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Government/Politics Social Studies School Service
Part of the History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers Capital Dome - Wisconsin GENERAL RESOURCES

Infoseek Politics Directory
  1. Online Resource Guide to Political Inquiry
    Area studies, International studies, Development Studies, Environmental Politics, Feminism and Women's Issues, Human Rights, Race, Ethnicity and National Identity Resources, Sexuality, Identity and Politics.
  2. Political Science - University of British Columbia Library
  3. Ginny's Educational WebPages
  4. The Almanac Of American Politics 2000
    An electronic version of _The Almanac of American Politics 2000_. It features information on members of Congress, state histories, elections, redistricting, campaign finance and presidential politics.
  5. Freedom Channel -- American Politics on Demand
  6. The Center for Public Integrity
    Notable investigative studies and researched publications - some available free online, others available for purchase. See President 2000 Project, which includes candidate profiles, searchable databases on the candidate's travel, honoraria, campaign finance information, and background stories on the candidates written by the Center.
  7. DOJ Kids and Youth
  8. Yahoo! Politics
  9. Citizens' Research Foundation
    The Citizens' Research Foundation is the nation's oldest non-partisan, non-profit, academic research organization committed to broadening public understanding of political financing and campaign reform.
  10. Fedstats: One Stop Shopping for Federal Statistics
  11. NAEP Civics Subject Area
    Featuring the results of the latest NAEP civics assessment, which measured the civics and American government knowledge of students in grades 4, 8, and 12 in 1998.
  12. Freedom Channel -- American Politics on Demand
    Producing video-on-demand in American politics. See the candidate you want, on the issues you want, whenever you want.
  13. Learning Adventures in Citizenship
    Explore the "...intriguing history of New York, do activities to learn more about the history of their own towns -- and participate in their communities. Kids can also submit their work to the Kids' Contest and view featured projects in the Kids' Lab. There are special sections for teachers and parents to learn how to get the most out of this rich resource."
  14. Teaching Politics  Techniques & Technologies
    See the 500 public domain images of American Political History.
  15. The official U.S. time
  16. Women Leaders Online and Women Organizing for Change
  17. PoliticsOnline
  18. Move Our Money!
  19. GIF image 534x765 pixels
    Information on the number of state and local governments, with sorts on state, type of government, size, and county locations. PDF format
  21. Learning Adventures in Citizenship
  22. Civnet: International Resource for civic education and civil society
    Civnet includes textbooks, lesson plans, original journal articles and book reviews, civic news headlines, events listings and organizational contacts.
  23. FindLaw Constitutional Law Center
    A required bookmark for government teachers. US Hisory teachers will find a host of historical information on people and events. A "Hot Topics" on flag burning was featured when I last visited (9/99). TOC: US Supreme Court, History of the Court, The Justices, Landmark Decisions, Court News Current Term, Court Docket and Calendar, Court Rules, Plus a search tool for Court decisions. A law term dictionary search tool is also featured on the site.
  24. -- VAGUEpolitix -- Politics -- VAGUE --
    A publication that claims to take "...organized raw, exciting political material from the Web and presented it so that you can go deeper into matters whenever you like..."
  25. The Federal Internet Guide (from the Washington Post)
  26. The American Promise - Home Page
  27. New Page 2
    Basic facts and information on the government and its creation.
  28. Britannica
    Thanks to this page, I discovered the CongressLink site. Much too extensive to preview here, but don't let that stop you from visiting the page.
    Besides some excellent link selections, the Britannica Law page features a Site of the Week, Best of the Web, Most Popular Sites, Books of the Week and In The News. A left frame links to Branches of Law, Law Enforcement, Legal Education, Legal History, Practice of Law, Countries, Territories, Regions, International Government & Politics, Political Science.
  29. civnet resources
  30. Webster's World of Cultural Democracy
  31. Political Junkie
  32. USIA, An Outline of American Government - Contents
  33. The Federalist Archive
  34. Lesson Plan - What Makes a Good Citizen? Models in Literature
  35. The Constitution Community main page
    Lessons and activities (arranged according to historical era) on constitutional issues that encourage the use of primary source documents.
  36. Start and Switchboard.
  37. Political Information (.com) -- A Search Engine for Politics and Policy
  38. Teaching Resources
    From the American Political Science Association.
  39. Implementing a web-based political science class
    Teaching and the Internet: "Political science teachers and others will find the compilation of essays below as a good starting point for exploring the options today. The essays were published as part of a special focus on Internet and Teaching in the September 1998 issue of PS: Political Science and Politics. See:Computers and Teaching: Evolution of a Cyberclass, The World Wide Web and Active Learning in the International Relations Classroom, Internet Lite: Short Internet Assignments for American Government Courses and Evaluating Implementation of Web-Based Teaching in Political Science.
  40. The Federal Internet Guide
  41. Human & Constitutional Rights Resource Page at Columbia University
  42. American Government and Politics Today
  43. Dr. Politics' Homepage
  44. What's New on Yahoo - Government:U.S. States (Thu Oct 8, 1998)
  45. Politication
    ThinkQuest Product - with some on-line lessons on: Democracy, Religion and Politics, Science and Politics, Dictatorships, Dynasties and Feudalism.
  46. Cultural and Environmental Affairs/Programs
  47. The Constitution of the United States of America
    With extended Analysis and Interpretation and Annotations of Cases Decided by the Supreme Court.
  48. The Great Seal of The United States
  49. Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - Home Page
    Locate Internet-based education resources offered by agencies in the U.S. Federal government.
  50. Welcome to the Assessing the New Federalism Website
    A Multi-Year Research and Analysis Project which will: Document the ongoing transfer of responsibility for social programs from the federal government to the states, Monitor program changes and fiscal developments, Focus on health care, income security, job training and social services, Study the well being of children and families in collaboration with Child Trends, Inc.
  51. NCCEC Intro Page
    CIVICS 101, if you can get past the hypnotic splash page.
  52. about CIVITAS
    An international organization for civic education. See the comprehensive Site Map .
  53. Project LEGAL Home page
    Teacher & Student Materials: Manuals, booklets, software, Educational and governmental links, Student and collaboratives, An interactive web-based activity for students to learn the Project LEGAL method.
  54. AP United States Government and Politics
  55. C-SPAN: C-SPAN in the Classroom
    Grand Prize Winning Lesson Plans.
  56. Study for the Citizenship Test
    Multiple choice tests (each with 10 questions) with questions in areas that are part of the regular test. Could citizens pass the same tests taken by those seeking "naturalized" status?
  57. What's New - Government Resources on the Web
    Part of the U-M Documents Center at the University of Michigan Library which serves as a repository for publications of the United States Government, State of Michigan, United Nations, and Government of Canada, "... designed as a reference tool for government, political science, and statistical information." See Government Documents in the News
    for current and recent news events, SatelLife News, current Internet and Information Services and HealthNet network profiles. The site also includes a listing of
    Government Resources on the Web.
