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North America/Canada
Essays By High School Students From Twenty Countries

North America/Canada

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  1. Homecoming
    From nearly one million black farmers in 1920 to less than 18,000 in 1999. Browse the social and political implications of African American land loss in the South from the Civil War to the present "...and explores the bittersweet legacy of the land, a symbol of both struggle and survival."
  2. Scottsboro Boys Trial
    "On the night of March 25, 1931, a deputy sherriff posse in Paint Rock, Alabama stopped a freight train travelling from Chattanooga, Tennessee. They arrested nine young black men on the train. They also found two young white women -- Victoria Price and Ruby Bates -- dressed in men's overalls. Price claimed she was raped by six of the young men, while Bates claimed she was raped by the other three. The nine young men, from Chattanooga and various parts of Georgia, ranged in age from 12 to 20. They were roped together and taken to the Jackson County Jail in Scottsboro, Alabama. That night, a mob gathered outside the jail, but the governor sent in the National Guard to protect the young men who would come to be known as the Scottsboro Boys."
  3. The National Museum of American Women.
  4. Jefferson and Hemings: some Truth
  5. Uncle Tom's Cabin & American Culture
    A very interesting page that offers options for various type of visitors with differing purposes...BROWSE MODE, access to all the primary material in the archive, a SEARCH MODE, which allows you to search all the primary material at once and INTERPRET MODE, which includes an interactive timeline, virtual exhibits designed to suggest ways of exploring and understanding the primary material and lesson plans for teachers and student projects. I browsed the "Illustrations" page and located a history of illustrations for the book, with samples from different time periods and cultures.
  6. PBS TeacherSource - This Month - February 2000: African-American Achievements
  7. I'll Make Me A World
    A site to showcase the "... achievements of 20th-century African-American writers, dancers, painters, actors, filmmakers, musicians, and other artists who changed forever who we are as a nation and a culture.
  8. Yahoo! Government:U.S. Government:Judicial Branch:Supreme Court:Court Decisions:Specific Cases:Brown vs. Board of Education
  9. African American History: Welcome
  10. The Fillmore
    Activities and lessons that (with the film) expand on thematic studies of the Harlem Renaissance ((The Harlem of the West), Japanese American Internment, Urban Renewal, Neighborhoods, and Community Activism.
  11. Africans in America
  12. WELCOME to the Schomburg Exhibition, Harlem 1900-1940
  13. The Schomburg Legacy exhibition
    Presents issues and themes in the historical and cultural development of African people worldwide.
  14. Welcome to The National Civil Rights Museum
    See the Monitor reviews the Civil Rights Museum
  15. UWired Outreach: CSPN--Resources: PNQ Article
    The Exile and Return of Seattle's Japanese.
  16. Malcolm X: A Research Site
  17. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Celebration
  18. What's New on!
  19. NOVA Online | Battle Alert in the Gulf
    TOC: Women on the Carrier, Breakdown of a Battle Group, Behind the Scenes, Resources.
  20. Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:History:U.S. History:19th Century:Orphan Trains
  21. African American Photos
  22. Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1830-1930
  23. The History Place - Child Labor in America
    Newest addition to the page. If you haven't visited before, see the nice naviagtion section at the bottem of the page. Note that Private home/school non-commercial, non-Internet re-usage is allowed of any text, graphics, photos, audio clips, other electronic files or materials from The History Place.
  24. Homecoming
    See information about "Sometimes I am Haunted by Memories of Red Dirt and Clay" and the African American land loss and the plight of black farmers from the Civil War to the present.
  25. Japanese American National Museum
    See the Digital Exhibits, which highlight the Museum's collection of letters written to San Diego librarian Clara Breed by Japanese Americans interned in World War II concentration camps. " The Life and Work of George Hoshida: A Japanese American's Journey " This Web site honors the spirit and talent of George Hoshida (1907-1985), an incarcerated artist who documented camp life with pencil and brushwork in a series of notebooks he kept between 1942 and 1945.
  26. Chinatown History
  27. Welcome to the Southwest History and Culture page
  28. Georgetown - Ridge Farm IL 4th Grade Indian Project
    All of the art work was done by students at this page, a project of classes at the school.
  29. The South Texas Border, 1900-1920: Photographs from the Robert Runyon Collection
  30. Hispano Music and Culture of the Northern Rio Grande: The Juan B. Rael Collection, 1940
    A multi-format ethnographic field collection documenting religious and secular music of Spanish-speaking residents of rural Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado recorded in 1940 (with equipment supplied by the Archive of American Folk Song. Folk drama, wedding songs, and dance tunes provide access to the musical and cultural traditions of this region.
  31. Border Cultures: Conjunto Music
  32. Special Collections Department: Jackson Davis Collection
    A site to "...digitize, identify, arrange, describe and conserve the ca. 4,500 photographs of African-American educational scenes in the southern United States taken by Jackson Davis during the period 1915-1930 when he was affiliated with the General Education Board in New York, New York."
  33. Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, Alabama USA
    With a host of permanent Exhibitions, Traveling Exhibits, Galleries and Education & Public Programs.
  34. The Whole World Was Watching
    An oral history of 1968 -- a joint project between South Kingstown High School and Brown University's Scholarly Technology Group.
  35. AFRO-AMERICAN ALMANAC - African-American History Resource
    "A historical perspective of a nation, its people, and its cultural evolution. From the beginning of the slave trade through the Civil Rights movement, to the present."
  36. Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1830-1930
  37. The Quest for Equality: Women's History
    This is primarily useful for American History, with scant attention to the movement in other nations. It covers the history of women's suffrage, the rise of women's movements, and the struggle for equal rights. Biographies of prominent women in (Western) history and links to other women's history sites is included.
  38. Nellie Bly (Elizabeth Cochrane)
  39. Women in New York City--1890-1940
  40. The Woman Suffrage Movement: Home page
    Primary Sources, Activities, and Links to Related Web Sites. See The Woman Suffrage Movement: The Failure is Impossible Script, By Rosemary H. Knower.
  41. Exhibitions
    National Museum of American Jewish History.
  42. American Visionaries: Frederick Douglass
    Part of a series featuring diverse American men and women in the National Park System who have contributions to the life, culture, and history of the United States of America. See the site on Thomas Moran, whose "... pencil and watercolor field sketches and paintings captured the grandeur and documented the extraordinary terrain and natural features of the Yellowstone region."
  43. Black History
    An interesting page on Denton, Texas, with much of the data in the form of oral histories and primary resource materials.
  44. Black Studies on Microfilm
    New page from the NARA. The site is now featuring a new page of the National History Day Project for 1999. Best visit the Home Stie as well for any updates since your last visit. If you have some time, the Resources for National History Day Projects, 1999 is especially good (the topic is Science, Technology, Invention in History: Impact, Influence, Change).
  45. Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1830-1930
    Includes nine sets of primary documents (180 documents), each set organized around a interpretive question dealing with women and social movements.
  46. Thurgood Marshall: American Revolutionary - A Biography by Juan Williams
    With Interviews, Speeches/Articles, Gallery.
  47. Chronology On The History Of Slavery, 1619-1789
  48. African American Journey: Missouri Compromise
    With links to the other parts in the series: Compromise of 1850, Fugitive Slave Laws, Dred Scott Decision, Missouri Compromise, Kansas-Nebraska Act and Teacher Resource Central.
  50. African-American Women - On-line Archival Exhibits at Duke University
  51. Africans in America
  52. The Harlem Renaissance
  53. African American Odyssey: A Quest for Full Citizenship
    A Special Presentation of the Library of Congress that "...showcases the Library's incomparable African American collections. The presentation is not only a highlight of what is on view in this major black history exhibition, but also a glimpse into the Library's vast African American collection. Both include a wide array of important and rare books, government documents, manuscripts, maps, musical scores, plays, films, and recordings."
  54. An Internet WebQuest on American Women in World War II
  55. National Museum of Women's History
  56. National Museum of Women's History
    The spash page for this site features a graphic in black and white of a neolithic female. A click on "Featured Exhibit" leads to another splash page with graphics/icons from the exhibit (but no information as yet). Best to visit the site and select the URL where the information starts, unless you are assigning students to browse and research the site from home. Content includes: Most Radical Demand, Campaign Symbols, Mass Movement, Women's Status, Two Strategies, New Life For The Movement, Suffrage's Two Faces, Female Political Culture, Women's "Special" Qualities, Suffrage Colors, Sunflower, "Golden Lane", Tri-Colors-British & American, Herald/Angel, Enlighteners, "The Woman On A Horse", A Martyr, Jailed For Freedom, Social Housekeeping, Social Motherhood, Suffrage's Children, Suffrage Graphics.
  57. Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1830-1930
    See the great Primary document listing.
    PBS program to air in October.
  59. By Popular Demand: Jackie Robinson and Other Baseball Highlights, 1860s - 1960srobin.jpg
  60. American Heritage - September 1998: History Happened Here
    RICHMOND'S OTHER HEROES. Finding African-American history in the cradle of the Confederacy -- A selection from the current issue. Note that the Internet address may change in the future and the article may be moved to another directory on the server... so search in the Archive on the site if this link does not work.

  61. Votes for Women: 1850-1920
    Newest from the Library of Congress. "This selection of 38 pictures includes portraits of many individuals who have been frequently requested from the holdings of the Prints and Photographs Division and the Manuscript Division. Also featured are photographs of suffrage parades, picketing suffragists, and an anti-suffrage display, as well as cartoons commenting on the movement--all evoking the visible and visual way in which the debate over women's suffrage was carried out. This online illustrated reference aid is part of the "By Popular Demand" series. It is a pictorial partner for the text documents in "'Votes for Women:' Selections from the National American Woman Suffrage Collection, 1848-1920."

  62. NAWSA - Home Page
    National American Woman Suffrage Association Collection 1841-1921.
  63. Women's Suffrage: Main Page
    From the seventh and eighth grade of the Nueva School in Hillsborough, California. The students did a great job, but be sure to see the special timeline before you leave the site.
  64. 19th Ammendment Anniversery
    75th Anniversary of the 19th Ammendment. Resources on Women's Vote & The Suffrage Movement. Links to:Women Get the Vote, Leaders of the Suffrage Movement, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, The Seneca Falls Meeting, Arguments of the Anti-Suffragists and Other Fears, The Women's Suffrage Stamp from the United States Postal Service.
  65. 95 / 75 - 75th Anniversary of Women's Suffrage in America
    Includes a Calendar of Events, The Text of the 19th Amendment, History of the Suffrage Movement, Resources For and About Women, Suffragists, Historic Sites, Mothers of Exiles Quilt.
  66. A History of the American Suffragist Movement
    Book site...under construction.
  67. The National Women's History Project
  68. Living the Legacy 1848-1998
    The Women's Rights Movement.
  69. Seneca Falls Conference: The Beginning of Women's Rights.
  70. seneca falls
  71. Today in History: July 20west3.jpg
    Information and key links for Seneca Falls, New York convention. Although this page leads to the 20th, the page also provides search tools for any day. You can also try simply altering the final directory address at the site from"" to say "" if January 5th is your target date. This "day in history" site is unique because of the extensive annotation and the links to the massive resources available in the Library of Congress. You will also find that the majority of the materials do not have the usual copyright restrictions. See the image to the right Today in History: July 14(In a blizzard, photograph of a painting by Frank Feller, ca. 1900-ca. 1920.)
  72. The Equal Rights Party History Project
    An "experiment in participatory research" on the 545 women and men who founded the Equal Rights Party in May of 1872, from the University of Toledo. "At present the site contains a geographical database of ERP members, a brief history of the Party, research tips, and an explanation of how to send your information to the site." This is a site to watch for those teachers interested in adding the excitement of collaboration to their secondary classrooms.

