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  1. Paging Through Medieval Lives
  2. The Book of Deer - The Earliest Known Scottish Gaelic
    A tenth century illuminated manuscript from North East Scotland, which "...provides us with a unique insight into the early church, culture and society of this period."
  3. NOVA Online | Secrets of Lost Empires | Medieval Siege
    To air February 1, 2000. Modern specialists design, build, and fire a pair of trebuchets, "...the most frightening of the weapons early European warriors employed in siege warfare." Students can view instructions on how to build a "virtual trebuchet" and fire giant sandstone balls (actually a grape) at a castle wall. Building materials include plastic soda straws for all long construction pieces and a straightened paper clip for the axle.
  4. Marguerite Makes a Book (Getty Trust Publications)
    "It is Paris in the 1400s. A young girl named Marguerite delights in assisting her father, Jacques, in his craft: illuminating manuscripts for the nobility of France."
  5. Penn Special
    An Exhibition from the Collection of Lawrence J. Schoenberg, Curated by Lisa Fagin Davis.
  6. A Medieval Novel Website
    A young-adult novel -- The Noble Prince.
  7. The Stave Church
    Medieval Norway.
  8. Castles and Palaces
  9. Jacques Maritain Center: St. Thomas Aquinas and Medieval Philosophy
  10. Gothic Architecture & Medieval Studies - Earthlore Links of Distinction:
  11. Castle Builder
  12. IV The Medieval City
  13. The Resurrection of the Stones
    Feature from the Smithsonian Magazine on ruins that recall the wealth and power of Britain's once-great monasteries.
  14. Terror in A.D. 1000?
    What? The end of the world in 1000 A.D.? A real fear or a myth?
  15. Medieval English urban history
  16. The Library of Iberian Resources Online
    diocese.jpg Recent, but out-of-print university press monographs. These are presented in full-text format and reproduce all the matter included in the original print version. Initially, the collection focuses upon the Hispanic Middle Ages, ca. 500 to 1500, but will eventually expand to include titles from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries as well. TCurrenly, five complete books are online: The Cortes of Castile-León, 1188-1350 by Joseph F. O'Callaghan (Print edition: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1989) The Diocese of Vic: Tradition and Regeneration in Medieval Catalonia by Paul H. Freedman (Print edition: Rutgers University Press, 1983) Islamic and Christian Spain in the Early Middle Ages by Thomas F. Glick (Print edition: Princeton University Press, 1979) Ransoming Captives in Crusader Spain: The Order of Merced on the Christian-Islamic Frontierby James William Brodman (Print edition: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1986) A Society Organized for War: The Iberian Municipal Militias in the Central Middle Ages, 1000-1284 by James F. Powers (Print edition: University of Californa Press, 1988).
  17. The European Middle Ages
  18. The Holy Land of the Crusaders - main
  19. Heralds and Heraldry
  20. The Briese-Bane Vikings Information Centre
  21. Medieval English urban history
    "The aim of this site is to provide historical information about cities and towns in England during the Middle Ages, with particular emphasis on medieval boroughs of East Anglia and on social, political and constitutional history. A selection of primary documents (translated into English) revelant to English urban history is included."
  22. ILTweb Digital Dante
    TOC: About Dante, Net Resources, Maps, Bibliography, Dante's Works, Scholars' Works, Useful Classics, Students' Works, and "Recent News" concerning Dante.
  23. Medieval Scotland
  24. Grover Furr's Medieval History and Literature Page
  25. Black Death--- A Biological Perspective
    Now here is a different lesson and one that would require cooperation with the science teacher or some "gifted" science students.
    1.Describe the symptoms, treatments, and control measures of Black Death.
    2.To introduce students to the scientific method.
    3.To introduce students to a vector disease.
    All sorts of interesting research tasks come to mind for the history teacher...and some that could require the use of the Internet.
  26. The Decameron Web
    "In its hundred stories, shared in ten days by ten young people escaping the Plague in mid-14th-century Florence, it combines sheer entertainment with a meaningful humanistic message. A tribute to human ingenuity, an epic masterpiece of a rising, dynamic mercantile society that pursues pleasure while being threatened by sudden extinction."
  27. Connections+ | Multi/Inter-Disciplinary | The Black Plague
  28. Medieval English urban history
    Cities and towns in England during the Middle Ages, with particular emphasis on medieval boroughs of East Anglia and on social, political and constitutional history.
