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K-12 GEOGRAPHY/ECONOMICS Social Studies School Service
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The National Council for the Social Studies identifies 10 themes in social studies. The one that relates to Geography (III) is called "People, Places and Environment." The guide further provides eleven "Performance Expectations" in this area and gives three examples of how a lesson might be constructed to achieve some of these objectives.
In one example, a teacher reads an account of the monsoon from the perspective of the people of India. Although elsewhere in the guide, social studies teachers are encouraged to take a less directive and active role in instruction, here the teacher uses direct instruction.
Would it be more interesting to the students to contact another student in India during the monsoon season and obtain a variety of reactions/description of the impact on the people from an Indian viewpoint? Would it be more meaningful, challenging? Would the results be more likely to be "integrated" and would the student be more likely to feel he/she is an active participant in the educational process?


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  1. Notes from the Road
    On diverse locations and regions: Desert Southwest, The West Indies, Pacific Northwest, Iberian Peninsula, The Great Plains, Desert Mexico, Oceania, The Sierra Range, The Isthmus, The Great Basin, Atlantic Seaboard, Central Valley.
  2. KODAK: Taken On The Road-American Mile Markers
  3. Canadian Geographic Online - Welcome!
  4. Canada's SchoolNet: Learning Resources
  5. C I F P - Country Indicators for Foreign Policy
    A collection of statistical information on the economic, political, social and cultural environments of countries around the world. Search By Region, By Issue Area and Quick Query page using drop-down list boxes.
  6. what's up with the weather?
  7. State Department: The Geographic Learning Site (geography info, maps, and more!)
  8. Welcome to Canadian Geographic Online!
  10. Garden and Forest---Historical Background of the Collection
  11. MI-Net: Marine Institute's Navigatable Education Topics for K-12
    Information about the fisheries and marine sectors, with K-12 Marine Topics, with lesson plans, activites and an Oceanography page.
  12. National Resources Inventory
    Presents "...a statistically based sample of land use and natural resource conditions and trends on U.S. nonfederal lands. It is the most comprehensive database of its kind ever attempted anywhere in the world."
  13. Canada Centre for Remote Sensing Home Page
    See Spotlight! Watching Over Our Planet From Space, for an activity kit that introduces remote sensing to kids using environmental problem scenarios.
  14. Canadian Geographical Names - Natural Resources Canada
  15.  ESRI Canada - The Schools and Libraries Program 
    GIS software brings interactive geographic technology to pre collegiate classrooms, libraries, museums, and other education-focused organizations. Store modify, query, analyze, and display information about geographic places.
  16. Geomatics Canada/Géomatique Canada
    Introducing Geomatics, "... the science and technology of gathering, analyzing, interpreting, distributing and using geographic information."
  17. National Atlas of Canada Online - English
  18. The Canadian Geography Website
    TOC: Geography takes you places, Geography on the job, GeoNews, Jumpstation Geo, Geo Challenge, Site Map, Feedback.
  19. Census in Schools Web Index
    Featuring: "... interactive, engaging, and colorful lesson plans that meet national and state curriculum standards [to] help students understand the importance and benefits of the census...promote awareness and encourage greater participation in the national census at the local level... improve the accuracy of the census."
  21. Garden and Forest---Historical Background of the Collection
  22. Canada Centre for Remote Sensing Home Page
    See "Watching Over Our Planet From Space" for an activity kit that introduces remote sensing to students using environmental problems as a focal point.
  23. Canadian Geographical Names - Natural Resources Canada
  24.  ESRI Canada - The Schools and Libraries Program 
    ArcView GIS software is "...a tool that uses the power of the computer to pose and answer geographic questions by arranging and displaying data about places on the planet in a variety of ways-maps, charts, and tables." Pre collegiate classrooms can store, modify, query, analyze, and display information about their local neighborhood or a remote location.
  25. Geomatics Canada/Géomatique Canada
    Introduces the " and technology of gathering, analyzing, interpreting, distributing and using geographic information."
  26. National Atlas of Canada Online - English
  27. The Canadian Geography Website
  28. MI-Net: Marine Institute's Navigatable Education Topics for K-12
    Information about the fisheries and marine sectors. Visit the K-12 Marine Topics for lesson plans and activites.
  29. NOAA News Online (Story 334)
    Weather/Climate events of the 20th century.
    Resources for human geography, planning, physical geography, environmental science and policy.
  31. Exploring Wisconsin Our Home Teachers' Lounge
  32. International Association for Great Lakes Research
  33. Canadian Communities Atlas
  34. National Atlas of Canada Online - L'Atlas national du Canada en ligne
  35. Minnesota Alliance for Geographic Education
  36. Oddens bookmarks
  37. Minnesota Ideals: Bell LIVE!: On the Prairie: Prairie Resources and Games
  38. KIDS Report September 14, 1999: Great Lakes
  39. Geo Teacher: Links for geography, high school students, teachers, parents, web page resources
    From the Social Studies Department at Denbigh High School in Newport News, Va., with over 600 links to resources, references, and lesson plans for students and teachers of geography organized by topic.
  40. Your Nation
    Compare and contrast any two countries.
  41. State Department: The Geographic Learning Site (geography info, maps, and more!)
  42. NCGIA Education Projects
    National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis project links.
  43. Hall of Geography
    A great first stop for some of the best on almost anywhere you would like to visit.
  44. Geowest Trip 1999
    Would you travel 2413 miles in a little over 6 days?
  45. Joseph Hill's Homepage
    From a student who spent "...almost half of last year living in Senegal studying Senegalese culture."
  46. Geography Quiz
  48. Florida Geographic Alliance
  49. Prairies in the Prairie State
  50. The Thesaurus of Geographic Names
  51. Digital Desert Library
  52. EduStock
  53. Xpeditions @
  54. State Department: The Geographic Learning Site
    Links to a flash or text version of the page.
  55. Geography - An AskERIC InfoGuide
  56. Oddens's Bookmarks
  57. United Nations World Population, 1998
  58. Y6B! - Year of 6 Billion People
  59. World Population Profile: 1998
    Full Document (pdf: 2.1 Mb) released March, 1999.
  60. The Earth Observing System Educators' Visual Materials
  61. 4th & 5th Grade Geography Sources
    Home / Geography / US History / Reference / Current Events / Literature Science / Life Science / Earth Science / Space / General Science Math / Reference / Search / Language Translation.
  62. River of Song
  63. Canada Centre for Remote Sensing Home Page
  64. USGS TerraWeb: Remote Sensing in Arid and Semi-Arid Environments
    Especially for Arizona.
  65. 6 billion Human Beings
    An exhibit from the Musée de l'Homme Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle Paris - France
  66. ABC Dangerous Places
  67. Xpeditions @
    Geography content for teachers, parents and students. See: Virtual World Museum (wings and chambers filled with various thematic elements of geography), The Atlas section features 1800 maps for teachers and students to download and print, The Standards section presents the National Geography standards and how they can be applied to curriculum and family activities and the Forums section plays host to lively and interactive idea exchanges regarding a plethora of geography topics. PDF Showcase for Nov. 12 completed a fine review -- Think Global, Print Local.
  68. United Nations 1998 Revision of the World Population Estimates and Projections
    Contents: World population nearing 6 billion, projected close to 9 billion by 2050, Population of all countries in 1998, Population of all countries in 2050, World population growth from year 0 to 2050, Countries with a population of 50 million or more (1950, 1998 and 2050), Demographic impact of HIV/AIDS, Below-replacement fertility, Ageing, The oldest-old and World population estimates and projections.
  69. NOAA Central Library - Photo Collection - Main Page
    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Photo Collection is in the public domain and no fee is charged for using them, but credit must be given to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/Department of Commerce or to the photographer/source.
  70. Welcome to Whole Earth Magazine's Web Site!
    Resources and links.
  71. The GEOGRAPHY Construction Site
    An excellent Canadian Page. See the Site Map or go directly to Free Lesson Plans, Canada - Provinces and Territories - Urban Canada - Rural Canada, Student Project Resources, New and Neat Stuff Teacher to Teachers, Connections - Travel.
  72. Welcome to Consumers Digest Online
  73. Current Population Profile
    This is a very large PDF file , so don't click on the link unless you have some time for the download. I usually save these long files for download just before the bell rings ending the prep period. Most school servers don't mind if you remain online.
  74. Teachers and Students Home page
    Offered by the World Bank. TOC: Exploring Countries & Regions, Tackling the Issues, Through the Eyes of..., Learning Materials for Your Classroom, Link to Schools Around the World, Getting Down to Data, Researching with World Bank Tools, The Inside Story, Do You Know.., Be a Reporter, Tapping into External Resources.
  75. SIRS Researcher ® Maps of the WorldPDF format.
  76. Population Profile of the United States
    PDF file.
  77. SCOUTBUS> The Scout Report for Business & Economics -- November 19, 1998
  78. State Department
    Department of State's Geographic Learning Site (GLS).
  79. Geography Resources on the Web
  80. Geography Educators' Network of Indiana
    Lessons for Downloading
  81. Country Profiles
    "The profiles present information from the CIA's World Factbook, including ethnological and demographic statistics, economic data, and geographical information. For each country are listed the political leader, type of government, population and size. And you'll find its flag, along with its national anthem in RealAudio."
  82. The Weather Channel - The Weather Classroom Viewing Schedule
  83. Welcome to Cornell University GIS Database server
  84. GeoGame Project
  85. Countries
  86. Discovering Mexico @
  87. ZDNet Software Library - Global Challenge
    Presents a tool intended to help teach geography and geographical facts through a series of quizzes. "As you progress through each quiz, the program remembers your responses and tailors future games to suit your skill level. Over a trillion possible question combinations are offered, covering about 250 countries, in more than a dozen informational categories."
  88. Mapping The World
    This is a PDF file (about 8 pages).
  89. The Division of Territory in Society
    An on-line book by Ed Stephan. Read individual chapters (with maps and graphs) or download the entire book (zip file) for off-line reading.
  90. Forbes FYI - Summer 1998: Bearing Straight
    Do you know where you are? GPS explained.. Students might be asked to research how position was established in other times and cultures. This might include a look at early Pacific cultures and how travel was accomplished between distant points in the Pacific.
  91. 50 States and Capitals
    Course site.
  93. Your North American Quilt!
    Using the Web for regional research.
  94. GeoGame Project
  95. Current Hurricane Weather
  96. Burlington Iowa Public Library Mississippi River Sites
  97. Teaching With Technology Today -- Geography
  98. Global Perspectives World Geography
    A Geography course site.
  99. On The Road Again: A Geopolitical Survey of the United States
  100. Xpeditions @
    Major segments on: Mental Mapping, Places & Regions (Cultural Goggles), Physical Systems, Environment and Society and the Uses of Geography.
  101. AfricaQuest Secrets of Civilization
    "Following in the pedalsteps of the immensely popular MayaQuest program, online classrooms control each destination, participate in real-life spontaneous decisions, and interact with the expedition members. No learning experience conveys the sense of discovery like AfricaQuest."
  102. Welcome to TerraServer
    A huge repository of aerial photographs and satellite images taken from miles overhead that you can view and purchase. The view to the right is of Venice.
    A resource for teachers and students in search of original articles and information on a range of geography / geology related topics.
    An excellent interactive page.
  105. Mapping the World
    An excellent lesson, complete with student handouts, from the East Asian Studies Center, Indiana University. Other lessons in the series on the theme of "People, Places & Environment" include: Capital Connections, Mapping the World, China on a Globe, EAST BRIEF: Bring Reality into Effective Focus, Population and Area Comparison, Geography Baseball, Geography of Japan, Physical Geography of East Asia, World at Your Fingertips: Cartographic Skills.
  106. AN ONLINE GEOGRAPHY GAMES and QUIZ SITE? Geography Place Interactive Online Tutorials, Games and Quizes a
  107. IDEAS
  108. Geo Mystery
  109. Census Bureau -- New Items
  110. Geography Clip Art - Geography Net Links
  111. Geographia Homepage
    Showing a host of destination guides, with a current focus on Malaysia (" of Asia's most multicultural nations, ...listen to the world's oldest rain forest at night, sample the local fruit, or hang out in an Iban longhouse..."), The Islands of the Bahamas and Moscow.
  112. Current Cites (DL SunSITE)
    1990 to the present issue.
  113. Library of Congress / Federal Research Division / Country Studies / Area Handbook Series
  114. W3C/ANU - Demography & Population Studies WWW VL
  115. Welcome to Geo-Globe: Interactive Geography!
  116. GeoMystery
    Project and lesson to help students discover their "location" uniqueness by recording the physical and cultural landscape features of their neighborhood, community, state, and region.
  117. Welcome to the Greatest Places Online
    Enjoy the activity with the orange as a model of the earth. Graphics lead students through the steps in creating a globe map (They can eat most of the raw material as a treat). Offsite links then take students to expanded information on map projections and how people visualized (and photograph) the globe.
  118. Vocabularies: Thesaurus of Geographic Names
    Claims to contain nearly 1 million place names representing approximately 900,000 places, much of it contributed by several Getty projects,
  119. Geography - Welcome from The Mining Company
    Providing "...weekly articles about geography, annotated links to hundreds of the best sites for maps and geographical information, a glossary, weekly quizzes, a chat room for those interested in geography, and much more."
  120. The GEOGRAPHY Construction Site
    An excellent Canadian site designed for teachers.
  121. Using Literature to Teach Geography in High Schools
    Would student knowledge of the physical and cultural landscape of the "Grapes Of Wrath" enhance their appreciation?
  122. North Atlantic Treaty Organization
    Links to: Geographic Reference Information (Flags of the World, World Atlas, World Fact Book), Manuals (Administrator's Manual, User Concepts, User's Guide).
  123. Earth Balloon Information
    Commercial site.
  124. Digital Librarian: Railroads & Waterways
  125. The Forest Where We Live
    Regular visitors to this page are starting to pick up on some of my special interests. One is my love of trees (I seriously considered purchasing a HUD house in Gainsville, Florida simply because of a very impressive ancient tree in the backyard). This site examines the Benefits of City Trees, provides a page to calculate your "Carbon Debt" and a guide to what individuals can do. In some cases, this may be as simple as calling the local municipal government and requesting that a tree be planted in the parking area or collecting all those seedling that grow in the Spring from seeds and nuts planted by the local squirrel family. Soil and seedlings often collect in rain gutters.. Collect these and replant in the flower bed or garden or any convenient planting container.