  73. Truman Library - Executive Order 9981
    Document that established the legal basis for equality of treatment and opportunity in the Armed Services. See the students research file, Desegregation of the Armed Forces and the Chronology of events surrounding the Desegregation of the Armed Services. Other exhibits include Colin Powell! and 1948.
  74. The Promised Land: We Stand
    Video clip of Kin in Chicago.
  75. Home Sweet Home
    Video clip of Discovery Video detailing migration from the South to Chicago.
  76. BA Main Index Page
    Beyond Affliction: The Disability History Project. Web page for a four hour documentary radio series about the shared experience of people with disabilities and their families since the beginning of the 19th century. Includes excerpts from the radio series, primary source documents, extended interviews, images and texts used for the radio broadcast.
  77. Women In American History
    1600 to the present.
  78. The Mary Anne Sadlier Archive
    Presenting: Mary Anne Sadlier's Cultural Context, Irish History, Women and Domesticity in Nineteenth-Century America, The Domestic Novel, The Irish Domestic Servant, Nineteenth-Century Women Writers, Ireland and Catholicism, Anti-Immigrant Sentiment and Living Conditions on New York's Lower East Side (1840-1900).
  79. GenderGap - Women and the Military
  80. Women Artists of the American West
    Laura Gilpin Collection -- an Internet Course and Interdisciplinary Resource featuring the vital contributions that women have made to the art and history of the American West.
  81. Living the Legacy 1848-1998
    Resource for The Women's RightsMovement 1848 - 1998.
  82. Mary Lyon on the Web
    1797-1849. A Massachusetts schoolteacher who founded the worldwide model of higher education for women-- Mount Holyoke College.
  83. National First Ladies Library
  84. Guide 3: Crossing Borders in History
    Cultural Change. Cultural dimension associated with the Fourteenth Amendment, which dictates equal protection for all, and the Nineteenth Amendment, which gave women the right to vote.
  85. Women In American History
    An excellent collection of links (see "Women's History on the Web") and a fine "Study Guide" online. The Guide Study Guide "... will introduce you to many extraordinary women and the events that surrounded their lives." Each of sevaral activities focuses on one aspect of women's history and includes links to biographies and other resources. The activities are complete internet-based lessons with suggestions and directions for activities by individual students and groups of students. The page can also be used with a chronological approach, as much of the information is presented in eras (Early America 1600 - 1820, The Nineteenth Century 1820 - 1880, At The Crossroads 1880 - 1920, Modern America 1920 - the Present).
    As contrasted to previous pages I have viewed by Brinannica, these pages load rapidly (for those with a moderate speed connection of 28.8) and feature a good combonation of text and graphics. The activities and lessons could be used at the Middle and Secondary level without modification, but younger students might need special guidance.
  86. Women's Work in the 19th Century
  87. The American Experience
    A Midwife's Tale. Companion site to the program (now available for purchase).
  88. Beauty Be Woman
    Who could resist visiting a page with content on topics such as: Founding Mothers, Suffer Not a Woman to Speak, Remember the Ladies, The Making of a Middle-Class Lady, Origins of Feminism, The First Feminist Revolt.
  89. "She is More to be Pitied than Censured"
    Focuses on sexual scandals and murders in 19th century America that reflect period "...attitudes on adultery, abortion and contraception, domestic abuse, and illegitimacy.." and "... mirror contemporary issues concerning women, sexuality, and murder."
  90. American Women in Uniform, Veterans Too!
    The Veterans Too! site offers a separate page for each of the wars from the American Revolution to Desert Storm. Text and thumbnail graphics are offered for each section and time period on a pleasing background. The site also is seeking stories of those who participated in recent conflicts and the oral history segment is likely to grow. Some informaton on recent conflicts in the services on sexual harassment is also presented.
  91. Women In American History
  92. Center for Women Veterans
  93. The National Women's History Project
  94. Women in Alaska's History
  95. Women in Tennessee History: A Bibliography
  96. Border Beat - Contents - Winter 1998
    Leslie Marmon Silko tells about the role guns played in her New Mexico childhood and gut-shoots "woman-as-victim" concepts.
  97. Jackie Robinson
    A new Library of Congress Site, with covered topics of: Baseball, the Color Line, and Jackie Robinson, 1860s-1960s Early Baseball Pictures, 1860s - 1920s.
  98. African American Perspectives: 1818-1907
    The Daniel A. P. Murray Pamphlet Collection presents a panoramic and eclectic review of African-American history and culture. Held by the Library of Congress.
  99. The People of Louisiana
    From Colonizaion to Reconstruction. Links to: Native Americans Early White Settlers, African-Americans Women, Saint-Domingue Refugees Jews Germans, Irish Antebellum Foreign Born French Other Groups.
  100. SPLC:Teaching Tolerance -- Classroom Activity
    An online lesson/essay (with discussion questions on religious discrimination xcerpt from the book Us and Them, published by Teaching Tolerance, which spotlights a challenge to religious liberty in Philadelphia in the 1840s. In honor of Religious Freedom Day, January 16th.
  101. The Plessy Conference
    When the Future Was the Past. A Discussion Guide on the Plessy Decision and Its Aftermath. Download a ASCII or Zipped copy of the discussion guide.
  102. Learn with PBS: Celebrate Black History
  103. HBO Presents 4 Little Girls
    Watch 4 Little Girls -- February 23, 1998 at 9:00. A focus onBirmingham in the 1950s' ("...the "most segregated" city in the South...") as a "...steel town that mixed traditional violence with rural racism." Presents 4 activities in the Teacher Resource section. Especially noteworthy is "The Tape Is Rolling", which discusses the role of the media at the time and asks children to react to and analyze various photos taken during the era. The "Civil Rights" link leads to a museum photo tour (from the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute) and a civil rights timeline.
  104. bds
    History of the Barrett Day Care Center which was named after Mrs. Janie Porter Barrett, an African-American teacher whose life was dedicated to the education of African-American children in Virginia.
  105. The Encyclopædia Britannica Guide to Black History
  106. Seattle Times: MLK-Electronic Classroom and Study Guide
  107. Education First: Black History Activities
    Tom March (working from his new home in Australia) had updated this site recently. If there is an area above "top shelf" Tom will be there first! There is true quality here and other sites he has helped to author. You must read his "Working the Web for Education."


  108. Harlem Renaissance
    Interested in a project to link literature and American History? Take it off the "wish list" using this site, with a focus on the literary dimension, and others which cover the history.
  109. Jean Toomer (1894-1967)
    More from the Harlem Renaissance.
  110. Poetry and Prose of the Harlem Renaissance
    Full text resource.
  111. the harlem renaissance
  112. Richard Wright - Black Boy
  113. Harlem Diary, Opening Screen
  114. Renaissance History
  115. Austin Hansen
    PHOTOGRAPHIC CENTER OF HARLEM. Austin sold his first photograph for 20 cents, enough to buy ten loaves of bread for his family. My only complaint about the page is that it is much too brief. Send Time some Email for MORE!
  116. Resources on the Harlem Renaissance
  117. Learning Activity: Harlem Renaissance
  118. Jazz Roots: Early Jazz on
  119. Assignment Discovery: Harlem Diary
    Companion site for the TV program. Review of Harlem Diary above.
    Can architecture impact our lives? Explore this site and see. An editorial note. If we have the ability to create conditions/spaces that leave those who occupy those spaces absolutely helpless to defend themselves and their children, we should also have a responsibility to create visual and physical environments that inspire and nurture. The expectation that a whole segment of our population can somehow rise above an architectural environment that is pored in concrete, and a social/political environment that is almost as hardened, is insane and ignorant.
  121. Selected List: The Harlem Renaissance
    Print listing from the librarians at the Harold Washington Library Center.
  122. great day in harlem
    A celebration of the 1958 photo by Art Kane, a young photographer from Esquire magazine who brought together the most important people in jazz for a group photograph.
  123. The Jazz Age: A Fusion of Music and Literature
    Links to online information on F. Scott Fitzgerald, Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston, Scott Williams' Jean Toomer Page, The Harlem Renaissance and The Jazz Literature Archive.
  124. Ask an Expert: Harlem RenaissanceYou might also visit the Jean Toomer Pageson the topic of the Harlem Renaissance.
  125. Jazz Oral History Index
    Hogan Jazz Archive at Tulane University.
  126. The Harlem Renaissance
  127. Black History Month
    Expanded site with links to: African Folktales! The Harlem Renaissance! Afrocentric WebSites! African American Quilters.
  128. Circle's Harlem Renaissance Links
    "Harlem Renaissance Style! Verve! Jazz! The Harlem Renaissance embodied it all. In the decade following World War I, an artistic explosion..." in POETRY (with the emergence of Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen and Claude McKay), in PERFORMING ARTS and JAZZ. In addition, WRITERS and VISUAL ARTISTS shaped "...a new African American aesthetic in the fine arts."
  129. Survey Graphic Harlem
    A Hypermedia edition of the March 1925 Survey Graphic Harlem Number. Prepared by Matthew G. Kirschenbaum Department of English, University of Virginia. A superior site.
  130. Black History: The African American Journey
  131. Mlkctr's Home Page 3
  132. Encyclopedia of Cajun Culture
    Clicking on a term/topic links to an alpha listing and then to information files on the meaning and history of the term, complete with geographic and map graphics.
  133. Oneida Indian Nation
    See the new exhibit -- Wampum. Older exhibits online inlcude: 1777: The Oneidas and the birth of the American Nation, Oskanondonha's Pipe, Polly Cooper.
  134. IPL Museum of African American History Detroit, Michigan
  135. Shadow and Substance
    Photographs, drawings and other illustrations of the African American experience in the 19th Century from The New York Public Library's Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. Categories range from the Civil War (32 images) and Cultural Expression (27 images) to Religion (30 images) and Slavery (36 images).
  136. ILTweb: LiveText: SS: Native American Navigator
    Designed for K-12 teachers and students. An excellent resource. Overview | Student Work | Curricula | Museums | The Navigator | Tribes | NativeWatch News.
  137. UGA African American Studies
  138. Negro Leagues Baseball Online Archives
  139. Black Baseball's Negro Baseball Leagues
    Major sections: HISTORY AND INTRODUCTION (Origins of the Negro Baseball Leagues. What they were, why they were founded, and why they no longer exist), PLAYERS (Photos, profiles, soundclips of the best Negro League Players), TEAMS A listing of the best teams, cities and the stars of the League), BOOKS, EVENT CALENDAR (Events in the Negro League Community), MUSEUMS, SABR NEWSLETTER ( A monthly publication from the Negro Leagues Committee of the Society for Baseball Research).

  140. Women's Work in the 19th Century
  141. African American Pamphlets Home Page
    "The Progress of a People", a special presentation by the Library of Congress.
  142. Architecture in America
    American architecture highlights with forty photographs selected from the Detroit Publishing Company collection. The presentation shows how the collection may be used to illustrate a report or an article.
  143. Detroit Photos Home Page
    The Prints and Photographs Division. The Library of Congress does it again! Search by Keywords or browse the Subject Index. Thousands of images..most in black and white. See photographs from the Detroit Publishing Company, 1880-1920. A total of 25,000 glass negatives and transparencies - some by William Henry Jackson. Jackson took photos along several railroad line in the 1880s and 1890s and 900 are included in the collection. A link provides some information on Jackson.
    Images could be used by students to:
    1. Learn search and query techniques for large databases.
    2. Generate student reports/simulations on topics in American history. Library of Congress and Ameritech-Award Recipients
    Links to the National Digital Library Competition.
  144. By Popular Demand: Jackie Robinson and Other Baseball Highlights, 1860s - 1960sEqual Rights Amendment and Women Links.
  145. National Museum of Women in the Arts
    Permanent Collection Tour: Establishing the Legacy. An online tour from the Renaissance to the present.
  146. Home Page: American Memory from the Library of Congress
    Presents: "California as I Saw It: First-Person Narratives of California's Early Years, 1849-1900" documenting the Gold Rush and the decades of early statehood in individual narratives about travel to and life in California, "California Gold: Northern California Folk Music from the '30s" -- A multiformat ethnographic field collection that includes sound recordings, still photos, drawings and written documents from a variety of European ethnic and English- and Spanish-speaking communities in Northern California, "The New Deal Stage: Selections from the Federal Theatre Project, 1935-1939" -- Playscripts, production materials, photographs, and administrative records selected from the output of a New Deal WPA arts project, "Panoramic Maps, 1847-1909" (offered June 9) will show schematic views of towns and cities and "Inventing Entertainment: Turn-of-the-Century Motion Pictures and Sound Recordings from the Thomas A. Edison Companies."
  147. Theodor Horydczak Collection
    Sports 14,350 photographs (online) to documents the architecture and social life of the Washington metropolitan area from the 1920s through the 1940s.
  148. American Variety Stage: Vaudeville and Popular Entertainment, 1870-1920
    Selected Materials from the Library of Congress. Great information on "...vibrant and diverse forms of popular entertainment, especially vaudeville, that thrived from 1870-1920. Included are 334 English- and Yiddish-language playscripts, 146 theater playbills and programs, 61 motion pictures, and 143 photographs and 29 memorabilia items documenting the life and career of Harry Houdini. Groups of theater posters and sound recordings will be added to this anthology in the future."
  149. Early Motion Pictures Home Page
  150. American Memory Collections
    Budget a session on the Internet to this rich site which includes early film summaries, early American sound recordings, Civil War photos, photographs of celebraties AND rural and town life.
  152. An Abridged History of the United States
  153. The National Women's History Project
    Living the Legacy: The Women's Rights Movement, 1848-1998.
  154. U.S. Women's History
  155. National Women's History Project
  156. African-American Women - On-line Archival Exhibits at Duke University
    Images of manuscript pages and full text of the writings of African-American women.
    Great Women in African-American History.
    Published each March in conjunction with Women's History Month.
  159. Encyclopedia of Women's History
    Written by and for the K12 Community.
  160. The Black Network
  161. Ida Bell Wells
  162. National Women's Hall of Fame

  163. More?

    Go to WOMEN STUDIES on the Diversity Page.

