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Social Studies School Service K-12 Sources - Curriculum - Lesson Plans
K-12 Sources - Curriculum - Lesson Plans
Part of the History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers


  1. Welcome to Princeton Regional Schools! and The John Witherspoon Middle School
    This is one of the best school sites I have seen recently.
  2. Social Studies Class Projects
    Ms Hos-McGrane's Grade 6 Project Pages.
  3. Keheley Elementary School
    A technology-based integration school.
  4. Bellingham School District Websites
    A 30 slide presentation (made this Summer for a School Board presentation) of the sites authored by the district. Bellingham maintains a "top shelf" internet profile.
  5. A. T. Mahan High School Homepage
  6. staff-Gaeta American School
  7. Finn Hill Junior High
    "Thirty students at Kirkland's Finn Hill Junior High stepped back in time and into the shoes of their parents and grandparents during a recent language arts/social studies project at Jack Straw."
  8. Finn Hill Junior High
    School web page.
  9. Welcome to Schools Online
  10. St. Michael Indian School
  11. S.C.O.R.E.
    Connecting California's Classrooms to the World.
  12. BBC Schools Online
  13. Olle Middle School
  14. Loogootee Elementary West
  15. Dade County Public Schools
  16. Social Studies Teacher Resources for Tuba City High School
  17. Hylton Help Intro
  18. 2do grado azul Colegio San Antonio
    From a recent Email from the class. "Our class started the year with the theme: 'We are all the same, we are all different', taken from a story written by a class of kindergarteners, you'll find the information on the 'Temas' section. I forgot to tell you, my page is in Spanish, since we are from Puerto Rico. We are also working on a postcard project with schools all over the U.S. and Canada. On the 'Estudiantes' section you'll find some examples of the work created by our students."
  19. CHOICE 2000 Charter School
    The first public 7th-12th grade school to be both fully online and WASC accredited.
  20. Mr. Leahy's Class
  21. Gail Wingfield's Elementary Home Page
  22. Council of the Great City Schools
  23. Belleville School District
  24. SPN Home Page
    Scoil Phádraig Naofa, a small, Irish, rural school located near the east coast on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic, with links to: Local History, Lesson in Gaeilge (Irish Language), Test Your Knowledge (Quiz), The perfect essay!, The Top Ten Movies, Games and Videos, Fast Cars, Teenage Fashion, Music, Sport, Joke Page and much more.
  25. Morris Catholic High
  26. School Libraries on the Web: A Directory
  27. BC Homepage
    Brethren Christian is participating in Pacific Bell's Education First program. Look for quality here.
  28. American School Directory
  29. NSRS-The School Report!
    Stats and maps of almost any public school. Easy to use (and fast) search and selection tools.
  30. Welcome To The American School Directory
    BIG listing of all the schools (private, public) on the Internet.
  31. LA Unified School District
  32. Welcome To Bremen High School
  33. infogoddess's Home Page
    A new page from Whitefish Bay High School. For an example from the same school in one of the science area, see Mrs. A's Science Links for Students.
  34. Depression Resources List
    A very well researched page by a former student.
    Advertises a "...database contains up-to-date data on every public school system in the country and more than 14,000 accredited private schools."
  36. Other Middle Schools
  37. Champion Middle School Partnership
  38. U. S. Department of State, Office of Overseas Schools, Overseas Employment Information for Teachers
  39. U.S. Department of State, American International Schools
  40. Canyon High School
    See the poetry links!
  41. Y'Know
    Produced by K-12 students as a resource to other K-12 students produced by a cooperative effort of 2 classrooms in the Madison, Wisconsin, and 2 classrooms in the Boulder, Colorado.
  42. Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS)
  43. Naples Elementary School
  44. Milwaukee Public Schools Web Server
  45. School District Data Book Profiles - Oregon
    National Center for Education Statistics furnishes social, financial and administrative data for each of the 15,274 school districts in the United States for 1989-1990.
  46. Jefferson County Public Schools, Colorado
    School page packed with well organized links.
  47. Teaching Units -- Integrating the Internet
    SEE the Poetry Inspired by Paintings of Claude Monet. Written by the talented Second Graders in Ms. Higgin's Class.
  48. Barstow Memorial School
  49. The Free Lance-Star Schools Page
  51. Buffalo Alternative High School
  52. Washington Magnet and Gifted School of Communication - Web Site
  53. Friends Select School
    A Quaker school that uses the city as a classroom.
  54. Vose School Educational Resources
  56. Menomonee Falls High School
  57. Welcome to The Montgomery County Intermediate Unit
  58. EQMS Home Page
    Electa Quinney Middle School -- Kaukauna, WI.
  59. School Libraries on the Web: A Directory
  60. Welcome to the Whitefish Bay High School Home Page
    Anne W. Perina School Counselor, Dennis Taylor --Class of 1996, Ben Karas -- Class of 1997, Aaron Archer -- Class of 1996.
  61. Truman Elementary
  62. District 59 Home Page
    Good Homepage for a school.
  63. Marion Cross School Home Page
    Nice organization..
  64. Grade 4 Connections
    Page to provide a link to Grade 4 classrooms.
  65. Belleville Schools District
  66. Boulder Valley School District
    New project to involve students in projects on the Internet. Links to projects, mentors, keypals.
  67. The World Wide Web Colors Book Project
    Kindergarten teachers and first grade teachers have created a project that involves their students in creating pages for an electronic colors book on the World Wide Web. Their students, working with an upper elementary school tutor, create one sentence describing the color of an object and then create a picture of the object using the computer.
  68. Ralph Bunche ElementaryA collection of Christmas and Kwanzaa stories and drawings by students.
  69. The Hill District: Outline
  70. Allen High School
  71. American Class at Beit Hashita
    A high school program for 10th and 11th grade students who wish to spend a year abroad on an Israeli kibbutz.
  72. Hewes Middle School
  73. The School of Total Education
    A School that fosters open communication and free-flowing interaction between teachers, parents and students. Roles for each are defined.
  74. Zoilus: Issue 1 Page 1
    A selection of articles put together by students at Gathersburg High School in Maryland. A must place to visit if you are considering showcasing student writing..
  75. WachuNet: Window to the World
    Wachusett Regional Hish School Homepage.
  76. Cyber HighSchool
    Online school -- no actual physical classrooms.
  77. Welcome to the SBCSS C&I Home Page
    Curriculum and Instruction page for San Bernardino Schools.
  78. Vince Ruggiano's Educational Resources
    This page was created by a Beaverton Schools (Beaverton, OR) teacher to introduce students and teachers to the internet. Topic include: Schools on the Internet, Education Resources, Humanities Resources, Science Resources, Math Resources, Social Studies Resources.
  79. North Hagerstown High School's Home Page
    Site with most of the things a high school site should have.
  80. Red Bluff Union High School District WWW Home Page
  81. Arbor Heights School
  82. 1995-1996
    Site offers High School credits such as "The Impact of a Sport on American Culture." Also, see the course offering in World History and the questions posed for the students..
  83. Marion Cross School Home Page
  84. Silverton Public Schools Home Room
  85. Welcome to CYBERSCHOOL!
  86. The Cyberspace Middle School
  87. Riverside University High SchoolEducation (Social Sciences)
  88. Welcome to the Latitude28 Schoolhouse!
  89. Student Home Pages
  90. A Teacher's Home Page
  1. Educational Web Design
  2. Highwired.Net Your high school. Online.
  3. Non-Collaborative Web Page: Home Page
  4. DOWNLOAD.COM -- Hot Potatoes
    A suite of five Web authoring tools for educators. "Using HTML and JavaScript, the Hot Potatoes applets can create a range of interactive exercises suitable for educational purposes (including multiple-choice, short-answer, gap-fill, crossword, and jumbled-sentence exercises)."
  5. The WDVL: Site Directory
    Just about all you would need for developing a web site, with a fine search and index.
  6. Tutorial Homepage
    Using FrontPage to Create a Web Site.
  7. 25 Reason for Web Site
  8. ILTweb: LiveText: Constructivist Project Design Guide
    This hypertext document is organized into seven sections:
    1.Introduction, which assembles relevant pedagogic and learning theory to inform planning for constructivist projects,
    2.Web Page Design,an introduction to hows and whys of the World Wide Web for instructional use,
    3.Preparation,a guide to finding needed instructional resources on the Internet,
    4.Student Surfing,a guide to helping students find and organize internet resources,
    5.Concept Formation,a guide to helping students conceptualize and contextualize their findings,
    6.Research,ways to extend their discussion to other sources and experts, and
    7.Exhibitions,a discussion of multimedia resources in the context of portfolio and program assessment.
  9. What Are Your Students Publishing on the Web?
  10. Dayton Daily News - newsroom intranet demo
    Michael Jesse of the Dayton Daily explains the process of creating a news backgrounder library in the form of an Intranet (although they mention the possibility of making the service available to the public on the Internet). Since students and reporters are frequently asked to accomplish similar tasks (research), schools and teachers might also benefit from the creation of school intranets that provide internal browsable/searchable Web documents in HTML to guide and assist students in various research tasks. Other newspapers in the Intranet path are discussed at
  11. Web Page FAQs
    Students and teachers constructing pages will find this location useful.
  12. Designing School Web Sites
  13. N2H2 - Schools
    WI. ISP that provides filtering at the server level, with no need for the software many schools are currently using.
  14. Developing a Course Web Page: Virtual Resource Packet
  15. Web Publishing
  16. So, you want to make a Web Page!
  17. Home on the Web
    How good is your school district's home page? See the interesting side bar on Parents operating a school site.
  18. Link to Learn Professional Development
    Tutorials on: How to use Netscape Navigator 3.01, Beginners Guide to the Internet for Educators, Integrating the Internet into the Curriculum, Getting Started with Web Pages (HTML), How to Create Advanced Web Pages & Sites, Using Multimedia Tools with the Internet. Lesson plans for all levels and subject areas.
  19. Web Site Advisor's Guide
    Five Chapters on the nuts and bolts of school Web Sites. See: Why a Web Site is Important for Your School, What Should be on Your Web Site, Planning and Building, attracting visitors and How to Update Your Web Site. You can also visit Tips and Tricks
    for Building a School Web Site, for more information.
  20. Share Carolina - UNC-CH
    Offers the soruce code for several Web tools. A couple might interest schools and teachers:
    1. Discussion Forums -- A web tool for promoting scholarly discussion between students, instructors, with messages are stored in threaded fashion and sorts by author or date. You can see an example on the page. Might be just the answer for schools that have an "Intranet" and are concerned about the content on regular chat forums.
    2. Course home page builder -- a cgi-formulated template that will create a Web page for a particular course and includes provision for a syllabus (or course requirements), course calendar, grading policies, links to online readings, and a link to the instructor's Web page. Again, a sample of the course home page builder is online.
    3. Faculty home page builder -- A cgi-formulated template for creating a Web page for a particular instructor.
    4. Form Builder-- A template that creates Web-based forms and surveys.
    5. The quiz builder -- A template that creates Web-based quizzes and sends results to a designated location.
    Some teachers currently schedule class time for supervised "practice" where students work through a set of questions and check the responses against an answer key. They also use similar tools for "pre-testing" and for review. While this is sound practice for a number of reasons (especially the immediate feedback), it does take class time from other activities. With an online tool similar to this (or one that evolves from this type of tool), a students, his teacher and his parents could all measure and monitor progress on a learning continuum, because the results can be sent to a "designated location" (a parent Email address). I see no reason why a tools such as this could not be used in any content area. With the results of daily progress on a learning continuum fired home for parents to read, parents would not be asking "What did you do in school today." Fold in some graphical tools for students and parents to see learning progress over time and some remedial instruction/reteaching additions, and you have a framework for some great individualization (and student/school/home collaboration).
    Please do not misunderstand. The Web (even a local version) provides great potential as a source of teacher-generated tutorials/guides/lessons/evaluations in a framework that is interactive and attractive to students. While it is a valuable tool that may be used outside of the classroom, it does not replace the classroom, but extends and enhances the classroom.
  21. Creating Net Sites
    Netscape tutorial on site creation.
  22. Webmonkey - HTML Tutorial
    The Monkey just got better... Now showing a great visual tool for the common tags and pages for the more advanced tools and tags.
  23. Bret Thayne Bottger: HTML Writer by Kris Nosack, Personal Homepage
    With so many new schools and teachers online starting with the new school year, this download site is worth a visit. If you are new to HTML and using an IBM type maching, this is the editor for you (or your students) to evaluate. It is "contribution" ware, which means that you send your payment ($10.00 is suggested) if you decide to use the software. Thus, it is inexpensive and very easy to use. (I don't get a share of the profits for the plug. In fact, I sent Kris a check for $40.00 because I use the editor daily.) For those with 32 bit Windows95, try the Agile HTML Editor (Which I have not tested or used). Need some help to get started on your page? Visit Creating Web Pages (Introductory Level) and Creating Web Pages (Advanced Level)
  24. Designing School Web Sites
    From Now On is published by Jamie McKenzie.
  25. Designing Web-Based Instruction
  26. Virtual Curriculum Coordinator
    Visit the link to Creating School-Based Intranets.
  27. The Intranet Journal(sm) -- Bringing the Web home . . . .
  28. A Guide to Creating a Successful Web Site
  29. Domestic Violence Handbook
    This is a "Third Generation" [see Creating Killer WebsitesA web site that starts off with a poem.
  30. Setting Up A Web Site For Your School: An On-line Presentation
    With so many schools going online, the technical aspects and steps in forming pages can be an intimidating task for both students and teachers. The "Hagerstown Experience" documented at this site should help all to overcome the jitters. I especially liked the section that shows how to set up "templates" for projects. Some other sites might help with the graphics and scanning procedures. See Scanning Guides and The Scanning FAQ - Intro Page for Tips and Techniques of Image Scanning for the Desktop Publisher, Multimedia Presentor, and Graphics Artist. A visit to A Compendium of HTML Elements should help with the simple HTML stuff that you will need. AToolbox Plus For Website Builders Frames Version should also prove helpful for basic and intermediate levels. Advanced techniques for page construction are covered at the "Creating Killer Websites Online - Core Page." Although this is a promo site for the book of the same name, it contains some great suggestions and demonstrates some of the authors recommendations in its "presentation." I found the site so interesting that I purchased the book. Sites that will prove helpful in delivering course content on line include Delivering Instruction on the World Wide Web (A fine and detailed tutorial on the topic) and HOW TO OFFER A COURSE. Other site to visit include How to Build a (Dynamic) Web-Based Course and Web/Teach.97 Web-based Instruction: Issues and Answers. This last link is a Conference site to be held November 6-8 at Mankato State University Mankato, MN.
  31. Voices of the Web
    Reviews of student publications on the Web, with links.
  32. Teaching with Electronic Technology

