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    The Well of Moses
  1. CMCC - Inuit and Englishmen : The Nunavut voyages of Martin Frobisher
    Nunavut: The Inuit Homeland, 1576: A Meeting of Two Worlds, The Five Lost Sailors, Tokens of Possession, 1577: Ice, Hostages and Gold, Inuit in England, 1578: Frobisher's Gold Mines, An Elizabethan Cottage in Nunavut, Meta Incognita Rediscovered and The Meta Incogni.
  2. Ang01Nicholas Copernicus Museum.
  3. Ready, Aim, Fire!
    Just in case you missed this last week...Trebuchets.. Build your own war machine.
  4. ART HISTORY RESOURCES: Part 4 Renaissance Art
  5. The Age of Exploration
    Large Homeschooling unit lesson on the topic.
  6. The Tudors
    TOC: Tudor Family Tree, Howard Family Tree, The Six Wives of Henry VIII, Tudor Chronology, The Arts in Tudor England, The Music of Henry VIII, Tudor Heraldry, The Tudors and the Tower of London, Life of Women in Tudor England, Duke of Norfolk Worship Page, Cause of Death of Henry VIII, Links and Sources.
  7. Renaissance Forum
  8. Electrifying the Renaissance: Hypertext, Literature, and the WWW
  9. Leonardo's Workshop: an ArtEdventure with Carmine Chameleon
  10. Investigating the Renaissance Web Site
  11. NGA - Italian Painting 15th century
  12. The Art of Invention - Home Page
    Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza, Florence, Italy. Look for some digital photos from this museum after March 2000.
  13. Da Vinci Museum on the Web
  14. The Leaning Tower of Pisa - official web site
  15. National Museum of Science and Technology "Leonardo da Vinci"
  16. Institute and Museum of History of Science - Florence
    See the Online exhibitions: Multimedia Catalogue of Room IV - Galileo Galilei, Virtual Tour of Room IV - Galileo Galilei and The Art of Invention Leonardo and Renaissance Engineers.
  17. Museo Bagatti Valsecchi - Copertina / Cover and Museo Bagatti Valsecchi - Renaissance
  18. VINCI
  19. Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna: Exotica
    The age of Portuguese discoveries, exotic worlds and their impact on the Habsburgs.
  20. Table of Contents (Rome Reborn: The Vatican Library & Renaissance Culture)
  21. Islamic impact on the Renaissance - Welcome !
  22. The World of the Renaissance -
  23. American Museum of Natural History
    An online exhibit. "The primary subject of the Codex Leicester is water, which Leonardo da Vinci explored in all its facets, experimenting with and theorizing about its movement, nature, and flow."
  24. Utopia Home Page
    Images of European Renaissance art, primarily from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.
  25. Latitude: The Art and Science of Fifteenth-Century Navigation
  26. CRRS Web Resources
    Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies.
  27. Renaissance, The Elizabethan World
    and the related sites (link listing) at
  28. Renaissance Review for AP
  29. New York and the World - Renaissance and Humanism
    Includes a Outline Humanism, Attitudes Toward Classical Antiquity, Discovery of Manuscripts, Humanism and Education, Humanism and Art, Humanism and Human Dignity, Humanism and Literary and Historical Criticism, Rhetoric vs. Philosophy, Women & Humanism and Christian Humanism.
  30. End of Europe's Middle Ages - Home Page
    A tutorial on the Renaissance, Reformation and Early Modern eras for students with little background in medieval European history. "Intended to provide a brief overview of the conditions at the end of Europe's Middle Ages, the tutorial is presented in a series of chapters that summarize the economic, political, religious and intellectual environment of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. "Topics: Economy, Feudal Institutions, New Monarchies, Holy Roman Empire, Italy's City-States, Eastern Europe, Ottoman Turks, The Church, Literature, Intellectual Life, Visual Arts, Music.
  31. Renaissance, The Elizabethan World and Related Sites.
  32. Institute and Museum of History of Science - Florence
    On-line exhibits: Multimedia Catalogue of the 21 Rooms of the Museo, Multimedia Catalogue of Room IV - Galileo Galilei, Mechanical Marvels, Invention in the Age of Leonardo. Also, see Mechanical Marvels - Brunelleschi for information on the dome of the Florence Cathedral.