  164. Smithsonian Magazine Table of Contents
    Aug 96 issue:The Smithsonian Time Machine - The link to the Lewis and Clark Expedition actually led to a series of printed interviews with current personalities who were asked what moment from the past they would like to visit if they could magically be transport back to that time. Want to guess what Cal Ripkin wanted to do? The question presented here and the results could be used for a very interesting end of term assignment. Simply pose the same question to students. Notice some of the answers at the Smithsonian site are supported with Internet research called "Informative Links."
  165. The Fight in the Fields
    César Chávez and the Farmworkers' Struggle, a PBS Special for Labor Day.
  166. Stamp on Black History index
    Created by kids for kids. "This web site will help students learn the history and contributions of black Americans as they explore through U.S. Black History-related stamps." TOC: Alphabetical List of Stamps, Stamps by Curriculum Areas, U.S. Postage Stamps, Stamp Collecting, Stamp Dealers, Black History Tour, Stamp on Black History Quiz, Games and Activities Zone.
  167. African American Art
    Henry O. Tanner
    "The Banjo Lesson"
    Created by students in Olu Oguibe's art-history class at the University of South Florida. See the contributions of black artists to mainstream American art.
  168. African American Warriors
  169. About the Database of African-American Poetry, 1760-1900: Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia
    at the Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia -- SGML format.
  170. John Henrik Clarke Africana Library
    Focusing on the history and culture of peoples of African ancestry.
  171. Black pilots shatter myths
  172. Of Kith and Kin
    The Trials and Triumphs of African-American Family Life homepage, a PBS Electronic Fieldtrip. Featuring pages for an Oral Tradition Lesson, creating an "original" folktale, "Life as a Slave" and a special area for registered classrooms.
  173. Influential African Americans of the 20th Century
    Time missed the boat here -- by including only the photos of these Americans. Your students can design a more complete site by researching their contributions and achievements. A top site.
  174. Flashback: Black History Month
    Links to the collection of Atlantic Monthly articles on the topic and the topics of African-American Education and Race and Affirmative Action.
  175. West Virginia History - Volume 54
    Full articles online. Example -- "Segregation and Integration in the Appalachian Coalfields: McDowell County Responds to the Brown Decision" By Alice E. Carter.
  176. Schomburg Center Home Page
    New digital collections -- African American Women Writers of the 19th Century and Images of African Americans from the 19th Century.
  177. How the Other Half Lives
  178. African Americans in New Orleans: Making a Living
  179. African-American Studies
    Offers a Malcome X Picture Book and photos of Malcolm and events in his life. Other links to African-American Poetry, Poems by Langston Hughes and other writers of the Harlem Renaissance, Alice Walker and Maya Angelou, historical poems, songs etc. Information on African-American Culture & History (Civil Rights Movement, Slavery, Religion (Islam), excerpts from famous literature). Music information (Rap, Soul, Funk, PFunk, Gospel, Jazz) and an Artist-Database.
  180. AFRO-Americ@: The Afro-American Newspapers Home Page
  181. The BRITANNICA Guide to Black History
  182. Crediting Black History Month Web Links
    You must also visit the "Black History: Past To Present" site as well!
  183. Welcome to the Anacostia MuseumCenter for African American History and Culture
  184. American Studies, Black History and Literature
  185. Disfarmer
    Black and white portraits by Mike Disfarmer which "...capture the honesty and determination of rural people and families of 1940's Heber Springs, Arkansas."
  186. The Afrigeneas Homepage
    Information about African-ancestored families and for pointers to genealogical sources worldwide.
  187. Apple West Productions
    At Home On The Range is a one-hour documentary that explores the Jewish communities which developed in the small towns and rural areas of Texas and Louisiana.
  188. The African-American Mosaic
    Covers four areas --Colonization, Abolition, Migrations, and the WPA.
  189. SWJ History--Homepage
    Southwest Jewish History - with many complete articles and research topics online.
  190. Persistence Of The Spirit
    An interpretive study of the people and events that contributed to the black experience in Arkansas. Inlcudes links to: Historical Narrative (highlights of the African-American experience in Arkansas, a Photo Scrapbook (historic images in chronological order, calendar of humanities films and exhibits from the Arkansas Humanities Resource Center plus other public programs based on African-American culture and history, History Links to other informative sites, References (A reading list for teachers and others).
  191. Basic Books
    Athena -- Mary Lefkowitz, author of Not Out of Africa: How Afrocentrism Became an Excuse To Teach Myth as History, and Martin Bernal, author of Black Athena, will debate, with participating scholars, modern ideas of the origins of western civilization, the fate of academic standards, and the threat to academic freedom. This debate will run from April 22nd through the month of May. See a Review of Mary Lefkowitz, Not Out of Africa: How Afrocentrism Became an Excuse to Teach Myth as History, for more information.
  192. Time Life Photo Sight
    Portraits of 40 influential African Americans of the 20th century.
  193. Education First's Black History Month Website
    Another Tom March production and a feature site...
    The best page for starting research on African American roots and genealogy. "Afrigeneas is a mailing list focused on genealogical research and resources in general and on African ancestry in particular. This page serves as a focal point for information about African-ancestored families and for pointers to genealogical sources worldwide."
  195. The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
    Presents: The Origins and Nature of New World Slavery Syllabus, Slavery Bibliography, Excerpts from Slave Narratives, WPA Life Histories.
  196. Duke University Special Collections Library
    See the "Slave Voices" From The Special Collections Library - which probes the life experiences of American slaves from the late eighteenth century.
  197. Thirty Dollars Down and a Lifetime to Buy: The Watson-Raimey Black history
    Reprinted without illustrations from LORE magazine (Milwaukee Public Museum), on the life, tribulations and exaltations of a family based upon a series of documents and photographs obtained by the History Section for the Museum's permanent collections.
  198. The Black Peoples' Prison Survival Guide
    (contains information on American penal history. This might be a source of information for classroom discussions about solving the "crime problem" by building more prisons. The site includes a book written with the Blacks who are incarcerated.
  199. The Amistad Research Center
  200. African American Literature Syllabi
    Plural. Many included and hyperlinked.
  201. Welcome to PBS
    Program listings and guides for teachers. Check out your favorite PBS program. Complete listings. Check out this example of an extensive guide for teachers on the topics of AMERICAN EXPERIENCE's "One Woman/One Vote"

