.
  63. The Whole Pop Catalog Home Page
    Trivia and history about a host of items.
  64. Fairy Tales: Origins and Evolution
    Onsite analysis of: Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Bluebeard. Large collection of offsite links for the history of Fairy Tales.
  65. Textiles Through Time
    Current shows include "The Art of the Lacemaker", from historical examples of lace and lacemaking tools to contemporary lace works; and Threadworks '95, Jewels of the 20th Century", an exhibition of embroidered textiles by members of The Ontario Network of Needleworkers.
  67. Impact of Insects on Human History...
    How insects have changed major battles, altered governments, and shaped human history.
  68. The Ecole Chronology Project
    Model of events, persons, places pertinent to early Church history.
  69. Darlinghurst Jail
    Site about British Convicts sent to Australia and the interesting story of Darlinghurst Gaol. Students will want to visit "The Gallows" and other links to early Australia.
    A new electronic journal "...featuring essays, documents, images, bibliographies and database information relevant to the history of slavery, abolition, and emancipation." The journal is intended to provide a global context for slave studies and to to link scholars in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.
  71. DPLS--Slave Movement During the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
  72. A World Of Tea
    The history of tea - from 2737 B.C. through today. See the history and design of teapots, Tea related quotations, Tea recipes- hot drinks, cold drinks, You do WHAT with tea??? and a Tea Time Reader - Short works to read while enjoying a cup.
  73. International Institute of Social History
  74. Lesbian and Gay History, Politics, and Culture
  75. Walnut Jr. High Social Studies Dept. World Cultures.
    Features Online Student Activities: Road to War: A decision-making simulation activity of events leading up to Pearl Harbor and World War II in the Pacific, The Gang of 15: An Economic/Geographic Adventure involving foreign cultures and currency exchange, Nebraska Jones and the African Discovery: A Discovery of the exploration of the interior of Africa, The Riches of the Orient - A decision making simulation of finding a route to India and China, Spanish Town- Student designed Spanish Colonial Town Plans, based upon the ordinances of Phillip II.
  76. Milieux:The Costume Site
    Ethnic, national and historic costume links.
    Selected images used in the study of fashion and costume at Columbia College Library.
  77. Saint Bernard History
  78. CTICH Homepage
    Based at the University of Glasgow, CTICH covers several subjects concerning men and women living in the past, including history, economic and social history, archaeology, and the history of art.
  79. Greenwich 2000: 'The centre of time ' GMT - What is Greenwich Mean Time?
    Information here for a great student project about Western concepts of time and how and why they were established.
  80. A Taste of Cyberspace
    The History of Gingerbread.
  81. Links to WWW Prehistory
  82. Human Prehistory
    An Exhibition ... May take some time to browse thru all of the pages...Very large site with high quality graphics and informative text.
  83. Snoopy's Dog House
    Click on "Timeline" for 45 years of Snoopy history.
  84. Calendars and their History
  86. Maritime History Citations for the OED
    Links to Medieval Sources, Fifteenth and Sixteenth Century Sources (about 121 KB), Timoteo O'Scanlan's 1831 Diccionario marítimo español.
  87. Christmas Around the World
  88. The Puppetry Home Page
    This page has it all on the topic. I visited a link to a preforming group in Japan and was treated to an excellent page on the history and traditions of puppetry in that nation that included some great graphics, sounds and music.
  89. The Alcohol and Temperance History Group
    Offers a good selection of articles and research topics and some posters on the topic.
  90. Danny Yee's Book Page
    For the history reader - a list of historical novels set before 1000 A.D.
  91. A Great Assemblage
    An Exhibit of Judaica in honor of the opening of the Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale.
  92. WAE -- CD Rom reseller
    specializing in history, military history, military interest and aviation CD Rom publications.
  93. Center for History at New Media
    George Mason University. Current project is developing a list of cd-roms of interest to historians.
  95. Welcome to City Gallery
    History of 19th century photography. Use of genealogical methods to achieve a better understanding of the lives of 19th century photographers, and answers many questions genealogists, collectors and biographers ask about the history of 19th century photography.
  96. Myths, Legends, and Folklore
  98. SHARP Web
    Collection of resources for the history of print culture in any place, language, or period. Includes "... guides to publishers' archives, syllabi for courses in book history, bibliographies, links to exhibits and special collections, and up-to-date notices and calls for papers."
  99. Hot Topic: United Nations 50th Anniversary
    Click on "Historical Events" for a look at the 50th aniversary of the United Nations. A most impressive listing of links on the general topic of the UN. See "milestones" and the link to the Harvard "Model".
  100. United Nations Scholars' Workstation at Yale University
    Great resource for information on the U.N. I clicked on "Maps for UN Information" and a page with links to Net map information formed. One link was an Imagemap of the world with all of the UN peace keeping operations noted. I clicked on the area of the Balkans and a massive hypertext file of historic information loaded. This server obviously taps into a massive amount of data - much of it historic in nature.
  101. Hargarett Library - Rare Map Collection
    Rare maps from 1600-1870...850 total
  102. Stephen's Alternate History Site
  103. Young Adult Historical Fiction Page
  104. Uchronia: The Alternate History List
  105. Uchronia: The Alternate History List
    hitler.jpgPresents " annotated bibliography of novels, stories, essays and other material involving the "what ifs" of history. Such texts may be referred to as alternate histories, alternative histories, allohistories, uchronia, counterfeit worlds, counterfactuals, negative histories, etc. In an alternate history, one or more past events are changed and the subsequent effects on history somehow described." A very interesting page to browse... (see the cover art section). I even found a novel written by a Gingrich, Newt, and William R. Forstchen -- 1945.
  106. Dale Cozort's Alternate History Page
  107. John Mullervy's Alternate History Page
    With a focus on the Divided America alternate timeline, but other alternate history resources are listed.
  108. Usenet - atl.history.what-if
  109. soc.history.what-if FAQ
  110. Usenet - soc.history.what-if
  111. Usenet Alternate History List, Overview
  112. Newsgroup: soc.history.what-if
    Great new source! Hypertext links to the major counterfactual questions (What If...) and a quick submission form to subscribe to the list on the topic. Some other news groups of interest:
  113. Alternate History Travel Guides' Main Document
  114. Old Postcard Exhibition
  115. Pomeranian Dog History
  116. Tennessee Technological University History Web Site
    For the student interested in the history of music.
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