  33. Leonardo Home Page
  34. The Guide to the Renaissance
    I like these free sites on Geocities, but....many of them now sport 3 ads, the floating one at the top that alway must be closed because it blocks navigation, the floating watermark "G" and the ad at the bottem. The school I retired from has a very fast intenet connection, but their "contract" only allows one page for the entire district, forcing teachers to use "free" sources such as Geocities. Best get your technology committees to explore the needs of 21st century classroom teachers and insist, when these contracts with ISPs come up, that space be allowed for every teacher/classroom in the district to publish. If funds are limited here, give the web space to teachers who have perviously demonstrated (by spending their own funds) an interest in technology.
  35. Medieval, Renaissance, Reformation: Western Civilization, Act II
  36. Leonardo da Vinci Exhibit
  37. National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci - Milano
  38. Welcome to Tudor England
    Renaissance Henry VII | Henry VIII | The Six Wives of Henry VIII Edward VI | Jane Grey | Mary I | Elizabeth I Life in Tudor England | Tudor Architecture | Other Historical Figures in Tudor Times | Maps Tudors in the News | Dates in Tudor History | Tudors in the Movies | Links of Interest
  39. Virtual Renaissance
  40. Medieval and Renaissance Culture: Mega-Links Page
  41. Learning About Leonardo
    A ThinkQuest site.
  42. Renaissance and Baroque Architecture: Architectural History 102
    Thousands of high quality images available for educators and students. The images are from slides of Professor C. W. Westfall (University of Virginia, Department of Architectural History). Students, scholars, and the public may use the images but no commercial use is allowed
  43. Amazônia: Early Explorers
  44. NOVA Online | Lost at Sea: The Search for Longitude
    Presented Tuesday, October 6th, so consult the PBS site for rebroadcast dates if you missed it... (Go to the "Preview" page for how to stay in touch with all the programs on PBS.) As usual, PBS does an excellent job presenting information for students and teachers at the companion site.
  45. Oi! Backchats
    Fantasy chat on Henry VIII.
  46. Scientific American: Feature Article: Leonardo and the Invention of the Wheellock: January 1998
  47. Investigating the Renaissance Web Site
    Three garden near Rome.
  49. Investigating the Renaissance Web Site
  50. Italian Renaissance

  51. Introduction to Virtual Renaissance
    TOC: Cathedral of Santa Maria, Courthouse, Globe Theatre, Hospital of the Innocents, Sistine Chapel, Tower of London, University of Padua, VirRen Castle.
  52. Exhibits Collection -- Renaissance
    What Inspired This Age of Balance and Order? Visitors will: "... find out what inspired this age of rebirth in Europe and see how life changed for those who lived during this period." Visitors will also be asked to trade ",,, by setting sail on the open--and sometimes treacherous--seas in search of valuable spices..." and to "...learn about how mathematics influence much of the art and architecture of the Renaissance.
  53. Learning About Leonardo
    Got some old computers around? This site was created by students using 15 year old computers.
  54. Cappella Sistina
    The site include a master plan of the Chapel and assigns each painting an alphanumeric code.
  55. Christus Rex
  56. Raphael Stanze
    Raphael Sanzio was commissioned in 1508 to paint the frescos in the Pope's four room apartment and the rooms became known as "The Raphael Stanze" . Well over a hundred images are presented of the rooms.

  57. The Fifteenth Century and the Renaissance
  58. Mangia Firenze "A Taste of Florence"
    This very visual page provides a heavy dose of history and local color, especially and the Art & History of Florence, Italy from the Beginnings to the present. See links to information on: Roman Period, The Byzantine and Lombard Period, The Carolingian Period, Early Middle Ages, The Period of the Communes, The Thirteenth Century, Guelphs and Ghibellines, From the Fourteenth Century to the Renaissance, The Fifteenth Century and the Renaissance, The Sixteenth Century, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raffaello and Other Great Personalities of the Sixteenth Century,The Seventeenth Century and the Last Medici, The Lorraine Period, Industrial Development, the Renewal of Culture, and Notes on Artistic-Cultural Innovations from Post War Years to the Present Day.
  59. Sixteenth Century Resources
    In French, with a link to the Alta Vista Translator. If you have not used this resource for translation, give it a try. You simply visit the page you want to translate, copy the URL (ctrl/c in Windows) and paste the address into the form at Alta Vista (ctrl/v in Windows). Very fast. You can also cut and paste text from other applications into the translator or download SYSTRAN Personal and translate your private documents off-line.
  60. Recognizing Van Eyck
    Brought to you by the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Galleria Sabauda,Turin, in collaboration with the National Gallery, London.
