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Europe/Russia/Eastern Europe
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Attic Vase-510 B.C.



  1. The cave of Lascaux
  2. Stone Pages - A megalithic guide
  3. Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology
  5. Indo-European Languages: Cyril Babaev Indo-European Linguistic Studies - Everything About Proto-Indo-European language and Modern Indo-European languages
    Research Issues, Indo-European Word-A-Week Issues, Grammars, Chronology, Scripts (project), Glossaries (project), Indo-European vs. other language families (project), Indo-European Links, Indo-European Bibliography.
  6. Proto Indo-European Demonstration site
    Splash page...You may want to go directly to the Content Section. Nice charts of words about families, the sky, animals and plants in several historic and contemporary languages.
  7. Indo-European Chronology
  8. Indo-European Home Page
  9. Hellenic languages map
  10. The Amazing Ancient World - Premier Ancient Civilization Internet Book ACT I
  11. The Prehistoric Archaeology of the Aegean
  12. Linear ceramics in the Netherlands, 5300 B.C.- 4900 B.C.)
  13. Philodemus Project Home Page
    Best to turn images off on the first visit. The site could benefit from converting the larger images to thumbnails which could lead to the full sized images when clicked. The page is part of the International Center for the Study of the Herculaneum Papyri. The rolls have been the object of renewed scholarly work (especially graduate students) and have yielded many findings indispensable for the study of Hellenistic philosophy. For more information, see the UCLA article article describing the Project.
  14. Regione CAMPANIA
  15. Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Site
  16. Découverte d'une grotte ornée paléolithique à Vallon-Pont-d'Arc. (Ardèche)
    This is the new site discovered in France of Paleolithic art. See the images before most of the world. This site also demonstrates the power of the Internet to provide high quality information and images on very recent events and discoveries.
  17. The Neolithic Mosaic on the North European Plain
  18. European Prehistory
    An on-line research textbook of world cultures and history. Major sections include: Learning Modules, Anthology of Readings, A Glossary, Atlases and links to Internet Resources on World Cultures.
  20. Stone Pages
    Interesting megalithic sites in Europe.
  21. SALT.... made the world go round - ARCHAEOLOGY
  22. Ancient Weapons:The Composite Bow


  1. THE EVIL EMPIRE - Cover Page: Summer '98 MHQ Feature
    Sparta, the greatest military power in ancient Greece, was in the end its own worst enemy. By Josiah Ober.
  2. Castle of Gaeta
  3. Parthenon Graphics.....Timelines, Histories, etc.
  4. Pompeii: Life in a Roman Town
  5. Athens : The Great Museums of Athens
  6. McClung Museum - ROMAN GLASS: Reflections on Cultural Change
    In addition to some online samples from the exhibit, the site provides a great listing of other Web resources on Roman glass.
  7. Ancient Rome Theme - Discovery Channel School
  8. Ancient Greek Cities(Sikyon/Sicyon, Athens)
  9. Historical Archives of the European Communities (Florence, IT)
  11. Athenian Agora Excavations
  12. Waters of the City of Rome and FRONT PAGEwaterr.jpg
    Provides an "...interactive archive of the hydrological history and urban development of the city of Rome from 753 BC to the present day." Try a "document source" command in your browser and see how easy it is to add a chronology to your web page (your browser must support frames).

    I enjoyed the focus of this page... So many of the pages for survey courses seem to lack a central theme. I suspect that at some future time, a few "gateway" web pages will remain on-line and the bulk of the information will be very specialized. Students will enjoy a click on "Typologyy", a page that gives them the ability to to construct their own map by selecting up to three categories of typological data to overlay on a base map. They will need to download and view the Map Legend first or it will not make sense. The base map includes: the Tiber River, streams, springs, and contemporary city walls. They should aso generate a map showing how much of the ancient hydrological artifacts remain in the city today. These are clearly viewable in any trip to the city today. The rail line between the Airport and the city of Rome is lined in many places with the remains of an ancient aquaduct. " With Aquae Urbis Romae it is possible to study this complex urban system in both linear and lateral modes including: typologically (aqueducts, fountains, floods, sewers, etc.); topographically (the Roman Forum, the Velabrum, the Campus Martius, Trastevere, etc.); and chronologically from approximately 800 BC to the late 20th century. The study is based on completely new computer maps created especially for this project."

    A VERY interesting page...but one that will require a guide constructed by the teacher for full benefits.

  13. Patterns of Reconstruction at Pompeii
    "This document presents the results of an investigation into the reconstruction of a large market building on the Pompeii Forum following and earthquake in 62 AD, seventeen years prior to the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius that buried the city. The work is part of the Pompeii Forum Project, a multi-disciplinary study of the development of the Forum as the civic center of Pompeii." Over 2 MEGs of graphics from Pompeii were recently featured on this K-12 page and will be reposted when time and space permits (perhaps this Summer).
  14. Course Materials
    A comprehensive and searchable online Classics Course Database maintained by Suzanne Bonefas. Secondary teachers looking for applications of online teaching should visit the site, even if their field is not Classical Studies. Street in Pompei - taken by Webmaster
  15. The Acropolis Museum
    Some of the displays from this small (but excellent) Museum will be on-line soon on this page. You might want to visit Museums, Monuments and Archaeological Sites of Hellas if you are planning a trip to Greece in the near future. I know some teachers are saying "Yeah, sure!" may not be as expensive as you think. See the first five or six listings under Leisure/Fun/Health below, and if you look carefully at the grapics above, two of them are of American students I met at an archeological site and Museum called Kermeikos in Athens. They visit most of the sites free as "students in Greek universities." More on this topic later.
  16. Pompeii Forum Project
  17. The History of Plumbing - Pompeii & Herculaneum
  19. Rione Terra
    The ruins at Rione Terra in Pozzuoli
  20. Unguided Tour of Pompeii
  21. LocalitÓ POMPEII
    I visited this site (part of a general travel aid for Italy) to begin working on a travel itinerary for later this year, when we will be visiting in Italy. It is typical of sites which are geared to the tourist interested in history.
    The city in the context of urban history -- text, images, architectural plans and reconstructions.
    Annenberg/CPB Project. Includes a catalog of educational resources (videos, videodiscs, and CD-ROMs), research articles on educational strategies and technology and reports on recently-funded projects. "Spotlights" each month profile parts of the Annenberg/CPB Project educational resources series, which is currently a tour of Pompeii, part of their history series, "The Western Tradition."
  24. The Silence of Ruins
    Primarily looks at city of Pompeii.

