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K-12 Sources - Curriculum - Lesson Plans
K-12 Sources - Curriculum - Lesson Plans Part of the History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers



Egyptian inscription above from the Archeological Museum of Barcelona.
Have students write a paragraph or two on who the "actors" are in the scene and what the artist intended to communicate.

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  1. World Wide School
  2. Reinventing Our Public Schools
  3. High School Hub
  4. American Scientist Overview
  6. SupportNet Online
  7. Salary Gap Still Plaguing Teachers
  8. Real-time E-mail Machine Translation
    Very handy for those international Email projects.... Note the refreshing non-commercial aspects of the site....
    "T-Mail is a gift to the Internet. We don't want to track you. We don't want to profile you. We don't want to know a thing about who you are or what makes you tick. Just enjoy T-Mail and use it for noble purposes. No we don't want to make a multi-lingual chat/ICQ server or provide value-add to any commercial site. You couldn't pay us enough to write code all day."
  9. Free Things for Educators!
  10. Clearinghouse What's New
    See the Clearinghouse Top Ten Selections (the Director's Choice of Interactive Technology and Instructional Video Resources. PDF files, so remember to "shift/click" to download the file for offline viewing.
  11. Gretchen Pikus, Educator
  12. Welcome to - Your Free ENGLISH ESL EFL Solution
    Offering ENGLISH PRO, a pronunciation drill and practice software program delivered via the Internet at no charge to complement and augment existing ESL course curriculum and activities.
  13. Canada's SchoolNet
  14. Teen Health and the Media on Homer
    "Teens and healthy choices,teens and media,,teens talking to teens,influence of media on teen attitudes and behavior, teen pregnancy prevention,teen STD prevention, teen violence and teen suicide, teen tobacco alcohol and other drugs prevention teens and body image, teens and nutrition, teen help lines, teen crisis lines"
  15. water
  16. Magellan Education: K-12: Teacher Resources: Web Site Review
    Magellan's review of this K-12 site.
  17. Scout Report Signpost: Quick Search Results
    Scout report review of the Diversity Site.
  18. CIT Information Resource Guides, Bibliographies, and Other Publications
  19. Public Education Network
  20. ZDTV | Digital Kids: Future Computer Nerds
  21. ZDTV | Fresh Gear - MP3
    MP3 makes it possible to deliver (and download) digital recordings of sound and music.
  22. Teach for Tomorrow
  23. Condition of Education, 1999
    Current status and recent progress of education in the United States, with an overview essay and 60 indicators in five major substantive areas of education. The entire report, as well as individual segments is available in PDF " format.
  24. Special Educator's Web Pages
  25. Centre for Teaching Excellence
  26. The Nicholas Effect - A Boy's Gift To The World
    By Reg Green, father of Nicholas Green. Nicholas was shot in Italy while on vacation with his family. If you don't recall the news stories, his parents donated several organs to Italians.
  27. Teenage Diaries - On National Public Radio
  28. Laboratory for Student Success
    One of ten Regional Educational Laboratories (RELs) designed " enact and sustain lasting systemic educational reform..."
  29. World Wide Learn - Online Learning & Education
  30. Shelly And Terry's Educational Resources Page For Teachers And Students
  31. 21st Century Teachers Network
  32. Teachers Page
    Features discussions/debates on educational topics, lesson plans, turorials on Web navigation and using search tools.
  33. Fall '98 MasterSearch Contest Winners
  34. The K-12 Connection
  35. ED's Oasis: K-12 Teacher Resources and Opportunities
  36. PBS TeacherSource
    Will offer a comprehensive search tool focused on PBS's teacher resources. Find materials by topic, grade level, and keyword. The search will automatically correlate material located to national and several state standards. Other features will include: Links to local PBS station schedules, a planning calendar by subject, interdisciplinary curriculum units built around the school calendar and the PBS program schedule and book and web site reviews by subject area.
  37. CyberSufari '98 - Let's Go Play!
  38. Virginia Resources for K-5 Students
  39. Welcome to EduNET!
    General gateway site.
  40. Grants Central by Polaris
    Grant Seeker's Resources.
  41. National Center for Children's Illustrated Literature
  42. STATEWIDE Interactive Introduction
    Try the Curriculum Connections link...
  43. America's Children - Table of Contents
    Key National Indicators of Child Well-Being in 1998. PDF In a recent visit (9/99) the 1999 Report was also available.
  44. National Educational Service (NES)--Youth Violence Prevention
  45. CyberCampus Demo Course
    Offers a free course with three Modules on searching the Internet.
    PDF reports available. pdfbug.gifOf special interest to educators: Steer, Row or Abandon Ship? Rethinking the Federal Role for Children, Youth & Families, Special Report #8, 1997, $5 and The Measure of Success: what are the Policy Implications of the New National Indicators of Child Well-Being?, Special Report #11, 1998, $5 and Who Controls Major Federal Programs for Children & Families: Rube Goldberg Revisited, Special Report #3, 1995.
  46. Federal Resources for Educational Excellence - Home Page
    This site serves as a clearinghouse for information useful to educators from all government sources indexed by subject area. Although listed previously, you may not have bookmarked it...
  47. Free Things for Educators!
  48. Cable-Provided Educational Resources
    Links to all channels providing Cable in the Classroom Programming and Cable Operator Websites.
  49. Internet Education Group
  50. Acrobat PDF Specialists: The PDFzone - PDFzone Bookshelf
    Books on using PDF format to publish on the Web. (link to word)
  51. White House Internet Summit 1998
    Webcast link. You can watch a rebroadcast of the conference speakers (or listen with RealAudio.
  52. Gatti Gazette: Teacher's Website and Educational Resources
  53. Daryl Cagle's Professional Cartoonists Index!
    Provides lesson plans for using editorial cartoons (available onsite) as a teaching tool in Social Sciences, Art, Journalism and English at all levels. See the Teachers' Guide for the Professional Cartoonists' Index. In a recent visit to the site, over 19 editorial cartoons were presented on the FBI and Waco.
  54. Teachers.Net - THE TEACHER WEBSITE!
    Teacher chatboards & teacher chat rooms, lesson plans and teaching tools, teacher job listings and career resources, reference desk and curriculum tools, everything for the on-line teacher!
  55. GATES, Global Access to Educational Sources - Reference
  56. Educator's Resource Network
    Locate "...lessons, activities, and programs to facilitate the teaching of environmental issues, human rights, and connect K-12 education with social action for a variety of interest areas."
  57. Useful WWW sites for teachers
  58. U.S. Department of Education (ED) Home Page
    Teachers might look at the Funding page for grant program to apply for.
  59. Education Week on the Web
  60. PlanetK-12 - Your Web. Your Way.
  61. World Education Sites
    Part of the New Zealand Educational Web.. Provides links and resources in General Education, Subject Specific, Science and Technology, Kid Safe sites, Schools Around the World, Media Related Sites, Education Site Reviews and many other topics.
  62. Kids Can Make A Difference - Home Page
  63. Book Review Forum
    Reviews done by students. Each review is presented and a blank input form is available for later visitors to make additions.
  64. Court TV On The Air: Choices & Consequences
    An initiative to "...spotlight the issues facing 10- to 15-year-olds as they make pivotal decisions during the transition period from young adolescence to adulthood."
  65. T&L Home Page
    Ideas, tools, and resources for integrating technology into the K-12 school, classroom and curriculum.
  66. The 21st Century Teachers Network
  67. The Character Education Partnership
  68. Diversity University East Campus - Web Gateway
  69. Department of Education: The Baby Boom Echo
  70. Simpson Communications - Education Sites & Resources
    A fine listing of some of the best.
  71. Welcome to Liberty Science Center
    I know, my site is a Social Science page. However, this is a special place that students and teachers must visit. No special place to begin...just find a link on the main page and go for it....
  72. America Reads Challenge
  73. Education-line Homepage
    Electronic texts in education and training.
  74. Education
    Interesting historical data from the Census Bureau. See Historical Tables:
    1.Years of School Completed by People 25 Years Old and Over, by Age and Sex: Selected years 1940 to 1996
    2.Percent of People 25 Years Old and Over Who Have Completed High School or College, by Race, Hispanic Origin, and Sex: Selected Years 1940 to 1996
    3.Mean Earnings of Workers 18 Years Old and Over, by Educational Attainment, by Race Hispanic Origin, and Sex: 1975 to 1996.
  75. ESL Student Guides to the Internet - Dining Out
  76. Exploration In Education
  77. Awesome Library - K-12 Education Directory
    See the Social Studies listing.
