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Social Studies School Service Government/Politics
Capital Dome - Wisconsin Part of the History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers.
  1. Election 2000 -- The Washington Times
  2. Home Page and Search Fields
  3. Department of State -- International Information Programs -- U.S. Elections 2000
    Designed to help those in other nations understand the election process in the U.S.
  4. VIP - Voting Technology
  5. Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government: The Joan Shorenstein Center
    See the special on the "Vanishing Voter."
  6. Politics1: Directory of U.S. Political Parties
  7. Dave Leip's Atlas of U.S. Presidential Elections
    Major and minor candidates for U.S. President in the general elections from 1860 to 1996. Individual year pages include candidates, parties, popular and electoral vote totals, maps, charts, and voter turnout (1932-1996).
  8. - Politics, Elections and Government!
  9. The Vanishing Voter: A study of public involvement in the 2000 presidential campaign
  10. PBS - PBS Announces Democracy Project Election 2000 Programming
  11. How Jesse Ventura Used The Internet To Win
    The Internet as a major tool for politicians?
  12. C-SPAN: Campaign 2000
    Links to recent coverage of the campaign by C-Span. Campaign TV Ads - Past & Present will be featured soon.
  13. Peru Election 2000: A Public Education Website
  14. Yahoo! Government:U.S. Government:Politics:Parties:Republican Party:2000 Presidential Election:Candidates
  15. Campaigns and Elections
    Online version of the print publication. Some resources avaliable only if you have this month's password obtained from the current issue of the magazine.
  16. Center for the American Woman and Politics
    Offering some interesting information, including reports on Elections and the Politics of Reproduction: Implications for 1998 highlights from this report. The Impact of Women in Public Office: Findings at a Glance PDF format.
  17. National Voting Rights Museum Page
  18. Oscar Brand Presidential Campaign Songs CD
  19. Lijphart Election Archive
    A research collection of district level election results for approximately 350 national legislative elections in 26 countries.
  20. Prentice Hall School - Election Connection '98
  22. The :30 Second Candidate
    PBS features that includes: Historical Timeline: a clickable chronology of significant political ads.
  23. Campaign Web Review
    "Every two weeks, Campaign Web Review will profile a congressional, gubernatorial, initiative, or other statewide race for elective office in which candidates and groups are using the Internet as part of their campaign strategy."
  24. Alliance for Better Campaigns
  25. Project on Campaign Conduct
  26. The Media & Campaign 96
    Research about Campaign '96.
  27. Grading the Electoral College
    High School lesson.
  28. Welcome to Open Secrets Interactive
    From the "..non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics, a non-profit research group in Washington, DC that tracks campaign contributions in federal elections." Provides details of the contrubutions made to member of Congress, with excellent charts and graphics.
  29. The National Election Studies
    A Guide to Public Opinion and Electoral Behavior. TOC: "Index to first-level tables in the NES Guide, How to use the NES Guide, Studies, Data, and Other Resources, Resources for Recent Studies, NES On-line Data and Codebooks, The 1996 Pre-/Post-Election Study, The 1995 Pilot Study, The 1994 Post-Election Study, Behavior Reporting Experiment, Most useful? The NES Guide to Public Opinion and Electoral Behavior."
  30. Online NewsHour -- @the Capitol: Campaigns Under Scrutiny
  31. Campaigns Under Scrutiny - A Historical look at Congressional Investigations
    Our NewsHour historians discuss the historical role of congressional investigations and how the current Senate investigation into campaign fund-raising fits in.
  32. Election Notes: Daily International News, Calendar Returns, Results, Election Administration, Campaign Finance, and Electoral Politics
  33. The American Presidential Election
    Try "memorabilia." This is much more that just election stats... "With complete election results, hundreds of articles and documents, more than 150 photographs and illustrations, maps featuring the electoral college results of each presidential election, Internet links, audio recordings, and more."
  34. EC: Electoral College WebZine
    Downloadable Databases Containing Data About Candidates, Parties and Other Committees.
  36. The U.S. Electorial College
    Maps of election results from 1960 to 1992, with many other resources online.
  37. Electoral College-Home Page
  38. National School Network: U.S. Election '96
    For K-12 schools.
  39. YEA 96
    Youth Election Alliance '96. "A united effort by Educational telecollaborators linking diverse Election projects for the common goal of developing informed voting skills in tomorrow's electorate."
  40. Who Elects the President?
    A classroom telecollaboration for Election '96, grades 5-12. Activities in civics, language arts, mathematics, science, art an technology are included.
  41. Electronic Classroom - a Political Primer
    This is a paper that has expended great effort to provide educational content to their web site, with great results for students and teachers. It features a student curriculum for the elections and "Educational programs," which lists aseries of other educational pages done by the paper.
  42. NPR Election '96 - National Public Radio
    Campaign Issues, Voters and Parties, Campaign Finance, Media Watch, NPR Election Project and a look at The Candidates.
  43. Welcome to the Voter Information Page
    Now featuring a Political Picture of the Week -- people, places or things from the world of politics.
  44. LIFE at the Conventions
  45. The 1996 Democratic National Convention
  46. Hair in Chicago, Summer 1996
    See the section which compares the civil rights struggle of the '60s to the cyberrights struggle of the '90s.
