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Social Studies School Service MODERN EUROPEAN/RUSSIAN HISTORY Part of the Europe/Russia/Eastern Europe Web and the History/Social Studies Web Site For K-12 Teachers.
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  1. The History of the Thirty Years' War - BOOK I
  2. The Museum of Contemporary St Petersburg Art: 1940s -- 1990s
  3. Museum of the History of Science, University of Oxford
    At first, I assigned this page to the "General History" category, based on its title. However, after browsing the page, I discovered that the content is all about European/Western science. It's a great far as it goes...but you must tell students that there is a bias here that is all too typical. These folks should rename their site to "European-Western Science" and inlcude a disclaimer that they don't pretend to present a "global" survey of the history of science. Current exhibits include: The Garden, the Ark, the Tower, the Temple Biblical metaphors of knowledge in early modern Europe. You may also see Cameras: the Technology of Photographic Imaging by the time you visit the site. Older exhibits also on-line: The Noble Dane: Images of Tycho Brahe: An exhibition centred on a scene in the life of the Danish astronomer, The Geometry of War: 1500-1750 and the application of mathematical science in the context of the battlefield and The Measurers: a Flemish Image of Mathematics in the Sixteenth Century. The The Geometry of War site offers a great opportunity for collaboration with Math teachers. Want funding for this? Go to your local PTA or any of the other support groups and ask for a $500.00 mini-grant for two interested teachers to build a unit of instruction during the Summer.
  4. Victoria and Albert Museum
  5. Historic Atlas Resource - Europe
    Developed by the University of Oregon Department of History (New Media Center) and the Department of Geography InfoGraphics Lab. Shockwave required for the many interactive maps.
  6. The Restoration and The Eighteenth Century
  7. Eighteenth-Century Journals
  8. Eighteenth-Century Studies
  9. Welcome to Palazzo Grassi WEB Server
    Past exhibit list: The Phoenicians, The Celts: The First Europe, Leonardo & Venice, Renaissance From Brunellesch TO Michelangelo, The Western Greeks, Flemish And Dutch Painting, German Expressionism: Art and Society, Picasso (1917-1924).
  10. Tower of London Virtual Tour
  11. SUITORS AND SUPPLIANTS: The Little Nations at Versailles
    World War I.
  12. English Heritage Internet Site
  13. Britannia: British History - England, Britain, UK
  14. England: Mega-Links Cultural Page
  15. Skyelander's Scottish & Medieval History WebSite (index.html)
  16. Virtual Venice- Explore 3D Worlds in Venice Italy with Intel's Home Computing
  17. Europe
  18. Index to Passages from WLGR
  19. Princeton University Library - Caricature and Cartoon Exhibition
    William Hogarth (1697-1764).
  20. Academic Corner- History
  21. Greenwich 2000: History Zone - A millennium of Greenwich history
    Info on the Monarchs of England, Millennium Time-lines (Covers each century of the second millennium highlighting events in Greenwich and around the globe), Millennium Memories (Feature a day in history from the present millennium starting at 1001 and finishing in 1999) and sources of historical reference material.
  22. The Atrium | The Rostra
  23. WESTERN CIVILIZATION: Prejudice and Pride, Peace and War
  24. The History Guide -- Main
    Contents: A Student's Guide to the Study of History, What is History? Resources, Lectures on 20th Century Europe and Modern European Intellectual History and Syllabi for European History.
  25. Kargin's Social Studies Internet Guide
  26. A History of the 20th Century to 1941
  27. Europe in Retrospect
    A Brief History of the Last 200 Years.
  28. EuroDocs: Western European Primary Historical Documents
  29. Western European Specialists Section
  30. IB History Page
    High School Project page from California, with a focus on the period following the Napoleonic Wars through Imperialism and World War I. Sample student work online.
  31. Historical Boys Clothing
    This is "Western" clothing..
  32. Exhibitions:
    Exhibitions at The British Library: The Glory of the Temple and the Stage: Henry Purcell 1659-1695, The Earth and the Heavens: The Art of the Mapmaker, John Keats (1795-1821), The Mythical Quest: In search of adventure, romance & enlightenment, Designer Bookbinders, Nothing Else but Noise and Dance (Theatrical entertainments in 18th-century London), Magna Carta, Lindisfarne Gospels
  33. - Social Dance Through History -
    At last! A page on dance that can be neatly folded into a history course, in this case a course in Western European History. Drawbacks??? The site is a commercial site for "Carol" -- the founder of "Dance Through Time" AND .... dance in non-Western cultures is not included. The site title should be "Western Social Dance Through Time" with a disclaimer on Non-Western forms of dance. .
  34. University of Oxford Discussion Papers in Economic and Social History
  35. Original Historical Texts
    European documents and images.
  36. Resources for the History of the European Integration
    This link will connect you to the Economic and Social History section.
  37. Index of Resources for Historians
    A top starting point for historical research on the Internet, offering about 2500 connections arranged alphabetically by subject and name.
  38. Europe In Retrospect: A Brief History of the Past Two Hundred Years
    Over 200 pages of text...organized into chapers in an online book.
  39. The Causes and Prevention of War
    Outlines and text on: Military Policies, The Seven Years War, The Crimean War, The Wars of German Unification, World War I, The Causes Of Limited Or Intense Wa, Nuclear Weapons and World War II.
  40. European Country Maps
  41. James Ford Bell Map Collection
    " Nine historical maps await you at this fascinating page. Imagine you are an explorer sailing to the Nuevo Mundo ( New World) with a map published in 1545, or seeking exotic spices with a map of the East Indies created from a Dutch voyage in 1599, or a Scot seeking the colony of Darien with a map created in 1689." Pathfinder review.
  42. Historic Atlas Resource - Europe
    The site also includes an extensive image collection - thumbnail and full size.
  43. Railroad Maps
    See Paris in the 1860's.
  44. Britannia HistoryBe sure to visit the link to The Church in Britain, which looks at the Abbeys & Cathedrals in England and Wales The links for Europe in Retrospectis a two part look at the Brief History of the Last 200 Years: Part One -- THE REORDERING of EUROPE: 1789-1871 (The Old Order, The French Revolution, Int'l Order & Domestic Strife, The Age of Power), Part Two -- EXPANSION & EXPLOSION: 1871-1918. Next month, Part Three and Four in the series will be added -- RECONSTRUCTION & NEW ORDER: 1918-1945, and EUROPE IN THE CONTEMPORARY WORLD.
  45. Core 4: Image Bank
    Image topics: Ancien Regime and Critics, Age of Revolutions, Industry and Society, Liberalism and Nationalism, Varieties of Imperialism, The World Turned Upside Down, Fascism, Depression & WWII, The World since 1945.
  46. Images of the French Revolution
    Support site for those who purchase a CD on the topic.
  47. The Drawn Sword. MacBean Stuart and Jacobite Collection. University of Aberdeen
    On the Jacobite rebellions, the causes and effects, and the personalities, royal, national and local.
  48. Encyclopedia of 1848 Revolutions
  49. Rulers
    Royal Genealogies of major European nations.
  50. Cartographic Images Home Page
  51. The Parisian Stage During the French Revolution
  52. The Struggle For Constitutional Government in England
  53. Tower of London Virtual Tour
    A click on the site image map takes you to any part of the tour. Find the fate of royal prisoners, learn some British history and have loads of fun!
  54. Timeline of British History
  55. Britannia: Museums
  56. Tyburn Tree
    Public Executions in Early Modern England.
  57. Ian Jessiman : The Plague, England and Loughborough 1539 - 1640
  58. 16th to 18th Century History
    Sample articles/links: The Beginnings of Illustrated Journalism - 1604, Roger E'Lestrange (One of the major publishers in 17th century England), The Defeat of the Spanish Armada (Early newspaper reports of the event.), The Acquittal of John Peter Zenger (The first reporting of the event in newspapers), Producing Newspapers 1692-1792 (Located in "Technology" section).

    Passion and Ecstasy/Three Golden Ages (Sister Wendy's Story of Painting)

    Scheduled to air September 21st.

    Topics include 17th-century Rome, the Reformation, the spiritual failure of the Church and the connection between the Church and Baroque art. "Sister Wendy considers the genius of Caravaggio, visits the Farnese Gallery to see Caracci's work, and introduces viewers to Artemisia Gentileschi, whose rape as a young girl inspired her to repeatedly paint scenes where a woman avenges herself on a powerful man... In the second half of the program, Sister Wendy travels to Spain, France, and the Netherlands through the Golden Age of Baroque painting -- from the homes of 17th -- century Dutch masters to the Spanish Royal Court. Vermeer's "Woman in Blue Reading a Letter" and Velazquez's "Las Meninas" are among the works considered."