  29. William of Tyre: Deeds Done Beyond the Sea
    Excellent for student/teacher research on the Crusades. Part of the larger site called the Medieval Sourcebook.
  30. Crusades: A View From Jordan
    Mr. Barnwell's 6th grade class in Amman, Jordan. TOC: History of Crusades / Be a Crusader / History of Castles / Virtual Tour / Great Links / Teacher Resources Ajlun Castle / Karak Castle / Shobak Castle / Aqaba Castle/ First Crusade / 3rd Crusade / 6th Crusade / Saladin. The class also toured several Roman sites in Jordan. See the Teacher Resources for the lesson plan used for the Crusader unit.
  31. Apocalyptic Expectations around the Year 1000
    With all the hype about the disasters to come in the computer field when 2000 rolls in, students should have some current ideas about the topic. This page is not written for students, but you might visit the site for a start on the idea of making a comparison/contrast unit using the millennium framework. Others (especially the media) will provide a spate of materials with a "century" frame. You might have students visit Web pages that skirt this theme, such as Project Leif 2000 Greenland, which offers some very interesting stuff on the culture and history of the area (see Drum dance and kayak, Viking ruins in South Greenland, Qilakitsoq - the graves of mummies andHomecraft in Nuuk).
  32. The Viking Millenium Main Page
    Have you read the recent (12/98) article in Discover -- "The Genes of the Vikings", using Iceland as a study group?
  33. Medieval Sourcebook: Soloman bar Samson: The Crusaders in Mainz,
  34. The Crusades
  35. Crusades, Knox
    An on-line college course.
  36. Crusades
    Mr. Barnwell's 6th grade class in Amman, Jordan made a study of the Middle Ages through field trips to crusader castles in Jordan. They researched the causes and history of the crusades, wrote fictional journal entries, and (most important) published their product on the Web for all of us. TOC: History of Crusades, Be a Crusader, History of Castles, Virtual Tour, Great Links, Teacher Resources, Ajlun Castle, Karak Castle, Shobak Castle, Aqaba Castle First Crusade, 3rd Crusade, 6th Crusade, Saladin. Before you leave the site, browse the evaluation "RUBRIC FOR MIDDLE AGES WEB SITE." If you are planning a student publication on the Web, why reinvent the wheel? Adopt and modify existing rubrics. In fact, someone needs to put a page filled with these assignment charges/evaluation rubrics on the Web. If you know of someone who has done this, please let us know...
  37. The Crusades
    On-line university course currently in revision. Excellent links to primary resource materials on the crusades.
  38. Cluny - Projekt
    The charters of the monastery, the history of the abbey of Cluny, with link-collection (including the virtual reconstruction of the destroyed church), a bibliography and a list of the abbots.
  39. ORB -- Military Orders Index
  40. OSB. The Cistercians. Index.
  41. The Holy See
  42. St Michael's Abby
  43. Medieval English urban history
    English cities and towns in the Middle Ages, with emphasis on medieval boroughs of East Anglia and on political and constitutional history.
  44. Exhibits Collection -- The Middle Ages
  45. Medieval Women
  46. Medieval History at Rhodes
    Welcome to MAC heaven... Even without the Mac computer, this is a top site for information on the Medieval era. See the Fall 1998 course materials, as well as archives of previous courses at Rhodes. Students might want to start with MEDIEVAL TERMS and then move on to the Guide to the Bayeux Tapestry.
  47. Medieval Feminist Index
  48. Britannia's Battle of Hastings Homepage
  49. COLLECTION: Medieval and Anglo Saxon Recipes`
  50. A hundred highlights from the Koninklijke Bibliotheek
    A browsing suggestion - Visit the Index for a glimmer of the size of this site, then move to the "Tour" section, allows you to select from a long list of subjects to browse. Each seems to have at least one graphic illistration and plenty of text.
  51. The Bibliography of Medieval and Renaissance Europe from 400-1700
  52. Medieval Logic and Philosophy
  53. Dan's Guide to Medieval Church Architecture
    You will like Dan's well organized and informative page. I hope you are not as irritated as I was with the continued intrusive GeoCities advertising in the form of the the top banner (which always appears and must be closed with a mouse click), the "GeoCities Ghost" (attached to the page navigation and always present) and, finally, the bottem ad for GeoCities.
  54. The Battle of Hastings 1066
    Extensive site (high grahpic content) with historic background and information on the Battle. Short and readable text files provide much of the information.
