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Journals and Zines in the Humanities
General Resources


  1. The Robert Burns Club of Milwaukee
  2. Great Gatsby
  3. Guide to the Great Gatsby
  4. The Camelot Project, Cornwall
  5. Poetry Teachers
  6. SCORE: The Crucible-- Teacher's Guide
  7. Picturing Hemingway: A Writer in His Time
    Also, search the collection records of the permanent and study collections of the National Portrait Gallery (approximately 10,000 records) or search the research records of the Catalog of American Portraits (approximately 65,000 records). Gallery Collections are also Indexed by Floorplan and Subject. Showcased when I visited (1/00): David Geary's Photographs of Marilyn Monroe, The Seneca Falls Convention, The Amistad Case, Hall of Presidents, The Age of Revolution and Native Americans.
  8. December 1999 Internet Resources
    Twentieth-century authors, biographic and bibliographic information.
  9. School Tales in 19th Century Fiction
  10. Epistrophy: The Jazz Literature Archive
  11. Random House | Where the Red Fern Grows / Summer of the Monkeys
    See the growing list of Teacher Guides.
  12. PBS TeacherSource - Arts & Literature
  13. Toni Morrison: Song of Solomon
  14. Nobel Novelists: Toni Morrison & Song of Solomon
  15. Grimm Brothers @
  16. The Language of Life
    To be rebroadcast sometime in November on PBS. Explored "...the new American phenomenon of public poetry -- poetry intended for large general audiences -- that is attracting people by the thousands to poetry festivals and readings across the country. Each one-hour program, produced and directed by David Grubin, and presented on PBS by Thirteen/WNET, is a tapestry of performance and intimate conversation."
  17. Robert Burns Country: The Burns Encyclopedia:
  18. Harper Lee & To Kill a Mockingbird
  20. Tales of Wonder
  21. Stirring : A Literary Collection
  22. Great Literature OnLine
    HTML versions of books from Mark Twain, Shirley Jackson, Charles Dickens, Mary Shelleynd Louisa May Alcott.
  23. Much Ado About Nothing -- Chapter 1
    See alsoTwelfth Night -- Chapter 1 and Moby Dick -- Chapter 1.
  24. Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:Literature:Genres:Nonfiction:Authors:McCourt, Frank
  25. The Samuel Johnson Sound Bite Page
  26. Fooling with Words with Bill Moyers
    I enjoyed the "Poets Read" section.. You will need a fast modem and Internet connection for the QuickTime/RealAudio segments that include: Amiri Baraka reading "Wise, Why's Y's" (Africa section - 2.8 MB), Coleman Barks reads "New Year's Day Nap", Lorna Dee Cervantes reads "Summer Ends Too Soon," Lucille Clifton reads "won't you celebrate with me" (2.7 MB), Mark Doty reads "Golden Retrievals" (Interview segment - 3.1 MB), Denise Duhamel reads "Kinky" (excerpt - 1.5 MB), Deborah Garrison reads "Please Fire Me." See the site for the complete listing. The two-hour special premieres Sunday, September 26 at 9 p.m. (ET) on PBS. (Check local listings.)
  27. Picturing Hemingway: A Writer in His Time
    Did you know that Hemingway received a "D" in a writing exercise for one of his English classes at Oak Park High School? Visit this site for the explanation and a lot of other excellent materals. The pages on the site load exceptionally fast, considering the excellent graphics. This is a product of find crafting of of the frames, text and graphic as much as a fast server.
  28. Literary Movements (frames)
  29. The Poetry Archives @
    Free "classical" poetry archive will find ready use in literature classrooms. Currently containing over 3,600 non-copyrighted poems by 137 poets.
  30. Legends
  31. Stories of the Dreaming
  32. USIA - Outline of American Literature - Contents
  33. The Lord of the Flies Study Guide
  34. TIME Magazine: Of Myth And Men --PAGE 1-- Apr 25 1999
    A conversation between Bill Moyers and George Lucas on the meaning of the Force and the true theology of Star Wars.
  35. National Library of Canada: Canadian Literature Research Service
  36. Animal Farm for Blockheads: A Comprehensive Guide to Orwell's Greatest Work
  37. Documenting the American South: A Digitized Library of Southern Literature, Beginnings to 1920
  38. Charles Dickens Gad's Hill Place
    Information about his life, childhood and friends -- A summary of key events in his life -- Links to online texts -- The Daily Dose of Dickens - a daily quote from his works -- An online crossword puzzle.

    Inuit poem

    The Great Sea has set me in motion
    Set me adrift
    And I move as a weed in the river.
    The arch of sky
    And mightiness of storms
    Encompasses me,
    And I am left
    Trembling with joy.*
  39. North: Landscape of the Imagination
    Art from more than two thousand years of Canada's northern history. I enjoyed the Inuit poem in particular (by Uvavnuk, an Igloolik Inuit) Sample ivory sculpture, beautifully wrought artifacts and legendary stories from the pre-contact period prior to 1500, browse Inuit sculpture, maps and legends "...and the growing artistic record of visitors from Europe..." in the period from 1500 to 1900. Finally, "...the modern era, during which enormous changes have taken place. Inuit art takes its place in galleries throughout the world, the literature of the Dene, the Inuit and the indigenous peoples of the Yukon begin to see print, and North American and European visual artists and writers head north, physically or metaphorically."
  40. Shakespeare In Action
  41. Study Guides for Various Works
  42. Legends
  43. Literature Circles
    A great alternative to the book report rut. "Literature Circles are small, temporary discussion groups comprised of students who have chosen to read the same story, poem, article, or book. While reading each group-determined portion of the text (either in or outside of class), each member prepares to take specific responsibilities in the upcoming discussion, and everyone comes to the groups with the notes needed to help perform that job."
  44. Macbeth: A Student Perspective
    Part product of a British Literature class at Christian Heritage Academy. The class consists of 15 students divided into five teams which will produce independent, creative pages for their assigned act of the play.
  45. Penguin Classics
  46. Discovering Robert Frost
    Using the internet to research Frost.
  47. Literary Censorship in America's Secondary Schools
  48. Charles Dickens Gad's Hill Place
  49. The People's Poetry Gathering
    Note the fine collection of poetry links, Literatura de Cordel (Stories on a String), the Poetry of the Blues, The Cowboy Poets and The Jali ("Griot") Tradition and Railroad and Hobo Poets.
  50. British Women Romantic Poets Home
  51. Favorite Poem Project
    Read and listen to selected poems, "...learn about the people who have submitted poems, and find out how they can submit their own favorite poem." The site delivers the first installment of the poetry archive to the Library of Congress, and is slated to expand with more readings, message boards, and a teachers' section.
  52. The Edith Wharton Society Home Page
  53. Arts & Letters Daily - ideas, criticism, debate
  54. The Moonlit Road
    "Ghost stories and strange folktales of the American South, told by the region's most celebrated storytellers."
  55. mainPage.htm
  56. Association for the Study of Literature & Environment
  57. Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:Literature:Genres:Drama:Web Published:Works
    Want to try some short one act plays into your classroom? Yahoo provides this excellent listing. Read "A Bundle of Nerves: A Prozac Pygmalion - A contemporary Pygmalion" (Can an inner-city girl with an impoverished education and hellish homelife be transformed by a skillful psychiatrist into a successful superwoman entrepreneur?) or "Robert the Bruce" (about the Scottish War of Independence). I followed a link listed to Plays and Monologues. You also need to visit Storytelling, Drama, Creative Dramatics & Readers Theater for Children & Young Adults for adding interest to those new classes for the 2nd half of the school year. The site also includes links and resources for puppet making. Anybody know of some good sites to assist teachers and students in processing drama experiences?
  58. Lord of the Flies - Interactive Novel Study
    Developed for a high school honors course. "Overview | Characters | Themes | Quizzes | Games | Message Board | Book's Author."
    Women In American Literature.
  60. Mark Twain at Large: His Travels Here and Abroad
  61. Gulliver's Travels - About This Project
  62. Bold Type: Reading by John Updike
  63. CyberEnglish: English teaching resources by John Nesbit
  64. The Atlantic Monthly's Poetry Pages
  65. Database of Award-Winning Children's Literature
  66. Lord of the Flies, By William Golding
    Provides a Summary, Analysis, Characters, an Island Map and related links.
  67. Shakespeare 1 ~ All the World's a Stage
  68. Treasure Island
    A Teaching Unit.
  69. My Hamlet Resources
  70. Children's Literature
  71. Falcon Education Link
    Set up by a secondary teacher from the U.S and provides helpful study guides for students studying "Macbeth" or "Hamlet". Other aspects of teaching English and teaching in general with some creative writing by students.
  72. Book Recommendations of Real Folks
    A great starter page for a list of Summer reading.
  73. Center for the Book in the Library of Congress
    Established to stimulate public interest in books, reading, and libraries and to encourage the study of books and print culture. Within the Library of Congress, the center is a focal point for celebrating the legacy of books and the printed word.
  74. The Modern Library: 100 Best
    The best novels published in the English language since 1900.
  75. Literature and Culture from around the World
  76. Gale - Reference Information for Public, School and Business Libraries
    See the Literature Resource Center.
  77. Bedford Books: Bedford Links to Resources in Literature
    Offers information on authors and their works.
  78. Destination: Out of This World
    TOC: Indentity Variations, Family and Ethnicity in Canadian Fantastic Fiction, Fantastic Voyages, Strange Worlds and Strange Peoples, Quebec Fantasy and Science Fiction, The Genre Variations, The Media Variations, Who Reads This Stuff? The Publishers of and Audience for Fantastic Fiction, Back to Earth, Bibliography. Explore the dimensions of Canadian Science Fiction. From the National Library of Canada
  79. Jeopardy!
    Student project at Stanford on "To Kill a Mockingbird." What is most interesting about the page is the simple HTML that lies below the surface. A simple grid forms the framework and 25 questions are placed in the spaces with point values assigned. Clicking in the spaces leads to a display of the question on the book and clicking on that leads to the answer page. Do a "view source" to see the text and download the page for offline analysis. If you have a text or HTML editor (an excellent one for simple pages is linked in the main K-12 menu) you can experiment with inserting your own titles and text questions in the grid. Give thanks to Dan McBride, who authored the code for the drill.
  80. Postcolonial Literature in Africa: An Overview
  81. Shakes: Rattle and Role
    An extended Teacher/Student guide with segments on The Play Text (Plot Synopsis, Was Hamlet a Real Person? Who's Who in Hamlet, Vocabulary, Hamlet's Language, Why Verse and Why Prose, Hamlet in Modern Times), The Play Production (Costumes, Everybody Wants to Play Hamlet, Actor Investigation Activites), Shakespeare the Man (Life of Shakespeare, List of Shakespeare's Plays, Audiences Then and Now), Additional Resources (Additional Activities, Recommended Reading).
  82. American Literature Survey Site
    Newest resource is an interactive edititon of Sarah Orne Jewett's The Country of the Pointed Firs.
  83. The Pulitzer Prizes
    Add this site to your list to visit. Great for Summer reading and viewing.
  84. Women of the Romantic Period
    "This interactive hypertext uses Richard Polwhele's poem "The Unsex'd Females" to introduce students and scholars alike to some of the British Romantic Period's foremost female contributors."