  59. London Gazette OnLine
    Selected issues from the 17th century.
  60. The Victorian Web Overview
    Charles IOn the first visit, I followed the link to "Social Context" and was impressed with the depth and scope of the links - both internal and external. See links to: A Timeline of British History, Victorian Political History, Chartism and The Chartist Movement, Corn Laws, Reform Acts, Tory, Whig, Why Did England Not Have Revolution -- The Halévy Thesis, The British Empire and International Relations, Boer War, India, Crimean War, The People's International League, Social History, Public Health (Nineteen-Century Public Health Overview, Chadwick's Report on Sanitary Conditions), Conditions of Life and Labor (Child Labor, The Life of the Industrial Worker in Early Ninteenth-Century England, The Physical Deterioration of the Textile Workers, Testimony Gathered by Ashley's Mines Commission), Race, Class, and Gender Issues (Race and Class Overview, Social Class, The Gentleman, Etiquette), Anti-Irish Prejudice, Sex. Scandal, and the Novel, Urban Poor in Victorian London, Women's History, Education (Public Schools, State Involvement in Public Education before the 1870 Education Act), Religious Revival and the Transformation of English Sensibilities, Victorian Culture Shock, Economic History, Economics: An Overview(Capitalism, Corn Laws), Pre-Nineteenth History Political History (A Brief History of London, French Revolution, Interregnum, The Restoration, Cromwell, The New Model Army, James I, James II, Jacobites, The Divine Right of Kings, Kings and Queens of England from 1485 to the Present).
  61. Painted Ladies
    A Gallery Of Victorian and Pre-Raphaelite Art. Click here to discover the real lives of the women behind the paintings.
  62. British Poetry 1780-1910: a Hypertext Archive of Scholarly Editions: Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia
    U.of Va. Archive of Romantic and Victorian literature and poetry.
  63. Victorian Sites
  64. Victoriana, Resources for Victorian Living
  65. Victorian Wolverhampton
    "The page includes a detailed history of urban development between 1827 and 1901. A bibliography on Wolverhampton is included as well as maps from 1827, 1842, 1884, and 1901. There are also links to information on historic buildings, parks, and cemeteries."
  66. Flashback: The Balkan Crisis
    "The violence of the twentieth century has derived in large measure from the ethnic hatreds of the Balkans." Lead sentence for this Atlantic essay from 1989.
  67. Ships of State: The Queen Mary
  69. History Online Project
  70. History of Western Civilization Classroom
    Dr.Ellis L. Knox's excellent page from Boise State. Great resources, but I especially appreciate the English Civil War page and the Scientific Revolution.
  71. CENTENNIA Historical Atlas Software
    A map-based guide to the history of Europe and the Middle East from the beginning of the 11th century to the present. You can download a working version for a test run (limited in time coverage to the Napoleonic period from 1792 to 1819).
  72. The French Model, 1815-1906
  73. The Napoleonic Wars Series
  74. IB Government and Economics Student Productions
    Here is a collection of student essays and research on the era following the Napoleonic Wars, one of the few Web pages that have that focus. Topics covered here would tend to follow the major headings in most Western and World History texts: Concert of Europe Essay, Congress Of Vienna, Country and Event Reports, Revolutions of 1848, World War One Reports, Causes of the War, Practices of the War, Effects of the War.
  75. PARIS PAGES Expo: Vintage Postcards
  76. Electronic Conference on "The West,"
    Held April 1997. Complete proceedings of the conference. Opening presentation by Peter N. Stearns, Tara Sethia, Jacquelyn Kent, H-Net, David Burzillo and David Kalivas.
  77. ArchNet: Regions / Europe
  78. History in Cyberspace
    Althought the site claims to be "...a Hitchhikers Guide to a better understanding of World History and Cultures..." it actually focuses on European and Western societies (although there are some Native American sites connected to the U.S section).
  79. The Power of Love
    Rings, diamonds and love -- from American Gem Society.
  80. ZDNet Software Library - Age of Sail
    Take command of the greatest sailing ships in history in a battlebetween the British navy and the French.
  81. The Rossetti Archive
    D. G. Rossetti (1828-1882), a Pre-Raphaelite poet and painter.
  82. CPL Casimir Pulaski
  83. Andalusian Horse History
  84. Collection of Fine Art From Around the World
    This site has been placed on the European menu mainly because none of the images on the site (as of 1/29/97) are for other cultures. With the glut of European and American materials on the Web, site directors need to work at "globalizing" content.
  85. Cartographic Images Home Page
    This is primarily a "Western" cartographic resource. Map authors and content plus the chronology applied are Western.
  86. The History Guide
  87. The British Encounter with Indigenous Peoples
    c.1600-1850, Conference site.
    European Documentation and Observatory on Migration and Ethnic Relations.
  89. The History Place
    Currently showing a series of pages on Hitler and a Timeline of World War II. The current speech (earlier speeches are archived) is April 20, 1814, as Napoleon Bonaparte bids goodbye to the Old Guard after his failed invasion of Russia and defeat by the Allies.
  90. (Miramax Films)
    A film site, with some interesting links to other sites.
  91. The Columbus Letter
    A very interesting site, as it focuses on a single document. Most interesting is a map of the diffusion of the document. From the University of Southern Maine - Osher Map Library and Smith Center for Cartographic Education.
  92. !!! Aa1 the Time Machine - CyberSchool Magazine
    Read the articles on Canada's Finest Hour: Vimy Ridge, Feminism in the 19th Century and Betting Fit For Englishmen - Gambling In Victoria's Day.
  93. VirtualMedia Lab
  94. Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.
    New location. Organization to research and recreate the Middle Ages in the present.
  95. Color Printing: Introduction
    19th century.
  96. Florence Nightingale Tribute
  97. The Jean Monnet Chair
    university initiatives aimed at creating teaching activities in European integration.
  98. Gateway to Art History: The Ancient World and the Middle Ages
    Contents: The World Beyond Europe, The Renaissance and the Baroque and Rococo, The Modern and the Postmodern World, Research Resources in Art History, Museums & Galleries.
    Excellent course information - inlcuding lecture information linked to images in art history.
  100. Modern World History
    Course materials for First (The Rise of Modern Europe) and Second Semester (Modern Asia, Latin America and Africa).
  101. University of Washington Theatre History
  102. Essays in History
    Volume 38 (1996). University of Virginia History Department. Papers based on original research in primary materials written by graduate students.
  103. The Master Works of Western Civilization
  104. Classical Composers
    An Internet-Based Activity on Classical Composers. Uses forms method and questions that must be researched at history site.
  105. Europe:Texts and Documents
  106. Opinion Survey - The British Royal Family
    Another example of the creative use of the "form" dimension of the Web, in this case, an opinion survey on the Royal Family. Results to be shared with on-line viewers and People's Magazine when 1000 people respond.
  107. Batavia
    17th century Dutch East Indiaman.
  108. Marconi Bookmarks
    Also features a nice collection of links to History of Radio Communication.
  109. ImageServe
    Graphics Techniques and Art History Tutorials.
  110. The Oath at Tennis Court
  111. AP European History
  112. Women and Western Culture, Parts I and II
    Course assignments - with internet links.
  113. CENTENNIA Historical Atlas Software
    Offers a working model limited to a short time period (from 1792 to 1819). The full program displays 9,000 border changes in ten centuries of history.
  114. HONR218C: Western Intellectual Heritage
    The Hero and Society.
  115. ACA Classical, Medieval, and Renaissance Rhetoric Studies
  116. Titanic in the classroom:contents
  117. Homepage - AKO Titanic Trial
    Provides a lesson in the U.S. legal system using a mock trial based on actual events from the Titanic disaster.
  118. Raising the Titanic
    Take a cyber cruise on the The Titanic.
  119. RMS Titanic: Links
  120. RMS Titanic: Her Passengers and Crew
    Yet another Titanic site -- this one takes a look at the human side of the tragedy. Graphics of many of the crew and officers.
  121. Newtonia: pages about Sir Isaac Newton
  122. The First Impressionist Exhibition, 1874
    A recreation of the show, with images, catalog images and modern criticism.
  123. Artist Egg Purses - Egg History
    Vivian Alexander, Inc. - Artist Egg Purses - Based on Designs by Carl Faberge - Egg Art - Egg History and the history of Vivian Alexander, Faberge, Faberge Egg and th history of Minaudiere.
  124. Louvre W3
  125. The Western Canon
    Find links to the most important written works of western civilization.
  126. Master Works of Western Civilization
  128. University of Oxford Discussion Papers in Economic and Social History
  129. Parchment
    Includes Dedrot's article Encyclopedie published in 1765 and a Recipe Analysis (From washing and soaking to the lime bath and dehairing). Many teachers take their classrooms to museums that feature parchment. This site might be either background or follow-up research.
  130. The Thirty Years' War
  131. Debate Between Thomas Hobbes and John Locke
    Transcript of a televised debate between Thomas Hobbes and John Locke, as seen on November 24, 2093, via Time~Warp Broadcasting Inc.
  132. Encyclopedie
  133. A demographic simulation of the Atlantic slave trade
    Visitors input data (rates of birth, death and migration), and observe the results for free, slave, and captive populations in Africa and in the Americas. Teachers and students may find it useful in sorting out the many connections involved in this forced migration.
  134. Foundation of Western Civilization
    Course syllabus and other information about J. B. Owens's spring 1996 sections of the lower-division undergraduate course Foundation of Western Civilization.
  135. National Army Museum - British
    Story of the British soldier in peace and war from Tudor times to the present day.
  136. History of Western Civilization
    Excellent listing and great links to primary sources.
  137. Book of Quintessence Homepage
    Mid-fifteenth century magical text.
  138. East India Company
    Links to: The EIC and Southeast Asia, The EIC and China, The EIC's other interests in Asia, The Dutch and British in Borneo, The Dutch and British in Sumatra, The Palembang Affair, The EIC in Bencoolen, The EIC in Penang, Raffles in Penang, The Dutch East India Company.
  139. ! Aa1 Bionic Bard - Article
    The Great War Poets.
  140. !!!!! AAAa 1 CyberSchool Magazine
    See the Time Machine for historical articles. Theme for the month is "conflict."
  141. Ben Jonson (1572-1637)
  142. The PartheNET
    Index: Classical Studies, Ancient Near East, Medieval, Islamic and Asian, Renaissance, Impressionism, The 19th Century in America, Museums.
    A site "...dedicated to the expansion of knowledge regarding influential texts and authors throughout history." This is strictly European/Western history data, and should be labled as such.
  143. Life of 19th cent. workers
    Focus on Industrial Worker.
  144. Europe
    Texts and Documents starting with the Ancient Mediterranean.
  145. THE WAR TIMES JOURNAL - Military History Archives & Articles
    European focus for the current and archived articles.
  146. Essays in History -- University of Virginia
    Corcoran Department of History.
  147. Nic Wilson's TITANIC OLYMPIC & BRITANNIC Home Page
  148. Marconi Celebration
    Complete history of Marconi's early development work in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Lots of pictures of early equipment and radio towers, information on restoration and preservation work.
  149. The PartheNET
    Combined internet resources for students of Art History.
  150. Project Runeberg
    Free electronic editions of classic Nordic literature and art.
  151. The Age of King Charles V
    1,000 Illuminations from the Department of Manuscripts. This page includes much more than just images. See the "Text" section for an idea of the scope of the background information.
  152. West European Studies Home Page.
  153. The History of European Prints & Printmaking
  154. EuroDocs: Primary Historical Documents from Western Europe
    From the Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University. "The site includes pointers to documents and full text works for Medieval and Renaissance Europe, Europe as a Supernational Region, and over 20 Western European Countries. Materials are transcribed, translated, or facsimiles of the originals. Some materials are in the language of the originating country. Time frame is medieval to present.
  155. The Hunterian Museum
    Although some of the links have not been filled, here is a Musuem that intends to publish on the Internet and has provided a large amount of material on the topics of: The Romans in Scotland, Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Greeks, Leckie Broch, Early Man, North American Indians, Captain Cook - Voyages of Discovery, Vikings, Dinosaurs/Fossils, Rocks and Minerals, Earth - Life, Hominid Evolution.
  156. The Hartlib Papers Project
    Papers of the seventeenth-century polymath Samuel Hartlib, (c.1660-1662) which survive in Sheffield University Library.
  158. World Art Treasures
    100,000 slides belonging to the Jacques-Edouard Berger Foundation devoted to art and the civilizations of Egypt, China, Japan, India and Europe.
  159. World Civilizations Reader
    Reading About the World, Volume 1 -- A Reader for the Study of World Civilizations from Ancient Mesopotamia through the Southern European Renaissance and Volume 2 -- Northern European Renaissance to the Present.. Hyperlinked by topic and subject..
  160. WWW services for historians
  161. A hundred highlights from the Koninklijke Bibliotheek
    One of the many projects of the SHARP organization above. Has a form for searching the extensive index.
  162. European Home Page
    Pick a flag.
    Web page for the Humanities.
  164. The Origin of Dogs
    Part of a series on the origins of Swiss dogs. This page has been expanded and revised since my first visit. It now contains a large number of links and information on all types of dog. In fact, my browsing on the topic of Assyria (I clicked on "Assyrian Dogs") brought me to the page again.
  165. De Museumserver
    "More than 250 Dutch museum sites are included in the Museumserver, providing you a fabulous show of art, culture, history and science from the Netherlands."
  166. "Romantic Chronology"
    An extensive guide to the literature, society, and history of Britain and France from 1785 to 1851. "Entries for authors, works, events, and topics are linked to resources on the net. There is also an alphabetically organized Links Archive constructed for the chronology as well as an 'Other Chronologies on the Web' page."
  167. NATO Home Page
    NATO Exhibition: Sarajevo: I Survived. See the exhibition of children's art. In a revisit to the site (6/99) much of the content dealt with Kosovo.
    Permanent home to the comprehensive collection of works of Salvador Dali.
  169. The Discovery of the Electron
    From the Center for History of Physics.
  170. Maxims of Madame de Sablé
    Students will need some background on the Solons and the role that they played in the Enlightenment. Current secondary texts do not provide adequate information on the intellectual dimension and the special role of women in the era.
  171. Antony van Leeuwenhoek
  172. The European Enlightenment
    An excellent resource. TOC: Pre-Enlightenment Europe, The Case of England, Seventeenth Century Enlightenment Thought, René Descartes, Blaise Pascal, The Scientific Revolution, The Eighteenth Century, The Philosophes, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Women: Communities, Economies, and Opportunities, Absolute Monarchy and Enlightened, Absolutism, The Industrial Revolution of the Eighteenth Century, Enlightenment Reader. A click on "The Case of England" generated a text page on the English Revolution. Under "Resources", primary and secondary texts available on the Web are listed and linked. The page also links to sites on the impact of the Enlightenment on art.
  173. The Industrial Revolution- Support Area
  174. The Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions
  175. The age of enlightenment
  176. The French Revolution 1789-1793
  177. Chronology of Napoleon's Life
  178. THE NAFZIGER COLLECTION Napoleonic Wars
  179. Napoléon
    Click on the British flag, unless you want the French version of the page. This site is "...dedicated to the study of the civil, military, social and artistic works of the First and Second French Empires." Features information on the genealogy of the Bonapartes accompanied by biographical entries and a guide to more than 40 Napoleonic historical sites.
  180. Waterloo 1815
    See information on The History, The Panorama (aspects of the battle) and a short film (Quicktime) that takes about 15 minutes to download.
  181. The Napoleon Series
  182. The Napoleon Series
    Includes a link to The biographies of Napoleon's highest ranking officers, The Campaign of the Hundred Days, and an excellent page of links to other information on Napoleon and other related topics. One of the most interesting features of the page is the excellent collection of battle maps which are available free for non-commercial use.
  183. The Napoleonic Wars
  184. NapoleonicWars.Com
  185. Table of Contents of Encyclopedia of Revolutions of 1848
  186. The Irish Famine Photo Gallery
  187. Great Famine Commemoration
  188. Irish Famine
    From the National Archives of Ireland.
  189. Irish Famine
  190. An Gorta Mór: The Great Irish Famine
    Course page from the University of Wisconsin -- Madison, with a fine listing of other resources.
  191. History of Irish Potato Famine
    The creator of the site feels that "...the lessons of the Famine have not yet been learned."
  192. The Irish Famine, 1845-50
    Presenting Images of the Famine, Voices from Ireland, American and Irish-American Commentary and English Views of the Famine.
  193. The Irish Famine, 1845-1849: Research Materials
  194. The Irish Famine, 1845-50
  195. Views of the Famine
    The Irish Famine.
  196. WebMuseum: Les très riches heures du Duc de Berry
    Classic example of the Medieval "Book of Hours." Pictures from the calendar section of the source.
  197. WebMuseum: Cézanne, Paul
  198. Goya
  199. The universe (which others call the Library)
    Samples of writing by authors who wrote from 1890 to 1950. Most of these authors are French and many of them are considered Surrealists.
  200. Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive
    The Mask of Venice: Masking, Theater, and Identity in the Art of Tieopolo and His Time. Interesting information on masks in European culture.
  201. Paintings of Vermeer
  202. Special Collections - The Siege and Commune of Paris
    Northwestern site with links to over 1200 digitized photographs and images recorded during the Siege and Commune of Paris in 1871. Many other resources on site.
  203. PARIS PAGES Expo: Vintage Postcards
  204. Regency Fashions
    Images of fashion plates of the Regency period (early 19th century).
  205. LSU Fencing Club Home Page
    Click on "History of Fencing" and sabre,foil and epee'.


