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  2. Latin America
  3. RATB Educational material
    History of Cuba.
  4. Food For The Ancestors
    A close look at the Days of the Dead (Dias de los Muertos). The festival during the last week in October. "Homes and public places are decorated with symbols of the holiday -- marigolds, skulls and skeletons, and food. For each family, the holiday is a remembrance of a departed loved one. On a larger scale, it is also remembrance of all ancestral Mexicans and of the gifts that they passed on to their descendants, especially food and culture. For Mexicans food is central to their culture, the key to their whole history."
  6. México 2
  7. Brooklyn Expedition | "Latin America"
    Latin America Home Page -- Discovering the Past.
  8. Aztecs
    With 9 sections on various aspects of Aztec life and history. From Snaith, East Yorkshire, United Kingdom
  9. Latin American Network Information Center - LANIC
  10. The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Latin American Studies Index by Nations from the University of Texas.
  11. Georgetown University Caribbean Project
  12. Introduction to Brazilian Docs.
    Executive branch documents issued by Brazil's national government from 1821 to 1993.
  13. Latin American Studies Links
  15. Numismatic History
    Numismatic History in Mexico and New Spain.
  16. Images of the Maya
    IMAGES OF THE MAYA, a travelling exhibit of textiles and photographs produced by the Florida Museum of Natural History. "Intricately woven and embroidered garments from Chiapas are exhibited with Jeffrey J. Foxx's award-winning photographs. Together these provide a rich visual portrayal of the daily and ceremonial life of the Maya of Mexico."
  17. Olmec culture
  18. Tlatelolco Massacre
    Learn about Mexico's "Tiananmen Square, Mexico's Kent State" -- "... when the pact between the government and the people began to come apart and Mexico's extended political crisis began." Presents about 30 documents on the crisis, primarily scans of reports and graphic format, so allow some time to download.
  19. Elmer's Website - Teacher's Section - Oaxacan Wood Carving
    A project to help students understand the Mexicans’ use of symbolic designs derived from the Oaxacans’ own imaginations and superstitions.
    Looks at U.S. POLICY IN GUATEMALA, 1966-96.
  21. CEH Online Report
    Guatemala: Memory of Silence (Memoria del Silencio). " United States demonstrated that it was willing to provide support for strong military regimes in its strategic backyard. In the case of Guatemala, military assistance was directed towards reinforcing the national intelligence apparatus and for training the officer corps in counterinsurgency techniques, key factors which had significant bearing on human rights violations during the armed confrontation."
  22. The Odyssey: Mexico Guide
  23. Teachers' room
    Resources center of the Americas. Offering some on-line resources and descriptions of units that can be purchased.
  24. Pichs Collection
    Exploring Cuba's History through Postal Stamps.
  25. Mexico's Drive to Independence
  26. Aztec History Mexico
    Currently showing two areas: Pre-Columbian Meso-American and Native North American. Royalty-free images.
  28. Colonial Latin American Historical Review (CLAHR)
    A very basic page with information on the organization and its publication but no on-line samples from the past or current issues.
  29. Mesoamerican Cultures
  30. The Cuban Experience
    ThinkQuest. The History section details: A Timeline of events from before the 1500s to the 20th Century.
  31. Latin America Link
    Designed to serve as a comprehensive Latin American Studies reference for high school teachers and students, with a collection of evaluated World Wide Web sites on cultural, social, historical, economic and political features of Latin America.
  32. U.S. Intervention in Latin America and the Caribbean
  33. Discovery Online, Listen Here
    Listen to the Lost Warriors of the Clouds, Wednesday, October 21, 1998 8 p.m. ET. Anthropologist Sonia Guillen will discuss the mummy discovery in Peru.
  34. Latin American Outlook
  35. The Precolumbian Graphic Arts Web Site
  36. CNN Interactive - World Regions: Americas
  37. Latin American Library / Tulane University
  38. Guide 3: Crossing Borders in History
  39. The History Of Haiti - Haitian History
    Explores the two worlds (European and Native American) that made contact when Columbus stepped ashore. Suggested Grade Level: 9-12.
  40. Emiliano Zapata
    A short bio on a strange background.
  41. Retablo History
    "Retablos appeared after the Spanish conquest of Mexico, as the desire to possess a sacred object which would ensure health, fertility, and abundance of crops, led to a transfer of beliefs from pagan images to those of the Catholic Church."
  42. Cinco de Mayo
    A focus on the 5th of May, celebrated in the United States among the Mexican-American population, especially in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. "Various Mexican-American societies use the celebrations to commemorate the overthrow of the Mexican Imperial Monarchy headed by Maximilian of Austria."
    Provides a summary of the Mexican Revolution, a Timeline, graphics and links to related sites.
  44. History in Latin America - LANIC
    Other link include: Indigenous Peoples in Latin America , The African Diaspora in Latin America and Latin American Network Information Center. and Cuba, including the Castro Speech Database.