    Classics 16: Rome City of Empire

    Roman Baths Home Page

    The Ancient Greek World - Daily Life Index

    Course Notes, Classics, U. of Saskatchewan
    Umbrella page for Classics courses and online materials, with links to several current and past courses in Greek Civilization, Roman Civilization, Daily Life, Classical Theatre and Petronius, Satyricon.

    Forum Romanum
    Offering a Virtual Tour of Rome. Explore Rome's architectural feats, Greek & Roman Mythology, Roman History (how Rome ascended to power and then declined), Latin Language and Literature, Roman Life (Learn about ancient Roman culture), Ring of Classics (Connect to other classicists online).

    The Forvm Romanvm
    Exploring an ancient market place. A student "Think Quest" project with a focus on the Forum from 100 BC to 100 AD.

    The Corinth Computer Project
    Project by the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology to make a computerized architectural and topographical survey of the Roman colony of Corinth.

    An on-line "place," modeled upon the ancient city of Rome, where students and instructors can interact live, hold courses and lectures, and share resources for the study of the ancient world.

    The Roman Times
    Eye Witness News: Mt. Vesuvius Eruption, Sports: A Day at the Colosseum, Judah's Victory, Religion: Constantine's Conversion, Features: How to Build an Arch, How to Build a Road, Classifieds: Slave for sale, Room for rent.

    Crete and Minoan Civilization

    Historical Museum of Crete

    ----- Iraklion Archaeological Museum -----
    Ancient objects discovered at archaeological sites in Crete: Knossos, Phaestos, Malia, Tylissos, Gortys, Agia Triada, Mohlos, Gournia, Zakros, in a great number of tombs and caves. Also, see the City of Knossos for some feature graphics on the Palace at Knossos and The Minoan Civilization, with links to: Pre-palace period 2600-1900 BC, First palace period 1900-1700 BC, Second palace period 1700-1380 BC, Post-palace period 1380-1100 BC, Sub-Minoan period 1100-1000 BC and Pictures from Knossos and Minoan Crete. The site on the Minoan Palaces explores the connection between religion and economy, with the economy and administration controlled by the priesthood. The theocratic system is explored (by way of illustration and example) in Egypt and Mesopotamia.

    Computer generated design for the Labyrinth which "...embraces the ideas common to labyrinths, while responding to the site of the palace of Knossos."

    Sample Simulated Ancient Travel Guides
    I tried Knossos first and was taken to a page with links to an Introduction, First Impressions, Origins, The Palace, Bull-Leaping, Other Places of Interest. Other tours are offered to Uruk in 3000 BC, Memphis in 2550 BC, Ur in 2050 BC, Anyang in 1600 BC and Knossos in 1550 BC. More recent trips are offered to Jerusalem & Tyre in 950 BC, Athens in 445 BC, Rome in 176 AC, Constantinople in 1015, Paris in 1250, Florence in 1490 and London in 1600.

