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Part of the History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers General History Sources/Sites

Wars and Military History, Print and Media History,History of Science and Technology, History of Art/Architecture, Women's History, Other Topical History


    The Post's "Century" feature. Articles as they appeared in the paper in the past.
  2. - Millennium: A Perspectives Series
  3. Time Table of History
    Listed in "General" because it includes a couple of citations for non-Western history, although most of the "timelines" (actually short descriptive selections) deal with European/American events.
  4. Teachers' Guild Lesson Plan: The Day I Was Born
  5. Cascoly's CHRONOS: History & Timelines
  6. The Millennium
    TOC: The Millennium, The 20th Century, 1999: The Year in Review.
  7. WebChron
  8. PBS TeacherSource - This Month - January 2000: Centuries
  9. Nat'l Academy Press, 50 Years of Ocean Discovery: (2000), Table of Contents
  10. 1000 years of history in 500 days
    To World War Two when I visited, but the archive has all the former pages. Caution -- little, if any, non-Western news is included.
  11. The Christian Science Monitor | A Thousand Years
    With key links to: Science and Technology, The map of the millennium, The human meteorite, Peering at the same stars, Looking back: 1,000 years of discovery, Technologies that changed the way humanity lives, The brave new world of biotechnology and beyond, The timeline, The evolution of the telephone, The micro-chip revolution.
  12. The Christian Science Monitor | A Thousand Years
  13. World War 2 Timeline Website
  14. Reflections on the 20th
  15. Calendars through the Ages
    From the folks who brought you The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.
  16. The Food Timeline
    See the review above in the Creative Applications section.
  17. TIME 100: 1900 vs. Now
    Part of a growning collection of Web pages that feature contrasts between 1900 and 2000. Selection tool (in the Box frame) generates a chart comparing 1900 and now, with the option of looking at the US or world perspective. Comparisons/constrasts in the areas of: world population, life expectancy, infant mortality, top city populations, size of the british empire, unemployment, miles of railroad, irrigated cropland, cars sold worldwide, avg. working hours, crude-oil production, entertainment, workforce in farming, tallest building, world forestland, olympics.
  18. PT's Milestones of the Millennium Series
    Featuring "...a two-year series of radio essays airing once a week on NPR's Performance Today® and complemented on this Web site with online features. Drawing on a wide range of concert and commercial recordings, the series creates a picture in sound of the pivotal events, places, movements, artists and musical works of the past 1000 years. example -- How World War I changed music.
  19. Historical Atlas of the 20th Century
  20. D-NET : Journey Through Time
  21. WebChron
  22. History Timelines on the Web ... The History Beat
    A year-long event from ABC News that will involve network and cable television, publishing, home video, and the World Wide Web. Eventually, a series of specials (up to 12 hours of viewing) that will draw "...from more than 500 original interviews and 5,000 hours of archival footage..." The program will be accompanied by a book, a videocassette edition, and a second documentary series on The History Channel. A Teacher's Viewing Guide will be posted on the Century website in Spring, 1999 with detailed Classroom Activities and a synopsis and lesson plan for each show.
  24. dMarie Time Capsule
  25. Time Capsule Project
    "Students at Monroe Woodbury Middle School in Monroe, New York wanted to celebrate the centennial of our town by leaving a permanent memory for future residents to open in the year 2095. The students contributed to a Time Capsule that will be buried in the town. In addition, an electronic "Time Capsule" was created containing photos, artwork, and information to be shared with others on the World Wide Web." The Capsule will feature: Student pictures and observations to be enclosed in the Time Capsule, Meet our Cluster Teachers, Principal, Assistant Principal and Director of Computer Services, A Graph of population changes, A Survey of students to determine a "typical" student with results in text and graphics, What and why we've chosen these objects to be included in our time capsule, Our environmental concerns now and our forecast for the year 2095 and The history of foreign language education in the Monroe Woodbury School District.
  26. Timelines Collection - George Emery
    Western/American timelines... no timelines for other cultures.
  27. Time Page History Links
  28. World War Two Timeline ... The Beat
    Here is a page entirely organized around time...
  29. Ancient Civilizations
  30. CNN - Cold War
    A 24-part documentary series examining the defining struggle of our times -- premieres on CNN Sunday, September 27th. Special featues of the Web page will include: expanded versions of key interviews, links to important archives and documents, a multimedia gallery of historic sights and sounds, forums for on-line discussion and debate, interactive challenges, scholarly analysis and a preview of the coming week's episode. For dates and descriptions see the link to Episode Summaries.
  31. EyeWitness
    History "...through the words of those who lived it, using personal narratives and other first-hand sources to illuminate the past."
  32. People's Century
    Central site for the PBS programs.
  33. MHP: Timeline by Chronology
    Browse key events in media history by era, century, or decade
  34. History Internet Timeline ... The History Beat
    A fine collection of timelines on various cultures.

    Education Calendar & WWW Sites
    The September calendar examines Labor Day, the Treaty of Paris (Anniversary), Richard Wright's Birthday (Anniversary), First Continental Congress Assembly (Anniversary), Marie Zakrzewska's Birthday (Anniversary) and First Day of Autumn (Autumnal Equinox). Mexican Independence Days, Mayflower Day. The pattern established by the page is to present a detailed review of four Web sites on each of the above topics and a link to the site reviewed. This is a page that concentrates on content and does a superior job at that...

    Key dates featured in August -- August 06, 1997: Bombing of Hiroshima (Anniversary), August 10, 1997: Family Day, August 14, 1997: VJ Day, August 26, 1997: Women's Equality Day, August 27, 1997: Lyndon B. Johnson's Birthday (Anniversary)
    This remains on my bookmarks for its content and format, which is updated monthly.

  35. Global land environments during the last 130,000 years
    Time recently (April 14,1997) published an article on measuring climate changes using the ice of Antarctica. The article ended with a quote from Lamount Wallace Broeker: "Climate is an angry beast, and we are poking it with sticks." The issue of climate change and its impact on human development (past, present and future) presents an opportunity to create activities and lessons that cross the traditional subject divisions in most American schools.