  48. Rock the Vote
  49. State Republican Parties
  50. Atlantic Unbound
  51. Money Charts
    PBS page on campaign financing.
  52. Election Information
    Links to: Citizens Guide to Contributions and the Law, Financial Information About Candidates, Parties and PACs and News Releases.
  54. Women's Campaign School
    Program at Yale to educate women in the key elements of political campaign skills.
  55. Rock the Vote
  56. IRS - The Digital Daily
  57. Democratic Party of Ozaukee County, Wisconsin
  58. National Politics & Personalities
    Index covering every party -- Communist--Democrat--Greens--United We Stand America--Libertarian--Patriot--Natural Law--Republican--Socialist. Other links of interest.
  59. Skeleton Closet
    A " nonpartisan site" by Real People For Real Change that compiles scandals and character reviews on all 1996 US Presidential candidates. Reflects the theory that the character of the candidates is the most important guide for voters.
  60. Marketplace of Political Ideas
    Page Devoted to Educating Voters by providing information about candidates from all parties. Links to: Democratic Homepages, Pages developed by members/supporters of the Democratic Party, Republican Homepages Pages developed by members/supporters of the Republican Party, "Third Party" Homepages.
  61. UCSD Data Collection
    See the election stats -Lijphart Elections Archive -- district level election results for approximately 350 national legislative elections in 26 countries.
  62. Welcome to!
    See the "Campaign 96" trivia test. Great addition to the list of online newspapers. "Congress Watch" link.
  63. B/CS Presidential Campaign Tour & Opinion Page
  64. DLC-PPI Home Page
    Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) and Progressive Policy Institute (PPI).
  65. Democratic National Committee
    Home page of the Democratic National Committee. Information about events and plans at the national level and links to state and local Democratic Party organizations. "The Democratic National Committee home page will allow Internet users access to DNC publications and press releases, audio and video clips, links to other Democratic Internet destinations and opportunities to interact with the National Democratic Party. In addition, the DNC page will utilize "real audio," a new technology that allows users to play audio files instantly while connected to the DNC Home Page, rather than downloading the files, which causes delays.
  66. Vote Smart Web
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  1. 20TH CENTURY DEMOCIDE (Genocide and Mass Murder)
  2. Juvenile Offenders and Victims: 1999 National Report
  3. "Warrior Cops: The Ominous Growth of Paramilitarism in American Police Departments"
    In PDF The article raises many issues on the growing militarization of police in the US, especially in waging the "war against drugs".
  4. Scientific American: By the Numbers: Behind Bars in the U.S. and Europe : August 1999
  5. Welcome to The Legacy - A P.O.V. Interactive
    "Murder and Media, Politics and Prisons." Explore the six punishment options. ""Rush to Vengeance: Vivid Documentary Skillfully Weaves Bigger Questions of The Three Strikes Law. Moore's documentary is a vivid portrait of how populist politics, the press' and public's disregard for details and an emotion-stirring crime can turn a seemingly simple idea into monumentally short-sighted policy."
  6. USIS -- The United States Information Service
    Major content includes: Policy (International Security Issues, Economic Issues, Global Issues/Communication, Democracy/Human Rights, U.S. Society and Values), Regional Issues (Africa, The Americas, East Asia/Pacific, Europe, Near East/North Africa, South Asia, Multilateral Initiatives), Global Issues (Y2K, Human Rights, Arms Control, Global Financial Stability, Responding to Terrorism, Population, Environment, Biotechnology, Narcotics and Substance Abuse, HIV/AIDS, Civic Education), Products and Services (Electronic Journals, Publications, Article Alert, Foreign Media on U.S., Broadcasting, Foreign Press Centers),
  7. Seeking Solutions with Hedrick Smith
    A state-by-state guide to model crime prevention programs, participate in online opinion polls and discover solutions to the problems of teen violence, hate crimes and gangs.
  8. National Online Youth Summit
    A program of the American Bar Association. The site invites students to explore two issues: After City of Chicago v. Morales: If Youth "Hang Out" on the Street, Are They Breaking the Law? and "Access Denied, R-Rating, V-Chip": Should Youth Access to the Internet and Mass Media be Restricted?
  9. Welcome to
    Source for data on money in government. See what is involved at the state level at NATIONAL INSTITUTE ON MONEY IN STATE POLITICS, which documents campaign contributions in state politics for reporters, researchers and the general public.
  10. Virtual Congress
    Provides students with the opportunity to personally experience how and why laws are made, using the U.S. Federal Budget as the tool.
  11. The Federal Impeachment Process
  12. Political Points
    From the New York Times.
  13. No. 97-1374: CLINTON v. CITY OF NEW YORK
    Recent Court decision on the line-item veto law that allowed the president to reject specific items in tax and spending measures.
  14. The Urban Institute -- What's New?
  15. PBS Online: Follow the Money
    This week's feature is "Beyond Watergate...the Greed Factor."
  16. Welfare Watch
    "Is Welfare Reform taking people off the rolls in order that they may have better and more productive lives, and hence, greater hope? Or, is it causing increased misery and deeper poverty for the millions of children and families affected by these implementations?"