  58. An Appraisal of Technologies of Political Control
    Best to do a thorough survey of this document prior to sending students to the site.
  59. The Federal Gateway: U.S. government information clearinghouse
    A Profile of Washington's Influence Industry.
  61. Center for Responsive Politics
    Provide a large quantity of informaton on campaigns and politics. Read the interesting research on the contributions of the Tobacco industry.
  62. C-SPAN: C-SPAN in the Classroom
  63. Fed Government Beat ... The Government Beat
  64. ACLU: American Civil Liberties Union
  65. Dual Citizenship FAQ
  66. The Brookings Institution
    See Brookings Policy Briefs, Research Programs, Economic and Foreign Policy Studies.
  67. Politics
    See A Look At . . . The U.S. Citizenship Test -- Learning, And Earning, Their Stripes and try the Flashback page while you are at the site.
  68. Politics & History Home Page
    Established to foster greater interchange among scholars interested in the historical and developmental aspects of political inquiry.
  69. JSTOR: American Journal of Political Science
  70. Home Page
    Feature rich page, "...showcases leading research, opinions and events shaping public policy on dozens of issues including education, technology and healthcare. is non-partisan and free to users."
  71. Human Rights U.S.A.
    Click on "Activities" for the educational resource center.
  72. United States Government Lesson Plans
    Class site at Hagerstown, with lessons posted from the start of the school year to November 7th.
  73. Resources on the U.S. Constitution from ERIC/ChESS
    Also features a collection of Internet resources.
  74. The Constitution of the United States of America
    Download files directly from both the 1992 Edition and 1996 Supplement or search one or both publications.
  75. Checks & Balances
  76. The Electronic Embassy
  77. The League of Women Voters of Minnesota
    We The People: Skills for Democracy Curriculum - Sample Lesson We've Got the Power: Skills for Democracy Curriculum - Sample Lesson.
  78. U.S. Government Info/Resources - Home Page from The Mining Company
  79. The American Promise - Home Page
  80. Democracy at Century's End, by Jean Elshtain - Title PageKeynote address by Jean Bethke Elshtain and Laura Spelman.
  81. Women In Politics
    Women as Politicians in the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of the Federal Government, the First Ladies, Cabinet members, and members of state goverment. The "History" link explores the suffrage and temperance movements, women involved in the civil war, women in religion, and current issues such as the Equal Rights Amendment. The "Electing Women" features women as campaigners, financing women's political goals, and sexism.
  82. INCORE Homepage
    Internet Service on Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity.
  83. Connect to GPO Access Databases
    See the List and Description link.
  84. Washington Seminar
    A special citizenship education program offered to Seniors at Parker High School, Janesville, WI, as part of the AP - U.S. Government course. Parker teachers take a group of students to view government in operation.
  85. D.L.H. Citizenship and Immigration Resources
    Information about U.S. history and the make-up of national, county, and city governments. Although designed for people who are studying to become citizens of the United States, the basic information and a list of useful links makes the site valuable to anyone interested in learning more about citizenship & immigration issues, U.S. government, history, and social studies topics.
  86. Political Resources on the Net
  87. Civic Practices Network
    A Web to "...bring practical methods for public problem solving into every community and institutional setting in America." The site is worth a visit for the "Tools" link alone, which offers a Civic dictionary (descriptions on many of the models and techniques that undergird democratic practices), Manuals and guides(full-text versions of manuals and guides for civic work), and Course syllabi. A click on the "Topics" link will give you an idea of the scope of the site.
  88. Center for Civic Education Home Page
  89. Education Center Activity: Government Action Timelines
    Students use a timeline to chart news coverage of a government action, explain a sequence of events and interpret and analyze cause and effect relationships. Includes an online assessment of student mastery.
  90. The Great American Web Site
    US Government resources listed.
  91. Government: Executives - InfoSpace
    Know the name of an official? This site will link you to more information.
  92. Division Index: General Government Division
    Large listing of GPO documents. Selecting a document leads to a page that briefly describes the document content and links to the actual document in text or PDF format. See "Recent Reports" for the very new reports.

    Some Web Pages on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

  93. The First Amendment Center
  94. First Amendment Section - WELCOME
  95. Second Amendment Law Library
  96. Second Amendment Law Library
  97. Selected Quotes From the Constitutional Convention
    Quotes from the Constitutional Convention as recorded by James Madison indexed by subject. The table of contents on the site can be used to locate pertinent debates on various subjects from the Constitutional Convention.
  98. JCS Link
  99. Milton's Areopagitica and the Modern First Amendment by Vincent BlasiExtended article...more for teachers than K-12 students.
  100. BarnesandNoble Book Feature
    Listen to excerpts from the book, MAY IT PLEASE THE COURT: THE FIRST AMENDMENT.
  101. Second Amendment Law Library
  102. The Constitution of the United States The site includes some informative information on The U.S. The Delegates, with a state-by-state listing and individual biographies.
  103. CONSTITUTION Notebook Program
  104. Web Guide to The Constitution of the United States
  105. The Religious Freedom Home Page
    Links to Religious Freedom in the U.S. Constitution, The Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and Religious Freedom Worldwide.

  106. AP Government/Politics
    Interesting collection of sure to see the unique links to Monarchs on the Web.
  107. Richard Kimber's Political Science Resources
  108. Political Science Manuscripts
  109. Welcome to Approaching Democracy online!
  110. Fedstats: One Stop Shopping Federal Statistics
  111. PoliticsUSA
  112. How To Effectively Locate Federal Government Information on the Web
  113. Liberty and Limits
  114. Read aNetGuide Live Review of this Web page.
  115. Liberty and Limits
    A four-part television series that looks at the Federalist idea -- 200 years later. On PBS beginning Friday, April 11, 1997. The "Outreach" section includes the Viewer Guide in PDF format (a rather long document).
  116. Summary of publications in the newsgroups
  117. Government listing
    Government listing, done by students.
  118. Institute for Policy Innovation
    A non-profit, non-partisan public policy "think tank" to research, develop and promote innovative solutions to today's problems. Dozens of ijnformative reports online plus graphs, many in PDF format.

  119. The Inaugural Classroom: Lesson Plan - Martin Luther King and William Jefferson Clinton
    It is possible to view this site as a kind of template for similar historical comparison assignments. They need not be famous as those selected for this site.
  120. Celebrating Democracy
    Just when I think I have seen the last (and best) Inaugural site, another appears. This site is (I think) the best. If you visit it first, it will be the yardstick for measuring the others. It is jointly developed by The Smithsonian Institution, The National Archives, The National Endowment for the Arts, and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Presents "...presidential memorabilia, photographs and documents from past inaugurations and inaugural balls, and up-to-the-minute photographs of the 1997 inaugural festivities." TOC: "Winning the Vote: How Americans Elect their Presidents, History of inaugural celebrations at the Smithsonian, Smithsonian coverage of the Clinton 1993 inauguration."