  36. Web Chronologies and Timelines
    TOC: General Calendars & Timelines, Arts, Economics, History, Literature, Philosophy, Religion, Science. One fruitful link to follow is George J. Emery - Timelines. George presents enough timelines to keep you occupied for hours. An exceptional resource for students to see variety in the presentation of chronological materials.
  37. Where is Time is Carmen Sandiego?
    See the Good Guys at ACME Timenet with links to V.I.L.E. Headquarters, Carmen Sandiego on PBS, More Fun with Carmen Sandiego, Carmen Sandiego for Teachers. You can even play the "Theme Song."
  38. History Sites by Time Period
  39. Timelines!
    This is an excellent page for world history. Students could easily be assigned to survey events is several cultures at a given time. The addition of Central Asia and the Pacific region to the time chart on the main page would create a comprehensive global resource. But perhaps this task could be assigned to students.
  40. A Moment In Time
  41. This Human World: An Introduction to Geography
    Course site with strong historical/chronologocal themes.
  42. Exploring Ancient World Cultures
  43. The Times of Our Lives: Investigations into Socio-chronology
  44. The 80s Server: '80s On Board
  45. Mark Harden's Museum of Art: "1925 - The Year in Review"
    "This point-in-time experience combines analysis and chronological narrative to convey the sense of being in the art world of that year." Mark has done a remarkable job in this presentation of artists and their works.
  46. Talk 2000 - Welcome
    Assign students to do a "Long Term Quest" (see the Quest site for a Template) on millenniums. Assign students to compare this site with research about the speculation prior to 1000.
  47. 1933
    I had no idea 1933 was such an important year. See for yourself.
  48. Q.E.N. HOME PAGE
    REVIEW AND ATLAS OF PALAEOVEGETATION. Ecosystem maps of the world since the Last Glacial Maximum. Example = maps of the Americas at 1 kyr intervals, 15,000-9,000 C14 yrs BP. Also links to latest research findings from around the world.
  49. 17th Century Literature
  50. Eighteenth-Century Resources
  51. 19th Century sources.
  52. Nineteenth Century Studies
    Literature, arts, history, science, and music of the nineteenth century in America, Britain, and Europe.
  53. Additional Sites
    Military History - General Military Sites, Classical, Ancient, and Medieval sites and General History.
  54. History B94: History of Ancient Egypt - Piccione
    Course Description and Syllabus in PDF format. Links to: Chronology of Egyptian Civilization, A Relative Chronology of Nubia and Egypt, 8000 BC -- 1600 AD, Excursus: Basin Irrigation in Egypt, Excursus II: Egyptian and the Afro-Asiatic Languages, Excursus III: The Status of Women in Ancient Egyptian Society, Names, Places and Words to Remember, Visuals and Images Utilized in Class, Internet Resources.
  55. History of Money from Ancient Times to the Present Day
    One essay deals with money in the United States.
  1. Lives, the Biography Resource
    Links to thousands of biographies, autobiographies, memoirs, diaries, letters, narratives and oral histories.
  2. People who made the millennium
  3. My History is America's History
  4. Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:History:U.S. History:20th Century:People
  5. Innovative Lives
    A collection of biographies and major achievements of selected inventors from Lemelson Center, Smithsonian.
  6. Lost and Found Sound: The QuestScreen shot segment
    A web site that asks listeners to "...send in their home recordings of the last one hundred years to be shaped into stories that capture the rituals and sounds of everyday life." The page that annotates the weekly programs listed the following when I visited (6/6/99). May 31, 1999 Memorial Day: A Memorial Day speech given on the lawn in front of the courthouse in Liberty, Indiana, in 1983 by Joseph Alvin Sawyer, Sr., the first African-American veteran to have that honor. Submitted by his daughter, Joanne SawyerKnoll, and his sons, Extinct Tongues: South African Language: A woman singing a lullaby to her baby in the lost language of Kukasi, You Say Hello, I Say Ahoy:Thomas Edison introduced "hello" as a greeting for people on the telephone. We explore the telephone and its manners. Mark Twain, Italian phone calls, Japanese greeting, the telephone operators' convention and other openers from the AT&T Archives, Harmonica Lesson: Jonathan Mitchell found an old audio cassette in his closet sent to him by his grandfather when Jonathan was a little boy. "It's not hard for him to find lessons in it. Jonathan is a musician. So was his grandfather. His grandfather was a also a preacher. His tape is full of lessons, intended or imagined", Gettysburg Witness: A recording of the voice of William V. Rathvon, "...who as a nine-year-old boy, watched and listened to Abraham Lincoln deliver his address at Gettysburg in Novermber 1863. The story was told in 1938 and recorded on a 78 r.p.m. record.
    I especially enjoyed the Grandpa Mitchell recording, but you may find another favorite.
  7. Special Section: My Turn Family Heroes
    Write a story about your family hero and gain a chance to win a Professional Digital Camera or be featured on or in the pages of Newsweek magazine. Guess I would opt for the free camera.
  8. USU Oral History Program
    Utah State University. This site could easily become a favorite for K-12 teachers and students involved in oral history projects. It begins with a series of tutorials on: The Significance of Oral History, How To Collect Oral Histories, Telling Effective Life Stories, Telling Stories From Our Lives, Making a Life-Map. After browsing each tutorial, it is likely that students new to oral history will find excellent guidance and inspiration.
  9. Capturing the Past- Introduction
    How to Prepare & Conduct an Oral History Interview, from KBYU, Brigham Young University.
    Explore the history of the century through the eyes of the ordinary men and women who made and lived it. The 13 one-hour episodes conclude the series' two-year, 26-program run.