  1. The Textile Industry
    You probably won't find a better site for exploration of the early phases of the Industrial Revolution in England.
  2. The Royal Marines Museum - Home
  3. The History of the Victoria Cross
  4. Battle of the Nile Discoveries
    The Scout Report lists a collection of web page on the topic.
  5. The Napoleon Series
  6. The Cyberhouse of Faberge: Plan
  7. Fine Arts in Hungary - Képzőművészet Magyarországon
  8. Cyprus Lives in Love and Strife
  9. Willkommen im Historischen Centrum
  10. Virtual Library museums pages Germany
  11. France During the French Revolution and Under Napoleon Bonaparte
    A text timeline...
  12. Royal Navy 1793-1815
  13. The National Archives of Ireland:Research guides
    TOC: Family history and genealogy, The Ordnance Survey of Ireland, The Great Famine, Transportation to Australia, Ireland and European Unity, National School Records, The Office of Public Works, Women's history.
  14. The Vendee Insurrection during the French Revolution
  15. Paris Pages; Monuments de Paris / Monuments of Paris
  16. The Merging of Theater and Politics in Revolutionary France
  17. Matrix
    Resources for the Study of Women's Religious Communities.
  18. The Victorian Web Overview
  19. Contemporary British History
  20. British War Posters
  21. Contemporary Portuguese History Resource Centre
  22. Learning Curve | Entrance Hall
    Special sections on British history -- The Radicals, The Luddites, Peterloo, The Great Reform Act, White Slavery and the Suffragettes.
  23. The Berlin Crisis
    "This one-hour program interviews heroes of the RAF and USAF who participated in the Berlin Airlift. Extensive archival footage depicts not only the bravery of the pilots who dropped food, medical supplies and fuel every day and night for nearly a year, but the hardships and fierce resistance of the Berliners. Scheduled to air 5/31/1999, but check your local listings.
  24. Anglo Zulu War Historical Society
    "In 1879, British troops charged into South Africa eager to make quick work of yet another primitive native society. They straggled home horrified and disillusioned, winners of no more than a technical knockout over the Zulu nation. In true post-empire fashion, the British have created a historical society devoted to the study of this short, brutal war."
  25. The Victorian Web Overview
    More for those interested in British history.
  26. schloesser-magazin - Maulbronn Monastery
    TOC: The birth of the Gothic Age in Germany, How Maulbronn became a UNESCO monument, The Cistercians and the countryside around Maulbronn, Maulbronn over the centuries, Literature on Maulbronn, Stories and anecdotes, Map of Maulbronn Monastery.
  27. Maulbronn Monastery - World Heritage in Baden-Wurttemberg [2]
  28. The Whitby Abbey Headland Project | main index
  29. Twenty-Five Lectures on Modern Balkan History
  30. World Heritage Cities of Spain
  31. Croatia - History, Science and Culture
  32. FINFO: Finland 500 years on the Map of Europe
    Exhibit from the Museuem of Central Finland.
  34. Historic Towns Atlases: Complete list
  35. Elective Affinity
    19th century encounters between Denmark, Norway and Sweden with Germany. See the remaider of the exhibit by following the menu on the left side of the page, starting with "In Search of a National Identity."
  36. Swedish History
  37. NN - The history of Norway
  38. Victorian Studies -- Tables of Contents
    Each published volume has a representative article available for reading/downloading.
  39. Public Record Office | About  | Releases | Further MI5 Records Released
    UK Security Service Records 1914-1945.
  40. Encyclopaedia of British History
    A free resource for all interested in British history. "The encyclopedia currently contains over 1,000 entries and is an attempt to show the history of Britain through the eyes of people from all levels of society. Each entry includes narrative, illustrations, primary sources and bibliography. The text within each entry is hyperlinked to other relevant pages in the encyclopedia. In this way it is possible to research individual people and events in great detail. The sources are also hyperlinked so the student is able to find out about the writer, artist, newspaper, organisation, etc., that produced the material. The encyclopedia is being created in sections. So far the following sections are available: The Monarchy: 1750-1930, Prime Ministers: 1780-1950, Emancipation of Women: 1780-1920, 19th Century Railways, Education: 1700-1950, First World War: 1914-1918, Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders, Artists & Architects, Poets, Novelists and Playwrights, Journalists and Newspapers, Book & Newspaper Publishers, Engineers, Scientists & Inventors, The Theatre, Religion and Society, The Slave Trade, The Trade Union Movement, Socialism and the Labour Movement, Poverty, Health and Housing, Child Labour: 1750-1900, London in the 19th Century, Towns & Cities, Parliamentary Legislation, Political Parties & Election Results, Parliamentary Reform: 1750-1832, The Peterloo Massacre, The Chartist Movement, Members of Parliament: 1750-1950."
  41. Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:History:Browse By Region:Countries:Spain:Complete Listing
    Yahoo presents an excellent listing for the history of countries and nations.
  42. Museum of French History
  43. Plan du Trianon
  44. Versailles on the Web
  45. Chateau de Versailles
    New! See panoramic views of the Chateau of Versailles! Now includes the Court of the Château, the Hall of Mirrors and the King's Chamber.
  46. Trip Plan to Versailles
    Airing on PBS in September 1998 (check local listings). "The 16 half-hour programs involved the collaboration of 32 academics and historians from around the world; a crew of 40 directors of photography, operators and lighting technicians; state-of-the-art digital cinematography, lighting, animation and computerized editing; and the work of composer Stelvio Cipriani with performances by master musicians."
  49. The Glorious Revolution of 1688
  50. The Age of King Charles V
  51. Britannia: British History
  52. Magical History Tour
    Take an electronic tour of historic Southern England. You can visit a number of famous cities.
  53. CNN Interactive - World Regions: Europe
  54. Uffizi Gallery
    Web Server of the Galleria degli Uffizi in Florence.
  55. Spartacus Educational
    Educational publishing company formed by a group of teachers in 1986. See Encyclopedia of British History: 1700-1900, Child Labour: 1750-1900, Parliamentary Reform: 1750-1900, Peterloo Massacre, Members of Parliament 1750-1880, Chartism, First World War, Investigating the Vietnam War, Emancipation of Women: 1860-1920, National Curriculum History Website and a Gateway to Educational Websites.
  56. The Spanish Armada Of 1588 Title Page
  57. Victoria Research Web
  58. They Still Draw Pictures
    Reflections on the Spanish Civil War by Spanish school children, both in Spain and in refugee centers in France. Southworth Spanish Civil War Collection from the Mandeville Special Collections Library, UC San Diego.
  59. Spanish Colonial Military Artifacts - History, Archaeology, Relics
  60. WWW Virtual Library: Museums around the UK
    You want Museums?
  61. Welcome to the The National Gallery, London
  62. State or Nation?
    Definition and examples of nations and states. Teachers looking for themes in the study and teaching of history might look to the historical evolution of tribal societies into states or nations. Greece and later Rome evolved from preliterate tribal societies and retained many of the vestiges of those societies in their historic eras. The theme can also be applied to the development of European nations and empires following the Germanic invasions and the decline of Roman government or to the more modern spread of the nation-state format to non-western societies.
  63. Germans and the Revolution of 1848-1849 -- Directory Index
  64. History and curiosity
  65. The history of Norway
  66. The Spanish Revolution & Civil War 1936-1939
  67. The London Gazette

  68. Halloween Costume Construction
    costume.jpg Greek Costume Armor. This page provides detailed instructions on how to make costumes out of everyday materials -- construction paper, newspapers and scrap cloth. Illustrations, graphic and stept-by-step instructions. The general methods described could easily be adapted to creating inexpensive costumes for any culture or time period and would thus be useful for class displays and projects, student plays and skits and those extra credit reports. A short selection of links are available to other costume sites. You might think play/skit/costume productions are more useful for k1-8 classrooms. However, I found that Senior High students love a chance to play, act and create. Even simple tasks such as rote memorization, vocabulary drill and review sessions can be "playful." If your are wondering where the inspiration came for this page, visit Xena pictures and viewing Xena - The Warrior Princess section.
  69. DawnPages -- Costume Links, especially Historical Costuming.
  70. You CAN make a Manly Man's Renaissance Garb Yourself!
  71. The Poulet Gauche Poster Girl
    Diagrams and Tips From a 16th Century Clothing page.
  72. Costuming Guide - Elizabethan England
  73. Elizabethan Costuming Homepage
  74. Costume Picture Gallery
  75. Angelcynn - Clothing and Appearance of the Pagan Anglo-Saxons.
  76. Marquis de Kipár: Baroque Costumes
    TOC: Historical Background for Events, 1638-1715, France and England, A Day in the Life of Louis XIV - Timetable, Extracts from Samuel Pepy's Diary, Links related to 17th century England and to 17th & 18th century France.
  77. The Museum of Costume
    Links to: Fashion Research Centre | The Tour | Assembly Rooms | Venue Hire | Gallery |Feature of the Month | Feedback | Search | Links.
  78. frontline: behind the mask: the ira & sinn fein
  79. Remembering Bloody Sunday
    A page on the 1972 incident where "... soldiers from the British Army's 1st Parachute Regiment opened fire on unarmed and peaceful civilian demonstrators in the Bogside, Derry, Ireland."
  80. Holmiensis
    Highlights of the history of Stockholm from the Middle Ages to the 1990s.
  81. Irish Museums-Menu Page
  82. Philip Augustus' Paris
  83. Paris Pages; Special Exposition - Paris Libere !
    Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Liberation of Paris in 1944. For an overview, see the Index. Paris detail
  84. Paris Maps - Slide List
  85. WebMuseum: Paris: History
  86. Le Poulet Gauche
    "This is a guide to the history, culture, and daily life of 16th century France. It is designed to be a resource for historical recreation that will help make being in and around Le Poulet Gauche more fun."
  87. French regions, Ile de France, Provence...
  88. Art and Culture. Exhibits and Museums in France
    Links to the "greatest museums of France." Search among the 500 current exhibits in France.
  89. WWW Resources for Historians in Europe - EUI Library
    A community in H-Net dealing with the culture and history of the Habsburg Monarchy and its successor states in central Europe from 1500 to the present.
  91. History of Cyprus
    I suspect that many teachers and students will lose interest in watching (and waiting) for the graphics on this page to load. Some of the information is interesting, but the author needs to replace it with a "main menu" page and move the other details to linked files. Then the viewer can choose to stay or leave based on the rapid display of what the site has to offer.
  92. Merriam-Webster A Brief Look at the History of English
  93. Si, Spain
    See the link to "history" first.
  94. CultureQuest Home Page
    Explore the culture of Spain through 4 (currently) quests.
  95. Irish History on the Web
  96. A&E: The Grand Tour
    THE ROMANTIC PALACES OF VENICE. Tour the canals, museums, palaces, cathedrals and hotels. To air (first) December 5 at 10pm/2am.
  97. MACEDONIA-The Historical Profile of Northern Greece
    HTML-version of a book published by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
  98. Mongol Invasion of Europe - Cover Page: June '97 Military History Feature
    Illustrated German picture books.
  100. Royal History
    Dynastic history in Europe.
  101. Electronic Telegraph
    Sign-up and registration required...but currently free. Currently offering a feature on the History of the British Empire in four parts, from 1497 to Modern times.
  102. Bosnia: Can you blame history?
  103. Museum of London - Welcome to the story 500,000 years in the making
    Custody Care and Cure 1247–1997 at the Museum of London until 15 March 1998. Relates the 750-year-old story of Bethlem Royal Hospital, popularly known as 'Bedlam'.