  1. Liszt: Education
  2. Liszt: Read crc
  3. Educational Online Sources: EDNET Guide to Usenet Newsgroups
  4. The Teachers.Net ChatBoard
  5. National Writing Project - How-To Newsgroups
  6. Education
    The Comprehensive Internet Reference to Discussion Lists. The sheer size of the Lists plus the fine subject organization of this location makes it an ideal first stop for K-12 teachers who are new online. You might even decide to send some of your mature students to discussion lists for a feel for the kinds of issues and questions being raised in various fields.
  7. Educational Listservs
  8. GSN's Mailing Lists & Archives
  9. K-12 Newsgroups
    Web access to Newsgroups.
  10. Classroom Connect Newsgroups
  11. Chapter 5: Email, Listserv Lists and News Groups
  12. E-Mail Discussion Groups and Lists - Resources
    An all-in-one resource for learning about, finding and subscribing to e-mail discussion groups/lists. "Includes:
    Basic commands for Listserv, Listproc and Majordomo
    - Links to websites where you can search for lists by name or topic
    - A list of advertising, public relations and marketing lists
    (you can subscribe from the website)
    /lists - Mailing lists on the Internet.
    /news - Usenet Newsgroups.
    /vendors - Computer Products Vendors.
    /ftp-list - FTP sites.
  15. Wisconsin Newsgroups
  16. Search The List of Lists
    Just type in your key word and the form returns with a list of lists in that area.
  17. Publicly Accessible Mailing Lists - Index by Subject