    Speaking of trees, have your ever imagined what a stand of native white pines would look like? You might visit the Great Lakes Atlas - 3rd Edition and see the Logging and Forestry section. To bad a few of the virgin trees could not have been left for later generations to see...some of the white pines "...reached 60 metres (200 feet) in height, and a single tree could contain 10 cubic metres (6,000 board feet) of lumber."
    The site also presents a great deal of regional historical information. TOC: Physical Characteristics, Settlement, Exploitation, Industrialization, The Evolution of Great Lakes Management, Toxic Contaminants and the Great Lakes from an Ecosystem Perspective. The page also provide cultural and economic content on Native People, Settlement by Europeans, Agriculture. You can download a huge map of the region in 1885 or Coronelli's 1688 Map of Western New France: An Early Depiction of the Great Lakes. Good content stuff here...not a lot of flash and frills. For those who might be interested in a more general look at forests, view the fine map of World Forests.

  126. InFocus -- Floods!
  127. Historical and Cultural Geography
    University course site for K-12 teachers that uses National Standards for Geography as a basis for examining the historical and cultural geography of the world. A great resource for lesson ideas, and not just in the geography field!
  128. GeoGame Project
  129. Internet Resources for Geography and Geology
  131. Jewels of the Mekong
  132. CBO Documents - Studies & Reports
  133. PSB CoastWatch Effort
  134. SENEGAL
    Visit Senegal with a former Peace Corp member.
  135. The Christian Science Monitor presents The Caspian Sea Journey
  136. NOAA/PMEL/EPIC Home Page
    Winner of Federal Showcase Award at the Federal Webmaster's Workshop 1996
  137. NOAA/PMEL/TAO El Nino Theme Page
    Access point for distributed climate data and information related to the El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) phenomenum.
  138. GIGI: Natural Hazards
    Geographic Inquiry into Global Issues: Featured Lesson 2 -- Hong Kong: The Final 100 Days of a Crown Colony.
  139. Historical and Cultural Geography 354
    Education Projects and Research Papers.

  140. The North American Quilt: A Living Geography Project
    "Classrooms across Canada, the US and Mexico will become their own 'patch' in an online interdisciplinary study of North American geography. As they contribute their findings to the World Wide Web site, a growing "virtual quilt" of geography information on the continent becomes available to all. Topics of research and discussion will be led by moderators and expert guests, and will cover such areas as land features, wildlife, land use, human migration from Native Americans to the present, cultural make-up, artistic expression, etc. From the compiled, contributed material, each participating classroom can finish the project by creating its very own "quilt" of North America in the form of a geography book, a multimedia presentation, or a Web site of its own." Scheduled for 21 weeks, January 12 - June 6, 1998.

  141. CTI Centre for Geography, Geology and Meteorology: Virtual Fieldtrips
    Select from: Art Galleries, Environmental Sites, Fieldtrips to the UK (Europe, Asia, America), Geology Fieldtrips, Natural History Museums, Virtual Galleries, Virtual Libraries.
  142. Welcome to Geo-Globe: Interactive Geography!
    Description: Educational, interactive games based on world geography. Topics covered include the locations of countries, interesting landmarks, habitats and biomes, features of oceans and Earth's structure. Integrated links to many other sites provide immediate access to further information. Can be used for a few minutes, or for hours. Sections provided as downloadable files, for off-line use with a web browser. Geo-Globe: "Interactive Geography, a completely free geography resource, is a good jumping-off point for many kinds of explorations of the amazing complexity of the globe."