  26. Trekking To Troy
    Online lesson.
  27. The Corinthian Page
    350 B.C. to 548 A.D. Mugshots of the Roman's Favorite Capital.
  28. Historical Background of the Athenian Plague
  29. The Rise of Athens and the Athenian Democracy
    From Solon to Cleisthenes -- by John Porter. Links to Early Athens, Solon, Pisistratus and Cleisthenes.
  30. Classics 351
  31. The Classics Pages: Main Menu
    See the "Site Map" for an idea of the scope of the page. Then try the Oedipus' Page: Sophocles & Greek Tragedy, The myth and its importance.(Also includes Antigone), The Oedipus Game! The Achilles' Page.
  32. Democracy in Ancient Athens
  33. Uni High: The Flow of History 3
    Elements of a Sample Historical Unit on the Age of Colonization and The Rise of Greek Democracy. See the "flowa.gif" ( "Flowcharts show cause and effect models" ) Concept map on the development of democracy in Greece. The same site presents The Egyptian Flood Cycle Flowchart,
    One of the earliest examples of concept mapping on the Web, From University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign campus school). A text file (Ancient Egypt Text) provides a reference for the Flow Chart.
  34. Hellenistic Messenia
  35. Ancient City of Athens
  36. The Acropolis
  37. Welcome To The Parthenon
  38. The Urban Past: An International Urban History Bibliography
    Online text in Western urban history: TOC: I Introduction to Urban History, II The Ancient City, III The Classical City, IV The Medieval City, V The Early Modern City (1500-1800), VI The Modern City.
  39. Building the City of Rome
  40. Tour of Caistor Roman Town - Point 1
  41. Learning to Read Rome's Ruins
    A focused study on the city of Rome. See: "Origins of Archaeology: Scholars Read the City, From Collection to Reconstruction: The City Rises Again, Other Romes: Christian Catacombs and Egyptian Obelisks, Objects not on exhibit."
  42. Imperial Baths and Bathing - Augustan Rome
  43. S. P. Q. R. Welcome to the Forum
    Virtual trip back in time to fourth century Rome. " Take a stroll through the streets and buildings of the Forum or participate in adventure which leads you through the city."
  44. Hadrianic Baths at Leptis Magna
    The site presents a computerized reconstruction.
  1. Parthenon Graphics.....Timelines, Histories, etc.
  2. Ancient Rome Discussion - Discovery Channel School
  3. The Classics Pages : Start Page
  4. EMBASSY OF GREECE:Greek Culture
  5. Museum of Classical Archaeology, Cambridge
  6. Attention Primary Teachers
    Especially the Teachers' Pack.
  7. A Catalogue of Centaurs on Greek Pottery
  8. The Art and Archaeology of Greece
  9. Fourth Century Greek Art
  10. Classics 371/History391
  11. Greek Jewelry - 5000 years of tradition
  12. Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:History:By Time Period:20th Century:Holocaust, The:Kristallnacht
  13. The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire
  14. Maps of the Roman World in the First Century C.E.
  15. Map: The Returns, Greek Mythology Link
    Best to visit the Main Page of this site and also ""
  16. The Roman Empire
    Large maps of the Empire that are "clickable" and produce increasingly focused views of specific areas.
  17. Perseus Atlas
  18. Classical Atlas Project -- Home Page
  19. Rome: Map Resources
  20. OSSHE Historic Atlas Resource Library and Historic Atlas Resource - Europe
    Includes a Atlas and a Cultural Image Library with large and small versions of the graphics. While the images are so-so, the interactive maps (shockwave required) are outstanding. I tried the Ancient Near East and selected "Political Change in Ancient Mesopotamia 3000-1000 BCE" and the site generated the map that included a succession of empires in the region- from the Sumerian to later empires. By clicking on Political Change in Ancient Mesopotamia 3000-1000 BCE, a student could see the succession of empires in the entire region from the first thru the Macedonian. Boundaries, cities and empires and other map features are clear and sharp. This is an outstanding site to capture the use of graphics and maps to illustrate themes (Empire building thru time) and concepts in Western and World History.
  21. Historical Atlas of Europe and the Middle East
    Although the Middle East is included in the title, this is a map archive for historic Europe and Western Civilization. Maps of the ancient world (Rome) are the most comprehensive. Features Maps for The Bronze Age (2500 B.C. - 1000 B.C.), The Iron Age (1000 B.C. - 600 B.C.), The Classical Age (600 B.C. - 202 B.C.), The Age of Rome (202 B.C. - 476 A.D.), The Dark Ages (476 - 900).
  22. Peloponnese
    Loads of history information. A click on "History" generates (after some time) a series of 13 maps arranged chronologically with text and hyperlinks to Internet support materials. Links to: Greek migrations in/out of Peloponnese, Early Greek settlements, The Peloponnesian wars, Greek colonization, Greek city-states, The Mycenaean epoch, Alexander's campaign, The Persian wars.
  23. Alexander the Great
    PBS companion site for the series, Michael Wood's four-hour series "In The Footsteps Of Alexander The Great". PDF Teacher guide available, but remember, when the page reads "Click here to download the Teacher's Guide" you need to "Shift/click" on that link to download the guide for offline reading.
  24. Alexander the Great
  25. Alexander and Darius at the Battle of Issus Mosaic
    And their modern equivalents.
  27. Regions geographiques de l'Atlas historique de l'Antiquite tardive
    maps of the Roman world at 40-year intervals from 380-660 A.D.
    Although China and India history resources are covered up to 30 B.C., this site remains at core a "Western Tradition" page, rather than a World History page.
  2. Classics Technology Center on the Web