  121. Inaugural 97: Technology Playground
    Inaugral 97: Technology Playground.
  122. The 53rd Presidential Inauguration: Through the Eyes of An Average American
  123. Documentary Photographs of Presidential Inaugurals
  124. Inaugurations in American Memory
    Highlights photographs, films, and oral histories of past presidential inaugurations as found in the over 500,000 historical primary sources available from the Library of Congress. This is a great page that should have been on the scene sooner.. Just announced..
  125. 53rd Presidential Inauguration
    Real Audio
    of inaugurals
    from FDR
    to Clinton.
  126. The 53rd Presidential Inaugural
    The "official" site.
  127. Inauguration 1997
  128. The Inaugural Classroom
    Lesson Plans -- over 15 separate lessons on site, with links to other sites! Table of Contents: The Inaugural Poet, Alexandra Goes to Washington (The Inauguration through the eyes of high school senior--winner of the PBS Democracy Project Presidential Inaugural Speech Contest), Test Your Inaugural Knowledge and Letters to the President.
  129. Monitor Crossword
    Puzzle on Inaugurations, the presidency,
    and federal government starting January 17.
  130. Techno-Glitz Inaugural Theme for Clinton
  131. The Clinton Inauguration Home Page
    Available in a text-only format, as a series of images, or as an illustrated text narration.
  132. Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States. 1989.
    This site has all of the President's Addresses - Project Bartleby.
  133. Presidential Documents
    Although it takes some time to load because of the thumnails of each president, this is a fine resource. Inaugural address(s) for each president and important documents from each administration are inlcuded.
  134. The 53rd Presidential Inaugural
    Lesson plans for middle and secondary school teachers.
  135. Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States. 1989.
  136. inaugural
    Links to: Legislation Authorizing the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, Congressional Record Statement of Chairman Warner with the History of the Ceremonies, Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States, Inaugural Quiz and Map of Senators' and Representatives' Capitol Hill Office Buildings.
  137. US Presidents Resources
    Bellingham School page.
  138. FedLaw
    Legal Resources on the Internet.
  139. YPN: Politics
    Large collection of links to a variety of political subjects and issues.
  140. The Great American Web Site
  141. America's HomePage
    Virtual Tour of Washington, DC.
  142. Internet Resources for Political Science, Public Administration
  143. Political Science Resources Page
    From Western Michigan University.
  144. Goldwater Institute Home Page
  145. NewPolitics Main Page
  146. Roll Call Home Page
    Flashy zine for DC.
  147. EdFirst:Democracy & Debt, a WebQuest
  148. The Urban Institute Home Page
  149. Government Gophers
  150. PoliticsNow Front Page
  151. Governing Magazine Home Page
    Great government resource with full text articles online.
  152. Poly-Cy - Internet Resources for Political Science
    I know, K-12 teachers just call it "Government" but you can use the vast resources at this site anyway. Authored by Bob Duval -- Dept. of Political Science, West Virginia University.
  153. Voyager: UnConventional Coverage
    Offers the best sounding Real Audio I have heard.
  154. The New Republic: Political Update
  155. Powergame
    Internet companion to the PBS broadcast, this site covers the struggles in American politics between the Presidency, Congress, the media and the lobbies with " clips from the program, a downloadable teacher's guide, excerpts from interviews with more than 100 key players, and an interactive voter's forum." The show will be presented Tuesday, September 3 & 10, 1996 (Check local times). Visit the site during early A. M. hours, as the Instructors Manual (PDF) for the program took almost 20 minutes to download with a 28.8 modem. PBS will need to do some upgrading of the servers to deliver speed along with the current quality supplementary materials.
  156. The Council for Excellence in Government
    Information on reinventing government, leadership development, business process re-engineering and acquistion reform. Also, see the results of the Hart/Teeter "Effectiveness in Government Poll."
  157. Civic Literacy
  158. Civic Ideals and Modern Institutions: A Six-Session Study Guide
  159. C-SPAN in the Classroom
    A jump on the site to C-SPAN Lesson Plans reveals a lesson on the Supreme Court. Other interesting sites below.
  160. Lesson Plan: Critiquing Presidential Candidates' Speeches
  161. Covering the 1996 Presidential Campaign
    From the WINTER 1997 MEDIA STUDIES Journal. Complete text.
  162. VoteWise: Spin Patrol
    "Here you'll find tips to help you make sense of the surveys, become a sharp judge of candidates, and understand what it takes to get an initiative on the ballot."
  163. On Media and the Campaign
    A critical look at the media and the Campaign using data from a poll completed in February of 1996.
  164. Active Citizenship
    Promo site for the publication:Curriculum unit for grades 7-12.
  165. Sign
    An Internet "town" for civic journalism and citizen participation in public policy debate. Background on issues of this campaign year---stories, interviews, polls and examples of civic journalism projects.
  166. Democracy Place, USA
  167. Character Above All: PBS Broadcast Transcript
  168. Front Page
    Offers an interactive multimedia page on Welcome to Parallel Lives, your chance to explore the lives of Bill Clinton and Bob Dole in an entirely new way. 1920s-30s to 1990s.
  169. Political Science Resources
  170. Tripod: Politics & Community Archive
  171. Approaching Democracy
    This Website is an online companion to the college text "Approaching Democracy" that provides a demonstration of how to integrate text and online resources. Publishers of texts at the secondary level might (should, must) look at the site for signals on integrating electonic and print publications. My former school has purchased a large batch of new Pentiums and will purchase a T1 connection to the Internet next year. It is a small (but well-to-do) suburban district with one high school, a middle school and two primary/elementary schools. Every computer in the building will be networked and linked to the Internet. If Prentice Hall does not consider offering this kind of site to support K-12 texts, some other publisher will...The Web sites that support/expand/explain content should be supplied by the publisher and the URLs included in the actual textbooks used by K-12 students and teachers. While this will bring greater compexity and risk to traditional print publications, it will also produce greater profits. So gear up Prentice Hall. You have a template and a head start with this site!
  172. National Journal Cloakroom
    Profiles and analysis of members of Congress and Governors and politics of their districts and states. A link on the site lists House Committees, and hyperlinks the members of each committee.
  173. American Politics, Northwestern U.
    Presents a nice collection of research resources.
  174. Political Science research
    Provides quick and easy access to resources available over the net for political science research. Nice listing of Comparative Resources.
  175. Great Lakes Technology Center
    See "other Sites of Interest" for a listing of national technology transfer sites. Supports the application of NASA technology.
  176. PORTRAITS at the Capital
  177. Approaching Democracy Online
    Website is an online companion to the college text "Approaching Democracy" but is a free to all users.
  178. Museum of American Political Life
  179. ADN Research Page
    Anchorage Daily News Research Page.
  180. Goverment Information INFOMINE
  181. VA/NCS Home Page
    Burial benefits for Vets and how to obtain them.
  182. Political Information Home Page
    US Political data.