  104. Windows On Italy - History: Main IndexMap of Italy
    Nothing flashy here. A great starter site for linked text files on the history of Italy, with ample links to modern information on the cities and regions. I also tied the Cultural Tidbits page and was surprised at the quantity historical information -- from LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE to THEATRE, CINEMA (Early Italian Cinema: Historical Movies, Comedies, Melodramas and Adventures, The First Stars, Itaian Cinema in the 1920's and 30's, Post War Cinema: the Actors), THE ITALIAN CUISINE (The Origins of the Italian Cuisine: Magna Grecia and the Etruscans, Roman Cuisine in the Republican Era, Roman Cuisine in the Imperial Age, Cuisine in the Middle Age, The Spice Trade and the Culinary Discoveries of the great Explorers, Cuisine in the Renaissance).
    Note the map to the right, with the region of Italy in white that you are visiting on the site. Nice touch.
  105. Weimar Republic
  106. Norse-Net Home Page
    part of the Macdonald Drive Elementary School Home Page below
  107. Macdonald Drive Elementary School Home Page
  109. Britannia: Sources of British History
  110. Wales
  111. Views of the Famine
  112. The Spanish Civil War in the Basque Country (1936-1937)
  113. The Glorious Revolution of 1688
  114. Glorious Revolution
    A click on the "Index of Artist" brought a massive index of artists.
  115. Vatican Exhibit Rome Reborn
    See the site make-over.
  116. Islandia - History of Iceland
  117. Deutsches Historisches Museum, German Historical Museum
  118. Modern Greece: History Sources
  119. Irish History on the Web
    Information on General Irish History, Genealogy, Irish Studies, Timelines, Documents, Republican History, Unionist History, Famine' History, Northern Ireland, Other History Resources and Suggested Readings.
  120. CNN: Northern Ireland's Path to Peace
    The roots of the struggle with England and the religious, class, and cultural differences that fuel the conflict. Follow the conflict from the first contacts in the 12th century to the present.
  121. Welcome to the Image of France
  122. Treasures from the Saxon State Library
  123. never again - Genocide In The Independent State Of Croatia
  124. History of Finland
    Documents and events from the history of Finland.
  125. 1918-38 Page
    Include is the complete Versailles Treaty of 1919, A.J.P. Taylor thesis, Manchuria Sept. 18, 1931, Manchukuo 1932, Rise of Hitler 1933, U.S. Isolationism 1934, Ethiopia 1935, Response to Ethiopia 1936, Spanish Civil War 1936-37, China Incident 1937, U.S. Policy Changes 1937-38, Hitler's Anschluss 1938. Nice collection of maps.
  126. Tudors and Stuarts
  127. French Revolution (1789-1799)
  128. The French Revolution
  129. A Tale of Two Revolutions
    Robert A. Peterson's essay comparing the American and French Revolutions.
  130. Dead Inventors' Corner, The Good Doctor Guillotin
  131. The French Revolution
  132. The French Revolution
  133. The French Revolution
  134. Map of Europe on the Eve of the French Revolution, 1789
  136. British History
  137. A Brief History of Wales
    This is a large page, despite the description in the title. The "Monarch" link alone presented a listing of all the families and rulers of England, with hyperlinks to geneology and historical information for each.
  138. Paris:Urban Sanitation Before the 20th Century
    Presents a Chronological History of the island from prehistoric through the "CYPRUS PROBLEM."
  140. Theatre History and Computing
    Major links to The 19th Century London Stage: An Exploration Pergamon.
  141. Welcome to Architectural Dublin
    Currently focused on medieval, 17th Century, and 18th Century Architecture
  142. The Sir Robert Walpole Homepage
  143. Historical Influences on British Government and Politics
    Topics include:The Shaping of the Monarchy, The Ascendancy of Parliament, Challenges of the Industrial Revolution and Britain Since World War II.
  144. Scotland's Past - Homepage
  145. Historic maps of the Netherlands
  146. American and British History Resources on the Internet
    Massive archive on both American and British topics.
  147. OMRINet
    Information source on the countries of the former Soviet Union and East-Central and southeastern Europe.
  148. Genealogy of the Royal Family of The Netherlands
  149. Former Yugoslavia
    Large historical maps.
  150. Windows On Italy - History: Main Index
    Links to the prehistory of Italy, Greek and Etruscan Colonization, Roman Civilization, Rome and Carthage, The Empire, The Lombards and Charlemagne, The Feudal System, The Origins of the Modern State, The Spanish and French domination, THE RISORGIMENTO and The Unification of Italy. The site follows the history into the modern era.
  151. Histoire Napoleonique!
  152. Ravensgard Norse Homepage
  153. Constituting Modern Spain, 1808-1982
    Information about the spring 1996 upper-division and graduate level course Constituting Modern Spain, 1808-1982, part of the core curriculum in comparative and world history.
  154.  Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina Information Pages Europe 
    Most comprehensive, with hundreds of links and splendid orginization.
  155. Flashback: The Balkan Crisis
  156. The Bosnian Virtual Fieldtrip
    Online lesson with maps, text, links, and questions for the students. Good background material.
  157. Polish World-Social Sciences
    Polish-Jewish History
  158. LYON : The historical background
    Links to: The Feat of the Montgolfier brothers, The Great Fear of 1789, Napoleon Bonaparte in Lyon, The Great Railway Saga, "Canut": Etymology of the Silk Trade, The Silk-Weavers' Rebellion, 19th Century Life in Lyon, When Johnny Comes Marching Home, Lyon During World War II, The Liberation of Lyon, The Liberation of Lyon: a Doctor's Diary, President Herriot: a Controversial Death.
  159. The National Archives of Ireland
    See the transportation Records of people sent from Ireland to Australia between 1788 and 1868.
  160. Today in Ireland -- Interactive Timeline
    A feature site that presents a multimedia history of the conflict in Ireland from the 5th century to the present. The four programs in the series are "Conversion and Conquest, A Longing for Freedom, Struggle for Independence, The Search for Peace.
    A history of Italian workers around the world.
  162. Ekeby no555. The story of a tenement soldiers smallholding in Sweden
    Great original research by the students.
  163. Paris:Urban Sanitation Before the 20th Century
    Students always ask, but few texts provide answers to basic questions about sanitation. The site examines four waste management topics --"...sanitation, sewerage, garbage and corpses -- in chronological order starting with the medieval times and ending with the end of the 19th century, when most of the current waste management methods were implemented."
  164. Torrens Letter
    Rahan, Ireland, February 17, 1849.
  165. National Museums & Galleries of Wales
  166. The Barcelona Pavilion
    In HTML or Quicktime format.
    The culture, history, and geneaology of the ethnic group from what is now Slovakia or the Ukraine.
  168. La Pedrera -- Gaudi
    Gaudí's fourth and last piece of work in Barcelona.
  169. Tour of Durham Cathedral
    Take the "virtual tour"
  170. Guide to the Monarchs of England and Great Britain
    The first illustrated web-reference to the Kings and Queens of England. Includes The Angevins, The Plantagenets, The House of Lancaster, The House of York, The Tudors, The Stuarts, The House of Hanover, The House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, The House of Windsor.
  171. Project Runeberg
    Part of a voluntary initiative to create and collect free electronic editions of classic Nordic literature and art.
  172. The Tartan Pages: Scotland on the Internet.
  173. European Home Page
    European Map of WWW/NIR sites. Click on any flag to go to the (sensitive map) Home Page of that nation.
  174. A bit of Swedish (and scandinavic) history...
  175. Welcome to Austria
  176. History of Prague
  177. The History of Prague
  178. Irish History Archives
  179. Ireland
  180. Timeline - France
    Historic France.
  181. Scottish Economic History Database, 1550 - 1780
  182. Alchemy Mindworks Inc. The Germanic Heritage Page
  183. The Big Mamie Home Page
    Brief information on the Bounty.
  184. Beautiful Cultural European
    How about an electronic field trip to a European country?
  185. A Reader's Guide to Bulgaria
  186. The Louvre Site
  187. SVETI TRAG - Sacred Token
    Croation religious site - history.
  188. UKRAINE
  189. Si Spain
    Here is a great site!
    The "history link takes you past the opening page, which takes some time to load. If you decide to visit the Homepage, just delete the "history.html" from the URL and wait.. It does contain links to geography, history, people, government, economy and communications. It also has a mysterious graphic below the greeting "Warmest Welcome in the Mediterranean" and includes a gif of a section of barbed wire immediately below, which symbolizes the divided nature of the country. A well organized and administered site. The Webmaster responded immediately to a question regarding the site and is interested in input and reactions from visitors.
  191. Ninteenth-Centrury German Stories
  192. Maps of the Neatherlands - Historic
  193. Historical Sample of the Netherlands
    (HSN) offers scientists a unique quantitative research tool for the study of historical developments in the Netherlands in the form of a database of persons born in the Netherlands between 1812 and 1922.
  194. The Age of the Enlightenment in French Painting
    Over 100 selected artists and links to history, music and literature.
  195. Christus Rex (Vatican)
    This is strictly an "image site" that provides links to 202 images of the Vatican City, the Sistine Chapel (325 images), the Raphael Stanzas and Loggias (226 images) and the Vatican Museum (287 images). I selected the tour of the "Cappella Sistina" and selected a small (97k) image for a kermit download (1 min. at 14400 baud). This must be some site for those with a graphical browser. Combined with some background and biographical text....Wow!

  1. Internet Modern History Sourcebook: Imperialism
  2. EmpireHist Home Page - The British Empire Mailing List
    Presents the history of the British Empire and Commonwealth from the 15th century onwards. Links to Museums, Libraries, Archives, Institutes, Universities, Conferences, Journals, Bibliographies.
  3. Anglo Zulu War Historical Society
  4. The Village Of The Dancing Waves
    The Danish connection to India.
  5. The Columbus Navigation Homepage
  6. European Voyages of Exploration - Home Page
    Topics: Iberian Pioneers | Reconquista Timeline | Portugal | Prince Henry | Knights Templar | Atlantic Islands Africa | Asia | Vasco da Gama | Red Sea Trade | Brazil | Spain | Caribbean | Christopher Columbus Latin America Aztec Empire | Inca Empire | Knowledge & Power | Geography & Cartography | Ships & Navigation | Maritime Superiority European Way of War | Communication | Religion & Exploration | Sugar & Slave Trades. The tutorial deals with the Iberian kingdoms of Spain and Portugal in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.
  7. The Mariners' Museum - Age of Exploration educational curriculum
  8. Prince Henry the Navigator in the Virtual Classroom
  9. Africans in America/Part 1/Prince Henry the Navigator
  10. HISTORY: The East India Trade
  11. Battlefields: History: Anglo-Zulu War: Index
    Don't look for resources on the war from the Zulu point of view... All the accounts I visited were written by Europeans. Best caution students prior to visiting and perhaps discuss/question why the site author chose to present such narrow framework.
    PBS will air four one-hour programs on Wednesdays, August 26-September 16, 1998, 10:00 p.m. ET (check local listings), to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Vasco da Gama's voyage. The documentary revisits the Age of Exploration, traveling along the West-East route and exploring how events five centuries ago shaped the modern world. "INTO THE RISING SUN retraces Portuguese voyages from Europe around the southern tip of Africa, and on to India and Asia. Along the way, rich narratives and exotic footage reveal the lasting effects of the mixing of cultures and races; the beginnings of mass trade, both of goods and people; and the clash of Christianity and Islam. The series weaves diary entries of the original explorers with the insights of contemporary journalists, historians and villagers. The stories bridge past and present, shedding light on modern realities, from civil war in Angola and political strife in South Africa to Christian practices in Japan and India."
    Other programs in the series inlcude: "The Barrier of Fear" (8/26) (Crossing Cape Bojador), "Beyond the Cape of Storms" (9/2) (Rounding the southern tip of Africa the "Cape of Storms"), "The Passage to India" (9/9) (The arduous voyage to India as told in the one surviving eyewitness account), and "A Liar's Tale" (9/16), which tracks Mendes Pinto's incredible adventures throughout the East.
  13. Itinerario. European Journal of Overseas History
    Comparative dimensions of European Expansion and cultural interaction world-wide.
  14. Scarred Walls of Stone
    Two of Ghana's slave castles, the holding pens for captive Africans bound for the Americas.
  15. Indian Mutiny
    Pages such as this might be listed under either the European section or the NonWestern section.. It is listed here because the "point of view" is "Western" Unfortunately, it is on the Geocities server, which increasingly features a very intrusive banner ad at the top each and every time the page is visited (that must be closed by the viewer). This page also bears a kind of electronic watermark "GeoCities" that travels with the visitor in all the navigation and browsing. I suggested at one point in the past that the Ad people at GeoCities have plans to place ads that not only can not be removed from the member pages but also become part of the visitor's home/office computer. Like a "cookie germ" each time the computer is turned on, the watermarked machine will display the GeoCities imprint on each and every screen. Taking the machine for a surgical removal of the intrusive viris will be for naught, as the creative ad folks with think of ways to reinfect the machine, perhaps discovering how to turn it on at inappropriate times in the wee hours, with loud rap music to alert the potential buyer. Give us a break!
    Indian Mutiny is part of a rather large page called "Alex's Military History Page" which also covers [Pacific War] [Western Front] [Gallipolli] [Bannockburn] [American Civil War] [Poetry and Anguish] [Battle of Britain] [Stirling Bridge] [ICC Home] [ESL Quizzes. Even with the GeoCities ghost that follows you through the page, it is well worth the visit.
  16. Political Discourse -- Theories of Colonialism and Postcolonialism: An Overview
  17. Imperialism -- Economics
    Explores some of the tools and the techniques used by the imperial power, and the impact these had on the indigeonous people. China, and the Jute trade in India are used as case studies to demonstrate the economics of New Imperialism.
  18. World History Notebook: Imperialism
    TOC: English East India Company, The White Man's Burden, The Black Man's Burden, Readings: The New Imperialism, Shanghai in the 19th Century, The Scramble for Africa, Victorian History.
  19. Forbidden Territory @
    Revisit a time when the "...story of Stanley and Livingstone was as fresh as a newly minted myth..." High graphic content.
  20. S.A.L.A.D. (Natives/Imperialism)
  21. Age of Empires Game Guide Package
  22. S.A.L.A.D. Welcomes You
  23. Ecological Imperialism -- The Biological Expansion of Europe, 900 - 1900
  24. European conflicts and rivalries, 1871-1914 HY316/381.. (biblio)
  25. Map - Age of Imperialism
  26. Map - Colonial Africa in the Twentieth Century