    "CTCWeb is a repository of practical tools, for educators and other classicists. It provides the free dissemination and open exchange of practical educational materials, systems, and applications by individuals and organizations involved in the Classics community. During its first two months of operation (12/98-1/99) , CTCWeb received over 75,000 hits, and visitors downloaded over 2,000 free curriculum and support material selections." For starters, visit the Classics Technology Center: Teachers' Companions and learn "How to Create a Path" (TC_Paths_2.0.pdf, 283KB) and "How to use Perseus with a Word Processing Program (TC_WordProcess_2.0.pdf, 334KB). Other PDF documents (Teachers' Companions) on: Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athena, Colonization, Crete & Mycenae, Demeter, Dionysos, Dress & Costume, Greek Agriculture, Greek Animals, Greek Theater, Hephaestus, Hera, Hermes, Homer's Iliad & Odyssey, Music & Dance, Poseidon, Tyranny, Zeus. I downloaded the PDF file on Colonization to document my visit (because of a special interest in the historic development of democracy in Greece), but your interests may be elsewhere.
  3. Geek Mythology Galore
  4. Yahoo! - Arts:Humanities:History:Ancient History:Greece:Authors:Thucydides (c 460 - c 411 BCE)
  5. The Mythos: Zeus Speaks! Home Page
  6. Women in Classical Mythology
  7. Myths and Legends
    Very complete section on European origins. Use of the information on the site is free.
  8. The Trojan War Myth in Ancient Art
    With images from the Perseus archives.
  10. MYTHMEDIA - Mythology in Western Art
  11. The Last Days of Socrates Home Page
  12. RELS 011: The Origins of Western Religion
    A Religious Studies Course designed to use the resources of the World Wide Web.
  13. The Last Days of Socrates Home Page
    Hyperlinked text with graphics.
  14. Aristotle: An Introduction
  15. The Parthenon Marbles
    Who owns the past? This site explores the history of the marbles and the controversy over who they belong to... Since similar issues are raised at various archeological sites on the Internet, this might be a slot for a great student debate or a mock trial (receipt of stolden property). Much of the story here is based on story of the Parthenon Marbles, based on the pamphlet "The Parthenon and the Elgin Marbles" by Epaminondas Vranopoulos, published by the Society for Euboian Studies in 1985. For those who want to enjoy the marbles and sidestep the controversy, the site offers an excellent selection of graphics, with thumbnails for the low bandwidth folks.
  16. Web Home for UU/Pagans Rituals Page
  17. Yule: December Festival of Winter Solstice
  18. Medicina Antiqua::Ancient Medicine
    Greco-Roman medicine and medical thought from Mycenaean times until the fall of the Roman Empire.
  20. Ancient Medicine: Homer, Hippocrates, Galen, and Vesalius
    Vast collection of information on Ancient medicine and surgery. See The Surgery of Ancient Rome for "A Display of Surgical Instruments from Antiquity."
  21. Classical Political Theorists
    Plato and Aristotle, Saint Augustine, St Thomas Aquinas.
  22. Plato's Allegory of the Cave
  23. Plato's Apology
    Hypertext edition written for students taking a philosophy course at Clarke College, Dubuque, Iowa.
    THE Allegory Of The Cave - PLATO'S REPUBLIC.
  25. Plato' Laws
  26. Traditions of Magic in Late Antiquity
    Learn about Recipe-Books, Protective and Aggressive Magic.
  27. The Library of Alexandreia
    A Treasure of Knowledge and a Center of Philological Studies.
  28. Greek Philosophy Archive
    Dialogues of Plato, Works of Aristotle, visit the Sculpture Garden and enjoy images of Ancient Greek sculpture, ceramics, mosaics and architecture. Works by other Greek Philosophers ( Epictetus, Plotinus, Marcus Aurelius) Finally, see how the ideals of Ancient Greece were expressed in the early nineteenth century architecture of an American university campus. Links to other Classics and Philosophy sites.
  29. Augustine of Hippo, St. (354-430)
    Three new sites from Yahoo.
  30. Medicina Antiqua::Ancient Medicine
    A resource for the study of Greco-Roman medicine and medical thought from Mycenaean times until the fall of the Roman Empire.
  31. Socrates
  32. Marcus Aurelius: the Stoic emperor.
  33. MITHRAISM - The Legacy of the Roman Empire's Final Pagan State Religion
    The origins of Mithraism and links to the Expansion of the Faith, Mithras in the Roman Empire, The Rites of Mithraic Initiation, The Taurobolium, The Decline of Mithraism and Manichaeism and Later Heresies.
  34. Harmony and Proportion
    Plato, Pythagoras, Alberti and Palladio.
  35. Study of Judaism and Christianity
  1. The Role of Women in Ancient Greek Art, A Discussion by Frederick John Kluth of Kent, Ohio
  2. ELAC Guide to Greek Theatre
  3. Maecenas: General Contents
    Images of ancient Greece and Rome. Visitors are encouraged to use the images presented for any purpose except a commercial one.
  4. Pergamon: The Theatre Site
  5. 110Tech
    Supported by a grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Livy's History, Virgil's Aeneid, Material Culture at Pompeii, Judaica, Gnosticism & Manichaeism, Imaging Roman Africa, 110Tech Gateways, Fall 1999, Homer's Iliad, Archaic Greek Lyrics, Greek Polis Formation, The Kouros Type in Greek Sculpture, The Parthenon, Black Athena, Greek Drama and Theaters, Euripides' Bacchae and Dionysos.
  6. Theatron Ltd.
    Click on Projects for Online Virtual Reality of: Theatre At Athens and Messene, Roman Wall Paintings & Temporary Stages, Roman Permanent Theatres, Peruzzi & Serlio, Tudor Hall at Whitehall Palace, Hellerau Festspielhaus.
    See the Story Card for each graphic.
  8. ----- Athens, Cycladic Art Museum -----
  9. Behind the Mask of Agamemnon
  10. Ancient Gold: Treasures of the Thracians
    Features "...more than 200 brilliant gold and silver objects from 15 royal Thracian sites in Bulgaria, dating from 4000 B.C. to 200 A.D. Some of these spectacular objects are only recently excavated and have never been seen outside of Bulgaria."
  11. Looking Through Roman Glass
  12. Greece
    Examples of Greek buildings.
  13. Reconstruction of Parthenon