  183. Webster's World of Cultural Democracy
  184. Migration and Political Power (MigPol).
    With MigPol, students can see how current trends in population growth may translate into future political power, or model the effects of alternate scenarios. Includes a Download Site.
  185. Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine
    The April 1996 issue is a special look at Government and Democracy online.
  186. The Seventh Seal
    Great collection of links to the full political spectrum.
  187. CyberBee Home Page
    "Suggested lessons with active links, a scavenger hunt, and a Political memorabilia Exhibit of buttons, ribbons, postcards, medalets, pins, and sheet music highlight the current issue of the Adventures of CyberBee."
  188. Government On Line
    A multi-media communication link provides government executives with summary information about successful programs and the ability to learn more in specific areas of interest.
  189. Scarman Centre for the Study of Public Order
  190. The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Political Science
  191. The Writings of Randolph T. Holhut
    Progressive political and economic commentary from a veteran Vermont freelance writer and author. Weekly essays.
  192. Political Science Resources
    From Indiana University.
  193. TaxSites - Internet income tax related information available on Internet
  194. Welcome to NetTax '96
    "The most powerful free online U.S. tax calculation program and 1040 preparation aid on the Web!"
  195. Freedom to Read Foundation News
    Established by the American Library Association (ALA) to promote and defend First Ammendment rights.
  196. Politics (Government)
    Nice organized collection of links.
  197. The Millennium Whole Earth Catalog
  198. UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies
  199. American Political Cartoonery Home Page
  200. The United States Capitol Exhibit
    See the graphic at the top of the page.
  201. GeoPolitical Strategist World Wide Business & Political News and Strategic Insights.
  202. The LibertyOnline Thomas Paine Library
  203. All Things Political Nov 1
  204. Computers as Campaign Tools
  205. The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Political Science
    Departments of Political Science and Government.
  206. The Political Scientist's Guide To the Internet
    Well organized site with extensive listings. I could not find links to political science departments or university online courses?
  207. Cascade Policy Institute
    Oregon site for information on public policy issues from a limited government, free market perspective.
  208. Woodrow
    "Woodrow offers information about the Federal Reserve and the eonomy, economic education materials; selected national and regional data, including data on Ninth District banks; text of publications; connection to its Research Department and information about bank supervision and regulation." (The Federal Reserve is not a government agency, but is listed here for information purposes.)
  209. One Woman, One Vote
    Television program scheduled to be rebroadcast on December 18, 1995 at 9:00pm -- please confirm the schedule with your local public television station.
  210. The Copyright Website
  211. The Counter-Terrorism Page
    Terrorism, Counter-Terrorism and International Crime.
  212. The Rutherford Institute
  213. US Navy Seals
    Unofficial Homepage.
  214. NASA Shuttle Web
    Politics and Government section of this major site.
  216. Junior State
    "JSA's purpose is to teach high school students about government, to encourage critical thinking, and to help develop students' leadership, debate, and public speaking skills. The Junior State has fought for student rights, including the need for a lowered voting age (approved by the United States Congress in 1971) and student representation on school boards. It is now the largest student-run organization in the United States -- governed completely by and for the students."
  217. World's Smallest Political Quiz
  218. (politics) Webcorp Politics Pages (politics)


  1. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation
  2. The Line Item Veto Act: Procedural Issues
  3. Center for Study of the Presidency Home
  4. Presidential Libraries
  5. Time and the Presidency
  6. Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents
  7. Atlas of U. S. Presidential Elections:
    Warning - Large PFD file...3.7 meg. You can also read a review of the site at "PDF Showcase features the Atlas of U. S. Presidential Elections."
  8. The Federal Impeachment Process
    Text and PDF choices...
  9. The Modern Presidency
    Powerpoint presentations.
  10. Welcome to Presidential Classroom
  11. Yahoo! Government:U.S. Government:Budget:Line-Item Veto
  12. WhiteHouse 2000 (the presidential campaign)
    I located this page when visiting the Millennium Institute. It provides a central location for information and links about the current positioning for the Congressional and presidential elections in the near future.
  13. The 2000 Presidential Campaign in the U.S.
  14. White House Electronic Publications
  15. National Geographic's Inside The White House
  16. Discovery Channel School
    Be sure to add this site to your bookmarks and return frequently, especially as the Fall approaches. Assignment Discovery will air a series of programs on *The Modern Presidency* in early September. The titles are: Dangerous Years: Eisenhower and the Cold War, Contentious Years: Eisenhower and the Politics of Change, John F. Kennedy: The Age of the Kennedy Presidency, The Journey of Lyndon Johnson, Watergate: Break-In, Citizen Carter, The Reagan Legacy: The Balancing Act an Star Wars. The programs will include online lesson ideas and activities, questions, vocabulary and related links. Sign up on the site to receive the free Educator Guide with a copy of the program dates and descriptions.
  17. Online NewsHour: Watergate 25 years later -- June 17, 1997
    After a background report, listen to a NewsHour's panel of historians and former Sen. Howard Baker and Rep. Charles Rangel.
  18. American Heritage
  19. Presidential Tax Returns
    History of Presidential returns. ( Bill Clinton, George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon and Franklin Roosevelt currently online.
    "The Only Easy Day... Was Yesterday!"
  21. Texas A&M's White House Archives
  22. CNN - Secret tapes show LBJ pushed to hire women - Oct. 19, 1996
    Last in a series of articles from CNN on the tapes. Links to the earlier articles and to other Web informaion on LBJ.
  23. IPL POTUS -- Presidents of the United States
    Each Presidential page presents: Election Results | Cabinet Members | Presidency |Highlights | Internet Biographies | Historical Documents | Media Resources |Other Internet Resources | Fast Facts. Links to audio files for the more recent presidents.
  24. Grolier Online's The American Presidency
    The site will feature commentaries on the presidency ( first guest is Matthew Lubanko). Other links to an Online Exhibit Hall of Presidents, Pocket Documentaries on the Presidents, audio of speeches, Presidential Flip Cards, a complete list of results of American presidential elections from 1789 to 1992, a collection of links to 1996 campaign sites and three multiple-choice tests based on a specific encyclopedia set.
  25. Federal Bureau of Investigation - Home Page
  26. DefenseLINK
    Umbrella site for many official military sites.
  27. President '96 Home Page
    "The campaign simulation where you become an insider in the race for the White House!"
  28. The Center for the Study of the Presidency
    A public policy research center and a nonpartisan, nonprofit educational corporation. Its goals are to build better citizens, better government, and better leaders.
  29. Nixon Presidential Project
  30. Al Gore's Cartoon Gallery
  31. Nixon Presidential Project
  32. Welcome to the White House
    Links to The President & Vice President, Interactive Citizens' Handbook, White House History and Tours and more... Museum also available.
  33. WhiteHouse 2000 (the presidential campaign)
    Covers Democrats, Republicans, Third parties, Under-35s, Issues, History. Here is a page with a great head start on the next Presidential election.