  78. Collaborative Learning discussion
  79. Virtual Public Library - Instructional Media Center
  80. SchoolNet Digital Collections
    Displaying "...over 100 collections from the holdings of Canadian archives, libraries, museums, associations, businesses, labour unions and other organizations." Produced by Canada's SchoolNet Digital Collections (SDC) program. See the very useful Subject Index for the History/Social Studies links, which are very extensive.
  81. SchoolNet News Network
  82. ATV - Curriculum Center
  83. The Future of Children
    Publishes timely information on major issues related to children's well-being.
  84. Learning in Motion Home Page
    Featuring a monthly top ten list of educational WWW sites, a Knowledge Forum, math/science learning tools and various demos and tutorials.
    A website developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) featuring the latest information about America's adolescents, including the following: "...a statistical profile of America's teenagers; the latest reports and publications about adolescents; information for parents of teens; speeches by federal officials on youth topics; links to youth-related websites at HHS, other federal agencies, private foundations and research organizations; and information about awards YouthInfo has received."
  86. Online NewsHour Forum: Title IX -- May 19, 1997
    Olympic gold medal-winner Donna de Varona and Brown University spokesman Mark Nickel discuss what criteria should be used to test compliance with Title IX, and how athletic directors can balance the needs of both male and female athletes. The News site recent established an Index site to search and locate past programs.
  87. Calendar of Satellite Feeds
    Adult Learing Service -- PBS -- ...the nation's largest satellite service for higher education.
  88. - Education Gateway
    Another "gateway".
  89. Rivendell Educational Archive
    Provides original articles, graphical and textual exhibits, bibliographies, and World Wide Web research links.
  90. IMPACT II--The Teachers Network
    A site for IMPACT II The Teachers Network, a national nonprofit organization that supports classroom teachers in the United States.
  91. Teachers College: ILTweb: LiveText
  92. CEC ERIC Clearinghouse on Disabilities and Gifted Education
  93. Children's Literature Web Guide
  94. Canadian Education on the Web
    Gateway to everything relating to Canada and education on the Web.
  95. Charter Schools
  96. SchoolPC: The Year of the Web
  97. Welcome to the Alphabet Superhighway
    The site is divided into seven knowledge neighborhoods: space, earth, matter & energy, living things, human beings, peoples & cultures, and technology each with an exhibit center, a library, an on-line magazine, a parent's place, and a teachers' lounge.
  98. Miami Museum of Science-Internet Island
  99. From Now On
    Educational Technology for Engaged Learning Educational Technology enabling students to make up their own minds.
  100. Global SchoolNet Foundation Home Page
  101. Interactive Classroom
  102. The Digital Education Network: A resource for teachers and students
  103. 100th Day of School
    Loogootee Elementary School.
  104. The Merrow Report -- PBS
    A series on youth and learning.
  105. MY HERO - Home Page
  106. CPSR Links for Educators
  107. Business Education on the Internet -home page
  108. Council for Exceptional Children

  1. UNICEF: Puppets with a purpose
    "The puppet maker provides a face, eyes, perhaps some hair and a mouth. The puppeteer provides movement and give the puppet a voice. We see the puppet move, we hear it speak and we are caught up in its world. Instead of wood, papier mache or plastic, we see a character, a hero to cheer or a villain to boo, a tragic figure who can move us to tears or a comic figure who will make us laugh out loud."
  2. Bridge of Books
    "A sense of empowerment has been the most extraordinary element in the project. The most powerful books are those that have been created by children commonly regarded as learning disabled or disadvantaged."
  3. Welcome to the MTF Website
    A place to visit if you are interested in how the kids are doing on measures drug use and other destructive activities.
  4. A Museum in a Classroom
  5. Connecting Students to the World
  6. Teaching Through Technology: Professional Development for Integrating Technology into the Curriculum
  7. New Scientist Planet Science: The Last Word Science Questions and Answers
  8. MasterSearch LITE'99 Contest Winners
  9. Web is a link between teacher, parents
  10. Educational Web Adventures
  11. Arizona Learning Technology Partnership
  12. Teach Curriculum
  13. Recycling Around the World
    Project site.
  14. ThinkQuest 2000
  15. Read California
  16. Early Childhood Technology Literacy Project
  17. Brooklyn Museum of Art and P.S. 321: A Collaboration
    Know of a school that is interested in enhancing and expanding its curriculum and an art museum that is intested in expanding its outreach program? Put the two together in your area! The site tells the story of how it might work. The collaboration in this example is between P.S. 321, a public elementary school in New York City, and neighboring Brooklyn Museum of Art and was funded by the New York State Department of Education and the New York State Council on the Arts. Educator's from both institutions are applying the school's methodology for teaching reading and writing to teach the visual arts.
  18. [DAD] Class Project
  19. BookHive: PLCMC Children's Reader's Club:
  20. NAA: Welcome to The Newspaper Career Guide
    A student designed guide.
  22. TeacherSource: This Month
    Student research project ideas.
  23. National Institute for Urban School Improvement
  24. Creative Connections
    An international cultural exchange organization creating classroom-to- classroom partnerships. Students create and exchange letter scrapbooks, simple video documentaries, art or music projects.
  25. One World, Our World
    Sports a fine collection of resource links organized on the topics of: Global and Multicultural Education, Character and Leadership, Peace and Conflict Resolution, Population Issues and References, Returned Peace Corps Volunteers.
  26. Internet: Contributing and Collaborating
    A collection of essays and papers.
  27. Peace Education
  28. Internet Teaching: 'Existing Tools & Projects for On-line Teaching'
  29. ThinkQuest
    Semi-finalists. Get ready for several hours of enjoyment and exploration. The site is addictive. Each of the pages selected has something to offer for teachers and students interested in the Web and technology. One page I visited on Roman warfare (Victori - The Roman Military) used colour backgrounds in a frames formate to provide a "seamless" integration of parts that were separate (from a HTML viewpoint). Some were the results of collaboration between people and schools that were widely separated geographically. The content sparkles in so many of the pages and the enjoyment and pride in the activity of creation and presentation is clearly evident. I often get personal Email from students involved in the project who want publicity and it is clear that they take great pride in their publications.
  30. Professional Activities & Projects
  31. West Elementary OnLine Projects
  32. ThinkQuest
    Sign Up for ThinkQuest Information Free 1999 CD-ROM Packet.
  33. Museum in the Classroom at ISM and BZ
    MUSEUM in the Classroom Project..with links to the projects produced by the participating schools.
  34. Project Appleseed, the National Campaign for Public School Improvement
    Despite an overly cluttered menu, this site is well worth exploration. Although directed to parents, school officials and teachers should also visit and browse.
  35. New After-School Gig: Teaching Grown-ups How to Surf
    Ever thought of a project to pair students with parents (or senior citizens) in a project? Most schools have an "open house" program early in the school year that might be a place to ask parents about participation in class projects. Unless classes are held in the evening hours, most school connections to the Internet are not used (although they pay for 24 hour service).
  36. 50 Years of Peace-keeping
    Project with a launch date of 15 September 1998.
  37. Welcome to the Highway 1 Homeroom Project
  38. About the Third Millennium Project
    The project is part an online forum " display the finest learning resources, latest technologies, and emerging philosophies of education."
  39. ThinkQuest
    I have previously listed a host of schools projects that have participated in this program. A recent revisit led to the "Newsletter" and the "Explore" pages. While the "product" is important in measuring outcomes, it is the process that is critical in the learning process. All of the participants are winners.
  40. CS 92 Projects Page
  41. Project Learning Tree
  42. Project: Universal Human Knowledge Base
  43. Table of Contents - The Natural Child Project
  44. Welcome to the K12 Education in Philanthropy Project Homepage
  45. West Elementary Internet Projects
  46. Captioned Films and Videos
    Providing Open-Captioned Films and Videos for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Persons, Teachers, Organizations, and Parents.
  47. The Annenberg/CPB Projects' Learner Online
    Web site to promote a new, free 10-hour-per-day channel of educational programming called the Annenberg/CPB Channel, to be distributed digitally beginning in January 1998 from a satellite launched September 4, 1997. The channel will be available free of charge to public and private schools, colleges, public television stations, and local public access cable stations, and will have no commercial advertising. The Expanded Channel (Premiering January 1998) will include popular video series from the past, including The Western Tradition, and Art of the Western World. More information about schedules and content should be available at this site.
  48. The Official Teach For America Homepage
    Recent college graduates who commit two years to teach in under-resourced urban and rural public schools.
  49. Close to Home Online
    Presenting "Overboard" and "Close to Addiction."
  50. Virtual Museum Home Page
    Bellingham's Virtual Museums. Did you know that those first modest steps in creating online lessons could flower into a virtual museum on a topic or theme?
  51. Character Education Listserv
    Subscribe/Remove page for the discussion group.