  1. Rhona Mahony
    Free and shareware games: rhyming brainteasers for children, adults, and word maniacs.
  2. ZDNet: Getting Started With Paint Shop Pro and How To Remove Previous Trial Version of Paint Shop Pro?
    Despite a rather steep learning curve, this IBM platform graphic program provides the best value for the budget.
  3. Welcome to the Report Designer - Student Progress Report Preparation
  4. The Educational Software Seminar (CS92) Home Page
    See the software selection at the download site.
  5. wNetSchool - Recycled Racers
    US Census: Historical Census Data on Educational Attainment [.pdf]
  6. Saving Time & Money w/ Test Pilot Online Assessments
  7. Test Pilot: Owner Options
  8. In School We Trust, the essential school utility software for everyone
  9. Top Ten Software Awards & Fun Sites For Kids - The Education Source
  10. Links for Better Power Point Presentations
  11. ZDNet Software Library - HyperCam
    Here is a utility that lets you capture the action from your Windows or NT screen (including cursor movements) and save it to an .avi file, with audio from your sound card included.
  12. Home of Jasc Software, Inc.
    For Paint Shop Pro and related software.
  13. M&M Software - Quality Educational Software Library
    No sticky chocolate on your fingers here.
  14. eCOST.COM - CD products
    I would like to talk to a teacher who has taken the new "read/write" CDRom drives into the classroom and used the technology in replicating class projects or presentations... I would think teachers starting the profession today should put this on their wish list.... These little disks (the blanks are so cheap) can record massive amounts of data, from entire textbooks to archives of media and movies... The contents of the yearbook of the largest high school in the United States could easily be included, together with color photos and video recordings of each student and a host of events in the life of the school, and at a price that is more than competitive with the print version.
  15. wNetSchool - Our Favorite Toys PowerPoint Overview
  16. wNetSchool - Our Favorite Toys
  17. Milken Educator Virtual Workspace
    Now offering free software to create and use collaborative on-line learning communities for use in distance education and professional development projects.
  19. Boomeria Shareware for Teachers
  20. Script Software CopyPaste, iView and KnowledgeMiner
  21. Download PSP414.EXE
    Photo and graphic utility - older vesion.
  22. ThinkWave: Education Software for Teachers
    Site for a free complete e-mail enabled gradebook for teachers with Windows 95/98. The software allows teachers to automatically email reports to students and parents. The reports can include grades, attendance, activities. The free version can be used at both your home and school computers (if equiped with Win.95/98).
  23. Exam creation tool
  24. ShellTech Software Homepage
    A new computer gradebook program.
  25. freeware - Communication Tools for windows95 - WebAttack -Internet Tool Provider, more than a thousand freeware and shareware downloads for the internet!
  26. Global Free Java Software for Teaching Initiative
  27. QuizStar
    Offering quizzes for sixth grade science and geography through college algebra that can be taken online or downloaded for use in school computer labs. There are some general interest quizzes such as Birds (with sound), Greek Myths, and Art Masters.
  28. Puzzle Depot: Crossword Express Downloading
  29. M&M Software Online Catalog
    A Web page calendar maker that can be posted directly to your Web site or company intranet. Use it to list upcoming events or meetings right on the calendars under the days they occur.
  31. Boomeria Shareware for Teachers
  32. SoftSeek - Educational Software, Astronomy Software & Math Software
  33. Mustang: A Web Cruising Vehicle for Teachers
  34. ZDNet Software Library - Create A Quiz
  35. Literacy Shareware
    Download a collection of HyperCard Stacks on basic literacy.
  36. SchoolWrite
    Web site for ReportWrite - for teachers to prepare end-of-term reports, and SchoolWrite - students' academic and personal records.
  37. Welcome to Great Spirit Software
    Feature rich software utility for teachers called Teacher's Assistant Professional. The site offers a slide show of the key features, a new version to download and a beta for testing. These folks have done their homework on the site and on the software.
  38. Macintosh Educator's Site
    "Supporting each other in a DOS world."
  39. ZD Net Software Library - Browse/Search Results
    Top software for teachers.
  40. Dawnbreaker Home Page
    Early Childhood Educational Planning and Evaluation Software.
  41. SuperKids Educational Software Review
  42. Teacher's Gradebook
    From 1st Class Software.
  1. Personal Web Pages - Home Page
  2. - The online resource for Web editors
  3. ListBot
    Start your own email list.
    Learn how to create movies on an Apple Macintosh Computer and share your knowledge with others.
  5. CLN WWW Home Page
    Designed to help K-12 teachers integrate technology into their classrooms.
  6. ESRI Canada - (K-12)
    Free Stuff For Schools And Libraries. See the info on a free program called ArcExplorer -- a new lightweight GIS data explorer (Windows 95 and NT). With ArcExplorer, you can: Use ESRI shapefiles, ARC/INFO coverages, and SDE layers, Display a wide variety of image formats, Pan and zoom through multiple map layers, Display data using classifications, symbols, and labeling, Identify and query geographic and attribute data, and much more.
  7. From Now On
    March issue online, featuring "When the Book? When the Net?" McKenzie argues the importance of the book and the library as an information technology;
  8. TechNews
  9. TechnoTeach Home Page
  10. The Piano Education Page - Review of Musicianship Basics
  11. LD OnLine: Learning Disabilities Information & Resources
    See the section called "Your Guide to LD OnLine" for a content listing.
  12. Education World® : "Best Of" Series
  13. SchoolGrants: Opportunities for K-12 Schools
    Help for educators and parents in finding grant opportunities (federal, state and foundation) for programs at K-12 schools. The site also airs grant-writing tips, legislative and education news, links to helpful resources, and a free monthly newsletter on the topics.
  14. Fife Schools Teacher Resource Center
    Special needs links.
  16. frontline: secrets of the sat
  17. November FNO
    See the feature -- Questions and Questioning: The Greatest Technologies of All.
  18. eToolKit
    A free set of online tools that allows you to create a secure and private environment for your traditional on-campus course. Looks like we will see a host of programs for K-16 teachers to present information and an arena for student inteaction within the confines of the school.
  19. CLN WWW Home Page
    Technology help for teachers.
  20. In the Mix
  21. Office97 PowerPoint Tutorial
  22. PowerPoint in the Classroom
  23. World Wide Web Workbook
    A basic tutorial for the new web user.
  24. Modular Web Teaching Pyramid
    Introduction to the Web: Basic Concepts, Using the Web for Research, Basic Web Searching, Comparing Web Subject Directories, Comparing Web Search Engines, Advanced Web Search Techniques, Evaluating Web Resources, Web Research Strategies.
  25. Critical Issue: Using Technology to Improve Student Achievement
  26. Internet Teaching: Foreword & Chapter 1
  27. ISTE - Learning & Leading With Technology Vol. 26 No. 7
  28. Association of Web Based Learning
  29. June Issue of From Now On
    The feature article is on Media Literacy.
    A resource guide for professionals involved in teaching or introducing the world of Fairy Tales to children, with most of the sites designed to help teachers and librarians become better acquainted with this literature.
  31. Electronic Collaboration: Contents
    A Practical Guide for Educators.
  32. The Technology Source
    Technology integration in education ... most recent issue.
    Help, guidance and inspiration on learing differences for teachers, parent and students.
  34. Educational Online Sources: EDNET Guide to Usenet Newsgroups
  35. Learning and Academic Technologies
  36. May Issue of From Now On
  37. Teach With Movies: A new tool for "intentional parents." "Supplement School Curriculum - Control Screen Time - Increase Shared Experiences with Your Children - Use Entertainment as a Learning Tool - Practice Intentional Parenting .... Teach With Movies"
  38. tech.LEARNING
    Technology integration help.
  39. KODAK Picture Playground online
    Kodak offers a site that should be easy for most computer savy students to operate. Each of the "games" on the site features easy to follow instructions for uploading photos. The site also features a series tutorials on digital cameras and minipulation of photos. K6-12 students who are new to the use of digital cameras could easily browse here for background on the technical skills involved (and teachers/parents who are "digital camera challenged).
  40. Making the Best Use of Internet
    A Native Alaskan Cross-Cultural Internet Guide by Frank Odasz.
  41. Queen's-Bell Instructional Technology Update: K-12
    Featuring Lesson Plans, Doing Online Research, Ideas for Teaching with the Internet, Connecting with Teachers on the Net, Professional Development Resources, Tools for Learning about Computers and the Internet, Making Web Pages and Online Educational Tools and Games.
  42. Welcome to WestEd
    See the updated School Site Violence Resources.
  43. Common Errors in English
    English teachers often complain that they are writing the same comments on student writing...often over and over for the same student. This site explores those common errors in detail. Social studies teachers who are collaborating with English teachers in research writing projects can also direct students here for quick help....Give the students an essay that features a host of these common errors and let them use the site to correct them...
  44. UWired Catalyst Home Page
    "Catalyst is an integrated collection of resources, training, tools, templates, and support to help UW educators make effective use of technology in teaching."
  45. America's Learning Exchange
    A "superstore" for training and education resources. "Find everything from traditional classroom-based training to leading-edge distance learning and Web-based instruction to multimedia instructional materials such as CD-ROM and video."
  46. Professional Activities & Projects
  47. Exploring Multiple Intelligences:New Dimensions of Learning
  48. Teaching Ideas for Primary Teachers
  49. Teacher Reference Center Login
    Offering FREE access to a database of article summaries from educational periodicals. "The Teacher Reference Center also provides useful links to Web sites focused on education and Information Literacy as well as instructional guides including the Guide to Citing Electronic Resources and our HTML Toolkit to help you create or enhance your school’s Web site."
  50. IIT: Educational Technology Resources
    Ranks web pages as to their usefulness and applicability as online resources for Educational Technology Coordinators.
  51. California Instructional Technology Clearinghouse
  52. Educational Technology for Schools<
  53. Kagan Cooperative Learning: Workshops and Books for Teachers
  54. School Improvement Presentation 1.28.98
  55. MOREnet: Missouri Research & Education Network
  56. Educational Technology for Schools
  57. a r t s | c o n n e c t | e d: Links
    Provides an excellent linking to great resources on distance learning. Great background information for K-12 teacher, especially those new to the idea of using the technology of the Web in their classes.
  58. The Surfaquarium - Innovative Teaching
  59. National Institute for Urban School Improvement
    Funded by the US Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs, the National Institute for Urban School Improvement seeks to combine the reform efforts pertaining to special needs children with general reform efforts for all children in urban schools."
  60. Integrating the Internet
  61. Need Help? Newsletter: Office 97 Bugs, Patches, Workarounds
  62. OneWorld Online Education Frameset
  63. InterNIC 15 Minute Series
    TOC: Internet History, The Basics, Electronic Mail, Tools, Indexing and Search Services, Technology, World Wide Web, Th e Future, Internet Organizations.
  64. The Surfaquarium - Innovative Teaching
  65. Learning Through Collaborative Visualization
  66. ED's Oasis: Teacher Support for Classroom Internet Use
  67. webTeacher Tutorial
    Presents an Tutorial with both basic and in-depth information about the World Wide Web. Topic include E-mail, video conferencing, chat rooms, Web page design, Internet safety and curriculum searches. Put your new knowledge to work immediately through the online exercises and activities.
  68. A Short Course in Creative Digital Photography
    A Free On-line Book.
  69. Educational Technology for Schools
    If you think this publication deals only with the electronic bells and whistle you are in for a great surprise. The concept of technology displayed at the site is global -- technology means tools, all sort of tools and includes intellectural and cirtical thinking tools. The June (98) issue of this excellent publication by Jamie McKenzie illustrates this very well, and featrues (among a host of topics) a set of links to articles on "Questioning" that should be very useful for teachrers. One of the articles provided a few graphic organizer of question types (generated by Inspiration), a detailed discussion of questions and links to other previous articles on the general topic These are: Following articles previously published in From Now On: A Questioning Toolkit, The Question is the Answer: The Research Cycle, Telling Questions and the Search for INSIGHT. All of the articles may be duplicated for educational use but are otherwise restricted. For the graphic organizer, select the following graphic (highlight with mouse), copy the URL (ctr/c in Windows) and paste it (ctr/v) into the location box in you browser.
  70. Table of Contents: The Guide
  71. Free Advice on Usenet News
    New to newsgroups? This is a place to stop for quick information on the howtos.
  72. A complete illustrated Guide to the PC Hardware
  73. The Tech Museum | Home
  74. Exhibits Collection -- Subject Specialist Application
  75. Marco Polo
    The MarcoPolo initiative -- to use technology that is now available in thousands of schools across the country to help teachers teach better and students learn and discover more.
  76. Heritage OnLine - Continuing Education for K-12 Teachers
  77. Startech
    A fine newspaper supplement on the new technology. I discovered the print form while on vacation in Tucson and located the electronic version at the newspaper's web site. This page also links to the archive of all the past issues in the paper. You can browse the articles and cut and paste the segments that interest and inform to a personal archive. Great feature! If you enjoy it, give Beth Mayer ( some feedback.
  79. Wisconsin Model Academic Standards