  143. Resources @
    A vast site, but you might try the Geography Lessons and Activities page to begin. I selected the 9-12 lessons and located lessons on: Fighting Cholera With Maps (Geography Themes: Location, Place, Human/Environment Interaction, Movement Geography Standards: 1, 3, and 17), Look! You’re Wearing Geography (Geography Themes: Location, Human/Environment Interaction, Movement, Regions, Geography Standards: 2 and 11), Mental Mapping (Geography Themes: Location, Place, Human/Environment Interaction, Movement, Regions and Geography Standards: 1, 2, and 6), Regions: A Hands-on Approach (Geography Themes: Regions and Geography Standards: 4, 5, and 6). Many of the lessons include some fine handouts for students.
  144. NCGIA Home Page
    Developes materials to " schools get off the ground in the use of GIS in the classroom." Looks like most of the products of the research are for sale...but the prices seem reasonable.
  145. W3C/ANU - Demography & Population Studies WWW VL
  146. Exploring Latitude and Longitude
    Another sample unit from the Triton project. Students are assigned to an Exploration Team to travel the globe to scout locations to film a new movie. Each team is given an all-terrain amphibious vehicle and must follow a parallel of latitude or a meridian of longitude around the world in order to explore the differences in weather, air temperature, rainfall, and water temperature.
  147. Carmen Sandiego Connection - Home Page
  148. GEOGRAPHY WORLD (graphics)
  149. Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers
    An international quarterly journal of geographical research.
  150. CPS Main Page
  151. FERRET Survey Form
    Ferret is a new tool to use for research on census data.
  152. On The Road Again: A Geopolitical Survey of the United States
  153. ArabNet -- Site Directory
  154. Countries & Continents
  155. The Arab World Web Pages
  156. NGS - National Geography Bee
    Meet the winner and see if you can answer the winning question. Then try the general quiz below.
  157. NGS - Geo Bee Quiz
  158. Population & Housing Unit Estimates
  159. Desert Journal
    Find information on almost any desert-related topic and journey through the desert with images, stories, pictures, video clips and virtual reality tours.
  160. Geography Home Page
  161. The World Factbook Master Home Page
  163. Over-Population Theme
  164. Postcard Geography
  165. Atlapedia Online
    Key information on every country of the world, each with facts and data on geography, climate, people, religion, language, history and economy.
  166. The University of Michigan Weather Underground
    Talking weather maps? Shocking weather around the globe. Shockwave required - naturally. Access to weather imagery, current conditions and forecasts, and curriculum actvities aimed at K-12 classrooms.
  167. Cultural Maps
    Maps "...serve as guides not only to the physical terrain but also and importantly as charts of the mapmaker's mental and cultural terrain, of the memories and desires, anxieties and assumptions he projects upon any terra incognita, we have begun building an historical geography of America." Site will soon feature graphs, charts, and images that represent abstract ideas and intangible feelings. Features territorial maps of the US from 1775 to 1920.
  168. Do You Know Your State Capitals?
    Frames needed - Site includes a clickable map of the US with state boundaries. Forms for testing your knowledge of state capitals... Correct answers provided....
  169. Atlas of Florida
    Sections on the Natural Environment, History and Culture, Population, Economy, Tourism and Recreation, Infrastructure and Planning. The section on population was especially large and comprehensive. No information yet in the "History" link. This will be an outstanding resource for information as the site is fleshed out and evolves.
  170. NGS - Geography Bee Explores the World
    Information on the National Geography Bee, with materials prepared by the National Geographic Society. "The contest is designed to encourage teachers to include geography in their classrooms, spark student interest in the subject, and increase public awareness about geography. For students in grades four through eight.
  171. AS@UVA Yellow Pages: Regional Studies
  172. Browse Images: Planetary Missions & Instruments
  173. The Canadian Geography Game 1996
    The Nov/Dec issue of Social Education features an excellent article and lesson set by Anita Allen, (A Journey on Three Rivers: The Nile, The Rhine, The Mississippi). This site, and others on the topic, could be added to the analysis and enhance the global dimensions and the diversity of topics that can be tied to the landscape of the great rivers. Some form of adventure/quest/treasure hunt activity could be associated with these rivers using the map generation software currently on many of the sites in the Geography section of the Main Menu and folding in your adaptation of the 36 great lessons (Contracts) from the Social Education article. I would bet that your students can find a selection of classes launching Email projects on each of those rivers, and on their on intitiatve, add a personal interactive dimension to their classroom learning. There is one unit, Rivers of Life on the Mississippi that you might visit.
  175. Expedition to Encanto
    Several Web pages generate maps based on input from visitors. Some provide a map of a specific area or location and others plot trip information from point to point. This site demonstrates the former and folds the map generated into a community exploration lesson. As an example of the latter , let's say you were awarded a three day trip to New Orleans and the Super Bowl as a prize. (It could happen!!) The catch is you must find the fastest auto route and use the three days in New Orleans to attend the game and as many other local attractions as possible. Winners in this exercise get to plan a trip to the great city of Green Bay to participate in the post game celebrations. How much does it cost to visit the Packer Hall of Fame? Hmmm.
  176. Carmen Sandiego - ACME Internet Headquarters
    Now offering extensive external links to World and US geography information. A fun site to explore.
  177. Poster Education
    Commercial site with an emphasis on Geography.
  178. NGS - Geography Education
  179. Anthropology and Geography Home Page
    Main page cycles the history of the continents from the past into the future and back.
  180. FGDC Manual of Federal Geographic Data Products - Table of Contents
  181. OneWorld Magazine: Deserts
    Presents the diversity and cultural richness of the world's deserts. A "...selection of articles, paintings, sculptures, poems and photographs of men and women who have been challenged by the uniqueness of a desert, defeated by its dimensions, rewarded by its remoteness."
  182. Landscapes
  183. Welcome to Geopedia: Online
  184. Great Basin Title Page
    Covers Archaeology, Archaic Life and Environments, Later Prehistoric Tribal Associations, Material Cultures, Social and Political Cultures, Spiritualism and Religion, Arts and Literatures, Post-Columbian History, Contemporary Issues, Bibliography.
  185. Ocean Remote Sensing Group Home Page and Color Landform Atlas of the United States.
  186. YPN: Living: Education: Social Studies: Review of Geography Page
    Review of the K-12 Geography page.
  187. 50 U.S. States & Capital Cities
  188. Geo USA from DOWNLOAD.COM
    Windows program that tests and teaches U.S. geography in an entirely visual way. Learn about state locations, capital cities, state birds, flowers, nicknames, and lakes and rivers, simply by clicking with your mouse.
  189. TMS Experimental Browser (Tiger Map Service)
    Offers an interactive map browser similar to the above. Defaults to Washington DC. The student can either type in the Latitude and Longitute or the name of the location. In a short time, the site presents a map of the area. Other levels of interactivity are presented at the site that students should enjoy. Information is presented on how the maps generated can be included in student documents and reports. Uses public geographic data to generates high-quality detailed maps of anywhere in the United States.
  190. GeoGame Project
    From the Global SchoolNet Foundation.
  191. GeoWeb Home Page
    Site for researchers studying methods and approaches to making digital geographic information and data more easily accessible GIS researchers and the general public.
  192. The Geographer's Craft Project
  193. Blackcomb Glaciers - Main
    Care and Maintence of Glaciers, plus almost everything else you need to know.
  194. This Human World: An Introduction to Geography
    Course site with strong historical/chronologocal themes.
  195. EXPLORES! Teacher's Guide
    Features a historical summary of each meteorological satellite launched by the U.S., K-12 Meteorological Outreach Programs, The EOS Educational Reference for Teachers, a Glossary of terms, Basic Skills, Background and Activities, Instructional activities to enhance meteorological knowledge, Global Change Resource Page, New Laboratory for Teaching and Learning and links "FOR KIDS ONLY!"
  196. CTI Centre for Geography, Geology and Meteorology Home Page
    Focus on collecting and organizeing seismological, geophysical, and geological datasets for the Middle East and North Africa into information system that is available on the Internet.
  197. Earth Foundation education, conservation, travel
  198. The Urban Institute -- Periodicals
  199. Vicinity Corporation's MapBlast!
    Simply type in your address for a custom map to form.
  200. Guyana
    Text, garphics, sound and animations...Have a nice trip!
  201. How To Use a Compass
  202. Nice Geography and GIS Servers
  203. Manual of Federal Geographic Data Products
  204. Ohio Geographic Alliance
    An excellent page with great links and organization.
  205. GISLinx
    Specifically devoted to Geographic Information Systems (GIS).
  206. ESRI homepage
    Offers a variety of resources to those interested in geography and geographic technologies and features free software, demos and geographic data.
  207. Countries and Oceans
  208. Online geography skills
  209. Coast to Coast Software Repository File Download - Ultimate Geography
    Download - IBM platform.
  211. GETP Internet Server
    Geographic Education and Technology Program. Be sure to visit the Academy Lesson Plans
    Geographic Education and Technology Program. Excellent source for geography lesson plans for all global areas. Many concepts used in the teaching of other subjects are sampled as well (example - the concept of CULTURE).
  212. World Population Figures
  213. Rivertown Introduction
    An interactive Web simulation of downtown revitalization of a fictional Rivertown. From the Urban and Regional Planning Program at EMU(Eastern Michigan University). Anyone with an Email address and Internet graphics capability can join.
  214. Publication Index -- 1990 Census
    To air Friday, April 26 (9:00 pm ET), but check your local listing.
    NCGE Remote Sensing Task Force
  217. EarthWatch Communications, Inc.
    [3-D Cloud Imagery] [International Imagery] [Global Line Data] [Special Effects] [3-D Skyline Images] [Severe Weather Imagery] [Terrain Data Examples] [High Resolution Imagery] [Hurricane Imagery].
  218. Geography
  219. Learning Tool - Geog, Culture, People
  220. Sense of Place (SnsPlace).
    Combines a comprehensive statistical database with a set of simple visualization techinques to allow students to gain an understanding of the characteristics of U.S. counties.
  221. The Geographer's Craft Project
    A host of information and links to tutorials on the craft of geography.
  222. CTI Centre for Geography, Geology and Meteorology: Resources
    Links to: Human and Physical Geography[Info], Cartography[Info], Environmental Resources[Info], GIS[Info], Remote Sensing[Info], Geology[Info], On-Line courses[Info], Place Information[Info].
  223. Internet Geography Tutorial : Homepage
    Notes about using the tutorial for teaching in your institution are available, including news about geography-related resources on the internet. Designed for British post-secondary students.
  224. Millennium Institute Home Page
  225. WSFO LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY: General Weather Education
  227. Geography Related Links
    From the Geography Department at Western Michigan University.
  228. Hurricane Bob
  229. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries
  230. "Population Index"
    Presents an annotated bibliography of recently published books, journal articles, working papers, and other materials on population topics.
  231. Views Of The Solar System
    Click on Table of Contents and you're on your way! INFORMATION
    Current weather information with excellent graphics - updated frequently.
  232. WorldVillage
    Includes a data reference program for information on the geography, people, government, economy, communications and defense forces for the nations of the world. Quiz game on Canada and a CIA Hypertext Demo and other interesting programs on site.
  235. GMU Geography Homepage
  236. INTELLiCast Home Page
    Weather information.
  237. NCDC Interactive Visualization of Climate Data
    Get/View Online Climate Data and Weather Observations.
  238. Geography
    The Hall of Geography.
  239. Exploring Satellite Oceanography
    Set of lesson plans for high school science students.
  240. Geospatial and Statistical Data Center
  241. Geographic Nameserver
  242. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) WWW Resource List
    This is a sizable listing maintained by Bruce M. Gittings and Anup Pradhan at the Department of Geography in the University of Edinburgh.
  243. Welcome to the Rainforest Action Network Home Page
  244. Mount St. Helens
  245. Island simulation
    A program which simulates the population of a newly created island by various plant species which migrate to the island by Greg Staples, a 6th grade teacher in Oconomowoc, WI
  246. The Schuylkill River
    Offers a playful "...exploration of the many topics related to the Schuylkill River and watersheds in general." A " ... just as much about Community as it is about Rivers - but then they always have gone together."
  247. GRASS info
    Geographic Resources Analysis Support System. Presents "...national-level GIS datasets for use in research, teaching, and other applications. The data covers the entire coterminuous United States and include raster (polygon), vector, and point data."
  248. Minnesota Alliance for Geographic Education
    See GeoLinks for some great K-12 resoruces. Current PopulationCurrent Population.