  55. 1066 ARCHIVE Kyl's Clipart also offers Bayeux Tapestry clips as a part of a "Castle" of Medieval and Fantasy Clipart.
  56. Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:History:Middle Ages:Vikings:Norman Conquest
    A collection of new resources on the Conquest.
  57. Project Leif 2000 Greenland
  58. Medieval Art in Pisa
  59. Query Interface to the Index Antiquus Broker
    A fast subject-specific database for Classics and Medieval Studies.
  60. Iter: The bibliography of Medieval and Renaissance Europe from 400-1700
  61. Journey Through the Middle Ages
    A Collaborative Work Designed by the Students and Coaches of Salford Hills Elementary School. See the ThinkQuest Junior Program for more about the program and other page winners.
  62. Virtual Excavation -- Medieval Archaeology
    An online Tutorial.
  63. Early British Kingdoms Web Site
  64. Mythical Plants of the Middle Ages
  65. Scientific American: Feature Article: The Viking Longship: February 1998
    "The length-to-breadth ratio, greater than 6:1 and a rapierlike 11.4:1 in the Hedeby longship, combined with the shallow draft to allow longships to land on any beach and penetrate virtually any waterway in Europe."
  66. Robert the Bruce
    A play about Robert the Bruce, a king of Scotland during the Medieval period. The play starts with the beginning of his rebellion against English occupation. Someone out there needs to do some serious research on online one-act plays (with little or no props) that can be presented by students (especially Secondary) in the classroom.
    Medieval section.
  68. Medieval Academy of America Home Page
  69. The Medieval Review
    Formerly the Bryn Mawr Medieval Review. A site for teachers with reviews and essays in HTML and SGML format.

    Two Medieval Villages

  70. Virtual Excavation - Medieval
    Featuring a simulated archaeological excavation, as well as a number of educational pages that explain the purpose and method of archaeology. Participant of the simulation are provided with ecological, cultural and historical information about the site. Just by chance, I clicked on the section of the site that was formerly the latrines. Perhaps you will have better luck. Have fun and see if your interpretation of the evidence agrees with the one provided.
  71. Wharram Percy
    The Lost Medieval Village. You might have students (in groups) visit both sites for content and then have them evaluate, compare and contrast. Have them discuss and write about and publish (Email the webmasters of the two sites) their findings. Should sites that focus entirely on the communication of content be evaluated on the same criteria as those that provide extensive interactivity? You might also touch on research design and purpose and how these need to be refined when doing research on the Internet. For more information on evaluation of Web pages, visit the Research/Critical Thinking pages.
    Some other Web pages encountered recently include:
  72. The Middle Ages
    Created by 7th grade students to teach about Life in the Middle Ages. From Luther Burbank Middle School
  73. Europe
    With links to all time periods and many topics (Byzantine Empire, The Early Germanic Kingdoms, Feudalism, The Crusades, England, France, Courtly Culture, Orthodox Church, Monasticism, The Papacy, Scholasticism, Heresy).

  74. bloodaxe's Home Page
  75. Exhibits Collection -- The Middle Ages
    Remember the programs from The Western Tradition? This exhibit replicates some aspects of the video series of the Annenberg/CPB Multimedia Collection.
  76. Medieval and Renaissance Instruments
    An amazing collection of research on musical instruments, with some traced back to ancient Sumeria (bagpipe). All or most of the pages provide a text summary of the history of the instrument and links to other reserarch (print mainly) resources. The page also privides graphics.
  77. A Concise Guide to Medieval Instruments
  78. Celtica
    A new visitor centre presenting the history and culture of the Celts.
    "The Khazaria Info Center provides detailed historical background on the Khazars, particularly focusing on their conversion to Judaism. Links to other Jewish, eastern European and general European resources are onsite. An excellent page for research!
  80. Medieval History Resources
  81. Medieval & Renaissance History
  82. Anthology of Middle English Literature (1350-1485)
    Medieval resource.
  83. Feudalism in Japan and Europe
    WebQuest lesson.
  84. History Online Project
    Ancient Civilizations, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Medeival Times, Exploration and Discovery, Colonial America, American Revolution, Ancient Coins, Student Work.
  85. Sworn to Serve
    "You are a member of a wealthy family in tenth century England. The Roman Empire has long since fallen and feudalism is now prevalent in England. Your family seeks to become the vassals to Lord Whinesalot."
    Large quantity of information and research. Be prepared for a wait for the graphic portions.