  17. Online NewsHour: Supreme Court Watch -- June 19, 1997
    Jim Lehrer speaks with Stuart Taylor of "The American Lawyer" in a discussion of the Supreme Court decision to uphold a plan drawn by Georgia courts to redistrict the state, reducing the number from predominantly African-American districts. For the most recent reports, visit the "Home Site."
  18. A.R.U.S.A.
    Companion site for a book Annual Report of the United States of America. "This report gives citizens the latest information of the state of the U.S. economy, national debt, social and international issues, and taxes in simple, direct language and clear illustrations."
  19. social activism
    Links to topics/resources: counterculture, feminism, philanthropy, political activism, right to life and the 1960s.
  20. Presidents' Summit for America's Future
    Meeting in Philadelphia (April 27- 29) to kickoff America's Promise, a multi-year national effort aimed at providing the 15 million at-risk young people in America with the resources they need to succeed.
  21. Privacy
    Technology and privacy issues.
  22. Today in Congress
    Always current, for a quick look at the schedule from the Washington Post.
  23. Yahoo! - Government:Executive Branch:Clinton Administration
  24. FECInfo Home Page
    See The top 100 contributors in each state. Record you zip code and see the $100,000 club. Find out who gets most of their money from out-of-state contributors, PAC Listings, Occupation/Employer Look-up and Who Has The Most Cash On Hand.
  25. The Free Expression Clearinghouse
    Established to counter attacks on the First Amendment right to free expression.
  26. First Amendment Project
  27. The Chicago Tribune
    The paper has launched its political coverage of the election. Well crafted graphics and some fine articles make the site a pleasure to explore - especially the poll stats and graphs.
  28. Table of Contents: Human Rights Practices, 1995
  29. The National Security Archive/ACHRE
  30. Welcome to eVote!
    Featuring national political news, polls, satire and cartoons.
  31. Government Documents in the News
  32. U.S. News Online's Politics
  33. Sexual Harassment Issues
  34. CourtTV The Unabomber Case
  35. Index on Censorship Home Page
  36. alt.current-events.clinton.whitewater Archive
    Current months discussion, plus archive of all previous months.
  37. Los Angeles Times Politics & Polls
    Look for s Adobe's Amber software, a PDF reader that plugs directly into some web browsers. Available for Macintosh, Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 and NT.
  38. Institute for Research on Poverty (IRP)
    University of Wisconsin-Madison.
  39. The Marketplace of Political Ideas
    University of Houston Libraries. Pointers to the candidates and issues -- Democratic sites, Republican sites, third party sites, non-partisan sites, political groups on the Left, Right, and "Fringes", and a variety of political science locations.
  40. The Blue Ribbon Campaign for Online Free Speech
  41. National Political Index
    Over 30 topics in the area of politics to select from...
  42. Harvard Political Review
    A non-partisan journal of both domestic and international issues. Offers fresh, in-depth analysis of the political world and interviews with Newt Gingrich, Senator Ted Kennedy, Boutrous Boutrous Ghali, and Gerry Adams.
  43. Doonesbury Welcome Page
  44. Federal Times
    Newsweekly for U.S. federal employees with news stories, photos, legislative updates and current job listings. A recent visit displayed articles on: Top Federal Stories & Legislative Updates, Where the jobs are; Pay charts;Per diem rates, Leave calendar and MSPB decisions. Also the latest top-drawer image from Federal Times, photos and graphics from federal image archives to download and access to a federal clip art collection.
  45. Electoral Studies
    Journal published by Elsevier Science Ltd. dealuing mostly with voting.
  46. The Robert M. La Follette Institute of Public Affairs
  47. CNN/Time AllPolitics
    A site dedicated to politics in the digital age.
  48. Polling
    From the Why Files.
  49. The Telecommunications Bill of 1996
  50. Public Affairs Web
    Great location! "Global index to all aspects of American Public Affairs. With thousands of 'Public Service Links', a Public Affairs Yellow Pages, secure weekly polling (and results online)..." and "... the best and latest information and ideas from around the U.S. concerning candidates, public issues, legislation, state and local ballot measures, and public affairs professionals.
  51. UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies
    Directed at "...interdisciplinary research in American and California politics, government, and public policy. IGS has been a major source of information and analysis for public officials, the press, academic researchers, and students since its founding in 1919."
  52. Natural Disaster Reference Database
    NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Earth Sciences Directorate, with a great splash page. A bibliographic database on research, programs, and results on the use of satellite remote sensing for disaster mitigation. Includes abstracts of articles published since 1981 disaster areas.
  53. The Nation / Digital Edition
    Site for the Nation Magazine to be online soon. Stop in and leave mail to be notified when the site is completed.
  54. Welcome To The Gallup Organization
    This is an excellent resource on opinions -- past and present.
  55. The Metaphor is the Key: Cryptography, The Clipper Chip, and the Constitution
  56. The BIG VOTE
    Voting pages for all the current questions.
  58. The American Promise
  59. The Militias
    "The News & Record, a daily newspaper in Greensboro, N.C., recently published "Patriot Aims/The Militias," a three-day series examining the militia movement in North Carolina.