  1. A Shared Experience and Its Teacher's Guide
    See the Table of Contents first. the material contained in this resource book provides guidelines for teaching the history of the Lower Rio Grande Heritage Corridor in social studies or language arts classrooms using A Shared Experience (Second Edition). The book is online at
  2. Documenting the American South: The Southern Homefront, 1861-1865.
  3. Genealogy and Social History of Morewood
    "This site was developed to preserve historical information that otherwise would have been eroded through frequent handling, to provide free worldwide access to personal histories and photographs, and to provide a place for genealogists to discover the social history connected to early Canadian townsfolk."
  4. NY Food Museum
    New York City at the turn of the 20th Century. Loads of information on diets and eating habits.
  5. NMAA: Posters American Style
    Graphic images from major artists. Visit National Museum of American Art home page for or a complete listing of the online exhibits!
  6. Hanford Mills Museum Engine Show
    Watch a water wheel at work and experience one of the area's oldest historic, operational sawmill, gristmill, and woodworking shops!
  7. Sandwich Glass Museum
  8. Beasts on High
    Spirits of gargoyles and grotesques on the upper reaches of the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul on Mount Saint Alban in Washington, D.C. All show the modern interpretation of the medieval "protections" that top the walls of cathedrals in Europe.
  9. New Orleans French Quarter
  10. Iowa Counties Historical Home Page
  11. Chinatown History
  12. Tucson through time
    Millennium Special Section. Not sure how long this will be online, but it was a first class in the print edition. Better visit soon.
  13. New York: A Documentary Film Online
  14. Welcome to the Southwest History and Culture page
  15. The Secretary of the Interior's Standards for Rehabilitation & Illustrated Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings-Index
  16. We Shall Overcome; Historic Places of the Civil Rights Movement National Register Travel Itinerary
  17. Teachers' Guild Lesson Plan: Jamestown Webquest
  18. Origins of American Animation, 1900-1921
  19. Tucson a Century Ago
  20. The Last Act
    The Atomic Bomb and the End of World War II: a planned exhibit by The National Air and Space Museum.
  21. WAMU 88.5 FM: Special Programs Available in RealAudio
    Black History Month: A Small Southern Town by Richard Paul, Listen to Part 1 and Part 2, 20th Century Washington: A Century in the Nation's Capital by Metro.
  22. Circle of Inheritance
    A focus on the history of South Carolina.
  23. The Capitol Project at the University of Virginia
    Uses the physical presence of the Capitol building in the Washington, DC area as an organizing principle for over 80 sites dealing with American history, government, and culture. Best to start with the TOC page.
  24. Orange County, CA History Page
  25. Cover of Wisconsin History on Stage
    plays.jpgEleven scripts for Grades 4 through 8. One selection is available for a free download. Mr. Babcock's Invention," a short play about the professor who's research helped make Wisconsin the dairy state, may be viewed electronically (300k). [requires Adobe Acrobat] Feel free to download this script and use it in your classroom. All teachers (especially WI teachers) should visit the lesson site. for Elementary and Secondary lessons.
  26. Original Vintage Fruit Crate Labels, Online Picture Catalog
  27. Reynolda House, Museum of American Art
  28. UWired Outreach: Center for the Study of the Pacific Northwest
    University of Washington. See the link to curriculum materials to download packets in (mostly) PDF format. TOC: A History Bursting With Telling, The Klondike Gold Rush, The Cold War and Red Scare in Washington State. See also the University of Washington Libraries' "All Powers" exhibit I clicked on the asian American file to view and download...and was linked to a 239 page PDF file!
  29. Small-Town America: Stereoscopic Views from the Robert Dennis Collection
  30. Old-Time Radio Phorums
  31. Tenement Museum
  32. History of Labor and Industry in New York's Hudson-Mohawk Region
  33. Historic American Sheet Music
  34. Northwest Imagery - Title Page
  35. The Canal Age
  36. Did you know that you can preview several fine publications by the National Center for History in the Schools (the introductions and teacher background materials) at the Social Studies School Service site? Publications for World and U.S. history are previewed at the site. See titles such as EMPEROR ASHOKA OF INDIA: What Makes a Ruler Legitimate? These inexpensive publications can be ordered online, with shipping free for Web order.
  37. The Pony Will Gallop Forever/FedEx on horseback lives on in legend
    Sample historical article from a recent San Francisco Chronicle publication.
  38. The Indie Scene: Now Playing
  39. American Animation
  40. Music Collection on History of Jazz </a> -- Host Bob Edwards talks
  41. Mission Churches of the Sonoran Desert and Mission Churches: The San Xavier del Bac Mission, Arizona.
    Part of a host of on-line exhibits from the University of Arizona Library's World Wide Web, including The Fred Harvey Web Exhibit Homepage and Images of the Southwest -- Military Aircraft Nose Art: An American Tradition. The San Xavier del Bac Mission will be the topic of a special addition to this K-12 Web in the near future, with over six megs of digital images.
  42. OHS Places/Youngstown Historical Center of Industry & Labor
  43. Teaching with Historic Places Home Page
  44. Great Seal of the United States of America
  45. Bonnie & Clyde or Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow and the Barrow Gang
  46. FRBSF American Currency Exhibit
    Select "Tour Showcase of Bills" to examine highlights from the collection and "Tour Exhibit by Era" to navigate through historical eras, beginning with the Colonial struggle for independence. "Your mode of transportation through history ranges from the Colonial horse to the global economy's jet airplane. As you follow the transportation revolution and the evolution of American currency, you'll learn how these events not only reflect our history, but help shape it."
  47. The Prison called Hohenasperg
    An American boy betrayed by his Government during World War II, available in paper & downloadable PDF edition
  48. New-York Historical Society Education Department
    Look for the Elementary Middle and High School Lessons.
  49. Welcome to The New-York Historical Society
  50. 100 Years of New York City
  51. Digital Atlas of New York City by William A. Bowen
  52. Roads, Rails and Rivers, Kentucky Museum exhibit, Western Kentucky University
  53. Rarely Seen Richmond.
    Early Twentieth Century Richmond -- As Seen Through Vintage Postcards.
  54. Que La Fete Commence-
    The French Influence on the Good Life in New Orleans This is the current exhibition when I visited (6/99) but be sure to visit the archive of past exhibits and add the page to your bookmarks to browse and return for later exhibits I browsed the archived exhibite below after viewing the currentl exhibit.
  55. Alcohol Exhibit
    "Of the Poison Brand." Two Centuries of Sources for The Study of Alcohol and Alcoholism. An exhibition of materials relating to the history of the manufacture and consumption of alcohol and the movements devoted to controlling its use and rehabilitating alcoholics.
  56. New York in Love:
    Nineteenth Century Valentines from the Collection of the Museum of the City of New York. The card at the right is from my private collection.
  57. National Canal Museum - Delaware Canal - Lehigh Canal - Morris Canal - Hugh Moore Park - Canal History
  58. Florida State Archives Photographic Collection
  59. Union Pacific Railroad History
  60. History of Labor and Industry in New York's Hudson-Mohawk Region
  61. FRBSF American Currency Exhibit: Historical Context
  62. The New Madrid Earthquake
    1811 - 1812 the largest earthquake ever recorded in American History started. This earthquake, called the New Madrid Earthquake because of its primary location on the New Madrid Fault, near New Madrid, Missouri. From the effects of the 1811-1812 earthquakes, it can be estimated that they had a magnitude of 8.0 o
  63. The Virtual Times: The New Madrid Earthquake
  64. U.S. Senate
    The history section recently added a oral history feature that includes interviews with former senators, Senate officers and staff members.
  65. Historic American Sheet Music, 1850-1920 (American Memory, Library of Congress)
    Digital reproduction of a "...variety of musical types including bel canto, minstrel songs, protest songs, patriotic and political songs, plantation songs, Civil War battle songs, spirituals, songs from vaudeville and early musicals, "tin pan alley" songs, and songs from World War I." Since some of the sheet music is illustrated, students can view the contemporary views of American citizens of the era.
  66. Learn More: Words and Deeds in American History - Summary
    Documents selected by the Library of Congress Manuscript Division in honor of its centennial.
  67. Godey's Lady's Book Online Home Page
    "Godey's Lady's Book was one of the most popular lady's books of the 19th century. Each issue contained poetry, beautiful engraving and articles by some of the most well known authors in America."
  68. Women In American History
  69. Iron Hill School: An African-American One Room School
    Unit on a school constructed in 1923 in rural Delaware, " of more than 80 schools for African-American children built between 1919 and 1928 as part of philanthropist Pierre Samuel du Pont's "Delaware experiment." The (National Park Service) site shows photos, maps, and diagrams about the school itself and suggests a wide range of student activities.
  70. A History of American Agriculture/backpage
    TOC: Economic Cycles, Agricultural Trade and Development, Farm Economy, Life on the Farm, Farmers and the Farm, Farm Organizations and Movements, Farm Machinery and Technology, Agricultural Education and Extension, Crops and Livestock, Government Programs and Policy and Transportation.
  71. Building the Gold Mountain: Philadelphia's Chinatown
    From the Balch Institute which also inlcudes a host of Online Resources. See the Immigration Experience and read popular ``emigrant guides" that provided information about the United States and Canada. The site also features actual steamship advertisements and fare schedules and primary documents on life in steerage. Other links to: Philadelphia's Ellis Island, Rites of Passage in America - Folk Customs & Life Cycles, Religious Institutions, Work & Society, Bibliography of Civil Rights Materials, Bibliography from the Civil Rights Exhibition, Ethnic Images in Advertising.
  72. The Tax History Project at Tax Analysts
    Students might work with this page and the British tax site listed above for a comparison, contrast exercise. View Presidential Tax Returns, a Cartoon Gallery, Book Reviews and a listing of Suggested Links
  73. California Shipwrecks
  74. Historic Burlington City, New Jersey
  75. University of Arizona Library -- Mission Churches: The San Xavier del Bac Mission, Arizona
    Look for JPGs from a recent visit to the mission by the web author.
  76. University of Arizona Library -- Mission Churches: San Pedro y San Pablo de Tubutama
  77. Historic Ship NAUTILUS Home Page
    In July of 1951 Congress authorized construction of the world's first nuclear powered submarine. On December 12th of that year, the Navy Department announced that she would be the sixth ship of the fleet to bear the name NAUTILUS.
  78. The California History Website
  79. California Pioneers Project
  80. California Secretary of State - California State Archives
  81. Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum
  82. The American Experience | Rescue at Sea
  83. U.S. History Interactive - Eli Whitney Biography
  84. HistoryLink Front Entrance
    Presenting "...two archival databases that are continually growing: The Metropedia contains detailed, sourced essays and stories about the history of communities, people, ethnic groups and key events in the Puget Sound region. The Timeline is a chronological listing of events, starting with the first pioneers who arrived along the shores of Seattle in the 1850s. Both databases are searchable by topic, keywords and dates."
  85. The American Experience | Meltdown at Three Mile Island
  86. The Nation's Forum
    Sound recordings by American leaders at the turn of the century. The speeches (1-5 minutes) focus on issues and events surrounding the First World War and the presidential election of 1920. Speakers include: Warren G. Harding, James Cox, Calvin Coolidge, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Samuel Gompers, Henry Cabot Lodge, and John J. Pershing.
  87. UC Berkeley Finding Aids
  88. United States Postal Service
    Who cares if the cost of a postage stamp keeps going up! Pages like this are the best PR.. for the Postal Service. While you are in the area, explore the site on "Unforgettable Letters." You will need a sound card and Real Audio software to listen to the introductions to the various main links. The site rates high because it explores the technology of the web and attempts to go beyond the simple transmission of content.
  89. Museum of the City of San Francisco
  90. Index to San Francisco History by Subject
  91. Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador
  92. Historic Latta Plantation, A Living History Farm, Huntersville, NC
    Offering a virtual tour, a brief history and teacher resources (This guide is targeted at Third Grade teachers who bring their classes to visit Historic Latta Plantation. )
  93. Hubbell Trading Post NHS Home Page
  94. Boulder Museum of History
  95. Barnum's Museum
  96. Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum
  97. TimeWarp Collectibles
    Rock N' Roll, Cartoons, Vehicles, Cowboys, Games & Toys, TV & Movies and '64 World's Fair items
  98. LC-HABS/HAER Collections
    Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) and the Historic American Engineering Record (HAER). The site provides a record of achievements in architecture, engineering, and design in the United States.
  99. The Hoover Dam: Lonely Lands Made Fruitful
    hoover.jpgProviding links to: Modernity and The Hoover Dam, Machine in The Desert, A Federal Works Project, Planned Living in Boulder City, Franklin D. Roosevelt's Dedication Speech, Construction of the Dam.
  100. Samuel Slater - Father of the American Industrial Revolution
  101. Oregon Department of Transportation, Environmental Services
    Historic resources, including covered bridges, buildings and sturctures made by early settlers and important coastal bridges.
  102. The Photography Collection
    New Exhibit: The 10th Mountain Division New Exhibit: Louis C. McClure and Denver, The City Beautiful and Colorado Celebrates the Fourth of July.
  103. American Local history Network: Wisconsin Site - Index Page
  104. Historic American Sheet Music


    See the Results of a search
    on the site
    for ""Society and Culture--Women"
    which demonstrates one
    of the possible applications
    of the data in the archive.