  11. Current Talking History topic
    The Thallium Enthusiams, an audio discussion of the epidemic of domestic poisonings that took place in 1953 in Sidney, Australia. The link is a part of the Part of a series on "Talking History" site, which also includes The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire of 1911, A Biographical Profile of the Late Elijah Muhammad -- Leader of the Nation of Islam, The Amistad Incident, H. R. McMaster's "Dereliction of Duty" (on Vietnam), A History of the Civil Rights Movement in Song and Music, The History Show: 1857, The History of the Martini, The Historical Jesus--His Birth, The Image of China in the U.S., The Pilgrims at Plymouth and the First Thanksgiving, Sputnik's 40th Anniversary, Uses and Abuses of the Hebrew Bible in History, History of Public Amusements, Nuclear Disarmament Activism in the 1950s and 1960s, Thatcher Ulrich's Pulitzer Prize-winning book A Midwife's Tale: The Life of Martha Ballard, The History of Time and Women and Witchcraft in Colonial Salem, Massachusetts.
  12. {{{{ - object - not - found - }}}}
    I browsed the "Found Writing" segment on an old school note. Ever pick up a classroom note written by a student who was not listening to your "gem"? I sometimes threatened to read them aloud to the other students. Why would someone save these notes? Is this something like the teeth marks from my Grandchildren on the window ledge (the one where the squirrels played in the snow in the Winter)? Guess part of living with real style is knowing what to keep and what to discard. Which remind me that I must clean the garage this weekend.
  13. Paul Halsall/Fordham University
  14. Center for Digital Storytelling
    A page presented by husband and wife team "... to assist people in using digital media to tell meaningful stories from their lives, with source material generated from their personal image archives."
  15. TIME 100: Artist & Entertainers
  16. Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:History:U.S. History:People
    Yahoo listing of top people.
  17. The Aces of World War I
    With links to: Aces, Aircraft and Books.
  18. Biography Watch
    Original, short, made-for-online video programs, with narration by Jack Perkins, host of the Biography television series on A&E.
  19. Biographical Dictionary
  20. Biographical Dictionary
  21. - Tonight on Biography®
    Last week included Caligula, Rasputin, Marquis de Sade, Nero and Ivan The Terrible. Each bio includes at least a page of text background and a short RealVideo clip (with sound) describing the individual.
    I tried a quick search for Hannibal and got a page with several other links to Fabius Maximus, Flaminius, Hamilcar, Hasdrubal and Scipio Africanus Major.
  23. BiographyTm magazine Preview
  24. Spectrum Biography Library
    Most Recent Addition: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, with many others archived.
  25. SPECTRUM: The Family Internet Magazine
    See the biographical information on Barton, Browning, Caesar, Earhart, Copland, Cousteau, Earp, Edison, Franklin, Houdini, Joplin, Lincoln, Pocahontas, Swift and Tubman.
  26. Lucidcafé
    A click on "Library" generated a listing of months/years the cafe has been operating. A click on March 96 gereated a list of "guests" that included an image map with links to Albert Einstein, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., René Descartes, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Alexander Graham Bell, Johann Sebastian Bach, Michelangelo, Sandra Day O'Connor. I selected Albert Einstein, and was transpaorted to a page that listed some brief information on the scientist and other physicists/scientists in the Lucidcafé Library as well as other internet resources about Albert Einstein. Each month viewers are introduced to a collection of contemporary and historical figures who were born during the month.
  27. The TIME 100
    Time and CBS will collaborate on a series of programs (in March 1998) on the top people of the 20th century and this site will provide the Web support. At this point, you can register your opinion/vote on the candidates on the site.
  28. Melisende's Women of History
    Melisende, Agnes of Courtenay, Alice of Jerusalem, Amalasuntha, Mazoria, Morphia of Melitane, Philippa of Hainault, Sybilla of Anjou, Isabella of Ibelin, Mary Read, Eadburgh.
  29. Education Calendar & WWW Sites
    Media Design maintains a monthly calendar of special events and reviews Internet links for each event. However, only the current month is shown (an archive is not maintained).
  30. The Beast Within
    A study of the darker side of human nature as explored by the literature and history of 20th century man. Part of a year-long ninth grade interdisciplinary program. While you are on site, take a look at NHHS Interdisciplinary Team Organization (ITO) Project Ideas on the main menu page.
  31. Political Leaders, 1945-Present
    Alpha, by nation. From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

Oral History

  1. Oral History Association
    See the impressive collection of links under "Other Sites."
  2. What's New on Yahoo - Arts:History:People (Fri Dec 12, 1997)
  3. Justin Oral History Center
  4. Oral History Internet Resources
    Michigan Oral History Association.
  5. Personal-Experience Accounts and Resources
    Archive of first-hand stories, - oral, written and photographed - and related resources on the Internet. Organized into topics (Personal Crisis and Social Issues Homeless, Abuse, Miscellaneous, Contemporary Daily Life, Oral History Sites, Historical Events, Wars, Corporate, Scientific Histories, Miscellaneous Histories, Conflict Mediation Resources, General History Sites) with a fine search tool onsite.
  6. CIMS Oral History Page
    From the Centre for Immigration and Multicultural Studies, one of the better listings of oral history links.
  8. Young in the Thirties, Old in the Nineties
    Example of an interdisciplinary project in Europe (part of Web for Schools project ) using interviews with Seniors and oral history.
  9. History Projects
    Some nice projects described here, especially the "oral history" segments. Do a project on local or oral history, a history fair or a project on Native Americans. See if you can locate the oral history essayby Rasad Abdul-Jabbar, who tells us about his Great Granfather "Bones" who played two cow bones - one black and one white -- to carry a message.
  10. An Oral History Project led by Mari Glamser (Eisenhower HS,Aldine)
    Gopher with a collection of oral history samples.
  11. Oral & Scribal Culture History
  12. Oral History Questions
  13. An Oral History Primer
  14. Oral Histories
    Contains an oral history outline -- a list of generic questions to ask during an interview -- together with several examples of oral histories completed by students at Eisenhower High School in Aldine, Texas.
  15. UC Santa Cruz Regional Oral History Project
  16. Oral History Questions -- The Gene Pool
    Great collection of questions to conduct an oral history interview.
  17. The Chairman Smiles - Introduction
    Source = International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam. Offering digitized images of political propaganda posters from the Soviet Union, Cuba, and China. Thumbnails for all thirty-some images load quickly, along with text on the artist, title and date. Each thumbnail links to a larger image of the poster, with publication and production information and a descriptive caption.