  249. NOAA Home Page
    Naional Oceanic Atmospheric Administration. Now with over 7,000 photos online. See the special page for educators.
  250. Tropical Rainforest of Surinam
    Resource for geography and biology. "The Tropical Rainforest In Surinam offers students of different levels a rich source of information and illustrations."
  251. California Geographical Survey
    Includes a Map Library, Census Data Archive, Cartographic Resources: Digital Map Bases, Department of Geography Homepage, and a link to the California State University Northridge.
  252. Image Earth
    See the sample chapters for A BOOK - 5 Coastal Watersheds of North America Produced with the New England Aquarium. Also see the Image Earth Maps & Illustrations (Gulf of Maine Watershed, Estuary in Context, Point Sources of Pollution, Haddock Distribution, Blue Mussels as Bioindicators) and a collection of images from "Collaborators" (High-Resolution Mapping,Digital Terrain Fly-thru's and 3D terrain visualization, True-color Aerial Photography of Coastal US, Internet Site and Interface Design).
  253. Hotlist: Geography
    The Geography hotlist from the Franklin Insititute.
  254. The Geographer's Craft Project
    This should be a special site for students who are serious about the study of geography and a possible career.
  255. Department of Geography, University of Texas at Austin
  256. Helping Your Child Learn Geography
  257. Hotlist: Geography
  258. The Geographer's Craft
    Do you want your students to learn to ask the kinds of questions scholars ask about their subject?
  259. NOAA/PMEL/TAO - What is an El Nino?
  260. Conservation OnLine, (CoOL)
    Stanford University - "...a full text library of conservation information, covering a wide spectrum of topics of interest to those involved with the conservation of library, archives and museum materials."
  261. USA CityLink
    A comprehensive listing of states and cities that have Web sites. Claims to have "...the Internet's most comprehensive listing of U.S. States and Cities offering information on travel, tourism and relocation.
  262. Excite Travel
    Global cities on the Web.
  263. Geography and GIS Resources
    Links to geographic and map resources -- Starting Points.
  2. Mapping Crime Principle and Practice
    Download the entire publication in PDF (3.46 MB) or view online in segments that include: Context and Concepts, What Crime Maps Do and How They Do It, Maps That Speak to the Issues, Mapping Crime and Geographic Information Systems, Synthesis and Applications, Crime Mapping Futures, References and Internet Resources for Crime Mapping. Suggestion - view a segment or two before deciding on a full download.
  3. Finding Your Way Into The Millennium
    Try the "Map Maker" link for lessons on map making fundamentals and a lesson on how "To Outfox the Red Fox."
  4. The Map Making Project -- Introduction
  5. CGRER NetSurfing: Maps and References
  6. Cartography - Calendar of Exhibitions
  7. Cartographica Home Page
  8. *The Map Guide!* - Map links to World, Country and more maps
  9. USGS: Finding Your Way with Map and Compass
  10. carto
    Fundamentals of cartography.
  11. MAGIC: Maps from The English Patient
    Maps and literature? You bet! here is a starter/idea page.
  12. Advanced Digital Cartography Final Projects
    I browsed some of the final projects for the course.. The first, (Jeff Sitler's) "National Park Trips" presents a map of the Washington DC area with the assumption that people living in the area might want a get-away.
  13. Daily U.S. Streamflow Map
    One of the newer maps from the U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey.
  14. Mapping the National Parks
  15. National Atlas - Canadian Communities Atlas<
    I like the menu graphics!
  16. Centre for Topographic Information - Canadian Topographic Maps
    Provides "...topographic and toponymic information to support the sustainable development of natural resources, environmental protection and the management of Canadian territory."
  17. Welcome to the Cartographic Section
    United Nations page.
  18. Welcome to the Cartographic Section
    UN site with more than 100 General Maps, Peacekeeping or Deployment Maps and general resources and geographic information.
  19. CGRER NetSurfing: Maps and References
  20. Atlapedia Online
    Color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.
  21. Welcome to States_maps
  22. CGRER NetSurfing: Maps and References
  23. Mercator's World: The Magazine of Maps, Exploration, and Discovery
  24. CyberAtlas
    Think you have found the greatest online atlas? Bet you haven't visited here,...
  25. Bodleian Library Map Room - The Map Case
  26. Maps Online
    Great collection of Maps that are free to download and use.
  27. Maps: Different Ways to Show the Same Things
    With a reproducible student sheet.
  28. Over the River and Through the Wood....
    The students will use the Internet to learn basic map skills. They will read about the different ways cartographers display information. After completing a series of mapping lessons the students will read My Place by Nadia Wheatley and Donna Rawlins, the 1988 Book of the Year in Australia, which contains a series of personal maps drawn over a period of 200 years depicting change in one neighborhood in Australia.
  29. 3G on W3: The Great Globe Gallery
  30. The Most Colorful Math of All
    Map Coloring: The Big Picture.
  31. MRC Library Subject Webliography - Maps
  32. Atlas of the World
  33. Virtual Tourist - Europe
    A clickable European map provides access to country maps, regions and cities.
  34. FEEFHS MAP ROOM - Background and MAP INDEX
    Historic Central and Eastern Europe.. Maps of Russia, with most from the 1880s.
  35. Outline Maps
    A large selection (no color) of free maps.
  36. "A Graphic Maps" collection
    A collection of "...original cartography including cities, continents, countries, exotic travel destinations, globes, flags and world atlas images." Images can be used by anyone and are free of charge.. Categories include: continents, countries, flags, globes, USA images and world images.
  37. Graphic Map's Continent Images, Page (4) of Nine
  38. Home Page - The National Atlas of the United States of America
  39. CGRER NetSurfing: Maps and References
  40. Welcome to the San Diego / Tijuana Interactive Atlas
    Just select a topic and options 1-3 and then click on "Make a Map." I tried a comparison of the default map (children under 5) with a map of "over 65". The possible combinations of options are very large, and different groups of students sent to the site could all be assigned (or choose) different research agendas... One of the more creative geography sites I have seen.
  41. The Electronic Map Library
    Bill Bowen's Atlas of the United States, California, New York City, Washington D.C., Boston, Metropolitan Los Angeles County and (soon) Chicago and Cook County, Illinois.
  42. How far is it?
    Find the latitude and longitude of two places, and then calculate the distance between them. It also provides a map showing the two places, using the Xerox PARC Map Server.
    National Imagery and Mapping Agency. See the Educational Resource Page for lessons/materials on:
  44. USGS Mapping Information: Educational Resources
    U.S. Geological Survey Resource. Lessons: Map Adventures (grades K-3), What Do Maps Show (grades 4-8) and Exploring Maps (grades 7-12). Other resources include: Satellite Images of Environmental Change, a collection of satellite images showing how the environment has changed over the last 20 years. "The effects of droughts, fires, deforestation, urbanization, irrigation, desertification, and other natural and anthropogenic events can be detected, measured, and analyzed using satellite data. The accompanying text is aimed at the general public. Parents will like the Helping Your Child Learn Geography (grades K-5) section, which provides practical ideas for teaching children simple concepts in geography. The page also links to an extended explanation of GIS technology and how it can be applied.
  45. Earth 2 U
    A page for children (and parents with fast modems and some time).
  46. World Factbook (1996) - Reference Maps
  47. Maps: We'd Be Lost Without 'Em!
    High School level lesson, with links to Web resources.
  48. Oddens's Bookmarks
    One of the best collection of map resources available.
  49. The Ryhiner Project
    More than 15,000 maps, charts, plans and views from the 16th to the 18th century, global is scope.
  50. USGS: What Do Maps Show
  51. Atlas of the World
  52. Color Landform Atlas of the United States
  53. Maps Online
    Large collection of maps (some historical) that can be downloaded, printed and used for personal use (although under copyright -- for use in the the classroom or home - your personal use in activities, reports, or stories).
  54. Map Machine: Atlas @
  55. Map-Related Web Sites
    Updated listing from The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection at the University of Texas at Austin.
  56. Maps On Us: A Map, Route and Yellow Pages Service
  57. Great Lakes Map Server
  58. Welcome to MapArt by Cartesia
  59. MapWorld Magazine
  60. Panoramic Maps Collection
    Non-photographic representations of cities, usually shown from above at an oblique angle.
  61. Cartography
    Indiana State University. Includes an Introduction to Cartography, Cartographic Examples, University Sites, Map Related Government, Libraries and Commercial Sites.
  62. Neighborhood MapMachine Online Museum
    Commercial site (Tom Snyder), showcase for a few examples of maps made with the current software by students. Current Webpages can create a map online with input of Zip and address information. This site might provide some ideas on icons and symbols that could be created and added to student maps. Posting maps with exact location of student homes raises some safety issues.
  63. US maps
  64. Understanding Maps
    Teaching packets for grades K-3, 5-8 and 7-12, each with the required student and Teachers Guide.
  65. Cartographic Images Home Page
    History of Mapmaking, with images from all periods. Nice collection of other related links at the end of the page.
  66. The Mathematics of Cartography
  67. NGS - Map Machine
    National Geographic site -- and very professional.
  68. Vicinity MapBlast! Map Launcher Page
  69. Map Madness
  70. Maps and Cartography
  71. ChartWrite - Links
    Self-extractimg demo's and maps.
  72. Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me a Map
  73. Mapping The World By Heart Home Page
  74. Political Maps
  75. Osher Map Library
    Featuring a new nline exhibit -- The Cartographic Creation of New England, which chronicles the effects of European exploration and settlement in north-eastern North America. If you have not visited the site previously, be sure to see "Jerusalem 3000: Three Millennia of History" or "The Basel 1494 (illustrated) edition of Christopher Columbus's letter announcing the success of his first voyage to 'the Indies'.
  76. National Spatial Database
    The data originates from census information, remote sensing studies, data collected at specific points/stations and is related to several themes related to the understanding of cultural resources -- archeological site distribution, climate, tree-ring, pollen studies, vegetation, agriculture and population.
  77. MapQuest! Interactive Atlas - View
  78. MapInfo Map Database Software
    See the for a map of the Mined areas of Bosnia.
  79. ReliefWeb Map Center
    A project of the United Nations Department of Humanitarian Affairs (DHA). Excellent maps.
  80. @MAGELLAN Geographix - Digital Maps and Cartograpy
    See "Maps in the News" for some good current event maps, with an archive of about a month. This is a fine resource for teachers who require current events reports with maps. The site also has an Online Atlas -- a massive collection of maps of all areas of the world which can be used for personal or company internal use. I would guess that this includes a LAN in an educational setting, but contact the company regarding educational use. A small gif of the area is presented first, and the larger full maps have the company watermark applied.
  81. CGRER NetSurfing: Maps and References
  83. Mercator's World Home Page
  84. National Schoolnet Atlas - L'Atlas du réseau scolaire national
    Bilingual Canadian site with geographic focus. "Interactive Learning About Canada and its Communities." Includes an atlas of communities, a name finder, topics and issues, teacher's guides..and more.
  85. CGRER NetSurfing: Maps and References
  86. Area Accurate Map / The Peters Projection
  87. EROS home page
    Just browsing, I clicked on "Temporal Urban Mapping" which links to a page called "Temporal Mapping and Spatial Analysis of Land Transformation Due to Urban Development" and a series of maps of the same area dated 1792, 1900, 1950 and 1992. The site will display "...a historical perspective of urban development by combining a variety of data sources into an integrated, multi-scale, and multi-resolution database. The database provides the baseline information to model and predict regional patterns of urbanization.'
  88. Color Landform Atlas of the United States
  89. IMTA Home Page
    Organization that publishes and sells maps and related products.
  90. Directory of /ATLAS.US
    Assign students to research the reasons for the current Black population distribution.
  91. Making Maps Easy to Read
    Topics include: Depicting a Surface on a Map, Map Typography, Eye Movements & Maps and Other Map Symbols.
  92. The Map Store Home Page
    Great travel services... Enter an address or street intersection anywhere in the US and receive a map showing the location of the three closest ATM's. Zoom feature.
  94. Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) Grid Overlay
  95. Color Landform Atlas of the United States
  96. Online Map Creation
    Draw simple maps interactively. Produces a Postscript and gif version to download. Visit the site and determine what information (latitude..etc) you will need for your creation.
  97. Online Map Creation - Alternate
  98. Clickable State Maps
    Downloadable versions available with instructions for use. The map graphics and boundary files on this site were adapated from those created by the Bureau of the Census and are stored in *.gif files and boundary files are stored in*.map files. NCSA provides a Tutorial on Imagemaps that might be useful.
  99. Virtual Tourist II World Map
  100. Maps used in VT and VT2
    Looking for a map of an area in the U.S? This source offers three choices for all areas - clean, labelled or imagemap that can be downloaded.
  101. Out of This World Exhibition
    The Golden Age of the Celestial Atlas: An Exhibition of Rare Books from the Collection of the Linda Hall Library.
  102. Map Libraries
    Global listing.
  103. GeoCities - Create a Map With Proximus!
  104. Office of Population Research, Princeton University
    Back issues of Population Index from 1986-96. Browse the entire collection issue by issue and search the published database by author, subject matter, geographical region and year of publication. A World Population Clock shows current estimates of the population of the earth according to the U.S. Census Bureau.
  105. Yahoo Map Site
    This amazing site can pinpoint your location (with an address and zip code) in a matter of seconds. It places a red "X" at the street address you have listed.
  106. Earth Observation Magazine
    About and for professionals working in the varied disciplines of the geotechnology or geomatics field (Remote Sensing, Mapping, Global Positioning Systems, Geographic Information Systems, Photogrammetry, and Surveying).
  107. MapQuest! Welcome!
  108. 451f
    Site index on "forms" format...A click on geogrpaphy brings a suprise tutorial on making maps easier to read.
  109. Virtual Map - New York and Boston
  110. James Ford Bell Map Collection
    Selected maps online.
  111. The History of Cartography Project
  112. Data Maps
    From the Census Bureau
  113. PCL Map Collection
    Over 230,000 maps brought to you from the University of Texas-Austin, see "Maps of Current Interest" (exampls -- Chechen, Russia) and "Other Map Related Sites" (which gives a very compreshensive listing of map resources available on the Internet). Maps of major cities in the world are also included. Also, see "Electronic Cartographic Reference Resources" for some basic information about map projections and conventions.
  115. How far is it?
    Mileage marker maker figures out the distance between two cities by typing in point A and point B.
  116. DeLorme Mapping: Maps in the News
  117. Making Maps Easy To Read
    Research on cartographic communication. Links to: Relief: Depicting a Surface on a Map, Map Typography, Eye Movements & Maps and Other Map Symbols.
  118. The Great Globe Gallery
    Almost 50 different views of the world or parts of it.. A great source of visual information. Nice starter collection of historic maps.
  119. Map Room
  120. Understanding Maps
    Understanding Map and Scale
  121. Zbigniew Zwolinski's Globe
  122. AGU Web Site: Reconstructing Past Global Change in Western North America (EiS)
  123. What Do Maps Show - Teacher background
    Four map lessons for Middle grades.
  124. Cartography
  125. Historic maps of the Netherlands
  126. Cartography Resources on the Web
  127. Fall 1995 maps
    Student maps, produced in Introductory Cartography courses at GMU (Geog 310). Take your "visual" students here for a real treat.
  128. The History of Cartography Project
    Volume 2.3: Cartography in the Traditional African, American, Arctic, Australian, and Pacific Societies.
  129. Map Maker - Free GIS for Windows
    Free GIS for Windows. Map Maker is a simple Geographical Information System (GIS) designed to allow non-expert users to create and manipulate maps on basic personal computers.
  130. Multi-Scale Maps
    It was difficult to leave this site, as the inteface allows constant adjustment and inteaction.
  131. PEDAGEoG software for Geography
    PEDAGEoG software for Geography classes. Satellie Image Sampler CD-ROM and Satellite Image Gallery. FREE downloads.
  132. Zero Population Growth
    The latest news on population, Legislative Update, Curriculum materials for K-12, Population statistics.
  133. National Geographic Video Collection
  134. Finding Your Way with Map and Compass
    The U.S.G.S. has created this page to describe different types of maps and their uses. Site explains concept of scale. Users also learn about compasses and how they should be used.
  135. The Virginia County Interactive Mapper Map Creation Form
  136. NOAA/PMEL TAO Home Page
    Color maps of ocean temperatures and wind speed. Also information on oceanography, construction of buoys, and El Nino.
  137. DeLorme Mapping Samples
    Maps in the News, Samples from CD-Rom sources, Custom Data Sets.
  138. The Geo-Images Project home page
  139. Desert and Desertification Project 1995-1996
  140. ZipZapMap! USA
    Free demo to test your skills at US geography.
  141. ETOPO-5 Map Generator
  142. Pilot - Cartographic Records
    Part of the British Columbia Archives and Records Service.
  143. Heritage Map Museum Home Page
    15th to 19th Century Original Antique Maps.
  144. Country maps from W3 servers in Europe
    Presents flag icons for major nations of Europe. I clicked on France and was taken to a site that provided an imagemap of France with all of the regions. Clicking on the region brought a map of that region. The only problems is the speed of the servers.. You need to be patient for some of the nations...
  145. Hargarett Library - Rare Map Collection
    Rare maps from 1600-1870...850 total...count them!
  146. Xerox PARC Map Viewer: world 0.00N 0.00E (1.0X)
    This server presents a map of the world. By clicking on a portion of the globe, the browser can generate a larger and larger map of any area desired. Thus, it is possible to obtain an interactively generated map of the desired location and of the approximate size desired. Teachers might use this site to generate outline maps of a region, since most graphical browsers can isolate the image (Netscape does it with a pull-down menu genereated with a right mouse click) and retrieve it for downloading. Suggest you contact the webmaster of the site on using images for educational purposes.
  147. GeoWeb Map Server
    Zoom in and out to display map information on the U.S. Very interactive because it generates maps on demand and on the site while the viewer watches.
  148. National Schoolnet Atlas
    Key Links: Atlas of Canadian Communities, Create a map, Find a Geographical Name, Hot Topics/Issues, National Atlas of Canada, Try your Knowledge About Canada, Facts about Canada, Teacher's Guide.
  149. Maps of the Americas
  150. Mapware
    Workable demo available soon.
  151. Greece
    One of the best examples of a map as a "clickable" image. The use of symbols on the map simplifies the task of the viewer/browser. Does anyone know of other sites that showcases this method of providing interactivy?
  152. Mapping the World and the Heavens
    Links to a Ptolemy World Map (c.150 A.D.), Psalter Map (C. 1250), Dante Alighieri (15th-century) Adreas Cellarius (1660), Sir John Flamsteed and World Geological Map (1849).
  153. Historical Map Repository
    Thumb-nail or full size historical maps.
  154. Current Weather Maps/Movies
  1. CAW | Tracking the Changing West
    Providing information on the economic, demographic, and ecological changes under way in the American West.
  2. EE Link: EE-Link Introduction
    Environmental Education Resources on the Internet.
  3. Foul Water
  4. Global Environmental Change: Risky Choices, Soft Disasters
    Key lessons on the topic of environmental decision-making. The site is organized around five questions:
    1. What is the environment worth?
    2. New uncertainties, new risks, new science?
    3. Environmental decisions: who knows best?
    4. When do people trust policy-makers?
    5. Avoiding soft disasters: new approaches for environmental decision-making
  5. John James Audubon: Works Viewable on the Internet
  6. Earthwatch Global Classroom
  7. Ansel Adams: An American icon, ENN Features -- 11/2/1999
    See the link "Heroes for the Planet named by Time" also.
  8. The Ecotopia Project: Earth Restoration, Neighborhood by Neighborhood
    Learn how to participate in transforming your neighborhood, city or town into a working ecological community.
  9. Environmental Literacy Council
  10. The Nation's Conservation Districts working for a sustainable environment.
    NACD develops national conservation policies, influences lawmakers and builds partnerships with other agencies and organizations. NACD also provides services to its districts to help them share ideas in order to better serve their local communities.
  11. Heroes for the Planet
    With features that include: Heroes Gallery, Photo Essays, Eco Challenge, Green Gallery, Eco House, Map Room, Live Events, Web Resources, News & Archives Timeline. The timeline presents Milestones In Environmental History from 1769 to 1997. Load of past article on the environment from past issues in the archive link.
  12. Earth Balloon - Earth Awareness Program
  13. Project Learning Tree
    An interdisciplinary environmental education program for educators working with students in PreK through grade 12.
  14. The Dragonfly Museum Tour of Environmental Education
    Featuring a very large collection of lessons on the environment and resouce categories of: Environmental Education, EE Lesson Plans, EE Links, EE Resources, Biodiversity, Journals, Prairies, Rivers, Woods & Wildlife, Energy Education, Resources.
  15. Outside Online: Eco News
  16. CalPhotos: California Plants & Habitats
  17. EconEdLink - EconomicsMinute
  18. Missouri Geographic Alliance Lessons- Becoming a Wilderness "Eggs-pert"
  19. U.S. Long Term Ecological Research Network
    Scientists and students investigate ecological processes "...operating at long time scales and over broad spatial scales."
  20. Sustainable Urban Landscape Information Series
    "The key to creating a sustainable landscape is understanding that the design process should be considered first. Plant selection, implementation, and maintenance build on the design process, each having sustainability as a major consideration."
    Visiting this site reminded me of an excellent book I read recently -- The Man Who Planted Trees, by Jean Giono (Chelsea Green Publishing Company, 1985 -- Book cover to right). It tells the success story of an aged resident of the Alps who began the reforestation of a region near the start of the 20th Century, and how this long term effort transformed the human and natural environment.
  21. American Environmental Photographs (American Memory, Library of Congress)
    Showing "...approximately 4,500 photographs documenting natural environments, ecologies, and plant communities in the United States at the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth century. Produced between 1891 and 1936 by a group of American botanists generally regarded as one of the most influential in the development of modern ecological studies..."