  61. The Tudors
    With information on: The Tudor Family Tree, Tudor Chronology, The Arts in Tudor England, The Six Wives of Henry VIII, Tudor Heraldry, Cause of Death of Henry VIII, The Music of Henry VIII.
  62. Revocation of the Edict of Nantes (October 22, 1685)
  63. The Guido Mazzoni Collection - Exhibit
    A collection of 50,000 rare Italian pamphlets, with a focus on the Renaissance.
  64. Medieval/Renaissance Wedding Information
    Paper in HTML format or as a Word 7.0 document.
  65. Investigating the Renaissance Web Site
    There is much here for all students. Even very young students can view the process of restoration (and evaluate the results) with these excellent graphic and text resources.
  66. Introduction to Virtual Renaissance
    | Cathedral of Santa Maria | Courthouse | Globe Theatre | Hospital of the Innocents | | Sistine Chapel | Tower of London | Town | Univeristy of Padua | VirRen Castle.
  67. Links to the 14th Century.
  68. Northern Renaissance ArtWeb
  69. HWC 22: Who Owns the Past? 1998
    Course page with a great calendar of topics in the syllabus. You will also find an excellent collection of resources and ideas under the "Renaissance" link (the course also covers Greece, Rome and the Medieval periods), including very "readable" essay on Humanism. The focus here centers on the play/movie "Robert Bolt, A Man For All Seasons (Vintage International Pr.) A Man For All Seasons (Film) [Cast and Credits from the Internet Movie Database]. Some of the primary resource documents used to craft these productions are studied as well. You can also visit sites that review the 1966 film and read the plot summary. If you are interested in integrating the Internet and technology into your teaching, in using primary resources and drama/music and providing alternative approaches to teaching complex topics in an innovative manner, spend some time this Summer at this site.
  70. Scientific American: Feature Article: Leonardo and the Invention of the Wheellock: January 1998
    "Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks are full of inventions, from intricate gun parts to bicycles to automobiles. But were any of Leonardo's many creations actually made during his lifetime?"
  71. Fall of Constantinople, 1453
  72. The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy
  73. Medieval/Renaissance History
    Armor and Weaponry.
    Newest lesson from Social Studies School Service. The archive includes an impressive collection of past lessons and online activities.
  75. The Plague, England and Loughborough 1539 - 1640
    General Study of the Plague in England 1539-1640, mostly focused on Loughborough.
  76. Public Health and Social Medicine - The Plague in England
    An essay on the "Historical Legacy of the English Plague Experience."
  77. Institute and Museum of History of Science
    Florence, Italy. Primarily featuring scientific instruments of the Medici and the Lorenese collection of instrument and didactic and experimental devices.
  78. Medieval/Renaissance History - Welcome from The Mining Company
  79. Wars of Religion
    Hostilities in France from 1562 until the Edict of Nantes in 1598.
  80. Elizabethan England
    Course page from Springfield High School.
  81. The Richard III and Yorkist History Server
    Sponsored by the American Branch of the Richard III Society. Very interesting material, including an applet to rearrange Richard's face and materials on various mock trials on Richard (one entire trial in Real Audio format) that could be the raw material for a classroom trial. See Richard III On Stage and Off for an excellent listing of how Richard has been depicted on stage and screen. You might also send a group to Richard III Society-Quick Start for Students, especially the "Resource Page." I was most impressed with the suggestions given on this page. It stated that the research into Richard would not be complete without a visit to the school and local library for print resources.
  82. Mark Harden's Museum of Art - "Donatello"
    Although this link is for the Donatello page, notice the alpha listing in the left frame for an idea of the scope of the archive.
  83. The Galileo Project, Homepage
  84. Medieval & Renaissance History
  85. Johannes Kepler: The Laws of Planetary Motion
  86. Virtual Renaissance
  87. Elizabethan Review - HOME
  88. Printing: Renaissance & Reformation
  89. The Electric Renaissance
  90. Palladio's Italian Villas-Home
    Renaissance Venice.
  91. Renaissance
  92. Beato Angelico
    Fra Angelico.
  93. Florence - Duomo - The Cathedral
  95. The Renaissance
  96. Renaissance
  97. The Columbus Navigation Homepage
  98. Columbus Day

  99. Scientific American: Feature Article: Leonardo and the Invention of the Wheellock: January 1998
    An excellent full text article from the current issue, with graphics, biography and links to further research at other Web sites.