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  1. Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids: Homepage
  2. Welcome to RespecTeen
    Provides activities that encourage students to: "...communicate effectively with their members of Congress; investigate and take positions on national issues; and, recognize how they can take action to solve problems."
  3. Communicating with Citizens about Government Performance
  4. Welcome to ImpactOnline
    VolunteerMatch, a matching service for volunteers and nonprofits and Virtual Volunteering, a research project on volunteer activities which can be completed over the Internet, and information and resources on volunteerism.
  5. Title: "All The President's Men" - Topics: U.S./1945 - 1991 & Politics
    Journalism and politics.
  6. Style Live: Movies & Videos
  7. League of Women Voters of New Jersey Home Page
    See the short lesson/quiz on women's history.
  8. ZDNet Software Library - GovernMail
    "Use GovernMail to contact government representatives around the world. It includes both email and Website links to U.S. Senators, Congressmen, the White House, a large selection of world leaders and parliaments, and a variety of political news sources. There is a built-in Web browser to view the linked sites, as well as an email client that provides an easy means of communicating with government leaders."
  9. Access America for Students
    "This site is designed as a one-stop shop for electronic government, or eGOV. Online information and transactional services available 24 hours a day... Through Access America, you can: Apply for federal student financial aid, E-file your taxes, Request a change of address, Find a job, Consolidate student loans, Register for Selective Service, Search for national campsites, Apply to be a Peace Corps volunteer Get a replacement Social Security card, Buy postage stamps online, and Find a variety of other information from virtually every major Federal government agency, civilian and military.
  10. Home/School Activities Encourage Civic Development
    NCES report on what promotes civic development in students (gd 9-12).
  11. ACLU - Defend Your Data: What They Do Know Can Hurt You!
  12. Learning Adventures in Citizenship
    The Web companion to the PBS series NEW YORK which will provide examples of how cities and communities in America developed as centers of commerce, politics, culture, and ethnicity, Middle-school students will be asked to "...examine their own communities, and become active participants by volunteering and working in the community. Divided into six consecutive time periods, LEARNING ADVENTURES IN CITIZENSHIP will contain interactive multimedia learning material, student inquiry activities, lesson plans and materials for teachers, and an online gallery of student work and contest submissions. The NEW YORK series will air on PBS in the fall of 1999, and the Web piece will go live in late August, before the school year begins. See the Project Overview for the participation schedule.
  13. League of Women Voters of New Jersey Home Page
  14. Declaration of Teen Independence
    Interesting discussion topic for government classes.
  15. ACLU National Freedom Scorecard:
    A tool to track of how individual representatives and senators are voting on legislation that impact rights and freedom.
  16. Close Up Foundation: Federalism
    The New Federalism. Close Up looks at: Fighting Poverty: The Federal Government Expands, the New Deal, The Great Society, "The Era of Big Government Is Over", The Reagan Revolution, "Devolution Revolution", Current Issues.
  17. CENSUS - Voting and Registration Data
  18. Freedom Forum
  19. AMPT Radio
    Current program when I visited -- POLITICS: YOU'RE SOAKING IN IT. The archive now features fifteen programs. You will need the RealPlayer 5.0 and a 28.8 modem to listen.
  20. The League of Women Voters of Minnesota Home Page
  21. Partnerships Against Violence Network
    A "virtual library" of information about violence and youth-at-risk, representing data from seven different Federal agencies.
  22. Alliance for National Renewal
    Community building location, with excellent resources and links.
  23. Civic Practices Network
    Phrases like collaborative and nonpartisan, diverse perspectives and new citizenship movement are used to describe this page. I clicked on "What's New" to get a feel for the activity of the site and the organization and located an impressive amount of information added to the site... I tried "Community Building Coming of Age. (1997) A Civic Perspective" by G. Thomas Gibson, Joseph B. McNeely, and James O.Gibson. It appears the entire resource is online, with chaper divisions and main themes hyperlinked within each chapter. Overall, an excellent page for content teachers in Urban History, Current Events/Problems and Government. Parents need to visit the site as well.
  24. Center for Civic Education
  25. Welcome to NetAction
    Cyber Rights Tools and Cyber Action Issues.
  26. The Electronic Policy Network
    Links to Civic Participation, Health Policy, Economics and Politics, Welfare and Families and Media Old & New.
  27. The Informed Electorate
    A magazine which focuses on political education, involvement and current events.
  28. Connections '97
    Conference site -- Connections '97 Education for Responsible Citizenship: Studies of Society and Environment -- at the University of Sydney, Australia, July 6-9, 1997
  29. Common Cause
    Citizens working to end special-interest politics and reform government ethics.
  30. The Democracy Network
    Your Non-Partisan, Online Information Source for the April 8th Los Angeles City Elections. The race in LA is no more important than any other Mayorial race, but this excellent page concentrates more information than could ever be pulled from non-electronic sources. Should be a template for other elections in other states.
  31. California Voter Foundation - Welcome
    California citizenship not required!
  32. Community Advocates
    Milwaukee advocacy organization working on: child abuse prevention, homelessness, welfare, utility, health care, low income, housing issues.