  81. Professional Development at UNI
    Currently offering Internet courses online. See the student projects from the last cycle.
  82. Resource Library for High School Teachers
    Small samples online of one of the units.
  83. Online Education via Tramline Tours
    Web tour software to build educational tours. See the sample tours. Teachers can select a subject for a tour, locate sites for students to visit, and write some custom notes about each site. From there, the process is "form driven" and generates the tour format.
  84. NetLearn: Internet Learning Resources Directory
    A directory of resources for learning and teaching Internet skills, including resources for WWW, email and other formats.
  85. OryxSoft, Inc. Product Demonstrations
    This is a site to revisit in the near future. They are developing software that will allow you to look at a sample quiz, take the quiz, and have the quiz graded. If you reload the quiz, answers are reordered and some questions may include other randomized elements.
  86. Education Leadership Toolkit
  87. Substitute Teacher Homepage
  88. Consumer Education for Teens
  89. Teaching with the Internet
    Companion site for the book, featuring the TOC and current internet links referenced and annotated in the book. I was most impressed with the excellent organization and the successful effort to provide timely critical information to all K-12 subject areas and all levels.
  90. TIC Home Page
    California Technology in the Curriculum Evaluations Database.
  91. Explore the Internet (Library of Congress)
  92. Collaborative Learning
  93. References and Resources
    Brief NEA review of the K-12 Web site.
  94. Web Based Instruction Resources
  95. Computers for Learning
    Information on a program to donate surplus Federal computer equipment to schools and educational nonprofit organization, " special consideration to those with the greatest need." Is your school in need? This is the site to visit....
  96. Learning Theory and Research
    TOC: "Cognitive Science | Constructivism | Experiential Education | Human Computer Interaction | Learning Theory | Neuropsychology".
  97. The BIG PAGE of Teacher Research Sites
  98. Welcome to Engines for Education
    An online book about what is wrong with education organized online as a network of snippets connected to the questions they raise. At any time you can find out where you are in the book by clicking on the "Outline" icon for "Where Am I In the book" information.
  99. Ed Tech Tools
    One of the interesting tools is the QuizCenter which provides 4 brands of online testing: Self Test: corrected on-the-fly, correct answer displayed on wrong, the Retry Test: corrected on-the-fly, correct answer not displayed on wrong, the Mail-in Test: Mail answers to instructor for correction and Correct & Mail: corrected on-the-fly, results not displayed but mailed to the teacher.
  100. Welcome to the Talk City EduCenter
    A chat center with a number of interesting discussion topic/boards.."designed to facilitate communication between all who share the common interest in quality education!
  101. CLN WWW Home Page
    Designed to help K-12 teachers integrate technology into their classrooms.
  102. Page d'acceuil CanGuide Home Page
    Canadian curriculum guides, in both English and French.
  103. Field Trips
    Angelika Machi, who recently researched virtual field trips on the Internet, shares her most recent discoveries.
  104. The Global Campus
    A project to provide a variety of educational materials (images, sounds, text, and video) for nonprofit educational purposes. For a quick idea of the scope of the site, try the "Index" first.
  105. Teacher/Pathfinder Professional Development
  106. Making a Choice
    Modules (19) for adopting the new technology. By Jamie McKenzie.
  107. WWW Projects: Activity Structures
    Sample Curriculum-Based K-12 Educational Telecomputing Projects, Organized by Activity Structures.
    This site provides some interesting ways to visualize the various dimensions of Synergistic teaching, which "... goes beyond the blurring of subject area lines to "a process of teaching whereby all the school subjects are related and taught in such a manner that they are almost inseparable."
  109. A WebQuest about WebQuests
    Loads of recent discussion in one of the Social Studies news groups about this topic. Here is page to start, although actually part of a larger course page called EDTEC 596, which places WebQuests in a larger perspective. Afer a visit here, you will find that most of the roads lead back to San Diego State's EdTech Department and some very creative people.
  110. Welcome to eDscape
    Simon & Schuster's -- providing online curriculum materials, peer community and professional development.
  111. Character Education
  112. Crossroads Technology and Learning Workshop
  113. Thornburg Center Home
    Providers of staff development and educational technology in education.
  114. Welcome to Edweb's Homepage
    Try a visit to the Encylopedia of Educational Technology, which provides pages and pages of instruction (with superior graphics) on how to make effective and colorful presentations. The pages are well organized and contain simple examples of good presentation advice. You might browse in detail and select some of the components to link to in helping students with the technical aspects of making multimedia presentations in Power Point, Hyperstudio, or HTML Web pages for the LAN or the Internet.
  115. NetLearning: Why Teachers Use the Internet
  116. Teaching Using the Worldwide Web by Doug Moesel From Lehigh University
  117. Tools, Templates, & Training
    Product of a CSU Faculty Development Institute on Tools, Templates, & Training: Using Online Technologies to Add. Trainers, Staff Develpment people and K-12 teachers should visit this site to see the products of an effort to connect University teachers and staff with the technical tools to offer electronic online components their courses. A series of "modules" provides direction for the project. What are the reasons for offering online instruction in the K-12 community? Are the skills and components the same, similar, or different? What kinds of results can be expected? Fewer teachers teaching more students? Elsewhere it is stated that "Virtual universities are evolving today as a response to an environment that is demanding new kinds of learning, evolving new kinds of knowledge, creating new kinds of learners, and developing new forms of knowledge access. These universities are expected to perform their missions as the "learning stakeholder" in the society and economy, while holding the line on resources." Same for K-12?
  118. JCPS Computer Applications Skills Continuum
  119. TrackStar: Using The Internet-Beginner's Guide
  120. The Teacher's Aide
  121. Teaching, Learning & Technology-- A Planning Guide
  122. TCWORLD! Serving all technology coordinators and trainers
  123. David Levin's Learning@Web.Sites
    Visit the Teachers’ Lounge, take an Internet Field Trip, or visit the Professional Development page to enhance your research skills or link to professional growth web sites.
    Fine collection of links to significant topics for electronic learning.
  125. Resources for the Constructivist Educator
  126. Queen's-Bell Instructional Technology Update
  127. Judi Harris' Network-Based Educational Activity Structures
    Want a thousand ideas quickly? Spend just 10 munutes at this site and your teaching will never be the same and your current learners will adopt new styles of learning.
  128. Camp Framer
    A two-day camp sponsored by the Pacific Bell Education First Initiative and the San Diego State University Department of Educational Technology to provide "campers" with the expertise and skills to create simple HTML documents. For a global view of the contribution of "seed" funds presented by Pacific Bell, use the key words in this annotation and one of the search tools.
  129. Online Educator Forum
  130. Tutor 2000
  131. Teacher/Pathfinder Educational Village
  132. Yahoo! - Education:Instructional Technology:On-line Teaching and Learning:Corporate Programs
  133. Integrating Technology in the Classroom
    Slide presentation.
  134. Animated ASL Dictionary
    The animations make this site unusual. Over the years of teaching, there were a number of students who would have appreciated a teacher who learned to sign. Is this a skill that needs to be considered in training and staff development programs?
  135. Best Practices Main Page
  136. CET
    Center for the Enhancement of Teaching. About CET | Multimedia Training Center | Resource Library | Workshops | New Faculty Orientation | Special Events.
  137. Guide to NASA Online Resources - Educational Resources
  138. Useful Units Publications
    Home schooling resource.
  139. Learning Technology Planning Guide Content Guide
  140. Resource Guide to Federal Funding For Technology in Education
  141. Active Learning on the World Wide Web (K-12)
  142. Teacher Art & Picture Resources
  144. BDD: Teacher's Resource Center
  145. Teaching of Psychology in Secondary Schools Home Page
  146. School Psychology Resources Online - Sandra Steingart,Ph.D.
  147. Introduction to the Internet for Teachers
  148. Teachers Turn
    Cocoa Vision Statement from Apple Com. The Tutorial, Documentation and Parental Tutorial on line and in PDF format.
  149. Netscape for Teachers Home Page
    Information and links to:Netscape Scavenger Hunt, Kid Safe Web Pages, Links for Teachers and Lesson Plans, Ask The Experts, Web Search Engines, How to use Netscape Bookmarks in your class, Netscape Help Sheet from the UK Microlabs, HTML Cheat Sheet, Internet and Education, Links for Web Instruction, How to find a person's e-mail address.
  150. Education L530 Online Course Information
    Information on Browsing and Searching, E-mail, Listservs and Newsgroups, Gopher/FTP/Telnet, Creating Integrated Units of Instruction, Using HTML, Issues related to the Internet and Teaching, Multimedia. Be sure to explore the Teacher Links.
  152. Handouts from a Librarian's Training Workshop
  153. WWW Tools for Instructors
    Interested in ways to use the Web in the classroom? Find a pack of ideas here.
  154. The Fairview Outdoor School: A Virtual Interdisciplinary Field Trip
    Resource for web-based instruction and using interdisciplinary approaches to teaching traditional curricular elements.
  155. Netscape Handbook: Mail, News, and Bookmarks
  156. Heritage OnLine - K-12 Academic References
    A list of links to references for citing Internet resources.
    HELP TOPICS contributed by effective teachers who seem to get the most out of their students with low stress to themselves.
  158. Tours : Education : Paperless Resources for Paper Writing
    Steps and advice for student research and writing.
  159. Mind Mapping FAQ
    Free software for students to "mind map" on the computer.
  160. Rethinking the Academy
    Three models for teachers who are interested in the integration of computers into the classroom.
  161. Tools for On-line Learning
  162. Manual to Combat Truancy
  163. OnlineClass:Internet Education Projects
    Spring projects - urban architecture, Greek myths and one on rivers.
    A comprehensive site with a great listing of resources on PORTFOLIOS.
  165. 2001: A Learning Odyssey
    An Online Internet Textbook for K-12 Educators.
  166. The Teachers.Net Website Handbook
    The most recent issue features articles on Learning Online by Kathy Stone, Teaching Online and Facilitating Cooperative Learning by Dr. Rob Higgins, Ten Questions Your Organization Should Answer *Before* Jumping Into Online Education/Training by Dr. Tammy Dewar. Past issues archived.
  168. PSU Education : Global Atmospheric Change
    "A Teachers Guide to Science-Technology-Society Issue Investigation and Action Unit for Middle and High School Science Courses." This is a comprehensive quality unit. Plan to spend some time at the site. I would strongly recommend that Social Studies teachers browse the site for excellent guides and lessons that can be adapted to their classroom. Some of the "experiments" use simple materials and the cooperative and grouping strategies are applicapable to any class
  169. Humanistic and Social Aspects of Teaching
    An Online course.
  170. IFL Home Page
    Internet For Learning.
  171. EDTEC 596 - Interdisciplinary Teaching with Technology
    Online course.
  172. Studie' Home Page
    School Teachers Using & Developing Internet Expertise.
  173. An Educator's Guide to the Internet
    Presents three models for Internet courses and three steps for any educator to follow in preparing an Internet course. The three steps all contain links to general resources and several subject-intensive pages of resources for the Humanities and the Sciences, including English, Fine Arts, History, Biology, Chemistry, and Math.
  174. Horizon Home Page
    see "The Future of Secondary Education" link for a collection of essays.
  175. EDUCOM: Transforming Education Through Information Technology
  176. Teacher TV
    Looks like a great Fall schedule that will explore sexual harassment, school choice and other critical issues. Part of the NEA site. If you haven't visited this key site in the last few weeks, be sure to explore it now.
  177. EnterNet Activity Structures
    Judi Harris (and others) who work with instructional design around activity structures for telecomputing created this training site.
  178. NickNacks
    Great guides for Collaborating in the Global Classroom (How to Start, Participant's Guide, Online Resources, Technology Volunteers) and Developing a Collaborative Project ( Designing the Lesson Plan, Demonstrations and Exemplary Telecollaborations, Resource Checklist, Collaborative Project Planner, Refining Your Project, Essentials of Exchanging Information, Collaborating with HyperStudio).
  179. Middle Web
    Focus on Middle grades reform, with a special focus on urban middle schools.
  180. LIS 538 Project Page
    For those who have students who are gifted and talented, or homeless, speak English as a Second Language or have Limited English Proficiency, have parents who migrate to seek agricultural work or who have a disability.
  182. The Internet for Teaching
    CyberU is available to educators for use with their classes. A downloadable versions is offered for educational and personal use.
  183. T & L on the WWW
    Teaching and Learning on the Web. Over 500 examples of how the web is being used for learning.
  184. Delivering Instruction on the World Wide Web
  185. WWW Resources - MAIN
    Web-Based Instruction Resource Site.
  186. Reinventing Schools: The Technology Is Now
    A new site map makes navigation and finding information easier at this large site.
    Looking for a list of 500 Great Books by Women, info on How to Start a Reading Group or guides to John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men and The Pearl & The Red Pony?
  188. Learning on the Internet
  189. Using the World Wide Web to Build Learning Communities in K-12
  190. Center for New Discoveries in Learning - Home Page
    Take the Personal Learning Style and see the Inventory and learn Memory Strategies for Numbers and Dates.
