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  1. Russian Orthodox Churches
  2. The State Historical-cultural Museum-preserve "Moscow Kremlin"
  3. The Struma Project
    Presents part of the story of Rumanian and Russian Jews who escaped the massacres in 1941 Rumania by embarking on a tiny vessel for Palestine.
  4. The Struma Project
    Presents part of the story of Rumanian and Russian Jews who escaped the massacres in 1941 Rumania by embarking on a tiny vessel for Palestine.
  5. Carnegie Endowment - Russian and Eurasian Affairs
  6. Citizen Kurchatov
    Bombmaker for Russis during the Stalin Era.
  7. Imperial Palaces of Petersburg - the guide to Russian palaces on the web
    In case you missed it, the last 100 years in Russia.
  10. Russian, East European and Central Asian Studies Center
    Clearing-house on topics related to the area. outreach support for K-12 teachers and college instructors includes: lesson plans, Resources on the silk road and Central Asia, World Wide Web Materials, A Guide to Curriculum Materials, Historical Distortion and the Twentieth Century Fox film "Anastasia", Mosaic Workshops for teachers of grades K-9 on Russia Nomadism and Islam in Asia, Keypals program A to link classrooms in the U.S. and those in REECAS countries.
  11. The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia -- Powered by IBM
  12. Russian History/Frame
  13. The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia - Powered by IBM
  14. The Khazaria Info Center - Khazars, Khazar, Khazarian
  15. Crimean Tatar Home Page
  16. Marx/Engels Internet Archive
  17. How to Make Ukrainian Easter Eggs (Pysanky)
    Great patterns and step by step instructions for a great art/history/math hands-on acitivity using simple tools and resources. Finished projects can be great gifts for relatives.
  18. Crimean Tatar Home Page
  19. Yahoo! listing in the Crimean War (1853-56)
  20. Contested Borders in the Caucasus
  21. Borodino
    Russian battle of the War of 1812. Load of information on the French and Russian armies.
  22. ERP Treasuries
    The Art of Decani and the Gracanica Monastery and of the Patriarchate of Pec. The site also includes an Introduction to the History of Kosovo and Metohia.
  23. Newsweek Photo Gallery
    Revolutions: The Decline and Fall of European Communism.
  24. The State Russian Museum - St.Petersburg
  25. An Imperial Fascination: Porcelain Dining with the Czars
    Companion site for the book: An Imperial Fascination: PORCELAIN, published by A La Vieille Russie. The book is a supplemental guide to a loan exhibition from Peterhof, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the USSR, Ministry of Culture of the RFSFR and the State Museum-Reserve in Peterhof. All the the objects in the exhibition were graciously loaned from the collections of the State Museum in Peterhof. I located this site while searching for a page for the current(?) exhibit in Reno, Nevada.
  26. History of St. Petersburg, Russia: Peter the Great (short biography)
  27. Peterhof
  28. Rio Suite Hotel and Casino - The Peterhof Exhibit!
    Currently on tour in the United States.
  29. Russian Museums - - - - w w w . M u s e u m . R u - - -
    From the icon identification to the fine details of Web page construction, this is a superior site. Time did not permit a complete examination, but everthing I saw was top shelf. I wonder, how far is the train ride from Gaeta to the closest Russian museum? The TOC is too large to inlcude, so make the leap to the site for details.
  30. Tsarskoe Selo Welcome Page
    Online edition of an Imperial Romanov 1910 guide to the royal resort town.
  31. St. Petersburg Museum of History
  32. The WWW Virtual Library: Russian and East European Studies
  34. UO Russian and East European Studies Center (REESC)
  35. Russophilia! - History & Social Sciences
  36. Kyrgyzstan Index
    Offers a close view of a newly independent nation. The teaching materials and the accompanying video help students learn about the history and culture of this nation, the influence of physical geography on culture, and the diversity found in Kyrgyzstan.
  37. Face of Russia
    PBS site for the series, but very much a "stand alone" page. The very graphical page demonstrates an interesting technique to present the highlights of a lengthy chronology. The page includes a series of Lessons, each aimed at a particuar grade level (but may easily be adapted for higher or lower grades): Design an Icon (Upper Elementary, Middle & High School), The Power of Architecture (Upper Elementary & Middle School), Living Under Communism (Middle School), Interview the Artists (High School), Persona Project (High School).
  38. Russophilia! - History & Social Sciences
  39. Russia and the Former Soviet Republics Maps
    From the Perry-Castaņeda Library Map Collection
  40. Impressions of Russia and the Former USSR
  41. History of the Russian Navy
    From the "Glorious Beginnings" to the "Great War."