  33. The Center for Democracy and Technology
    Advocate and information source for public policies that advance (and protect) constitutional civil liberties and democratic values in new computer and communications technologies. See the "Issues" page for some interesting links that provide an overview of the topics (especially First Amendment issues). They inlcude: Net-Censorship Issues (Includes Text Of Current Proposals, CDT Analysis, Information about user empowerment technologies, including PICS, What You Can Do), CIEC: Citizens Internet Empowerment Coalition (Information about the CIEC and the Communications Decency Act lawsuit. Includes transcripts and bulletins from the trial in Philadelphia, text of the Federal Court decision), Cryptography Policy Issues (Includes "Why Should I Care About the Cryptography Debate?", Cryptography headlines, CDT position papers), Privacy Issues (Includes information about CDT's Privacy Demonstration and Clearinghouse, Health Information Privacy, Children's Privacy Issues), Congress and The Net (Information about the Congressional Internet Caucus, online chats with members of Congress), Digital Telephony Issues (Includes the recent news, background materials, the text of the Digital Telephony Statute), Counter Terrorism Issues (Includes Administration and Congressional Documents, Legislation, Analyses, and Testimony), International Issues (Includes information about the Internet Freedom Network), Digital Infrastructure Issues (Includes information about the America's Carriers Telecommunications, Association (ACTA) petition, CDT comments).
  34. Youthlink
  35. Would the Real First Amendment Please Stand Up?
    Online book.
  36. ACLU Freedom Network
    ACLU Index Page -- Overview of entire ACLU site.
  37. Institute for the Study of Civic Values
    Site triggered by a community revitalization and development effort in Philadelphia. Provides information about the Institute's civic values-based programs and four projects that are currently underway: Neighborhoods Online, an effort to help citizen groups make effective use of telecommunications; Building Community in the American Tradition, a discussion guide and email list for neighborhood leaders and activists; Social Contract Project, which helps neighborhood organizations negotiate with government and businesses.
  38. Cyberliberties
    ACLU, now with the "cyber" case in the Supreme Court.
  39. Electronic Democracy Discussion List Command Form
    Provides a forum for the exchange of ideas on the topic.
  40. The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research
    Some of the graphics take time to load but the results are worth the wait. Detailed poll results on the 96 Campaign with those nice graphics to display.
  41. ACORN home page
    Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (you knew that, right?) to organize and win power for low and moderate-income people.
  42. Friends for a Non-Violent World Home Page
  43. Citizenship Interview Questions
    " INS is said to have repeatedly used only material from these 100 questions to test applcants for naturalization." One of my former Government students obtained a copy of an exam used in a class to help pass the Naturalization tests... We broke into groups and the students quizzed each other on the questions, some of which were very detailed. If your students use this site, remember that the answers are also online at the end of the page. Site also includes a US Immigration FAQ.
  44. Political Research Associates
    An independent, nonprofit research center which monitors the organizations, individuals, and activities of the US political right.
  45. Welcome to The Maxwell School
    Citizenship and public affairs
  46. Civil Rights Gopher
  47. ACLU of Georgia Home Page
  48. Public Affairs Web, Homepage
  49. The American Policy Network
    Displays one of the better impage maps with timely information and leading ideas about national policy and politics. Links to the "The American Prospect" and "Political Science Quarterly."
  50. PBS Mailbox
  51. POLITICS & CIVIC LIFE; Idea Central
    "Civic Participation Page" with information about the condition of democracy and civil society.
  52. Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW)
    A private, nonpartisan, non-profit organization which educates Americans about the waste, mismanagement, and inefficiency in the federal government.
  53. Democracy Works
    One of the better sites that advocates a cause..or causes.
  54. The Heritage Foundation
    A well organized and informative Political zine produced by a conservative organization in Washington D.C.
  55. (National Rifle Association) Home Page
  56. INFACT's Tobacco Industry Campaign
  57. The Concord Coalition
    A "...nonpartisan, grassroots movement to eliminate the deficit and bring entitlements down to a level that's fair to all generations. Founded by former Senators Warren B. Rudman and Paul E. Tsongas..."
  58. SSDC Public Opinion
    Magazines, books and indexes on public opinion. See the results of some interesting polls under "Mass Political Behavior and Attitudes."
  59. Welcome to EE-Link
    Environmental Education on the Internet. Links to: Solid Waste, Classroom Activities, Environmental Facts/Data/Statistics, Annotated Bibliographies, Teaching Materials from Specific Organizations, Audio Visual Catalogs, Software, and Lesson plans for K-12 from the Cornell Waste Management Institute.
  60. The Action Coalition Home Page
    This site has some depth. Information on world health organizations, the Summit for Social Development, links to 81 nations where youth react to current issues. Site also examines topics like the Environment, Health, Poverty and Equality with links to many grassroots organizations for citizen advocacy.
  61. Political Activism Resource Server
    US Government offices, US Congressmen, political action groups, and information webs. It also contains information on searching mailing lists, creating and managing lists and how to mount email campaigns.
  62. Purloined Tabacco Papers Online
    "A year-long legal battle between the University of California at San Francisco and tobacco giant Brown & Williamson ended last Thursday when the California Supreme Court ruled the university could post the papers documenting the tobacco industry's awareness of nicotine's addictive and carcinegous nature 30 years ago on the Internet. The records, originally swiped by a paralegal in 1989, were Fed Ex'd to a UCSF professor last year..."