[See World War I from an American Perspective]
  1. Trail of the Caribou
    A virtual tour of The First World War European battlefields of The Royal Newfoundland Regiment.
  2. German Propaganda Archive (Guide Page)
  3. Photos of the Great War
  4. Military Plans and the First World War
  5. Matt and Colin's WW1 Photo Page
  6. Museum of British Road Transport
  7. CHRISTOPHER A LONG - Battle Of The Somme - 80 Years On
  8. Trenches on the Web - Special: The Second Battle of Ypres, Apr-1915
  9. 1918 - Australians in France
  10. Milestones of the Millennium: The Great War
    Explore how World War I coincided with dramatic upheavals in music with Musicologist Linda Kobler.
  11. La Grande Guerra: The Italian Front, 1915 -1918
  12. Manfred Frhr von Richthofen
    The Red Baron.
  13. The 20th Century: BBC World War I
    You need RealAudio to listen to this file. You might want to visit the cable and dish site or the main page.
  14. First World War Encyclopedia
    The site actually links to three sources: the Encyclopaedia of British History: 1700-1950 (see below), the Encyclopaedia of the First World War and the Sackville International Encyclopaedia of the First World War. Specific topics: First World War Statistics, The War at Sea, Inventors and the First World War, Weapons of the First World War, The Peace Movement in Britain, The Home Front, First World War Aircraft, Politicial Leaders and the War, Anti-War Politicians, Allied Military Leaders, Allied Armed Forces, War Poets and Heroes, Life in the Trenches, Battles, Medals and Decorations, Women and the War, War in the air and the Aces.
  15. Images of World War I
    Images of World War I from French Posters, Prints, and Books. From the private collection of Dr. Jere Jackson on exhibit at Baylor University, Waco, Texas.
  16. Maginot: A Virtual Tour
  17. Liege-Fortifications
    The German War Plan - Why Ličge, The Fortified Position of Ličge(PFL), The Fortresses of Ličge, Opposing Forces, The German Ultimatum, Preparation for War, The Battle of Ličge - 4 - 16 August 1914.
  18. 1914-18 war - Art of the First World War
    The major museums of Europe, commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Armistice of 1918 by showing how the war was interpreted by artists who were among the millions of conscripts of every nationality and every school of painting. For another view of the conflict, see the PBS site --
  19. The Great War.
  20. World War 1
  21. The Hydra
    The Hydra was the magazine produced by the patients resident at Craiglockhart Military Hospital during the First World War. The page shows the digitized facsimiles of the eighteen issues produced by the group.
  22. World War I, The Great War
    A good collection of annotated links.
  23. WFA Homepage
    From the Western Front Association.
  24. Rowan Tree Frame
    I read the first two chapters in this book and I can't wait to return for the rest! Read about "Mum", "The Duke" and the King's Own Scottish Borderers" in the era of the Great War. Learn how the lives of families and individuals was impacted by the events.
  25. Battleship Bismarck
  26. Displaced Jews in Europe: 1945-1950 - Geography - 05/18/98
  27. Heavy Machine Guns of The Great War
  28. British Posters of World War One
    From the Roger N. Mohovich Collection.
  29. World War I graphics.
    From Swedish University Network SUNET-- FTP.
  30. The Great War - HELLFIRE CORNER - The First World War (The Great War)
    Presents a striking first impression through a "table" with an image of soldiers on one side and a poetic tribute on the other. See the newest additon, The Christmas Truce - 1914, produced with interviews of both British and German soldiers.
  31. Battlefields -- World War I
  32. Welcome to Over the Front
    From the League of World War One Aviation Historians.
  33. The Aerodrome - Aces and Aircraft of WWI
  35. Punch It!
    Punch: British Propaganda from 1914-1915.
  36. Versailles Treaty
    View individual clauses or download the entire Treaty. The page also links to maps, cartoons and other World War I resources.
  37. 1919 Treaty of Versailles of 440 Articles
    Page supports viewing the treaty as a single 498k text file, or by sections. Other links to maps, photos, cartoons, and a chronology of the fight over the League of Nations in 1919 between Woodrow Wilson and the U.S. Congress. See World War II Timeline - 1918-38.
  38. 1918-38 Page
    Timeline, with links to: Text of complete Versailles Treaty of 1919, A.J.P. Taylor thesis, Manchuria Sept. 18, 1931, Manchukuo 1932, Rise of Hitler 1933, U.S. Isolationism 1934, Ethiopia 1935, Response to Ethiopia 1936, Spanish Civil War 1936-37, China Incident 1937, U.S. Policy Changes 1937-38, Hitler's Anschluss 1938, In addition to the timeline, links to Web resources, Pictures, Maps, Documents and a Bibliography.
  39. World War I and Modern Culture: Study Abroad Course
  40. Manfred Frhr von Richthofen
    The Red Baron.
  41. THE WAR TIMES JOURNAL and ARCHIVES( History Military Letters Books Memoirs Dispatches Gallery Photographs ).
  42. World War I
    A very impressive page was prepared for the students at Elkton Middle School, Elkton, Virginia, by Pam Robinson. Organized by year -- mainly a focus on the Western Front.
  43. The Great European and World War
  44. SIMA Report: Isaac Rosenberg's 'Break of Day in the Trenches'
    A report covering the development of an on-line tutorial on teaching First World War poetry ("Break of Day in the Trenches"). "The report covers the preliminary stages of the package as a series of HyperCard stacks; the migration to the World-Wide Web; design and copyright issues; and feedback on the tutorial."
  45. World War I - Trenches on the Web
    Nice collection of links to other sites..New page, so drop in later and see the additions.
  46. World War I - Trenches on the Web
    Site Contents: Timeline: 28-Jun-1914 - Assassination in Sarajevo, Weapons of World War I (just getting started), An Open Invitation to Teachers, Reference Library (under construction, but open), Document Archive (likewise), Posters from the Great War, Search the Trenches, Links to other World War I Sites. See also the Timeline: 28-Jun-1914 - Assassination in Sarajevo.
  47. Isaac Rosenberg's 'Break of Day in the
    Designed as a tutorial on the First World War poet Isaac Rosenberg based on his poem 'Break of Day in the Trenches'.
  49. World War I - Trenches on the Web
  50. The Great War Society: The Great War Reading Lists and The Great War Society: For Students and Researchers.
  51. World War I (1914-1918)
    Information Resource Centre, Canadian Forces College, Department of National Defence (Canada).
  52. The Great War
    PBS site for the recent programs.
  53. The Great War
    Extended links plus information from the web author -- from Northern Ireland.
  54. The Great War Society: Relevance
    Current issue (Summer 1996) online has articles on: A Re-evaluation of the Versailles Peace, It All Started in Kansas (The Influenza Pandemic of 1918-1919), a book review (The Last Tsar : The Life and Death of Nicholas II), America's Turn From Neutrality to Intervention, 1914-1917, Dirigibles, Airships, Zeppelins and Blimps. SeeThe Great War Society from the archive.
  55. WW I Aviation links
  56. Focus on Robert Graves and His Contemporaries©
    The Impact of the Great War on Modern Consciousness.
  57. In Flanders Fields
    The story of the Poem by John McCrae.
  58. Flying Circle Graphics
    World War I planes - grpahics.
  59. Battlefields -- World War I
    From the HINCHINGBROOKE SCHOOL -- First UK school on the web.
  60. The Great War And The Shaping Of The 20th Century (November '96)
    Times and program descriptions of the series starting November 10th.
  61. THE Second Battle of the Marne
  62. The World War I Document Archive
    Excellent document archive with information listed by subject and by year.
  63. Germany and Europe: Contents
  64. THE GREAT WAR AND THE SHAPING OF THE 20TH CENTURY Press Release (November '96)
    Sunday, November 10, 1996 (9-11:00 pm ET). A documentary about World War I that attempts to go "...beyond the military and political history of the war to reveal its ongoing social, cultural and personal impact. The first two episodes of this eight-episode series unveil how those in power at the time of World War I engaged in a great gamble under false assumptions, with no conception of the war machine they were putting into motion."
  65. WW I Fighters
  66. The Clock- A concise and precise look at World War I
    Reprints of the 1915 articles from The Clock archives.
  67. GCSE Modern History Revision
    The First World War ( Events Leading up to), Revision guide for Paper 2, The Versailles Settlement. The League of Nations, Nazi Germany 1919-1945, International Relations 1919-1939, The Cold War in construction.
  68. The Collapse of the Central Powers
  69. Long range Causes
    World War I.
  70. H-W-CIV Links
  71. Warship Vasa
    Story of a ship that sank on the maiden voyage before leaving Stockholm harbour.
  72. ARENA
    A research program on the changes in Europe, especially the role of the nation-state. "The main goal for ARENA is to strengthen the research on European matters by building coordinated academic networks across different research approaches."
  73. Territory of Blows
  74. The Great War Society 1914-1918
  75. World War I Aviation Page
  76. Somme Home Page
  77. World War I
    Review of the new CD.
  78. The Great War
  79. Images of World War I
    Site includes much more that just images. See the FRENCH POSTERS 1914-1920 and read "The History of the Great War" (The Long Range Causes, The War of Images, The Summer of 1914, The Stalemate, The War at Sea, The War Becomes Desparate, The Critical Year of 1917, The Collapse of the Central Powers, Table of First World War Losses, The Peace Settlements).
  80. Major Battles or World War I
    Includes: The Battles of the Marne, 1914, 1918; The Battles of Ypres 1914, 1915, 1917; The Battle of the Somme, 1916; The Battle of Cambrai, 1917.,
  81. World War I: Commhome
    Brief selection of links to articles on the war.
  82. In Flanders Field
    Story of the making of the poem about World War I.
  83. Robert Lindsay Mackay -- WW 1 Diary.
  84. World War I Modeling Informational Files
    Might be your key to some student. Remember the old balsa stick models? What fun! Do they still make them and would they sell one to a "senior citizen"? Perhaps I could send one of the Grandkids in to make the buy.
  85. History of World War 1
  86. The Zeppelin Library
  87. World War One
  88. World War I Document Archive
    Pre - 1914.
    Essay | Causes of WWI | Practices of WWI | Effects of WWI.
  90. Australian Archives - World War I Service Records
  91. Armenian Allegations
    World War I, First Phase and Second Phase, How Many Died, Genocide.
  92. Fields of Battle
    Strategic warfare game, with World War I as starting point. Players will decide the outcome of World War I: Will the Triple Entente be able to keep the world power balance or will the Central Powers gain the world dominance.
  93. DP: The Diplomacy Home Page
    Web site for the players of Avalon Hill's game of Diplomacy and its many variants.
  94. Baylor University Art Home Page
  95. Propaganda Analysis - World War I Propaganda

[See World War II from an American Perspective]
  1. The Battle of Britain
  2. Lessons of the Winter War - Yesterday and today
  3. Third Reich Factbook
  4. Posters of the Spanish Revolution
    TOC: Europe in Motion, Europe victim of the Cold War, The division of Europe takes place in the 50', Germany symbol of the Cold War, Success and limits of the detente in Europe: 1956-1978, An eternal divided Europe?, 1989 or the return to Europe, The Berlin Wall.
  6. Italian Life Under Fascism
  7. World War II: Selections from the Kenneth W. Rendell Collection
    Sections on the Bombing of England, the Rise of the Third Reich and Adolf Hitler, the Holocaust, Germans in Paris and the Resistance, the Rise of Mussolini, the Russian Campaign, D-Day, the internment in this country of Japanese- Americans, letters and documents by famous people in which they react to the War.
  8. Return to Midway
  9. Welcome to Stalingrad! Mamayev Hill. The Battle on the Volga (Volgograd, Russia)
  10. The Spanish Revolution & Civil War 1936-1939
    Great starting point for reseach on the War.. Links to many photo sites, inlcuding the Library of Congress (see photo to right) Arribas. 18 Julio 1936-1937. Color lithograph poster, 1937. Reproduction #: LC-USZC4-3911 (color transparency)
  11. Emanuel Hochberg: Spanish Civil War Veteran and Contemporary Artist
    Page on an American participant.
  12. EarthStation1: The WWII Sounds & Pictures Page - Wavs, Sounds & Pictures of the Second World War
  13. WWII
  14. The Hannah Snell Home Page
    Hanna concealed her true sex while serving in a regiment of the Royal Marines.
  15. Resource listing for WWII
  16. World War 2, Battle of Monte Cassino
  17. Monte Cassino
    Early companion site for a PBS series on the Cassino.
  18. Jews in the Channel Islands 1940-45

    An Interesting graphic
    from Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