  52. HOME PAGE: The Administration for Children and Families ACF Programs and Services.
  53. Sculpting the Triton Curriculum
    Thinking of an online unit of instruction? Visit this site for some very successful and creative templates and guides.
  54. The Annenberg Insititute For School Reform
    You might also enjoy the most recent web project -- Looking At Student Work.
  55. Teacher Education Resources
    Focus on Middle School with much of the content organized around questions, such as "How to Work With the 'At Risk' Student - Really?"
  56. ThinkQuest Junior Preview Page
    For grades 4-6. "While the new program is modeled after ThinkQuest, ThinkQuest Junior focuses on young students creating materials, called entries, that will help other students of the same age. For example, a team of students might create an entry that will introduce other students to the team’s favorite books, or that explores fire as friend and foe, or that shows how the human digestive system deals with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich as it travels through the body."
  57. Postcards From Home Page
    Follows a former history teacher and her husband as they tour America. They plan to visit all states and state capitols and capture America scenes and send a daily postcard to the page (or to your Email box) with graphics produced by a digital camera.
  58. Welcome to Pacific Bell - Knowledge Network Explorer
    This is a "Top Shelf" resource. Teacher should explore the "Online Learning" segment of the menu in the left margin frame.
  59. On Line Projects Resource Page
  60. Global SchoolNet Articles
    Articles about telecommunications in the classroom.
  61. The Big Picture: NUHS
    New Urban High School (NUHS), a joint project of The Big Picture and the U.S. Department of Education. Teachers are invited to use this site as a resource on whole-school reform.
  62. Internet Teaching - Best Practices
  63. USA WEEKEND's Make A Difference Day
  64. The World of Puppets
    Learn about Bunraku Puppetry (Japan), Water Puppetry (Vietnam) and Shadow Puppetry by visiting the islands of Java and Bali in Indonesia. Features a 6 day lesson sequence with extensive Web links to other pages and resources.
  65. Yahoo! - Education:Distance Learning
  66. TEAMS Distance Learning... for K12 Educators
  67. Distance Learning on the Net by Glenn Hoyle
  68. The Official Teach For America Homepage
    Showcase for recent college graduates of all academic majors and cultural backgrounds who must commit two years to teach in under-resourced urban and rural public schools.
  69. Email Projects Home Page
    Email remains a most powerful tool, and one that is likely to be very useful after formal eductation. This site links to about twenty projects to browser and sample for ideas.
  70. NCIP Home
    The National Center to Improve Practice hopes the use of technology will enhance educational outcomes for students with sensory, cognitive, physical and social/emotional disabilities.
  71. Education Calendar & WWW Sites
    Always worth a monthly visit, as the information and links are not archived.
  72. NickNacks Telecollaborate!
    Outstanding resources on collaboration.
  73. Early Childhood Home Page
  74. Internet Resources for Special Children (IRSC)
    Dedicated to communicating information relating to the needs of children with disABILITIES on a global basis.
  75. Shoji Sugita's Home Page
    Interesting perspective on educational problems in Japan.
  76. SCA Home Page
    Student Conservation Association. Offers publications to help advance the conservation careers of students. "Earth Work magazine provides up-to-the minute job openings within the conservation field, as well as advice and information on how to break into the conservation career field. Earth Work: Resource Guide to Nationwide Green Jobs is a 204-page book that has been described as "the ultimate jobs guide and resource directory to career opportunities". Lightly on the Land: The SCA Trail-Building and Maintenance Manual is based on the curriculum of SCA's award-winning Conservation Work Skills Training Program.
  77. David Levin's Learning@Web.Sites
    Billed as primarily for senior high school educators who would like to enhance their curriculum and instruction by using the internet.
    Comprehensive source of information from each of the fifty United States -- infrastructure, initiatives and strategies for networking education, government and the public.
  79. Lunch Box Derby
    Sixth annual Lunch Box Derby contest -- "...students pit their creativity, engineering skills and nutrition know-how against 4th and 5th graders from across the United States and United Kingdom."
  80. Michigan Adult Learning & Technology Center
  81. Closed Captioning Web
  82. Stanford University Center for Teaching & Learning
    New issues of CTL's Speaking of Teaching newsletter and the National Teaching & Learning Forum newsletter are available for download.
  83. ivoryhaven's Home Page
    "I am Laura, a 14 year old African Elephant. I have my own home page written with the help of my human friends at my farm, Ivory Haven Farms in West Michigan. Please come visit my site. We hope you will please include it as a link from yours or in your search files."
  84. ThinkQuest Internet Contest Home Page
    Information on the annual contest that challenges students, ages 12 to 18, to use the Internet as a collaborative, interactive teaching and learning tool.
  85. On-Line Projects that Connect with the Internet
    Loogootee Elementary West.
    Special listing on Designing & Using Student Portfolios.
  87. Prairie Tour
    Interdisciplinary Middle Years Multimedia Project.
  88. The Tree of Life Home Page
    Large site "...designed to contain information about the phylogenetic relationships and characteristics of organisms, to illustrate the diversity and unity of living organisms, and to link biological information available on the Internet in the form of a phylogenetic navigator."
  89. NOVA Online/Odyssey of Life
    Companion to the NOVA Odyssey of Life series with a morphing embryos section that allows the viewer to see the development of various embryos. See a virtual tour of the microscopic animals that live and a cyberdebate between a creationist and an evolutionist. Timeline projects on the ENVIRONMENT (Acid Rain, Coastal Pollution, Different European Views on Water, Ecological Gardens, Environmental Issues of the Mediterranean, EOLO, Household Waste, Intern Water Project, International Water Project, Local Ecology, Testing Water Quality of European Rivers, Waste), GEOGRAPHY (European River Geography), LITERATURE, HISTORY AND CULTURE, MEDIA AND INFORMATION (Computer Based Training, Computer Science), SCIENCE, SOCIAL SCIENCE AND ECONOMY.
  90. K-5 CyberTrail
  91. StudentNet Public Homepage
    Learning community developed by Australian educators for students, parents and teachers in K-12 schools.
  92. CM: Canadian Review of Materials
    Book, media and web reviews with news, features, and stories of interest to teachers, librarians, parents, and kids.
  93. The Youth Programs Unit
    Education and training strategies for disadvantaged young people for the New South Wales Department of Training and Education Co-ordination (DTEC).
  94. The LD OnLine Home Page
  95. Welcome to the Learning Studio!
    Listen to RealAudio interviews, view QuickTime VR movies and view electronic versions of other Exploratorium exhibits. The site also features a guild to building classroom versions of Exploratorium exhibits and a teacher's guide to student built experiments.
  96. Teaching With Electronic Technology
    The Webmaster is ".. interested in humanities education (at all levels) but intend(s) to include a wider variety of examples of ways technology, especially WWW and the Internet, is being used in in classrooms."
  97. WebFair '99 Homepage
    Showcase of educational uses of the Internet by Wisconsin students.
  98. America Goes Back to School
    Get Involved!--US Dept. of Education. Features a Partners Activities Kit for 1996-7 (as well as for 1995), available in both HTML and PDF (753K) for those with appropriate readers. Reaching All Families: Creating Family-Friendly Schools -- a "...booklet intended to stimulate thinking and discussion about how schools can better involve all families, regardless of family circumstances or student performance, in their children's education...." is also online.
  99. Family and Preschool/Primary Teacher Topics
    Index to all things Early Childhood!
  100. DHAP Graphics (Data) - AIDS in Adolescents - L265 slide series (through 1998)
    Excellent set of visuals for documents or Overhead projections. Numerical (Bar Graphs)and geographic formats. Download individual documents or the entire set. Great site for teacher and student source material. Part of a larger set of resources listed by Yahoo below.
  101. 200+ Innovative Postsecondary Projects (FIPSE)
    Don't let the site title fool you. Plenty of good materials for K-12 teachers here.
  102. Minnesota Debate Web Page
  103. ACSDE
    Penn State - The American Center for the Study of Distance Education.
  104. Books?
    Electric Vehicle "Off the Net" Resources. Books range from K-12 and above. A resource for teacher projects.
  105. Applied Scholastics
    Discover what learning tools will enable educators, governments, corporate trainers, community groups, parents and students to achieve literacy.
  106. NEA: RA Online
    Homeroom | Good Schools, Good Students! | Resource Room| NEA Information Center | What's New? | Recess! | Feedback.
  107. Telementoring Web
    Adult Experts Assisting in the Classroom. Examines existing mentoring programs and offers a resource of mentoring programs for K12 schools.
  108. CUE's California Web Project Home Page
  109. Decision Case Education
    A Web service developed to help educators, students and others learn more about decision case education.