  191. KDLH-TV Learning Center
  192. Teachers' Exchange
  193. EdCen Home Page
  194. The Technology Coordinator's Home Page
    Resources to assist the technology coordinator or educator in integrating technology in a wider school context.
  195. WWWEDU Home Page
    (The World Wide Web in Education List) a moderated list coordinated by Andy Carvin at The Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB), offer a continuous discussion on the role of World Wide Web use in education.
  196. Instructor Magazine
    Online site for the print Magazine with a great "Integrating the Internet" section.
  197. Integrating the Internet
    Features an onling zine Internet Travel Guide, Curriculum Resources and an Internet in the Classroom Tutorial, with templates for designing class pages and projects.
  198. The Future of Networking Technologies for Learning Index
  199. NickNacks: Collaborative Education on the Internet
    A showcase site on the details of collaboration. Links to Developing, Exchanging, Participating, Projects, Resources, Collaborative HyperStudio Projects, a "how to" = Developing a Collaborative Project, File formats for word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, page layouts, tips on Programs with Free Viewers, E-mailing files: compression shareware, formats and a host of other information. The site provides some of the most complete information on collaboration that I have seen.
  200. Guidelines for Educational Uses of Networks
    A variety of guidelines on how to use networks in powerful ways for education.
  201. Nonverbal Behaviour. Nonverbal Communication. Links
  202. 21st Century Problem Solving - Welcome page
  203. World Link
    Examples of how to use the Net and connect with resources to get started. Past issure archived.
  204. Putting the Pieces Together
    Strategies for Children and Families. An effort at collaborative by the U.S. Department of Education and the Regional Educational Laboratory Network.
  205. Homepage Policies
    Some interesting guideline for K-12 pages.
  206. Workplace Strategies Consultants
  207. WebTalk(tm)
    "Direct exchange platform for mentor teachers in all fields - including Internet applications in the classroom. Teachers share questions and suggestions in all areas - basic Internet surfing to Homepage programming tips and advice."
    An online tutorial for elementary educators new to the Internet.
  209. Discovery Channel School
    See the SAMs! and The Learning Channel, April 30 at 4-5 am ET. See TLC Elementary for lesson plans and program details.
  210. "A Teacher's Guide to the U.S. Department of Education" (Fall 1995)
  211. Teacher's Internet Pages
  212. The Whole Library HandbookThis is a great place to visit, even if you are not a K-12 librarian.. The "Materials" link has good information for parents and for the general public.. See the list of the most significant books (fiction and nonfiction) published for a great listing for adults or young adults. Good Summer reading!
  213. Internet Braille Wizard
  214. Edweb
    K-12 Internet Resource Guide by Andy Carvin.
  215. Setting Up A Web Site For Your School: An On-line Presentation
    Language and Literacy Among Young Students with Developmental Disabilities in Early Childhood Classrooms.
  217. Make It Happen!
    Information and useful resources to middle school teachers interested in: thematic instruction, interdisciplinary curriculum, inquiry-based learning, technology integration and inclusion of students with learning disabilities.
  218. Artsedge Curriculum Connections
    Extensive alphabetical listing of curriculum examples, a special "for students" page(About For Students, Student Research Page, Web Spotlight: For Students, Young Artists Showcase, Web Spotlight: By Students ).
  220. PTV: Ready to Learn
  221. COGNITO! Library for Family Reference
    Cognito! combines a large quantity of articles from major encyclopedias, reference books, magazines, pamphlets and other sources onto a single Web site with fast and easy search tools for all family reference needs.
  222. Computing Resources for Teachers
    Teaching Computer Science: Resources for Teachers.
  223. NCIP Home
    "National Center to Improve Practice (NCIP) promotes the effective use of technology to enhance educational outcomes for students with sensory, cognitive, physical and social/emotional disabilities."
  224. The Teachers Network
  225. Internet Teachers Network
    Great resources for teachers to use in teaching the Internet.
  226. New Additions to MandelWeb
    "Additions include a html form for computing averages, a chapter on "Measurement" from THE SCIENTIFIC EXPERIENCE (by Goldstein, Gross, Pollack and Blumberg), and a 1988 science studies article, by Diane B. Paul and Barbara A. Kimmelman, about the foundations of agricultural genetics and the reception of Mendel's paper (the article is titled: "Mendel in America: Theory and Practice, 1900-1919")."
  227. Expect the Best from a Girl
  228. Resources for Special Student Populations
    Part of the Global Shcoolnet page...
  229. English
    Designed specifically for teachers of secondary school English.
  230. Gander Academy's Theme-Related Resources on the World Wide Web
  231. Scientific American: OCTOBER 1997
    Teachers and students interested in "themes" might visit this issue for insight into the past and future of travel.
  232. Integrating the Internet
    Resources divided by specific curriculum topics. Includes suggestions for integrating information into your daily lessons and student activities.
  233. ERIC Clearinghouse on Teaching and Teacher Education
  234. Alchemy Mindworks Inc.
    Worth a visit (or revisit) for those necessary tools for multi-media and graphic production.
  235. Web 66: Cookbook
    Good ideas for tutorial - examples based on Mac software.
  236. The English Country School
    Information about teaching English with projects in the natural environment, running a student magazine as a mini business and teaching international EFL classes in England.
  237. TILT University of Glasgow
    Teaching with Independent Learning Technologies.
  238. Designing Staff Development
  1. Social Studies Teachers Association
  2. Sunshine Online
  3. International Reading Association
  4. Welcome to Georgia Learning Connection
  5. Art and Craft Webzine
  6. Welcome to wNetSchool
  7. The Journal
    Diary of a 17 year old male, with all the typical (and some unusual) problems and concerns. Strong language and "mature" content in some of the entries I read. Teachers of secondary "health" and guidance might browse and assign, perhaps with parent participation along with the student.
  8. Environmental News Network - Education Channel
  9. U.S. Official Calls for Studies of Technology in Classrooms
  10. NAEP 1998 Reading Report Card for the Nation, Executive Summary
    Summary, with a link to the entire report in PDF format.
  11. BBC News | Education
    The current page features an interesting articles about Inglewood High School (LA) which has decided not to participate in Black History Month and festivities honouring a Mexican victory, because of worries that the events could prompt violence between rival gangs.
  12. Educational Technology Journal, Technology for Schools, Technology for Learning
    From Now On, current issue. Just in case this is not on your bookmarks. I especially liked the article on the selection of electronic materials (of Encarta variety) for school media centers.
  13. IMPACT II--The Teachers Network
  14. Educational Technology & Society (ISSN 1436-4522)
  15. Welcome to The American Federation of Teachers Web Site
    Standards of Conduct, Standards for Achievement.
  16. National Service-Learning Clearinghouse
  17. Institute for Educational Leadership Policy Exchange: Publications
  18. Welcome to The American Federation of Teachers Web Site
    Standards of Conduct, Standards for Achievement.
  19. National Service-Learning Clearinghouse
  20. ozline - Web & Flow and ozline - Working the Web for Education
    Theory and Practice on Integrating the Web for Learning, by Tom March. This article builds on the notions set out in an earlier article,"What's on the Web?", published in the July / August 1995 Computer-Using Educators' Newsletter.
  21. Electronic Education Journals
  22. Educational Attainment
    Current Population Survey data from the Census Bureau.
    For " a smorgasbord of books, movies, plays, television shows, and works of music that broaden, deepen, or define the experience of being alive."
  24. The George Lucas Educational Foundation
  25. The Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning
  26. College Board Online - Services for High School & College Faculty
  27. EGSA Conference: Computer-Mediated Teaching
  28. Distance Learning
    14th Annual Conference on DISTANCE Teaching and Learning -- August 5-7, 1998 in Madison, Wisconsin.
  29. Network of Educators on the Americas (NECA)
  30. MultiMedia Schools Magazine
    Articles from the current issue.. When I visitied (5/98) the complete texts included: CyberBee (Cavalcade of American History - Linda C. Joseph and DirectConnect (Publishing Student Work Online: Investigation, Assimilation, and Self-Expression Cathy de Moll, Guest Columnist) .
  31. Welcome to Too Cool For Grownups: Feb. 1998 - March 1998
    See the site map for back issues.
  32. National Education Association
  33. University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning
    Providing efforts to improve students as learners and the quality of instruction students receive under the Strategic Instruction Model framework.
  34. Bibliographic Resource for Gang Research
  35. EEN Home Page
    Standards (including a report on State Standards) and articles on school reform.
  36. School Choice 1998: A Progress Report
    An excellent presentation from the Heritage Foundation by Nina H. Shokraii.
  37. Meridian: Middle School Computer Technologies Journal
    Applying the latest technology to teaching and learning in the middle school classroom.
  38. PDK Home PagePhi Delta Kappan.
  39. PDK Home Page
    See the Index of online articles.
  40. Tried and True: Table of Contents
  41. Welcome to AEL on the World Wide Web
    A "...nonprofit, regionally oriented education research, development, and service institution. Its mission is to link the knowledge from research with the wisdom from practice to improve teaching and learning."
  42. MidLink Magazine
    Rubrics for teachers...a short listing.
  43. MultiMedia Schools Magazine
  44. Schools and Libraries Corporation, Inc.
    Established to administer the Universal Service Program for Schools & Libraries. Is your school district interested in purchasing telecommunications services at a discount? This is the site to file an application electronically in the near future.
  45. Educational Technology Resource
    A resource for K-12 educators to improve student achievement by integrating technology and the curriculum.
  46. CSS Journal
    Current issue articles, abstracts and full text. Members given access to archives of past issues. See Developing and Integrating a Web-based Quiz into the Curriculum, Virtually Deschoolong Society: Authentic Collaborative Learning via the Internet, Online Research: Making the Most of What the Web Has to Offer, CourseWeaver: A Tool for Building Course-Based Web and Free Speech on the Internet: Legal, Social, and Political Issues.
  47. Teacher Magazine
  48. Welcome to Weekly Reader Galaxy!
  49. Institute of International Education
  50. Comparative and International Education Society (CIES)
    Publishes a Journal and a list of Web resources on comparative education.
  51. MTI
    New Website for Madison area teachers.
  52. Content Knowledge
    A Compendium of Standards and Benchmarks for K-12 Education.
  53. Findings from The Condition of Education 1997: Teachers' Working Conditions
    The Social Context of Education.
  54. Teacher/Pathfinder Educational Village
  55. U.S. Department of Education: Topics from A to Z
    New umbrella page for the U.S. Department of Education:
  56. OVAE Hot Topic: High School Reform
    The Department of Education and the National Center for Research in Vocational Education have chosen schools that serve as leading examples of New American High Schools.
  57. National Foundation for the Improvement of Education
  58. NEA: Mapping Your Way to School Reform
    New feature on the NEA site is a clickable map of the United States for access reform efforts in your state. Interested in something you read/saw in the October print version of NEA Today? Visit the electronic version -- NEA Today Online. If you recall, the Cover Story topic was reaching parents. The electronic version puts you one click away from access to the Web pages/resources listed in the print version. No need to type in all of those long address locations on the Web. I hope when you contact parents, you put them in touch with the Web Page for Parents.
  59. ISTE Publications
    Publishes Learning and Leading With Technology and the Journal of Research on Computing in Education.
  60. Cyberschools - An Education Renaissance
    A book site, with samples from the book explaining the world-wide prospects for Internet and TV-based college education.
  61. National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature - Exhibits and Educational Programs
  62. Welcome to InterActive Teacher Online
    See the Feature Articles Directory.
  63. Teacher Magazine
  64. Today at Connect-Time Magazine
  65. NAEP Electronic Publications
  66. Education Week on the Web
  67. Ties Magazine - The Magazine of Design and Technology Education
    Provides support for technology education and the integration of math, science and technology curriculum in middle, junior and senior high schools.
  68. Stop Surfing - Start Teaching 1998 National Conference
    Although this conference site is for post-secondary teachers, it is worth a visit to browse some of the issues raised by online instruction and using the Internet. See the Suggested Proposal Topics section for a feel for the issues raised by teachers and institutions that are moving in this direction. These same issue are likely to be more evident as K-12 institutions go online.
  69. American Library Association Home Page
  70. The SAGE Page
    Student Association for Graduates in Educational Technology.
  71. New Chalk Vol.1, No.11
    A Bi-Weekly -- Featuring Instructors' Use of Networked Technologies.
  72. Triton Project - San Diego City Schools
    Inetersting newsletter for the project.
  73. Educational Technology Zine
  74. The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development Education Bulletin. The ASCD Education Bulletin (distributed by Email) covers "...topics such as curriculum, instruction, assessment, technology, equity, diversity, and continuing support for public schools. Interesting and useful web resources are also highlighted on a regular basis." To subscribe send email to: and, In the body of the message type "subscribe bulletin."
  77. NCREL
    See the The Amazing Picture Machine.
  78. Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory
  79. Electronic School