    The photo shot of a wall painting to the right (click for larger view) was taken on a recent visit to one of the military bases in Garmisch, on a landing leading the a second floor of the Army PX. The camera shot had to be at a slight angle because the stairs were off-limits. The excess light in the left side of the painting hints at a window in the stairwell. There was no description or caption that I could see. Who are the men in the painting? What nation do they represent? If this a World War II painting, why are the men riding horses and leading pack animals? Is it an effort at local history, or perhaps an example of how international events shaped the history of the area?
    It might be fun to assign a group of interested students to research the Garmisch area during and after World War II. Perhaps they can locate information that will solve the mystery of the painting by contacting people in the area now, or perhaps some veterans who fought in the area. Can military historians help? How would a student contact these sources? What about publishing their findings? When the time comes to give the interior a fresh coat of paint, should the painting be covered as well?
    The painting also reminds me of a comemerative painting done by students in the late 60's on a large wall on the 3rd floor of our school. By the early 90s, most of the teachers and (naturally) all of the students who could identify with the events and people depicted were long gone.
    Over Summer Vacation, the area was covered with a coat of latex paint. With that painting obscured, how can students who attend the school today be led into an understanding of that era in the school's history? Student interest in the era is well represented by the site "The Whole World Was Watching". Are athletic trophy cases more important than the works of art created by students? Is it more important to know that a student from the track team set a record in the mile than to see an artist's effort to show how the revolutionary events of the 60s influenced the students? You don't need either painting to raise the preservation issue. Students should be able to find it all around them in the home, school and the community.
  19. The Avalon Project : World War II Documents
  20. Italian Life Under Fascism
    A virtual exhibit of the Fry Collection (Jack Fry, professor emeritus of physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison) organized around the topics of: Italian Fascism, Education, Mussolini's foreign adventures, Fascist propaganda, Family life, Il Duce, Fascist youth organizations, Women and Fascism, The racial question, Culture under Fascism, Opposition to Fascism, End of the Fascist regime and The Paduan trial of the Banda Caritŕ.
  21. Stand Firm Education Group - Exhibitions - SDSU
    A multimedia presentation from San Diego State, with Holocaust survivors interviewed in person.
  22. A Glance: Forgotten Soldier : The Classic Wwii Autobiography (Brassey's Commemorative Series Wwii)
  23. The Drop Zone Virtual Musum
    Dedicated to preserving WWII Airborne Oral History.
  24. Imperial War Museum: Home Page
  25. New Zealand and The Great War
  26. The War Room
  27. The Institute on World War II and the Human Experience
    With graphics, articles, WWII Links.
  28. Resource listing for WWII
  29. BiW: The Berlin Wall
  30. The Aerodrome - Aces and Aircraft of World War I
    1997 Thinkquest winner in Social Studies.
  31. John Lukacs - The Hitler of History
  32. Canonesa, Convoy HX72 and Joachim Schepke's U-100
    U Boat attack - 1940.
  33. World War Two Timeline ... The Beat
    Complete articles with sidbar links and graphics. March, 1998 issue currently featured.
  35. World War II, analyzed!
    Despite a current skimpy selection under some menus and missing graphics, this is a site that might be revisited as content is added. The site currently presents itineraries and pictures of the battlefields in Europe, a look at "errors" in reporting the history of the war, Battle Reports, stories of soldiers and how people saw the War.
  36. The Institute on World War II and the Human Experience
  37. BBC News | World | Jewish wartime resistance revisited
    World Jewish wartime resistance revisited.
  38. Classical Atlas Project -- Home Page
  39. Salzburg 1945 - 1955 - Index
    The Encounter of the People of Austria with US Soldiers after World War II: An Austrian-American Dialogue.
  40. The Effect of the North American P-51 Mustang on the Air War in Europe
    Freshman college student paper.
  41. Panzer Lehr: Command Post
  42. Finnish Army in the Second World War
  43. U-boat Net - The U-boat War 1939-1945
  44. Rear Area Security in Russia
    The Soviet Second Front Behind the German Lines.
  45. The History Place - World War Two in Europe
    Pages for the rise of Hitler and a timeline of the war.
  46. The Trial Of Adolph Eichmann
    A PBS Documentary created with ABC News/Great Projects.
  47. World War II in Ukraine
    With a Brief Survey of Ukraine's Population Loss of 10 Million. The Table of Contents is down a bit on the page...a very impressive listing.
  48. Witnesses to Nuremberg
    An Oral History of the War Crimes Trials. Preliminary Catalogue of Interviews.
  49. German Campaigns in the Balkans
    German campaigns in the Balkans and the seizure of Crete within the framework of Hitler's military policy during the second year of World War II.
    (available Wednesday, April 30th). A "...compelling companion site that takes you inside the courtroom for the 1961 trial of Nazi SS Lieutenant Colonel Adolf Eichmann. Visitors can read stories and witness testimony from the trial, get a thumbnail sketch of each of the courtroom participants, follow a timeline of the events in Eichmann's career, and much more.
  51. Sturmvogel
    information on the European Axis and neutral Air Forces of the Second World War.
  52. Avalon Project at the Yale Law School
    Document archive, with most of the information Western/American in nature. Documents and data form British-American Diplomacy 1782 to World War II - Documents; 1940-1945.
  53. Welcome to the world of INTERTOUR
    Click on the "Market Garden" graphic for a great collection of pages on World War II with a focus on the objective of the Arnhem bridge. The site presents a long introduction, but be patient for the main course. Follow the soldiers as they travel a long small single road called "Hells Highway."

    Mulberry -- harbors build in Scotland and England D Day: Table of Contents
    Air Power Over the Normandy Beaches and Beyond.

    Normandy Photos Database
    Searchable index of over 650 JPEG
    (Warning - they are large files) photos
    relating to the U.S. Army soldiers' experience
    of Operation Overlord well as subsequent
    operations in and around Normandy and
    Northern France.

  54. Achtung Panzer!
    History of German tanks in World War II.
  55. End and Beginning
    WW II photos -- black and white photographs of wartime
    and post-war Germany.
  56. World War II: The Greatest Battle in History
  57. Beaufighter Squadrons
  58. Scytale's World War II Aircraft.
  59. The Colditz Home Page
    WWII resources. During World War II Colditz Castle served as a supposedly high-security POW camp for Allied Officers (some of the art work produced by one of the POWs is on display) who had already tried to escape. Good links to other sites in Saxony.
  60. WW11 Cartoons
    The sketchbook journals of Capt. George Rarey and daily life of the P-47 fighter pilots flying out of England in World War II
  61. Tunnel and Shelter Researching
    Research concerning World War II underground installations.
  62. German World War II Type-IXc Unterseeboot (submarine)
    MSI - U-505 Type-IXc U-boat, a short history of the U-boat and a walk-through tour giving a taste of what life aboard such a vessel was like.
  63. Summary of Finland in WWII
    Finland fought three separate wars during the WW2. This is a brief summary of the first war.
  64. SpearWeb
    Rules and Organizations for Division-Level WW-II Wargaming.
  65. World War II Theaters
    Maps and information, with a focus on the European phase.
  66. The White Rose
    A Commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the Liberation of Paris, 25 August 1944. Key divisions: Chronology of events: Major Players, The FFI, The Barricades, The Act of Surrender, Triumphant Acclaim, Show of Support.
  68. Tokyo War Crimes Trial
  69. The White Rose
    About a group of students who resisted the Nazis.
  70. History of Defence Electronics
    Radar/Sonar History in England.during and immediately after WWII.
  71. VSL: New Arrivals
    See and for WWII Flying Paper Models; 1943 Rigby Book One and Two. Each set includes about 15 planes.
  72. Leni Riefenstahl Triumph of the Will (1934)
    Twenty images of the 1936 Olympiad. Possible assignments/projects:
    1. Compare these images with those taken in 1946. How do you explain the differences in the images over such a short span of years?
    2. Do a brief analysis of the "state of the world" in 1936 and 1946. Or focus on a specific nation...How did Germany (The United States, Canada, England) or the Non-Western world change during that time span?
    3. Devise some measure of the extent of change in this era. Explain and discuss your criteria for change measurement and how these apply to the era. Would change apply equally to all geographic areas? Why or why not?
  73. Japanese Crimes against humanity
  74. Salzburg 1945 - 1955: Introduction
    The Encounters of the People of Austria with US Soldiers after World War II. An Austrian-American Dialogue.
  75. Salzburg 1945 - 1955: Introduction
    "Liberation Force / Occupation Power."
  76. The Beaton Institute Archives
    Interesting site to explore. I first selected Photographic from the main menu and eventually viewed a series of photos of the convoys (in harbor) used in World War II.
  77. 50th Anniversary of D-Day
  78. [] Frequently Asked Questions
    Lists FTP sites for information on the war.
  79. World War II
  80. Regimental Histories of some British Army Units
  81. Encyclopedia Americana's World War II Commemoration
    In addition to the text materials, the site also provides a number of quicktime movies to download.
  82. U-Web, The U-boat War 1939-1945
  83. The Warsaw Uprising
    Also listed under "Holocaust."
  84. World War II - "50 Years Ago"
    Provides a daily account of the war.
  85. V-E Day 1945 marked war's end and dawn of communications era
  86. German Army in World War II
  89. William Byers
    Includes links to World War II and Hitler.
  90. World War II Archive
    Patch American High - again.

  1. National Museum Directors' Conference: Spoiliation
    Holocaust and World War II period -- First Progress Report on Provenance Research for the Period 1933-1945.
  2. The Virginia Holocaust Museum -- Educating Online
    Best first stop on the page is to the Teacher's Manual which offers a segmented guide to the Holocaust and the Museum as well as a completed PDF Manual. With an approximate size of 2.67Mb, best to view some segments first to decide on the full download.
  3. Holocaust Survivors
    Oral history, with family photographs.
  4. Poland's Class of 1936 - A WWII Survivor's Quest
  5. Yahoo! Arts:Humanities:History:By Time Period:20th Century:Holocaust, The:Personal Accounts
  6. Records and Research Relating to Holocaust-Era Assets
  7. Holocaust-Era Assets--Web Version
  8. Responses to the Holocaust
  9. Holocaust: The Trial Adolf Eichmann
  10. Nizkor: Responding to Holocaust denial through education about the Shoah and the people and organizations that deny the holocaust
  11. Witness & Legacy - Contemporary Art about the Holocaust
    "Later in life, they comprehended that these family members lost in the Holocaust never ceased to be part of their parents' existence. By way of transfusion and by identification, the parents transferred their own sense of pain and loss to their children and bestowed upon them the legacy of becoming a living yahrzeit (memorial candle)."
  12. NAAF Holocaust Project
  13. Holocaust and Antisemitism Links
  14. Teaching the Holocaust through Stamps, pictures, text and paintings
  15. Drew University Center for Holocaust Study
  16. The Courage to Remember
    Current exhibition at the Simon Wiesenthal Center. See the Resource Guide, featuring work/study sheets in black line masters. The guide can be viewed online or downloaded as a Microsoft Word document or in PDF (Adobe Acrobat) pdfbug.gif format.
  17. The Holocaust History Project Homepage
  18. Holocaust Teacher Resource Center
  19. Teaching Schindler
    The 90-page manual at this site can be viewed or downloaded. It examines how the film measures up as history, a historical background on Schindler and the Holocaust, a discussion of dynamics of altruistic behavior and suggestions for making the story relevant to the students everyday confrontations with bigotry and injustice. For course materials, see the TOC. Some states, including Wisconsin, have provided the film free of charge to the schools (It has an "R" rating) and paper editions of the book are available a low cost (Touchstone -- Simon and Schuster -- published one in 1993). Highly recommended book and site!
  20. Deathly Silence Workshop
    silence.jpgExplores the role everyday people in the events of the Holocaust. The workshop (part of the Southern Institute's effort to provide instructional resources for Holocaust and diversity education) guides middle/high school teachers and students on the behavior and motives of "bystanders" who did little to protest the persecution and Holocaust. A lengthy guide is available for viewing or downloading at It begins by placing anti-Semitism in historical perspective, starting with the period before the Crusades and extending to the rise of the Nazi and the Holocaust. Highly recommended!
  21. An Illustrated History of the Holocaust
  22. The Holocaust History Project Homepage
    Essays and primary resource documents..." including several book-length works (see the first two volumes documenting the Nuremberg Trial).
  23. A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust
    From the Florida Center for Instructional Technology and featuring a fine Holocaust Activities page.
  24. Holocaust - Welcome from The Mining Company
  25. Holocaust Links
  26. I*EARN's Holocaust/Genocide Project (HGP)
    A telecommunications project focusing on the study of the Holocaust and other genocides. It involves schools in the United States, Israel, Australia, Argentina, Bulgaria, Belarus, Russia, Poland, South Africa, Germany, Slovakia, the Netherlands, and Estonia.
  27. holocaust, stamps, education, teaching
    A teaching unit... You might turn images off on the first visit to get a feel for content, as the page load is slowed by high graphic content.

    Son of man, keep not silent, forget not deeds of tyranny.
    Cry out at the disaster of a people, recount it unto your children and they unto theirs.
    From generation to generation the hordes swept in, ran wild and savage and there was no deliverance, valiance, and revolt.
    How the mighty are fallen, the great in spirit and stout of heart, walking to their death with a halo of eternity.

    - - - Yehuda L. Bialer (reference to the Holocaust)

  28. Genocide: Resources for Teaching and Research
  29. The Holocaust Museum and Resource Center of Scranton, Pennsylvania
  30. Women and the Holocaust
  31. Holocaust: Cybrary of the Holocaust
    Perhaps this is not yet added to your bookmarks on the topic. Provides comprehensive resources and a fine The "Holocaust--A Guide for Teachers".
  32. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
    Currently featuring the Full text of the U.S. State Department report: U.S. and Allied Efforts to Recover and Restore Gold and Other Assets Stolen or Hidden by Germany During World War II. You can also browse: Images of Internment (exhibition of the art of Josef Nassy) and Father Jacques (a Carmelite friar who...hid several Jewish boys in his school in Avon, France) and view images from the Museum's Archive of Historic Photographs (seeTHE NAZI OLYMPICS -- Berlin 1936). The site also features excerpts and photos from the trial record of the "Doctors Trial" from the Nuremberg Code and Human Rights. The site also features an Overview of the Holocaust and GUIDELINES FOR TEACHING ABOUT THE HOLOCAUST.
  34. The History Place
    Now with Featured Exhibits on: The Rise of Adolf Hitler (A Complete History in 24 chapters), Timeline of WW II in Europe (With hundreds of archive photos, text and documents), Holocaust Timeline (A Complete Chronicle of Nazi persecution of the Jews with over 150 photos and text).
  35. Encarta Lesson Collection: The History of the Holocaust from a Personal Perspective
  36. I*EARN's Holocaust/Genocide Project (HGP)
  37. SWC - Live Audio Events
    Simon Wiesenthal Center -- Tuesday, August 12, 1997. Why Did Jews Stay in Germany After 1933? 3:00 pm (pacific time). The Center also has an Archive of previous broadcast events. [*] SWC - Live Audio Events from the Simon Wiesenthal Center. Why Did Jews Stay in Germany After 1933? Scheduled Tuesday, August 12, 3:00 pm (pacific time). For Current Events, try Audionet.