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  1. Canadian Government Information
  2. Nelson Political Science - Canadian Politics on the Web

    Citi state -- n. -- A region consisting of one or more historic central cities surrounded by cities and towns which have a shared identification, function as a single zone for trade, commerce and communication, and are characterized by social, economic and environmental interdependence. Hist. Similar to city states of antiquity (e.g. Athens, Rome, Carthage) or medieval times (e.g. the Hanseatic League), except that modern citistates engage in instant electronic communication and capital transfer, and are the chief recipients of world population growth.

  3. Citistates
    Presents an interesting concept of emerging economic organizations, with many points of comparison to the era of Classical City states.

  4. Supreme Court of Canada
    With judgements back to 1989 online.
  5. House of Commons Library
  6. Guide to Canadian Political Science Resources
    Federal Institutions and their Structure. Does some form of the federal system offer hope for regions of the world seeking unity and peace, despite language, ethnic and regional differences.
  7. The Egyptian Presidency
    Law Pages in United States, US Insular, Canada, France, Malaysia, Supreme Court, current and archived site for the FarisLaw Supreme Court international Bulletin.
  9. The British Monarchy
    See the current issue of Royal Insight and new sections on the history of the Scottish Crown and the Palace of Holyroodhouse.
  10. Canadian Criminal Justice Resource Page
  11. Comparative Politics Online--Internet Resources
  12. Government
    State, Federal and World governments.
  13. The International GovNews Project (IGP))
    Established to provide a framework for posting and discussion of public information.
  14. Latin American Government Documents Project
    Divided into: Statistical Sources, Executive and Ministerial Documents, National Legislative Documents, National Judicial Documents, Subnational Documents.
  15. Parliamentary Democracy
    World organization of parliaments of sovereign States. The organization " for peace and co-operation among peoples and for the firm establishment of representative democracy." Sports a database of information on national parliaments around the world.
  16. Information on the Irish State
  17. Rulers
    Showing "...heads of state and heads of government (and, in certain cases, de facto leaders who don't occupy either of those formal positions) of all countries and territories, usually going back to at least 1900."
  18. European Governments on the WWW
  19. Federal Constitutions
  20. National Schoolnet Atlas - L'Atlas du réseau scolaire national
    Bilingual Canadian site with geographic focus. "Interactive Learning About Canada and its Communities." Includes an atlas of communities, a name finder, topics and issues, teacher's guides..and more.
  21. Politics and Political Parties in Canada
  22. Latin American Political Database
    Doing a unit on comparative government? Links to Country Summaries, Constitutions, Electoral Laws, Legislative Branches, Executive Branches, Judicial Branches, Election Data, Miscellaneous Political Data.
  23. The Grassroots World Government WWW Site
  24. United Nations System
    Official Web Locator.
  25. United Nations Resource Guide
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  1. All Law - Your Internet Legal Gateway
  2. frontline: the case for innocence
    FRONTLINE investigates the reasons why inmates remain in prison despite DNA evidence that excludes them as the perpetrators.
  3. IDRC's To the World
    Understanding the Federal Courts and _How Our Laws are Made_ -- THOMAS.
  4. Brennan Center for Justice
  5. Criminal Justice
  6. VAGUEpolitix -- The information you need. . . the attitude you crave.
    As usual, explore the site before sending students. Some of the content here is best used with mature students.
  7. Welcome to Destination Democracy
  8. Yahoo! Government:U.S. Government:Judicial Branch:Supreme Court:Justices
  9. Bureau of Justice Statistics Capital Punishment
    A host of data, with historical tables on executions since 1930 and sentencing since 1973. Both PDF and test form.
  10. National Institute of Justice
    National Evaluation of Weed and Seed programs.
  11. LII: American Legal Ethics Library
  12. Law News Network: legal news - national legal news daily
  13. Project LEGAL: A USDE Nationally Validated Teacher training Program
  14. Bureau of Justice Statistics Correctional Populations in the United States, 1996
  15. Bureau of Justice Statistics home page
    Statistics about - Crimes and victims, Drugs and crime, Criminal offenders, The justice system, Law enforcement, Prosecution, Courts and sentencing, Corrections, Expenditure and employment, Criminal record systems, Special topics, Crime & Justice Data from Other Sources. Great information for those class debates.
  16. Bureau of Justice Statistics Crime & Justice Electronic Data Abstracts
    "How many robberies were reported by the police in Iowa, each year, 1964-95? Is there a relationship between the rate of homicide and level of education of residents in the 90 largest counties? How have the number of persons incarcerated in Texas changed between 1977 and 1994?" Data arranged by topic and by jurisdiction (Federal, State, County and City data).
  17. Bureau of Justice Statistics Publications Alphabetical Listing and Bureau of Justice Statistics Criminal Victimization 1997.
  18. The Police Notebook
    The best (so far) in this area.
  19. Crime & Justice Electronic Data Abstracts
    Index of available files By topic (Crime and arrest data, Criminal justice data, Demographic data) and by jurisdiction (Federal data, State data, County data, City data).