  105. John D Rockfeller and the Standard Oil Company
    The story of how he came to dominate the Oil Industry for 50 years.
  106. The Pacific Ship and Shore Historical Review
    Usually, folks set their browser for text to load first, then graphics...That way you need not wait to browse a content page before the pictures load. This page presents a graphic picture of the page only....even if most of the page is actually text. I'm not sure why this is done (perhaps the entire page is scanned), but is is a waste of time for the visitor to wait for text to load in "picture" format. This is unfortunate for this site, as it contains some interesting documents on Pearl Harbor. Save it for Summer Vacation, when time is not so critical.
  107. American History Online
    Offering a large site with support orgainzed by key textbooks. The maps and visuals are superior and include instructions for downloading and how to use in presentations. For PowerPoint:
    1.Click on the Insert menu and choose "Picture".
    2.Select "Tagged Image File Format" in the filetype menu.
    3.Locate the file you want to import.
    4.Click "Okay" (for PC's) or "Open" (for Macintosh). 5.The file will appear in the application window and once selected, can be moved and re-sized.
    Students might use a similar procedure to add information to a Word document or HTML file.
    The site is designed (very well) to provide a bank of resources to "enrich and expand" the printed text, and "...includes interactive practice tests, downloadable maps, primary sources, web activities and reference links."
  108. Music for the Nation: American Sheet Music, 1870-1885
  109. Navpooh's Annapolis National Cemetery Page
    Interments by name and by state. Other links to a Map, Travel directions, A brief overview of the Cemetery, Notable graves at Annapolis, Pictures from Behind the Walls, A November day in Annapolis National Cemetery.
  110. Automotive History
  111. The Fabulous Ruins of Detroit
  112. USNSM Online History Center
    Naval, Military and Maritime History.
  113. Preservation Fact Sheets
    This is a gold mine for schools interested in the preservation and conservation of local history, and any school interested in creating an "archive" of historic materials in the school and a current project and as a resource for future students. Included: The Care and Preservation of Archival Materials, Historical Brass and Bronze, Clocks, Glass and Ceramics, Wooden Objects, Historical Iron, Oil Paintings, Works of Art on Paper, Photographic Prints, Historical Silver, Antique Textiles and Costumes.
  114. Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village Web Site Map
  115. The Trials of The Scottsboro Boys
  116. San Diego Historical Society stereo photos
  117. LC-Baseball Collection
    Thousands of early baseball cards (from 1887 to 1914).
  118. Famous Trials of the 20th Century - UMKC School of Law - Prof. Douglas Linder
  119. The History Place - Child Labor in America
    Featuring the Original Photo Captions by Lewis W. Hine.
  120. Charlotte - A Work in Progress
  121. oral history collections at the reuther library
    College of Urban, Labor and Metropolitan Affairs
  122. "A Paralyzing Fear:The Story of Polio in America"
    Have the students interview several seniors in their 60s or 70s, especially if they lived in one of the major cities. Many may have spent a large portion of their Summers in their front yards.
  123. U.S. Senate Historical Office
  124. Overmap State History Social Studies Maps Resources
  125. Minnesota Historical Society: Photo Collection Database: Basic Search
    Over 4,000 of the large collection are available, with more scheduled to come on-line.
  126. California Views: The Pat Hathaway Historical Photo Collectioncalif.jpg
  127. Surviving the Winter
    The evolution of quiltmaking among two cultures in New Mexico by Dorothy R. Zopf.
  128. American Variety Stage
    Variety/Vaudeville | Minstrel Show | Burlesque | Extravaganza | Spectacles | Musical Forms | a. Musical Revue | b. Musical Comedy. I especially enjoyed the American Variety Stage: -- Vaudeville and Popular Entertainment, 1870-1920.
  129. The Evolution of the Conservation Movement, 1850-1920
    Special Presentation: Chronology of Selected Events in the Development of the American Conservation Movement, c.1850-1920 .
  130. American Landscape and Architectural Design, 1850-1920 (American Memory, Library of Congress)
    American buildings and landscapes constructed during 1850-1920. It represents the work of Harvard faculty.
  131. American History Through Film
    "Using the films, and primary and secondary sources, students will be asked to analyze the accuracy and impact of Hollywood films about American History." Each time segment in American history has a "representative" film and the site provides "templates" for an analysis of the film in the following areas: Historical Chronology, Film Review and Critique, Historical Research on Themes and Concepts, Novel and Film Comparison and Analysis, Historical Interpretation and Analysis, Expanded Film Research, Historical Analysis of Topics, Themes and Concepts. Links are provided to some of the larger sources of data on films, such as Yahoo! - Entertainment: Movies and Films, Internet Movie Database Search and Microsoft Cinemania Review Library.
  132. First Flight
    A look at Fly Cayley's 'Governable Parachute' - the first glider, Shockwave simulations of the Wright Brothers wind tunnel experiments and a Ride down a Dayton street with the Wright's bicycle.
  133. Online Missouri History Resources
  134. Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:History:Regional:U.S. States
    After visiting the Missouri site above, you can easily compare the resources with those of other states with this complete listing from the Yahoo. Each state usually has a general category, city history and regional and county divisions.
  135. Tubac Through Four Centuries -- TOC and chapter links page
    All of text in the 1995 version is included in this WWW version of the book.
  136. Ohio Historical Society / Library of Congress / The African American Experience in Ohio, 1850-1920
  137. Evolution of Ohio - Main Menu
    Region by region analysis of the history and development of the state. Very well done.
  138. Florida Department of State - Historical Resources
  139. Montana Heritage Project
    Teachers considering special research projects involving a comparison of communities in the past to those of today should visit this site, which will guide them in heritage education and community-centered teaching. . .
    Students can participate in Local Legacies, a program to "...highlight, document, and preserve the richness of America's heritage..." (The Local Legacies program is part of the Library of Congress' Gifts to the Nation in celebration of its Bicentennial in 2000.) The Montana Heritage Project fosters projects in local schools that teach students how to research and document the local cultural heritage.
  140. ellisisland
  141. The Virtual Ellis Island Tour
    Developed by: Queensbury Middle School
  142. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum | The Art of the Motorcycle
    If you tell students there is poetry and art in everything...they will give you one of those collective "blank stares..." Send them to this site, with the understanding that it will lead to some research on their part on the concept.
  143. Office of Historic Alexandria
  144. William L. Clements Library
    [ Books ][ Manuscripts ][ Maps ][ Music ][ Photographs ][ Prints ][ Reader Services ][ Women's History ]
  145. The Eisenhower Center
  146. History of Ballarat, California
    You might want to visit the cemetary first...with a total of 30 people. The most famous was Charles "Seldom Seen Slim" Ferge -- one of the last long-time residents of Ballarat. His funeral in 1968, was televised from Ballarat on network television.
  147. The Hoover Dam: Lonely Lands Made Fruitful
    dam.jpg Janet Haven for the University of Virginia American Studies Program and the 1930's Project. TOC: Modernity and The Hoover Dam, Machine in The Desert Icon of Faith: A Federal Works Project, Planned Living in Boulder City, Franklin D. Roosevelt's Dedication Speech, Construction of the Hoover Dam, Slide Shows and Maps.
  149. U.S. Historical City Maps
  150. NGA - Index of American Design
    A look at: Costume, Dolls, Folk Arts of the Spanish Southwest, Furniture, Metalwork, Pennsylvania German Folk Art, Pottery, Shaker Crafts, Textiles, Toys, Woodcarving. LAST_VISIT="899516272" LAST_MODIFIED="899516039">Dance Instruction Manuals, Ca.1600-1920
    "All illuminate the manner in which people have joyfully expressed themselves as they dance for and with one another."
  151. Railroad Maps Collection
  152. Philadelphia Online | Blackhawk Down
    Twenty nine chapters online (access from the table of contents on the main page.
  153. The Museum of Aviation Photography: Welcome!
  154. "Interview with Laurie Kahn-Leavitt" [For 28.8 Kb/sec and faster modems].The Talking History Radio Show conducted an interview ( April 11, 1998) with filmmaker Laurie Kahn-Leavitt about her film adaptation of historian Laurel Thatcher Ulrich's Pulitzer Prize-winning book A Midwife's Tale: The Life of Martha Ballard Based on Her Diary, 1785-1812.
  155. Parks and History Association - Supporting America's National Capital Parks and Historic Sites
  156. Grolier Online's The American Presidency
  157. Syllabus for History 316, Workers and Work in America, 1600-Present, Prof. Gerald Zahavi
    There are a host of useful and informative features at this excellent page, as it explores a topic that if often absent or given scant attention in textbooks. This should please those teachers who plan to use the Internet only to cover such topics. For teachers who wish to explore a specific topic in labor history, the weekly schedules at this site provide information to print resources and extensive links to Internet sources. Thus, K-12 teachers interested in Work and Subsistence Among New England Amerindians will locate a "charge"or project assignment to find at least three (3) WWW sites with information on work patterns and/or economic and trade relations of any one or more North American Native American tribes. A topic such as Women and the Household Economy would be linked to documents and web resoruces -- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, A Midwife's Tale: The Life of Martha Ballard, Based on Her Diary.K-12 students (and the post secondary students targeted here). Your students should also locate information on how to access and critically evaluate the World Wide Web (WWW), film, video and audio resources as research tools. Finally, the page serves as another example of how extensive course materials can be presented on a web page in a creative manner.
  158. Greenland Masks screen saver from Greenland Guide
  159. At Home in the Heartland Online Home
    A page on historic Illinois.
    Suggestion -- visit the "Powering the Past" link for pages on the Origin of Electrical Power, Emergence of Electrical Utilities in America, Post World War II "Golden Years", Energy Crises of the 1970's, The Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act, Market Economics: The Push for Deregulation, A New Era for Electricity.
  161. The 1939-40 New York World's Fair
  162. CENSUS - Population of the 100 Largest Cities and Other Urban Places In The United States: 1790 to 1990
  163. The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History
  164. News Now: Arts
    Recently featured Jacob Lawrence as the last artist of the Harlem Renaissance still living. "His paintings form a prominent part of a touring exhibition of Harlem Renaissance works now showing at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, D.C."
    A Brief Collection of Pages on the Topic of Urban History

  165. History of Orange County, California
    Early History, Exploration, Mission Era, Land Settlement, Land Booms and Busts, Dawning of the Twentieth Century, Between the Two World Wars, Suburbinization, Recent times, Links to Related Sites.
  166. CENSUS - Population of the 100 Largest Cities and Other Urban Places In The United States: 1790 to 1990
  167. A collection of links to maps located at the University of Texas:
    Historical Maps of San Francisco - 1915, Los Angeles circa 1917, Map of Merced, Modesto circa 1917, Oakland and Berkeley circa 1917 San Diego circa 1917 and West Los Angeles circa 1902,
  168. CMSA: California Missions Scholars
    Homepage of the California Mission Studies Assn., a multi-disciplinary non-profit group devoted to the study and preservation of the 21 California missions. The site offers Annotated Links, a Mission Directory, mission research in Keepsake Publications and a sampling of full text articles from the CMSA Newsletter archives, all eventually coming online.
  169. Lewis & Clark in North Dakota
  170. ORGenWeb, the Oregon Genealogical Web Project
    Great Links to Oregon Resources: Oregon Counties, Oregon Trail and Native Americans, Oregon Genealogical & Historical Societies, Mailing Lists, Military, Oregon Archives, Vital Records, Pioneer Biographies, Oregon History, Oregon Books, Maps, Census, Oregon Newspapers on Microfilm, Tombstone Transcription Project, a "Search the world" for your surname, Lewis and Clark, Churches, Fur Trappers, Railroad Museums.
  171. Western New York Railroad Archive
    Add this to your history of transportation links.
  172. FBI's History
    Presenting: A Short History of the FBI, Famous Cases, Historical Firearms.
  173. Grolier Online's The American Presidency
  174. Sesquicentennial Home
    Help Wisconsin celebrate.
  175. American Temperance and Prohibition
  176. Teaching with Historic Places--What's New
    A cooperative program of the National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places and the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Uses the buildings, sites, districts, structures, and objects around us as documents of our historical experiences and cultural expressions. Offers 54 classroom-ready lesson plans (organized by theme, by time period, and by location). Download an entire lesson at ""
    One Hundred Years Of High - Rises: 19th Century Skyscrapers & Skyscrapers with Images from the Boston College archives.
  178. Welcome to Motown 40
    The history of music is a high interest topic to many students. Best use of this site will require a sound board and some speakers.. The audio clips I listened to were rather short, but students should be able to quickly get a feel for the music. The "history" link provides information about the key people and groups that made Motown, but for a deeper cultural and historical analysis, you will have to send students to other sites.
  179. Big Apple History Spot
    Get a bite of the history of the Big Apple, with more bites in the archive.
  180. Triangle Fire
    The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire March 25, 1911 Labor history may be one of the most overlooked topics in American history. For those teachers looking for Web resources, this site offers some needed resources. The indexedoral histories were not yet online when I visited, but I located some under the topic of "Sweatshops and Strikes before 1911."
  181. Center for American History
    Texas, Texans, and the Alamo: An Online Exhibit.
  182. Index to San Francisco History by Subject
  184. Harry S. Truman Library & Museum
  185. Mississippi River Towns Collaborative Internet Project
    A collaboration of 14 schools located along the Mississippi River from Sauk Rapids, MN to Baton Rouge. The investigation will focus on the history, human and physical geography, folklore, biology, geology, and botany of the Mississippi River Region and its cities, towns, and villages.
  186. Brooklyn On Line History
    With coverage of: The Battle Of Brooklyn, Brooklyn Bridge History, Memories of the Brooklyn Dodgers, History of the New York City Council, Greenpoint History, Historical Homes In Brooklyn, Manhattan Beach History. The Lott House.
  187. American Posters
    National Museum of American Art! A truly impressive site that "...brings together some of the great graphic images made in the United States over the past century." Explore the "...strategies of commerce, propaganda, and patriotism" through 137 posters in the American. The site also includes a section that discusses the impact of American culture on posters. Images on the site are for personal and/or educational use only.
    Other online exhibit tours include: Singular Impressions: The Monotype in America, Renwick at Twenty-Five, Helios: Photography On-line presents, American Photographs: The First Century, American Kaleidoscope: Themes and Perspectives in Recent Art, Lost and Found: Edmonia Lewis's Cleopatra, Chaim Gross: A Celebration, Metropolitan Lives: The Ashcan Artists and Their New York, Elihu Vedder's Drawings for the Rubáiyát, Secrets of the Dark Chamber: The Art of the American Daguerreotype, The White House Collection of American Crafts, Highlights of the Permanent Collection.
  188. Okinawa: The American Years 1945-72
    Locate information on the American military occupation of Okinawa, including "...biographies of key figures, a chronology, photos, editorial cartoons and related links."
  189. WPA California Folk Music Project
    Sound recordings, still photographs, drawings, and written documents from a variety of European ethnic and English- and Spanish-speaking communities in Northern California. The collection comprises 35 hours of folk music recorded in twelve languages representing numerous ethnic groups and 185 musicians.
  190. America's First Look Into the Camera
  191. Welcome To The Golden Age of Jazz
  192. C & O Canal Association
  193. Chesapeake and Ohio Canal National Historical Park
  194. Archives, Milwaukee County History, Wisconsin History, Ozaukee County, Sheboygan County, Washington County, Waukesha County
    Locate information on the history of Milwaukee-area businesses, civil rights, environmental campaigns, ethnic groups, families, housing, labor, urban development, women, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
  195. Urban Development of New Orleans An interactive, multimedia site which presents the urban development of New Orleans through three of its neighborhoods-- Marigny, Bywater, and Holy Cross. Bank to Shore uses extensive maps and graphics to trace this development from the past to the present.
  196. Violence in America
    A collection of links for research on American Violence in all its forms. Assembled as a thematic unit for use at Monticello High School.
  197. 100 Years of New York City
    Small thumbnail graphics and chronological organization plus loads of information make this a very informative site on the history of the city.
  198. | index
    A project to construct a full scale sea-going replica of Dunbrody, a three masted barque, originally built in Quebec, Canada for the Graves Family of New Ross in 1845. Dunbrody carried many emigrants to the New World from 1845 to 1870.
  199. Watergate Timeline
  200. Texas History
  201. The American Gateways Project Settlement House Web Site
  202. Texas Historical Foundation
  203. The Modern Presidency
    I recently finished a project dealing with the American Presidency in the 20th Century in which students built web pages and Power Point presentations about FDR, Truman, Eisenhower, JFK, LBJ, Nixon, and Reagan. This was in conjunction with Assignment Discovery's series entitled "The Modern Presidency". Although the project was completed by 9th graders in an interdisciplinary social science class and 12th grade government students, it can be adapted to US History very easily.
  204. Historic New Orleans Collection
  205. US State Department Diplomatic Receptions Rooms
    Take the 18th century reception room. Furnishings supplied by Americans. "View of Boston Harbor" Fitz Hugh Lane, (1804 - 1865) Painted 1852, Oil on canvas.
  206. Georgia Department of Archives and History
  208. History in the National Park Service: Welcome
    Every return visit to this excellent site produces more surprises. This visit turned up a large collection of essays (see the essay on African Americans in the West and a page on the Spanish-American War that includes an excellent link listing for students).
  209. Hoosier Heritage site.
  210. Historic Mile
    Electronic tour of Philedelphia's Historic Mile.
  211. Explore Art, Science & History with Smithsonian Magazine
  212. Great Performances: The Story of Gospel Music
    Presented Sunday, February 22, 1998 on PBS, which may have moved its location. Try a search on the site if the URL does not work.
  213. Herman Leonard, Images of Jazz
    Some music history here with images of some of the great jazz creators.
  214. UCR/California Museum of Photography
  215. National Museum of American History: Home
    Students might move from the site on the Canadian canoe to examine other inventions in transportation history. Have them locates Railroad pages (see below) or those on the automobile for starters.
  216. Ribbons of Steel
  217. UPRR-Historical Overview
    Union Pacific RR history.
  218. Welcome to Just the Arti-FACTS
    From the Chicago Historical Society. Feature four artifacts each month related to a central theme from the large collection of twenty million objects. "With Just the Arti-facts, teachers and students can: Discover the story behind the artifact and find out why it's an important part of Chicago's past, View additional photographs, listen to audio selections, and gather more information about related artifacts by going further into the site, and Explore the past by using the worksheets and participating in the suggested activities in the "Resources for the Classroom" section." January looks at Children's Clothing. Past themes -- Toys, Slavery and the Chicago Fire.
  219. Radio Days: A Soundbite History
    RealAudio format.
  220. The History of the CTA
    Chicago's "L" as it has been expanded and reduced, changed and reformed according to the intra-city migration habits of the people of the Chicago metro area.
  221. MMBC Home Port
    Meritime Museum of British Columbia.
  222. The New England Historical Association (NEHA)
  223. Samuel Gompers Papers Project
    A Documentary History of Trade and Labor Unions in the US and Canada.
  224. Smithsonian Institution, Institutional History Division
  225. Exhibits on Smithsonian Institution History
  226. The National Museum of Communications
  227. Defining Moments in Journalism
  228. i&d: Highway 61 Repaved
    Smithsonian article on the recent history of music -- especially blues and guitars.
  229. Denton Texas (1846-1996)