  85. Literature Online Home Page
  86. Literature ChatBoard
    Dedicated to teaching reading and literature for all grade levels.
  87. Hamlet Navigator Home Page
    With "...five paths through the famous play: Scene Summaries: Each summary is preceded by an mini-index of its own, for quick review. Character Reviews: Each page summarizes all appearances of a single character and all mentions of that character by other characters. Hamlet: Annotated lists of passages that illustrate aspects of Hamlet's character. Themes: Annotated lists of passages particularly relevant to significant themes." You can search the text of Hamlet for any word or words on the site.
  88. HTGREP form for works by Robert Harris
  89. PAL
    TOC: Perspectives in American Literature: A Research and Reference Guide. An important link for the English Department.


    It is so dark, how can I know it was ever even day at all?
    It is night. No question.
    If I spent the day better, would I remember it better?
    Indeed, does any of the day remember me?
    I have not spent it well and I am anxious for another day, another chance.
    To pass more slowly. To be more welcoming. To phrase the unusual.
    To find more wonder. To take the time.
    It is night.
    But, tell me, is that some kind of light ahead?

    By Bruse Clanton, SDS (Bruce Clanton is a Salvatorian priest last seen pondering the seasons, including Winter, in the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.)

  90. Faulkner Main Page
  91. Rod McKuen - A safe place to land
    With the Introduction by Rod McKuen. The page offers: Previously unpublished poetry, photographs, a listing of Rod McKuen recordings and books and links to other Rod McKuen sites.
  92. World of Dostoevsky (1821-1881) íÉÒ äÏÓÔÏÅ×ÓËÏÇÏ
  93. ALSC: The John Newbery Medal
    Listing current and all past winners. The 1999 Newbery Medal winner is Holes by Louis Sachar (Farrar Straus Giroux).
  94. Poetry Today Online
  95. Booktalks
    Designed for the post secondary reader (especially poetry).
  97. Shakespeare Theme Page
    At last visit, this site was offering a host of new lesson on Romeo and Juliet.
  98. Lambs' Tales From Shakespeare - Contents
    Complete text.
  99. The Shakespearean Homework Helper
    Guides students through research with personalized Email. Questions are not "answered" and students are pointed in the direction of possible answers.
  100. Shakespeare and Anti-Semitism: The Question of Shylock
  101. The Rebuilding of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre
    The Theatre complex will open in September, 1999, but visit the page first.
  102. The Confidence-Man: Introduction
    Melville, Herman.
  103. The William Blake Archive Homepage
    "A free site on the World Wide Web since 1996..., the Blake Archive was conceived as an international public resource that would provide unified access to major works of visual and literary art that are highly disparate, widely dispersed, and more and more often severely restricted as a result of their value, rarity, and extreme fragility. A growing number of contributors, currently eight American and British institutions and a major private collector, have given the Archive permission to include thousands of Blake's images and texts without fees."

  104. Booknotes

    One of the most popular features of C-Span. Program information is posted early in the week prior to airing along with the Week's "Booknotes" Study Questions. You can listen to previous programs in Real Audio format and download the Study Questions that accompany the presentations.

    The archive inlcudes Booknotes from September 1994 to the current Booknote. The actual program began in 1989 (Over 420 Booknotes interviews have aired since then), runs 60 minutes and is hosted by Brian Lamb. A most recent program featured Anita Hill on her book about the Thomas confirmation hearings. Get the lesson to accompany the program at Booklessons.

  105. Little Red Riding Hood Project
    Archive of sixteen English versions of the fairy tale from the English-speaking world from the 18th century to the present. Combine history and writing with an assignment to write a current version for a web presentation.
  106. Electronic Resources for Youth Services
    Reviews WWW resources related to children's literature and youth services. One of the links I explored led to a listing of current movies that were originally procuced in book form. A number were listed (The Adventures of Pinocchio, Harriet the Spy) that could prove interesting to study in the classroom. The Hunchback of Notre Dame is listed - although the book is not a childrens book. Students could visit Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame site and download one of the trailers (Quasimodo has a page of his own). You might ask students to uses search tools to see if an electronic version of the book is available and select a portion to excerpt. Teachers might create a question set on how the handicapped are presented in the media and especially in this film. More mature students can deal with some "advanced" questions for research and evaluation. As a motivational tool or as a reward, let students browse the Disney site.
  107. Poetry Post
    Features poems submitted by students from around the world.
  108. HTI American Verse Project
    A collaborative project between the University of Michigan Humanities Text Initiative (HTI) and the University of Michigan Press to assemble an electronic archive of American verse prior to 1920. The full text of each volume is coded in Standard Generalized Mark-up Language (SGML) and may be copied freely by individuals for personal use, research, and teaching (including distribution to classes).
  109. Romantic Chronology (Home Page)
  110. Leap Into Reading!
    Wishbone! An effort to link classic literature to current events.
  111. Discussion List for Students of Literature and Lit Theory
    Comprehensive Internet Reference to Discussion Lists. Interested in Lists in general, simply backspace over the address until you have nothing but "" left and hit return. A simple "" will take you to the home page for "The Comprehensive Internet Reference" - Discussion Lists on the Internet, Usenet Newsgroups, FTP sites, Computer Products Vendors and Internet & Web Design Companies.
  112. Catcher in The Rye
    Web Guide: Featuring Biographical Information, Critical Reviews, a Summary Analysis and anAssessment Essay.
  113. The Looking Glass
    New perspectives on children's books.
  114. Crescent City Literature
  115. Handbook of Terms for Discussing Poetry
    Figurative Language, Language and Meaning, Poetic Kinds and Genres, Rhythm and Meter, Stanzas and Verse Forms.
  116. Welcome to Catherland!
  117. Great Expectations
    Created by students in English 11 Honors Section 2 at Canisius High School.
  118. Poetry Magazine (May '99)
  119. Hamlet Main
    Student activities and teacher guide...for 12 grade.
  120. Mark Twain: Huckleberry Finn
    Offering a complete early edition of Huckleberry Finn, the 174 illustrations from the first edition.
  121. Mark Twain Home Page - from The Mining Company
  122. Early 19th C.: American Transcendentalism
    TOC: The Anti-Slavery Movement, Emily Dickinson, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller, William Lloyd Garrison (1805-1879), Wendell Phillips (1811-1884), George Ripley and Brook Farm, Henry David Thoreau, Walt Whitman, John Greenleaf Whittier, The Utopian Movement,The Women's Rights Movement.
  123. Exploring Transcendentalism At Walden
  124. Welcome to LitWeb
  125. Mouth Almighty Records: Bringing the muse to market
    Selection of poetry on records.
  126. The Academy of American Poets
    National Poetry Month, Poetry Exhibits.
  127. Life & Times: Vladimir Nabokov
    You will need to sign up first to access the site.
  128. Online NewsHour Forum: Odyssey-- March 13, 1997
    PBS program, A TALE FOR ALL AGES: THE ODYSSEY, An exploration of translation and literature to air March 13, 1997.
  129. Maya Angelou Home Page
  130. Literature Resources
    Chart format and a fast load! This is a great resource for the student.
  131. James A. Michener
  132. Monet Poems
    Poems by 2nd graders that were inspired by Monet paintings.
  133. Literary Index
    Providing "... both an overview and a review of the more significant collections of Internet literary resources of interest to scholars, students, and lovers of literature."
  134. British Poetry 1780-1910: a Hypertext Archive of Scholarly Editions: Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia
  135. Poets & Writers Inc. Home Page
  136. The Center for Documentary Studies
    The Center recently formed the DoubleTake Magazine"... where pictures can serve as the catalysts for stories." Some great photos for students to write creative stories about... View the photos and write the stories and then read the onsite stories. This is another example of a electronic magazine that will generate an interest in purchasing the print publication.
  137. EDGAR ALLAN POE - Home Page
  138. ÉCLAT: The Essential Comparative Literature And Theory Site
    Comparative Literature at Penn with links to Internet resources.
  139. The Jack London Collection
    A collection of Jack London's writings (from short stories to full-length books), correspondence, photographs, research aids and critical essays. The site also fearures images, letters, postcards, and other papers relating to London's life and times and five complete books and several critical essays.
  140. Poetry
    Canonical Verse from Carnegie Mellon.
  141. Literature and Culture of Twentieth Century
  142. Winners of the Nobel Peace Prize
  143. T-AMLIT American Literature
  144. Emily Carr: at home and at work - index
    Includes research questions for elementary and secondary students based on site information.
  145. Children's Literature Web Guide
  146. Yahoo! - Literary Fiction:Authors:Wells, H. G.
  147. American Hypertext Workshop
  148. "Literature" on WWW
    General information resources for literature, information about 25 great authors, and 4 readings for EFL/ESL students.
  149. American Literature
  150. Laura Ingalls Wilder
  151. Classic Short Stories
  152. The Milton-L Home Page
    This site supports the discussion group devoted to the life, literature and times of the poet John Milton.
  153. William Morris and His Circle
  154. Keats, John. 1884. Poetical Works.
    Project Bartleby site.
  155. Thomas Hardy Resource Library
  156. Yahoo! - Arts:Humanities:Literature:Genres:Literary Fiction:Authors:Twain, Mark (1835-1910)
  157. NWHQ
    A "...web-journal of hypertexted literature and art that is constructed somewhat like a labyrinth wherein works grow over time. as well as the usual highlighted text, most graphic elements, whether they have borders or not, may be links to other documents. nwhq is free, and will always remain so."
  158. Literary Hyper-Calendar
    This is a "This day in history" from a literary viewpoint. A large calendar for the current month can be changed to any month of the year. Other navigational tools make it easy to move from day to day... It appears that the site has a focus on "Western" literature and authors.
  159. Falcon Education Link
    Featuring Macbeth and Hamlet.
  160. The Nietzsche Page at USC
    A fine page, but the only way to turn the music off is to click on one of the links.
  161. National Poetry Month
  162. The Encyclopedia Mythica
    5261 articles on-line.
  163. Folklore, Myths and Legends
  164. Index of Mythology on the Web
  165. The Net of Gems: The Official Joseph Campbell Website
    Links to: Membership | Reading Room | Mythological Round Tables | About the Foundation | A link in the Reading Room takes you to other Internet resources for the study of mythology. A good listing that slights Asian, American Indian and Pacific resosurces. I know these resources are available and perhaps this omission will be corrected by the folks at the Campbell site.
  166. Creation Stories and Traditional Wisdom
  167. Mythopoeia
    An Interactive Art Page. Graphical browser required for full effect. Read instructions on the home page. Buttons for "The Holy, Immortals, Damned and Fables."
  168. ReadersNdex - The Premier Literary Site on the Web
    Current information about your favorite authors and titles.
    For teachers are using folklife, folk arts, and oral history in the classroom. Part I: Folklife in Education: A Guide to Resources, Part II: Agencies with Folklife Programs and Selected Readings in Folklore and Folklife Studies.
  170. EXEMPLARIA: Teaching Chaucer in the 90s Pre-print
    Lesson materials on site for browsing.
  171. Atlantic Unbound
    Online poetry, some in "RealAudio format.