    Full text of the report and its appendices in PDF format. "The report finds that the majority of federal crime laws are passed by Congress for political reasons and such laws may undermine the efforts of state and local law enforcement.
  21. Five-0 Central a law enforcement site for the 90's
    A look at law enforcement from a street cops point of view.
  22. Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
    The site presents the 25th anniversary edition of Sourcebook, See the special piece called "Access to criminal justice information: A 25-year perspective and some thoughts on the future." Very comprehensive...and well organized for downloading (each of the 6 parts in PDF format)
  23. APB Online
    Crime resources on-line.
  24. Death Penalty Information Center
    Information on all aspects of the death penalty.
  25. Victim-Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP) Information and Resource Center
  26. Project LEGAL Home page
  27. Welcome To Jury Duty!
  28. Florida CyberCourt Home Page
  29. Conversation with the Tinker v. Des Moines School District Plaintiffs
    Presenting: a Case Summary, Questions and Answers, Biographies, Resources.
  30. Welcome to Picturing Justice
    Images of law in movies and on television.
  31. Criminal Justice Internet Exploration Guide
  33. Evansville Courier - City Crime Maps
    Offering a host of crime information in addition to the weekly crime maps. The maps could easily be viewed by students assigned to replicate the geographic reports in their communities with information from local police logs. Great original research for students. Some might be interested in a study of crime prevention programs on the Internet and those in their communities. Local officials involved in crime prevention might be invited to the school as part of a "Career Day" program.
  34. The Courthouse: by Brian Pierce, JD
    This site provides a large number of materials/documents in the area of criminal justice.
  35. Death Penalty News & Updates
  36. The Student Law Centre

  37. Criminal Sanction Effectiveness Measurement

    From an Oregon trial judge (Michael Marcus, District Court Judge) "...determined to bring some rationality into the crime and punishment debate." He asserts that "...all sentencing hearings (as well as pretrial release, post conviction supervision, and custodial curriculum decisions) should be based on readily available data about which sanctions and programs work on which categories of offenders." See What Are We up to and Why - or If We're Doing More Harm than Good, Why Rush? and We Can Do Better at Fighting Crime. Along similar lines, see The Death Penalty, by Jake Ortman, for a research page on the deterrent effects of the death penalty.

  38. FindLaw: Constitutional Law: WWW Sites and Other Internet Resources
  39. Indiana Program for Law-Related Education
  40. Canadian Criminal Justice Resource Page
  41. Welcome to OJJDP
    Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.
  42. Online Courts for Kids
    Also posted on the newsgroup. Great site!
  43. Professor Arthur Miller's Courtroom Challenge
    Nice listing of mock trials. The URL was posed on one of the recent messages on a Social Studies news group.
  44. The Defender Association
    Lists law and criminal justice resources on the Internet, with emphasis on the law and issues relating to public defense.
  45. PoliceScanner.Com
    Real Audio feed of the Dallas Police Department with a link to help decipher the numeric codes.
  46. Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
  47. Public Justice Resources
  48. Homicide: The Case
  49. Uniform Crime Reports, 1990-1993
  50. Criminal Justice Sites
  51. JusticeNet Prison Issues Desk
    See poetry, art and read messages from prison. Teacher preview of this site is required.
  52. Anatomy of a Murder Home Page
    Follow the story of a defendant as he faces serious charges and listen to "mood music" as you explore.
  53. Crime and Media Syllabus: Graduate Class
    This very readable online syllabus provides some interesting information and images for secondary teachers.
  54. Justice Center Web Site, UAA
    New location
  55. Crime Statistics
    Statistics tutorial and link guide.
  56. OVAE: Office of Correctional Education (OCE)
    Provides technical assistance to States, local schools, and correctional institutions and shares information on correctional education.
  57. Journal of Prisoners on Prisons
    Purpose of the site is "to bring the knowledge and experience of the incarcerated to bear upon more academic arguments and concerns and to inform public discourse about the current state of our carceral institutions."
  58. CourtTV
  59. Georgetown University Law Library
    Well organized site that should make student searches easy. A click on Federal Court Opinions produced a page with a map of the US with districts marked, each with a separate hyperlinked page.
  60. Welcome to the National Victim Center
  61. American Law Sources
  63. Civilian Police Academy
    These pages serve to show you the duties and functions of a metropolitan police department.
  64. Metro Nashville Civilian Police Academy
  65. Rate Your Risk
    A Freeware Multimedia Violence Reduction Game. Includes self defense tips and information on reducing domestic violence.
  66. Danger High
    Game to teach consequences of actions or inactions. Download the Mac version ( about 9MB). Contains 40 movies, 100 picts, music and sounds. The PC version should be available about 1st quarter 1996. Developed by Metro Nashville Police Department on a National Institute of Justice grant.
  67. Ken's Useful Links
    A page dedicated to police and law enforcement. Many useful links for students but especially the K-9 and above group.
  68. CyberLaw (tm) & CyberLex (tm)
  69. Domestic Violence Section
    Metro Nashville Police Department./ This is an educational site that provides an excellent description of the behavior/actions associated with spouse abuse. Emphasis on the psychgological and emotional dimensions of abuse.