    Wisconsin Blue Book Table of Contents

    The entire 1000 page Wisconsin Blue Book is now available online for downloading in PDF format. In addition to great information on the Wisconsin Constitution and government, the book (past issues included) contains a great deal of Wisconsin history. The current issue features supplements at the end of the book, and these can be downloaded separately at this site. ON WISCONSIN!

  230. L.A. History Homepage
  231. New York History Net - Putting Empire State History on the Web
  232. North to Alaska
    National Archives and Records Administration site for the 1998 History Day focus on Migration. View the photographs, letters, drawings, and acts that highlight some of the factors that prompted thousands to migrate north to Alaska.
  233. The Buffalo History Works
  234. An Interactive Atlas of Western Maryland
    Product of a Computer Applications class at Hagerstown.
  235. J.C. Penny Biography
  236. Disputes in American History
    Interesting ThinkQuest site by students. Several events and the associated controversial issues are examined.
  237. Office of Management and Budget
  238. CPI Calculation Machine
    Price changes from 1913 to the present.
  239. Compact Histories
  240. Yukon and Alaska History - Welcome from The Mining Company
  241. Ohio Canals
  242. The SS United States - Welcome Aboard
    Hope to see a Web site like this on the great Clipper ships. About the closest so far is the US America Clipper Ship Museum Page.
  243. Steamboat-Homepage: The Grand Old South
  244. FTL Historical Society - Overview
    Ft. Lauderdale history.
  245. Travelers: North America - Program Overview
    As usual in this series on the Discovery Channel, the program support site offers: Links to Academic Standards, Vocabulary, Study Questions, Activities, Related Resources, Airs: Friday, October 10, 1997 and Friday, November 14, 1997.
  246. Long Island History
  247. "Doubtless As Good"
    Traces the evolution of the American wine industry from Thomas Jefferson's Dream to the present.
  248. Stratford Hall Plantation, birthplace of Robert E. Lee
  249. NPS - Golden Gate NRA - Alcatraz
    TOC: Military History, Penitentiary History, Native American Occupation, Natural History, Virtual Tour (Text only), Bookstore, Hollywood's Alcatraz, Alcatraz on the Web. Education First: Donner Online
    "Online Donner" is a type of Web-based activity in which you learn about a topic by collecting information, images, and insights from the Internet, and then you "paste" them into a multimedia Scrapbook (a HyperStudio stack or a Web page) to share your learning with others."
    Without a doubt, this site (and earlier productions by the team) could provide a "template" for creative use of the Internet. Tom March and associates assume in this unit that classroom instruction and print resources have provided some overview of a topic and students are guided online (or on the LAN) through cooperative online research, role-playing activities and media production tasks to address "Big Questions" about the topic. Students must think about and evaluate what they have learned and package their findings for publication. Teachers can easily download the entire unit and adapt it to their classroom. Students who have done similar units in the past should (with skilled guidance by the teacher) be able to "process" and evaluate the projects and gain some self-reliance as learners. When you think about it, the team at San Diego that produced this web site is following the "template" and modeling the activities they expect from their electronic students.
  250. Madison: A Model City
    Hit the Jackpot with a return visit to this page! It now includes graphics from the 1911 works from other countries and cities. If you teach "city history" or would like to include a lesson or student media production on the topic, this is the place to start. Besides the Madison, Wisconsin turn of the century graphics, see the L'Enfant's Plan of Washington; Original Plan of Savannah, Ga.; State Capitol, Hartford, Conn.; State Capitol, Providence, R.I.; Proposed approaches to State Capitol, St. Paul; Plan of Columbia, S.C.; Plan for Improvement of Harrisburg, Pa.; also Cleveland, St. Louis, Garden at Versailles, Quebec, Savannah amd Boston. Public Library.
  251. Virginia Newspaper Project: Exhibits Page
    Currently exhiibiting "The Engraver's Art" and the "R.M.S. Titanic - 83 Years Later". The exhibit explores the potential of newspapers for historical research. Currently showing a "Masthead" page with some interesting and colorful graphics.

  252. Life Along the River
  253. Mississippi River Towns
    A project to "...research and compare and contrast the history, human and physical geography, folklore, economy, botany, biology, and geology of towns along the Mississippi River..." with the findings of the participants published on the project web page. Data from the participants will be used to create monthly reports based on a monthly theme and the results placed online, where viewers will be able to compare and contrast the towns studied.
  254. 1Mississippi River
    Get with the Flow!
  255. Take a cruise on the S.S. Cherokee Belle, Cap'n Mark Wheeler's Virtual Riverboat.
    " Visit river cities on the Ohio, Mississippi and elsewhere, learn some steam boat history, steal our riverboat bibliography, and be sure to visit the Pilot house where all the good stuff is. Join Cap'n Mark and Pilot Mark Twain on an electronic cruise of the World Wide Web and Steamboat and Paddlewheeler history."
  256. A Centennial Salute To Cinema
  257. Index to San Francisco History by Subject
  258. Southern Music
    Almost an entire century of music from the South -- text and photos.
  259. The Story of Chewing Gum
    Find out why Wrigley's Spearmint, Doublemint and Juicy Fruit were taken off the civilian market by 1944 and sent to the U.S. Armed Forces overseas.
  260. History Channel Exhibit - Whaling: An American Tradition
    "The history of whaling embodies the American spirit in its purest form. Expansion, industrialization, innovation, self-reliance and ethnic diversity are all inter-woven in this tale of America's first manufacturing industry and the first opportunities presented to men of color and foreign origin."
  261. Yukon and Alaska History
  262. I Remember Milwaukee
    The most recent page features a trivia quiz on Milwaukee history. The site also includes an Archive for 1996. Great for the local history buffs.
  263. The American/Mexican Border
    American Studies 102, Summer '97. Course page... I spent most of last Winter along the Texas border as a "Snow Bird." Here is a page that "...examines the social, economic, and political organization and representation of the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands -- THE U.S.-MEXICO BORDER, 1820s-1990s: A Social, Economic and Political History of the Borderlands." Suggest you try the Texas page first, which showcased a fine map and a great collection of history/cultural resource links.
  264. USIA American Studies Programs -- Branch for the Study of the U.S.
  265. Neighborhoods: The Hidden Cities of San Francisco
    See the Chinatown: Table of Contents
    Questions/Activities page offers some exceptional ideas and activities for student projects.
  266. Thanksgiving: Its History Traditions
  267. Askew Institute: Publications: Florida Gov't at 150
  268. The Great Chicago Fire and the Web of Memory: Overview
    I just picked up a copy of Jim Murphy's "The Great Fire" (Scholastic, 1995) and remembered this superior site. The page presents a "Bird's-Eye View of Pre-Fire Chicago" describing Chicago up to the eve of the fire and "The Great Conflagration," which examines the calamity itself. "The Ruined City" is concerned with the extent and nature of the devastation. "Rescue and Relief" focuses on the emergency measures taken to restore order immediately after the calamity, and on the enormous charitable assistance effort that began while the fire was burning and which continued for the next few years. "Queen of the West Once More" traces the remarkable reconstruction of the city..." You might want to visit the Interactive Panorama of Chicago, 1858 (it takes some time to load) Called "Alexander Hesler's Panorama of 1858" (I wonder if a Quicktime presentation would be just as effective?)
  269. A Wake-Up Call to Americans
    The 11 Most Endangered Historic Places.
  270. Londonderry Project
    Detailed examination of a New England town.
  271. Airmail in the Heroic Era
    CMCC - Winged Messenger: Another superior page marked by great graphic images, a simple organizaiton and some fine writing (in both French and English).
  272. History in a Box
    CMCC - - Mailboxes and postal communications all the way from Canada to Australia.

  273. Madison History Homepage [colors]
    Rearview Mirror: A look back at our lives in Detroit

    I visited this site much earlier (see below) when this series started. What is so amazing is the size of the archive of "Previous Chapters." The site is a clear demonstration of the rich resources for urban history available in the population and how interesting and popular the feature has become to the folks in Detroit. Now, if I can just get the local newspaper to launch an oral history feature....

  274. Detroit Historical Museums
    The Detroit Historical Museums include The Detroit Historical Museum, the Dossin Great Lakes Museum, Historic Fort Wayne, and Moross House. The site tells the history of the Detroit area from its founding in 1701 to the present including the development of Detroit as the "Motor City " capital.
  275. Rearview Mirror: A look back at our lives in Detroit
    The Detroit News has generated considerable interest in featuring articles about the history of the city and (later) linking online viewer reactions to those articles. Images and words combine to perk past memories and readers/viewers are provided with an easy vehicle to respond. Since previous articles are archived and linked to later responses, visitors can follow extended examples of collaborative writing and see the open architecture of electronic documents. An interesting example of the online creation of oral history.