    The Joys of Paris

    orsay.jpg A recent visit to Paris (12/98) was a disappointment in one respect. The Louvre was closed because of a labor dispute for the entire week. The city also supplied a major surprise because the "alternative" was the Musee d' Orsay. The graphic to the right is a sample of one of the JPGs from the museum from the trusty digital camera. You might want to visit some of the current sites to browse some of the background on the converted rail station that is now a first-class museum in Paris. Eventually, a large number of select photos generated by the visit will be posted on this page.

    MUSEE D'ORSAY-PARIS, Virtual visit, information, hours, access, pictures
    Provides a guided visit and the history of the railway station that became an important museum in 1986.

    Paris - Musee d'Orsay

    Musee d'Orsay, Chateau de Versailles, BnF (Bibliotheque nationale de France), exposition Alexandrie

  14. Classics Art Page
  15. The Temple of Mithras
  16. - Imperial Fora Official Website - Rome, Italy
    See the Reconstruction of the Colosseum.
  17. The Internet Classics Archive: 441 searchable works of classical literature
  18. RomanSites - Art & Architecture
  19. Children of Orpheus
    Atlantic -- June, 1998. See "The lyric poets of Greek antiquity are dimly known to us. Yet the strains of their lyre-songs are audible still" -- by David Barber.
  20. Ancient Greek Theater : History of theater, the great authors and their works.
    YOC: The actors and the chorus, The organization of the tragic contests, Metrics, Description of an Ancient Theater, The form of the play, The dionyssiac cult, The origins of tragedy and it's relation to Dionyssos and Dithyrambous, Scenes from dionyssiac religion out of ancient vases.
  21. 19th-Century Photography of Ancient Greece
    Offers some 200 photographs of classical Greek and Roman architecture from the Getty Research Institute's Gary Edwards Collection. The photographs are divided into five categories: The Athenian Acropolis (the majority of the photos), Ancient Monuments of Athens, Ancient Monuments Elsewhere in Greece, Ancient Monuments Outside of Greece, and Ancient Sculpture. Selections offer a large thumbnail image, information on the subject and the photograph itself, and the accession number.
  22. Looking at Art of Ancient Greece and Rome
    Selected works from the J. Paul Getty Museum. This virtual exhibition draws from art objects that appear in Beyond Beauty: Antiquities as Evidence, on display at the museum at the new Getty Center during its opening year.
  23. Institute for the Study of Classical Architecture
  24. LacusCurtius: into the Roman World
  25. UT Austin Classics
  26. Aeschylus
  27. Aristophanes
  28. Marcus Tullius Cicero
  29. Ancient Greece in Fiction
    A very complete listing (from Ariadne to Xenophon) with related links to filmography of ancient Greece in the cinema and fiction about ancient Rome. A very useful resource for teachers interested in the uses of fiction and media in the study (and enjoyment) of history.
  30. Electr.Resources for Classicists
  31. DIDASKALIA: Ancient Theater Today
    Covers the latest developments in Greek and Roman drama, dance, and music as they are performed today.
  32. MEDEA, THE MUSICAL - Notes on Greek Ships
  33. MEDEA, THE MUSICAL - Classical Drama Sites
  35. ARCHITECTURAL SCULPTURE of the Mediterranean Basin
  36. S. P. Q. R. The Quest Begins
    How about a game as a perk or motivational device? Become a Roman Citizen (starting as a Plebe) and explore the Forum. The immediate task is to discover the journals of five Roman characters through their books --"... Lucius, the Roman sleuth, Verania, the Vestal Virgin, Sibyl, the wise woman and Gordian, the Engineer. The book of Calamitus, Master Spy of Vandals, will be much more difficult to find, but it will be more valuable for solving the mystery and preparing you for Chaper Two." Good hunting.
  37. ARCHITECTURE & and ART of the Mediterranean Basin
  38. The Re-use of Classical Antiquities in Later Structures
  39. Art History - Classical/European
    Links extend through the late 18th Century and include painting, sculpture, pottery and vase painting and decorative arts. Good text descriptions for many of the articles and objects.
  40. Cassiodorus: Table of Contents
    A hypertext version of the highly successful 1979 print version of the book, with footnotes acting as links. The author plans to revise the edition in electronic form. Portions may be cited for educational purposes.
  41. Junillus - by James J. O'Donnell
    See "Cassidorus" and "New Tools For Teaching" also.
  42. Images of Orality and Literacy in Greek Iconography of the Fifth, Fourth and Third Centuries BCE
  43. Greek Art
  44. Spotlight: Art of the Western World
    Mesopotamia, Persepolis/Ancient Iran, Egypt, Greece, The Etruscans, Rome, South Arabian Sculpture, Ancient Silver, Islamic Art.
  45. Art History 201 Syllabus
    A vast collection of art linked to areas and time periods in the West... Most appears to have be filtered thorough a paint program with the green/blue turned high, so that they appear to all have the same color tones.
  46. FAMSF-Legion-Exhibitions-Pergamon
    Spectacular monument of the ancient classical world with an online tour, a feature article and links to Internet resources.
  47. Ancient World on TV
    Presents a page listing all the programs on the topic.
  48. Diotima's Art Links
    This is a fantastic collection of links to image resources for the ancient world. Exploration of the rest of the site will take over a day, so visit when you have a block of browsing time.
  49. Archimedia
    Details of buildings from Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and includes a description of its materials and building techniques, followed by a visual comparison of all the buildings involved. Students should like the visual information as a source for their projects.
  50. Brooklyn Museum
    Egyptian, Classical and Ancient Middle Eastern Art, The Arts of Africa, the Pacific, and the Americas, The Arts of Asia. Decorative Arts, Costumes and Textiles, Painting and Sculpture/Prints, Drawings, and Photography.
  51. Beazley Archive
    See the database of ancient Greek pottery from collections around the world. The database refers to Athenian figure-decorated vases of the 7th-4th centuries BC and now contains over 53,000 records.
  52. Diagrams of Doric Optical Corrections
    Here is a great graphic to demonstrate the effort of the ancient Greeks to gain visual perfection. I tried this on the chalkboard and lightboard over the years of teaching, but never this well.
  53. The AMPHORAS Project
    Displaying part of the archive collected by Virginia R. Grace at the excavations of the Agora at Athens, as well as some additional materials.
  54. The Hypertext Crito
  55. About Greece
  56. Greek and Roman classics
    Now with 441 works of classical origin.
  57. Aristophanes: The Frogs
  58. Great Books: Antiquity
    One or two Non-Western, but most are Greek and Roman texts.
  1. Ships of the Ancient Greeks - An Annotated List
  2. The Catapult Museum Online
  3. ARMAMENTARIVM: the Book of Roman Arms and Armour
  4. Alexander the Great - Program Overview (6-8, 9-12 - ancient history )
  5. Alexander the GreatAlexander in the Naples Museum
    With major links to: Alexander the Great: Ruler, Conquerer (sic), Strategist, Alexander the Great's Home Page, Bibliography for Alexander Studies, The Conquests of Alexander the Great: The Year of his Death 323 B.C. (Map), Perseus Encylopedia: Alexander. Graphic shot at the right from a recent visit to the Archelological Museum in Naples.
  6. Roman Military Sites in Britain
    Gazetteer: provides an intrduction and information on sites in Southern England & East Anglia, Central England, Northern England, Scotland, Wales. The page also features and Roman Military Glossary, a Short reading list and a Bibliography of Roman Military History in Britain.
  7. Warfare in the Ancient World
  8. Pericles' Funeral Oration
    Janice Siegel has done some very creative things with Pericles' Funeral Oration, a primary resouce used in most K-12 classroom in World and Western history. The linking-expansion-explanation and graphic-enhancing attributes of Web pages is clearly demonstrated. A must visit for teachers interested in enhancing lessons from text and primary sources and for students looking for ways to present media projects.
  9. Pericles the Olympian
  10. Roman Board Games
  11. Victori - The Roman Military
  12. Peloponnesian War
  13. Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:History:Ancient History:Greece:Peloponnesian War (431 - 404 BCE) Museum - Greece
  14. Watch the Main Menu
    for graphic
    various Greek museums !

    Portland State University Greek Civilization Topics
    Topical organization. A click on "War" generated a page with the following TOC: The Persian Wars, Pericles: An Athenian politician, The Peloponnesian War, Alexander the Great.

    Yahoo! - Arts:Humanities:History:Ancient History:Greece:Peloponnesian War (431 - 404 BCE)

    The Punic Wars
    Text files and lecture notes on the wars. See the link to "The Roman Revolution" for a series of page on Roman history from Tiberius Gracchus to the end of the Republic.

    Warhorse Simulations
    Epic of the Peloponnesian War: "Command the triremes and hoplites of classical Greece in the climactic struggle between Athens and Sparta. The definitive strategic simulation of the Peloponnesian War! 2-4 players. Moderate complexity." Be sure the students read the Historical Commentary.

    Warhorse Simulations: Empire
    "2-4 players struggle for control of the fifteen provinces of a fictional ancient empire. The means at your disposal: outright military force, political intimidation, and diplomacy."


    Journal of Roman Military Equipment Studies

    Caesar 2 download page
    Download page for demo. From provinces in the early days of the Roman empire to confronting "...raiding Huns, invading Carthaginians (with elephants!) and upstart Gauls."

    Alexander the Great, Synopsys,JJP
    A site with great visual appeal that takes some time to load. Busy teachers and students might turn off their graphics for the first visit.

    Conquerors: Alexander the Great - Program Overview

    Warhorse Simulations
    Has two historical games in development:The Epic of the Peloponnesian War [working title] (Command the triremes and hoplites of classical Greece in the struggle between Athens and Sparta) and Empire (Struggle for the imperial throne in a fictional ancient empire).

    The Great Homepage of Alexander

    Epic of the Peloponnesian War: Historical Commentary
    By Kurt Kuhlmann. A lengthy essay...but it was a long war.

    Barry's Militaria & History Page
    History Section with links to: The Egyptian Pharaohs, The Roman Emperors, The Roman Army, The British Rulers.

    The Macedonian-Greek Conflict
    Links to: The Ancient Macedonia Language, The Roman Occupation, Slav settlements in Macedonia and Greece, Macedonia in the 19th Century, Greek, Serbian, and Bulgarian Independence, San Stefano and Berlin Conferences, The Macedonian and Greek Ortodox Churches, Balkan and Neutral Statistics on the Population of Macedonia.