  110. ILTweb: Academic: The Study Place
  111. ERIC Clearinghouse on Elementary and Early Childhood Education
  112. MAKING A DIFFERENCE: An Impact Study of Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Public/Private Ventures
  113. Teacher Online Projects
    With ten sites included -- six from Minnesota, and one from Iowa, North Dakota, Michigan and Wisconsin.
  114. Learning Circles
    Learning Circles are highly interactive, project-based partnerships among a small number of schools located throughout the world.
  115. Earth Day Groceries!
    Now looking at the year 2000.
  116. Project L.O.V.E.
    Finds older or retired volunteers to help students in school with reading and other school skills. Volunteers work with elementary school students in over half of the schools on P.E.I. They typically volunteer one half-day per week, and work with one student at a time, or with a small group of students.
  117. Super Projects!!! Lots of Texas stuff
  118. KIDPROJ: KIDLINK's Global Classroom
    Current projects with web links: Desert and Desertification, The Multi-Cultural Calendar, The Writer's Corner, Math Keypals Project, SS Central America, Landmarks, Readers' Corner.

  1. Aaron Shepard, Children's Author -- Stories, Scripts, Author Visits, & More
  3. American Institute For Foreign Study
  4. GradeBook software for teachers, students, parents
  5. Biographies for Children -- The Young Patriots Series
  6. Accent Publishing
    Resources for Public Safety.
  7. A. Physical Education Digest - Coaching, Sports, Fitness, PE, Teaching
  8. The Gateway to Educational Materials
    If you haven't visited previously, this site is rich in resources for teachers.
    The site offers a large variety of resources, including free school/class pages for teachers. Unfortunately, ads are placed on both the top and the bottem of those pages.
  10. ClassBuilder; Free GradeBook, Test Generation, and more!
  11. Textbook Information Network
    K-12 source for information on 79 k texts and over 300 publishers. After searching and locating a text, the site will forward a request for an examination copy.
  12. Welcome to Printsville
  13. Puzzlemaker
  14. Pics4Learning
  15. Blackboard - Bringing Education Online
  16. News of the Century Media Center
  17. Scholastic's Homepage
    When I visited (12/99) the site focus was on poetry and writing. You should also visit the online activities in the area of Social Studies.
    Target grades 3-6.
  19. Schools Alive! A Resource For Educators Who Want to Build Exciting Schools
  20. Young Patriots Series of biographies for Kids
  21. MarcoPolo Internet Content for the Classroom
    The site offers a variety of educational links and lesson plans covering an array of topics and subjects and a Free training guide.
  22. NTeQ
    Integrating Computer Technology into the Classroom.
  23. Teacher Tools at esl planet
  24. FamilyEducation Network: a Parenting and Education Resource
  25. Online Education - Your Online Educator Weekly Super Sites
  26. Make Your Point
  27. Mighty Media Main Page
  28. E & C Connection
  29. DigiFest
    Animation Resources for students and teachers!
  30. ArtToday - High-quality clipart, buttons, arrows, bullets, graphics, backgrounds, rules, textures, icons, photos, and animated GIF files
  31. Pink Monkey
    Test preparation study materials and test preparation study guides.
  32. CCConference Presentations | Timothy McLain
    Features: Free Stuff for Teachers, Going Offline Using WebWhacker, The Internet As Homework Helper, Adding QuickTime to Your Web Pages, Using Case Studies to Improve Instruction, Hands-on Netscape Navigator, Using Real Time Events in the Classroom, WebQuests in the K-12 Classroom. Also, stop in at the Top Top Site Tour (Timothy McLain was kind enought to list my site as one of the tops in social studies).
  33. Welcome to EduLink Systems!
    Internet based K-12 student information system designed to link parents with teachers.
  34. The Home Education Page
  35. The Landmark Project
    Launch point for teachers to reach instructional and professional resources.
  36. Welcome to KidsCampaigns!
  37. Welcome to Real Education
  38. Scholastic Central
  39. FUNBRAIN: Educational, Interactive Kids Games for Learning
  40. M@rl@'s Element@ry Educ@tion S.O.S.
  41. Learning with Mysteries
    The fun way to learn in the classroom,
  42. Education Place
    Houghton Mifflin Home.
  43. Print Your Own Iron-on Transfers
    Desktop Publishing Feature.
  44. Syndicated Word Puzzles
    a commercial site designed to sell software related to the teaching of language arts that also offers weekly and monthly word puzzle contests.`
  45. The Lesson Plans Page
  46. Educators Bed and Breakfast Network
  47. Technology & Learning Online
  48. Welcome to TCM!
    Teacher Created Materials.
  49. Teachers and Parents
    A page with information for Teachers & Parents (Learning with Mysteries: The fun way to learn in the classroom, with Lesson Plans and Ideas, Discussion and Examples and tips on Helping Students Write Short Mystery Stories") and Websites for Kids with mysteries to solve, scary stories, magic tricks, and contests for kids-- something new every week. See the Kids Mystery Writing Contest: write your own mystery.
  50. - The #1 News Source For K-12 Technology & Internet Decision Makers
    Current and future technology and its use in school reform.
  51. || teachers@random ||
  52. TerraSys, Inc. - The Earth Balloon
    An interactive Social Studies/Environmental/Science outreach program to teach students of all ages about our physical earth and environment.
  53. Simpson Communications - Educational News & Resources
  55. ZDNet Software Library - School Maestro for Windows
  56. The Center for Education Reform
  57. Yahoo! - Computer Buyer's Guide
    Links to venders, reviews and price lists for leading educational software.
  58. Aunt Annie's Craft Page(tm)
    Thinking about a craft activity or assignment in history? Here is a site that provides detailed instructions and guides on a variety of projects.
  59. Great Source Education Group
    Featuring a list of Classroom Resources, an Activity Center and a Faculty Room.
  60. CyberBee
    Major links to CyberBee in MultiMedia Schools Magazine, Science Fair Preparation, Internet scavenger hunt, guides to evaluate home pages, Tips for WebMasters, Citing Electronic Resources, Links to style guides, past articles and activities.
  61. Welcome to Tidal Passages
    Try an interactive journey aboard the tall ship Alvei, which is circumnavigating the globe. The ship will explore islands of the South Pacific beginning September 1997.
  62. AT&T Learning Network - Welcome Page
  63. Welcome to Discover Learning
  64. Access Knowledge Unlimited for K-12 Social Studies
    Featuring an online Catalogue, Zino Press Children's Books, NewsCurrents - On The Web!, a listing of Search Sites and an Editorial Cartoon Contest for Kids.
  65. My Virtual Reference Desk - Education and Teaching
  66. Welcome to eDscape
  67. Space Day Home
  68. The Learning Kingdom
  69. McGraw-Hill School Division Home Page
    K-8 commercial site.
  70. Bringing IT to the Classroom
  71. American Student Travel
  72. HyperStudio Plug-In for Netscape Navigator.
  73. QED - Quality Education Data
    From an educational research firm - focus on technology.
  74. Star Tribune: Online Idea
  75. EdCentral: Providing Essential Resources for the Professional Educator
  76. OnlineClass:Internet Education Projects
    Blue Ice, OceanEXPO, DoodleOpolis (Adventures in Urban Architecture), Mythos and Rivers of Life (Mississippi Adventure -- an interdisciplinary rivers study). These appear to be educational projects that require some costs on the part of participants.
  77. Encarta Schoolhouse Home Page
    A "server too busy" message appeared at this site??
  78. Welcome to InterActive Teacher Online
  80. Inspiration Software
    Software for concept mapping, story webbing and planning for both Macintosh and Windows.
  81. Peterson's Education Center
    Offers a selection of links to resources for entry into post secondary instiutions.
  82. Training & Consulting Institute, Inc.
    Assists in creating a positive learning environment and training students to become responsible, caring, courteous leaders.
  83. Education World (tm) Search Engine
  84. Digital Education Network
    For 7th through 12th grade students. See the GraphicsDEN for a tutorial on and gallery of computer graphics, the NewsDEN for current events and tips for teachers on how to integrate the information into their curricula and the InternetDEN for a tutorial on using Internet tools for education for the novice net-surfer. A WritingDEN and SkyDEN are planned. Free registration is requested before using the site with a "guest" login is also available for browsing.
  85. Information SuperLibrary
    Internet home of Macmillan Computer Publishing.
  86. College Bound
  87. Welcome to AWL ELT
    Addison Wesley Longman. Small collection of lesson plans in English.
  88. Glencoe/McGraw­Hill Home
  89. WiseSkills
    A commercial site with some interesting resources. The page that lists other "character building" sites is worth a visit alone. Designed to provide information on how to create a "...positive school climate and develops greater connections between schools, parents, and local communities.
  90. Discovery Channel School and Discovery Channel School: Video Vault Library (Large collection of clips to download... Under constant revision).