  45. Investigating the Inca Empire: Saraguro, Ecuador
    Contains a well written general introduction to the Inca and a description of the "Strategies of Conquest and Control in the Saraguro Region of Ecuador." The strategies expansionist states used in acquiring and governing new provinces is one of those difficult themes (Empire Building) in World History.
  46. Resource Center of the Americas/A>
  47. The Virtual Institute of Caribbean Studies - VICS
    An Internet-based Institution for the Development and Study of the Caribbean Region and Its Peoples.
  48. Latin American Resources
  49. Latin American Library / Tulane University
  51. Mesoamerican Archaeology WWW page
    Resources, software and reports relevant to Mesoamerican and Pre-Columbian Archaeology.
  52. Unearthing South America
    To air: (remaining dates) November 27 and January 1, 1998. The site includes the featured resources for the exploration theme this Fall: Program Overview, Academic Standards, Vocabulary, Study Questions, Activities, Related Resources. The study questions include factual focus questions followed by more general discussion questions. The program is copyright-cleared for classroom use until December 30, 1998. A very nice feature of the site (and others in the series) is the Vocabulary link, which plays a short audio of the vocabulary item. The word is pronounced clearly and then used in a complete sentence.
    A Few Pages on the Maya

  53. Abya Yala Net
    A project of the South and Meso American Indian Rights Center (SAIIC) in colaboration with NativeWeb. This site presents information on Indigenous peoples in Mexico, Central, and South America.
  54. Mexico and the World's Home Page
    Maya, Mixtec, Zapotec, and Aztec.
  57. New World High Civilizations
    Museum collection containing archaeological collections from Mexico, Central America and South America.
  58. The Mesoamerican Archive and Research Project
  59. Center for Latin America Home Page
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
  60. Bookstore Mexico annotations
    K-12 commercial materials on Mexico and Mexican-Americans.
  61. Andes @
    Report of an examination of an "ice maiden" using computed tomography (CT) scans and small tissue samples.
  62. Ice Treasures of the Inca @
    An older virtual tour. Just in case you did not visit earlier.
  63. Hispanic/World History
    An overview of Contributions of Hispanics & Spanish Speaking America - World and United States History.
  64. Indigenous Peoples of Mexico
    ELECTRONIC EXPEDITION. Follow an archaeological expedition to unearth frozen Inca mummies sacrificed more than 500 years ago. Read "...dispatches and view photographs sent by the team from the mountain's summit, obtain background information about mummies and high-altitude climbing, and send email to the team, who will respond from the excavation site."
  66. Latin American Civilization
    Undergraduate course of J.B. Owens.
  67. RETAnet
    Resources for Teaching about the Americas. Resources and curriculum materials about Latin America, the Spanish Caribbean, and the US Southwest. The lesson plans (over 65 lesson plans dealing with Latin America, the Caribbean and culture studies) incorporate the study of Latin America into various subjects.
  68. Aztecs-LBMS
    Created and maintained by Luther Burbank Middle School.
  69. Ancient Mesoamerican Writing
    Includes Aztec, Borgia Group, Maya and Mixtec.
  70. Mexico -- History
    With key links to: Archaeological Sites, Aztec World, Interesting Facts, Maya World, Mexican History, Mesoamerica, Precolumbian / Prehispani.
  71. Ancient Civilizations of the Andes
  72. The Florida Museum of Hispanic and Latin American Art
  73. Papa Toussaint
    Historical novel of the last five years in his life.
  74. The Electric Gallery: About Haitian Art To Top
  75. History Dept.
    Good selection of sites for research. See History 130-132, 330-332: Latin American History, History 150: Afro-American History, History 190: Library Resources in History.
  76. Project Central America
    Great project page and a must visit for teachers organizing lessons.
  77. The Escotet International Link /Latin American Studies
  78. Maya/Aztec/Inca Exchange
    Lords of the Earth. Links to the "...history, geography, geology, astronomy, archaeology, anthropology and art forms related to the Americas before Christopher Columbus's discovery."
  79. Papers on Mexican Politics
  80. Godiva Online Home Page
    This is from a site for Chocolate lovers, but it includes some interesting history.
  81. The SS Central America Shipwreck to Remember Project
  82. Mississippi State -- historic documents( Latin America)
  83. Traditional Andean Textiles
  84. LADARK
    "LADARK contains data sets and other information useful to scholars who are doing research on Latin American development." These materials may be freely copied for scholarly research and educational purposes.
  85. The Cuban American Media Web
    Analyses of contemporary Latin and Latino cultural identity inpatria and diaspora cultures throughout the Americas. See the Digital Film and Hypertextual Essay Exhibit. A click on "Cuban Missle Crisis" revealed a page with a collection of primary resource material on the crisis called "Collective Memories of the Cuban Missile Crisis."
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