  34. Thomas Jefferson on Politics & Government
    Over 2,100 quotations from the writings of Thomas Jefferson.
  35. The Carter Center
  36. Franklin D. Roosevelt
  37. George Washington
  38. George Bush Presidential Library
  39. Presidential Libraries IDEA Network
  40. First Ladies IDEA Network
  41. [The Executive Branch].
  42. The American President
    I know! this is a movie site...but one that is very educational.. and interactive.. A click on "Press Room" brought " a page with the option "Face the Press" where you can pretend you are the President answering questions from the press, and see how your approval rating is affected by the decisions made. See what you can find (and find out about yourself) in the other rooms.
  43. United States Marine Corps
  44. Write a Speech for the President
    Great Idea for contest or a government class project.
  45. Presidential Primaries
    "Washington Weekly presents unbiased portraits of announced candidates for President of the United States.
  46. Four Words Make a President
    How powerful are slogans in politics?
  47. The American President / Living Quarters
    Online playable crossword puzzle with clues based on Washington DC. Inspired by the movie "The American President."
  48. Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum
  49. The Papers of George Washington
    Colonial, Confederation, Retirement Series, Revolutionary War Series, and the Presidential Series.
  50. Index to presidents Genealogical Data
  51. Social Security Administration Home Page
    A comprehensive server. See the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
  52. PEBES Home Page
    To request a benefit statement from SS. Social Security understands public concerns raised about our Interactive PEBES test, which allowed you to both request and view your PEBES statement online. We have suspended Interactive PEBES in order to begin a rigorous evaluation of the system's security features.
  53. Department of Energy Provides access to OpenNet and access to recently declassified government documents.
  54. Welcome to the White House
    Executive Branch, First Family, Tours, What's New, Publications.
  55. White House Information Archive (Texas A&M University)
    From 1992 to 1995.
  56. The White House Fellowships
  57. Presidential IDEA Network
  58. Hillary Rodham Clinton, First Lady of the United States ( 27-Feb-1995)
  59. National First Ladies' Library
  60. A Day in the Life of the President
    President Gerald Ford's activities on day in 1975, and see documentation of them.
  61. Federal Bureau of Investigation - Home Page
  62. Federal Communications Commission Web Site
  1. DoD Almanac 1999
  2. IRS Tax Interactive
  3. Publication 554, Older Americans' Tax Guide
    Caution! If you are not careful, you might need the next site also.
  4. Welcome to the United States Tax Court Web Site
  5. Digital Daily Welcome - IRS
  6. U.S. Committee for Refugees (USCR)
    Defends the rights of all uprooted people regardless of their nationality, race, religion, ideology, or social group.
  7. The Federal Gateway
  8. DefenseLINK - Official Web Site of U.S. Dept of Defense
  9. The Pentagon
  10. U.S. Department of State Electronic Reading Room
  11. OVAE: Office of Correctional Education (OCE)
  12. FEMA - Reference Library
    Federal Emergency Management Agency.
  14. Your Money Matters
  15. Bureau of Prisons - Federal
  16. PrisonPhotos: Website for Stock Prison Photos
  17. The US Department of Transportation
  18. The United States Marine Corps
    A "no nonsense" site (what else would you expect?) with one major graphic at the top and several screens of links. Download the Marine Hymn, research the history and emblem symbols and read the Marine Corps, Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Korean Conflict, World War II and historic battles involving Marines.
  19. HUD Home Page
  20. The Department of the Treasury: Bureau of Engraving and Printing
  21. The Department of the Treasury: Bureau of Public Debt
  22. 101st Airborne Division Home page
  23. U.S. Army War College and Carlisle Barracks
  25. SSA Teacher's Kit Home Page
    K-9-12 materials to download. Lessons and quizzes on Social Security.
  26. AirForceLINK
    Official site. See the Airman link below also, for those who are on the line for us. Links to: News: Current Air Force news and information, Fact Sheets: Major weapons systems and Air Force commands, People (Biographies of Air Force Leaders), Library (Air Force Speeches, Air Force Issues and Air Force News Service), Pictures (Photos of Air Force People, Operations, and Weapon Systems), Air Force Sites (Links to other Air Force World Wide Web Servers) and Air Force FAQ.``
  27. Auctions by Customs
  28. U.S. Department of State Home Page
  29. The FCC home page
    An independent government agency charged with regulating interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, and cable.
  30. Federal agencies on the Internet
    All branches of the U.S. Government and many links (15 pages).
  31. The National Archives and Records Administration
    A must visit for students and teachers in Government/Political Science and a great resource for all citizens. This agency is responsible for managing the records of the federal government.
  32. Virtual Tour of the US Government
    Virtual Tour of branches of the US Government. Additional links to Government information, Congressional E-mail Addresses, Historical Documents, Campaign 96 Politics, Political Newgroups and Web Resources.
  33. Naval Air Warfare Center - Aircraft Division - INDIANAPOLIS
  34. Navy Home Page
    The Navy has a program for Internet access and an Internet kit if you can provide proof you work forthe Navy.
  35. Naval Computer & Telecommunications Station - New Orleans
  1. The Center on Congress
  2. Cyber LC: Cybercasts from the Library of Congress
  3. CongressLink
    The Dirksen Congressional Center provides a great Government site for teachers, with ideas for using Congresslink in the classroom, Lesson Topics and suggestions for use, a Lesson Plan Template, Taxonomy of Learning Categories and an Assessment Rubric. You can locate comprehensive units featuring historical materials, internal links, student activities, and related sources, including links to other Web sites (Units on the U.S. Constitution: Exploring Congress and the Democratic Process The U.S. Capitol: The Home of Congress The Legislative Process: The Case of the Civil Rights Act of 1964). Partial units on Campaign Finance Reform and What Every Student Should Know About Congress. Finally, the site displays lesson plans submitted by teachers as applications of CongressLink (Making Congress Work Through Leadership, Impeachment, Congressional Powers, Checks and Balances: The Line-Item Veto, How a Bill Becomes Law: The Case of the CivilRights Act of 1964, Student Research Activities, The U.S. Constitution: Exploring Congress and the Legislative Process, The U.S. Capitol: The Home of Congress, The Legislative Process: The Case of the Civil Rights Act of 1964)
  4. Congress Builds a Presence on the Web, Study Finds
  5. Impeachment
    House Impeachment site.
  6. Congress and the 1st Amendment
    Details of the court cases on the topic of religious freedom. PDFpdfbug.gif
  7. Congressional E-Mail -- C-SPAN
  8. C-SPAN: Executive Branch
  9. U.S. Federal Government List of Sites
  10. ABC PoliticalNation: Your Guide to U.S. Politics
    Profiles and biographies House and Senate members and today’s top political stories.