  38. The Holocaust: A Tragic Legacy
    A "Think Quest" made by students, and an excellent production. Notice the Multimedia Glossary which links to a page with a statement about how the Holocaust has changed our vocabulary followed by the terms/definitions. Icons that link to sound files for pronunciation and graphics provide additional information. Students also describe "How we did what we did and how you can learn more" and supply some interactive quizzes on Holocaust knowledge. Notice that moving your your cursor over the menu items generates a grapic thumbnail that disappears when you move to the next item (I think you will need a browser equiped with Javascript to see it....).

    These kids are riding the crest of the new Web technology and are very serious about the interface and content. Here is a quote from their "about this site" link:
    "There is a strong interactive element, asking visitors to consider the moral dilemmas of Nuremberg, consider the culpability of the Swiss, or examine the future implications of the Holocaust. An interactive timeline and a brief summary go over the events themselves, linking to a multimedia glossary with pronunciations and other related audio, images, and link to sites that expand on the basic definitions. Specific aspects of the Holocaust, such as why it happened and what came in its aftermath are also covered. To bring the Holocaust to life, there are accounts of survivors and a virtual reality camp. A guide to books and other resources allow visitors to learn more and a quiz allow users to spot-check their knowledge of the Holocaust. Users can also share thoughts and scanned artwork/photos. The more that is known, the more that is understood, the better we can work to promote tolerance and learn the lessons of the past."

    The References and Credits link provides some more information (students = Site produced by Jordan Feil, Mike Dale, Kushal Dave) and one of the best overall bibliography I have seen online. Simply a must visit for all with interactive surprise behind each link!

    Also on the topic from the ThinkQuest contest -- The Holocaust: Humanity's Darkest Hour and A Human Tragedy: Genocide in World War II.

  39. Home is Somewhere Else by Lilian R. Furst
    Following the Nazi invasion of Austria in 1938, a Viennese dentist named Desider Furst, his wife, and daughter found themselves fugitives, holders of German passports branded with a red "J" for Jew. Now, nearly sixty years later, the daughter tells their story in counterpoint, alternating chapters of her father's memoir with her own recollections. In this edited interview aired on Soundings, the National Humanities Center's weekly radio show, Wayne Pond talks with Lilian Furst about her book, Home Is Somewhere Else: An Autobiography in Two Voices (State University of New York Press, 1994).

  40. Holocaust
    Course on the Holocaust, with the emphasis on the literature of the Holocaust.
  41. Holocaust
  42. Notre Dame Holocaust Project
  43. Holocaust and Hope Tour
  44. Abe's Story...A Holocaust Memoir
  45. KZ
    Holocaust documents and information.
  46. Eizenstat Report
    Wait before visiting!!! This PDF file is about 410 page of text and too large to download during regular class time. It is worth a look during low usage hours, however. It documents and describes in great detail " of the greatest thefts by a government in history: the confiscation by Nazi Germany of an estimated $580 million of central bank gold -- around $5.6 billion in today's values -- along with indeterminate amounts in other assets during World War II. These goods were stolen from governments and civilians in the countries Germany overran and from Jewish and non-Jewish victims of the Nazis alike, including Jews murdered in extermination camps from whom everything was taken down to the gold fillings of their teeth..." (from the 2nd paragraph of the Forward in the document). Assign students to research the recent controversies associated with the gold and other assets, including those in various Swiss banks. Start them at Yahoo! - News and Media:Current Events:Swiss Banks and the Holocaust and Nazi Gold / Holocaust Assets / Swiss Banks and World War II: Dormant Accounts.
  47. Anne Frank Online
    Watch the site for a new addition: Anne Frank and Holocaust Education Today.
  48. Anne Frank: Lessons in Human Rights and Dignity
  49. Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies
    Try the "Excerpts from testimonies." Visitors have a choice of text, real audio or quicktime versions of testimony.
  50. I*EARN's Holocaust/Genocide Project (HGP)
  51. Holocaust Studies
  52. The Warsaw Uprising
  53. Holocaust Remembrance Day
  54. Ursula's History Web
    World War II, Holocaust and German division and unification from a personal perspective.
  55. The Holocaust: Questions and Activities for Thought and Discussion
  56. Responses to Revisionist Arguments
  57. The Anne Frank Center - USA
    A site with great visual appeal that will soon be adding new content. Now features Anne’s Story: A photo scrapbook of Anne’s life and family, The Annex: A tour of the rooms in an Amsterdam office building that hid the Frank family and friends for just over two years, The Diary: About Anne’s journal and how it survived WWII to become one of the most widely read personal accounts of the Holocaust, The Holocaust: A brief history of the Holocaust and related links and information.
  58. LNT Poland - Jews in Poland
  59. Hiatt Holocaust Collection
    Holocaust from a Catholic perspective.
  60. Raoul Wallenberg
    Raoul Wallenberg's extraordinary rescue operation during World War II for the Hungarian Jews.
  61. Survivors of the Shoah Visual History
    A foundation to preserve the eyewitness testimonies of tens-of-thousands of Holocaust survivors so that future generations can "... learn the lessons of this devastating period in human history from those who survived."
  62. Teaching With Documents [Nazi Medical Report]
    Sample from the series on teaching with documents from Social Education.
  63. The Ernest and Elisabeth Cassutto Memorial Page: Survivors of the Holocaust
  64. Holocaust - Uderstanding & Prevention, Anatomy of Genocide by A. Kimel.
    Authored by a survivor of the Holocaust.
  65. Survivors of the Holocaust - Table of Contents
  66. Countering Holocaust Denial
    Holocaust information.
  68. Resistance and Rescue
    Denmark's Response to the Holocaust.
  69. YAD VASHEM - Home PageNew Holocaust site.
  70. Simon Wiesenthal Center
    An international center for the Holocaust.
  71. Index - Holocaust Sites - list maintained by the Nizkor Project.
    Sites relevant to the Holocaust, its denial, fascism, and racism.
  72. Lest We Forget - A History of the Holocaust
  73. To Remember the Truth
    Review of the Nezkor site below.
  74. Nizkor Home Page
    A collection of different projects on the Holocaust and the denial of the Holocaust.
  75. Holocaust Center -- Bronx High School of Science
  76. The Holocaust Album: Historical and Contemporary Photographs
  77. L'Chaim: A Holocaust Web Project
  78. DSU's Internet Holocaust Course
    The Holocaust in Historical Context - online extension course.
  79. Rescuers From the Holocaust/Introduction
  80. Holocaust Gopher Menu
  81. Responses to the Holocaust: A Hypermedia Sourcebook for the Humanities
  82. Teaching With Documents [Nazi Medical Report]
    Also includes suggested teaching activities and pointers to other resources.
  83. The Holocaust in transformation
    TEACHING SCHINDLER--The psychology of Altruism in War. A guide to using the film Schindler's List in the middle and high school class room and DEATHLY SILENCE--Everyday people in the Holocaust. Lots of materials for teaching about those whowitnessed the Holocaust.
  85. Louisiana Holocuast Survivors' Homepage
  86. Teletimes January 94 -- Auschwitz
  87. YAD VASHEM - Home Page
    New Holocaust site.
  88. Anne Frank WWW site
    Very complete resources that includes comments from readers of the diary, information on the Anne Frank Museum, the Holocaust Index and more.
  89. Holocaust.FAQ
    This may not be a new site, but I just located it recently.
  90. Archive of Materials on Bulgarian Jewry During WW II
  91. Cybrary of the Holocaust
  1. Museo Nazionale delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari
  2. Tampa Museum of Art Home
  3. Royal Armouries - National Museum of Arms and Armour
  4. Presents: Great Art Museums of the World
  5. Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna: Cypriot Art from the Collection of Classical Antiquities
  6. Musei Vaticani
  7. The Royal Armouries Museum of Artillery, Fort Nelson Fareham England
  8. The National Gallery : Exhibitions
  9. National Portrait Gallery, London
  10. Musée d'Orsay - Accueil principal (NON JAVA)
  11. gateway to vangogh at
  12. Museum of History of Photography Fratelli Alinari
  13. Cincinnati Art Museum - Highbandwidth Site
    Mahana  Ma'a Paul Gauguan 1892 Currently (3/99) featuring a Shockwave exhibit on European art (samle at right "Mahana Ma'a Paul Gauguan 1892"). You also will need the Quicktime and RealAudio applications, but these are standard plug-ins on newer browsers.
  14. The Art Gallery of Ontario
  15. European Museum Guide
    Frames make for easy navigation on this site. I tried the "Index" and clicked on Italy, partly because I plan to visit in the Fall of 1998. All the major musuems are listed by region/city with information about the major contents and planned exhibits. Should prove a valuable resource for the traveler.
  16. -Museum of London-
    London's rich and diverse history through artifacts and images. Sample London children's pastimes and experiences, examples of the city's gruesome past, London as an eintertainment cente and images of transport from prehistoric times to the 1920s.
  17. Museums - German Culture - Net Links
  18. - sezione turismo
    TOC: High Medieval and Romanic sculpture, Gothic sculpture, Reinessance sculpture, Baroque sculpture.
  19. National Museum in Warsaw
    Access ot galleries on: Ancient Art, The Faras Gallery, Gallery Of Medieval Art, The Gallery Of Foreign Painting, Polish Painting and Polish Decorative Art.