    Alexander the Great
    Although a commercial site for the CD on Alexander, it features a large quantity of factual and primary resource material on a variety of topics associated with Alexander.

    Alexander the Great

    Classics 190: Alexander and the Growth of Hellenism Home Page
    Syllabus and notes.

    Classics 190: Alexander and the Growth of Hellenism Home Page

    Sparing the Hornets' Nest
    "Rome's Treatment of Rhodes in 168" by Dr. Rice.

    Roman Military Sites in Britain


    1. Hellenistic world c. 188 BC.
    2. Ancient History Sourcebook: Slavery in the Roman Republic
    3. [ The Greeks ]
      A major three hour documentary and website which tell the epic story of the rise and fall of Athens as seen through the eyes of its greatest leaders and heroes.
    4. Greece
    5. Portland State's Greek Civ for Kids
    6. Artemis Ephesia ancient mythology
    7. Ancient/Classical History - Home Page
    8. [ The Greeks ]
      To air Feb. 9th. " A major three hour documentary and website which tell "the epic story of the rise and fall of Athens as seen through the eyes of its greatest leaders and heroes ...."
    9. Ancient Adventures
    10. Department of Greek, Hebrew and Roman Classics
      Temple University.
    11. Roman Rulers - data
    12. Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:History:By Time Period:Ancient History:Roman Empire:People:Antony, Marc (82-30 BCE)
    13. Social Studies School Service Ancient History
      Locate the Ancient History link near the bottem of the Catalogue page.
    14. Classics Unveiled - The Complete Classical Reference
    15. European History AP
    16. Ancient Greek (Hellenic) Links, Page 1 (courtesy of MEDEA, THE MUSICAL)
    17. The Internet Guide to Greece
    18. Reed College Classics Departments Website
    19. Ships of Discovery, underwater archaeology and shipwrecks
    20. CLASSICS at Victoria University of Wellington
    21. Plague Victims Found: Mass Burial in Athens
    22. First Europe Tutorial - Chapters
      Territorial Expansion of the Roman WorldOverview of the territorial expansion that occurred during the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. The Germanic Invasions of Western Europe Survey of the Germanic invasions of the third to sixth centuries which precipitated the end of the Roman Empire. The Frankish Empire (The building of a new Western Empire under the Merovingians and Carolingians, and the emergence of new Western states), Latin and the Vernacular Languages (The spread of Latin, the development of regional variants and the revival of learning), Art and Architecture (Art and architecture of the Roman, Late Antiquity and Early Medieval periods).
    23. Romans in Scotland
    24. Olympics Through Time
    25. Timelines & Tables - Ancient/Classical History Net LinksHere is a web author who has browsed the web and linked to tables and timelines.
    26. Bryn Mawr Electronic Resources Review
      An on-line journal for reviews of electronic resources dealing with the ancient world.
    27. Guide to Museums and Cultural Resources
      Explore the ruins of the 3rd century temple to the Roman god Mithras at Carrawburgh on Hadrians Wall, and the Virtual Reality reconstruction at the Museum of Antiquities.
    28. Century of War
    29. Welcome to the Museum of Antiquities
    30. The Classics Page at Ad Fontes Academy
    31. The Ancient Greek World Introduction
      Follows four major themes about Greece: Land and Time, Daily Life, Economy, Religion and Death.
    32. Ancient Greek Olympics in the Classroom!
    33. Ancient Rome Daily Life
    34. Treasures of the Roman Empire
      A Collaborative Project Developed for Children, Parents and Teachers. Interesting menu of future additions. Currently, only the "Kids Roman Menu" is active.
    35. DR. J'S HOME PAGE
    36. Romeinen en Latijn
      Olivier Van Damme (Belgium) is 14 years old - and student in a secondary school who has created thispage on the Romans and latin.
    37. Ancient Greek Language Lexikon, letter A
    38. Greece - Odyssey Online
    39. Rome: Odyssey Online
    40. Guide to Krannert Museum Greek Vase Collection
    41. Marriage in Ancient Rome
    42. Romanae Antiquae
      You may want to skip the splash page and go directly to the Table of Contents.
    43. Roman Web
    44. Sitalces Welcomes you to Thrace!
    45. Welcome to The Ancient Rome Website....
    46. Sperlonga. Grotto of Tiberius
    47. Sperlonga
      The National Archaeological Museum of Sperlonga.
    48. Roman Civilization: From Troy to the End of the Republic
    49. Ancient Olympics @ University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology
    50. Museo Archeologico
    51. The Royal Palace Museum
    52. Let's Roam Italy
      ThinkQuest site with pages on: Travel Tips, Learn about Italian Culture, Travel into the Past, A Brief Visit at the Vatican, E-Mail indrizzo per studenti che parlino inglese E-mail addresses for English-speaking and Italian-speaking students, Major Cities of Italy.
    53. Homer's Iliad and Odyssey
      From a ThinkQuest Team.
    54. Marcus Aurelius (121-180 AD)
    55. Greek and Roman Classics for Children
      Children's Books on the Ancient World A Selective Bibliography. This page is maintained by Diane Arnson Svarlien of Georgetown College in Georgetown, Kentucky.
    56. The Greek World of MARY RENAULT
      Extensive links to Perseus project sites with glossary, vocabulary items, maps and historical references (organized around the major novels -- The King Must Die, The Mask of Apollo, The Bull from the Sea, Fire from Heaven, The Praise Singer, The Persian Boy, The Last of the Wine, Funeral Games). Simply the best site for teachers interested in using literature in history instruction. Also, I hope the K-12 social studies teachers introduce this site to the English departments. A joint venture of collaboration between the two areas would be a snap with resources offered by this page.
    57. The Amazing Ancient World - Premier Ancient Civilization Internet Book ACT I
    58. Thomas Martin Overview of Archaic and Classical Greek History
    59. Materials for the Study of Ancient Sparta
    60. Lycurgus - The Father of Sparta
    61. The Gateway to The Ancient Source --- [Ancient History]
    62. Historic Atlas Resource - Europe
    63. The Aegean Coast
      By Ozgur Balsoy of Cornell University. See it! A must for those who want an electronic voyage.
      See the brief review of the Maritime History of the Aegean. The main menu indicates that more will be added to this site later.
    65. Okeanos
      Biblical, Classical, and Ancient Near Eastern Studies.
    66. Links to Classical Material
    67. The Internet Classics Archive | Browse
    68. Electronic Resources for Classicists
      Highly organized chart on the main menu makes navigation easy and fast. With a collection this size, you're sure to find some new resources.
    69. Mr Donn's Ancient History Page
    70. Ancient Rome
      Here is a site with topical organization that will be very useful for students doing projects and reports on Rome.
    71. Ancient Roman History Timeline
    72. NM's Creative Impulse..Rome
      Links to Roman pages arranged by topics. Very comprehensive!
    73. From Jesus to Christ - The First Christians
      Although this is much to early to set your VCR, (April air date), this Frontline will "...describe the rise of Christianity, through a chronology, interactive maps of key archaeological finds, information about biblical archaeology and a look at the discoveries that have challenged familiar assumptions about Christianity's origins."
    74. The Ancient Greeks
      By a website development company. "It contains many graphics & photos. It describes their beliefs, culture, art, philosophies, theater, drama, lifestyles, Olympic game."
    75. Classics and Mediterranean Archaeology Home Page
      By far the best collection of sources for this era in world history. A vast alpha listing and a search tool.
    76. Dr. Silvestri's WWW Ancient World History Resource
      Online resources for a secondary course organized into 12 chapers, from early humans to the end of the Classical Era. Although earlier chapters are included for Non-Western areas, the latter portion of the chaper sequence is basically a Western European overlay. The site links to the "B" and Ishmael's Companion sites briefly annotated below.
    77. Museums of Ancient Cultures
    78. Ancient History at Oxford
      New URL.
    79. The Ancient Greek World Index
      From the University of Pennsylvania Museum.
    80. Welcome to the Idea Factory
      Find the link to the "Internet In Greek Mythology" for an interesting essay.. This is a site to explore every link for the creative ideas.
      Very complete...especially for Western and Middle Eastern Civilizations.