    George L. Mountainlion -- Born February 1952, Died March 8,1955

    I freely give all sights and sounds of nature I have known to those who have the grace to enjoy not man-made materialism but God-made beauty.

    The magnificent Arizona sunsets I have watched from my enclosure, I bequeath to all who see not only with their eyes but with their hearts.

    To humans who are tired, worried or discouraged, I bequeath the silence, majesty and peace of the Great American Desert.

    To those walk the trails, I bequeath the early morning voices of the birds and the glory of the flowering desert in the Springtime.

    To the children who have enjoyed seeing me purr, and watching me turn my somersaults, I offer the precious gift of laughter and joy. The world so needs these things.

    And lastly, I bequeath my own happy spirit and affection for others, to all who may remember me and my museum where for three years, I did my best to show people that I truly liked them.

    (From an inscription at the Tucson Desert Museum)

  22. The Florida Center For Environmental Studies' Home Page
    Florida is in the news because of efforts to convert land back to its original character. This site represents the ten Universities of the Florida State University System and was "...created to synthesize and communicate knowledge in the management of Florida ecosystems and other tropical and sub-tropical water dominated freshwater and estuarine ecosystems worldwide."
  23. NEETF - The National Environmental Education and Training Foundation
  24. The Not So Big House
    Is is time for the Not So Big House? "It's time for a different kind of house. A house that is more than square footage; a house that is not so big, where each room is in use every day. A house with a floorplan inspired by our informal lifestyle instead of the way our grandparents lived. A house for the future that embraces a few well-worn concepts from the past. A house that expresses our values and our personalities, filled with special details and designed to accommodate the lifestyles of its occupants. You can download the first chapter of the book in PDF format (1.4 MB). While were on the topic, visit the Home Energy Saver and read the International Energy Outlook 1999, which informs on world trends in energy demand from 1970 to 1996.
  25. Natural History and Ecology of Homo Sapiens
  26. Human Populations Studies
    Ever think of sending your students to the local cemetery to gather information on the past? Here is a lesson that will sharpen their data collection and math skills (see a sample graph to the right). Have them take crayons and large sheets of paper for some sample rubbings.
  27. Goddess of Garbage, Carol A. Tanzi
    Carol provides instructions and photos on how to make projects out of recycled materials. See WEE WORDS FROM A LEPRECHAUN: A decoration for your desk to celebrate St. Patrick's Day. A rock, ribbon, gold coin, a shamrock and a handmade scroll makes a "green" paper weight so you can kiss the Blarney Stone everyday.
  28. AMPT Radio
    Playing "The Environmental Movement."
  29. 10 years After the Valdez Oil Spill: An Environmental Update
  30. British Library Map Collections
  31. Map History / History of Cartography - old maps, early maps - Welcome
  32. BULLFROG FILMS 1-800-543-3764: Environmental and Educational Videos
  33. An Atlas of Biodiversity - Chicago Wilderness
    This page is excellent, from its attractive splash page to the no-nonsense PDF file in the content. The huge atlas is broken into segments on: Geology of the Chicago Wilderness Region (1.5Mb), Living Communities Prairies (1.4Mb), Birds, Butterflies and Moths, Big Grazers and Herps (0.3Mb), Wooded Communities Introduction, Savannas, Open Woodlands, Flatwoods, Forests Birds, Squirels, Herps (1.5Mb), Wetlands Marshes and Shrub swamps, Sedge meadows, Fens, Bogs, Insects, Birds, Mammals, Herps (1.7Mb), Still Waters Lakes and Ponds Moving Waters Streams and Rivers, Dunes, Lake Michigan (1.3Mb), People on the Land Native Americans, Settlement, Forest Preserves, Restoration and Management (1.5Mb) and Appendices and Index Organizations, Further Reading, Credits, Index, Species Index (0.4Mb).
  34. Great Lakes Environment - USEPA
  35. The Florida Center For Environmental Studies' Home Page
    Florida is in the news because of efforts to convert land back to its original character. This site represents the ten Universities of the Florida State University System and was "...created to synthesize and communicate knowledge in the management of Florida ecosystems and other tropical and sub-tropical water dominated freshwater and estuarine ecosystems worldwide."
  36. Syllabi and Teaching Resources
    For University Courses in Literature and Environment. Although too focused for the usual coarses in secondary schools, this site will provide ample information and examples of how the use the theme of "environment" in literature classes. The site provides a good listing of other sites with resources on the environment and environmental history.
  37. Baileys' Eco-Regions (July 1995)
    On-line version of a study originally published in 1978 to provide a general description of the ecosystem geography of the Nation as shown on the 1976 map "Ecoregions of the United States." Part of the Forest Service's National Hierarchical Framework of Ecological Units (ECOMAP 1993) that have been adopted for use in ecosystem management.
  38. The Environment
  39. 500 Day Event: Day 5
    World Wildlife Organization. Take the Pledge and get a free screensaver.
  40. Action Kit: Homepage
  41. The Earth Times Daily Web Edition: Environment, business, health
  42. Prairie Geomatics
    Program schedule, essay of the month, peter's garden, ecology club, feature program, letters, links.
  43. Earthwatch Project Results
  44. Geography - Welcome from The Mining Co.
  45. Autosteel: Recycling Steel
  46. Exhibits Collection -- Garbage
    Learn how waste is handled now and why some communities are doing it better. Test your knowledge about hazardous waste.
  47. Millennium Eco-Communities on The Green Lane
  48. EnviroLink Home Page
  49. PLT
    A interdisciplinary environmental education program for educators and K-12 students, with a mission to spread information and ideas that will help teachrers to explore the environment and investigate current issues with students.
  50. geo98
  51. 6 billion Human Beings
    Very creative and interactive... You will likely go through the entire page...
  52. PlanetDiary
    "PlanetDiary records the events and phenomena that affect Earth and its residents. Every week, this site presents geological, astronomical, meteorological, biological, and environmental news from around the globe."
  53. Development Education Program: Education for Sustainable Development
    Explore the "Learning Modual" link for three major units/lessons in the area. These are very compreshensive units with excellent support materials in the form of maps, graphs and tables.
  54. Global Response - A Letter Writing Network
  55. Wild Ones Handbook: A Voice For The Natural Landscaping Movement
    From buying seeds to dealing with neighbors, this site presents it all in a organizied and pleasing manner. The site also presents a philosophy on proper land use.. See if your students can pick up on it...
  56. Columbia River Basin
    "Rivers Run Through It." From the Bureau of Land Management Environmental Education Homepage.
  57. Wisconsin Conservation Corps
  58. Tracking the Tiger Trade
    Excellent interactive hunt for poachers in India. Learn about the economics and geographics of the sale of tiger parts.
  59. The Consumer Recycling Guide
    Includes links to state/local recycling sites. I selected the Madison, WI. site and found several pages of well organized information. Especially interesting was a page of suggestions on how to reduce the influx of junk mail. Texas has some interesting pages, but locals where I am currently visiting still use their old motor oil to discourage termits and weeds along foundations and fences.
  60. NMEN: A Free Recycling Marketplace
  61. The Consumer Recycling Resources Guide
    Information on recycling in the USA. The information is for regular folks with household quantities of materials to recycle.
  62. Welcome to OCEANIC

    Interested in a 1000 pound lowland gorilla to help you teach?