  87. ORB -- Icons with Medieval Themes
  88. Aberdeen University Library - Welcome to The On-line Bestiary
    A pilot scheme for producing digitised images of manuscripts on the World Wide Web.

    A Brief Selection on Relgion and Church History in Medieval Europe

    (Interested on more information on the topic of religion? See the newest addition to the K-12 page -- Religion/Ethics/Philosophy.)

    Classic example of a medieval book of hours.
  90. Book of Hours
    University of Pittsburgh -- Frick Fine Arts Library presents the Book of Hours by section, with either thumbnails and full-page images and brief descriptions with a short bibliography on Books of Hours and illuminated manuscripts.
  91. Medieval/Renaissance Food Homepage
  92. Description of the Graz Arsenal
  93. Middle Ages
    Page by a high school student.
  94. Knighthood, Chivalry & Tournaments Resource Library
    Large collection of online resources on knights, chivalry and other medieval topics. Offers a high and low graphics options, although the high selection loaded and displayed rapidly on my visit.
  95. Ye Olde English Sayings
  96. Medieval Women
    Onsite materials on Queen Matilda, Eleanor Of Aquitaine, Christine de Pizan, Marie de France, Maria de Ventadorn and The Paston Letters and Papers. Other materials and links are on the site, which supplements a post-secondary course. You will not be surprised about the role of Medieval women in Domestic Life. What is most interesting is the information about their contributions in the areas of Religion, Guilds & Economics, Science and Mathematics, Health & Healing, Law & Politics, Literature, Medieval Warfare, Music and Philosophy. Be sure to visit another site by the author, Middle English, for a closer look at Language and Literature.
  97. Guild Information Packet
    Guides on: The Development of Craft Guilds, Early Guild Regulations, Apprenticeship, Journeymen, Women in the Guilds, Social Services of the Guilds, The Great Weakness of the Guild System.
  98. Ravensgard Medieval Homepage
    Research Resources, Arts and Crafts, Cultural Background, Other Medieval Cultures, Costuming & Needle Arts, Norse Culture.
  99. Phiala's String Pages
    Medieval weaving, braiding and knitting with simple explanations and graphics. Great materials and information for a hand-on learning activity in Art and Social Studies. Secondary teachers in those subjects might consider adding an activity based on this site to their medieval units!
  100. Medieval Studies Theme
  101. Medieval Art and Architecture
    Vast and detailed. Thumbnails and full multi-page graphics of structures in England and France. More European nations scheduled for the future.
  102. Ian's Land of Castles
  103. Early Middle Ages
    History of Western Civilization, Dr. Ellis L. Knox from Boise State University.
  104. NetSERF: Medieval Art
    Extensive annotation of medieval documents with top graphics.
  105. European Medieval Drama
    Recommended links.
  106. ORB--Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies
    Features original essays, Resources for Teaching, an Online Medieval Sourcebook, Syllabi, Texts on this server and other servers, a Reference Shelf and links to other useful sites.
  107. WWW Medieval Resources
  108. Kingdomality
    If you lived in Medieval times, what would your vocation be?
  109. Gwyneth of Avalon
  110. EARTHLORE - GOTHIC DREAMS - Gothic Cathedral Architecture - Theme IntroductionGraphical learning resource on Gothic cathedrals. Hope more content and graphic are added to this site.
  111. Byzantine and Medieval Web Links
    A page attempts to track ALL Byzantine material on the Internet, and ALL significant entry points for Medieval studies
  112. Records of Early English Drama (REED)
    World-Wide Web Resources for Theatre History and Early Music. A project to documentary evidence of drama, minstrelsy, and public ceremonial in England prior to the Puritan Revolution.
  113. Paul Halsall/Fordham University/Intro to Medieval History
    This is a very comprehensive course page for an introduction to the history and civilization of Europe during the Medieval period.
  114. Medieval New York Guide
    Class project from Fordham University to use the WWW as an active teaching tool. Students collect information and images on aspects of the Middle Ages in New York City.
  115. History of the Idea of a University
    Traces the systematic persuit of knowledge from Greek to modern times and how the western university grew in non-western cultures.
  116. Welcome to Architectural Dublin
    From Medieval to Modern.
  117. Torrione Castle
  118. The Castles of Wales
    Alphabetical Index of Welsh Castles, Historical Essays and Perspectives, Other Information & Treatments, Reference Materials / Bibliography / Castle Terminology, Other Important Links.