  1. The Struma Project
    Presents part of the story of Rumanian and Russian Jews who escaped the massacres in 1941 Rumania by embarking on a tiny vessel for Palestine. "She limped to Istanbul over three days where the tiny, woefully inadequate engine finally gave up. There she remained for 70 days. The British refused to grant permission for them to enter Palestine and the Turks would not let them repair the engine, disembark or remain in Turkey. With only the food and water supplied by the local Jewish community and no sanitary facilities, conditions on the unbearably cramped, little ship rapidly deteriorated. On the evening of February 23rd 1942, Turkish police seized control of ship and towed it out into the Black Sea. With no engine, she drifted over night when at first light a Russian submarine sank her with a single torpedo. 103 children, 269 women and 406 men died."
  2. Lewis Mumford Center for Comparative Urban and Regional Research
  3. Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:History:Browse By Region:Countries
  4. National Archives of New Zealand. Te Whare Tohu Tuhituhinga O Aotearoa (Graphic Version)
  5. Places of AncientSites
  6. The UnMuseum - Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
  7. M. C. Carlos Museum
    This fine online collection displays a small replica of the object and a description placing the object in a historical and cultural context. Clicking on the graphic generates a larger version with more detail about the object. Objects and information on Ancient Egyptian Art, Ancient Near East Art, Classical Art, Art of the Ancient Americas, Sub-Saharan African Art and Works of Art on Paper.
  8. JweishStar Jewish and Israel History page
  9. Exploring Ancient World Cultures
    Home | Near East | India | Egypt | China | Greece | Rome | Islam | Europe | Conclusions
  10. D. I. Loizos Home Page
    Pages for Modern Greece: History Sources, Human Prehistory: An Exhibition, Some History Links.
  11. Arctic Circle
    A site with considerable depth. A click on "History and Culture" generated a page of links on: Seeking the Past: An Archaeological Journey, In Pursuit of Progress: A Colonial Narrative, Arctic Exploration - Euro-American Portrayals, Arctic Dawn: The Journeys of Samuel Hearne, Willem Barentsz: Voyage to the Arctic in 1596-97, Exploration of the Canadian Arctic Elisha Kent Kane Historical Society, Sir John Franklin - Elisha Kent Kane Historical Society, Indigenous Views, Colonialism in Greenland: An Inuit Perspective - Robert Petersen, Yupiaq Education Revisited - Angayuqaq Oscar Kawagley, A Third Option - Ingmar Egede, An Introduction to Northern Peoples, The Crees of Northern Quebec, The Inupiat of Arctic Alaska, The Nenets and Khanty of Yamal Peninsula, Northwest Siberia, Arctic Circle Museum of Art, Photography and Anthropology.
  12. Virtual Galápagos: History
    This is part of the TerraQuest site. The history section of the site deserves special attention here... and not just for the content. The visual impact is top shelf.
  13. Australian History
  14. Division of Historical Resources Web Index
    Very creative example of a model state historical effort from Florida's Division of Historical Resources. Information on historic preservation, museums, archaeology, and folklife.
  15. ABZU
    Guide to sources for the story of the Ancient Near East. Under "Whats New"... an essay on "Building Bridges to Afrocentricism..", the Homepage of the Iranian Cultural Center from Stanford and the Babylonian Collection, Sources for Curriculum Materials, an essay on "Basin Irrigation in Egypt" (by Dr. Peter Piccione of the University of Chicago's Oriental Institute) and links to many areas -- including an FTP site.
  16. Berlin/Prague Cover Page - Philip Greenspan
    The introduction below tells it all and clearly illustrates that travel (and visiting travel net sites) can lead to an appreciation of history.
    "Join Greenspun as he searches for traces of Jewish history among the shell-pocked ruins of East Berlin, visits the luxurious digs of Frederick the Great, takes a pleasure cruise past the birthplace of the Final Solution, rides down the Elbe River valley to Prague, dates a beautiful young Czech, wrests his bicycle from the Czech bureaucracy, tries desperately to impress two Dutch sisters, visits the last battleground of World War II, and is trapped over Heathrow with a New York philosopher.
    You'll learn about fascinating history, beautiful architecture, and, perhaps best of all, how ethnic strife in Europe lends perspective to problems in America."
    (from Web Travel Review page at
  1. Welcome to MUSEE - Directory of museums worldwide including art, science, history, zoos, archaeology, and aquariums.
    An interactive directory to museums' collections in most topic areas.
  2. - Moving Picture Museums
  3. The Collections
    With key links to The Museum of Geology, The Archaeological Research Center, The Sioux Indian Museum and The Duhamel Collection.
  4. 24 Hour Museum
    UK site with great information on museums. Especially interesting is the Museum in the Classroom Pack, available as a PDF download.
  5. Royal Ontario Museum
  6. DIA: Galleries - Ancient Art
  7. Welcome to the Brooklyn Museum of Art
    Egyptian, Classical, and Ancient Middle Eastern Art, Arts of Africa, the Pacific, and the Americas and Painting, Sculpture, Prints, Drawings, and Photography.
  8. BRITISH MUSEUM: Exhibitions
  9. Musei On Line
  10. Virtual Museum Resources and Schools
    (From From Now On - The Educational Technology Journal) Articles and other resources meant to guide those teachers who are new at building virtual museums with their students. Browsers will find a linked list of School Virtual Museums. See area studies database @University of Manchester. Another excellent resource is Building an Archive.
    All museums have items that can not be displayed for the public for various reasons. Here is a web page that dispays a number of them, with brief explanations and information for each.
  12. Louvre Museum Official Website
    I recently spent a week in Paris for a planned visit to the Louvre, but it was closed due to a labor dispute. "Cyber" visits will have to do until the next extended vacation in 2001, with a focus on Northern Europe.
  13. M. C. Carlos Museum
    From Emory University. A collection of over 15,000 objects covering nearly 9,000 years from the prehistoric cultures of seventh millennium B.C. to the twentieth century. Connections to Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Near Eastern, Classical, Ancient Americas, Sub-Saharan African Art.
  14. Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation home page
    A click on "Index" will provide a gateway to all of the vast resources on the page.