  172. Cather Home Page
    See the links to an online collection that includes several books: Alexander's Bridge (1912), O Pioneers (1913); a Library of America paginated edition, The Song of the Lark (1915); a Library of America paginated edition, My Antonia (1918); a Library of America paginated edition, One of Ours (1921); a Library of America paginated edition, A Lost Lady (1923); or, as they say in Italian, Una signora perduta (a brief summary), The Professor's House (1925). You might want to follow one of the main links to The Willa Cather Pioneer Memorial.
  173. Yahoo - Arts:Humanities:Literature:Poetry:Poets
    Victorian@, Visual Poets@, Web Directories (2), Web Published Poets@.
  174. NameBase Book Index
    See "Essays from NameBase NewsLine" for essays on a variety of topic. Over 499 book reviews.
  175. Nathaniel Hawthorne
    Locate all of Hawthorne's complete HTML texts. "This WWW site is dedicated to enhancing our understanding and appreciation of Hawthorne's writings and life."
  176. CLASSICS at Victoria University of Wellington
  177. Amnesia Interactive Novel
    The final chaper may be online by now.
  178. Tolstoy Library
    Works by Tolstoy, Childhood, Biographies, Literary Criticism and Analysis, Tolstoy Studies Journal, Who's Who In War and Peace.
  179. The Poetry of Walt Whitman
  180. Lu Xun Father of Modern Chinese Literature
  181. Mark Twain Resources on the World Wide Web
  182. F. Scott Fitzgerald Centennial Home Page
    University of South Carolina. A commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Fitzgerald's birth. Links to the life of Fitzgerald, Centennial information, A Fitzgerald Chronology, The Collection, Fitzgerald Facts, Fitzgerald Quotes, The House of Scribner, Fitzgerald's Writings.
  183. Heart of Darkness and Apocalypse Now!
    Electronic Text Editions of the Novel by Conrad.
  184. Early Modern Literary Studies: Home Page
  185. Electronic Archives Home Page
    Essays on Teaching the American Literatures including: Collaborative Bibliographies in American Literature and Culture Studies, Issues in Teaching the American Literatures, Archive of Teaching Materials (Course Syllabi, Assignments, Pedagogical Strategies), The Heath Anthology Newsletter On-Line, Guide to Web Resources in American Literature (under construction).
  186. VoS English Literature: English Literature By Genre
  187. William Faulkner on the Web
  188. Walt Whitman Home Page
    Another great resource from the "American Memory" Series.
  189. Screenwriters/Playwrights Page
  190. Project Wittenberg
    Home to works by and about Martin Luther and other Lutherans.
  191. Pen & Sword Hypersite
  192. ARTSEDGE: The National Arts and Education Information Network
    Lesson plans for K-12 social studies: Quilt Making, Trading Cards, The Seasons, Make a Map, City, Suburb or Country, Assembly Line, And the Winner is..., Family Time Posters, Family Celebrations, Learning from Friends, Big Welcome Book, Native American, Honor Special People, A Celebration Timeline, Pioneer Dolls, Using Grids (math too!), Plant Dyes, Building Bridges, Record a Moment in Time, Using Scale (math too!), Adapting to the Land, Picture a Business, Community Close-Up, Brochures, Community Resource Map, Multi-Cultural Calendar, Build a City, Ukranian Egg Decoration, Creativity and Butterflies, Where do you live?, Natural Resources.
  193. The Blake Multimedia Project
    Studying and teaching the works of William Blake using the tools of computer technology.
  1. William Gedney Photographs and Writings
    Featuring the variety/diversity of a fine photographer.
  2. The Metropolitan Museum of Art - Special Exhibitions: "Only the Best": Masterpieces of the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, Lisbon
    Catch the main page for new exhibits.
  3. The Diego Rivera Mural Project
  4. National Gallery of Art - Past Exhibitions
  5. Celebrate Canada's Arts
  6. NGA - American Impressionists of the Late 1800s and Early 1900s
    High quality images from the National Gallery of Art.
  7. Johannes Vermeer: The Art of Painting - NGA
  8. National Galleries of Scotland
    Showing a collection of European painting, sculpture and graphic art from the Renaissance to the present day. With links to the resources and exhibits of to the National Gallery, the Portrait Gallery, the Gallery of Modern Art and the Dean Gallery.
  10. PBS PressRoom: Program Releases -- THE RISE AND FALL OF IMPRESSIONISM
  11. Artcyclopedia: The Guide to Museum-Quality Art on the Internet
  12. Smithsonian American Art Museum
  13. Art
    United States Museums.
  14. Centraal Museum
    If you click on the "Collections" icon near the bottem, the browser moves to a page with a unique set of thumbnails (about 50) that are very small, clickable and arranged in a tight rectangle. Each thumbnail is not a small version of the larger graphic, but a clip or cut of a central figure or focal point from the painting. This is not only creative, it's a real time-saver as the page loads much faster that the usual thumnail list.
  15. Zing: Basket Weaving Exhibit -- Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum
  16. Pablo Picasso
    Best visit the site map for an overview of this comprehensive ThinkQuest site. The site is a gold mine for information on Learning and Teaching with Technology.
  17. Virtual Architecture's Web Home
  18. Digital Fine Art Magazine
  19. Art Review
  20. ARTCULT, the most informative Internet site on art and its market.
  21. Austria Culture Net Home Page
  22. Texas Council for the Humantie-THRC
  23. LACMA-Los Angeles County Museum of Art
  24. Exhibitions
    Los Angeles County Museum of Art! With more than 150,000 works spanning the history of art from ancient times to the present.
  25. Getty Center Home Page and Getty ArtsEdNet home page
  26. Welcome to Artmode Gallery
  27. Archives of American Art
    See The Collections Page for: The American Indian Observed: Selected Sketches and Documents from the Collections of the Archives of American Art, In Sight: Portraits of Folk Artists by Chuck Rosenak, The Critic Sees: A Century of Art Criticism From the Archives of American Art, Visual Thinking: Sketchbooks from the Archives, W. Harrison Cady papers in the Archives of American Art and Tomás Ybarra-Frausto Research Material on Chicano Art.
  28. Grace Albee: An American Printmaker, 1890-1985
  29. ANU Art History Top Level Menu Page
  30. Rembrandt Mania Home Page
  31. artsMIA: Welcome!
    Minnesota Institute of Arts.
  32. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Current Exhibitions
  33. Collection Tours
  34. V&A
    Victoria and Albert Museum in 1899 in honour of Queen Victoria. The museum is home to 145 galleries, including the national collections of sculpture, furniture, fashion and textiles, paintings, silver, glass, ceramics, jewellery, books, prints and photographs. See the V&A Gateway.
  35. Welcome to
    Offers information about the arts of Arizona, with more than 340 art galleries and museums and cross-references to some 2,800 artists.
  36. Restoration Online
    The "Restoration of a Masterwork" Exhibition " a unique opportunity to get an up-close look at the delicate process of restoring a work of art that is over 300 years."
  37. Internet Art Museum
  38. [ Designmuseum ]
    London Museum -- Flash and PDF required.
  39. The Water-Babies on Display
    "Jessie Willcox Smith evidently thought quite highly of her Water-Babies work, for upon her death in 1935 she bequeathed the 12 paintings for the frontispiece and interior color plates to the Library for inclusion in the Cabinet of American Illustration, now housed in the Library's Prints and Photographs Division."
  40. Haggerty Museum Past Exhibitions
  41. ArtExpress - A Newsletter for the Discriminating Art Lover
  42. Israel Art Guide - Israeli Artists, Painters, Sculptors, Photographers, Judaica, Ceramics, Crafts and Galleries
  43. National Gallery of Art: Alfred Stieglitz - New Perspectives
    Information and samples of the approximately 1,600 photographs on Stieglitz's work, from his earliest studies made in the 1880s to his final photographs from the 1930s. Over the next two years the National Gallery will present a series of seven online tours of the Alfred Stieglitz Collection, with each tour examining specific subjects or periods in Stieglitz's career and presenting technical information about the different types of cameras and printing processes Stieglitz used.
  44. Welcome to The Hyde Collection Art Museum Homepage!
  45. NCSLnet: 1998 Arts Education Policies in the States
  46. GP: Long Day's Journey Into Night
  47. Lesson Plans - Language Arts
  48. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
    Teachers interested in art should visit in the near future for "Monet, Renoir and the Impressionist Landscape." The musuem also has recently opened a Fabergé Gallery and a New Center for Education and Outreach.
  49. Picasso
  50. The Diego Rivera Mural Project
    A 90-minute program, filmed in high definition (HDTV), airs on PBS Wednesday, November 24, 1999, 8:00 p.m. ET (check local listings). "The special explores Rockwell's prolific career, from the days of horse-drawn carriages to the giant leap that landed mankind on the moon. With history in the making all around him, Rockwell chose to fill his canvases with the small details and nuances of the everyday life of ordinary people."
  52. Very Special Arts Wisconsin
  53. The
  54. Welcome to the Tate Gallery
    See the Index for a quick overview.
  55. FAMSF-Education
    The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco.
  56. Deigo Rivera - Art and Revolution
  57. GUGGENHEIM: Picasso and the War Years: 1937-1945
  58. MoMA | The Museum of Modern Art
    An award-winning site that offers general information about the Museum exhibition listings, interactive subsides and a preview of the Museum's collections.
  59. Museum of Fine Arts, Houston
  60. A. Pintura: Art Detective
    The Case of Grandpa's Painting -- an online game about art history and art composition. In the game, you play a 1940's noir detective with a degree in art history. A distraught woman asks you to identify the artist who made a painting she found in her grandfather's attic.
  61. West World Art Gallery - Limited editions, art cards, and original paintings
  62. WetCanvas: Your Cyber Source for Artist News and Education!
  63. Digital Fine Art Magazine
  64. Art & Technology Circus @ AUDART / AUDCOM
  65. National Gallery of Canadascreen shot
    Wow! What a great splash page.. Enjoy. TOC: Exhibitions, Events & Activities, Collections, Educational Programs, Museum Services & Information, Membership, Publications, CyberMuse, Press Room, Site Map, Search, Français, CMCP, What's New.
  66. Indianapolis Museum of Art, Special Exhibitions
  67. Home Page
    Art plus historical context and a product of a special collaboration with Intel and the Whitney Museum. The American Century: Art and Culture 1900-2000. A host of special materials for students and teachers is online, with more to be added later.
  68. ARLIS/NA: Guide to the World Wide Web : Art Resources on the World Wide Web (Art Libraries Society of North America)
  69. Hans Namuth:Portraits
  70. ARTISTdirect
    Msic, music, music.
  71. Kent Larson
    Unbuilt Ruins. Digital Interpretations of Eight Projects by Louis I. Kahn. A bit of a slow load, as all images at the site load from one page and are not thumbnailed.
  72. Open Studio: The Arts Online
  73. North American Print Conference 1999 -- Art as Image: Prints & Promotion in Cincinnati, Ohio
  74. WAC: Artistic Programs : Film/Video
  75. ArtsConnectEd
    Voted Best Educational Website by Museums and the Web 1999.