  63. Ishmael's Companion The history of this site began in 1989, when Ted Turner created a $500,000 fellowship to be awarded to a work of fiction offering positive solutions to global problems. The winner was Daniel Quinn's Ishmael's Companion, "...a Socratic journey that explores the most challenging problem humankind has ever faced: How to save the world from ourselves. The leading character of the book is a 1000 pound lowland gorilla named Ishmael, a creature uniquely placed to vision anew the human story."

    The Companion Site to the book offers materials for teachers, including teachers of World History (Ishmael's Use in World History). The support site TOC offers: The course and students, Why Ishmael?, Class activity, Skills, Assessment, Student response. The Index provides links to how the book is used in other subjects.

  64. Welcome to the Bnetwork: Are you B?
    Once you finish Ishmael, you need to explore "B."

  65. The B Companion: Resources for B

  66. For whom are you looking? B?
  67. Environmental Education and Environmental Reporting Network
    Providing a Teacher Web Guide, Teacher Resources, a Notice Board and links to Schools Environmental Web.
  68. EPA-RTP Library Services: EPA Resources of Interest
  69. A R C O S A N T I
    Will architecture and ecology live happily ever after? Visit this site for a view of a possible future.
  70. The Earth Times Daily Web Edition
    News on the environment, sustainable development and current affairs from Africa, The America's, Asia and Europe.
  71. Ocean Pollution and Solutions
    This unit is anchored in seventh grade Language Arts and Social Studies. The unit can easily be extended to any grade as well as to a variety of subjects.
  72. Conservation-Based Development
  73. Earth Island
    SeeReThink Paper...The Paperless Times for information on a Network of environmental activists, scientists, and paper-industry experts working to achieve ecological sustainability in the U.S. pulp and paper market.
  74. National Audubon Society
  75. Environmental Protection Agency WWW Server.
    SeeWelcome to Recycle City, American Heritage Rivers, and links to US EPA Office of Air and Radiation,
    especially "Current Topics": Ozone Layer | Acid Rain | Automobiles | Indoor Air | Urban Air | Air Toxics | Radiation | Pollution Prevention.
  76. EPA Economy and Environment
    "This program carries out research and analyses of the interactions and relationships between the economy and environmental pollution control as well as other aspects of environmental economics. This includes determining the economic benefits and costs of pollution control, the use of economic incentives for pollution control, and the size, composition, and impacts of the pollution control industry."
  77. EPA's Surf Your Watershed
  78. The Exploring The Environment Home Page
    From the LIFE HERO OF THE WEEK series.
  80. RiverResource
    Gateway to internet exploration where students of rivers can explore valuable river resources.
  81. The Solar Cooking Archive
  82. The Internet Consumer Recycling Guide
  83. Welcome to San Francisco Recycling Program
    Lessons (Animals, Waste, Plants, Air, Energy, Biodiversity, Water and Wetlands).
  84. Environmental Education at the BLM
  85. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Revise, Respond
  86. Give Water A Hand Homepage
  87. Global Rivers Environmental Education Network
    From the Institute of Global Education.
  89. Give Water A Hand Homepage
    Designed to interest students (ages 9-14) in environmental community service. A Youth Action Guide includes "...instructions on how to investigate local watershed issues, work with local natural resources experts, and how to identify, plan, and carry out a community service project." A teachers guide provides information necessary to adapt the program to different settings.
  90. Bureau of Land Management Environmental Education Programs
  91. Restoring Nature
    Student products of a seminar on attempts to restore ecological systems. Teachers in Wisconsin will find many of the pages interesting and informative.
  92. US Environmental/Recycling Hotline
  93. 101 Uses -- Contents
    Behind all the practical suggestions is the goal of reducing garbage by 50%.
  94. Population Ecology Home Page
  95. Sustainable Urban Design and Climate
  96. WRI: Environmental Education Page
    Offers lesson plans, graphs, maps, and data on current environmental topics. These include biological diversity, climate change, deforestation, and urban environmental issues. A click on "teacher guides" takes you to a page with the following lessons: Biodiversity, Natural Resource, Economics, Two Giants: China and India, Car Trouble, Oceans and Coasts, Watershed Pollution, Citizen Action, Population, Poverty, and Land Degradation, Women, Equity, and Sustainable Development, Energy, Atmosphere and Climate.
  97. Wisconsin Energy - Your Partner
  98. Policy Instruments Database
    Online browsing and searching of full text, summaries, and status of treaties and other international agreements related to global environmental change.
  99. CIESIN Home Page
    Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network. A vast collection of data, TOC: Interactive Applications, Metadata Resources, Data Resources, Information Systems and Resources, Information Cooperative, Education and Training (see annotation below), Services, Programs.
  100. US Demography -- CIESIN's Data Resources
    After visiting here, jump over to the Census site and download The Demographic State of the Nation - 1997.
  101. CIESIN - Classroom Earth - Home Page
    See "The Kaho`olawe Surveyor" for information on obtaining the free CD of the study of the island of Kaho`olawe, which was used as a target for gunnery and bombing practice by the United States for many years. "How the cleanup and the stewardship of Kaho`olawe are handled in the next few years will have a strong and lasting impact on Hawaiian youth. However, young people everywhere can learn how human activities may affect the environment and how the deleterious effects of some of these activities may be better understood, and in some cases reversed, using geographic data and information." The CD-ROM was designed to use georeferenced data to aid in understanding "...some of the history, physical processes, and remediation requirements needed to prepare the island for its ultimate use by the people of Hawai`i..." and "... to allow teacher and student to explore the possibilities that lie ahead for the island..."
  102. "Small Area Populations for the United States"
    Example of link on above page. Although the full maps are great...this thumbnail page fails to provide lables for the small graphics...It is becomes necessary to click on the images to see what area is shown. Naturally, this defeats the purpose of having the thumbnails.
  103. Population and Human Development
    Charts and maps on: World Population Growth, UN Population Projections, Age and Sex Distribution, Developing Countries, Age and Sex Distribution, Industrialized Countries, Total Fertility Rate (Map), Population Growth Rate (Map), Population Density (Map), Fertility Rates and Female Literacy, Female Literacy as a Percentage of Male Literacy (Map), Contraceptive Use, Child Mortality Rate (Map), Daily Calories Per Capita (Map).
  104. The Environmental Protection: Global Environmental Issues,
  105. The Rachel Carson Homestead
    "Silent Spring warned of the dangers of indiscriminate pesticide use and established Carson as one of the most important environmental activists in history."
  107. EE-Link
    Environmental Education on the Internet -- a resource designed to support students, teachers and professionals that support the K-12 environmental education. See the "What's New listing for a feel for how active this site is...The site contains Internet based school projects, classroom activities and lesson plans and a host of other information. Sample list:Collected Activities on Many Topics, Agriculture and Sustainable Development, Air Quality and Climate Change, Water Quality, Ecosystems and Conservation, Energy, Ecology and Wildlife, Toxics and Waste Management,
  108. Green & Growing Environmental Education Project's Home Page
    Online version of "From the Ground Up" with five lessons on line.
  109. Earth Day Online
  110. John Muir Exhibit (John Muir Education Project, Sierra Club California)
  111. Directory of Environmental Resources on the Internet
  112. SEEL Subject Area - Plants and Sustainable Agriculture
  113. Agricultural & Biosystems Engineering - Iowa State University
  114. Environmental Education Network
    Resources for Students and Teachers. Links to: General Educational Resources on the Internet, Canadian Schools on the Internet, German Schools on the Internet - in German, Up-to-Date Listing of All K-12 Schools on the Internet, Higher Environmental Education and an online Environmental Education Forum.
  115. Save What's Left! Main
    A group that "...takes an active part in safeguarding the environment through inter-school and community projects (tree planting, beach, canal or stream clean-ups, and preservation of the local environment)."
  116. GreenNet Home Page
    A network designed for use by environment, peace, human rights, & development groups.
  117. Welcome to the Environmental Atlas
    "The Environmental Atlas is an Internet-based tool for researching environmental policy world-wide. The Atlas uses a standard set of criteria to categorize environmental conditions and policies and facilitates quick access to information about a single country, as well as comparisons between countries."
  118. Linkages Home Page
    Clearing-house for information on past and upcoming international meetings related to environment and development.
  119. Albuquerque's Environmental Story
    See the environmental educational objectives.
  120. EcoNet Home Page
    The purpose of the EcoNet is..." information sharing and collaboration in order to enhancethe effectiveness of all environmentally oriented programs and activities." Also has a gopher site at gopher - "" and select "econet environment." The site displays a link to the "Environmental Scorecard", voting records of Congress from The League of Conservation Voters. Check the Resource Center for some great links, all related to concern for the environment.
  121. Welcome to EE-Link
    Collection of Classroom Resources including links to an online Solid Waste Recycling Course at the University of Wisconsin, lesson plans from the Minnesota National Valley Wildlife Refuge and the Aspen Global Change Institute.
  122. The EnviroWeb-- A Project of the EnviroLink Network
    According to the April issue of Cyberguide "... It's a rave. The EnviroWeb ...had us dancing in our seats. This site is one of the most attractive and useful collections of Web pages we've encountered in our many travels."
  123. The Wilderness Society
    This is a site to watch. Citizens will need facts and information on the impact of the proposed changes in past legislation protecting wildlife and the environment. The new Republican majority seems intent on making an impact on the broad scope of regulation of the environment enacted in the past.
  1. Economics - Home Page
  2. Resources for Teachers and Students- Economics
  3. GEP 2000
  4. The Mint Home Page
    See if you have what it takes to start a business, learn about saving and investing wisely, information on government spending, learn all about credit cards and basics on budgets.
  5. IRS Tax Interactive - Teachers' Toolkit
  6. MainXed: Stock market education in the classroom
  7. A Journey Through the Culture of Capitalism
  8. TurboTax
  9. Entrepreneurial Edge Main Page
  10. The Economic Statistics Briefing Room
  11. The World Game of Economics
    A new educational computer software game that simulates macroeconomic events and policies with a distinct global perspective. Players are the chief economic advisers to their countries and form fiscal, trade, and monetary policies to achieve balanced growth, low pollution, full employment, and price stability.
  12. Scientific American: By the Numbers: Income Inequality in the U.S. : June 1999
  13. Right On The Money
    Info on making the best Personal financial decisions.
  14. Tutor 2U Economics
  15. Economagic: Economic Time Series Page
    Access to the Economagic database of over 100,000 economic time series.
  16. Welcome to the Economic and Educational Opportunities Committee!
    House Committee on Economic and Educational Opportunities.
  17. Resources for Economists on the Internet
  18. NetEc homepage
    Site includes BibEc, WoPEc and CodEc. "BibEc is a bibliography of printed working papers in economics. WoPEc collects data about electronic working papers on various servers so that they can be queried simultaneously. The (usually postscript) code of the papers can then be retrieved. Finally CodEc is a collection of computer programmes and computational routines that are useful for economists."
  19. Flashback: The Balanced-Budget Debate
    From the Atlantic Monthly - a collection of articles by noted economists (Historical) on this issue.
  20. NetEc homepage
    Effort to improve the communication of research in Economics via electronic media.
  21. WoPEc main page
    Electronic papers in economics. A resource for finding and downloading the latest research results in economics, with over 29,000 papers to access.
  22. Associative Economics Welcome Frame
  23. Economic Education
  24. Greg Pratt Home Page -- microeconomics
  25. Welcome to the Foundation for Teaching Economics
    Almost fifty Lesson Plans have been added to the resource area.
  26. Junior Achievement
  27. Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - Economics
  28. ERS Report--Food Cost Review, 1950-97
  29. USIA - An Outline of the American Economy - Contents
  30. Food Consumption, Prices, and Expenditures, 1970-97 (ERS Report)
  31. Hot Topics in International Economics
  32. Consumer's Resource Handbook, Pueblo, Colorado
  33. FRBSF: Economics Education
    From the Federal Reserve Bank of San Fancisco
  34. U.S. Trade and Development Agency
  35. Electronic Resources for Geography
  36. For Students and Teachers
    Test Your Money Smarts is an interactive quiz that you can take online and learn the correct answers immediately. The Test is also posted in a "PDF" format.
  37. FRBSF: Economics Education
    Curriculum Materials, Publications and Resources, Links for Economics Teachers, Economic Treasures from the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.
  38. What's New at the Urban Institute
    See How Families That Left Welfare Are Doing: A National Picture, August 1999.
  39. How to Read The Wall Street Journal
  40. History of The 80's
    Of special interest...Volume I: An Examination of the Banking Crises of the 1980s and Early 1990s.
  41. The Economist
    Features "...15 devious questions about world politics, current affairs, business, finance and science."
  42. IMF World Economic Outlook, May 1999--Contents
    With six parts, all PDF files.
  43. Welcome to
  44. Ernst & Young LLP - Tax Services - E & Y 1040 Survival Guide
  45. CLOSING: The Life and Death of an American Factory: Home Page
    "The last worker passed through the doors of the White Furniture Company of Mebane, North Carolina, in May of 1993. The family-owned firm was first sold to a corporation and then shut down, leaving 203 men and women out of work... In December 1992, Bill Bamberger began photographing the White workers at their jobs. He continued to photograph until that day in May when the factory was closed for good. He was there to record the vitality of the plant and the camaraderie of workers, many of whom had been together for more than thirty years. Bamberger's images reflect a bond between individuals and a diligence to craft that reminds us of what it means to be connected to work and to a place where work holds meaning beyond mere routine.... Alternating between pictures that emphasize the importance of the factory space- of its architecture, machines, and processes- and pictures that reveal the details and rhythms of daily life, Bamberger gives us a rare and intimate view of a community of workers at the moment of its dissolution."
  46. MSN MoneyCentral: Home Page
  47. FACS Journalist's Guide to Economic Terms
  48. Teacher's Guide: Escape from Affluenza
    For PDF guide.
  49. Trintech ePayment Resource Center
    It's about time a bookmark appeared in this collection that reflects some revolutionary (a misused term) set of developments. Travel and living in Europe (Italy) recently for four months communicated the importance of the collection of electronic tools that Americans have folded into their life. Italians (and Americans living in Italy) often stand in line to pay many of their bills and conduct business with the government. Automatic bank transfers and payments are alien and most smaller business concerns do not accept "plastic". Is the Web at the "take off point" for on-line sales? If you might become a frequent buyer, stop a the eWallet for secure drag & drop Internet & Web shopping at leading online retail sites.
  50. GEP 1998/99: Beyond Financial Crisis
    A new 200 page annual report on the global economy.
  51. The Mint Home Page
    An integrated web site designed for middle school and high school students, their teachers and parents.
  52. Welcome to Consumers Digest Online
  53. JSTOR: The Economic Journal
  54. EH.Net Homepage
    Offers a variety of topics in the fields of economic and business history and history of economics.
  55. WSJ Classroom Edition
    "The Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition is a comprehensive educational program designed to help teachers improve the economic and business literacy of secondary-school students." Monthly topics include politics and policy, international news and case studies. Sample articles and the lesson plans that support them are inlcuded online.
  56. Centre for the Study of African Economies, Home Page
  57. Workers: Take A Break!
    You might ask students to visit the UAW Home Page to see what they have to say about their recent "break" from work.
  58. Encyclopedia of the New Economy
  59. State per capita personal income, 1997
  60. National Consumer Law Center - Welcome
  61. Adam Smith Page
    Entry into the scholarship on Smith.
  62. NBER Macrohistory Database
    National Bureau of Economic Research. Information on "...all aspects of the pre-WWI and interwar economies, including production, construction, employment, money, prices, asset market transactions, foreign trade, and government activity."
  63. MCI MarcoPolo - EconEdLink
    The Economics of Interest Rates, Professional Sports and "...why an understanding of shortages, supply, demand and the rationing function of prices is important as we encounter greater numbers of people logging on to the Internet."
  64. Economic Education, EcEdWeb
  65. SD Time line
  66. Economic Development Digest