  15. Museum of Art and Archaeology Home Page
    SPECIAL EXHIBITIONS: India's Artistry: The Unseen Revealed (January 24 - May 10, 1998), Seventeenth-Century European Prints & Drawings (February 14-June 21). Permanent exhibits include: The Saul and Gladys Weinberg Gallery of Ancient Art, Early Christian and Byzantine Gallery, The Gallery of European and American Art, Expressions of Africa and The Aesthetic Energy of the Twentieth Century. An onsite "VIRTUAL EXHIBITION" on Roman Coins with Imperial Portraits rounds out the site. The Museum also offers descriptions of tours at "" that include text and selected graphics. Naturally, if you can not visit the Museum, this is the next best option. There is some fine information and images for K-12 students (especially useful for survey courses) at each tour site.
  16. Age of Exploration On-line Curriculum Guide
    The Mariners' Museum - Newport News, Virginia.
  17. The FOOD Museum
  18. Food Museum Food List
  19. Aviation Museum Locator
  20. Carnegie Museum of Art
  21. WebMuseum: Map
  22. Cleveland Museum of Art Collection
  23. Oriental Institute Virtual Museum
    Uses a series of Apple QuickTime movies to take you on a tour of each of the Museum's galleries. "Viewers can move about museum exhibits by simply dragging their mouse to the right or left. At this time only the Egyptian and Assyrian galleries are "open," but soon the Mesopotamian, Persian, Palestinian, and Temporary Exhibits galleries will be open as well. Each exhibit is accompanied by a complete list of artifacts on exhibit, as well as connections to other Oriental Institute sites of interest, including selected photographic archives."
  24. The Constructivist Museum
    George E. Hein presents an analysis of theories of knowledge and learning, and how this relates to the goals of Eurorpean museums.
  25. WWICS: Dialogue Interview samples
    Dialogue radio interview samples.
  26. Royal Ontario Museum - Home Page
    See the "Research" and the CT-scan of Djedmaatesankh be sure to go to the "Fun" section for instructions on how to make an Egyptian mummy. This is clearly a first class site. Great instructions with graphics. This would be a great start in an effort to integrate art and history. The site also has a scan of the Egyptian alphabet to sign the art work.
  27. Metropolitan Museum of Art
  28. Milwaukee Public Museum Home Page
    For an essay on masks, see Masks Reprinted without illustrations from LORE magazine.
  29. Smithsonian Institution Libraries
    See "Science and the Artist's Book" exhibit. A click on "Project Access" is also very rewarding and provides access to several major databases. For example: CitaDel offers access to two databases: Anthropological Literature and History of Science and Technology.
  30. The New York Public Library
    On-Line Photography Exhibits fromthe Miriam & Ira Wallach Division of Prints and Photographs.
  31. Smithsonian Activities: New and Temporary Exhibitions at the Smithsonian
    Planning a trip to the Smithsonian? This site list all of the exhibits in or near the Smithsonian. You might also visit the main page of the Smithsonian.
  32. The San Diego Aerospace Museum's Home Page
    Provides a visual and text chronology of flight. Brief historical sketches with graphic from the Museum. See World War I and II.
  33. Kelsey Museum Educational and Outreach Programs
  34. California Museum of Photography
    See photos of California Industry, Trains, Ellis Island, Russia Before the Revolution, Japan in 1880 and a LA storewindow in 1940.
  35. Heritage Map Museum Home Page
    Maps from the 15th to the 19th century. Site offers future links to downloadable historic maps.
  36. Welcome to the Museum of Antiquities
    Exhibit of "Flints and Stones" -- see a world of the late Stone Age (Europe and England). Seems suitable to a wide range of ages.
  37. The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Museums
    Museums listed by countries. Try an elecronic fieldtrip to see the resources from your computer terminal. There are enough sites here to assign a different museum and/or nation to all of your students.
  38. NY gopher
    Office of Telecommunications Policy Analysis and Development, at the New York State Education Department in Albany NY.
  1. United States Government Documents Brief Guide for Historical Research | History | Subject Resources | Research | University Library, University of Nebraska at Omaha
  2. Flashbacks Index
    The Atlantic Monthly offers articles back to 1995. The top article currently on the site is "A Culture of Violence" in response to the recent school violence.
  3. From Portico - The British Library's Online Information Server
    British Library Treasures Digitisation Project - aims to enhance access to and enjoyment of masterpieces of the collections, with links to: The Lindisfarne Gospels, The Diamond Sutra, Magna Carta, The Sforza Hours, A Leonardo da Vinci Notebook and the Tyndale New Testament.
  4. The Avalon Project : 20th Century Documents
    Documents (18th through 20th Centuries) relevant to the fields of Law, History, Economics, Politics, Diplomacy and Government. The site also features a selection of pre 18 century docs: The Constition of Athens, Assize of Clarendon, Code of Hammurabi, Confirmation of the Charters, Constitutions of Clarendon, English Bill of Rights, Fundamental Orders of 1639, Laws of William the Conquerer, Magna Carta and the Mayflower Compact. cray.jpg
  5. AICT019.jpg
    "AICT is a royalty-free image exchange resource for the educational community." Although the quantity is limited, the quality is great. Each is displayed on a page that provides information on the image.
  6. Information about Electronic Records for Researchers
    TOC: Korean Conflict -- Casualty Records, Nurses POW/MIA records, Latin America (electronic), Securities and Exchange Commission Records, POWs/MIAs, WWII - Vietnam Era (Vietnam Conflict, Casualty Records, POW/MIA records) Operations Analysis System (OPSANAL), Soviet Union (electronic), World War II.
  7. Historical Documents on the Internet
  8. Mercer's Reading Room
    A source of historical documents and selected readings.
  9. TheHistoryNet: Article Index
    Currently (8/99) showing 654 articles on a variety of topics (America's Civil War, American History, Aviation History, British Heritage, Civil War Times, Columbiad, Early American Homes, Historic Traveler, Military History, Military History Quarterly, Vietnam, Wild West, Women's History, World War II).
  10. CLIO -- The National Archives Information Server
    The National Archives Information Server -- soon will be moving to a Web page.