  100. Leonardo Da Vinci: A Man of Both Worlds - Main
    Offers three levels of entry (from beginner to advanced) and several areas of interest.
  101. Leonardo Home Page
  102. Leonardo da Vinci Museum
  103. Leonardo da Vinci
  104. WebMuseum: Leonardo da Vinci
  105. Leonardo da Vinci Drawings
    Download individual drawings (shown in thumbnails) or the entire collection, (1.2 meg UNIX tar file of 15 jpegs).
  106. DaVinci's Short Biography
  107. LEONET - the LEONardo da Vinci NET
    [ Leonet Home Page | Leonardo da Vinci Museum | Italian Leather Directory | Firms | Art, Culture, Museums |Touristic Towns | News | Bulldogs | Navigate | Navigate in Italy | Navigate in the world | Search Engines.
  108. Leonardo Home Page
    A resource for teachers and students developed by the Museum of Science, Boston for the Science Learning Network. See infomation on Leonardo's futuristic inventions, Perspective (Leonardo's way of looking at the world) and Renaissance techniques for representing perspective. The page also supplies a biography of Leonardo da Vinci with images and several classroom activities and lesson plans. For more information on Leonardo, see the WebMuseum: Leonardo da Vinci, which provides some excellent thumbnails of representatives works of Leonardo, with some annotations and historical details and VINCI, which looks at the home town of Leonardo, with biographical/historical information and links to the library and museum. Some parts are in Italian.
  109. Leonardo Da Vinci by Le Cagot
  110. Rodin and Michelangelo
    A Study in Artistic Inspiration.
  111. Leonardo Lives
    Leonardo Lives: The Codex Leicester and Leonardo da Vinci's Legacy of Art and Science.
  112. South Central Renaissance Conference

  113. Boat pic

  114. Project X
    A poetry-multimedia exploring discovery, technology, colonialism with a focus on Vasco da Gama's first voyage from Portugal, around Africa, to India in 1497-99.

  115. Medieval Sourcebook: Columbus' letter to the King and Queen of Spain, 1494
  117. Northeast Passage, Barents, Arctic, Nova Zembla, (Novaya Zemlya)
    Treasures of the Arctic. Dutch explorers through the Little Ice Age.

  118. HALF MOON @ Henry Hudson
    Dutch history and exploration.
  119. Discoverers Web Homepage
    A page for Western explorers, although a small collection of links to non-Western explores is located near the bottem of the page.
  120. Eyewitness report of Bartolome de Las Casas on Spanish activities in the West Indies 1513-20
  121. Millersville University-Columbus and the Age of Discovery
  122. European Voyages of Exploration - Home Page
    A large tutorial on topics related to Exploration...(Crusades, Iberian Pioneers, Reconquista Timeline, Portugal, Geographic and Historical Overview, Queen Philippa, House of Avis Genealogy, Prince Henry, Knights Templar, Atlantic Islands, Africa, Asia, Ming Dynasty, Vasco da Gama, St. Francis Xavier, Red Sea Trade, Brazil, Spain, Castile's and Aragon's Genealogy, Isabelle I, Spanish Inquisition, Caribbean, Christopher Columbus, Latin America, Aztec Empire, Inca Empire, Geography & Cartography, Ships & Navigation, Maritime Superiority, European Way of War, Communication, Religion & Exploration, St. Francis and St. Dominic, The Society of Jesus and Sugar & Slave Trades.
  123. The Columbus Navigation Homepage
  124. The Science and Technology of Exploration
    New on-line lesson at Social Studies School Service.
  125. Latitude: The Art and Science of Fifteenth-Century Navigation
    For information for a comparative study of navigation techniques (especially Pacific navigation) and methods, see the Non-Western segement of this K-12 site. The Latitude site provides links to: Ships, Beacons, Maps, Latitude, Compass Roses, Earth's Magnetism, Traditional Sailing, Science of Sailing, Coastal Navigation, Ocean Currents, Ocean Weather, Longitude, Traditional Astronomy, Math in Maps, Calendars, Net Resources, Learning Page.
  126. Vasco da Gama's Maritime Voyage to India 8 July 1497dagama.jpg
    TOC: Portugal and the Discoveries, The Appeal of India, The Departure, The Voyage, The Encounter Between Worlds, about Vasco da Gama.