  11. U.S. House of Representatives - Internet Law Library - U.S. state and territorial laws
  12. Congressional Quarterly Free Resources
    Recent Supreme Court Rulings and the justices' opinions, with each keyed to selected texts See the Living Democracy">Living Democracy Lesson Plans. These lesson were developed as a companion to CQ's landmark reference, The Encyclopedia of Democracy that were designed for use in the high school classroom. The four lesson plans (with teaching materials plus student handouts) cover Citizenship, Political Participation, Political Alientation and Election Campaigns.
  13. U.S. House of Representatives - Internet Law Library
    Immigration, nationality, and citizenship law.
  14. THOMAS -- U.S. Congress on the Internet
    Have you seen the new look to the Thomas page?
  15. CRFilter Home Page
    CRFilter is a free service that works with THOMAS to help you monitor your specific interests. Save your THOMAS search queries in the CRFilter and check back periodically to see only the new items that match your interests. You can also search the whole Congressional Text back to 1993.
  16. The United States Association of Former Members of Congress
  17. Cancellations, House Documents, Office of the Clerk
    Reports of the use of the Line Item Veto. Another item for that "Checks and Balances" unit.
  18. Virtual Congress
    High school government classes investigate the priorities of government as expressed in the federal budget, with a comprehensive listing of the thousands of budget items taken from actual agency budget submissions.
  19. In Congress Assembled
    Continuity and Change in the Governing of the United States. A teaching unit on the Constitution, Congress, and current events using documents from THOMAS, the Continental Congress and the Constitutional Convention, and the American Memory collection at the Library of Congress. Four lessons are featured using primary sources to examine continuity and change in the governing of the United States.
  20. Welcome to the C-SPAN Networks
    A gateway page to access current and future programs. See the Schedule, Congress Today, and The Washington Journal.
  21. AllPolitics - Congressional Quarterly News
  22. Welcome to CQ Books
    Offering a small collection of free resources.
  23. Yahoo! - Government:Legislative Branch:Bills:105th Congress
    Now offering a full search of text in all bills and resolutions.
  24. Congressional Headlines, News, and Commentary
    Send for free copies of The Senate Digest -- send your e-mail address
  25. The Electronic Model Congress
    Umbrella site with links to the states that participate in the program.
  26. Congress Today --C-SPAN
  27. House Ethics Manual
    Gateway page to the 9 chapters of the Manual. Does anybody in the House read this?
  28. Beau's Home Page
    Beau works as a guide dog for Moira Shea, who in turn works for Senator Wyden as an advisor on energy issues. Beau forced the Senate to obey the laws of the United States. In addition to some fine pics...see The Foundation Fighting Blindness, Leader Dogs for the Blind Home Page and Americans with Disabilities Act Information on the Web.
  29. History of Bills
    From current bills back to 1983.
  30. Congressional Record Index
    Current back to 1983.
  31. Project Vote Smart
    See the information on Congress.
  32. Online NewsHour -- @ the Capitol
    Primary focus is Congress.
  33. CapWeb -- The Citizen's Guide to Congress
    New address and look.
  34. Congressional Pictorial Directory - One Hundred Fifth Congress
    Black and white photos - add a graphic to your government projects. PDF format. The site also offers photos of the President and Vice President.
  35. The U.S. Legislative Branch
    Almost everthing you need to know about Congress. Browse menu or use the search tools.
  36. CapWeb - A Guide to the U.S. Congress
  37. U.S. House of Representatives - Educational Resources
    Also, have you visited the
  38. Home Page?
  39. Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Home Page
    See the PDF file -- 1997-98 National Directory of Hispanic Organizations.
  40. The 21st Century Congress Project
    Examines the implications of technology use by Congress. The goal of the project is to develop and recommend changes in Congress' operations and legislative procedures that will allow technology to make the institution more open, accountable and effective.
  41. Majority Whip
    Udated House floor activities.
  42. Thomas - Legislative Information on the Internet
    A bookmark must! Historical material also available...
  43. Using Thomas for legislative histories
    A hypertext guide and tutorial to make the best use of this valuable site.
  44. Voter Information
    Results of legislative research done by various advocacy groups.
  45. Contacting Congress
    Home-district office phone numbers, office fax numbers and links to their Web sites and e-mail addresses where available.
  46. Roll Call Online
    Issue Oriented Capital Hill news. Online version of the print publication.
  47. U.S. Government Printing Office
    Search Databases Online via GPO Access. Click on "Find Out More About These Databases" for a listing of the databases.
  48. MoJo Wire, Mother Jones
    Presents details of a study which links members of Congress' legislative efforts and campaign successes with stock market savvy. Are members of Congress letting their stock portfolios govern their legislative decisions?
  49. Stennis-Index
    An independent, legislative branch agency created by Congress promote and strengthen public service in America --as exemplified by the life and work of Senator John C. Stennis of Mississippi. The aim of the Center is to attract young people to careers in public service, rovide training and development opportunities for those in public service and aid congressional staff to performing their duties more effectively.
  50. Congress Action
    A newsletter to alert interested people to actions pending in Congress.
  51. U.S. House of Representatives Democratic Leadership
  52. The Capitol Steps
    Best to do survey of the materials here prior to sending students. The site has some content on the current sexual scandals.
  53. Library of Congress
    Umbrella site for a vast online collection of resources. It features links to the Catalogs, Collections & Research Services for those using the Library, to THOMAS: Congress at Work, Copyright Office: Forms & Information, American Memory: America's Story in Words, Sounds & Pictures, Exhibitions: An On-Line Gallery, The Library Today: News, Events & More, Bicentennial: The Library of Congress, 1800-2000.
    A Guide to the U.S. Congress
  55. League of Conservation Voters
  56. Can the US Congress Define Decency?
  57. The Coin-Operated Congress
    The MoJo Wire's first installment of a interactive Full Disclosure Project.
  1. The Constitution of the United States of America
    A focus on Supreme Court Decisions Overruled by Subsequent Decisions.
  2. The Supreme Court's Greatest Hits
    Multimedia CD resource of important constitutional cases decided since 1955.
  3. Supreme Court index
  5. Federal Grand Jury information, definitions and explanations of what grand juries are and what they do.
    The complex rules and processes of both federal and state grand juries.
  6. Supreme Court decisions for June 1998
    An excellent page providing the decisions and dissenting opinions for each case. Most interesting is the SWIDLER & BERLIN ET AL . v. UNITED STATES 97-1192 . Argued -- Decided June 25, 1998 Version for non-Javascript browsers on the issue of attorney-client priviledge is protected even after the death of the client. Other sites to visit include Supreme Court Watch -- June 25, 1998 and Supreme Court Round-up-- June 29, 1998, both part of the Online NewsHour.
  7. The Supreme Court
    Presenting summaries of all the major cases of the1997-98 term and background from The Post. The page is organized into topic areas that the Courtis dealing with this term: Sexual Harassment, Politics (Line-Item Veto), Civil Rights, Criminal Law, Procedure, Business and The States. The page also features a "History" section, with information on Current and Notable Past Justices, How the Court Works, Choosing the Cases, Hearing Arguments, Making the Decision, Notable Cases Historic Cases, and cases decided last term. Students on assignment from government and history classes might visit this section first for background.