  42. Soviet Women Pilots in the Great Patriotic War
  43. Exhibits Collection -- Russia
  44. Beyond the Pale: Exhibit Guide - CondensedRussia
    I first explored the link to "Jews in Russian Empire" and was impressed with the detail, organization and graphics presented.
  45. Museum of History of Moscow
  46. The Soviet Union of 1918
    With links to: Constitution of 1918, Soviet Documents on Foreign Policy, American - Soviet Relations, Documents Pictures & Sounds.
  47. Soviet Women Pilots in the Great Patriotic War
    Short descriptions and photos of the pilots and some good graphics of the planes they flew.
  48. Crimean Tatar Home Page
  49. The Romanovs: Their Empire, Their Books
  50. Exhibits Collection -- Russia
  51. History & Culture of Russia / Overview
    Official Site of the Russian National Tourist Office. TOC: Ancient Russia | The Mongols & the Emergence of Moscow | The Romanovs | Napoleon's Invasion | The Path to Revolution | The Soviet Era.
  52. Art: The Treasures of the Czars
  53. Exhibits Collection -- Russia
  54. Documentary photography
    Russian site.
  55. SunStrike- Information, Reference, Data
    Jewish and Russian history.
  56. Learner Online -- Exhibits Collection
    Interactive Exhibits Inspired by Video Series in the Annenberg/CPB Multimedia Collection. Features on Russia, Literature, Statistics, Volcanoes and the Middle Ages. The Exhibits Collection -- Russia covers Russia from its early history to the present. Students will like the interactive activities.
  57. Rita Bogna's Russophilia!
  58. Russia Net
  59. Clicking Anastasia: A Mystery of Romanov Russia
    Besides the game, the site includes information about the dynasty. Students will enjoy the game more after completing background units on the problems of Russia in the early 20th Century and reading the factual information onsite.
  61. Russian History on the Internet
  62. Museums of Russia
    The link to the State Museum of the History of Religion
  63. Conquerors: Peter the Great - Program Overview
  64. The Russian Revolution
  65. The Centre for Russian and Soviet Studies
    Bulk of the site features the entire book "Stalin: The Rise of the Beast "
  66. History & Culture of Russia / Overview
    Official Site of the Russian National Tourist Office. Links to: Ancient Russia | The Mongols & the Emergence of Moscow | The Romanovs | Napoleon's Invasion | The Path to Revolution | The Soviet Era.
  67. Peter I
  68. Illustrated history of Russia and the Former USSR
  69. History of Russia and the former USSR
  70. Orthodox Iconsmosesicn.jpg
  71. Guide to the History of Russian Science
    See the on-line _Bibliography of the History of Russian and Soviet Science and Technology_.
  72. Stalinism: It's Origins and Future
    On-line book with a Prologue "The Workers Movement from 1848 to 1917."
  73. St. Petersburg Guide
    Includes The Sheremetev Palace, Marble Palace and the Rumyantsev Palace. The idex for the site also features: The History of Russian Dynasties, Architectural ensembles, Churches & Cathedrals, Museums and Historical Places.
  74. Russian Story - Russian Periodicals Online
    Registration now required but access is currently free.
  75. Yale Russian Archive Project
    Showing a fine list of Russian archive sites. The site is designed to "...facilitate access to the newly available documents in the archives of the former Soviet Union. The YRAP site will provide scholars around the world with detailed information about the archives before they travel to Russia, Ukraine and other former-Soviet republics." The site also has major sub pages on "Other Websites Regarding Soviet Archival Information" and "Private/Institutional Archival Collections in the U.S."
  76. Photogallery of Kazan (RUSSIA)
    A bit of a slow load...but this is due to high image content.
  77. Cooperation and Conflict in the Former Soviet Union:
    Implications for Migration. Conference papers formatted as PDF files.
  78. UC Davis Russian Resources Page
  79. The State Historical-cultural Museum-preserve "Moscow Kremlin"
  80. The Stalin Archive
  81. Exhibit of 19th Century Muslim Life in the Russian Empire
    Turks & Tatars: An exhibit of the Interactive History Project.
    Nice selection of articles and activies on the Czar exhibit of last year and a site to watch for information on the Alexander the Great Exhibit showing at the Florida International Museum until March, 1997.
  82. Ukrainian Famine
    See also links to: Internal Workings of the Soviet System, Repression and Terror, Secret Police, The Gulag, Collectivization and Industrialization, Anti-Religious Campaigns, Attacks on Intelligentsia, Deportations, Jewish Antifascist Committee, Chernobyl', Perestroika. From the Library of Congress's Soviet Archives exhibit.