  76. National Museum of American Art
  77. ITEM knowledge base
    "ITEM (Image TEchnology in Museums and art galleries) is an international resource of information about the planned and implemented uses, world-wide, of image databases and interactive multimedia..."
  78. KinderArt - Art Education - free art lessons - Jarea Art Studio
    "KinderArt also has a growing number of arts education articles, an art quiz, art trivia, a bookstore, a children's art gallery, resource links and a bulletin board..."
  79. Van Gogh Museum
  80. Home Page
    Van Gogh's Van Goghs.
  81. Artcyclopedia: The Guide to Museum-Quality Art on the Internet
  82. Culture and Art
    Prints by turn-of-the-century and modern masters, as well as Old Master drawings from the 16th, 17th and 18th century.
  84. Museum of Web Art | MOWA
  85. The Walker Art Center
  86. Fresco: The Story of Art, Community & Excellence
    "In 1993 something unusual happened in America's heartland — the ancient art of fresco painting was revived by a young artist and his nine assistants. The University of St. Thomas took a half-million-dollar gamble and hired 36-year-old Mark Balma to create a 1,904-square-foot mural on the ceiling of its Hall of Founders in downtown Minneapolis. The result is a powerful contemporary interpretation of the seven virtues as described by St. Thomas Aquinas, the university's patron saint ( faith, justice, prudence, hope, temperance, fortitude, and charity)." What role does virtue play in the lives of individuals and communities?
  87. Building Surprises: The Architecture of the Weisman Art Museum
    You can skip the intro and go directly to the Museum page.
  88. ArtsConnectEd
  89. GUGGENHEIM: Picasso and the War Years: 1937-1945
    Be sure to explore "chronology" and use the horizontal scroll bar at the bottem. First class graphics here.
  90. GUGGENHEIM: Jim Dine: Walking Memory, 1959-1969
    An exploration of personal identity.
  91. Edouard Manet: Frontdoor
  92. Art Museum Network
  93. Fresco: The Story of Art, Community & Excellence
  94. Art and Archaeology Magazine
  95. Home Page
    Currently free, althought it might be a good idea to register (also currently free for the first 10,000 registrations) for the future exhibits. Currently featuring a 3-dimensional re-creation of the Van Gogh's Van Goghs exhibition as it appeared last year at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.
  96. Graphic Design in the Mechanical Age
  97. Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum
    Exhibition on the development of graphic design.
  98. Monet at Giverny
    Welcome to Monet's garden in Giverny! Marking the presentation of the exhibition Monet at Giverny: Masterpieces from the Musée Marmottan(Montreal Museum of Fine Arts) from January 28 to May 9, 1999. Creative design -- I prefer the "Water Garden."
  99. Celebrated Artists: Pablo Picasso
  100. Modern Masterworks: Home
    A ThinkQuest site ceated by David Dowling and Michael Galduroz. Dynamic Movements: From Impression through Conceptual Art Impressionism, Fauvism, Cubism, and Expressionism. Learn about Celebrated Artists through Biographies "Celebrated Artists plunges into the lives of masters like Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Claude Monet..."
    Information on the lost-wax method of casting currently used by New Mexico's foundries to form bronze sculpture in a wide variety of images.
  102. Frame After Frame: the Images of Herman Leonard
  103. Pierre-Auguste Renoir
  104. The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts
  105. National Gallery of Art - Directory of Teacher Programs and Resources
    Interested in finding the resources available in your state/region for art and art history? I was able to locate detailed information on the edcucational programs and content for the two states of Arizona and Wisconsin very quickly.
  106. Partnership For The Arts, Inc.
    Dallas area organization sponsoring "THE IMAGINATION CELEBRATION" -- an arts festival "...for children of all ages designed to......... provide quality arts events, performances, participatory workshops, demonstrations, exhibits and tours; build a closer working relationship among existing cultural/arts, education and civic organizations and the community; highlight existing arts resources for young people..."
  107. The Art Institute of Chicago Museum
  108. Frank Lloyd Wright
    "Mouse Over" java makes for some interesting graphics in the left frame at the site.
  109. World Wide Arts Resources - The Definitive Arts and Culture Information Gateway
  110. Art History Resources at World Wide Arts Resources
  111. London International Art School -The MAGIC of painting
    Provides extended tutorials on all aspects of painting...especially for the new artist on such topics as perspective, Light, Chiaroscuro, Atmosphere, Composition, Texture, Design, Paint Clouds and Color.
  112. The Bounty Mutiny - 36 paintings and text
    Located as a link on the London site above, the site provides Illustrations, thumbnails, links and text for all Bounty pictures
  113. Welcome to Madison Children's Museum!
  114. National Gallery of Art - Van Gogh's Van Goghs: Information
    Offering a virtual tour of the exhibition using a plug-in called LivePicture Viewer.
  115. The Art Teacher Connection© -for art and classroom teachers
  116. Free Art Ideas For Kids, Parents, and Teachers
  117. ArtsConnectEd
  118. Resource Library Magazine: American Art Online
    With all my travels on the Web, one would think that much of the browsing would be "ho, hum". Here is a site that can knock the slats out of the jaded. Index of Illustrated Articles by Subject with Feature Stories Indexed by Publication Date. Other features of TOC: Museum Calendar, Cameos of Historic American Art Collections, Distinguished Artist Series, Dunbier on Fine Art Valuation, Distinguished Artist Series, Paintings and Sculpture (18-20th Centuries). The site also features an index to 20th Century California Painting, US Painting, 20th Century Equine and Wildlife Art, 20th Century Marine Art, 20th Century Midwest US Painting, 20th Century Sculpture, 20th Century Southwest Painting, 20th Century Still Life Art.
  119. Giotto- The Scrovegni Chapel
    Han van Meegeren Master Art Forger, Giotto The Arena Chapel, Oscar Bluemner Colors of Joy and Sorrow, Dutch Masters The Religious Works. When I first visited the page, the Scrovegni Chapel was featured...but recently, the page changed in content and location, with a new URL.
  120. Madison-Art-Center
    A standard assignment for all students prior to obtaining a High School diploma should be to research and report on all of the educational and cultural resources in a given geographic area... Perhaps all the places they could reach on one tank of gas.
  121. Modern Masterworks: Home
    Art of the 20th Century, a ThinkQuest site.
  122. IARC-The Collection
    Indian Art Research Center.
  123. children Resources at World Wide Arts Resources
  124. Free Art Ideas For Kids, Parents, and Teachers
  125. KNPB Online: ArtBeat: Rodin
  126. ArtLex - dictionary of visual art
  127. Open Studio: The Arts Online
  128. National Gallery of Art-Calder Welcome
  129. ArtsEdNet
    Offering Middle School Curriculum Units: Exploring Ancient Worlds, Art and Times of Ancient Greece, and Rome Worlds of Art, What's New, Lesson Plans & Curriculum Ideas, Image Galleries, ArtsEdNet Talk, Winning Support for Arts Education, Web Gateways, Browsing Room, Publications Catalog.
  130. Curriculum Ideas
    TOC: Art & Ecology (1997), Celebrating Pluralism: Multicultural Approaches to Art Learning (1997), Looking at Art of Ancient Greece and Rome: An Online Exhibition (1998), Multicultural Art Prints (1994), African American Art, Arts of India, Mexican American Art, Pacific Asian Art, Selected American Indian Artifacts, Women Artists of the Americas, Themes, Sandy Skoglund: Teaching Contemporary Art (1996), Teaching Landmarks: Middle School Curriculum Unit (1998), Wave Your Banner! Exploring Community Through Art (1996).
  131. The Vincent van Gogh Information Gallery
    Provides access to all of the paintings and includes a map of their geographic location.
  132. ART capades
  133. National Gallery of Canada
  134. Arts Index
  135. PBS Arts: Welcome!
  136. The Folk Art Society of America
  138. The Vandalized Incomplete History of Art - Photographs by Dean Brown
  139. The Incomplete History of Art Part One - Photographs by Dean Brown
  140. Art Images by Period
    The University of Haifa Library, Haifa, Israel. Greek, Roman, Rennaisance, Baroque and modern 19th and 20th century art.
  141. WHJ-A Retrospective
    "The National Museum of American Art is home to the largest collection of works by William H. Johnson (1901-1970). One of America's most important African American painters, Johnson is now being recognized as a major figure in twentieth-century American art."
  142. Tour the Galleries
  143. Picasso Electronic Fieldtrips
    Includes a question set to be used by students in viewing any work of art. Analysis is further demonstrated by views of actual paintings presented as Image Maps, with "clickable" sections that describe that feature and how it is use by Picasso.
  144. World Wide Arts Resources - The largest gateway to the arts in the world.
  145. ARTSEDGE: The National Arts and Education Information Network
    From the Kennedy Center.
  146. DIA Visual Resource Home Page
    Detroit Institute of Arts, featureing a Visual Resources page and an Art Image Database.
  147. Louvre Museum
  148. Resource Library Magazine: American Art Online
  149. The Greatest Painters on the Web
  150. Grolier Online Presents -- Picasso: An Anthology
  151. Mark Harden's Museum of Art: "Artchive"
    An amazing collection.
  152. Global Children's Art Gallery - The Natural Child Project
  153. The Portal
    A global index of mask images, mask makers, masquerade troupes, and relevant resources published on the Web. A Mask Showcase will eventually be displayed on the page.
  154. Mask Making And Dramatic Play
    Multicultural, interdisciplinary, hands-on project that "...teaches children the purpose of the mask and how it reflects the beliefs and traditions of various cultures. Students link literature, dance and music to mask-making by: reading folk tales and poems that dramatize man's conflict with nature and self writing and illustrating journals to express their feelings, making masks that dramatize their thoughts and emotions, creating body movements to music, transforming skits and stories into wonderful performances using masks and dramatic play."
  155. Celebration!
    Masks as an expression of human celebration.
  156. Mirror Symmetry Investigation
    Explore the symmetry found in nature and various cultures throughout the world. African masks and objects with more than one line of symmetry through kites.
  157. Show Number 1004 Monster Makeup
    Making monster masks.
  158. Death Angels a Photographic Essay
    Why the interest in Angels? Perhaps it is due to my recent reading of Angela's Ashes where Frank McCourt relates his efforts to communicate with
  159. KinderArt - Art Education - free art lessons - Jarea Art Studio
    Over 130 free art lesson plans of every kind including drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, multicultural art, cross curricular art lessons, coloring pages and The Art Book.
  160. Schoolart Teaching Art Education Lessons and Ideas for Teachers
  161. The Art Teacher Connection© -for art and classroom teachers
    Loads of lessons here in my last revisit. Other features: a "Surprise" page, a Digital Links Newsletter and a Handbook for those new to the Web.
  162. Monet Exhibit
    Emerson Middle School students invite you to participate in a preview of the exhibit, "Monet at Vétheuil: The Turning Point." Join in the discussion of the paintings and the techniques used by the artist and test yourself on your knowledge of Monet.
  163. ALS: A World of Art: Works in Progress
  164. ArtsEdNet
    The resources at this site are outstanding and will trigger ideas on how to integrate art and art history into almost any subject area. The site seems to be constantly expanding (see the What's New) and is currently moving into interactive/participant Web features, including "conversations" with some of the feature artists. Table of Contents: Lesson Plans & Curriculum Ideas, Image Galleries, ArtsEdNet Talk, Winning Support for Arts Education, Web Gateways, Browsing Room, Publications Catalog, Overview & Announcements, Search.