  70. Florida Correctional Commission
  71. First Amendment News - Contents - 11/95
  72. Would the Real First Amendment Please Stand Up?
  73. College of Law's homepage
  74. 'Lectric Law
  75. Law and Court Related Web Sites
  76. Three "Strikes and You're Out" Law
  77. Law Net homepage
  78. Legal Information Institute
    By the Cornell Law School. See "What's New" each time you visit this site. Now (8/99) showing Highlights of the Supreme Court's Term, and Legal Materials from Around the Globe.
  79. Prison-related Resources
    This could be a valuable resource -- even if one disagrees with some of the opinions contained at the site. I clicked on "Prison Ethnographic Resources" and found a Journal - "The Journal of Prisoners on Prisons" - written by prisoners. Stated purpose is " bring the knowledge and experience of the incarcerated to bear upon more academic arguments and concerns and to inform public discourse about the current state of our carceral institutions."
  80. United States Department of Justice Home Page
    A check on "Recent Cases" brought up the Microsoft case -- from complaint to final judgement.
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  1. Links to Other Sites on International Relations
  2. IDRC's To the World
  3. U.S.-Russian Relations at the Turn of the Century
  4. Links to Other Sites on International Relations
  5. Canadian Institute of International Affairs Home Page Main Menu
  6. Joint Chiefs
  7. Links to Other Sites on International Relations
    - The Strategic Studies Network on the World Wide Web, a project " provide Academics, Students, Researchers, Government Officials and the General Public with a research tool in the areas of Strategic Studies, Security, International Relations and Politics." You might try the "stratlink" section first...
  9. Foreign Policy
    Articles from The Atlantic Monthly's archive and related links.
  10. Foreign Policy Association -- Welcome!
  11. Center for Contemporary Diplomacy
    | Highlights | Research Areas | Education & Training | Publications | | Library & Links.
  12. Brookings Institute
  13. Cour internationale de Justice - International Court of Justice
    Providing: General Information, Decisions of the ICJ, Publications, Current docket of the Court and Basic documents.
  14. Peace and Security WWW Server
    Links to: Armed forces of the world, Contemporary conflicts, International organizations, International relations, Military art and science, Military history, Peace and disarmament, Peacekeeping, A click on "military history" and then on World War I revealed a listing of WWW, Gopher and FTP links to great historical resources, with especially good links to World War I information.
  15. US State Department - Policy - Population, Refugees and Migration
  16. The Journal of Public and International Affairs Homepage (JPIA)
    the 1996 and 1997 issues are online, but the 1996 is indexed by author rather than title and TOC.
  17. Nationalism Links
    Links arranged to support and elaborate on a study of Nationalism by
    Treanor, P. (1997) 'Structures of Nationalism'Sociological Research Online, vol. 2, no. 1.
  18. International Resources - Government Publications
    Northwestern University Library Government Publications.
  19. ISN - International Relations and Security Network
  20. International Court of Justice Homepage
  21. House of Commons Debates - Hansard
  22. American Military Intervention: A User's Guide - - Heritage
  23. Diplomatic Reception Rooms Home Page, U. S. Department of State
  24. Resources for Peace
    Links to many of the major peace groups and Peace Studies programs on the Web.
  25. U.S. Committee for UNICEF's homepage
    Students can learn about the conditions of their peers in developing nations and to help raise funds for those who desperately need help. The organization provides lifesaving immunizations, vital health services, nutrition programs, clean water, curriculum development and teacher training.
  26. Welcome to the Organization of American States
  27. National Security Website
    Designed to act as"...a clearinghouse for reporters, researchers, and concerned Americans interested in gaining access to publications and links on a wide spectrum of national security issues."
  29. United Nations Scholars' Workstation Home Page
    Provided by Yale University Library and the Social Science Statistical Laboratory. Indludes a collection of texts and pointers to print and electronic information. Large subject coverage section.
  30. Peace Brigades International (PBI)
    Offering nonviolent approaches to peacekeeping and support for basic human rights, currently focusing on Mexico.
  31. Homelands
    Secession & Independence Movements in America and Around the World.
  32. Poem for the UN's 50th - Maya Angelou
  33. The Multinational Force and Observers
  34. United Nations Newst
    From the UN Headquarters in New York City, USA. Links to UN News resources.
  35. The United States at the United Nations
  36. The Strategic Studies Institute
    From the research faculty of the U.S. Army War College. ProducesSSI Studies on topics with strategic implications for the nation. "Additional information is available on the mission, history, and organization of SSI, plus a link to the U.S. Army Military History Institute."
  37. University of Minnesota Human Rights Library and Human Rights and Related Sources Available Through the Internet, A collection of important international human rights instruments -- treaties, declarations, and other materials with links to other sites containing information about human rights.
  38. U.S. Army War College Strategic Studies
    Think tank on world politics, regional issues, and national security policy.
  39. The Electronic Embassy
    Inlcudes all the DC and Web Embassies(
  40. Peace Ideas
    Seeks to help individuals become active participants in the realization of lasting peace.
  41. DOSFAN
    Department of State Foreign Affairs Network.
  42. IANWeb -- International Affairs Network Web
    A comprehensive hypertext guide to the worldwide network-accessible resources available to scholars in the study of International Affairs.
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