    Information and interpretations of Baltimore's history, culture and traditions.
  277. The Daguerreian Society-Homepage
  278. New York City & its History
  279. Motor City at Wayne State University Journalism Program
    Free Automotive Articles for Editors. Presents automotive features and articles including Detroit Inc., an electronic book recounting briefly the history of the American automobile industry; Photo Portfolio: 100 Years of the American Automobile. Interested in some recent pages on "Motown? See Motown at 40 (by the Detroit Free Press), MOTOWN - 40th Anniversary and Welcome to Motown 40
  280. A history of the NW Coast
  281. coalmining
    Class lesson for a methods course.
  282. Modesto Bee Yosemite Centennial A History
    Yosemite Park Centennial 1890-1990: A History. Links to a Prologue, A Natural Wonder, pre-1850, Chapter 1 -- Era of Discovery, 1850-1864, Chapter 2 -- The Early Years, 1864-1890, Chapter 3 -- A National Park is Born, 1890-1910, Chapter 4 -- The Hetch Hetchy Fight, 1910-1930, Chapter 5 -- Construction, Roads and War, 1930-1950, Chapter 6 -- Floods of Water and People, 1950-1970, Chapter 7 -- The Modern Era, 1970-1990 and Epilogue.
  283. Wisconsin Veterans Museum Home Page
  284. California Heritage Digital Image Access Project
    Images relating to California history, "...from the earliest days of Mexican and European occupation to the Black Panther movement. The site also includes an image finder to help teachers locate historical photographs from collections around the world. See The Jack London Collection (published writings, photographs, research and instructional aids), The Madera Method "A program to involve K-12 students in the process of discovering history and writing about it").
  285. West Virginia History: A Beginners Website
  286. The Panama Pacific International Exposition
    1915 - Info on the SAN FRANCISCO expo and related links.
  287. Crossroads
    A K-16 American History Curriculum called Crossroads composed of thirty-six units and course syllabii for preservice educators on the subjects of American history and history education. "The curriculum is chronologically organized into twelve historical periods--each covered by a unit at each of the three grade levels." Essays online for the units includes: A World of Their Own: The Americas to 1500, Contact: Europe and America Meet, 1492-1620, The Founding of New Societies, 1607-1763, What Was The American Revolution? 1760-1836, The Ambiguous Democracy, 1800-1848, "Now We Are Engaged in a Great Civil War," 1848-1880, "What, Then, Is This American?" 1865-1900, Waves of Reform, 1880-1921, Boom and Bust, 1921-1933, The Age of Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1933-1945, Leader of the Free World, 1945-1975, A Nation in Quandary.
  288. Golden Gate Bridge History
  289. Welcome to Discover Minnesota ~ Past & Present
    See A Guide to Minnesota History Sources.
  290. Chicago Historical Society
  291. Library Of Congress: American Treasures
    The "Memory" segment (history) features pages on: America's First Book, An American Symbol, Artifacts of Assassination, Book Collecto, Civil War Maps, Custer's Civil War Command, Ephrata Community Songbook, Federal Theatre Project, The Forgotten People, God Bless America, Lincoln For President, Memo From Stalin, "The Most Famous Poster", Pearl Harbor Bombed, Powder Horn Map, "O Captain! My Captain", Slavery in the Capital, "To Bigotry No Sanction", TR Writes to His Son, Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
  292. Londonderry Project
    A cultural exploration of the town of Londonderry, New Hampshire.
  293. History of Motion Pictures
  294. Tokens and Treasures: Presidential Gifts
    Historical presentation of gifts to presidents from 1929-present: From Herbert Hoover (1929-33) to William J. Clinton (1993- ) Gifts of State.
  295. Secrets of the Dark Cnamber: Art of the American Daguerreotype
    Presents a brief history of Daguerreotypy with plenty of online examples.
  296. Diary of Virginia Park
    An account of her visit in the summer of 1912, with Ms. Earhart.
  297. Mutoscope & Biograph Co., Inc.
    Take a peek into the oldest film company in Hollywood - and see how early films were made.
  298. Teaching with Historic Places Home Page
    Uses properties listed in the National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places to enliven history, social studies, geography, civics, and other subjects.
  299. Intrepid Sea*Air*Space Museum
    Join the Fleet!
  300. Museum of the City of New York Exhibitions
    Features on A History of the Irish in New York, Currier & Ives -- Printmakers to the American People, Growing Up in New York -- The Photography of Arthur Leipzig, Uncommon Threads -- 300 Years of New York Style, Union Settlement Association -- 100 Years of Leadership in East Harlem, Play Ball! America's Favorite Pastime -- Baseball in New York from 1845 to the Present.
  301. Photos of Historic Wisconsin
    A sample of the material from the State Historical Society of Wisconsin's visual collections. In addition to "Places", the archive includes visuals of: Interesting People, Agriculture, Native American, Lumbering, Trains, Police and Fire, Other Transportation, Beer, Cheese and other Foodstuffs, Famous Personalities, Work, Children, Posters and Graphics, Civil War, Animals, Sports. Photos are black and white in gif format. Hope these are eventually be converted to jpg format with some thumbnails added and perhaps placed on a Web page.
  302. Steamboat Arabia Museum
  303. Mutoscope & Biograph Co., Inc.
    A studio tour of how early films were made using rare photos. From the Fourteenth Street Studio of the Biograph Company in New York City.
  304. Historic Milwaukee Home Page
  305. Photographs of the American West
  306. Sentenaryo/Centennial Home Page
    A Collaborative Exploration of the Cultural and Political Impacts of the Philippine Revolution and the Philippine-American War -- new URL.
  307. Tenement Museum
    A national historic building. One room had 10 layers of wallpaper -- almost enough to hold the walls up. Navigate by clicking on the rooms of the tenement building from each era. There are eleven doll house dioramas in all, based upon actual tenants (of over 10,000 who lived in the tenament from 1870-1915).
  308. The Smithsonian Institution Home Page
  309. The Sixth Floor Museum
    A 9,000 Sq. Ft. museum examining the Life, Times, Death and Legacy of President John F. Kennedy.
  310. The 150th Celebration
    Anybody know of a good campground in the area of the Smithsonian? I would like to spend a month visiting the various museums and at least scratch the surface of most of them. Reminds me of a aged park ranger at Yosemite, who explored the park for over 35 years but complained that he had only seen a small fraction of it. Anyway, visit the "Rembering" page for information and graphics on: Ancient Cultures, Leading the United States, The Civil War, A Celebration of Community, American Inventors and Inventions and American Pastimes ( Arts and Entertainment).
  311. The Florida Department of State - Division of Historical Resources
  312. National Museum of American History
    Latest electronic exhibit: Magic Lanterns Magic Mirrors -- A Centennial Salute to Cinema. A salute to the history of cinema and how it has affected American life.
  313. National Postal Museum
    TOC: Binding the Nation, Customers & Communities, Moving the Mail, The Art of Cards & Letters, Stamps & Stories.
  314. Historic Places Atlas
    Right! It only covers Florida, but it does a great job of it... Especially the map. Hope Wisconsin can get a site up like this for its 150th.
  315. Benjamin Harrison Home
  316. The United States Marine Corps
    A "no nonsense" site (what else would you expect?) with one major graphic at the top and several screens of links. Download the Marine Hymn, research the history and emblem symbols and read the Marine Corps, Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Korean Conflict, World War II and historic battles involving Marines. Visit the "History and Tradition" links. No hazing, please.
  317. The Oklahoma State Museum of History
    Paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures by 400 artists from colonial times to the present, most relating to the discovery and settlement of North America.
  319. Sloan Museum, Flint, Michigan exhibit for WebINK
    Graphics of cars made from 1902 to 1983, plus information on the early days of car making in Flint.
  320. An Interactive History of the Wienermobile
  321. Roots of Communal Revival - 1962-1966
    By Timothy Miller.
  322. Salem's Maritime Heritage
    Maritime Heritage: 1776 to 1812 and after.
    The Birth of First Class -- By Michael J. Weiss. Part II: One Man's Utopia and Part III: Paradise Lost.
  324. World's Columbian Exposition: Idea, Experience, Aftermath
  326. The Presidents of the United States
  327. the Flags of the United States of America
  328. California History
  329. Student Projects
    Material Aspects of American Life - Course projects that feature an essay on Greenbelt's Utopian Ideal, a project on Depression Glass and an essay on Toys.
  330. CHS Exhibitions
    Excellent pages on the current exhibit:"Transitions in a San Francisco Neighborhood: From Happy Valley to South of the Slot."
  331. Radio Archive
    From the University of Memphis. See the link to The History of Broadcasting, 1920-1960.
  332. Exhibiting A New Icon
    The Woolworth lunch counter where the 1960 Greensboro civil rights sit-ins took place recently became part of the National Museum of American History's collections. Part I examines how the counter came to the Museum and II examines issues curators confronted while planning to exhibit the counter. Also, see salute to the history of cinema and how it has affected American life.
  333. California State University Monterey Bay Local History Site
    Class project " present as much of our area's history as possible." Later classes will continue to expand the website and use it as a research tool.
  334. California History Outline
    Iowa history, including Indian Languages, Black Hawk County Historical Information, The "Sioux" in Iowa: Yankton and Santee, Iowa Pioneers Project, State Historical Society of Iowa Iowa, Mrs. Flickinger's 5th Grade Page, Black Hawk County Civil War Record, Iowa Historic Sites, Iowa Counties names, dates and origins.
  336. Bureau of Reclamation - Cultural Resources
    Links to Reclamation's History Progam Web Site and Fine Art Collection Web Site.
  337. The ClothesLine
    Take a look at the archives for to find "Tide's "Dirtiest Kid in America" photo gallery" and "The History of Tide."
  338. Douglass: Archives of American Public Address
    Archive of American oratory and related documents. Northwestern University.
  339. Minnesota's Lake Superior Shipwrecks
  340. RETRO: Hawaii Contents
    Feature articles on Hawaii combine music in RealAudio, "...QuickTime movies, and a rich collection of vintage graphics and ephemera."
  341. Fleischmann's Yeast: History of Yeast & Bread
  342. FAO Origins
    THE OLDEST toy store in America. "What!!" "Toy store history?" you say. "You go too far!"
  343. The History of Jazz
  344. The City Beautiful and Washington D.C.
    Links to: The City Beautiful ~ The 1901 Plan ~ Washington D.C. and Beyond ~ Notes and Further Reading. Although the text is good, what sets this site apart is the excellent design and organization of the graphic content.
  345. The Flag of the United States of America and More!!
  346. Nunamiut of Alaska: Simon Paneak Museum
  347. Washington National Cathedral
  348. Special Collections/History of Medicine,
    From the Ruth Lilly Medical Library, Indiana University.
  349. The U.S. Legislative Branch
    See The History of Congress.
  350. Fort Worth Star-Telegram Photograph Collection
  351. The Emma Goldman Papers (DL SunSITE)
    Police arrested and photographed Goldman and attempted to implicate her in the assassination of President William McKinley.
  352. labor day
    You will need the latest version of Netscape and RealAudio to get the max from this site. Labor strife and history from 1936 to 1988.
  353. U.S. CoinNection: The History of United States Coins
    Examines popular culture and contemporary American history television and radio information.
  355. California Views: The Pat Hathaway Photo Collection
    Historic photos of California.
    See the HISTORIANS' WEB PAGES INDEX as well.
  357. StarText InterAct -- The Dallas Historical Society
  358. ABC Software
    Download China Clippers and sample the era of the clipper sailing ship. View the pictures of famous China tea trade clippers, gain insight into the history of maritime trade and development, identify clipper sails and winds & currents, look at maps and the navigational tools. You can also download NorthWest Pacific, a study of the European exploration of the NorthWest Pacific. Site offers the fastest download I have experienced recently and a Preview Art Gallery of graphics in the software.
  359. Prehistory of Alaska
  360. Tenement Museum
    [ Urban Log Cabin | Excavation | Tenement VR | History ]. Creative use of image maps on site. Use it for the excellent content or as an idea site for your maps.
  361. A Portrait of Colorado Springs {Historical}
    For those interested in "city" history.
  362. The History of Birmingham, from 1850
    The best and the worst in American urban civilization.
  363. NASA Historical Archive
  364. Marcus Daly Mansion Historic Estate - Hamilton Montana in the Beautiful Bitterroot Valley
    From Ireland to vast wealth in developing America's copper resources.
  365. The Chicago Tribune : DNC History
    A site based on the Chicago Historical Society's "Parades, Protests, Politics" convention exhibit. The exhibit is open through January 19, 1997.
  366. Links to the Past: National Park Service Cultural Resources
  367. Strikes
    Texas as a site of organized labor activity. Extended lesson on site.
  368. Pacific Railroads and Our National Parks
    "Because of railroad interest in sponsoring scenic parks in the West to attract investors and build a market for passenger travel, the railroads became the most active and effective supporters of the idea of creating National Parks in America."
  369. bbq
    See The History of Barbecue in the South.
  370. UP 101
    Features a section on The Historical Development of American Cities from Early Colonial Settlements to the Global City.