  11. Tulane University Manuscripts Department
    TOC: Agriculture, Medicine, Military Artists, Music, Theater and Dance, Business, Political collections, Educators, Religion, Family history, Social agencies, Jewish Studies, Social and civic organizations, Journalism and Literature.
  12. Documentary Image Collection
    The National Library of Australia - with excellent search tools online.. Display thumbnails and full image.
  13. Accessible Archives (CDROM publisher)
    Publishes important newspapers and primary source materials of American history in full text searchable CD-ROM format for researchers, historians and students of Social Studies. Links to: [Pennsylvania Gazette], [The Civil War], [Industrial Revolution], [Niles' Register], [African American Collection].
  14. Netherlands Historical Data Archive
  15. Royal Commission on Historical Manuscripts Webpages
  16. Index of Resources for History
    Over 1700 connections arranged alphabetically by subject and name.
  17. NYS Archives -- Consider the Source
    Historical Records in the Classroom, a 146-page book from the New York State Archives and Records Administration that includes reproductions of 22 historical records and related lesson plans.
  19. Vanderbilt Television News Archive
    Network Television Evening News Abstracts -- story level descriptive summaries of network evening news programs. Click on a year of your choice back to 1969 and a new page with the months is generated. Click on a date and the major networks are listed, with brief summaries of the news topics covdered that day. Although the full text (with real audio) is not supplied, this is an excellent resource.
  20. The New York State Archives and Records Administration Home Page
  21. Stanford Archive of Recorded Sound
  22. CRM
    Archive of federal legislation related to historic preservation and cultural resource management.
  23. CRM: US Cultural Protection Legislation
    Archive of federal legislation related to historic preservation and cultural resource management.
    The "...preservation of the original writings of the great authors, scientists, philosophers, statesmen, sovereigns and leaders from all the periods of world history." See the "Cultural Literacy Program."
  25. Archive at Kansas
    Massive listing of history resources.
  26. Internet resoures for archives
    With links to: Master Lists of Archives (Web sites around the world), Tools for Archivists, Archival Search Engines, Professional Resources, Searching Resource.
  1. Arizona Historical Society/Southern Arizona Division
  2. The Institute for Psychohistory
  3. H-Childhood
    A new moderated H-Net discussion list seeks to link international scholars studying the history of childhood and youth in all regions and time periods. Resources available at the site include discussion threads, message logs, a review project, and academic announcements.
  4. University at Albany History Department
  5. Directory of Discussion Lists for Historians
  6. OHR Contents of 24/1 (Summer 1997)
    Journal of the Oral History Association.
  7. Department of History
    University of Saskatchewan.
    Association for Art History.
  9. Internet Archive of Texts and Documents
    Document archive: Europe, The United States and East Asia. India and South Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia, and Oceana.
  10. State Historical Society of Wisconsin
    See the links to Historic Preservation and Wisconsin Archaeology Week.
  11. NYU Department of History
  12. History
    Comprehensive Internet Reference to Discussion Lists in history.
  13. Academy of Achievement Home Page
  14. Institute of Historical Research - IHR-Info Welcome
  15. Student discussion in survey classes(x-H-Teach)
  16. AISSH : Australian Information Server in History and the Humanities
    Links to Urban History gopher and H-Urban archive and current discussion threads.
  17. Society of Ancient Military Historians Home Page
  18. H-Net, Humanities OnLine HOME PAGE
  19. National Coordinating Committee for the Promotion of History (NCC)
  20. Society for the History of Technology
  21. National Center for History in the Schools
  22. Bring History Alive
  23. National Center for History in the Schools
  24. H-Net, Humanities OnLine HOME PAGE
  25. Canadian Institute for Historical Microreproductions
    See the Early Canadiana Online link.
  26. State Historical Society of Wisconsin
  27. UC Santa Cruz--University Library, Regional History Project
  28. New Home Page Association for History and Computing
    Netscape version.
  29. SHARP Web
    The Society for the History of Authorship, Reading & Publishing. Site designed to share research and teaching resources and history of print culture. For scholars working in all areas and aspects of the history of print culture.
  30. Home Page Association for History and Computing
  31. NCSS Online
  32. Organization of American Historians
  33. Overview of the Scholarly Societies Project
    From the University of Waterloo.
  34. NearNet Historical Resources
    Alphabetical list of locations and topics of interest.
  35. American Antiquarian Society
  36. TELA: Scholars Press WWW Site
    TELA is The Electronically Linked Academy, the Scholars Press World Wide Web (WWW) site. TELA concentrates on the areas of religion, philology, classics, Near Eastern and Mediterranean archaeology, and ancient history.
  1. Teachers' Guild Lesson Plan: The Role of History and Culture in Literature
    Form a team of scholar adventurers, students to create a website devoted to making clear some relationship between a particular writer and the time in which he or she lived. "The site should explore the relationship between the writer, the time in which that writer wrote, the social forces of that era, and anything else important to giving a better understanding of the writer and his or her works."
  2. Book summaries and reviews dealing with history
  3. Cromohs - cyber review of modern historiography
    Studies and research relating to modern historical culture (historiography, erudition, philosophies of history, methodologies of historical research, didactics of history.
  4. Conversations with History
  5. Welcome to The Modern Humanities Website
  6. Hands-On History with the WWW Home
  7. Exhibits Collection -- Collapse
    Explore the collapse of four ancient civilizations. You'll learn what happens when a society collapses and how archaeologists find and interpret evidence.
  8. wNetSchool - Our Favorite Toys
    Click on the "Organizer for Students" for some excellent tutorials!
  9. Hands-On History with the WWW Home
    University of Northern Iowa online professional development workshop -- teaching of history for grades 4-12.
  10. Reading, Writing, and Researching for History: A Guide for College Students
    Although designed for the College student, you might find it appropriate for senior high students. For example, the help guide for the evaluation of primary sources was is readable.
  11. Teaching History -- A Journal of Methods
    I located the link to a recent article in the Christian Science Monitor (see below) at this site.. No articles on-line (TOC listing) althought some of the issues are out of print.. The site would benefit by some online samples.