    82. Roman Open-Air Museum Hechingen-Stein
    83. The History of Turkish Jews
    84. Ancient Sports
    85. Korinthia Regional Research Consortium
    86. The Later Seleucids
    87. Ships of the Ancient Greeks
    88. Ancient Greek Artefacts
      Take an "Ancient Greeks Virtual Tour."
    89. Conference: Natural Catastrophes during Bronze Age Civilisations
      Brief descriptions of presentations and links to other resources.
    90. The Ancient Greek World Introduction
      Digital presentation of a real-life exhibit in the Rodney S. Young Gallery. A delightful page to visit and suitable for younger viewers.
    91. ORB -- Coins of the Roman Emperors
      Online Resource Book for Medieval Studies -- a cooperative effort on the part of scholars to establish an online textbook source for medieval studies.
    92. Ancient World of Rome
      Syllabi, Research Resources, Writing Guide, Pictures, Maps, Electronic Library, Student Survival Links.
    93. Harvard's Roman Gallery in Quicktime VR
      Plugin required for downloading and viewing scenes from the Gallery. I tried one from the site and felt that several thumbnails of the same scene would have been just as effective, and take less time. But, you be the judge...
      A new look to the page.. with several new features and pages added. See the "What's New" link.
    95. The Parish of Welford in Roman Times
    97. Antique Roman Dishes - Collection
    98. Peloponnese : Corinthia Prefecture
      "...Corinthia is the first prefecture you come to in the Peloponnese, the first sign of warmth and excitement. The aromas of the sea, the mountains, the harvest of grapes and currants are all-encompassing, accompanied by the sound of bees buzzing around the sheds where the currants are drying."
    99. Ancient History at Ohio State
      A voyage into Hellenic Culture using context sensitive maps that become more and more refined as you focus on the area of Hellas to investigate.. Includes links and information on Museums and Archelolgical sites. A great site! Teachers and students involved in the study of Greece will find interesting resources here. I clicked on Attica and got a page of museums and other resources: Archaeological Museum of Vravron, Poros, Kythera, Marathon, Aigina, Piraeus Eleusis. Mounuments included the Sanctuary of Poseidon on Poros, Archaeological sites of Vravron, Kolona on Aigina, Troizen, Thorikos, Aphaia on Aigina, Sanctuary of Poseidon and Athena at Sounion, Archaeological sites of Amphiareion, The Tumulus of Marathon, Rhamnous, Eleusis, Aigosthena and many others.
    101. Exploring Ancient World Cultures: The Near East
    102. Guide to Krannert Museum Greek Vase Collection
    103. Exploring Ancient World Cultures
      Also includes the ARGOS Limited Area Search, which locates materials on the ancient and medieval world.
    104. The Internet Classics Archive
      Recently revised page.
    105. Lessons on the Ancient Greeks
      Lesson on The Trojan War, Foundations of Athenian Democracy, Athenian Democracy Part II, Introduction of Spartan Society, The Olympic Games, The Olympic Games Part II, Greek Art and Architecture, Greek Philosophy Part I.
    106. Classics 10, SQ 1996 Syllabus
    107. Archaeological Museum of Bologna, Italy
      Important collections of prehistoric, Etruscan, Roman, Greek and Egyptian archaeology.
    108. Rome Resources
      [Archaeology][Literature][Military][Political][General][Philosophy][Drama][Religion] [Maps.
    109. Bryn Mawr Classical Review
      Issues from 1990-99 archived with a searchable index of reviews. Reviews are in text file format.
    110. CCIS Academic WWW server
      Classical mythology.
    111. The Olympic Games
      Postcards from the 1896 Games have been added at the front of this site on Classical Mythology.
    112. Related Resources-Classical Studies
      Also lists Archaeology and Anthropology links. The site is currently (8/99) being updated, so plan a visit for the Fall.
    113. Ancient Coins
    114. History Topics of Interest to Children
      Ancient/Classical History.
    115. About The Campanian Society
      A focus on the advancement of knowledge in the humanities and the fine arts and in the social and cultural history of Naples and Campania and of the ancient Greco-Roman world. The site is currently offering materials for purchase by classroom teachers.
    116. Mount Testaccio
      Conference site at Aula Magna (Univ. di Roma "La Sapienza").
    117. Lugnano Teverina, Italy
      Excavations by the University of Arizona.
    118. Claude Moore Health Sciences Library
      Exhibits: Claude Moore Health Sciences Library From Homer to Vesalius: Antiqua Medicina, The Kerr-White On-Line Collection for Primary Health Care, The Surgery of Ancient Rome: A Display of Surgical Instruments from Antiquity and Yellow Fever and the Spanish-American War.
    119. The Forum
      TOC: Masculine Nouns in the First Declension, Latin Phrases, Quotations, and Abbreviations, Detailed Chronology of Roman History, Present Day Names of Roman Cities, The Roman Art of Counting, Names with Latin Origins, Major Roman Festivals, Latin Literature.
    120. Lepcis Magna - The Roman Empire in Africa
      A World Heritage site on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa founded by the Phoenicians.
    121. Greece
      Grapics of Ancient Greek architecture.
    122. David Giese-Excavations at the Villa Bitricci
    123. Romarch ver 2
      Crossroads for Web resources on the art and archaeology of Italy and the Roman provinces, ca. 1000 BC - AD 700. ROMARCH is sponsored by the Department of Classics and the Interdepartmental Program in Classical Art and Archaeology (IPCAA) at the University of Michigan, and the Department of Classics at the University of Cincinnati
    124. Cassiodorus
      Page on a Roman Senator maintained by James J. O'Donnell, University of Pennsylvania.
      A complex site that will take some time to explore. Intereactive regional maps
    126. Welcome to the Museum of Antiquities
    127. Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
      Selections from "Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire."
    128. Greek and Roman classics
      Select from a list of 441 works of classical literature.
    129. Classical Resources
    130. M.U. Classics - Miami
    131. HELLAS' Olympic Page
      See A Historical Overview.
    132. The Olympic Games in the Ancient Hellenic World
      Table of Contents: The Temple of Zeus Virtual Reality Tour, The Location of Ancient Olympia, The Temple of Hera and the Stadium, The Temple of Zeus, The Architectural Sculptures.
    133. GREECE - a quick tour
    134. The New Jerusalem Mosaic
      The site offers a short summary of the history of the city, a tour its most remarkable sites, and an introduction to its most prominent characters. Sections on: the First Temple and Second Temple, Roman Byzantine, Early Muslim, Crusader, Mameluke, Ottoman, British Mandate, State of Israel.
    135. Roman Byzantine Sites
      Provides access to 200 museums of GREECE and CYPRUS, to the literature of ancient Greek writers such as Platon, Aristotelis and to Arts of Hellenic music through rare recordings.
    137. Roman Ball
      Describes a collection of games played by the Greeks and Romans. Looks like fun...with a minimum of materials and space needed.
    138. The Ancient World Web: Main Index
    139. The American Museum of Papermaking
      Resource on the history of paper and paper technology. In addition to more than 2,000 books, the Museum features a remarkable collection of over 10,000 watermarks, papers, tools, machines, and manuscript LINKS TO:A. Forerunners to Paper, The Invention of Paper , Papermaking in Europe, The Papermaker.
    140. Diotima
      Hypertext listing of university courses on the topic of women and gender in the Ancient World. A remarkable resource for research.
    141. Classics Alcove
    142. Classics at Oxford
    143. Ancient History 21: Greece and Rome Home Page
      Course syllabus with brief notes and quiz questions.
    144. Classics and Ancient History - from the University of Wales Swansea
      Includes links to discussion groups, Electronic Journals and useful homepages.
    145. Classics Collection
    146. Archaeology of Egypt and Canaan in Ancient Times
    147. Empires Beyond the Great Wall: The Heritage of Genghis Khan
    148. The Ohio State University Excavations at Isthmia
      Bet you did not know the Romans had a room between the caldarium and frigidarium, a kind of "warm room."
    149. What's New in ABZU
      Emphasis on Egypt but many locations are linked.
    150. Catalogi Codicum Montis Athonis
    151. Essays in History
      A "zine" with five volumes on line, each with a good selection of articles.