    Download the current and past issues
  67. Welcome to Lemonade Stand
    Think you can make it in business? Better try the "Stand" first.
  68. Survey of Current Business
    Some large files in Acrobat (PDF) format.
  69. 10 - 12 Economy
    Lesson and Activities for Grades 10 - 12 and information on Kyrgyzstan's Transition from a Centrally-Planned to a Market-Driven Economy.
  70. Resources for Economics Students and Faculty
  71. Labour and Business History: Site Index
  72. on2: Money
    | The Stock Market | Jobs | Paying for College | Living on a Budget | | History of Money | Shoplifting | Your Own Business | Making Money | | Designing Money.
  73. Encyclopedia of the New Economy
  74. About Us: Community - Learning Online Partnerships: MCI/EconomicsAmerica Technology Education Program
  75. NewsBot: Business -- Recent Business
  76. Economics Resources for K-12 Teachers
    This is the best K-12 page on the topic I have seen! TOC: Curricular Materials, Useful Web Sites, Web Teaching Ideas, Virtual Economics, Nebraska K-12, Other K-12 Sites, Gopher Sites, EcEdWeb Home.
  77. Economic Education, EcEdWeb
  78. UBUYACAR Student Manual
  79. Teacher Resources
    Stock Market lessons applied to English, Math and Social Studies. Basics Lessons, Introductory Activities, Teacher Reproducible Pages and application to Educational Standards.
  80. State of the Economy
    Economic Indicators and Data with graphs.
  81. EconomicsAmerica
    Information on the comprehensive program of the National Council on Economic Education and state councils and local centers on economic education. Offering curriculum materials, teacher training and assessment.
  82. Economics Bookmarks
  83. Wall Street Research Net
    Would this site be useful for the Econ classes involved in stock market simulations?
  85. Resources On Labor from ERIC/ChESS
    There has been considerable discussion on one of the social studies lists about a recent proposal in Texas to use leased laptops for textbooks. Some of the supporters claim that it would be possible to overcome the space and subject limitations of current texts and incorporate much more material on subjects than might have been slighted (e.g. - the history of labor or suffrage for women) in the past. I recently purchased the Voyager CD, _Who Built America_ by Rosenzweig, Brier and Brown to partially fill the textbook gap in labor history, but many schools can not cycle an entire group of students through a lesson served from a CD. There are simply not enough multimedia machines in the school or classroom.
  86. Bureau of Labor Statistics
  87. BLS Handbook of Methods
    Presents detailed explanations of how the Bureau of Labor Statistics obtains and prepares the economic data it publishes.
  88. Macro--Econ 100b Lecture Notes
    Online course material for a university introductory level course.
  89. Economics in the News
    Copyright and distribution issues have been eliminated for posted articles.
  90. Classroom Expernomics
    A newsletter dedicated to the use of economic experiments as a teaching tool for the classroom. Issues archived from 1992 to the present.
  91. Dr. Ed Yardeni's Economics Network
  92. Essential Principles of Economics
    A Hypermedia Text, complete with overheads, lecture notes and test samples.
  93. Welcome to Invest Smart
    Thinkquest site with a stock game and mutual fund trading for individuals, investment lessons and real-life examples. Developed by students for a non-profit organization to promote Internet style of learning.
  94. The Stock Market Game
    "The Stock Market Game is an electronic simulation of Wall Street trading, designed to help students and adults understand the stock market, the costs and benefits involved in decision-making, the sources and uses of capital and other related economic concepts."
  95. Welcome to Invest Smart
    A free stock market game and mutual funds trading for Educators, Investment Clubs, and individuals. Investment lessons and real-life examples.
  96. Forbes (10-13-97) The Forbes Four Hundred
    You can't even get on this list today unless your have almost 1/2 a billion.
  97. Forbes Digital Tool
  98. Dr. Ed Yardeni's Economics Network
  99. Economists
    Economists with personal pages -- by John S. Irons.
  100. Henry George Institute: economics course third way progress and poverty
    Advertises a tuition-free course in economics that "...goes beyond "left & right" to shed light on today's baffling economic problems: Crime, Recessions, Pollution, Homelessness, Poverty, Unemployment, Public Debt.
  101. The Panel Study of Income Dynamics
    A longitudinal survey of a representative sample of US individuals and the families.
  102. Economics Resources for K-12 Teachers
    Curricular materials for teaching economics, with links to useful web sites for economic educators and of general interest to educators, samples of K-12 and related web sites in (and outside) Nebraska and samples of gopher sites of interest for teachers and students.
  103. Forbes Global
    The rise of capitalism in a global context.
  104. Forbes Digital Tool - Toolbox
  105. Economic Growth Resources
  106. FinanceNet Home Page
  107. EconomicsAmerica
    A program of the National Council on Economic Education and a network of state councils and local centers on economic education. Offers curriculum materials, teacher training and assessment.
  108. WIRED 5 02:Win-Win World
    Futurist Hazel Henderson has a modest proposal: Abolish economics and make way for the economy of abundance.
  109. Resources for Economists on the Internet
  110. Connections+ | Economics | Supply and Demand
  111. Welcome to Executive PayWatch
    Should the rich get richer...and the poor,. poorer? Is that the current trend?
  112. Center for Popular Economics
  113. Economics 3LL3
    History of Economic Thought.
  114. The Economic Statistics Briefing Room
  115. Economic "Clock"
  116. EI Student Resources
    Economics Institute.
    National Institute for Consumer Education.
  118. U.S. Consumer Gateway: Home Page
    Categories: Food | Health | Your Home | Transportation | Children | Buying Smart | Product Safety| Your Money | Education.
  119. Consumer World
    Loads of content and links to all areas of consumer interest.
  120. Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Employment:Salary Information
    Does your salary and recent raises measure up? Teachers in Wisconsin have operated under cost controls for several years. This is especally brutal for those at the top of the salary schedule and those near retirement age, as the larger increases go to those working up the salary schedule. Most did not obtain anywhere near the 4% average for the nation.
  121. The RAND Journal of Economics
    Article abstracts back to 1970.
  122. Rand Research
  123. Quicken Financial Network
  124. Statistical Resources on the Web/Economics
  125. Economy at a Glance
  126. WWW Virtual Library: Labour and Business History
  127. WebEc - Framed
  128. Resources for Economists on the Internet
  129. Henry George Institute
    A Web-Based 10-Lesson Course on political economy keyed to the theory and philosophy of Henry George, 19th century economic thinker. All the materials, including an abridged version of George's Progress And Poverty are on the site.
  130. U.S. Economic and Trade Policy
  131. The Better Business Bureau Central Web Server for U.S. and Canada
    Locater for any BBB in the US or Canada. TOC for Resources, Publications, Alerts and News, Business Library (Information about schemes which target business owners, ethical and advertising guidelines) and a listings of public and private organizations assisting consumers and business. The Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin provides instant access to business and consumer alerts as well as helpful resources. File a complaint online while you are there.
  132. EconomicsAmerica
    Pennsylvania Council on Economic Education. Featuring a free CD -Virtual Economics. Also lists a host of free material available through regional centers in each state. Great resource for all teachers. Try the The Stock Market Game.
  133. WebEc - WWW Resources in Economics
    Major information source with links to: Economics and Teaching, Methodology and History of Economic Thought, Mathematical and Quantitative Methods, Economics and Computing, Economics Data, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, International Economics, Financial Economics, Public Economics, Health, Education and Welfare, Labor and Demographics, Law and Economics, Industrial Organization, Business Economics, Economic History, Economic Development, Technological Change and Growth, Economic Systems, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Regional Economics and Economics of Networks Internet and Commerce.
    Information designed to help build greater democratic control over transnational corporations at the local, national and international levels.
  135. USA TODAY
    Provides calculators for Consumer loans, Tuition, New car, Mortgage and Retirement.
  136. Toward A More Accurate Measure Of The Cost Of Living - Table Of Contents
    From PoliticsNow.
  137. CNNfn - the financial network
  138. History of Economic Thought
    Currently covering about 70 economists. (Jeremy Bentham, David Hume, Thomas Malthus, Alfred Marshall, Karl Marx, John Stuart Mill, Vilfredo Pareto, David Ricardo, Adam Smith, and Thorstein Veblen). Links to various works from Marshall (The Principles of Economics to Smith (The Wealth of Nations).
  139. Commercial News USA
    An American export catalog-magazine designed to promote U.S. products and services to other nations. The site is divided into two sections, one for importers and one for exporters.
  140. ECONOMICS Working Paper Archive
    From the Economics Department of Washington University.
  141. ASK Mister ECONOMY
  142. Rich and Poor, the Growing Gap
    This site from one of the online Portland papers features a spreadsheet that can be downloaded in comma-delimited spreadsheet or in plain-text spreadsheet format. Might be interesting to assign students to do this and then have them write/evaluate/report. Assign another group to visit the newspaper site for a look at their views and interpretation of the data. Have both groups present their findings to the class and a third group take note of the similarities and differences in the findings, and report on them after the presentations. Other groups of students could be assigned to research data from other cities. Are we talking about a regional or a national problem? Great opportunity to fold computational skills (Excel spreadsheet) and a bunch of other social and social studies skills.
  143. The Myth of Oppressive Corporate Taxes
  144. Principles of Macroeconomics
  145. LavaMind's Games for Learning
    Download a shareware version of Gazillionaire, a simple business simulation, where the player runs a trading company in outer space.Player must make decisions about supply, demand, profit margins, overhead and account balances. Other simulations and teacher lesson gems onsite.
  146. Econometric Resources on the Net
  147. University of Virginia Department of Economics
  148. USA Today's Economy Track
  149. The World Bank Group
  150. AP Microeconomics
    Information on the Microeconomics Exam, Sample Multiple-Choice Questions, Teaching Corner and Teaching Tips. Links to other Resources and References.
  151. BEA Home Page
    Bureau of Economic Analysis - One of the better looking and useful government pages.
  152. ECONOMICS Working Paper Archive
    Provided by the Economics Department of Washington University and features the free distribution of working papers in economics. "There are 22 subject areas, along with a test posting area, a meetings area, an area for programs and an area for data."
  153. Economics Departments on the Internet
  154. Classroom Expernomics
    A publication dedicated to the use of economic experiments as a teaching tool for the classroom. The Spring 1998 Issue (PDF version) is currentlyt posted, with an achive back to 1992
  155. AFL-CIO Home Page
  156. Statistics Every Writer Should Know
  157. ESA - The Minimum Wage
    Information on the recent increase due to take effect in October.
  158. United States Monetary Policy
    From the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis.
  159. The Economic Report of the President
    Download the entire report in PDF format (1995-forward) or access the statistical tables.
  160. The Economic Statistics Briefing Room
    Reports and stats (including graphs) on Output, Income, Employment, Unemployment, and Earnings, Production and Business Activity, Prices, Money, Credit, and Securities Markets, Transportation, International Statistics.
  161. CNNfn - what's on CNN/CNNI
    CNN and CNNI Financial News show profiles CNN Financial News show transcripts.
  162. Not Just Cows
    A Guide to Internet Resources in Agriculture and Related Sciences.
  163. NewWork News
    News with a focus - the world of work and the economy.
  164. FACSNet NewsBackgrounders
    Great information to assist in evaluation of economic proposals and issues. Although the site is for reporters, students and teachers interested in current issues should visit. Articles such as Probable Fact and Probable Junk" to use logical scientific approaches to discern the truth of scientific and non scientific claims concerning research and statistics, Considering a New Tax System "... offers background and economic perspectives that will help analyze major tax proposals." Elsewhere, journalists (and students) are briefed on guidelines to help understand the legal aspects of environmental problems, on the core economic principles that can help evaluate the arguments in the political debate over immigration, specific guidelines on writing a successful science story that will command reader attention, clarification of the complexities of the Consumer Price Index, economic principles that one can use to analyze health care proposals, What Economics Can and Cannot Do for Journalists, how to ask the candidates tough questions about their tax reform proposals.
  165. Emerging Trends
    "...ACNielsen brings you facts, figures and insights into the world of marketing research."
  166. US Business Cycle Indicators
  167. Dr. Ed Yardeni's ECONOMICS NETWORK
  168. Economics Internet Resources
    Western Connecticut State University -- Department of Social Sciences.
  169. London School of Economics
  170. IRS - The Digital Daily
  171. Woodrow
    "Woodrow offers information about the Federal Reserve and the economy, economic education materials; selected national and regional data, including data on Ninth District banks; text of publications; connection to its Research Department and information about bank supervision and regulation."
  172. The Consumer Recycling Guide
    Includes links to state/local recycling sites. I selected the Madison, WI. site and found several pages of well organized information. Especially interesting was a page of suggestions on how to reduce the influx of junk mail. Texas has some interesting pages, but locals where I am currently visiting still use their old motor oil to discourage termits and weeds along foundations and fences.
  173. Economics, Ethics and Public Policy
    Course page with links to: syllabus, Uncle Sam's Budget Balancer, Notices, Cases and Ethics Sites.
  174. EconoLink
    Best Web Sites that have anything to do with Economics.
  175. National Bureau of Economic Research Homepage
    Site purpose is to classify the economic status of the US economy - as the "official" organization determining the state of the US economy.
    From the International Social Research Council. See the background paper on the Role of the State in Poverty Alleviation.
  177. Rochester Center for Economic Research
  178. Levy Economics Institute
    Currently shows an interesting study on the notion of providing welfare support for college students.
  179. AkamacHomePage
    E-text relevant to history of economic thought or social thought.e-texts on the history of economic and social thought.
  180. Good News Bears
    A Web-based Interactive Stock Market Learning Project specifically designed for middle school students and teachers. "This project revolves around an interactive stock market competition between classmates using real-time stock market data" from the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ.
  181. EduStock
    What is the stock market line and how can it work for you? Offers a tutorials on the stock market, how to pick good stocks, information on companies to help you start a stock portfolio and a FREE realtime Stock market simulation.
  182. Economics Departments, Institutes and Research Centers in the World
    EDIRC Economics Departments, Institutes and Research Centers in the World. Currently 392 institutions in 45 countries are listed. This listing is very well organized and includes other interesting links.
  183. Capitalism FAQ
    Poses basic questions about capitalism to answer.
  184. The Econ Page
    Read FORTUNE's profile of ALAN GREENSPAN, going for his ninth year as head of the Federal Reserve.
  186. Hard@Work - H@Wdy!
    This is one of those, well "different", sites. Is this one of those places that the Boss doesn't want you to visit on company time?
  187. Kiplinger OnLine
  188. Landmark Project - Global Marketing
    Theme of global marketing is used to promote the "...growth of skills in descriptive and persuasive writing, artistic expression, budgeting of resources (money), science, concern for the environment, entrepreneurship, and awareness of the global community."
  189. Barnett's Recommendations
    Sites of particular interest to economists.
  190. Relocation Salary Calculator
    Compare the cost of living in hundreds of U.S. and international cities.
  191. Consumer Price Indexes Home Page
  192. Rice University Deaprtment of Economics
  193. WebEc - WWW Resources in Economics
    Part of an effort to improve the availability of information in Economics on the Web. Links to: Economics and Teaching Mathematical and Quantitative Methods Economics, Data and Computing Microeconomics Macroeconomics International Economics, Public Economics Health, Education and Welfare, Labor and Demographics, Law and Economics, Industrial Organization, Business Economics, Economic History, Economic Development, Technological Change and Growth, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Regional Economics, Economics of Networks.
  194. Taking Stock
    Multi-grade simulation project focusing on the stock market with participants in grades 5 through 12 from California to New York to Florida. This year we are expanding the project to include up to 50 schools per session across the country.
  195. Resources for Economists Home Page
  196. Consumer Credit Counseling Service
    A consumer information website about money management and budgeting. Includes curriculum guides, activities, and information for all ages, pre-K through adult.