  12. Want history to come alive?
    Take students to the source..from the Christian Science Monitor. By Robert A. Cole.
  13. History Page
    An assortment of learning tools: See the grahics (concept maps) under spider maps or webs, flow charts, flash cards, herringbone maps, time lines, compare-contrast organizers, matrices, hierarchies or arrays and outlines.
  14. Young Adult Historical Fiction Page
    This was created by a middle school humanities students and is based on the best books read by students in the class.
  15. History Standards Available for Downloading
    A detailed critique of both the proposed U.S. and world history standards....can be downloaded as a Word document.
  16. The History Data Service
    see "Draft Workshop Report - Scholarly Exploitation of Digital Resources: a Workshop for Historians.
  17. History Alive! Teachers' Curriculum Institute
    Teaching Strategies, Professional Development, History Alive! Community, Curricular Materials, U.S. History, World History, Teacher Adapted Activities.
  18. The British Library
    Digital section and current exhibits.
  19. Radical History Review-Official Web Site of the RHR
    see the link to Teaching Radical History 1 The page provides links to: Historical Reflections on Teaching Women's History, The World of Suzie Wong and M. Butterfly: Race and Gender in Asian America, Yukiko Hanawa, Gender and Cultural History, Teaching the U.S. Women's History Survey at a Catholic University.
  20. Human History Project: CONTEXTS
    A special map plugin is required for your browser.
  21. C T I C H
    The Computers in Teaching Initiative Centre .
  22. AICT
    A valuable (royality free) source of images, mainly in the area of architecture. Non-Western images are very limited.
  23. History - IHR-Info
    Search tool for British, European, global history.
  24. Conversations with History
  25. History Links by Mr. Jenkens, a history teacher.
  26. History of Science
    University course page.
  27. Teaching on the Internet
    History On-line: Teaching on the Internet by J. B. Owens at Idaho State University.
  28. Hist Soc 5-6-98
  29. Anistoriton Magazine of History & Archaeology
    An Electronic Magazine of History & Archaeology edited by D. I. Loizos. Anistoriton is the Greek word for "ignorant in history". It attempts to "...bridge the gap between professional historians and archaeologists and their specialized research, on the one hand, and the general public, the true history and archaeology lovers, on the other." Currently published only on the Internet.
  30. World Civilizations
    Provides access to a sample "Learning Module" on "What is Culture?" You should find a collection of essays on "The Culture Debate in the U.S.: Whose Culture Is This, Anyway?" Other resources include a Glossary of World Cultures Reading About the World (Vol. 1 and 2).
  31. Virtual Ancient Civilizations
    From the Urbana Middle School. A very enjoyable page! I especially liked the student art (see the Mosaics by 6th Grade Students)
  32. New Historical Research
  33. PBS History: History in the Classroom
    Gateway page for all the history resources on PBS.
  34. Travel Through Times
    Historical timeline (frames required) completed by a Dallas student. I wonder if the "Human Origins" will get a lot of hits from the local districts in Kansas?
  35. History Channel Classroom
  36. Historical Map Web Sites
    Historical Map Web Sites from the Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas at Austin.
  37. Biography Maker
    Online lessons "...explain what a biography should be and walks writers through questioning, learning, synthesis, and story-telling." Links to Internet resources and tips for effective writing are also on site.
  38. Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego?
    Use the online order form to obtain a Teacher's Guide (Carmen Sandiego for Teachers.)
  39. Envisioning the Future: Creating the Classroom of the 21st Century
  40. Responses to Industry Home Page
    Offering "...first-hand accounts of the rise of industry from a host of different perspectives: workers and employers, Americans and Europeans, insiders (workers, employers) and outsiders (government investigators, social critics), from written sources and from visual images..."
  41. Studying and Teaching History
    Excellent listing, although not annotated.
  42. NM's Creative Impulse
    The artist's view of World History and Western Civilization from Harrison High School (Evansville).
  43. Special Maps
    Maps of the Gulf, Vietnam, Korean War and of World War II.
  44. Outline Maps
    Copyright free maps from the Houghton Mifflin Company.
  45. Retanet Home Page
    Resources for Teaching About the Americas. A project funded by the U.S. Department of Education. Provides resources and curriculum materials about Latin America, the Spanish Caribbean, and the U.S. Southwest. Over 65 lesson plans.
  46. Learning Page of the Library of Congress: Using Primary Sources. Also, see the Detective page and ecome a Historical Detective.
  47. The History Guide
  48. Habitat
    Cities of Today, Cities of Tomorrow -- A Wired Curriculum. Three units online designed for k5-7.
  49. Jour 1001 Home Page
    Loads of history here. See the course/lesson outlines.
  50. Cariadoc's Miscellany: Cooking from Primary Sources: Some General Comments
    Guide for using primary sources for recipies.
  51. LookSmart - exploring Education & Reference> Arts & Humanities> History> K-12 History
  52. History Collection
    Student history essays from Sammamish.
  53. Dan Graf's Homepage
    A page designed to help students doing history research.
  54. Historical Background/Primary Research Resources
    Resources were selected to give context relevant to the " historical" time period, especially background information about European and early North American lifestyles and includes primary resources documents written during the period in question.
  55. The World According To Student Bloopers
  56. Index of /pub/pictures/history
    For a more general search, visit the Main Page of the FTP site.
  57. Instructor-Why & How I Teach with Historical Fiction
    Links to: 7 Reasons I Teach with Historical Fiction, Tips for Choosing Good Historical Fiction, 15 Fabulous New Historical Fiction Books, Is Pocahontas Real? Discovering Where History Stops and the Story Starts.
    See the H-Net List Home Pages Sorted by List Name.
  59. Consider the Source
    Historical Records in the Classroom - "...designed to help educators develop the skills necessary for locating, researching and using historical records in the classroom. The book contains reproductions of historical records and ready-to-use lesson plans and worksheets. The records date from the 1790s to the 1960s. The lesson plans are interdisciplinary and cover every grade level."