  127. Discoverers Web Homepage - links and information on voyages of discovery

  128. The Internet Renaissance Band
  129. Discoverers Web Homepage
  130. The Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies
    Large well organized page with excellent resources. One of special note is an extensvie Bookmarks Page.
  131. Michelangelo
  132. Michelangelo Buonarroti
  133. R&B: Early Music Links - Index
    Renaissance and Baroque time frame.
  134. FICINO
    Information about the Renaissance and Reformation.
  135. WebMuseum: La Renaissance
    The Renaissance in Italy, The Netherlands, Germany and France.
  136. The Internet Renaissance Band
    Selection of both Medieval and Renaissance music. Fast delivery with Real Audio.
  137. Humanism
  138. Electrifying the Renaissance: Hypertext, Literature, and the WWW
  139. Jesuits and the Sciences: 1540-1995
  140. Renaissance and Baroque Architecture: Architectural History 102
  141. Medieval/Renaissance Food Homepage
    New location.
  142. The Catholic Reformation
  143. Religious Reformation and Conflict
    Spring 1995 upper-division and graduate level course, part of the core curriculum in comparative and world history.
  144. Luther Funeral Sermon Project
  145. RENAISANCE Forum
    Electronic Journal of Early-Modern Literary and Historical Studies.
  146. Virtual Renaissance
  147. Renaissance Forum
    An Electronic Journal of Early-Modern Literary and Historical Studies.
  148. The NEH at Duke: "The Humanist as Reformer"
    Focus on Petrarch, Machiavelli and Erasmus.
  149. The Executive Home Page
    Page Converting a late medieval text on medieval government into a modern text on running a corporation. You may not like what you see here...but it will make your think... Are the values associated with "modern" business activity comparable to those suggested in "The Prince"?
  150. Ren Faire: Elizabethan Accents
    Includes Pronunciation, Forms of Address, Vocabulary and Grammar. Students will go directly to the Insults and Cursing section.
  151. ARTFL Home Page
    Collaborative Projects: Renaissance Dante in Print (1472-1629), Inventory-Catalogue of the Drawings in the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, The Image of France ( index of the printed imagery authorized for publication in France, beginning in 1811 -- complete up to 1818), Dictionnaire de l'Académie française (1694-1935), University of Chicago Electronic Text Services, The Parisian Stage During the French Revolution, Roget's Thesaurus, 1911 edition, Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, Links to additional resources - especially the American and French Research on the Treasury of the French Language Project to make an online version of the entire _Encyclopedie, ou Dictionnaire Raisonne des Sciences, des Metiers et des Arts_ (_Encyclopedie_), by Diderot and d'Alembert, available.
  152. 1200 years of italian sculpture
    A major resource.
  153. Renaissance Creativity
    Main page for J. B. Owens' fall 1998 upper division and graduate-level course Renaissance Creativity.
  154. The James Ford Bell Library Home Page
    A collection of 15,000 rare books, 2,500 maps, and 2,500 manuscripts from the period 1400–1800 that document the expansion of Europe.
  155. Homepage for Dante
    Also offers a page listing Archives of Internet discussion groups for medieval studies.
  156. The Galileo Project Homepage
    This site features a "memory palace" of Galileo's life and work in the form of a virtual residence based on the plans of Galileo's home in Arcetri. Included are "Maps of Galileo's World" which link a cartographic perspective to text descrptions and detailed images. Timelines of Galileo's Life & Era and a general timeline of his era are linked to detailed information about the events featured on both timelines. This location is also listed in the European history segment of the page. It has been listed here because it represents the potential use of graphical devices (a timeline) to key into resources on the Internet and elsewhere.
  157. Medieval & Renaissance Games
  158. World Art Treasures
  159. Erasmus Text Project
  160. Cappella Sistina - Extended Tour
  161. Overview of Objects and Topics
    Direct access to any of the items on display at the Vatican Exhibit.
    Urbino Bible - graphic at top.
  162. The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy
  163. Medieval/Renaissance Wedding Information
  164. Cahiers Élisabéthains
    Late Medieval and Early Renaissance in England.
  165. Objects and Topics in 1492:AN ONGOING VOYAGE
  166. Renaissance Dante in Print (1472-1629).
  167. Columbus and the Age of Discovery
    Have students try the top link first - "Hypertext INDEX of Articles."
  168. Christus Rex
    The Raphael Stanze and Loggia collection comprises 226 JPEG images. Also access Vatican City (255 images), the Sistine Chapel (325 images) or the Vatican Museums (596 images).
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