  119. Inventing the Subject: Gender, Sex, and Texts, 350-1400
  120. French Page
    Les Capetiens -- 62 slides with French text.
  121. English Through the Ages
    A brief tour of Old English and Middle English.
    Links to essays on: Life in a Medieval Castle, Medieval Christmas, The Mary Gardens, Eleanor and the Arabs, The ABCs of Aristotle, Medieval Humanism, Marriage and Christianity, Courtly Love, Marriage in the Middle Ages, Famuli, Clothing, Brewing History and Recipes, May Day In the Middle Ages, Domestic Violence, Bailiffs: Medieval Management, Rape in the Middle Ages, Women's Contact With the Outside World, Illicite Trades, Medieval Thoughts on Sleeping, Medieval Advice on Preserving Health, Medieval Feasts, Courtly Love and Prostitutes, Clothing, Games Played in Medieval London, Sexual Initiation, Maids, The School of Trotula, Education of Women, Dowry of the 12th Century, Marriage Ceremony, Personal Autonomy, Love and Marriage, Contraceptive Methods, Wet Nurses, Private Marriages, Heresy, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Prostitutes in the Middle Ages, Marriage in the Middle Ages, Whores II, Women and Brewing in the Middle Ages, Vows, Manners, Vassals.
  123. University of Pittsburgh:History of Art and Architecture Medieval Program
  124. Medieval World
    Arthurian Literature for Children and Young Adults -- Books on Castles, Crusaders and the Crusades, Dragons, Knights and Knighthood, Medieval Life, Robin Hood and Stories About Medieval Times.
  125. The History of Printing
    Manuscripts, Books, and Maps: The Printing Press and a Changing World. This is a page for the "Western" book.
  126. The Online Medieval and Classical Library (DL SunSITE)
    Public domain document archive of the most important literary works of Classical and Medieval civilization. Texts in ZIP format can be downloaded at linked locations by FTP. Very complete -- the only major site to list sorces for the Icelandic Sagas.
  127. Medieval Art and Architecture
    Be sure to visit the Medieval Chartres site for an excellent image overview of the cathedral. The site seems to focus on France and England.
  128. Danse Macabre MUSH - Medieval France
    New location.
  129. Britannia Internet Magazine
    Great page...especially the description, text and links on the Magna Carta! See the left side bar menu for a host of history selections. The main menu also lists Biographies of Britain's rulers from Egbert in 802 to Elizabeth II.
  130. Medieval Images -- Directory of /pub/beowulf
  131. Ancient Hungarian Rovás/Runic Writing
    Runic writings, carved into stone, clay, leather and wood.
  132. Northumbria (7th to 8th century)
  133. Medieval Sourcebook
    This site should supply all of the needs for a K-12 student for primary resource materials for the Medieval period. Most are 19th century translations are public domain and specifically designed for teachers to use in teaching. The site suggests various alternatives for using the source material. Extracts and full text documents in Medieval History. Subjects include the end of the Classical World, Byzantium, Islam, formation and flowering of Latin Christendom, the Late Middle Ages, the Italian Renaissance, and the Early Reformation. The "Source Book" features links to a large number of medieval and religious sources. One section is made up of fairly short extracts and one composed of the full documents or links to the full documents.
  134. ArmtiWeb
    Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Wargaming.
  135. Altramar Medieval Music Ensemble
  136. Heraldry of the FBI Seal
    Povides the information on the special significance of the parts of the Seal. Students might use the graphics or text as a guide for a report on European/American Heraldry.
  137. Arthurian Legends: A Web-based Interdisciplinary Approach for Educators
    A multi-disciplinary study for educators.
  138. Devizes Castle on the Web
  139. TLC Elementary School: Times Medieval
  140. The Langland Home Page - Medieval Resources
  141. Medieval Institute at WMU, index
    Western Michigan University.
  142. Medieval Academy of America Home Page
  143. Knights Hospitaller of St. John
  144. Europe
    Text and documents from Hanover College.
  145. The Castle Attic Homepage
    Links to Armor -Swords - Daggers - Projectile Weapons - Polearms.
  146. Medieval Scandinavia and Anglo-Saxon Britain
    Museums, exhibits, literature and more.
  147. The British Heraldic Archive
  148. The Society for Creative Anachronism
    Re-creates the Middle Ages in banquets, tournaments, and in any number of ways (dance, fabric arts, cooking, metalwork, leatherwork, combat, archery, etc)."We have a mandate to provide education to the general public by way of demos and we are often willing to come into the classroom and talk about things Medieval."