    A quarterly technology magazine for K-12 school leaders. Includes all the articles from the print edition, additional online materials and an Archive of previous issues.
  80. Welcome to Time-Life Education
  81. NAEP 1996 Science Report Card for the Nation and the States, Executive Summary
    Available in PDF format.
  82. Interactive Teacher
  83. Computing Teachers Resource
  84. Horizon Home Page
    Features a List and a Print/Electronic publication.
  85. The Voice
    An educational multimedia zine with text, graphics, sound and animation.
  86. MultiMedia Schools Magazine
    A Practical Journal of Multimedia, CD-ROM, Online and Internet in K-12. The current issue has a feature called "CyberBee"
    on sparking the writing process using technology. Great ideas for lessons and assignments with featured sites to visit hyperlinked.
  87. Mining the Internet
    1996-97 Columns.
  88. Learning and Leading With Technology
    (Formerly The Computing Teacher.)
  89. Class IV Publications - Educational News & Resources
  90. Remedia Publications
  91. Class IV Publications - Educational News & Resources
  92. U.S. Department of Education Publications
    I'm sure I have linked to this page previously, but a return is in order for all the new stuff... I am amazed at how rapidly the information/reports change... Must be this electronic thing...Hmm?
  93. Association of American Educators
  94. WiscNet Home Page
    The Center for Adolescent Studies - Indiana University. Covers all K-12 subject areas.
  96. ACDE Home Page
    American Council For Drug Education. Try the "Learning Page" and take the tour with lab hosts -- Oink and Boink. The "Grownup Page" is not near as much fun, but you will locate four lessons for K-12 -- Kindergarten. Just in case students think this is a "propaganda" site, send them to the research pages which features an impressive list of news and journal references.
  97. NECC main
    Convention site. Looks like a great conference.
  98. NASA Spacelink - An Aeronautics & Space Resource for Educators
  99. The United Nations CyberSchoolBus: Educational Resources for Students and Teachers
  100. Electronic Elementary Magazine
  101. Electronic Elementary Magazine
  102. T.H.E. Journal
  103. CM: Canadian Review of Materials
    A Reviewing Journal of Canadian Materials for Young People.
  104. Welcome to TALES
    A variety of stories about teachers and classrooms using telecommunications and the Internet, some with slow modems and no-graphical browers.
  105. The Well Connected Educator
  106. California Department of Education
  107. Global SchoolNet Foundation Home Page
    New Location.
  108. Education Week on the Web
    Features the "Daily News" (Immediate access to the best articles written about education each day in newspapers around the country), a Search Link ( archives contain every ),article Education Week has published since the fall of 1989*. The "Issues" section on the "In Context link has background essays on some of the key education issues in American education today. "This Week's Links" has articles in this week's print edition of Education Week accompanied by links to further information available.
  109. D-Lib Magazine, September 1996
    The September edition is a special issue devoted to "digital libraries" and education. Articles are based on the themes of: "what makes this generation of technology in the classroom different from earlier efforts; what does education have to contribute to the digital libraries research discussion; and what does education need from digital libraries?" Also see D-Lib Magazine, October 1996 and D-Lib Magazine - Back Issues.
  110. The Art Teacher Connection©
  111. From Now On - The Educational Technology Journal
  112. International Society for Technology
    Offers a form to request a free Guide To Resources For Technology-Using Educators --ISTE publication, includs journals, special interest newsletters books and courseware.
  113. Edge -- September/October 1996
    Interesting articles/essays, especially for teens.
  114. CMC Magazine: September 1996
    Special Issue:Explores the barriers educators face in adopting online communication. Back issues archived on site.
  115. The Condition of Education, 1996
    National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) gathers and publishes information on the status and progress of education in the United States.
  116. "InQuiry Almanack"August/September Issue online.
  117. Instructor, A Scholastic Publication
  118. Electronic Emissary Home Page
  119. Great Lakes Information Network
    Topics include the economy and environment, tourism, news, events and weather. See the "Great Lakes Education" links.
  120. MidLink Magazine
    Excellent example of Web publishing by middle school students. See their electronic products!
  121. The "I Have A Dream" Foundation
    Administered by the National "I Have a Dream" (IHAD) Foundation in New York. "Local IHAD Projects adopt entire grades from elementary schools, or entire age-groups from public housing developments. Each Project then provides its children ("Dreamers") with academic support, cultural and recreational activities, and individual attention for 10-12 years."
  122. United States Information Agency
  123. Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute / Education
  124. National Student Research Center
    Middle School site with an international purpose. Info about the NSRC and links to other Web sites related to science, student research, science fair projects, and e-journals of student research.
  125. Harvard Educational Review
    Article Abstracts online.
  126. Local Wisconsin teachers should welcome the additon of this page. I selected news and was greeted with a listing of several local online discussions.
  127. InterActive Teacher Online
    Features the full text of each issue, as well as a searchable index. The bimonthly magazine has features and departments on topics of interest to K-12 teachers, lesson plans and ideas, recaps of current events in public education, links to educational resources on the Internet, including lesson plan archives. An informal chat area for teachers will be added later.
  128. Wisconsin Center for Education Research
  129. !!!! Aa1 the Surfin' Librarian - CyberSchool Magazine
    One of the very best sites I have visited this Summer.
  130. !!! Aa1 Electric Professor - Article
    Retro financing in Ontario.
  131. College Board On-Line
    A commercial site offering a daily interactive SAT test question...,information for students and their families.
  132. Educational Testing Service
  133. NSTA Home Page
    National Science Teachers Association.
  134. OnWEAC
    See the Educational Issues Series, which "...brings the best current research on important issues of educational policy or practice to the educational community." The page also presents a seres of research papers. Parents might find the Child Well-Being in Wisconsin [1996] paper interesting, especially topical as Wisconsin's welfare reform is viewed as a showcase program for the nation. There is little doubt that the children of the nation are suffering from the current political climate, but it is also clear that the politicians have discovered that children do not vote, and voters can be convinced that reducing their taxes can be achieved at the same time that past and current deficits are erased. It is, after all, what they want to hear.
  135. The New York Institute for Special Education
  136. National Teachers Enhancement Network
    Offers graduate-credit science and mathematics courses to teachers.
  137. Online Educator: Welcome
    Some sample articles online: Keeping students away from the Internet's dark side, Online projects to help your students with their writing, Exploring space with NASA and SkyView, Current Events via the Net, Make your students into cyberjournalists, Bring an earthquake into your classroom, Online geography skills. Be sure to see the E-mail Explorations for ideas on Lists that might be useful.
  138. Welcome to ACE
    American Council on Education.
  139. Education Journal Annotations: A - B
  140. Office of Institutional Research and Planning
  141. National Institute on the Education of At-Risk Students
  142. 1995 Digest of Education Statistics
  143. National Institute on Early Childhood Development and Education
  144. NCIP Home
    National Center to Imrpove Practice in Special Education using technology.
  145. U.S. Department of Education
  146. HPCC K-12 Home Page
    NASA Lewis Research Center's High Performance Computing and Communications. Site with great visual appeal and content.
  147. Alberta Education Website
  148. VNET's WEB Page
    Volunteer Network for Educational Technology.
  149. SHAPE [Wearls] Index
    Sharing Aeronautic Projects Electronically.
  150. What's Noteworthy on Learners, Learning & Schooling
    Contains articles that address the personal, technical, and organizational domains of educational reform.
  151. The Horace Mann Review
    A journal of student opinion on issues of politics, economics, public policy and culture, with the topic of Affirmative Action in the first online issue.
  152. InfoList Home Page
    Established to gather information from Internet publications that contain information for teachers.
  153. WHAT IS NIE?
    Currently exploring TREES! Children now have their own national magazine of investigation in DRAGONFLY, a first-of-its kind, theme-based journal that features children's research, art, and creative writing.
  155. Cyberschool Magazine
    See the"Surfin' Librarian" for of links to on-line books for downloading, lesson plans, education resources, libraries, museums and databases. See the Lesson plan archive for Social Science, Science, Mathematics, Language Arts, Special Education.
  156. Little Planet Times
    Pleasing page...but I hope my kids don't want one of those $40 T-Shirts! Links for kids, parents and teachers.
  157. Reviews of CD-ROMs
    And multimedia software for Primary level educational use.
  158. KSC Visitor Center Launch Pad
    Kennedy Space Center.
  159. National PTA
  160. Knowledge Adventure Online -- Main Menu
    See the "Reference Room" for a large collection of resources and information.
  161. The Collaboratory!
    A club for teachers who are interested in communicating and collaborating with other educators.
  162. The NECTAR Foundation Main Menu
    New Era Classroom, Technology and Research Foundation.
  163. Council of the Great City Schools Online
  164. Arkansas - Little Rock: College of Education ONLINE
  165. The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago
    Some fantastic materials here. Try the current Exhibits for a Chick hatchery and Download a Quicktime time-lapse movie of a hatching chick (610 K).Teacher guides on AIDS: The War Within, Navy Technology At Sea, Take Flight, Mystery at the Museum.
  166. Protecting Our Children From the Internet
    "From Now On: The Educational Technology Journal"
  167. American Association of School Administrators Home Page
  168. The American Federation of Teachers
  169. The ASCD Web
    The Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.
  170. Welcome to the Journal of a Short-Timer
  171. Online Educator: Welcome
  172. CM magazine
    Reviews books, videos, audio tapes and CD-ROMs for children and young adults.
  174. Edunet's Home Page
  175. The Center for Education Reform
    Links to: CER News Alerts, Education Reform Overview, About School Choice, About Charter Schools, More on Education Reform, Education Resources and Organizations and Education Leaders Council.
  176. Hawaii Education and Research Network
  177. NCA Commission on Schools Home Page
    North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.
  178. Teaching Tip of the Day
  179. PEP
    Parents, Educators and Publishers. The site includes a registry of 420+ educational publishers (with links to their sites), software reviews, a searchable database, conference announcements, shopper resources etc. Electronic shopping bag. Samples and excerpts from some of the books.
  180. UCR - CMP Educational Projects
    VidKids Media Literacy Program
  181. World Link
    A monthly newsletter designed to help educators navigate the net.
  182. inQuiry Almanack
    Most recent issue offers some ideas on keeping your classroom focused on learning as the end of year break approaches.
  183. SyllabusWeb
    Now offering a FREE subscription to Syllabus Magazine, a technology magazine for high schools, colleges, and universities.
  184. Institute for the Transfer of Technology to Education
  185. The Newberry Library
  186. Cisco Educational Archive and Resources Catalog
    About educators and schools "internetworking" via the WWW.
  187. inQuiry Almanack, March 1995
    Monthly magazine for Educators. See It! Using the Internet for inquiry based teaching.
    A newsletter produced by Heriot-Watt University Library with information about new and recent Internet resources of interest to the higher education community. Worth a quick browse for you K-12'ers.
  189. Teacher Talk Home Page
    The very best Zine for the classroom teacher. I browsed Vol2 Issue 2 for information on the topic of diversity and spent the remainder of the session reading the issue. It is one document with the articles and features indexed and hyperlinked. However, the entire current issue can be saved to disk and read later. Page loaded fast and graphics are simple (see example of diversity graphic).
  190. ExInEd: Home Page
    See the future in using the Web for showcasing educational products, in this case CD ROM products. You can also download the latest HyperCard player V2.1 at the site.
  191. Distance Education Clearinghouse
  192. The U.S. Department of Education
    Searchable document collections include legislation and Education's gopher and Web sites. links to Money Matters, Publications & Products, Programs & Services, and People & OfficeS and a "Picks of the Month" selection.
  193. The Interactive Curriculum Institute (ICI)
    On-line projects.
  194. Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center - LingNet BBS
  195. Village Learning Center home page
  196. Department of Defense Education Gateway
  197. Ojai Federation of Teachers
  198. Pathways to School Improvement
    NCREL ( North Central Regional Educational Laboratory guide school improvement! Helps "...educators apply the latest educational research to topics such as school leadership (establishing a vision, building committed teams, the change process), governance and organizational management (school finance, site-based management, charter schools), math and science education, the education of "at-risk" students, school-to-work transition, and more. "Stories" from schools involved in reform, lesson plans, artifacts, and other resources designed to promote meaningful learning in schools are among the links we're adding.
  199. Headbone Interactive
    Publisher of CD-ROMs for kids from ages 4 to 12. Ddownloadable product demos and shareware games.
  200. MECC
    Information about software programs for kids of all ages. Technical support and links to various other Internet sites of interest to kids, parents, and teachers are also available.