  165. Educational Resources at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  166. Picasso - Museo Picasso Virtual


  168. The Collection
    George Catlin Two Blackfoot Warriors and a Woman, 1861/1869George Catlin)
    Superior resouces with superior search tools. Students and teachers who can not visit the Gallery should explore the online exhibits and the "Resources" section for extensions service (which include a complete catalogue, video and print materials) that are free and available on request.
  169. National Gallery of Art - Current Exhibitions
    Currently featuring the Shaw Memorial (see the annotation under "Creative" above.)
  170. National Gallery of Art - Watson and the Shark
    A must visit before leaving the site...The Cambodian exhibit was software specific --IBM platform users need Windows 95 to download the browser plugin. This site allow access to all platforms, including most schools that use an older operating system for their computers. The onsite tour offers superior quality thumbnails (about 4-5K) of a dozen of Singleton's paintings with a brief description of each. Clicking on the thumbnail launches a larger version (about 20K) of the painting for viewing. This feature of the site is experimental...and feedback is encouraged.
  171. National Gallery of Art - Area Map
    Presents information on access and times...and a fine map of the location. Teachers might assign students to use some of the map resources on the Web to serve as an introduction to a student-designed "virtual tour" or a multimedia report of the National Gallery.
  172. National Gallery of Art - Education Resources
    Introductory Surveys on: Ancient Art, Medieval and Renaissance Art, Baroque and Rococo Art, Neoclassic and Romantic Art, Realism, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Twentieth-Century Art, American Art, Asian Art, Sculpture. Information and background pages on: Techniques and Elements, For Young Viewers, Programs about the National Gallery, Seasonal Programs.

  173. Art Masterpiece Collection - Jim's Fine Art Collection
    Offering thousands of works from artisits. See the "Other" link on the bottem of the page for a brief tutorial and guide on downloading images and obtaining the software to enjoy it...
  174. Art Deco Society of Washington
  175. The USC Interactive Art Museum
    Frank Lloyd Wright's Landmark Project In Madison, Wisconsin.
    Interesting animated gifs. See for an example. Great resources for using art in special education.
  178. Grolier Online Presents -- Picasso: An Anthology
  179. The Refrigerator Art Contest
    You don't need to be a kid to enjoy and contribute to this site. Use the idea to launch a similar project using the LAN and the Intranet idea. (See the Complete Intranet Resource for a guide and discussion of the use of corporate intranets). The site also includes "Freezer" art, which is a writing contest. Using simple HTML, the resources of a Network in the school and the individual and class projects, teachers can expand the classroom and prepare students for this evolving technology.
  180. The Star - Student and Teacher Art Resources
    Sports some fine student art, but when I last visited (6/98) the page had not been revised since August of 1997.
  181. Welcome to the SpiderSchool
    Offers great information on how to plan, design, build, and evaluate an arts Web site. See the annotated links to Web sites created by artists and arts organizations, collections of arts resource links, and other information resources.
  182. The Art Site on the World Wide Web
    Try the "What's New" section for some choice links to animations. Previous features include a "References: Dali, Monet, Picasso, van Gogh...." and "Ralph Segert: SEVEN - Minimalistic Web Design."
  184. Free Art Ideas For Kids, Parents, and Teachers
    See the Project-Index page for a listing of projects and pages. The PROJECT LINKS provides some geat lessons (Native American Faux Leather, Buffalo Storytelling Cloth, Arrow Canister: Native American vest, Native American Sand Painting: Recyled Bird House, Magic Flute & Guitar, Decoupage Can: French Perfume Sachet Handmade Paper, or Bookmarks, Lifesize Paper Doll : Hawaiian Lei, Volcano, Batik). The MORE PROJECT LINKS (Parent/child Early American Sampler, African Body Painting, Woodsies Project, Textural Rubbing: Portrait Drawing, Shadow Drawing: Art History for Kids-Follow Links through and you'll find a Seurat Painting Exercise) provides additional ideas for projects.
  185. The ARTSFEST Page!
  186. The Art Teacher Connection©
    "Designed for k-14 art teachers and art students looking for resources, images, internet art lessons and software tips that can help integrate computer technology into a visual arts curriculum."
  187. The Art Teacher Connection
  188. KET Art On-Air Index Page
  189. MYTHMEDIA - Mythology in Western Art
    Images from various periods of Western art showing the heroes mentioned in Homer. The newest addtion to the site is a collection of images on the Trojan War.
  190. Art and Film Resources Online
  191. Our Place in the World
    An inquiry-based approach to art education.
  192. Thomas Hart Benton
    "Samples and descriptions of Benton's art and part of the larger American Scene exhibit -- Throughout the 1930s and into the early 1950s, many American artists sought an indigenous style of realism that would embody the values of ordinary people in the everyday working world."
  193. University High School Presents: ArtSpace
    Old and New High School student art...
    the old extending back to 1990.
    New address.
  195. - The Tole & Decorative Artist's Web Site
  196. Monet's World
  198. KET Art On-Air Index Page
    Access lesson plans for projects ranging from contour line drawing to African masks, browse an online gallery of student artwork, and link to art-related sites on the Web.
  199. The Posters of Toulouse-Lautrec
    Excellent poster exhibit from the San Diego Museum of Art that inlcudes thumbnail and full sized graphics of posters arranged chronologically.
  200. ¡del Corazón!
    I usually don't list a "gate" page that serves no purpose other than to lead to the next page (which you hope contains the information you are actually looking for), but this one is worth the irritation of the delay and extra click involved. The content (on the next page) includes the National Museum of American Art's collection of art by Latino artists.
  201. Creating Art from Differences: Lesson Plan
    I browsed through the 3 pages of the article "Creating Art from Differences" and then viewed the actual lesson plan for the activity. The pages were appealing, well organized and loaded rapidly. Separating the actual lesson from its description makes it possible for casual browsers to skip the details and go to the next article if their interest is not sparked. I visited other articles and features of this first issue (Try "Making Dyes Naturally"!! and Sharing Family Traditions) and will return to pick up what I missed on the first visit. You will too...and both of us will look forward to the second issue! Oops...I failed to mention the interactive features... Several lessons include an interactive/feedback dimension (visitors to the natural dyes lesson are encouraged to submit their own ideas for natural dyes). Only a few lessons are currently on the site but I think the site will soon be loaded with good lessons and classroom ideas. This it the best Web lesson page I have seen this year!
  202. Chaim Gross: A Celebration
    Lyrical, rhythmic forms in many media created by American sculptor Chaim Gross (1904--1991) are featured in this virtual tour.
  203. World Wide Arts Resources
    Index to artiists, Galleries, Art Museums, Art Exhibitions, Commercial Arts, Arts Publications, Art Schools, Arts Agencies, Children Resources, Art History, Arts Location Maps, Film Resources, Literary Resources, Theatre Resources, Dance Resources.
  204. Art in Caves and on the Great Plains Lesson
  205. Experiencing Original Works of Art in a Museum
  206. switch index html
    electronic arts journal of the CADRE Institute of the School of Art
  207. CEA Art Gallery Lobby
  208. Noir Lifestyles, The Finest in African American Art
  209. ECIT - Electronic Compendium of (Art) Images and Text
    New location.
  211. FAMSF-Fine Arts Museums of San Franciscode Young Museum | Art Imagebase | Legion of Honor Exhibitions | Collections | Information | Education | Membership | Site Map. The "Site Map" is the place to go first to browse this vast collection.
  212. Yale Center for British Art Homepage
  213. Eyes on Art
    By Tom March! The site presents an outstanding guide for teachers with comprehensive links to foundation materials. The stated rationale for the site: to make educational use of the wealth of Internet resources, to craft specific activities that will challenge higher level cognition and to create an instructional site for the visual arts that employs a discipline-based arts education approach. And, finally, "..the affective, aesthetic nature of viewing art must infuse each activity."
  214. The Age of Innocence: American Impressionism and Its Influence
  215. Art 31H: Title Page
    Art History and Appreciation.
  216. The Art Bin Homepage
  217. Science and the Artist's Book
    Anther site that explores links between scientific and artistic creativity. Artists books are art objects in the form of books and much of the "story" in these books is visual.
  218. Museum of International Folk Art Home
    Featuring: World Folk Objects|International Textiles and Costumes| Spanish Colonial Art|Contemporary Southwestern Hispanic Art.
  219. OVATION - Arts on the Web
  220. Museum of Fine Arts
    Selections from the current exhibits: The Big City: Prints, Drawings, and Photographs, Dressing Up: Children's Fashions (1720-1920), Beyond the Screen: Chinese Furniture of the 16th and 17th Centuries.
  221. Bruce Lane's Newfoundland Photography Home Page
    Designed for students and teachers of all subject areas.
  222. MFA - Gauguin and the School of Pont-Aven
  223. Rembrandthuis: OT in Print Making
  224. Tandanya Aboriginal Art
  225. Musée du Québec - Home page -
    Canada - art - paintings - sculptures - works - decorative - exhibitions - drawings - prints - culture - photographs - architecture - library - galleries - design - collection - artist.
  226. Art Deco Erte
    an Erté Museum in cyberspace.
  228. Artists In Trance
    Presented by the Rice University Department of Anthropology and the Transart Foundation. Put this on your list to visit when the course begins (Spring 1997: January 15 - March 26). Looks very interesting! Experimental Workshop for Art and Anthropology. Twenty Latin American artists were selected to look at specific situations: the Cuban crisis, tensions in the Mexican-American border, violence and poverty in Colombia, Venezuela, and Uruguay.
  229. DEGA Studios: Creating Comics
  230. WorldWide Arts Resources
    Search tool on site.
  231. LACMAweb - Online Catalogues
    Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
  232. The Bryant Foundation Collection
  233. Laurie McCanna's Free Art Site
    Zip format to download the free stuff.
  234. the florence art guide
  235. Picasso at the Lapin Agile - Picasso Sites
  236. Aspects of femininity in Rembrandt's Works
  237. Net in Arcadia
  238. Internet Arts Museum for free
    "Artists for Revolution through Technology on the Internet present the first exclusive on-line music, art and literature museum.
  239. Escher's Art Museum
    A place to visit for those intestered in integration of the curriculum. See the "Visions of Symmetry' for ideas about breaking down artificial separations between art, mathematics, and the social sciences.
  240. Sargent at Harvard
    Searchable database of the artist's works.
  241. The Incredible Art Dept
    Links to: Art Room || Art News || Pet Peeves || Art Stuff || Lessons || Best of the Net || Guest Book || Awards || Art Site of the Week.
  242. ICAM - Home Page
    International Children's Art Museum. Image is "Village Scene" by K.J., 15, Burkino.
  243. DADAISM
  244. Cézanne in Philadelphia
    With links to related sites on the Internet.
  245. Association for the Advancement of Arts Education
  246. Welcome to Artslink
  247. Portrait Gallery of American Authors
  248. Monet Gallery
  249. Anthony van Dyck
  250. Ringling Museum of Art
    See the Education Corner at the Ringling.