  8. 1996-1997 Supreme Court Cases
  9. FedWorld/FLITE U.S. Supreme Court Decision Full Text Search
  10. U.S. Judicial Branch Resources
  11. Supreme Court Justices of the United States
  12. USSC Plus - U.S. Supreme Court on the Web [HOME]
    1995 Term Cases in 3 download formats. Search for cases 1967 - 1995. Also offers a "Classic Case of the Week" and Constitutional Law (Mini)Library. U.S. Supreme Court opinions from the current term are available for download sortly after being handed down. Some biographical information on justices and off-site resources are listed.
  13. Brief of Amici Curiae
  14. Launching Supreme Justice Into Cyberspace
  15. Transcript of Supreme Court Oral Argument
    Constitutionality of the Communications Decency Act.
  16. FindLaw: Supreme Court Opinions
    Provides a searchable database of the Supreme Court decisions since 1937 (U.S. Supreme Court Decisions since 1937, organized by year and US Reports volume number and searchable by citation, case title and full text. A free resource.
  18. United States Sentencing Commission
  19. FedWorld/FLITE Supreme Court Decisions Home Page
    7,000+ Older U.S. Supreme Court Decisions and opinions dating from 1937 through 1975, from volumes 300 through 422 of U.S. Reports.
  20. Project Hermes Home Page
    Electronic Dissemination of U.S. Supreme Court Decisions.
  21. US Court of Appeals - 8th Cir.
  22. McLean v. Arkansas Board of Education
    Establishment clause.
  23. Supreme Court -- Unedited Oral Arguments
    Audio files of complete oral arguments before the Supreme Court in landmark cases. An experimental "beta" site, Oyez Oyez Oyez: 2.0, features information in the form of a database for searching on case titles, citations, or subjects. In addition to the audio materials and text, the site offers a chronological index of justices.
  24. Supreme Court Opinions -- FTP site
  25. Federal Court's Home Page
    See "Understanding the Federal Courts" - hypertext description, for an excellent set of links to how the system operates. Mark this one of the best new Web sites for teaching government.
  26. [The Judicial Branch]
  27. The U.S. Federal Courts Finder
    Map-based "front page" links to federal court opinions by district and indicates each federal district by number and color. Opinions are available for 2nd-7th, and 9th-11th Circuits, the Supreme Court and Federal Circuit Court.
  28. Emory University School of Law
    Georgia (has 11th Circuit Cases). Has a good index of gopher/WWW law sites by state.
  30. CourtTV Home Page
  31. Spreme Court of Florida Opinions page
  32. CourtTV Home Page
    Sources for those suffering from "OJ" withdrawal -- and others.
  33. U.S. Supreme Court's "First Monday" proceedings
    U.S. Law Week's full coverage of the "First Monday" Recent certiorari petitions granted on the subject of the"... prison sentences received by two police officers involved in the Rodney King beating; if a computer program's menu command hierarchy is subject to copyright protection; if the Secretary of Commerce violated the equal protection rights of minorities by refusing to adjust for an undercount of minorities in urban areas; and if the Seventh Amendment provides a jury trial right for fact disputes in patent cases.
  34. Supreme Court Gopher
  35. The Federal Judicial Center Home Page
  36. Forecast
    Monthly Zine that offers a free essay each month. Former essays deal with "Life in the High Court" and "The Establishment Clause". Offers full access for $90 per year.
  37. New Court Chambers Legal Information Page
  38. Eleventh Circuit Published Opinions
    Cases indexed by keyword, topics and chronology with the syllabus and the concur/dissent opinion for each case (back to 1990) . Also the Legal Information InstituteOffers hypertext links to recent Supreme Court decisons.
  1. Google Search: <Unclesam>
    Special Google search for US government documents.
  2. UMich Documents Center
  3. Government Documents Librarianship/Teaching Materials
  4. Interpreting the Declaration of Independence by Translation
  5. Home Page - U.S. Department of State Electronic Reading Room
  6. Teachers' Guild Lesson Plan: The U.S. Constitutional Tradition
  7. What's New - Government Resources on the Web
    Part of the U-M Documents Center at the University of Michigan Library which serves as a repository for publications of the United States Government, State of Michigan, United Nations, and Government of Canada, "... designed as a reference tool for government, political science, and statistical information." See Government Documents in the News
    for current and recent news events, SatelLife News, current Internet and Information Services and HealthNet network profiles. The site also includes a listing of
    Government Resources on the Web.
  8. The International GovNews Project (IGP))
    Government News (Gov.*) Usenet Hierarchy. Provides Web access to the vast archives of Usenet. I searched on "welfare reform" and was impressed with the speed and variety of resources..
  9. Constitution for the United States of America
    In a print size that you, and the younger students, can read.
  10. Declaring Independence: Drafting the Documents
  11. Government Information
    Maintained by the Government Documents Department at USC.Includes federal, California state, and Canadian documents.
  12. Basic Readings in U.S. Democracy
  13. Table of Contents for GPO Gate at UCSD
    Awarded the NetGuide 4 Stars. This is an outstanding gate to Government Printing Office information. Search The Congressional Record, General Accounting Office Reports, Economic Indicators, Congressional Bills the Government Manual and more..
  14. 1990 U.S. Census LOOKUP
  15. Government Information Sharing Project
    Provides 1990 census data with a image map of the US (and the states) to ease navigation. Categories include: Summary, Housing, Income, Labor and Social. DEMOGRAPHY:[USA Counties: 1969-1994][1990 Census of Population and Housing][Population Estimates by Age, Sex & Race: 1990-92].
    ECONOMICS:[1969-1993 Regional Economic Information System][1992 Economic Census][Census of Agriculture: 1982, 1987, 1992][U.S. Imports/Exports History: 1990-1994][Consolidated Federal Funds Reports: 1985-1994].
    EDUCATION:[School District Data Book Profiles: 1989-1990].
  16. Census Data Maps
  17. Political Science Quarterly
    Current issue has the feature article online -- "Third-Party and Independent Candidates in American Politics: Wallace, Anderson, and Perot."
  18. Federal News Service
  19. FedWorld
    Has ftp and telnet addresses and abstracts ot US Government reports and links to most government information servers.
  20. OpenNet
    Offers database of recently declassified documents and links to "People, Places and Organizations."
  21. Clamen's Political Archives
  22. Progressive Review Home Page
  23. UCSD Data Collection
  24. Media page of the US Information Service
  25. The Heartland Institute
    Browsing under "Perspectives" and "publication" brought an essay by Clint Bolick on "The Future of Civil Rights In America" written in May of this year.
  26. The American Prospect Home Page
    New Liberal zine.
  27. The Washington Weekly
    Zine on US national politics.
  28. The Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition
    "Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition is a comprehensive educational program designed to help teachers improve the economic and business literacy of secondary-school students." Read the copyright...restricted use. Sample of articles and the lesson plans that support them.