    Pilot effort to encourage new ways for teachers, learners and their educational partners to use the programs that air on The Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel.
  91. Welcome to Prentice Hall
  92. Welcome to the Talk City EduCenter
    Offers three discussion boards: EduCenter, Parent Chat and Youth Online.
  93. Stanford testing system
    A page that claims to have the most complete on-line test preparation experience for the SATs.
  94. Story Web
    Site promotes a new reading/language arts software program for the primary grades!
  95. Tom Snyder Productions
  96. Educational Stimulation & Fun
  97. Disney News
    [Toy Story] [More Disney] [Stars] [Shopping] [Winnie the Pooh] [Prizes] [Fun] [More News] [Hits From the Pit].
  98. Macmillan/McGraw-Hill School Division Home Page
    Special materials for K-8. See the New Web-Linked Activities for Grades 1 and 2 and help with getting primary students onto the Internet.
  99. ROUTE 6-16
    Offers over 3,000 links to more than 1,200,000 pages of information!
  100. Learning in Motion Home Page.
    See Researcher, a software tool that provides students with a collaborative environment to plan, implement, and document their classroom research. Researcher helps students keep track of key information during the research cycle.
  101. Discovery Channel
    All High School Teachers Alert! Talk to Kids in Harlem! Click on "Harlem Diary." Then click on "Bulletin Board," log on, and you're set to site for young people (ages of 8-14).
  102. ScottForesman Home Page
  103. Cisco Educational Archive and Resources Catalog
  104. Sunergy
    A multi-faceted, interactive, educational program from Sun Microsystems, which addresses current technology issues.
  105. Home Pages (NJ)
    Offers New Jersey teachers, librarians, school administrators, school districts and classes a free home pages on the Web. Nice idea. Wisconsin has imposed extreme budget restraints on public schools, and many have started to cut important programs and reduce critical resources. Schools that wish to launch new programs may need to look at the "com" domain for support.
  106. Crayola * Art Education
  107. Knowledge Online
    Includes the Jones Education Network, Mind Extension University, Global Electronic Library, Jones Computer Network, JEN Online Bookstore and the IUC - International University College.
  108. IBM K-12 Education
    See the Kiosk for Education for the latest IBM news, Educational Software, Academic Partnerships and links to other sites. IBM also has a lesson page that you might want to see.

  1. The Gateway to Educational Materials
  2. Teaching Resources
  3. Time4teachers - MS Word '97 Blackline Masters & Teaching Resource CDROM
  4. European Schoolnet - Resources - Resources Area
  5. Warrior Radio: Writing In Stereo, A Teacher's Resource
    New Channels for Teaching Whole Language to High Schoolers.
  7. Lesson Plan Page
  8. Technology Magic and Worlds to Explore
  9. A to Z Teacher Stuff
    Quick Lesson Ideas! FREE online lesson plans, thematic units, childrens book activities, and teaching resources.
  10. Now featuring 308 online curriculum units!
  11. ERIC Users' Interchange
    Offers you lesson plans, tips for parents and families, electronic question-answering, and a lot more.
  12. Lesson Plans @
  13. Lesson Plan Archive
    A great place to browse for lesson plan ideas, especially those related to current events and how these events are depicted in the news.
  14. Lesson Plan Links
  15. Biographies for Children -- The Young Patriots Series
  16. Internet Resources for Teachers: Integration Ideas
    Focus on Scavenger Hunts.
  17. Teaching Tips
  18. Free Worksheets -
  19. Teaching with the Web
  20. EMT: Webquests
    San Bernardino County - Educational Media Technology
  21. Outta Ray's Head English Lesson Plans
  22. - Short Stories and Novels for Children
    You will need Real Player G2 to enjoy the multimedia content on this site.
  23. Virginia - Standards of Learning
    Teachers in the state can view and submit (for recertification points) lesson plans.
  24. ED's Oasis: K-12 Teacher Resources and Opportunities
    See the Winning Lesson Entries from June for Grades 9-12-- The Iditarod Adventure, Headwaters Forest Debate, The Periodic Table Project, Ellison's Invisible Man.
  25. Virtual Blackboard Online K-12 Education
  26. Backpack Buddies
    For students 5 to 10 years old.
  27. Free stuff for Teachers
  28. Lesson Stop
  29. Lesson Stop | Newsletter
    Annotated listing of lessons dealing with the year 2000.
  30. Free Worksheets -
  31. TeachWeb: K-12, Lesson Plans, Free Teacher Resource, Parent Resource
  32. Daily Lesson Plan
  33. Thanksgiving Graphics
  34. A BIG welcome to Paper ParadiseA site full of: Paper Airplanes, Paper Ships, Paper Vehicles, Paper Buildings and much more.
    If your students have paper, send them to this site for project ideas (Use all those bad copies from the Xerox room!). Try the Mig-15 that can be launched with a rubber band. Plans can be download in PDF format. Other structures and vehicles are free...Skill level ranking from easy to difficult. I followed the links to other modeling sites and visited Machynlleth Clocktower Model.
  35. ozline - Tom March's New Online Home in Australia
    You must visit The Ten Stages to Web-Use Nirvana and a Webquest -- Ewe 2. Ewe 2 uses the Case Study approach to establish a stand on partial and whole cloning of humans.
  36. Homebuyer's Fair Welcome
    Here is a site starter that can be used for a lesson/exercise on moving to a new city. Help for real estate, mortgage loans, relocation, moving, van line, apartments. Buying a home? Check out REALTOR.COM: Your Next Home Is Here.
  38. Lesson Stop
  39. S.C.O.R.E. CyberGuides
    "CyberGuides are supplementary, standards-based, web-delivered units of instruction centered on core works of literature. They are designed for the classroom with one online computer. Each CyberGuide contains a student and teacher edition, standards, a task and a process by which it may be completed, teacher-selected web sites and a rubric, based on California Language Arts Content Standards."
  40. Lesson Plan Launchpad tions.
  41. Education World ® - Lesson Planning: Better Book Reports -- 25 Ideas!
  42. Core Knowledge - Lesson Plans
    K-8 lessons.
  43. The World of Puppets
  44. Storytelling, Drama, Creative Dramatics & Readers Theater for Children & Young Adults
  45. Stephanie's page of lesson plans
  46. Yahoo! Arts:Education:K-12:Lesson Plans
  47. TeacherSource: This Month
    A fine listing of FINE ARTS activities/lessons for the month, with many for younger students. Older students will have to visit a special site for them.
  48. Inventors and Inventions Theme Page
    A large collection of lessons sites on the theme of invention.
  49. Connected Calendar - November, 1998
    One of the more difficult tasks for K-12 teachers who are new to the technology of the Internet is to devise a collection of activities that can engage and enrich student education. Here is a "design" set that could be assigned to groups of students at the start of the semester using an assignment and evaluation rubric. Individual tasks could be designated within each group (eg. one students might assume the task of moving the research further into the Web, another to explore print and visual resources, another to expore the recognition of the event by the media).
  50. Fall '98 MasterSearch Contest Winners
    Presents the results of ",,,an on-going effort to highlight teacher achievement and to find exemplary lesson plans which incorporate World Wide Web-based material, and which nurture student communications, collaboration, information management, and publishing."
  51. Lesson Stop
  52. Prentice Hall School - ClubMid
    Designed for middle grades educators!
  53. The Chalkboard: A Classroom Corporate Connection
    Free education resources (things for class, lesson plans, materials, grants,tours, workshops, etc.) offered by corporations. More about The Chalkboard...
  54. Intel In Education Home Page
  55. Welcome to School Express!
  56. NOVA Online | Teachers
    Free guides for teachers.
    Nova main menu...with links to current and past programs and guides.
  57. PBS Teacher Connex: Feature of the Month
  58. Kennedy Center IMAGINATION CELEBRATION on Tour
    Listing of schedules for Tales, Little Women and Nightingale. To find your state quickly, look for "Find In Page" on your Browser tool bar ("Edit" category in Netscape) and type in the state designation in caps.. (WI for Wisconsin) and be sure the case sensitive box is checked.
  59. CEC Lesson Plans
  60. The Gateway
    Try the search tools for access to vast collections of lessons in all topics and subject areas.
  61. Teachers@Work
    Provide teachers with a resource folder of "1000 of the Best Internet Sites for Educators"
  62. Educate The Children - English
    child.jpg Posters, brief lessons (most seem to be k-8) in text, zip and PDF format. Nice stuff if you have a color printer. Young students might enjoy the way PDF poster files on the site load. All K-12 subjects are covered...
  63. Fluency Through Fables
  64. RealWorldMath.Com
    Students plan vacations across a given state. The "Traveling Classroom" curriculum allows students to become familiar with the physical and cultural geography of each state.