  149. Mediev-l Discussion List Archives by date
  150. The New HUMBUL Gateway.
    Especially The Medieval Studies.
  151. Danse Macabre MUSH
    Danse Macabre MUSH was a multi-user text-based roleplaying game set in 1356, Paris.
  152. Galleria degli Uffizi
  153. Comitatus: A Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies
    Published under the auspices of the UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.
  154. NetSERF
    NetSERF v.4.1 is almost here!!! An excellent comprehensive source.
  155. The "Confessio" of Saint Patrick
    Autobiography around the year 450 that has miraculously survived, and tells an amazing tale of life in the middle ages.
  156. Medieval & Renaissance Games
    See an interesting essay on the introduction of cards to Europe.
  157. Teachers Only - Activities for Medieval Unit
    Five projects for a medieval unit. See Light Motif: Life in a Medieval Castle by David Meyler.
  158. The Executive Home Page
    Page Converting a medieval text on medieval government into a modern text on running a corporation.
  159. Student Reports - Medieval Women
  160. Medieval Studies Home Page
    Medieval Manuscript leaves and extensive holdings on the history of printing through the 20th century - including the Bible and the Book of Hours.
  162. The Order of Saint Benedict
  163. What Was It Really Like to Live in the Middle Ages
    Featuring information and some interactive activities for studens. A click on Religion, for example, leads to information on Cathederals and an activitiy to choose "Which Famous Cathedral Collapsed?
  164. Mediaeval Culture as Evidenced by Gargoyles
  165. Resources for Medieval Studies
    "NEW: SECRETS OF THE NORMAN INVASION, Discovery of site of the Norman Invasion at Hastings, England.
  166. Resources for Medievalists
  167. Joan's Witch directory
    Everything you wanted to know about the history of witchcraft, and more.
  168. Labyrinth Library: Middle English
  169. The Middle English Collection at the Electronic Text Center
  170. Viking Navy
    Visit the Library and link to a brief history of the clans.
    Background material explores prayers, chants, and the life of St. Benedict. Explore the monks' daily routine through photos of them and their community. Ask your students why this site is listed under Medieval Europe, as the Monks are located in the United States.
  173. Castles on the Web
  174. AARHMS
    American Academy of Research Historians of Medieval Spain.
  175. A Brief History of Falconry
  176. Scotland Travels - Culture - Castles & Historic Houses
    See also the "original" castle trail.
  177. WebMuseum: Gothic Painting (1280-1515)
    New exhibit from the Web Museum in Paris. International Gothic Style, Innovations in the North and Late Gothic Painting. Latest in the presentations by the Web Museum, Paris.
  178. Gargoyle Home Page
    Natural and Unnatural History of Gargoyles, A Cathedral Tour, Gargoyles at Duke University.
  179. Medieval Price List
    Have students convert the data into your currency and then compare prices and wages.
  180. Cariadoc's Miscellany: Cooking from Primary Sources: Some General Comments
    How to convert primary resource materials on Medieval cooking to modern tables.
  181. Beowulf Resources
  182. Celtic Net Home Page
  183. History of the Scottish Kilt
    Part of Celtic Net.
  184. Gaelic and Gaelic Culture
    Gaelic Languages, The Celts and the Six Celtic Languages, Gaelic-L: The gaelic language list and the Gaelic-L Electronic Library, Sabhal Mór Ostaig, The Soc.Culture.Celtic FAQ, Gaelic Language Books and Tapes, RTÉ Radio (Internet) News, The Irish Times, Ceòl Gàidhlig - Gaelic Music.
  185. Dalriada
    Dalriada Celtic Heritage Trust, promoting and providing information on all aspects of Celtic culture, language, history, mythology and tradition.
  186. Hill Monastic Manuscript Library Homepage
    See the History and Mission and take a Photo Tour. Links to Electronic Access to Medieval Manuscripts.
  187. Labyrinth
    Global Information Network on Medieval Studies - Georgetown University. You might also check out Heraldry for background.
  188. Manuscripts, Paleography, Codicology
    Link from Labyrinth Page.
  189. ANU Art History Top Level Menu Page
    See if you can locate the 80,000 Images of Art & Architecture! For the Eurocentrics out there!
  190. UCLA - Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies
  191. EuroDocs: Western European Primary Historical Documents

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February 8, 2001
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