  371. The Sweetwater Comet
    Journal exploring the Georgian Bay and eastern Lake Huron region. The first edition will re-tell the story of the voyage of the gunboat, Prince Alfred, in the winter of 1880.
  372. North Georgia History - Index
  373. Paperback Cover Art Illustration Display
  374. Lyrics to Patriotic American Songs.
  376. UCLA Film/TV Archive--Hearst Metrotone Newsreel Collection
    Loads of history here, from a source that revolutionized the way the world obtained its news. Part of the larger site below and the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television.
  377. UCLA Film and TV Archive
    Be sure to see the Archive Research and Study Center. Archive is also creating a series of educational CD-ROMs in partnership with Mitsui Corporation. "Executive Order 9066: The Incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II" is the first.
  378. Japanese American National Museum
  379. UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television
  380. Republic Pictures CyberStudio
    Not a lot of history here yet (they are working on a "Studio History") and the site is listed now primarily to demonstrate what vast money resources can accomplish in producing a web page. See the "Studio Museum" for some great slide shows and movie clips of "classic" John Wayne movies.
  381. Alabama History Page
  382. Clean and Safe Streets
    The Evolution of the Philadelphia Department of Streets, by the City of Philadelphia's Department of Records and the Department of Streets.
  383. Indiana History Main Page
  384. Arlington National Cemetary
  385. The Itawamba Historical SocietyItawamba County -- Mississippi's rich history and heritage.
  386. A history of the NW Coast.
  387. Museum of the City of San Francisco
    The very best museum site for history links! San Francisco History - sorted by subject and by year. Special pages on the Great Earthquake and Fire of 1906, the 1989 San Francisco Earthquake, the chronology of San Francisco World War II Events.
  388. Documenting The American South
    Documenting the culture of the American South from the viewpoint of Southerners. I downloaded Bradford, Sarah H. Harriet, the Moses of Her People (1886 edition) Electronic edition (TEI/SGML file for use with Panorama Free). Harriet Tubman of the underground railroad is also features at the site. A special reader for SGML is required.
  389. Southwestern Art, Education, Culture, History, Geology, Anthropology, Agriculture, Etc.
    TOC includes: Images of the Southwest, Mission Churches of the Sonoran Desert, Southern Arizona Folk Arts, Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives, Historical Maps of the Pimería, War Relocation Authority Camps in Arizona ( 1942-1945 ), Through Our Parents Eyes: Tucson's Diverse Community, Morris K. Udall -- A Lifetime of Service to Arizona and the United States, University of Arizona Photographic History, USS Arizona (papers, photographs, and memorabilia from the battleship destroyed in the attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941).
  391. Generations Gallery
    Photograph exhibit to highlighting the people, institutions, architecture and events in the making of Cleveland's Detroit Shoreway neighborhood, a community with a rich ethnic and cultural makeup.
    Pan for Gold in a Database of the Klondike's past. Includes a history of the Klondike Gold Rush and stories of Klondike stampeders from North American cities.
  393. Telegraph Lore
  394. Pioneer Hook and Ladder
    Designed " collect, preserve, and display fire related equipment and memorabilia in a permanent museum." The first visit to this site triggered memories and visions of youth and the excitement about being a firefighter. I was also reminded of the role of volunteer fire departments in the nation, both positive and negative. Is it true that volunteer fire departmens were used on occasion to prevent the integration of communities? Did these organizations often refuse or delay their response to fires in homes occupied by Americans who had crossed some residential or occupational line? This site is dedicated to memorabillia and equipment, but others might answer such questions.
  395. The South Street Seaport Museum Home Page
    Ship and port history.
  396. Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District
    The site recently added a special page for students doing projects on the history of the bridge.
  397. Photo Exhibits; Photo Archives; Univ. Utah
    Utah Centennial Exhibits: Part 1: Celebrations of Utah's Statehood, Part 2: Scenes from Life in Utah, circa 1896, A Thumbnail Sketch from Utah History, A Photo History of Skiing in Utah.
  398. The Olympic Games in the Ancient Hellenic World
    Site presents a Slide Show Story of a Competitor Victors, Other Hellenic World Sites. Links under history of the game to: The History of the Olympic Games, A Chronology of Addition of Events to the Games, Myths Surrounding the Olympic Games, The Importance of the Olympic Games, A Program of the Olympic Festival, Other Panhellenic Festivals.
  399. SUVCW--U. S. Flag Code (36 USC 10)
    How to Respect and Display the U.S. Flag.
  400. Norfolk, Virginia, USA History
    Exhibition at the Hugh M. Morris Library - University of Delaware Libraries. REVOLUTIONARY WAR, WAR OF 1812, CIVIL WAR, WORLD WAR II.
  402. California State Historical Landmarks
  403. Stamford Historical Society
    Provides a Stamford History, Stamford Grand Lists [1641-1821], Taxation in Stamford, CT. (from 1641 to the Code of 1821), Photo Gallery.
  404. Williamsburg Online
    Table of Contents: Resources for Teachers and Students, Historical Glossary, Colonial Williamsburg Journal, Complete Historical Almanack Contents, Historical Almanack User's Guide.
  405. The Columbus Doors of the U.S. Capitol
    Mythmaking in the U.S. Capitol. Explores Columbus as an American icon and a reflection of America's self-image through time.
  406. Heritage Park Historical Village
    Travel back in time ... to the sights and sounds of pre-1914 life.
  407. The Mariners' Museum - Newport News, Virginia
  408. NYC History and Facts
    TOC includes: Geography and Origins, Discovery and Settlement, Vital Statistics, Boroughs (Counties) and Government, Local Organizations on the Web,Strange facts...
  409. Antique Record Machines
  410. An Interactive History of the Wienermobile
    Well...why not!
  411. The Official Hunley Project Home Page
    Information on the 23 year project that led to the discovery of the submarine that launched the era of War Beneath the Sea.
  412. Flags of Freedom Foundation, Inc.
  413. Brazoria County Museum Home Page
    This is a fine selection of scans in jpg format. Early American Theater.
  415. Denton County History Page
  416. Monticello
    A site that Jefferson would be proud of! (Recently the site added a host of resources on the Hemings issue.)
  417. State Historical Society of Wisconsin
    Offering the Badger History Bulletin, a free educational newsletter for K-12 educators interested in teaching state and local history, materials and books about Wisconsin history and In-service materials.
  418. Abandoned Missile Base VR Tour
  419. A Flight Through Time
    Kansas aviation history.
  420. Tulane University Special Collections - New Orleans, LA
    Preserving Waterways Transportation.
    History: Selected Holdings from the Manuscripts Department.
    Also a jazz archive and a section on Louisiana History. See the "Architecutal Archives" with its emphasis on the architectural and urban history of New Orleans and the Gulf South, from the 1830s through the 1980s.
  421. Fixing Shadows
    Photographs of historical and ethnographic interest and value.
  422. Links to the Past
    From the National Park Service, with a great page on Links to the Past."
  423. Historic Burlington, New Jersey
  424. Multimedia History
    History CD Rom's pictures and text to download. Subjects include Civil War, Aviation, Railroads, American History, JFK, FDR, and World History of the 20th Century.
  425. History Office at McClellan Air Force Base (Sacramento, California)
    Includes: Texts to oral histories, an environmental chronology of a Superfund site, a "Historical Photo Gallery" of black-and-white photos (downloadable as *.jpg files).
  426. Arise and Build!: Home
    A Centennial Commemoration of the 1895 Rotunda Fire.
  427. CVaNet - Guide to Historic Virginia
    Information about 400 Years of Richmond History, a Guide to Historic Virginia, Lee's Retreat, Guide to Virginia's Civil War, the East End Jewish Community from the 18th century) and a guide to the historic East End.
  428. Lighthouses and Ships within the National Park System
    The National Park home page should be on your bookmarks. Just backspace over the last part of the address to the slash after "gov" and visit the main site.
  429. A Brief History of San Francisco
    Don't let the "brief" in the title mislead you. This is a great page on the topic.
  430. Rochester History
    Sample of Links: Rochester Landmarks, The First Eighty Years of Ray Morris by Heather Kenney, Women's Suffrage by Meredith Goldstein-LeVande, Susan B. Anthony by Jody Litt, Energy in Hawaii by Darius Keyhani, Geological History of Rochester by Olga Libman, History of the Underground Railroad in Rochester by Ilana May, Mark Beigel, and Lenny Hochschild, History of the Genesee Brewing Company by Christian Hammerstone and Eric Cohen, The New York State Transportation Museum by Rich Butler and Jen Gould, The Life of Frederick Douglass by Sandra Thomas, History of the Corn Hill Neighborhood by Seth Fox, A history of computers and networks on campus by Mat Felthousen and Matt Shambroom, A history of the University of Rochester's telephone system, by Ezra Gold.
  431. The American Museum of Papermaking
    Resource on the history of paper and paper technology. In addition to more than 2,000 books, the Museum features a remarkable collection of over 10,000 watermarks, papers, tools, machines, and manuscript LINKS TO:A. Forerunners to Paper, The Invention of Paper, The Spread of Papermaking in Europe, The Papermaker, Dard Hunter, Papermaking Moves to the United States, The Advent of the Paper Machine, Museum Theater, Watermarks, The Modern Paper Mill, Paper in Our Lives and Recycling in the Paper Industry.
  432. Railroads in Kansas
  433. Welcome to Salem Massachusetts
  434. US
  435. Photo Exhibit -- Firehouse Museum
  436. Shore Line Trolley Museum
    East Haven, CT.
  437. The Silent Star of the Month
    A page that displays a different star of the silent film era each month. At last visit, the site was featuring Felix the Cat.
  438. The Lemelson Center
    Part of the National Museum of American History founded to "...encourage inventive creativity in young people and foster an appreciation for the central role invention and innovation play in the history of the United States." This is a site with considerable data for student historians.
  439. Jamestown
    History of the site. Link on the Tobacco Home Page.
    Try the Jacob Hamblin Home. Lots of Brigham Young history here...
  441. The Penny Magazine July 25, 1835
    This site has two examples of the magazine on-line from 1835. both are accompanied by the original graphics and are worth much more than a penny.
    Click on the graphic on the left to visit the index and later pages.APPLETONS' CYCLOPEDIA OF APPLIED MECHANICS
  443. Florida History Timeline (1497-1915)*HISTORY PART 1* and (1917-Present)*HISTORY PART 2*
  444. Old Town Interactive Project
    San Diego's Old Town. Introduce your students to the historic diversity of the city. Some have said that the ethnic and racial mix of the city today is similar to what the entire United States will resemble in the future.
  445. America's Homepage!! Plymouth,MA
    Tour of the Plymoth Plantation See the "Historical Facts" and Native Americans(Wampanoag Indians). The page also includes bios of early residents, the Mayflower Compact and a listing of those on the Mayflower.
  446. Tobacco Home Page
    See especially "Tobacco History" and how to quit. Text of the 1947 song on smoking. Loads of documents relating to the current court cases. At last visit (8/99) the site was showing "VCR ALERTS", a listing of TV programs on the topic of tobacco.
  447. Augusta History Home Page
    Highlights of Augusta's historical heritage with links to Historic maps of Savannah, The History of the University of Georgia, Georgia Genealogical Information and the State of Georgia Archives. Links to other resources on Georgia included. This is an another example of a web site that gets it all in the browser window.
  448. Museum of the City of San Francisco
    A "History Haven" -- with links to: Early San Francisco Fire Dept. History, San Francisco Police Dept. History, Great Earthquake and Fire of 1906, 1989 San Francisco Earthquake, San Francisco's Response to the Oakland Firestorm, World War II Exhibit (see Gladys Hansen's Chronology of San Francisco WWII Events), and Flags of San Francisco. You might also click on "History by Topic" for a very detailed listing.
  449. University of California, Riverside / California Museum of Photography
    See LOS ANGELES (ca. 1905-1930), San Francisco (ca. 1900-1910), Logging and Lumbering industry in the west, ca. 1895-1905, ELLIS ISLAND, New York, Russia - before the Revolution: A project in collaboration with Dr. Victor Minachin, JAPAN, ca. 1880.
  450. History of Money from Ancient Times to the Present Day
    One essay deals with money in the United States.
  451. *A Shared Past--Texas and the United States Since Reconstruction*
    This is a good site for actual lesson plans and ideas. It's a "gopher" and a very good one.
  452. Virtually New Orleans
    A large amount of history information should be available in the future at this site.. Links to the Origins of New Orleans, French and Spanish Colonial Rule, Napoleon and Louisiana, The Americans Take Control and The Battle of New Orleans.
  453. UCR/CMP: Virtual Magnifying Glass
    Now featuring a Los Angeles storefront window (by Will Connell, ca. 1940), Nome, Alaska -- street scene during the gold rush (1900), A stereoscopic anaglyph (red/blue) 3-D version of Nome, Alaska, Disneyland, 40 years ago, Hollywood, ca. 1915 and a street scene in Haarlem, Netherlands, ca. 1905. From the California Museum of Photography.

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