  60. Digital Classroom
    From the National Archives and Records Administration. See "History in the Raw"- an article providing rationale for teaching with primary source documents and ideas for introducing students to historical documents found in their daily lives. The site also has a good question set -- Introductory Exercise- ideas for introducing students to historical documents found in their daily lives.
  61. Deciphering Old Handwriting
    Anybody doing Family History... Visit this site and have your students search for old diaries - at home or in the local history section of the library.
  62. LOC Learning Page
    Feature-rich page (American Memory | Learning Page | Search | Features | Learn More | New | Activities | Programs | Lessons | Research Tools).
  63. ISHA , International Students of History Association
  64. Screenwriters/Playwrights Page
    Visit this page for great links to source for students/teachers who want to create scripts for plays in Humanities/Social Studies. See the "Nine-Act Structure Home Page."
  65. Helping Your Child Learn History
    You might also visit History as Story and History as Time.
  67. Social Studies Lesson Plans and Resources
  69. Timothy Burke: Home Page
    See the "Saturday Morning: A Cultural History" link. A preview on a book on the cultural history of Saturday morning cartoon-watching.
  1. World View Software
    Commercial site for US and World History programs.
  2. Education World ® - Lesson Planning: Timelines: Timeless Teaching Tools
    Tom Snyder commercial site offers a free demo of TimeLiner 4.0 Demo (Macintosh or Windows) that can be downloaded. TimeLiner Student Activities designed to provide materials for the Timeliner series are onsite. A 45 day free trial is available for the software.
  3. EAWC Internet Index
  4. CENTENNIA Historical Atlas Software
    Working demo available to download.
  5. This is the age of Vicarious...
    Download a FREE Trial version of OUR TIMES, narrated by James Earl Jones, for Macintosh or Windows now!
  6. History Related Software
  7. Review - Multimedia Encyclopedia of the 20th Century
  8. Historical and Archaeological CD-ROM's Reviews and hyperlinks to several programs:
    The Piers Plowman Electronic Archive, The World of the Vikings: C. 800-1100 AD, Medieval Realms: Britain 1066-1500 AD, The Hartlib Papers Project: Samuel Hartlib (c.1660-1662), The Perseus Project, The Canterbury Tales Project,
  9. History Computerization Project
  10. Social Studies
    The Social Science Software Information Bank.
  11. TRIP Software's Online Catalogs History/Social Studies computer programs - Shareware.
  12. SIByl Home Page
    The Social Science Software Information Bank contains comprehensive information on computer applications for the social and behavioral sciences.
  13. History Computerization Project
  14. History Computerization Project ) Site announcement.
  1. West Linn Journal of History
  2. The Concord Review
    History Journal that publishes student writing.
  4. Newspapers & Magazines : METAGRID
  5. HistOracle: A Journal of Uncommon History
  6. Historical Journals On-Line
  7. American Heritage: The Time Machinetime.jpg
    An excellent feature available online at the Heritage site...Links are internal from the archive.
  8. West Linn Journal of History
    Showing pages with student essays and papers, an AP European History, Global Studies Page and Model UN Page. You will also find links to historical journals and reviews and an Electronic Historical Library, with esays on such topics as Christianity and the Fall of Rome, The Development of Roman Architecture, The Black Death, Inside Saddam's Mind and The Origin of Writing in Mesopotamia.
  9. JWA Exhibit Entrance
    Designed to "...uncover, chronicle and transmit the historical record of Jewish women's lives, their impact on Jewish culture and their active participation in society at large."
  10. HistOracle: A Journal of Uncommon History
    Historical fiction.
  11. Welcome to Gouden Hoorn
    Journal about Byzantium.
  12. AmericanGraduate: an e-Journal of Social & Cultural History
    Look for some fine interviews and book reviews. When I visited, the site interview was with Neil R. McMillen, author of Dark Journey: Black Mississippians in the Age of Jim Crow.
  13. Media History Monographs
    A quarterly online journal devoted to publishing historical scholarly works which are too long for regular journal articles and too short for book requirements.
  14. Flashbacks Index
    An impressive listing of articles (with full text) from past issues of the Atlantic.
  15. Cobblestone Publishing, Inc.
    Top shelf in print publishing in history for youth.
  16. Canadian Journal of History
    Full Text Internet Edition.
  17. Thematica
    Historical Research and Review - For the graduate student in history or history teachers. Two issues online currently.
  18. West Linn Journal of History
    Summer supplement online with articles on Christianity and the Fall of Rome, Christianity and the Roman Empire: The Transition From Minority to Majority, The Development of Roman Architecture: The Greek Heritage, The Black Death: Harbinger of the Renaissance, The Worldliness of the Umayyad Caliphs, Inside Saddam's Mind: A Psychlogical profile of Saddam Husein, The Origin of Writing in Mesopotamia: An Economic Interpretation.
  19. History News Service
    Publishes articles by historians in print publications outside of the scholarly media.
  21. Scentific American
    Currently lists Number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8\ Volume I, 1845 online.
  22. CSULB History: The History Teacher
  23. Australian Humanities Review
    Be sure to read The Past as Future: Aborigines, Australia and the (dis)course of History, by Bain Attwood. Links to Aboriginal Histories, Australian Histories, and the Law Rosemary Hunter.
  24. Electronic Historical Publications Home Page
    19th Century Scientific American 1845, Penny Magazine 1835, Appletons' Cyclopedia of Applied Mechanics 1880, The London Gazette 1692, Godey's Lady's Book, Youth's Educator for Home and Society 1896.
  25. LEFT HISTORY's home page
    An Interdisciplinary Journal of Historical Inquiry and Debate
  26. Old Dominion University Historical Review
    Wide range of articles online, mostly in the Western/American history content area.
  27. Chronicon - an online journal of History
    An electronic journal of international History by the History Dept. of University College, Cork. First issue due in late Summer 1996 and will be freely available to individual subscribers on the Internet. Format will be both SGML and HTML.
  28. History / L'histoire
    Humanities and Social Sciences Federation of Canada.
  29. History and Theory Home Page
    History and Theory publishes articles, essays and summaries of books in the critical philosophy of history, speculative philosophy of history, historiography, historical methodology, critical theory, time and culture, and related disciplines.
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