    More information on health issues

    A Few On Gangs
  1. Best Practices: Gangs
  2. Gang Tattoos
  3. Gang-Slang
    From a student in Innsbruck/Austria.
  4. A Street Guide to Gang Identity

  5. Brianna, Vacterl, chronic illness, stigma
  6. Official Web site of the Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics
    Providing access to federal and state statistics and reports on children and their families, including: population and family characteristics, economic security, health, behavior and social environment,and education.
  7. Taking the Bully by the Horns:Bullies,Self-esteem,Violence
  8. The National Coalition for School Bus Safety Home Page
  9. Investing in Children
    Children's Roundtable Report #1 -- April 1999 Investing in Children.
  10. America's Children 1999
    "Included are six contextual measures that describe the changing population and family context in which children are living, and 23 indicators of well-being in the areas of economic security, health, behavior and social environment, and education."
  11. Welcome to the Child and Family News
    Although designed with journalists in mind, the site can also be valuable for K-12 educators.
    The Census Bureau recently reported that about 5,435,000 children, or 7.7 percent of all children in the United States, were living in homes with a grandparent in 1997. See the report at the Bureau Site.
  12. AECF: KIDS COUNT 1999
  13. Table Of Contents-Healthy School Environment
  14. The Urban Institute — The Children's Budget Report: A Detailed Analysis of Spending on Low-Income Children's Programs in 13 States
  15. Social Security and People of Color - Rev. 10/8/98
    African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Social Security: the Shortcomings of the Heritage Foundation Reports, by Kilolo Kijakazi.
  16. 98-251 / Indicators of School Crime and Safety, 1998
  18. Early Warning, Timely Response: A Guide to Safe Schools
  19. State sees child welfare backlog grow
  20. NCCP
    Young Children in Poverty: A Statistical Update / March 1998 Edition: Facts-at-a-Glance.
    MAY 13, 1998. "National Study Reveals How Wisconsin Fares In Caring For Young Children and Families."
  22. Tools for Schools
    School Reform Models Supported by the National Institute on the Education of At-Risk Students
  23. CPS - Project Act
    Showcase site for Cleveland's efforts to educate homeless children.
  24. Promoting Tolerance at San Clemente High School
    One teacher's response to violence by and against students in his school.
    A listing of ERIC documents.
  26. National PTA Violence Prevention Kit
    Parents and Kids Talk About Violence Together. Download the Community Violence Prevention Kit.
  27. Youth Violence Theme Page
  29. OMS-WHO: Welcome to the World Health Organization: bienvenue sur l'Organisation Mondiale de la Santé :OMS-WHO © 1997:Organizacion Mundial de la Salud
  30. "In The Mix"
    The PBS series "In the Mix" will be re-airing their special "Self-Image: The Fantasy, The Reality" beginning the week of February 7 (in time for National Eating Disorder Awareness Week!). Here's a brief description of the episode's content: "SHOW 424: SELF IMAGE: THE FANTASY, THE REALITY What is "the perfect body", and why does everyone want it? In The Mix digs deep into the American obsession with body image, taking a zoom lens to the images we see on television and billboards, in films and magazines. Young men and women speak their minds about how waif-thin models and macho-men make them feel about themselves... With the help of In the Mix, teens will learn how to "tune-out" media images and listen to who they really are."
  32. Defining Safe Schools
  33. PDFWATCH: In Aid of World AIDS Day '97
    From the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Designed to showcase the latest information about America's adolescents, including: "...a statistical profile of America's teenagers; the latest reports and publications about adolescents; information for parents of teens; speeches by federal officials on youth topics; links to youth-related websites at HHS, other federal agencies, private foundations and research organizations; and information about awards YouthInfo has received." A visit to the "What's New" and browsing the "Current Trends" in youth displayed some disturbing stats on violence and drug use.
  35. Violence in Schools.
    A site that explores issues surrounding school violence and methods used to prevent it. Better preview the site carefully, as there appears to be some strong language in some of the street interviews with drug sellers.
  36. Creative Partnerships for Prevention
    "The goal of this national initiative is to provide current information, ideas, and resources on how to use the arts and humanities to enhance drug and violence prevention programming..."
  37. Kids Food CyberClub Home Page
    See the "Teachers Corner" for lessons on food and nutrition.


  38. Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco
  39. Smoking Handbook Page 1
    Written By Middle School Kids, For Middle School Kids Tobacco and Nicotine | Why Do People Smoke? | Consequences of Smoking Methods of Quitting | Teenage Smoking | Second Hand Smoke Smoking Related Links On The Web.
  40. Joe's Wake
  41. Internal R.J. Reynolds Documents
    Internal R.J. Reynolds Documents Detail Cigarette Marketing Aimed at Children.
  42. World No-Tobacco Day
  43. Letters for Sunday, Dec. 21
    Interested in a listing of the ingredients in some current cigarettes? See how the industry has "...doctored cigarettes with ...chemicals and artificial sweeteners to make them more palatable to teenagers." This Texas newspaper recently published news about the Liggett Group, maker of Chesterfields and L&M, which has decided to print an ingredients label on every pack it sells. Seems Texas is nearing a trial against the tobacco companies.
  44. Science North: Smoking Quiz
  45. Education Week on the Web
    See the article on smoking by girls called TM: She's Gotta Habit, Page 1. The general trend in smoking by teen girls is disturbing. The recent hype about breast cancer is probably the 30 year trend in the percent change in death rates for breast cancer is +4%, while lung cancer is up +438% (See the stats in Time Special Fall Issue on health and medicine).

    On the topic of the health and safety of children

  46. AAP - Child Health Month 1997
    Presenting the theme for 1997-99 substance abuse prevention. The site presently is focused on tobacco use, "...specifically smoking, environmental tobacco smoke, and smokeless or chewing tobacco -- and the health risks they pose for children."
  47. National Coalition for the Homeless
    Has recently added a page on the special problems associated with educating homeless children and results of monitoring the progress various states are making.

  48. The Real Scoop on Tobacco
    "You have been hired by the parents of Icabod, a sixth grade student. They suspect their child of smoking or about to start. He's gone through D.A.R.E. and listened to the lectures of his parents and teachers. However, he thinks they are all just handing him a line. After all, he sees lots of adults smoking and figures it isn't really so bad. In fact, he thinks it's pretty cool. But he might listen to you. After all, you're his peer. That's what his parents are counting on. They've hired you to convince him to quit smoking. To do so, you must show your commitment to the fight against youth using tobacco and create a memorable message for him. Do a good job - it could be a matter of life and death."

    National Center for Tobacco-Free Kids
    The country’s largest non-government initiative to protect children from tobacco addiction. "Part of the April Press Release stated: U.S. Tobacco is mixing the youthful sounds of alternative rock with the deadly taste of its smokeless tobacco to create a powerful marketing campaign aimed at kids. "It doesn’t surprise us that a tobacco company would so blatantly target kids, but it is disturbing that these musicians would allow themselves to become tobacco salesmen..." This is the site to research the latest statistics on tobacco use among youth, view print, TV and radio ads, download tobacco control activities for parents and kids, see excerpts from internal tobacco industry documents and tobacco industry marketing schemes and locate links to other relevant Web sites.

    Koop's Page.