  65. The World of Trees
    View online or download the entire site (about 10 meg.).
  66. Lesson Plans in Theatre
  67. K-12 Education in Philanthropy
    Teaching the Importance of Voluntary Action for the Public Good in a Democratic Society Last September, the folks in the Society were field-testing ways of presenting lessons on the Internet.
  68. LETSNet Home Page
    Teaching resources organized "...around classroom teachers' stories, including lesson plans, curriculum standards and guides, pointers to e-mail discussion lists, and many other Internet and Web materials."
  69. GEM: The Gateway to Educational Materials
    Materials are organized in a large virtual card catalog and the online search engine allows users to locate materials by grade levels or special needs.
  70. Novel/Drama Sample Lessons
    Lessons that link novels with social studies texts and lessons. The site presents a links to Novel/Drama Unit of the Month in one column and the companion lesson Social Studies in another.
  71. Education World (tm) - Lesson Planning
    Reading Activities for Read-In! Day!
  72. Smushies
    By Karen Shader Designs. Get your free smushies and learn how to make your own. The site contains a warning that making smushies can be addictive. Working with paint and a brush is not new to teachers. I know a few who worked painting houses during the Summer to feed their families in the 60s and 70s.
  73. SPORTS MEDIA:Physical Education Lesson Plans - physical education for everyone
    SPORTS MEDIA is an interactive PE site and offers: the First European PE/Sports Mailing List, a discussion forum, Pen-Pals for the Kids, PE Lesson Plans & Activities, Practical tips concerning "Coaching & Training" and a collections of links to other PE sites.
  74. Education World (tm) - Lesson Planning
  75. The Virtual Field Trips Site
  76. Index of Lesson Plans
    For all ASSIGNMENT DISCOVERY programs.
  77. ESL Student Guides to the Internet - Dining Out
    Request for lessons based on web sites.
  78. Creating Learning Communities
    Practical, Universal Networking for Learning in Schools. Free PDF report to download.
  79. The U.S. Olympic PBS Cyber School Powered by IBM
    Offers a variety of interactive educational challenges based on three events at the Olympic Winter Games -- downhill skiing, singles figure skating and snowboarding. Students will use event results and other information found on the Web for various activities. Designed to improve science, math and social studies skills for fourth through eighth graders.
  80. Jarea Kinder Art - free art lessons
    Holiday Art Lessons and Activities added.
  81. Postman
    Another effort to communicate a central message via a movie and/or book. The site (which is rather confusing) offers suggestions on how the book/movie can be used. The page needs a rework to provide a central location to pick up a PDF document containing the teachers guide. It could also use a TOC in text form for faster navigation. Teachers (and students) simply do not have time to dig throught layers of pages to obtain information.


  82. Making Tracks and TrackStar: Using Cut and Paste to Create Tracks (Windows)
    See the "What's New Mon 12/1/97 (under "Creative Applications") for an extended review of this important tool for teachers. They are going to need some ample space on this server. Teachers should love the simplicity of making Web lessons online without the need to learn html stuff.

  83. wNetStation
    Impressive collection of materials for teachers and students. For a sample, follow the "Peaceful Solutions" link for the browsable and downloadable (PDF) guides for your school. Resources on: Conflict Resolution, Bullies, Fitting into the Curriculum, Effects of Media Violence, Bias Awareness, Mediation, Gang Problem, Global Issues. Government teachers will need to sample "Liberty and Limits" Other links explore topics that relate to most of the Humanities and Social Studies disciplines. The site appears to be updated frequently and deserves a slot on your "return" list.
  84. Mid-continent Regional Educational Laboratory (McREL)
    Internet Connections | Lesson Plans and Activities | Technology
  85. Computer Application Lesson Plans
    A weekly (almost) set of lessons for the current class at Hagerstown. Follow the students as they explore this class and learn the software/html needed to create Web pages and interactive multimedia.
  86. Teacher Tip section of USA Today
  87. SCORE: CyberGuides TOC
    Web units of instruction centered on core works of literature, designed for the classroom with one online computer.
  88. Learning Through Landscapes - Home Page
    Provides guides on how to enrich (and then study in the curriculum) the natural environment of the school.
  89. Advanced Network & Services, Inc.
    Umbrella site for ThinkQuest and ThinkQuest Junior.
  90. Study Skills Help Page MTSU
    See the link to "Power Point Presentations for Topics Discussed in Class." The topic areas of the presentation are common topics for study skills courses at the K-12 level. The site also has a page for internet assignments, which require simple Email and web exposure.
  91. Welcome to Scholar's Road
    Math focus..mails math packets to parents for $15 per month.
  92. Lesson Plan on Surfing for ABC's with Kindergarten and First Graders
  93. Welcome to School-to-Work
    If the general concept of "transition learning" interests you, see _Teaching In Content Areas with Reading, Writing, and Reasoning_ by Harold L. Huber and Joan Nelson Herber.
  94. The Character Building Site
    Stories and biographical sketches that focus on character and character building.
  95. Education First Design Team Applications
    New (and old) listing of Design Team Web Quests and projects. A must for your bookmarks
  96. www.NO
    Got a bully at your school? If not, they are probably out there in the neighborhood. This New Zealand site confronts on the issue and provides some sound advice on how kids can deal with the "power" issue. See Bully B'ware Main for the Candian perspective. The discussion list is located at BULLY-L: Bullying and Victimisation in Schools Bully in Sight Home Page provides informaion about bullying in the workplace. The BULLIES BEWARE [Theatre for young people) provides a short play (script included) for young students.
  97. Teacher's Corner, which provides a subject index of the entries. The 1997 ThinkQuest Semi-Finalists is a gateway to all of the finalists.
  98. Drinking: A Student's Guide
    A site to prepare students to the choices and risks associated with College drinking. See the Knowledge Test to measure your Alcohol IQ. (A short series of questions with check boxes and results returned very quickly). Most interesting is a special section on how drinking impacts women, and it's not just because of their smaller body mass. But see for yourself.... You might assign students to research some recent high profile deaths associated with binge drinking or conduct a poll or survey of their current drinking. I found nothing at this site that would be inappropriate for k-12 students and a great deal that would be informative for "at risk" adults. BTW, I located this site and many others in the past from Yahoo!'s Picks of the Week. The links are set in very readable, often humorous prose and often inlcude sites that are clearly not "educational."
  99. National Academy for Teaching and Learning about Aging
    Some menu items under construction.
  100. Department of Education: Office of Migrant Education
  101. NOVA Online | Teachers
  102. Educational technologies @ TECFA
    Each month explores a theme with Web site reviews and descriptions. Last month explored "Simulations".
  103. Teachers' Guide for the Professional Cartoonists' Index
    A Guide for using the Index web site in your classes.
  105. Tom March - Learning with the World
    An excellent page for teachers who are familiar with the Web and want to create online materials for their students. The pages will guide you throught the simple and complex tasks involved in creating a Web activity and mounting it on the Web.
  107. Field Trips
    Social Studies Field Trips from Montgomery County Schools - Maryland.
  108. Beyond the Son of Filamentality
    Lessons on the following topics: Steps for Making Activity Pages, Introduction to Making Your Activity Page, Sorting Your List of Links, Brainstorming Activities, Adding Activities, Customizing Your Activities Page. The Filamentality 2.0 site provides a fill-in-the-blank template for "...picking a topic, searching the Web, gathering good Internet sites, and turning Web resources into activities appropriate for learners."
  109. Camp Framer
    Applications Camp held at San Diego State in April of 1996 that provided "campers" with the expertise and skills to create simple HTML products. Sponsored by the Pacific Bell Education First Initiative, the concepts have launched a host of Web Quests for active learning.
  110. San Diego Zoo InternQuest
    A program for a small group of students selected each semester from high schools in San Diego County. Exploring zoo-related careers with experts provides the content.
  111. Signs of Autumn, Signs of Spring Plan
  112. Lesson Plans
  113. BioDesigns, Incorporated
    Lesson where students are assigned to a four person genetics engineering team, working for BioDesigns, Inc. -- a genetic-engineering company that is losing money.
  114. The Virtual Field Trips Site

  115. HotLists and WebQuests
    Bernie Dodge.
  116. Creating your own WebQuest on the Internet
    Tutorial on creating WebQuest on the Internet? Basic HTML, using an HTML editor (Claris Home Page), WebQuest Templates. Links to Yahoo's Mega List of HTML How-Tos, Downloadable (free) Web Graphics and an Index of Useful Social Studies Websites.