    152. Before leaving the Ancient/Classical Menu, encourage students to visit the resoures under Archaeology for more information on ancient cultures.

    1. Perseus Project Home Page
      One of the European mirror sites, with links to the other mirrors. A page that just keeps improving, with easier and faster access to graphics and other Classical resources. A click on "Teaching" revealed a host of ideas for using Perseus in the classroom, mostly at the post-secondary level. The site also was featuring a recently concluded study of the impact and use of Perseus in the classroom, Evaluation materials, Syllabi and Class Notes for Courses Using Perseus, Professors' Thoughts on Teaching with Perseus, Teachers' Help Guides for Students on How to Use Perseus, Guide for Greek Vase Painting & Society, Proposals for buying/using Perseus in the classroom. For starters, try Thomas Martin Overview of Archaic and Classical Greek History. An expanded book version is available at the Yale University Press site.
    2. The Perseus Project and Beyond: How Building a Digital Library Challenges the Humanities and Technology
    3. Perseus 2.0
      See the Historical Overview of Greece.
    4. The Case of Plataia
      Classical page.
    5. Vase Harvard 1933.54
      Choice chariot pictures from Perseus. Quite a long listing...with links to full graphics.
    6. Roman Perseus
      A site to visit and revisit as it grows.
    7. E-scapes home page
      Electronic Resources for the Study of Ancient Landscapes.
    8. Warfare in the Ancient World
    9. Historical Overview of Greece
      Simply the best overview on the Web.
    10. How to order Perseus
    11. Perseus Art & Archaeology
      Architecture Database, Site Database, Coin Database and a host of others available for viewing and downloading.
    12. Perseus Project Homepage
      Tufts University site. Any K-12 schools using Perseus?
    13. Encyclopedia Subject Index
      Perseus Encyclopedia Subject Index.
    14. Perseus 2 Quick Start Document
    15. Perseus Atlas Project
    16. Perseus Project Home Page
      Translations of Greek Texts. Information about the project and the price of the CDRoms to be published. Extensive resources on Thucydides. See also Tufts Classics 189:Greek Science homepage and Texts in Perseus for Browsing for more information on the project.
    17. Sample slide shows for Greek history
    18. Ancient geography
      Link on the above page... to explore the relationship of textually attested ancient Greek geographic concepts -- the mental map of ancient Greece -- to the archaeological investigation of how the Greeks physically structured space.
    19. NU Perseus Page
      Northwestern's page.
    20. Greek and Roman Painting
      Course offered by Suzanne Bonefas using Perseus. Lab outlines and objectives/instructions provided.
    21. Perseus at Holy Cross
      Try the "cartographic images made from these models" for a real treat!

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