  84. Catalogue of the Archives of the Soviet Communist Party and Soviet State
  85. Chernobyl - Ten Years On
  86. The Kronstadt Uprising 1921
  87. Penza - Some pages of Russian history.
  88. Alexander Palace Time Machine
    I enjoyed the visit to Faberge Treasures from the Alexander Palace...but other links might be more to your liking. Students interested or curious about monarchy will find this site very informative. Quite a cast of characters with links to: Catherine II, Paul I, Nickolas I, Alexander I, Alexander II, Alexander III, Nickolas II, Aleksandra Fyodorovna Romanova, Olga Alexandrovna Romanova, Olga Nickolaevna Romanova, Tatiana Nickolaevna Romanova, Maria Nickolaevna Romanova, Anastasia Nickolaevna Romanova, Aleksey Nickolaevich Romanov, Rasputin, Grand Duke Ernst-Louis, Elizabeth Fyodorovna Romanova, Sergey Alexandrovich Romanov, Queen Victoria, Marie Fyodorovna Romanova, Felix Yussupov, Ortino, Dmitri Pavlovich Romanov, Marie Pavlovna Romanova, Natalia Hendrikova, Catherine Schneider, Sophie Buxhoeveden, Anna Vyubova, Sidney Gibbs, Pierre Gilliard, Mikhail Alexandrovich Romanov, Pyotr Petrov, Vladimir Voyeikov, Giacomo Quarenghi, Anatoli Mikhailovich Kuchumov. See Summer, a virtual tour of the fairytale treasure house of the Russian Tsars, home of Nickolas and Aleksandra.
  89. Dazhdbog's Grandchildren
    Russian links. You will like the page on Russian Literature but you will need to read Russian to learn how to make soup and salad (Russian style).
  90. Bucknell Russian Studies Department
    See links to Russian Study Materials for a real audio link to Russian news and links and guides to sites about Russia, both past and present. See the "other Russian Study Sites." The site also links to Russian Art and Architecture and Chronology.
  91. The Center for Post-Soviet Studies
    A blank template with each region identified is available on site. See the Map Template Page.
  92. REEIWEB: Indiana University Russian & East European Institute
  93. Russian/Eastern Europe
    Russian Sources Southeastern Europe. Khan Boris and the Christianization of Bulgaria. Also includes a hypercard stack on the Rise of the Third Reich.
  94. The School of Slavonic and East European Studies
  95. Understanding Russian Icons
  96. Russia on the Web
  97. ArtScreens
    CD's on Russia -- Art,Architecture & History, The Winter Palace, Treasures of the Tsars.
  98. Maksim Razumkin's home page
    This site took much too long to load and those with 14.4 modems might take a coffee break. It includes pictures of the Russian tsars and a genealogical tree of the family, coat of arms of the cities and towns in Moscow area
  99. Russian and East European Studies Business, Economics, and Law Resources
  100. Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey
    RLMS is a household-based survey designed to systematically measure the effects of Russian reforms on the economic well-being of households and individuals.
  101. Moscow Kremlin On-line Excursion
  102. The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Russian and East European Studies
    REESweb : Russian and East European Studies.
  103. Russian Literature
    Course page
  104. Marxism/Leninism
    Biographies, major works and letters of Marx, Engels and Lenin
  105. Russian Page
    Links to: Information About Russia, Rferl HomePage, Teasures of the Czars, Welcome to St. Petersburg! (Russian), Latest News on Russia/Eastern Europe (Rferl Daily Provides extensive text files of current news. Older news archived.
  106. Russian and East European Studies Internet Government and Public Affairs Resources
    Contains references related to Russian & Soviet, East European interests, Community, Volunteer, Charitable, and Relief Efforts, and resources on Environmental Issues. Areas included: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Tatarstan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. This is a large site packed with information and links.
  107. Slavic and East European Studies - SEES
  108. In The Beginning was the Word: The Russian Church and Native Alaskan Cultures
    Anyone know what the top left graphic means at this page?
  109. Treasures of the Czars
  110. Russian and Soviet Archival Data
  111. The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Russian and East European Studies
    Archive of Internet resources by discipline, by nation and by home pages. (This URL may not be current...I could not connect in the latest attempt)
  112. All Regions of Russia by Pictures
  113. Friends and Partners
    Information service on Russia jointly developed by the people of Russia and the Unites States.
  114. UT-REENIC Home Page
    Information on Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union.
  115. The other St Petersburg
    Take an electronic field trip to St Petersburg.

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