  117. WebQuests
  118. ozline - WebQuests
  119. Social Science WebQuest Inservice
  120. Lesson Plans the Easy Way
  121. A WebQuest about WebQuests
    By Bernie Dodge, with a focus on the analysis of the following sites: The Archeotype WebQuest, Your First Paycheck, The Globe Theatre, The Planet Earth Expedition, The 1960s Museum, Democracy in Schools, Comparing San Diego with Biarritz, Demystifying Chaucer.
  122. Let's Have a Field Day!
    A problem based WebQuest. "The PTA needs your help! They are planning this year's Field Day for your grade level. This is an all day field trip to a park in San Bernardino County. It includes recreational activities available at that park (ie: swimming, horseback riding, etc.). In the past, members of the PTA have planned and arranged the day. This year, they have suggested that YOU develop a plan for the day!"

  123. The World Lecture Hall
  124. Collaborative Lesson Archive
  125. Free Stuff for Educators
  126. ISTE Publications I especially enjoyed the February issue of Learning and Leading With Technology,and the article called "Three Days in Munich." It describes a lesson to increase knowledge of a foreign culture, learn and practice research skills and increase skills in working cooperatively. Although used in a foreign language class and for a foreign city, it could easily be adjusted to use for any electronic field trip to any city and in any of the disciplines social studies. The same issue features another in a series of articles by Judi Harris on designing Web-based educations telecomputing activities (see Content and Intent Shape Function). Judi also authored a series of articles on Mining the Internet. Generally, I strongly support the purchase of the ISTE Publications for schools.
  127. Encarta Lesson Collection: Welcome
    Lesson plans and student activity sheets designed by teachers. Search by subject and grade.
    Short text lesson on a mock trial.
    "Powering learning with technology." Stories of trials and triumphs with technology in the classroom, with lessons ready-to-go.
  130. Art On-Air Artist Maude Alexander
    Teacher's Guide for "Celebrating Ancestors" and Related Links. TOC: Lesson Plans for African Masks, African Masks by Students on the WWW, An Africa unit produced by students in Room 31 ( Lake Oswego, Oregon), African Mask Project at O'Farrell Community School (California), Other Links to African Masks: Annie Archbold, a folk lorist and former Kentuckian, investigates masks, including African masks on her home page. Heritage Museum's Africa unit, including directions for making a Teke mask. Artistry of African Masks is a collection of 20 masks in the virtual Nok Museum of African Arts.
  131. Article: Alcohol Advertising on the Web
    Recently a truck driver in Wisconsin who killed several people with his vehicle was convicted of reckless driving and fined $250.00. There was no evidence that he was impaired by drugs or alcohol. This constrast rather sharply with the recent case of a man who was seriously impaired with drugs and killed two girls with his vehicle. He faced the death penalty but was given life without parole. Students might be assigned to explore the issues raised by this contrast.
  132. Ask Eric: Lesson Plans
    This is a gopher that will live forever... It just gets bigger.
  133. Students Can Learn On Their Own
    Classroom strategies and materials for student independent learning.
  134. Connections+
    Internet resources--lesson plans, activities, curriculum resources--linked with corresponding subject-area content standards.
  135. Columbia Education Center's Lesson Plans
    All K-12 subjects.
  136. SPICE Catalog
    Lessons on The Making of a Class Carp Streamer, Castle Town Maze Activity, Along the Silk Road, Journey of a Picture Bride, The Vietnamese Refugee Experience and The Censor's Hand.
  137. Smithsonian Education
    Teaching the Power of Objects: Lesson Plans || Resource Guide || Programs and Tours || Partnerships and Outreach. Portions of lessons online are in PDF format.
  138. K-12 Lesson Plans
  139. Lesson Plans
  140. Jan Brett Home Page
    K-3 page with some great coloring pages.
  141. Kite Kites Kid Kids Teach Lesson Education
  142. Content Literacy Information Consortium (CLIC) - [no frames]
    Source for lessons.
  143. UVa Special Education Web Site
    Information about special education history, events, interventions with links to information and resources arranged by categories of disability.
  144. Math Central
    For K-12 mathematics students and teachers.
  145. Simple Machines Lesson
    "inQuiry Almanack" - Spotlighting... - March, 1997. Visit the archive of past lessons for more.
  146. KODAK: K-12 Solutions - Lesson Plans
    Kodak offers tutorials on "Using an Adjustable 35 mm Camera" and a "Self-Teaching Guide to Picture-Taking" (and a host of other lessons in various subject areas.
  147. Teacher Talk Forum: Lesson Plans
    The Center for Adolescent Studies - Indiana University.
  148. Newsweek Education Program Home Page
    Discussion questions and quizzes on recent issue of the print publication. A great resource for those who order multiple copies of the magazine or have multiple copies available in the school library. The "template" or general lessons cover
    Vocabulary, critical thinking/evaluation and historical sources lessons.
  149. The Lesson Plans Page
  150. Learning Resources: Gold Medallion Teaching
    Project Update, commended Reading List and Tracking Chart for Linda Finch's Flight Route. The site also features the companion information on Amelia's World Flight Route, Weather Record, Personal Log Book and an Amelia Biography. Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer can be used to view each section of the information.
  151. Teacher Talk Forum: Lesson Plans
  152. Living Things
    Franklin Institute unit.
    See the file called: SCIENCE FICTION / SPACE TECHNOLOGY: TOOLS FOR LEARNING, which teaches space technology through the vehicle of science fiction. I am reminded of the recent trials of George Cassutto, a High Schoo social studies teacher, who was ordered to refrain from using a Star Trek tale of a dictator from the late 20th century (genetically engineered to become a superhuman leader) to teach an "Interdisciplinary Study in Science, Literature, and Government." (See Using Star Trek's "Space Seed") (See the annotation below.)
  154. An Interdisciplinary Study in Science, Literature, and Government Using Star Trek's "Space Seed"
    A lesson based on an episode of the original Star Trek series entitled "Space Seed." The basic plot involves a dictator from the late 20th century who was genetically engineered to become a superhuman leader.This is a great addition to a feature-rich site.
  155. Games Home Page
  156. Discovery Channel School
    Beginning Monday, January 27, 1997, Discovery Channel presents a series based on five interdisciplinary themes. Spring 1997 themes include: H2Oceans, Cities Through Time, Great Books, American Frontiers and Earth to Mars.
  157. Welcome to NSTW Online
    "How can two of the most isolated, forbidding places on Earth also be among its most valuable for scientific research?"
  158. The Headbone Derby
    Provides an interactive learning experience for grade/middle school students and classroom teams. Students assist Headbone characters Iz and Auggie in their project to save the world from evil villains and protect the environment. In the process, students will learn to search the Web for information, practice basic computer and internet skills, practice reading and understanding online information and solve math, science, and various interdisciplinary problems using both internet and offline resources.
  159. Choices Education Project
    "A nonprofit program at Brown University providing curriculum materials on current and historical international issues, and offering workshops and inservice training to secondary school teachers."
  160. ERIC/REC
    ERIC Clearinghouse on Reading, English, and Communication. An impressive site. See the "Free Exemplary Lesson Plans."
  161. Welcome to Thinkglobal
    Lesson plans on the Global Education. Also check out the November/December issue of Social Education for a host of other lessons and materials.
  162. UK Technology Education Centre
    Features a collection of Independent learning packages: The "All About . . ." Series (Ages 8-16), Key Stage 3 Projects (Ages 11-14), Ancient Egyptian Box, Fuse Tester, GCSE Tutorials (Ages 14-16), Business Studies, Resistant Materials.
  163. Teacher's Helper
    A new integrated lesson plan for teachers and parents to use with elementary students is added each month..
  164. Teachers.Net Lesson Plan Exchange
  165. A Gallery of Interactive On-Line Geometry
  166. NASA K-12 Internet Initiative
    Schematic Overview of the Quest Web Space.
  167. Cardboard Cognition
    A Sourcebook of Ideas for Educational Board and Card Game Design.
  168. Welcome to Amanda Bennett's Unit Study ADVENTURES!
  169. CNN NEWSROOM, current date
    Teacher/Student materials for the daily program.
  170. Heritage OnLine
    Exploring the Internet for Teaching and Learning through fifteen courses in a variety of subjects. I checked out the course "Museums in the Classroom: A Model for Learning" and discovered some great ideas for how teachers might use musuem sites for assignments. Each class includes a detailed Description, Syllabus and listing of Materials. Plenty here for all K-12 teachers.
  171. Dragonfly
    Interactive experiences to stimulate scientific exploration and experimentation. Trees and Flight will be the focus of the first issues.
  172. K-5 CyberTrail: Multicultural Curriculum Resources
    Pages for : Resources for Teachers and Kids, Walk and Talk: E-Mail Exchanges, Culture-Specific Resources for Teachers and Students, Schools All Over the World.
  173. Hypercard Homepage
    Talk about lessons! Links to the major sources of stacks.