  251. BRI HOME
    See the companion site below for "Bob Ross's show dedicated to the idea that painting is not just for the chosen few. "
  252. Yahoo! - Arts:Art History:Artists:Ross, Bob (d.1995)
  253. ARTNINE
  254. The Impressionist Help
  255. Cézanne
  256. National Endowment for the Arts Homepage
  257. Eyes on Art
    By Tom March! Introduces beginning students of art, art history, humanities, and critical thinking and the developed skill of "learning to look" artistically.
  258. Home Page-The International Gallery of Art
    See "Art Lesson of the Week" and Investigate the Library for Art lessons.
  259. The International Gallery of Art
  260. THE ARTS is MAGIC
  261. Global Art Exchange
  262. Annette Messager at MoMA, NY
  263. The Charcoal Page Welcome
  264. MOMA exhibition: Picasso and Portraiture
    American/Russian/Dutch/French/ German/Scandinavian/British.
  266. Web del Sol, Locus of Literary Art
  267. Art from India
    Access (through frames) to the art of India by author and by type of work.
  268. The Bridgeman Art Library
    Claims to be the largest location for art materials for publication.
  269. Scultori Italiani
    1200 years of Italian sculpture.
  270. All-Wright Site
  271. ARCHIWORLD - The World of Architecture on the World Wide Web
  272. ArtNow Gallery Guide
    Click on the "Tour Guide" to locate current exhibits in your area.
  273. Directory of /pub/Japanese/Pictures/Ukiyo-e
    Nice collection of prints.
    From Hokkaido.
  275. Asian Arts
  276. Los Angeles County Museum of Art
    Links and pages for current and future exhibits: Shin-Hanga I and II: New Prints in Modern Japan, From the Land of the Thunder Dragon: Textile Arts of Bhutan, David Hockney: A Drawings Retrospective, Photography and Beyond in Japan: Space, Time and Memory, Prints and Drawings: Ten Years of Acquisitions, Talking Pictures: People Speak about the Photographs That Speak to Them, American Paintings in Southern California Collections.
  277. The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco - Home Page
  278. Harvard University Art Museums
    Gateway page for [Fogg] [Busch-Reisinger] [Sackler] [Straus Center] [Main Page] [General Info] [Exhibitions] [Events].
  279. Jorge Luis Borges Center
  280. The Claude Monet Home Page
  281. C1121/F1121 - Masterpieces of Western Art
    Too bad access is denied to Net visitors to the great collection of images on this site.
  282. The Darque Dragon Inn: Gustav Klimt
  283. ArtsEdNet
    TOC that includes: Lesson Plans, Art Education in Action Video viewer guides, Aesthetics, Integrating the Art Disciplines, Making Art, Art History and Art Criticism, School-Museum Collaboration, DBAE Curriculum Sampler, Art Exploration -- A Global Approach, MAPS, Arts of India, A Buddhist Altarpiece, A Royal Tiger Hunt, Dancing Ganesha, Elephant with Riders, The Buddha as Conqueror of Mara.
  284. Art Nouveau World Wide Server
  285. All-Wright Site - Frank Lloyd Wright Building Guide
  286. The Chagall Windows
  287. Creative Lessons in Art
  288. Noguchi Entrance
  289. Welcome to artline
  290. Norton Museum
  291. Haggerty Museum of Art Home Page
    Marquette University -- Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
  292. Conceptual Museum, Galleries, Orgs & Personalities
    Gateway to many of the art museums in the DC area.
  293. National Museum of American Art home page
  294. Scultori Italiani
  295. Thais - 1200 years of italian sculpture - Mappa dell'Italia
  296. Akropolis Arts Magazine
  297. Paul Cezanne
  298. Vincent van Gogh
  299. Artists For Kids Gallery
    Profits from the sale of student art provides scholarships and supports art programs in the schools.
  300. African Art: Aesthetics and Meaning
    An Electronic Exhibition Catalog from the Bayly Art Museum, University of Virginia.
  301. w3art
    New service that provides information about artists and shows samples of their work. The 75 artists make their home in Los Angeles.
  302. The Rossetti Archive
    From the IATH WWW -- Insititure for Advanced Technology in the Humanities. A hypermedia environment on the works of the Pre-Raphaelite poet and painter D. G. Rossetti (1828-1882).
    Beautiful Fine Art Posters of the Most Popular Works of Matisse, Monet, Picasso, Renoir, Van Gogh, Chagall, Rembrandt, Degas & many others.
  304. ANU Art History Top Level Menu Page
    16,000 images concerned with the history of art and architecture, but only ONE Gif from each page is visible, until you register, pay and use the secure server.
  305. Mexican Mural ArtMexican Art
    An amazing collection but not constructed for browsing. You will need to know the name of the artist and be prepared to wait for very large images to download -- no thumbnails. The images are top shelf and extra sharp. Artists in the archive: Alfredo Zacle, Carlos Orozco Romero, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Diego Rivera, Dr. Atl (Gerardo Murillo), Eugenio Landesio, Francisco Goitia, Jorge Gonzalez Camarena, Jose Clemente Orozco, Jose Maria Velasco, Juan O'Gorman, Maria Izquierdo, Olga Costa, Raul Anguiano, Rufino Tamayo.
  306. Museums
    Major museums world-wide.
  307. Heinemann Arts Subject Guide
  308. Paul Gauguin and the Russian Avantgarde
  309. SUU Art Appreciation
    Art course to be offered on the Internet.
  310. Louvre
    See the "What's New" page.
  311. Art Crimes Index
    Tired of looking at the local grafitti? See the gallery of graffiti art from cities around the world for some fresh eye candy.
  312. WebMuseum
Journals and Zines in the Humanities
  1. Madmen Homepage
    An Atlanta-based publication that covers the arts and entertainment on both a local and national level.
  2. Fine Arts History Home page
    Watch out! This site is guarded by the Harpies to assist the priestess Bubba in delivering the oracle. If you get past them, see the Fine Arts History and Humanities images from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.
  3. Welcome to H.E.L.P
    Humanities Educational Leadership Program.
  4. Humanities-Interactive Current Exhibitions
  5. OneWorld Magazine - Ayahuasca, Power and Dreams
  6. Ploughshares
    Samples from Current and Recent Issues.
  7. RagaNet - An Electronic Zine on Music and Fine Arts of India
    Features regular lessons on Indian music and the various instruments of India -- the sitar, tabla, dilrubha etc. Graphics, examples of audio excerpts, and midi files also available.
  8. The Mississippi Review
  9. MUSE - Sample Issues of the Journals Online
  10. H-Net, Humanities OnLine HOME PAGE
  11. Art & Antiques Magazine
  12. CH Working Papers
    Computing in the Humanities Working Papers). Publications on computer-assisted research.
  13. Voice of the Shuttle: Journals Page
    Site has the largest listing of humanities journals I have seen.
  14. War, Literature, and the Arts
    An International Journal of the Humanities.
  15. National Humanities Institute Home Page and HUMANITAS
    An "...interdisciplinary journal dedicated to the invigoration of the humanities, including the social sciences..."
  16. Enterzone Home Page
    Hypertext Media/Art Zine.
  17. Rainbow Creative Territory, Vol.1, Issue 1, May95
    Artists, Authors, Bards, Characters, Magicians, Musicians, Poets & Players.
  18. Voiceworks
    "Voiceworks is a quarterly Australian magazine dedicated to showcasing the creative talents of up-and-coming writers and artists aged 14 to 24 years. Each issue contains articles, reviews, short stories, poems, cartoons, illustrations and photographs on topics which our contributors feel are important to themselves and their generation."
    October focuses on the contemporary arts and their various contexts of interpretation: film, painting,music, photography, performance, sculpture and literature.
  20. RUNE 15 TitlePage (eye-gleam of an online version)
    MIT Journal of Arts and Letters.
  1. Latin American Folk Institute: A guide to Latin and AfroCuban music and culture
  2. The Costume Gallery
    Product Palace -- businesses with goods and services related to the costume, The Study -- education and research of costume, Designer's Hall --Websites owned by costume designers. The Courtyard a place to have fun with costume.
  3. Canadian Theatre -- Introduction
    Educator's website for MASTERPIECE THEATRE'S AMERICAN COLLECTION. PBS Series Debuting in the Year 2000. Featuring: The Song of the Lark, based on the novel by Willa Cather, Cora Unashamed, based on the story by Langston Hughes, The American, based on the novel by Henry James and The Ponder Heart, adapted from the novel by Eudora Welty.
  5. Great American History Theatre
  6. Greenstone Digital Library) {
  7. Sony Music Soundtrack For A Century
    Loads of sound clips and movies from a CD of music in the 20 century.
  8. Scientific American: Feature Article: The Throat Singers of Tuva: September 1999
  9. The Internet Theatre Database
  10. Musica Mecanica
    This is my favorite site for the week. Guess it is the great ragtime music presented....but other parts included top tech support for the downloads (courtesy of Apple and the webmaster of the site), the fine navigation tools, the fast server and the effort to offer "Francais, English and Deutsch" to visitors.
    You just have to see the musical postcards! The only thing missing to be transported back to the taverns and beer halls of the early 20th century was the beer and pretzels and that kind of stale hops/tobacco odor that lingered in such establishments.
    Before I could listen to the selections, I was informed that one of the components of QuickTime was missing from my system. I was given the option to download the necessary software. Choosing to do this brought an offsite side trip to the software archive, where the component is downloaded and installed automatically. Very slick! After going through this process, I clicked on Maple Leaf Rag (Scott Joplin -- Rearranged in a Brasilian samba by Robbie Rhodes) and listened to an excellent short rendition. I'm glad I sprang for the good speakers with the "Super Woofer" at computer purchase time. You can also listen to Harlem Rag - Rosestock - Hawaii - Boire un petit coup... - A la claire fontaine...
    You must also visit The Bouteillophone (click on the "Special Favorite" link), a carillon uses 8 bottles instead of bells. "It was built with Meccano pieces by M. Roger Charnoud, from Lyon (France). An electric motor provokes the rotation of the cylinder, on the surface of which are implanted screws, according to the score to play. When a screw grips one of the 8 levers, a hammer strikes the corresponding bottle. To select one of the 7 tunes, the cylinder shifts slightly sideways. To tune a bottle, water is added or emptied. It is said that such carillons were made in the XIXth century. They were soon forbidden, because the bottles were filled with wine, and the tuner usually slept completely drunk before having finished his task."
    If MUSICA MECANICA is of interest to you, the site lists Museums and private collections open to the public in the world. I discovered some close to home that would make great social studies field trips, some were not confined to music (Circus World Museum and the State Historical Society).
  11. The Newberry Library
    Dedicated to the expansion and dissemination of knowledge in the humanities and a leading for a broad range of books and manuscripts relating to the civilizations of western Europe.
  12. ARC Music Home Page
  13. MP3 Sector - The MP3 Catalog
  14. Antonin Dvorak: from Minnesota Public Radio Music
  15. MPR Music Features Archive
  16. Celtic Music on the Internet
  17. MP3: Music's New Medium
  18. Kate Chopin: A Re-Awakening
  19. Sources for the Analysis and Interpretation of Folk and Fairy Tales
  20. Milwaukee Public Theater
  21. Riffage: Home Page
    Offering a huge selection of authorized digital music for purchase by download.