  197. Digital Planet Welcome - IRS
    Does the IRS have a flair for humor? Stop at this site and see for yourself.
  198. TaxSite
    Links for most state and federal tax forms, tax software, U.S. Tax Law, newsgroups, and much more.
  199. Tax Talk
    This may be a newsletter that saves you some money.
  200. Home Page
    Tax information and forms, both state and federal.

  201. CTI Centre for Economics Pages
    University of Bristol - a United Kingdom national resource service working with both individuals and departments who wish to make greater use of information technology and computers in their teaching.
  202. The ECOLOGY Channel's
    Mission: to provide impartial, unbiased, multi-perspective environmental information to as broad an audience as possible.
  203. GeoNet game
    Defend the earth from the Grunndargh, aliens traveling through the solar system who claim that humans don't know enough about their own planet to run it. To play the game, click on the map. The United States is the only country that has questions at the present time. Become a GeoAdvisor, GeoExpert, or GeoChampion by correctly answering questions from a variety of categories, the World in Spatial Terms, Places and Regions, Physical Systems, Human Systems, Environment and Society, and the Uses of Geography. Pick between easy and hard multiple choice questions. See the GeoNet Game Introduction.
  204. This Human World: An Introduction to Geography
    Paul Ward English ( University of Texas) presents a course outline that could easily be classified as "historical geography," with a focus on key human revolutions -- the Neotlithic, Urban and Industrial transformations. It should be visited by teachers of history, economics and geography. The text of actual lectures is not presented at the site, but I suspect that students completing the course will be able to answer basic questions like, "How did we get to where we are today in terms of our interaction and impact on the environment?"
  205. Resources for Economists on the Internet
  206. Scottish Economic History Database, 1550 - 1780

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