  29. Reason Magazine
    A "... monthly magazine of "free minds and free markets," examines politics, culture, and ideas as they affect individual liberty...and your daily life. Neither left nor right nor middle of the road, Reason gives readers a "big picture" view of a wide range of social, political, technological, and economic issues."
  30. "The Constitution," "We the People," and "The Federalist."
    Three quality electronic books for Windows 3.1 or later. Each includes Hypertext linking, TrueType(tm) fonts with page layout designed for on-screen reading, Graphics, Bookmarks, Annotation, and copying & printing capability.
  31. We the People, Book of Democracy for Windows
    Quality electronic books. See the site and download, ( U.S. Constitution, Hypertext Book for Win3), ( The Federalist v3.0, History for Windows 1/2), (The Federalist v3.0, History for Windows 2). Site also has text files on many topics.
  32. The Declaration of Independence
    New exhibit from the National Archives.
  33. Gutenberg List of Political Writings
    Hypertext listing - takes you to the actual text.
  1. Yahoo! Government:Law:Constitutional:Constitutions:United States:State Constitutions
  2. Yahoo! Government:U.S. Government:Local Government:Organizations:National League of Cities
  3. State and Local Government on the Net
  4. National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL)
    I browsed the "Policy Issues" link for major issues impacting the various states.
  5. City of Indianapolis / Marion County Home Page
  6. your source for news on state policy innovations
    The site currently looks at issues such as healthcare, welfare reform, taxes and budgets, education, and utility deregulation. See the Intro file for a quick overview of the purpose and content of the site and some direction on how teachers and reaseachers might use the data presented.
  7. State and Metropolitan Area Data Book - 5th Edition
    Statistics on social and economic conditions at the State and metropolitan area levels.
  8. State and Local Government on the Net
  9. The States Inventory Project: A Clearinghouse of State Information Infrastructures
    A "...clearinghouse for tracking state information infrastructure strategies and activities [to] the states efficiently develop their own advanced telecommunications infrastructures."
  10. Wisconsin Blue Book Table of Contents
    In addition to the entire Blue Book, this page also offers access to Wisconsin state symbols, Wisconsin at 150 Years -- Parts 1 - 16, Photographs and PDF documents.
  11. Saved By The Bill Home Page
    Sample the process of passing a bill in Idaho. the story -- based on actual events -- of two teens who fought to have a bill passed in the Idaho state legislature. Meet the characters in the story and their real-life counterparts, follow the debate over the bill in the Idaho House and Senate, access a set of useful links and more."
  12. State and Local Governments (Library of Congress)
  13. State Bill/Topic Search
  14. Governing Magazine
    An information source for state and local government.
  15. Examples of Local Government Uses of the Internet
  16. Wisconsin Blue Book Table of Contents
    The entire 1000 page Wisconsin Blue Book is now available online for downloading in PDF format. In addition to great information on the Wisconsin Constitution and government, the book (past issues included) contains a great deal of Wisconsin history. The current issue features supplements at the end of the book, and these can be downloaded separately. ON WISCONSIN!
  17. Assessing the New Federalism | An Urban Institute Project
  18. US State/Local Gateway
  19. The Wisconsin Legislature
  20. Mississippi Supreme Court
  21. State Government Finance Data, by State
  22. United States Government Links Page
  23. LOGOV is an unmoderated mailing list on the topic of local government, urban/city management and international cooperation and a forum for the distribution and exchange of information to local governments and authorities of cities of the world. To subscribe send email In the body of the message type: subscribe logov your-email-address.
  24. Welcome to State Capitals Newsletters Alert
  25. Welcome to State Capitals Newsletters Alert
  26. Washington State Courts - Education - Middle School Lesson Plans
    Listing of lessons (with grade level suggested) and law/constitution related links. A fine resource page designed for K-12 schools.
  27. The PIPER Letter: State Court Directory
  28. State Taxation Information
    A site with most of the forms you need... I tried Wisconsin and found the information in PDF files.
  29. State and Local Government on the Net: WISCONSIN
  30. Developing & Delivering Government Services on the World Wide Web: Recommended Practices for New York State
  31. AP United States Government and Politics
  32. State of Wisconsin - Office of the Treasurer
  33. Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government
    Featuring "...research and special projects on the role of state governments in American federalism and the management and finances of both state and local governments in major areas of domestic public affairs."
  34. Full-text state statutes and legislation on the Internet
    Full-text state constitutions, statutes, legislation and session laws.
  35. We the People/Wisconsin
  36. Council of State Governments
  37. Forward Wisconsin Elected Officials Home Page
    Send the students here to research elected officials and state symbols.
  38. ElectNet: Welcome
    Information for Gubernatorial, Congressional, and Senate Races indexed by State.
  39. State Republican Parties
  40. State of Wisconsin
  41. Welcome to the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (WisDPI)
  42. Municipal World Home Page
    Site to promote effective municipal government. Includes information about local government, details about Municipal World's products and services, and links to other local government resources.
  43. News on State Legislation and Laws
    State laws, legislation, bills, regulations listed by topic. Significant legislative highlights updated weekly. Also has a subject index for easy student research at
  44. StateSearch - Sponsored by NASIRE
  45. The Supreme Court of Florida's Home Pages
  46. WiscNet (Madison, WI)
  47. Nebraska Legislature
  48. State and Local Government on the Net
    Each state is divided into state, county and local sites when available with links to Native American tribal sites, federal resources related to state and local governments, and national organizations serving state and local governments.
  49. Global Computing, Inc. - U.S. State Home Pages
  50. Wisconsin County Profiles
  51. The Wisconsin Employment Bureau
  52. Milwaukee Public Museum Home Page
  53. Community Information System
    Organization to facilitate communication and information sharing between local governments in the Dallas area.
  54. DC City Pages Federal
  55. The Jefferson Project
    Site has one of the largest collection of state resources I have seen. Other links to: Politicians and Candidates, Parties, Magazines, Political Humor, Issues and Activists, The Left, The Right, The Radical, Political Watchdogs, Interactive and Reference, International, Government Resources, Listservs and Mailing Lists, and Campaign '96.
  56. We the People/Wisconsin
    The Web Guide to Wisconsin Politics.
  57. Rulers
    Heads of state and heads of government.
  58. StateSearch
    A service of the National Association of State Information Resource Executives. Designed to serve as a topical clearinghouse for state government information on the Internet.
  59. Office of the Governor
    Pete Wilson's page.
  60. State and Local Government on the Net New URL?
  61. State and Local Government on the Net: Wisconsin
  62. State WWW Servers
    Only lists onefrom Wisconsin, but it is a good one.
  63. State & Local Government Sites
  64. Wisconsin - US Senators and Representatives
  65. Council of State Governments
  66. StateSearch - Sponsored by NASIRE
    Topical clearinghouse to state government information on the Internet.
  67. internetMCI Blue Pages
    Search for local and state government resources.
  68. Wisconsin Department of Revenue

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