  22. The Mudcat Cafe presents The Digital Traditions Folksong Database Search Page
  23. Archives of African American Music & Culture Selected List of Internet Resources
  24. Dance
  25. Special Collections of the Music Division (Library of Congress Music, Theater, Dance: An Illustrated Guide)
  26. Table of Contents (Library of Congress Music, Theater, Dance: An Illustrated Guide)
  27. Ellington Tour Preview
    Another fine exhibit from the Smithsonian featuring a slide presentation on the life Duke Ellington.
  28. musiclinks.html
  29. Virtual Chautauqua
  30. The Official Muddy Waters Website - What's New
  31. K-12 Resources For Music Educators
  32. Music in the Public Domain
    Where to find it and how to use it....
  33. RealJukebox Product Page
  34. River of Song: Teachers Guide
    "Heartland" music. "An opportunity to explore the basic ideas, attitudes, and emotions that are expressed through our music. And an opportunity to investigate the musical and social principles that live in the music we make and enjoy."
  35. The Drama teacher's Resource Room
  36. The Universe of Bagpipes
  37. - Social Dance Through History -
    Featuring 500 years of Social Dance within Western Culture.
  38. Sony Music Licensing
  39. WelfareMusic--music with a twang.
  40. Winamp | Home |
  41. CNET for the PC - Winamp
  42. American Blues-Welcome to Music Maker Relief Foundation
  43. - the center of sound
    Offering digital MP3 content, with free previews and inexpensive downloads.
  44. Folk Dance Association
  45. Bridge To The Tango
  46. The Shorewood Players
  47. Porgy and Bess: American Treasures of the Library of Congress
    See Yahoo! Arts:Performing Arts:Opera:Operas:Porgy and Bess for a complete listing.
  48. All About Jazz: A Magazine By Jazz Fans for Jazz Fans | Jazz Music, Reviews, Interviews and more
  49. Scott Joplin Archivejoplin.jpg
    Download all ll 61 files zipped together (212 kb). TOC: Works by Scott Joplin, Original Works, Collaborative Works, Vocal Works, Selections from Treemonisha, Works by James Scott, Works by Joseph Lamb, Works by Julius Lenzburg.

  50. Thomas Hampson: I Hear America Singing
    View a rotation of graphics from the covers of sheet music or listen to some of the songs. January, 1996, Thomas Hampson and friends performed some of the greatest songs in the American musical repertoire in New York's historic Town Hall. The concert was shot for the GREAT PERFORMANCES telecast called Thomas Hampson: I Hear America Singing.
  51. The Virtual Gramophone -- Home Page spinner.jpg
    Wow, what a resource! But only if you are willing to fold music into your tools for teaching.
  52. The Totally Unofficial Rap Dictionary
    Ever wonder what the music actually communicates? The phrase "beam me up, Scotty" means "Give me crack." Might be interesting to run this by the more mature students. What are the messages that are given by the more popular rap musicians, who is listening and what is the impact?
  53. Dance With Me
  54. Leonard Bernstein Collection
  55. The Mudcat Cafe presents The Digital Traditions Folksong Database Search Page
  56. Music
    With a special section for teachers!
  57. Words & Music: Celebrating the American Musical
  58. JAZZ on the world wide web
  59. Edmeston School M.U.S.I.C.
    Musicians United for Songs In the Classroom. High School Students' Interpretations of Popular Music from Edmeston Central School, Edmeston, NY.
  60. oscariana
    The life and times of Oscar Wilde.
  61. WILMA: - The Internet Guide to Live Music
  62. Chicago Jazz Archive
  63. Ragtime: The Immigrant Website
  64. In Harmony With Education
    Printed and audio materials "...designed to lead students through focused listening to sound as it is used in music, through arranging those sounds int heir own compositions played on their own instruments, and through learning some of the scientific and mathematical bases for that artistic use of sound."
  65. Celtic Musicians: North America
  67. Dance Magazine
  68. TheatrePedia - The ELAC Internet Theatre Library
  70. Online Exhibit: Gone With The Wind
    From the David O. Selznick Collection (below)
  71. The David O. Selznick Collection
  72. Reader's Theater Editions
    Scripts adapted from published stories by Aaron Shepard and others. The scripts are posted on the Children's Literature Web Guide with permission from the author, and are also distributed to a list of subscribers as e-mail. The scripts may be freely copied, shared, and performed for any educational, noncommercial purpose and can be edited to serve your needs. Good information on reading, printing and presenting the scripts.
  73. The American Classical Music Hall of Fame and Museum
  74. Education at the Met
  75. Creating Original Opera
    Amazing. I just discovered that that the University of Wisconsin/Milwaukee has a program sponsored by the Met to train teachers in the creation of original operas. Locate the university near you and read about the program at this site. The site will guide you through the application process.
  76. Dance pages
    [Ballets Russes] [Paris Opera Ballet] [Royal Ballet] [Birmingham RB] [list of ballets] [list of dancers] [list of choreographers] [ballet FAQ] [Dance as Ever] [Photo gallery]
  77. Bienvenue à l'ENT/Welcome to the NTS
    National Theatre School of Canada.
  78. M.U.S.I.C.
    A site to promote the educational use of songs by teachers in all subject areas. TOC: Classroom Strategies and Resources, Song Directory, Student Works/Gallery, Feedback and Song Suggestions. The Song Directory should be very useful, as it lists the song titles and provides a short description of the social/economic/political context. The song "War" for example War (By Bob Marley) includes lyrics taken from a speech given at the United Nations by Haille Sellassie on the issues facing the nations of Africa (regional conflicts, colonialism, and nationalism). On a similar topic, visit the Edmeston School M.U.S.I.C. which demonstrates student applications in social studies (High School Students' Interpretations of Popular Music from Edmeston Central School) and American Studies Syllabus Library ("Any Old Way You Choose It": Popular Music as an Introduction to American Studies").
  79. ILE IFE the Arthur Hall Collection
    International Dance Center.
  80. Gravel Walk to Theatre on the Net
    Theatre and drama links worldwide, especially Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea countries. Comprehensive index of dramatist links. Covering sites in Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, English, French, German, Spanish & Italian.
  81. National Theater of the Performing Art's, Ltd. Homepage
    An "...educational organization dedicated to supplementing the basic classroom curriculum by making available drama, music and dance programs of the highest professional quality."
  82. Doomsday Gateway Page
    A multimedia computer project on 15th century York Mystery Plays.
  83. The Plays of Thomas Middleton (1580-1627)
  84. Yahoo! - Arts:Performing Arts:Dance
  85. New Orleans Jazz Festival
  86. ARTS
    A "...national program designed to identify, recognize and encourage talented high school seniors who demonstrate excellence in: Dance - Music - Jazz - Voice - Theater - Photography - Visual Arts or Writing."
  87. The Interactive Internet Piano Concert
  89. - Next Event
    For me, a real treat is to click on the "Live Concert" bookmark and select some music background for my browsing. My modem (28.8) and RealAudio 3.0 and a couple of generic speakers finish the mix. The technology has improved considerably recently. Listen to Janis Joplin as Etta James, Lonnie Brooks, Taj Mahal, Koko Taylor, Otis Clay and many others lend their talents to some of Joplin's best known material.
  90. Paloma Herrera Home Page
    LIFE pays tribute to a rising star and ballerina of American Ballet Theatre.Photography by LIFE staff photographer Joe McNally. Included is the feature story from LIFE's April 1996 issue, a pictorial exploration into the life of a ballerina and the transcript from a live chat with Paloma. Dance Links takes you to other dance related Web sites.
  91. Lord of the Dance
  92. Welcome To Jazz Roots Rhythms I especially enjoyed the Ella Fitzgerald: Great Lady...Grand Duchess of Jazz.
  93. American Music Conference Gopher Documents
    National Standards for Arts Education and a Tool Kit for the Implementation of Music/Arts Standards.
  94. CultureFinder: The Online Address for the Performing Arts
  95. Worldwide Internet Music Resources
  96. Archives of Traditional Music
    Largest university-based ethnographic sound archives in the United States. With " cover a wide range of cultural and geographical areas, and include commercial and field recordings of vocal and instrumental music, folktales, interviews, and oral history, as well as videotapes, photographs, and manuscripts.
  97. - Next Event
  98. Evansville Dance Theater
  99. American Variety Stage
    In Classical Music.
  101. MUSIC - By artist Harry Hilson
  102. Jazz Central Station: The Station
  103. Mississippi Delta Blues and Heritage Festival
  104. CyberDance -- Ballet on the Net
  105. Ohio Dance Resource Guide
  106. English National Ballet
    Interesting "Study Notes" (edited version) for The Sleeping Beauty.
  107. Paloma Herrera Home Page
    Poloma pictures, a photo essay and dance links on the Internet.
  108. Dance Online
  109. Theatre News
  110. DanceUSA Home Page
  111. Aaron Shepard's RT Page
    Scripts for short plays (6-10 min) that require no setup apart from the reproduction of scripts. The Legend of Lightning Larry (Aaron Shepard) and The Legend of Slappy Hooper (Retold by Aaron Shepard) are featured as "tall tales" and Savitri: A Tale of Ancient India and Resthaven(Science fiction), The War Prayer (Mark Twain), The Enchanted Storks: A Tale of Bagdad, The Battle of Song: A Hero Tale of Finland, The Calabash Kids: A Tale of Tanzania, and The Hidden One: A Native American Legend.
  112. The 80s Server -- Music: Jukebox
  113. Dancing Teacher's Resource Guide
  114. DanceArt - Clipart
  115. Dance
    A nice collection of resources on Ballet, Modern Dance, On-line Courses and Web Journals.
  116. HS Drama pages
    An index of high school drama clubs, theatre groups, Thespian Society/Troop and other performance orientated web sites.
  117. Reader's Theater Editions
    Scripts adapted from published stories by Aaron Shepard and others. The scripts are posted on the Children's Literature Web Guide with permission from the author, and are also distributed to a list of subscribers as e-mail. The scripts may be freely copied, shared, and performed for any educational, noncommercial purpose and can be edited to serve your needs. Good information on reading printing and presenting the scripts.
  118. Benny Carter Web Site
    Information about jazz great Benny Carter career and his current activities.
  119. List of Theatre Resources at The ELAC Online Theatre Library
    An excellent collection of links to online resources for writers. Each link listed has a brief description of what is included at the site. A nice touch to focus the search for information. New links are identified. I especially enjoyed the link to the Theatre department at Indiana University where computer simulations were used to save on set construction costs. Also see List of Plays and Playwrights at The ELAC Online Theatre Library and ELAC Theatre Arts' Writer's Workshop,
    A place for playwrights to publish their work online, with plays and monologues available for performance located in the Play & Monologue Collection.
  120. The Jazz Photography Of Ray Avery
    "The 1950s - Records & Photography, provides some historical anchors to the jazz scene of the mid 1950s, and traces the growing popularity of jazz through magazine articles from this period.