  1. NM's Creative Impulse.. Industry
    For the full menu, visit the home page.
  2. Spartacus Educational Home Page
    Currently with resources on European (especially British) and American history.
  3. World Wide School Library - History-European
  4. Collections Overview: Manuscripts (Getty Museum)
  5. Manuscripts, Paleography, Codicology
  6. The Cambridge History of English and American Literature: An Encyclopedia in Eighteen Volumes. 1907-21
  7. Land Forces of Britain, the Empire and Commonwealth
  8. Diary of a ship's butcher, Sesostris, 1829-1831
  9. Metissage: The Emerging of Theater and Politics in Revolutionary France
  10. The Great English physicist Sir Isaac Newton -- Principia
  11. Meeting of Frontiers
    In 1962, when I began teaching, we used a global history text that included a unit on Russia that made comparisons between the historic frontier experience of Americans and Russian. Here is a site that provides a focus on that comparison "... and the meeting of those frontiers in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. "Meeting of Frontiers" includes more than 2,500 items, comprising some 70,000 images, from the Library's [Library of Congress] rare book, manuscript, map, prints and photograph, film and sound recording collections that tell the stories of the explorers, fur traders, missionaries, exiles, gold miners and adventurers that peopled both frontiers and their interactions with the native peoples of Siberia and the American West." It was created by a team of Library staff and American and Russian consultants. Plans for the future will include materials from a host of partner institutions in Russia, and this project pilots a future effort of the Library to collect digital materials through international cooperation with foreign institutions. The fact that the documents are often placed on Web pages in both Russian and English helps to drive home the international cooperation at the heart of the project. Teachers of World History should have no difficulty in designing some Web lessons that feature visits to the site. (See the TOC below in the section on American History.)
  12. LacusCurtius Home Page
  13. NGA - European Sculpture 14th-19th centuries
  14. NGA - Gallery Guides in PDF Format
    Short quick downloads for offline reading. (remember, a "shift/click" will download the file to your hard drive.)
  15. NOVA Online | Voyage of Doom
    Companion Web site to the NOVA program "Voyage of Doom," scheduled for broadcast on November 23, 1999. The program chronicles the discovery and excavation of the French explorer Robert Cavelier Sieur de La Salle's ship, La Belle, which sank off the coast of Texas in 1686.
  16. John Snow - a historical giant in epidemiology
    a very useful site for those lessons on CHOLERA.
  17. Digital Library Main Page
    TOC: English Fundamental Laws, American Colonial Charters, U.S. Founding Documents, Early State Constitutions, Other Seminal Writings, Summa Theologica by Thomas Aquinas: Questions on Law and Justice, The Spirit of Laws, by Baron de Montesquieu (1751), Commentaries on the Laws of England, by Sir William Blackstone (1765-69) [Excerpt], The Federalist Papers, by James Madison, Alexander Hamilton & John Jay (1787-88), Commentaries on the U.S. Constitution, by Joseph Story (1833).
  18. Pamphlets
    90,000 old pamphlets, many published in the 19th century or the early part of the 20th century.
  19. Club Genealogy and History in France
  20. All Russian Museums and Galleries
  21. The Centre for Urban History
    A regional/national focus, with little attention to non-European urban history.
  22. Lewis Mumford Center for Comparative Urban and Regional Research
    A better site than the above for non-Western urban history, although much of the research online is on American urban history.
  23. East Germany: Berlin, Wansee, Sachsenhausen, Weimar, Buchenwald, Gotha, Ohrdruf-Nord
  24. Abbazia di Montecassino - Home Page
  25. MUSEI ONLINE - Homepage - (English)
    See the Exhibitions section.
  26. Musei fiorentini - Contents
  27. Soprintendenza ai Beni Artistici e Storici - Firenze Prato Pistoia
    Galleria dell’Accademia.
  28. National Gallery Of Ireland
    Irish Galleries, Irish Museums, exhibitions, art, Artists.
  29. Louvre Museum Official Website
  30. NOVA Online | Fall of the Leaning Tower
    Broadcast on October 5, 1999 on the issue of why the tower of Pisa hasn't fallen. The site relates the many efforts taken to preserve this medieval treasure. Here's what you'll find online: Pisa Panorama, Where It Stands Today (an update on the soil-extraction method that recently restored the tower to the angle it bore in 1970), The Galileo Games (Tease your mind with Galileo's legendary test and related challenges), Rescuing World Monuments (The Parthenon. Windsor Castle. The Statue of Liberty. Examine the challenging restorations recently undertaken at these and other global masterpieces), History of Interventions (the many and often misguided attempts to right the Leaning Tower).
  31. Exhibitions at The British Library
    From Portico - The British Library's Online Information Server.
  32. Primary Source Documents
    A listing of documents from various document archives, and a large one... Useful for both American and European history.
  33. The National Trust - Education
    Historic preservation in England.
  34. Berlin Wall
    A very comprehensive look at the wall and its history.
  35. World Domination
    Game/simulation product.
  36. Atlas Index
  37. titanic
    Examines the role of the Titanic as a mail transport.
  38. Art Images by Period
    Greek, Roman, Rennaisance, Baroque and Modern Art.
  39. Course Material
    Resources for Selected University Courses at University of Haifa, Israel.
  40. Women Artists
  41. Steam engines
  42. Tax History Project/U.K.
  43. Jensen's Web Sources for Military History
  44. Migration Research Institutes in Europe
  45. Great Cities of Europe
  46. The James Ford Bell Library - Historical Maps
  47. Civilization Online | How to Succeed at Versailles
  48. History
  49. Modern World History: Main Menu
    Another source that is very useful for Western history but not for World History.
  50. 24 Hour Museum
    Try the "Trails" (link and TOC below) section for special area resources and see the education and teachers' packs in the "Resource" section. You might browse the PDF feature on the topic of "Museums in the Classroom."
  51. Triails Menu
    "Explore the riches of the UK's museums, galleries and heritage attractions by following one or more of our trails. Some of these are designed geographically to cover a specific area, ideal for family outings in your own local area, or perhaps when you are on holiday, looking for something different to do. Other trails follow particular themes. These aren't meant to be explored in a day or weekend but give you ideas for following your own special interest or a new subject you want to explore."
  52. Collage Portal
    An image database containing 20,000 works from the Guildhall Library and Guildhall Art Gallery London. See the Highlights page for a summary.
  53. The PDF Showcase | Dublin Evening Telegraph for June 16, 1904
  54. PIR Center Home Page
  55. shackleton intro
    Sir Ernest Shackleton's 1914 voyage to the Antarctic.
  56. Bits of Map Projection History
  57. BBC Education - Fred Dibnah's Industrial Age - Homepage
  58. Collage Portal
    An image database containing 20,000 works from the Guildhall Library and Guildhall Art Gallery London. TOC: The River Thames, The Great Fire of London, Tower of London, St Paul's Cathedral, London Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Children in Painting, The London That Never Was, Abstract Ideas, Natural World, Archaeology & Architecture, Politics, History, Religion & Belief, Leisure, Society, Military & War, Trade & Industry, People.
  59. Women's Role in Western Society, Europe and Beyond
  61. BBC Education - Modern World History
    Made for the British curriculum, which appears to be directed at "western" aspects of World History. This is an excellent page, but should be renamed to avoid confusion about its content. The timeline on the site extends only to 1945, and the focus of the content is on the World Wars and their impact on Europe.
  62. The Applied History Research Group -Multimedia History Tutorials-
    See the tutorial on transition from the Roman to the Early Medieval periods in Western Europe. Three chapters are devoted to the political developments, one to language and literature, and one to art and architecture. Others on: The Peopling of Canada: 1891-1921 and 1946-1976, First Europe (Tutorial Old World Contacts), The End of Europe's Middle Ages and European Voyages of Exploration.
  63. Paintings by Women Artists in History
    At first visit, I placed this page in the "general History" section of my bookmarks. After some additional exploration, it became clear that this was not about "Women Artists" but about Western Women Artists. I did locate one artist from Mexico...but that is as far as the page goes into the vast areas of global art. Again, a fine page as far as it goes, but students should be on notice that the bulk of non-Western women artists are not inlcuded.
  64. Tierra del Fuego, Antarctic Unit - Sir Ernest Shackleton Expedition -
    Trans-Antartic expedition (1914-17). Also, see the Wall Street Journal article. "Sir Ernest Shackleton's Journey To Antarctica."
  65. EUROPE
    Currently offering basic facts (Geography, Natural Environment, Architecture, Population, Language, Religion, Food, History, Economy and Business, Arts, Sports, Holidays & Festivals, News) on several European nations, with more as the page matures.
  66. Go See - London Museums & Galleries
    Naturally, you will want to pay a visit to the -Museum of London- for the current features of London Bodies, Capital Concerns (the 350th anniversary of the execution of Charles I and the 400th anniversary of Oliver Cromwell's birth), In Royal Fashion (See the clothes of Princess Charlotte of Wales and Queen Victoria) and Saxons at the Opera (Archaeological excavations at the Royal Opera House). The page also reports on the 750-year-old story of Bethlem Royal Hospital, popularly known as 'Bedlam' and Sole City (London Shoes from the 1st to the 21st Century).
  67. Treasures from Europe's National Libraries
    The splash page loads a rather large map of europe (purpose?) you might want to go directly to the index page.
  68. A Compendium of Common Knowledge - Home [Contents]
    The complete book (or parts) on-line or download.
  69. Movies to Study Early Modern History and Movies to Study Medieval History By
    Compiled by Steve Muhlberger, Spring 1998, who also briefly reviews each movie. This is a great source for Western/European history courses.
  70. Reading a Community: Urban History at the Local Level
    Although a few international resources are listed, this is primarily focused on a study of European urban history.
  71. Core 4: Image Bank
    For The Shaping of the Modern World, an introductory course to the development of modern world civilization since the Scientific Revolution. TOC: Ancien Regime and Critics, Age of Revolutions, Industry and Society, Liberalism and Nationalism, Varieties of Imperialism, The World Turned Upside Down, Fascism, Depression & WWII, The World since 1945.
  72. Digital Archive of European Architecture
  73. Institute for European Studies
  74. Guardian: An online history of the millennium
    Up to day 9 when I visited, with all days showing a decidedly English/European slant. Non-Western regions are mentioned briefly, but rarely linked for more detail or off-site reserach.
  75. Anglo-American History Guide (SSG-FI)
  76. Art History Network Home Page
    The TOC and content provides a focus on European time concepts and European regions/nations. The site should be named "European" art history.
  77. IMAGE RESERVE -- University of Oregon
    Images "...offered for the benefit of students enrolled in credit courses in which the study or review of images is required for the successful completion of the course. Images posted at this site will be removed at the end of the term in which the course is offered."
  78. FEEFHS MAP ROOM - Background and MAP INDEX
    14 Meg collection of maps on Europe and Russia.
  79. Frederick M. Hess (forthcoming 1998). Spinning wheels: The politics of urban school
    Offering several chapters from the book, including three simaulations. One covers the international situation prior to World War I, "Forging a Lasting Middle East Peace" Chapter 6 "Choosing a President."
  80. Digital Library: Browse the Collections
    Online Exhibits include: Selected Clips from the Louis Armstrong Jazz Oral History Project, Collection of American Historical Prints, A War in Perspective, 1898-1998: The Spanish-American Conflict, Moving Uptown: Nineteenth-century Views of Manhattan, Dry Drunk: The Culture of Tobacco in 17th- and 18th-Century Europe, The Romanovs: Their Empire, Their Books, Berenice Abbott: Changing New York, 1935-1938, The Construction of the Empire State Building (1930-31), Lewis Wickes Hine's "Work Portraits" and Schomburg Legacy: Documenting the Global Black Experience for the 21st Century.
  81. Guide 3: Crossing Borders in History
    Explores the two worlds (European and Native American) that made contact when Columbus stepped ashore. Suggested Grade Level: 9-12.
  82. APEuroHomePage
  83. The Greatest Painters on the Web
    Western page.
  84. Jacquard's Loom
    The history of weaving textiles will eventually take you to the history of computers. You can begin to explore how at this site.
  85. Center for the Liberal Arts: History
    University of Virginia.
  86. ART HISTORY RESOURCES: Part 1 Prehistoric, Ancient, and Middle Ages
    A vast collection of resource links, with a focus on Western art history.
  87. Gateway to Art History
  88. American Institute of Physics
    Einstein-Image and Impact. AIP History Center exhibit.
  89. physics history
  90. Internet Modern History Sourcebook
    Although "... intended to serve the needs of teachers and students in college survey courses in modern European history or modern Western Civilization...," the site can be used by K-12 teachers and students in using primary resource material. Indexed by topics within a general chronological framework.
    European Documentation and Observatory on Migration and Ethnic Relations.
  92. History Study Aids
    Presents detailed history notes for a university course.
  93. Links To The Past
    Modern European History Advanced Placement.
  94. OSSHE Historic Atlas Resource Library
  95. Index of art historical sites
    Digital Imaging Project: Art historical images of European and North American architecture and sculpture from classical Greek to Post-modern.
  97. An introduction to the Sami people and their history.
    Overview of the native Sami art, culture, current issues, history.
    Companion website for the film series with Web links of interest. You will also find a spotlight on ART OF THE WESTERN WORLD.
    Internet Book and Site By Dr. Konnilyn Feig. A vast site with links and information on all time periods.
  101. The Classics Pages : Start Page
    The Site Index presents the scope (which is considerable) of the page.
  102. The age of enlightenment
  103. The American Academy in Rome
  104. URBS Online Public Access Union Catalogue of the Vatican Library
    Offers detailed instruction to access the database containing publications (books and serials) in the holdings of fourteen libraries in Rome.
  105. Images of Prints and Printmaking
  106. History of Western Civilization, Knox
  107. Avalon Project at the Yale Law School
    Document archive...European/American.
  108. Luminarium
    Medieval, Renaissance and 17th century literature.
  109. Messy Families, Nero and Catherine.
  110. Soldiers' Songs
    Songs from World Wars I & II, Vietnam, the American and Irish civil wars, the British African wars, and a few Irish Rebellions.
  111. The Patrin Web Journal - Gypsy Culture and History
  112. WAU Library - Tulip Book
    For students interested in art and plant history.
  113. Links To The Past
  114. Modern European History AP (MEHAP)
  115. Doomsday Gateway Page
    A multimedia computer project on the 15th York Mystery Plays.
  116. University of Kentucky - Gaines Center for the Humanities
    Lecture guides and a complete text online.
  117. HWC Classroom, Knox
    Knox's page includes: Greece, Roman Republic, Roman Empire, The Middle Ages, To the 12th Century, 12th Century and later, Early Modern Europe, Reformation, English Civil War, Scientific Revolution, a Syllabus, Schedule of Assignments, Student Study Guide and a Class Evaluation Form. The complete unit on Greece is online for visitors. Although this is another post K-12 site, it can offer an example of how to use the Internet or an Intranet to deliver online instruction.
  118. The New Child: British Art and the Origins of Modern Childhood
    Sections on: The Age of Innocence, The Georgian Family and the Parental Role, Childbirth and Nursing, Child's Play, Toys, and Recreation, The Child Learns: Academic, Religious, and Moral Education, Children and Charity: The Double-Edged Didactic Sword, Children, Class, and Countryside, The Family and Sentiment When Children Aren't Children. Some of the images (George Morland's Blind ManŐs Buff) have an exploration tool attached called the "Self-Guided Tour for Young People." Clicking on the link takes the student to a focus page (with an expanded view of the art) and a series of discussion question about the art and about childhood. This feature provides a good taste of how interactive lessons on art and history can be presented effectively on the Web. The Berkeley Art Museum / Pacific Film Archive, which produced the exhibit, have taken their educational responsibilities seriously.
  119. The Treasure Fleet
    -- The Story of the Spanish Treasure Fleets -- OVERVIEW -- Routes and Organization of the Treasure Fleets AT SEA -- An Investigation Of Shipboard Life in the Seventeenth Century THE SHIPS -- Construction and Design of Spanish War Galleons New: Section on Navigation GUNNERY -- Armament and Tactics in the Age of Sail New: Spanish Gunnery Deficiencies, Page 2 TREASURE -- Legend and Reality -- Why the Wealth Passed Away THE JACKALS -- Pirates and Buccaneers on the Spanish Main DECLINE -- Twilight of the Spanish Empire.
  120. Maps of 20th Century History
  121. Military history
    Part of the Canadian Forces College, Department of National Defence (Canada). Offers an excellent timeline from Ancient to the present...with emphasis on the Western context of conflict and war. If this is a limitation, it is minor.
  122. Karpeles Manuscript Library
    Manuscripts and documents in: Literature, Music (Beethoven-Mozart-Handel), Science (Galelio-Newton), Religion, Native American History, History (Lincoln-Washington-Kennedy).
  123. What's New at Social Studies School Service
    Great listing of resources for Women's History.
  124. Liszt: Humanities/History
  125. WWW services for historians
  126. Repositories of Primary Sources
  127. SCORE History-Social Science Resources
  128. Web Sites for the History Profession
  129. The National Council for History Education
    A non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting the importance of history in schools and in society.
  130. National History Day
    Five activities to guide students in using Archival Sources for a National History Day Project. Student will find activities to guide them in navigating the National Archives and Records Administration Web site resources.

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