  174. ProjectMaker
    A HyperCard stack that answers the question: "So my students have Internet access... now what do I do? Viewers are guided through brainstorming a technology-infused project, tutored on the HTML Project Work Page. A Filamentality site walks educators through the process of making a page for lessons or an assignment.
  175. Focusing on Words
    Words are presented in a pre-test, lesson, post-test format. Great site to improve word recognition and vocabulary (and possibly projects on word origins because the lessons include discussion of the Greek or Latin origin).
  176. Green & Growing Environmental Education Projects
    From the Ground Up began as a teachers' lesson guide on food, agriculture, and sustainable development." Divided into five lessons; The History of Agriculture and a Description of Sustainable Development; Soil; Agriculture and Chemicals; The Real Cost of Food; and Everything's Connected.
  177. Newspapers in education
    Weekly lesson plan ideas.
  178. Smithsonian lessons
    currently (8/99) showing six lessons in Social Studies.
  179. Teacher's Edition Online
    Brainstorms/Lesson ideas. A growing collection for many curriculum areas.
  180. North Carolina Curriculum Matrix
    Links to sites in all curriculum areas.
  182. New Jersey NIE Home Page
    Focus of the site is effective applications of Internet in K-12 mathematics, science and technology classrooms. See curriculum link for lessons online.
  183. Peace Corps Home
    Assignment: South Africa Test your geography knowledge and help our pal Traveler get ready for the Peace Corps with our brand new Pack Your Bags game!
    Teaching English as a Second Language? Try using the songs of the BEATLES and let this site be your guide.
  185. K-12 Teaching Materials Center Educational Content [EdContent]
    Links to lesson plans, curriculum guides, and educational content --curriculum, instructional, and teaching materials, all geared for K-12 l settings.
  186. Web Sites And Resources For Teachers
    Covers most disciplines and ESL/Bilingual.
  187. Lesson Plans, Cedar Lane Center
  188. ERIC/CUE
    ERIC Clearinghouse on Urban Education. Collects and abstracts high quality documents about urban and minority education, published and unpublished.
  189. PBS Teacher Connex
  190. Street Cents Online
  191. Just For Middle School Kids
  192. HyperStudio Journal
    Great resourse for the many teachers and students who use this program. Nice listing of other Internet sites for Hyperstudio.
  193. The Arbor Day Foundation
    Site will soon offer teaching materials online and instruction about the planting and care of trees.
  194. The Math Archives
    Specializing in teaching resources in Mathematics, a repository for math software, bibliographies, and preprints. The K-12 resources include lesson plans and software. See POP Mathematics -- pointers to various sites that show "what made your teacher get so excited about some topic in Mathematics."
  195. The CTC K-12 Gateways
    The Cornell Theory Center K-12 Gateways. Links of Math and Science, Arts and Social Sciences and Educators.
  196. Encwire Learning Activities - From the Encarta Team
    Multidisciplinary collection of learning activities for school children. Topics so far include Eye on Earthquakes: A News Team Report, Who Votes, Who Doesn't, The Road to the White House.
  197. ExInEd: Home Page
    See the sections on "exploration in education" and "electronic picturebooks".
  198. Chemical Education Resources
  199. Welcome to the Learning Studio!
    "Check out what's cool in June, ...with over 400 reviews of the best science, art and education sites."
  200. Course Materials for the Study of Science Fiction
  201. ThinkQuest Internet Contest
    Junior site.
  202. NASA K-12 Internet Initiative: Online Interactive Projects
  203. Wildlife Discovery Program web page
    Online activities and activity sheets for students. Looks like Mac format for downloads.
    The Kennedy Center's site. See the curriculum examples for an extensive listing of curriculum intitiativies (In the Curriculum Studio). Site also includes links to extensive Dance Resources on the Internet.
  205. AGROPOLIS -- Texas A&M Agriculture & Life Sciences Info
    For the city kids - about 75 percent according to the U.S. Census Bureau -- who may not have grown up knowing certain things about nature, such as how to turn kitchen and yard waste into valuable compost for the landscape.
  206. Learning Resource Server at the University of Illinois
    Redesigned to better serve the needs of learners and teachers at all levels. Includes:
    * exemplary lesson plans created by teachers and student teachers
    * resources for learning in many subject areas, including science, mathematics, social sciences, English, English as a Second Language, music, and other areas
    * "how-to" guides for creating and maintaining educational network resources
    * guidelines to organizing educational network projects written by some of the top folks carrying out some of the best network-based learning projects
    * relevant papers and journal articles about network-based education.
  207. 21st Century Problem Solving
    How to Solve Problems: Algebra, Physics, Chemistry,The Journal of Modern Problem Solving, About Problem Solving.
  208. Bellingham Public Schools Web
  209. UALR's College of Education ONLINE
    See Internet Resources for Curricular Areas and Lesson Plans and Resources for Teachers
  210. Instructional Applications of Netscape 2.0
  211. The Corning Museum of Glass
    See A Teacher's Resource for Glass --
    Nice "Glossary of Glassmaking Terms."
  212. Collaborative Learning Activities
    The Use of Participatory Design in the Implementation of Internet-based Collaborative Learning Activities in K-12Classrooms.
  213. Lesson Plans -Bellingham Schools' WWW
  214. FRONTLINE Teacher's Guides
  215. UCLA Preservice Teacher Education Program
    Excellent source of lessons.
  216. Educational Space Simulations Project
    Designed "... to promote the development of education via simulation. Although the primary focus of this site is space simulations, the concept of education via simulation is applicable to a wide range of disciplines."

    Some Photo/Photo Journalism Lessons and Ideas -- Including digital photography:

  217. KODAK PhotoQuilt
    Interested in ideas on how to use a digital camera in the classroom? Send students to the site with the Question (how can we use the ideas from the site for forming a project for our class?).
  218. Electronic Cards
    Art and Literary Cards: Email art cards, paintings, poetry, inspirational,literary, art, paintings, photo cards "focusing on those that can easily be incorporated into school lessons - art, literary, astronomy, environment, world culture, nature, animals, travel etc. Most of the cards featured in these card centers are quality color photography, some by outstanding professional photographers.....and all are free."
  219. CNET reviews - comparative reviews - digital cameras.
  220. KODAK: K-12 Solutions - Lesson Plans
    PDF files = A Self-Teaching Guide to Using an Adjustable 35 mm Camera and to Picture-Taking. Social Studies Documentation includes: A Portrait and a Place, Using Photo Essays to Promote Organizational Writing, Photographic Map Studies, We the People, Behavior Improvement in Bilingual Students of Native American Backgrounds, Carrollton-A Study Skills Pictorial Activity Book, Rooflines Through the Lens, Japanese Gardening - A Style Shaped by Its Culture and How it Contrasts with Western Style Gardening, Worth a Thousand Words-The Photography Essay and A Foundation for Participation Cultural Awareness.
  221. LIFE Photo Home Page
    Lesson ideas do not need to be at "lesson" sites. Netscape and various "donation ware" HTML editors and a scanner can be used to create interactive multimedia documents on a LAN and techniques for presenting information for educational purposes on the Internet can be locally generated and presented to students. Once teachers learn the simple tasks of using a digital camers, a scanner, a computer and the appropriate software, lessons can be created easily. In fact, some schools routinely assign the tasks of creating "interactive software" to students. Patch High School comes to mind as one of the first to demonstrate a high degree of student involvement in such activities. I suspect that students who are very young can be taught the basics of "tags" and "containers" to produce documents. The newest breed of word processors are bound to fold in some basic HTML. Students with such skills and tools could easily take the idea of photo journalism demonstrated at this site and run with it....
  222. EPW7 Virtual Assignments and Information.
    Check the more recent presentations as well.
    A new address forced a revisit to this top professional site. See the "What's New" section for a look at past political campaigns in the United States and a "Photo of the Week" that illustrates a historic event or a personality's birthday. The "PHOTO GALLERY" links to: Great Photographers, People, Places, Polular Culture, Science, Sports and War. A "PHOTO ESSAYS" leads to presentations on: African Americans, Hiroshima, The Oscars and Pioneer Women.
  224. CNN Interactive Timeline: May - December, 1995
    This site rates high for its organization, elegant simplicity and visual appeal. It also can serve as a "template" for the gifted student who is assigned to do a multi-media presentation using HTML coding and resources (graphics and text) for displaying information in a graphical browser...either on the Internet or a LAN. This page also sports an uncluttered chronology of events (and hyperlinks to link information to events). Using visual information such as this can simplify and reduce the time it takes to communicate a complex assignment to students. If students are informed that their timelines will be showcased on the LAN or the Internet for their peers, parents and other schools to see, they are likely to give it their best.


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