  121. Mary Shelley's Private Frankenstein Musical
  122. Stagecraft Links to other WWW Pages
  123. CultureFinder: The Internet Address for the Performing Arts
  124. Theatre Central
  125. Library of Musical Links
  126. DIDASKALIA: Ancient Theater Today
  127. The J.S. Bach Home Page
  128. American Ballet Theatre
  130. The John Philip Sousa Home Page
  131. Library for the Performing Arts
  132. Ragtime Press Midi Music Archive
  133. HISD Music Research Site
  134. Voyager: Making Music
    "Making Music presents the components of music visually and aurally, so kids can bring all their senses to bear." Description and sample from the CD.
  135. Early Music Women Composers: CD's / Sarah Whitworth's Page
    List of women composers born before 1730, followed by selected reference sources.
  136. K-12 Resources For Music Educators
    A top site for music teachers and students.
  137. The Music Educator's Home Page
    A Wisconsin Page! Music curriculum materials and links to other useful sites that may be of benefit to the classroom music teacher.
  138. Music Home Page
  139. MIDI Made Music Page
  140. Welcome to Ars Nova
    Links and documents for Music History. Specialized in:"Colonial Music in the Americas."
    MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791).
  142. Children's Music Listing
  143. Theatre for young audiences
  144. ARTSEDGE Dance Resources
    The best (so far) listing of dance resources on the Web. "For young children, dance teaches self-discipline and esteem while exploring the imagination through motion. For a community, dance expresses a culture and demonstrates a sense of belonging."
  145. American Ballet Theatre
  146. Foundation Course in African Dance-Drumming
    Intro to Anlo-Ewe Culture and History link includes some excellent historical maps.
  147. The CatapultBallet.
  148. Troika Ranch
  149. Body and Grace - Dance Pages
  150. Modern DanceGelsey Kirkland and Susan Farrell.
  151. Los Angeles Choreographers and Dancers
  152. Winifred Haun & Dancers
  153. Dance Web
    Southern California Dance and Directory
  154. Dance Ink
    Several issue of this publication are online...Subscription info... Dance is Not Dead.
  155. Dance Out Of Darkness
  156. Dance Resources
  157. RCA Victor: Irish Music
  158. Jazz: The 1950s - Records & Photography
  159. Gilbert and Sullivan Archive Home Page
    Lots of information on William S. Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan.
  160. Southern Folklife Collection HomePage
    The site includes tradition-derived music, early Country Music, Old Time String Bands and Gospel and Spiritual songs. Listen to some Lumbee Indian Gospel Music or some blues. Also included is music from the 50's and 60's (DooWop and "street corner" a capella). All the newsgroups in this area can be accessed with hypertext links. Wish I had that soundcard to play the brief audio files.
  161. Entertainment:Music:Jazz and Blues:Festivals:New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival
  162. Carl's Vaudeville & Ragtime Songs Page
  163. Dancing Teacher's Resource Guide
  164. San Diego Museum of Art
General Resources
  1. Secondary English
  2. Culture Shock
    "Examine the current debate over the role of arts in society with this companion site that offers an interactive timeline of arts controversies through the ages, activities to explore your own views on censorship, a teacher's guide for The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and a moderated online discussion on current arts controversies and events."
    Search for Theater, Broadway, Music, Opera, Dance, and Visual Arts Events and Tickets.
  5. Teachers' Guild Lesson Plan: A Bilingual WebQuest for Students of English and Spanish
  6. Welcome to the English Pages!
  7. Intro Sequence
  8. USIA, U.S. Society and Values, August 1996 - Editor's Welcome
    PDF document that looks at one of the current trends in American literature , "...the flourishing of regional literature, particularly that writing centered on "a sense of place."
  9. Welcome to ADDED VALUE
    An English Teachers Website.
  10. KIDSNET Media Alert
    KIDSNET Curriculum Guides for ODYSSEY's First Original Movie.
  11. Gumbo: Lesson Plans for English Teachers
  12. Norton Simon Museum
  13. Aperature Gallery
  14. The New York Public Library Humanities and Social Sciences Library
    Special spot for English teachers. Subscribe to CATENet, an on-line newsletter for English teachers.
  16. CARTS: Cultural Arts Resources for Teachers and Students
  17. TeacherServe from the National Humanities Center: Introduction
  18. Humanities -- Cumulative index
    Index links to articles back to 1996!
  19. Fratelli Alinari
    Established in Florence in 1852, Fratelli Alinari is the world oldest firm operating in the field of photography, that is in the fundamental sector of images and communication. I would suggest a visit to the "Archive" site first.... If I had seen this web page earlier, I would have visited the "shop" when we toured the city recently. Anyway, click the "Collotypes of Drawings" and use the drop menu to select search options.. I located some color reproductions of Etruscan art work (see screen shot) in a quick search.
  20. Welcome to The Modern Humanities Website
  21. Pewabic Pottery: Contents
    Painting with Fire. Pewabic Vessels in the Margaret Watson Parker Collection Interesting presentation. Visitors can click on a selection of colors on a gif image and be linked to the works of art having that color. Same for shape and other attributes.
  22. Queen's University of Belfast, Department of Social Anthropology Staff Page
  23. The Folk Den Archive
  24. Notes-2-U! Home Page
  25. NGA | Mark Rothko
  26. The Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities
    Server Index page. A quick view of this great resource!
  27. Cab Calloway School of the Arts
  28. Keith Haring at the SFMOMA, May 8 - September 8, 1998
  29. -- encyclopedia of Western signs and ideograms
  30. Boston Multimedia Tour
  31. The Future of the Humanities
  32. Allen Ginsberg Memorial
  33. teachunit
  34. Minnesota Center for Arts Education
  35. HUMANITIES IndexPage
  36. Education World(tm) - Subject Index : Arts and Humanities : Language Arts : Linguistics
    A new listing category from Education World.
  37. Welcome to EDSITEment!
    Offering "...a constantly growing collection of the most valuable online resources for teaching English, history, art history, and foreign languages."
  38. The Philosophy Documentation Center
  39. The Telson Spur: Field Nodes -- Traces (1): Art
    A list of links (and a very good one) to on-line resources in the study of art, music, literature (including electronic texts and archives), and links to resources in rhetoric (including reasoning, or cognitive competence).
  40. the Word online: Current Issue
    A monthly guide to the arts in Dallas and beyond.
  41. Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
  42. Research Institute for the Humanities
    Faculty of Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
  43. Division of the Humanities
    New page from University of Chicago linking major pages at the University in the Humanities.
  44. Critical Inquiry | menu
    Called "the best of the academic journals" by theTimes Literary Supplement, the journal provides a forum for critical exchange and scholarly debate in the humanities. Essays are aimed at the readers interested in contemporary cultural issues.
  45. Exhibitions: Mythical Quest:
    From the The British Library's Online Information Server. Links to: Quest for the Holy Grail, Jason and the Quest for the Golden Fleece, Seven Voyages of Sindbad the Sailor, Tale of Cupid and Psyche, Rama's Quest for Sita, Legendary Journeys of Alexander the Great, Journey to the West.
  46. National Endowment for the Humanities
    A federal agency that supports learning in history, literature, philosophy, and other areas of the humanities.
  47. ECIT - Electronic Compendium of (Art) Images and Text
    An effort to bring electronic technology into the teaching of humanities subjects and challenge traditional methods of pedagogy. Works of art are indexed with a relational database of images and words called ECIT (rhymes with Becket; "an electronic compendium of ideas and facts in an interrational data bank of images and text."
  48. National Humanities Center Home Page
  49. Education at the Met
  50. H-Net's Lists
  51. National Humanities Institute
    A page that "... promotes research, publishing, and teaching in the humanities, with emphasis on the ethical preconditions and purposes of culture and society, the centrality of personal freedom and creativity, and the historical nature of human existence."
  52. CH Working Papers
    Computing in the Humanities Working Papers.
  53. Critical Inquiry Home Page
    Current criticism on a variety of topics within literature, art, architecture, film, history, philosophy, and music.
  54. CEPACS Profile
    Center for Electronic Projects in American Culture. Major links to: The Borders of American Culture: Expression and Identity in the United States, Building Authentic Communities in Virtual Spaces, American Studies @ Georgetown University, The Heath Anthology of American Literature, Newsletter Online, American Studies Crossroads Project, T-AMLIT: Electronic Archives for Teaching the American Literatures.
  55. Queen's University ACH-ALLC'97 Conference Page
    Joint International Conference of the Association for Computers in the Humanities and the Association for Literary & Linguistic Computing Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario.
  56. Centre Culturel Virtuel - Explorateur Culturel
  57. Wisconsin Humanities Council
  58. Internet Citations
  59. FAVELA!
    A presentations of contemporary visual art, film, video and audio, written and spoken word.
  60. Yale Library Selected Internet Resources: Humanities
    Resources in Arts, Classics, History & Area Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, Languages & Literatures, Philosophy, Religion.
  61. Stanford Humanities and Sciences
    Site has a fine image map...although one link was not working when I visited.
  62. Humanities Resources on the Internet
    Part of the In Other Words: A Lexicon of the Humanities site.
  63. Video Spaces
  65. ***Life Raft***
    An intergenerational crew and special guests explore questions about our lives through fiction, nonfiction, analysis, humor, graphics, photography and music.
  66. Humanities Scholarship
  67. The Annenberg Center Homepage
  69. Internet for the Fine Arts SM
    Artists, galleries, museums, organizations, and resources relating to the fine arts.
  70. FineArt Forum
    Electronic publication with back issues archived.
  71. IRD - Humanities resources
  72. Not Your Average Fool: The Humanist on the Internet
  73. New York Public Library
    Humanities and Social Sciences Library. Sample links feature: a Division for General Research, a Jewish, Map, Oriental, Slavic and Baltic, United States History, Local History and Genealogy. Special collecions include: The Berg Collection of English and American Literature, The Miriam & Ira D. Wallach Division of Art, Prints and Photographs, The Art and Architecture Collection, The Photography Collection, The Print Collection, The Rare Books and Manuscripts Division, The Spencer Collection.
  74. CHIM: The Photographs of David Seymour
    See the "Lifeline" index in the top frame that offers fast easy navigation and a notable presentation of graphics and text that neatly fits in the browser window.
  75. Kennedy Center Education
  76. Frank Beacham
    Author of " Questioning Technology"
  77. David Cherniack Films
    See the transcripts of interviews that examine spirituality.
  78. DiaCenter for the Arts
  79. Humanities in the 21st Century
    Classics professor James O'Donnell of the University of Pennsylvania and the computer revolution in the university classroom.
  80. IATH Reports
    Research Reports from the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities.
    Web page for the Humanities.
  82. Humanities 303 Course Materials
    Reason, Romanticism & Revolution.
  83. The Rossetti Archive
    A hypermedia environment for studying the works of the Pre-Raphaelite poet and painter D. G. Rossetti (1828-1882). You might want to visit a page showing a collection of links that relate to the general hypertext project -- General Humanities Resources
  84. Commentary on Art
  85. Early Motion Pictures Home Page
  86. Hope Hall for the Humanities
    Offering "... a Gallery of humanities related projects, a Scriptorium for information on electronic texts, a Workroom for learning how to create in this web world, a Courtyard where you can visit other web spaces nearby, and even a Closet, where I have stashed other information related to my work as a Humanities Computing Specialist and Graduate Student in History."

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