    BADvertising Tobacco Smoking Cigarettes Snuff Honest Advertising


    Tobacco BBS
    Provides a free resource center and debate forum focusing on tobacco issues. It features news and information, downloadable resources, quit-smoking tips, alerts for activists, and open discussion of medical, federal, local, international and social issues.


    NicNet: The Nicotine & Tobacco Network

    Welcome to the American Lung Association
    "When you can't breathe, nothing else matters." Resource for information on asthma and other lung diseases, tobacco control, and environmental health.

    Links to assist in quitting smoking
    After you get through the site awards (Wow!) you will find information on how to dispose of all those smelly ashtrays.

    Smoking And Tobacco Control Section

    Tobacco Strikes Back
    Should this be "Tobacco Strikes Out?"

    New Tobacco Regulations
    Vast quantity of documents and scientific evidence available in text and PDF format. The TOC alone took almost 6 minutes to download with a 28.8 modem. Much of the scientific evidence and arguments used by the government for the new regulations are also presented.

    Parents and teachers are welcomed to download and to use an on site short story for educational purpose, with permission to make up to fifty paper copies for classroom distribution and discussion.

    Drug I. Q. Network: Tobacco- Tobacco, the Plant and Its Products

    Ask Dr. Weil - Q&A
    Commit to Quit Smoking?

    Smokeless Tobacco

    ACS Smokeout 96
    A great page to start with...Good articles and links to other quit/anti smoking pages all in a fine graphical suited to younger students.

    The Cigarette Papers
    Site for Professor Stanton Glantz's book on a package containing 4,000 pages of secret internal tobacco industry documents sent to his office at the University of California, San Francisco.

    Is this a game with your health that can only end with an early death?

    Yahoo! - Tobacco Company News
    Links to "tobacco" news going back two months.

    Sugar from Tobacco?

    The QuitNet Library
    Links to tobacco control, smoking cessation information, prevention and nicotine research sites all over the world.

    Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)
    A national organization devoted solely to the problems of smoking and to protecting nonsmokers' rights.

    RJ Reynolds
    "Features news about the company, programs developed to address issues facing the U.S. tobacco industry..." Includes a "...[Right Decisions Right Now] a Youth Non-Smoking Program that helps kids make the right decisions about various activities, including not smoking." All the pages have a "brown stain" background. Are those tobacco stain, RJ?? Or perhaps because some of the records from some Tobacco companies were kept in someones basement?

    The Master Anti-Smoking Page
    This page is designed to help people QUIT smoking and to helping people and how to avoid starting. It is administered by Elliot Essman, and dedicated to a cousin and two uncles who died prematurely from smoking.

    HabitSmart Home Page
    Constructed to provide an information about addictive behavior: theories of habit endurance and habit change as well as tips for effectively managing habitual behavior. See the HabitSmart Family Page.

    Tobacco Web Site
    Sponsored by American Psychological Association's Division. Pulls together several sources of information on tobacco.

    Tobacco Control Archives

    4/29/96 A LONG WAY, BABY
    Time's review of the book, Ashes to Ashes, Richard Kluger's history of the cigarette, ambitiously subtitled America's Hundred-Year Cigarette War, the Public Health, and the Unabashed Triumph of Philip Morris. Begins with the tobacco plant itself and how and where it is grown and harvested.

    Action on Smoking and Healh (ASH)
    a national organization devoted solely to the problems of smoking and to protecting nonsmokers' rights.

    The Online Health Network
    Authoritative information from health professionals at the Mayo Clinic.

  49. TOP

    AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety Home Page
    I'm sure many of the teachers who visit this site have tried to teach students who seem to have a single goal -- to get that drivers license and the family car/truck and start cruising (or whatever they call it today). This page might be a hook. Naturally, I visited the "Older Driver Safety" link first. (The AAA considers 55 to be old.) See if your students can locate the "Teen New Drivers' Homepage" (published by teen drivers) and check out the advice they offer. The site covers all of the safety/driving issues I can think of and more. Point out the site to the Drivers Ed folks and see what they think.

  50. Yahoo! - Society and Culture:Poverty:Homelessness:Children
  51. Kids Food CyberClub Home Page
  52. The Kellogg's Nutrition University
    Yep. You can join the university and take a sample course in Wheat Bran 101, which includes: FIBER FUNDAMENTALS (Basic definitions including the difference between "fiber" and "bran"), FIBER FACTS AND FABLES (A list of commonly asked questions about a fiber-rich diet), DIETARY DIALOGUE (Dietary guidelines presented in a question/answer format) and many others... The site also provides interactive answers on health risks, based on inputs about your diet and lifestyle.

    A few sites on the topic of Teen Suicide

  53. Public Information: Teen Suicide
  54. Teen Suicide
    "Suicide is the third leading cause of death for 15 - to - 24 years old, and the sixth leading cause of death for 5 - to - 14 year old."
  55. Light for Life Foundation Information
    Prints an interesting card that can be distributed to students. See it at the site.
  56. Yahoo! - Society and Culture:Death:Suicide
    More info on Suicide in general.

  57. ArtsLink - Exhibitions
    Explores the hospice experience in America.
  58. Rock The System
    A Guide To Health Care Reform For Young Americans.
  59. Another Empty Bottle
    - Friends and family ... silent sufferers of alcoholism...
  60. NC Center for the Prevention of School Violence
  61. REUTERS - IHW: Review Archive
    Internet Health Watch Recommendations.
  62. National Center for Health Statistics
    America's Children: Key National Indicators of Well-Being
  63. Faces of Addiction
  64. Chronic Illness, Children, Health Education
    "When Chronic Illness...or Some Other Medical Problem...Goes to School." Pages divided into "frog ponds" -- with one for kids and one for teachers. Webmistress prods you to decide which one you are... Naturally, I jumped into the Kids pond for a visit to "riveting places."
  65. School Stories - The Struggle for Safety
    Scheduled for 6/15/97. You might want students to research a current example involving Levin's Death.
  66. A Bullet Can't Kill a Dream - Iqbal
    A tribute to a youth.
  67. Domestic Violence
    Teachers realize that events that take place in the home (or that do not, such as a good breakfast/lunch and proper emotional support) dramatically impact learning. This page discusses the signs of abusive relationships and provides other resources to help all recognize and deal with this problems. As such, it is well worth a visit.
  68. Testing the Human Spirit
    Health topic.
  69. National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information
    World's largest resource for current information and materials about alcohol and other drugs.
  70. An Alcohol Awareness Website for Grades 7-12 by Joan Marie Brown
  71. Join Together Online
    A "...resource center and meeting place for those working to reduce the harms associated with the use of illicit drugs, excessive alcohol and tobacco."
  72. WELCOME TO: The Bureau For At-Risk Youth
  73. Welcome to Starbright
    STARBRIGHT's teams of world-class pediatric health care professionals, technology experts, and leaders in the field of entertainment come together to address the healthcare challenges (pain, stress, isolation, fear, anxiety, and low self-esteem) faced by seriously ill children. (See more information on the site above in "Creative Applications"
  74. NCCAN Clearinghouse Home Page
    National Clearinghouse on Child Abuse and Neglect Information.
  75. National Dropout Prevention Network
  76. OUDPS- Kid Safety Topics Menu
    Questions and answers to help kids protect themselves and handle emergencies.
  77. The Yellow Ribbon Program
    A program to help prevent youth and teen suicide. Nice listing of other resources on the topic.
    Documents in PDF format (download and launch your viewer offline). Department of Health and Human Services -- the latest information about America's adolescents. Links to a New Profile of America's Youth, Recent Reports and Publications, Speeches on Youth Topics, Resources for Parents.
  79. National Program For Playground Safety
  80. Blind Childrens Center Inc. Home Page
  81. HiPMag Online
    For deaf and hard-of-hearing kids and their pals. See the Net sites for Parents and Teachers for a listing of Net resources for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.
  82. School Violence
    Nice selection of charts and graphs.
    Also provides resources for parents and professionals and a health tip of the day.
  85. SAFE GRAD 96
  86. STN -- Student Transportation Network
    I was amazed to discover that the transportation budget for district student transportation exceeded the entire instructional budget of a high school with over 1,000 students. I also wonder why more safety features are not included in all vehicles for student trasportation. Are corporate cost-saving decisions endangering helpless victims? If human societies were rated on the basis of how they treat their weakest members, how would ours measure up?
  87. Marching Through the Visible Man and Marching Through the Visible Woman.
  88. Drugs
  89. Conductive Education Information Home Page
    System of teaching and learning for children with motor disorders such as cerebral palsy and spina bifida.
  90. Internet Resources for Special Children (IRSC)
  91. Child Safety on the Information Highway
  92. ADOL Home Page
    Adolescent Directory On Line - electronic resources for parents, educators, researches, health practitioners and teens. Links to What's New, Mental Health, Health Risks, Lesson Plans, Teacher Talk and Teens Only. The Lesson Plan menu revealed an extensive collection of actual lessons in subject areas and school concerns.
  93. The Future of Children
    Informative series of links and studies about issues that threaten the health of children. Previous journals archived on site.
  94. The Human Side of the 'Net
    Information on Habitat for Humanities, PMD (People Making a Difference), Adopt a Grandparent and Special Love (a program for children with Cancer).
  95. Yahoo - Society and Culture:Sex:Safe Sex:Just Say Yes
  96. The Safer Sex Page
  97. Educational Resources
  98. School Psychology Resources Online - Sandra Steingart,Ph.D.
  99. Children Now
    Children Now is an nonpartisan policy and advocacy organization for children. The site includes information and resources on children's issues, including: improving our nation's schools; children and violence; children and the media; children's health; and family economic security.
  100. SAFE-T-CHILD Online
  101. For and About Children

  1. WideHorizon Education Resources (WER)
    Special site for middle grade teachers of social studies.
  2. Elmer's Website - Teacher's Section
  3. At-Risk Mindful Educators
  4. Library Video Company: Educational Videos, CD-ROMs, DVD & Instructional Media Distributors
  5. Educational Insights
  6. Welcome to Classroom Webivore
    Subscription service ...offering a 14 day trial.
  7. DirectWeb Products and Services
    One of a growing number of ISPs providing a "free" computer to those who subscribe to the service.
  8. The Innovative Classroom
  9. Teachnet.Com / Brainstorm of the Day
    A growing listing of classroom ideas and projects. Some are very extensive (see the 101 ways to use book reports!).
  10. Blue Squirrel Educational. "From the World of Information to the World of You." Technology for the 21st century.
  11. Library Video Company: Educational Videos, CD-ROMs, DVD & Instructional Media Distributors
  12. Blackboard: Creating Web-based platforms that provide online course delivery & enterprise systems for colleges, universities & organizations.
  13. Awesome Library - K-12 Education Directory
  14. Education: Learning with Mysteries: The fun way to learn in the classroom

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