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[Some of the sites that also celebrate diversity are located in other menu items on the Homepage. See the History, Humanities, Archaeology and K-12 menu items.]

  1. Asian American Literature : History, Classroom Use, Bibliography & WWW Links
  2. Asian American Curriculum Document
    Featuring topics on: Moving West to East, Building New Lives in New Lands, From Segregation, Identity, Related materials/Outside the Classroom, Classroom Activities, Asian Americans in Washington State History.
  3. Chinese American History Timeline
    Produced by students in Asian American Studies 121: Chinese American History University of California, Berkeley.
  4. Language & Culture: Asian and Pacific
  5. AN OVERVIEW of Asian American Artistry in Film and Music!
    Profiles noteworthy films, actors, resources and music that portrays accurately and positively the Asian Pacific American communities.
  6. AN OVERVIEW of Asian American Artistry in Film and Music!
  7. Asian American Parent Association
  8. AN OVERVIEW of Asian American Artistry in Film and Music!
  9. KAHS Links
    Korean American Historical Society. Presents a fine collection of Web resources on and by Korean-Americans. The Society also has a print publication, with the TOC (but no text) on-line.
  10. UW- Madison Asian American Studies Program
  11. Four Directions
    "The Chinese Canadian Story: The Yip Sang Family" was featured when I visited (8/98) so you may have to visit the Archives for this and other featured articles. If you look closely at the archive, you will locate a great review of a site on the first intercontinental missile -- a balloon designed and launched by Japan to drop bombs on North America. Pieces of Paper -- Japanese Air Balloon Bombings Against North America During World War II.
  12. Asian-American Village
  13. Sojourners and Settlers: The Chinese Experience in Arizona
    Part of The Promise of Gold Mountain: Tucson's Chinese Heritage, which also features Historical Perspective (Southern Pacific Railroad workers, Farming and small businesses, Tucson's Chinatowns) and Biographies of prominent Chinese-American Tucsonans.
  14. MIT Asian American Studies Homepage
    A slow load page.... Presenting some fine student projects from the university course.
  15. Asian American Links
    A large collection of useful links.
  16. Welcome to Democracy Works.
    Primers and tutorials that " to the work of individuals and organizations promoting greater understanding and tolerance in America and heightened awareness of threats to freedom of expression and civil liberties."
  17. ColoStateUniv Library: Research Guides: Asian-American Novels
    Novels & Short Stories by &/or about Asian-Americans
  18. Asia Society: Bridges With Asia Conference
    1996 Conference report that "...explored the multifaceted roles of Asian Americans in the development of economic, political, and cultural relations between the U.S. and the countries of Asia. Topics included immigration, economics, foreign policy, the media and the arts. The Asia Society has recently published the report on the conference, much of which you'll find here."
  19. National Asian American Telecommunications Association
  20. The Promise of Gold Mountain: Tucson's Chinese Heritage
  21. H-GIG Asian American History
  22. A Lesson For Educators
    TOC: Lesson Plans, Materials (Maps and More), Annotated Bibliographies, Reviews, Resource Center Locator by Region, Virtual Gallery, Human Resource Locator, Audiovisual Resources/Center for Educational Media and a final link to the Association for Asian Studies/"Asian Factoids "The Asian American Experience in the United States: A Chronological History.
  23. The Asian Community Online Network
    A community resource for Asian Pacific American community based organizations.
  24. CAC&F - Coalition for Asian-American Children & Families
    See the articles (under resources/links):"Asian American Children: What Teachers Should Know" and "Meeting the Educational Needs of Southeast Asian Children."
  25. Japanese American National Museum
    Telling the story of Japanese Americans to a national and international audience.
  26. Asian American Resources in Chicago
    Loyola University's Asian & Asian American Studies reference guide.
  27. Welcome to the Korean American Museum
  28. Asian American Center at Queens College
    See publications: Chinese in Chinatown and Flushing, Indian Immigrants in New York, New York Japanese Americans, Koreans in New York, The Filipino Community in New York, Chinese Organizations in Queens, Indian Organizations in New York City, Korean Organizations in Queens, Indians in New York City Businesses, Korean Small Businesses in New York, Asian and Pacific Islanders Enumerated in the 1990 Census.
  29. Chinese Historical Society of Southern California
  30. Chinese Historical & Cultural Project Curriculum
    A curriculum designed for the third, fourth, and fifth grades to complement the California State Social Studies Framework. Offers "... over thirty lessons, an index, a comprehensive vocabulary section, an annotated bibliography, and a teacher resource section..."
  31. Chinese at FAU
  32. Asian-American Literature Page
  33. Welcome to @Live!
    Zine for and about Asian-Americans. Each issue inlcudes a lisiting of new web sites of interest.
  34. New York Chinatown
  35. WWW Hmong Homepage
  36. AAJA Atlanta Digest
    Asian American Journalists.
  37. Chinese Historical and Cultural Project, San Jose, CA, US. Stop in at the Chinese Summer Festival 1996.
  38. JA*Net / Little Tokyo, Los Angeles
  39. Alliance Working for Asian Rights & Empowerment
    Community support and advocacy group for Asians and Pacific Islanders in Orange County.
  40. SAWNET: News & Articles about South Asian women
  41. Welcome to Chinese Cyber City--Dallas/Fort Worth
  42. Kasalan
    A look at modern Filipino weddings, which have incorporated American, European and non traditional Filipino rituals into early Spanish traditions.
  43. PHILWEB Home Page
    Filipino-American and Filipino-owned businesses.
  44. MALAYAN REALMS: A Journey into the Filipino Mystical Psyche
    Stories of people, both in fiction and real-life, bonded by the desire to discover the identity of the Filipino. Great site for the World Lit people.
  45. AAWA Home Page
    A site designed to build leadership skills among Asian American women in the greater Bay Area through professional and personal growth.
  46. Chinese Historical Society of America Home Page
    Interesting listing of print resources for Women's studies and genealogy for Chinese-Americans.
  47. Asian American Resources
  48. Heritage Magazine Home Page
    Complete text of articles:Christmas celebration in the Philippines, The Propaganda movement, Brief history of the Philippines, Fraudulent health and medical products, Gregorio del Pilar.
  49. Horizon Flash
    Organization of Chinese Americans (OCA), Washington, D.C. chapter, and Young Professionals (YP) sub-chapter.
  50. Asian American Theatre CENTRAL
  51. Families with Children from Korea
  52. Asian American Resources
  53. Tien Rong
    Vietnamese community of Oregon, the twentieth anniversary of the fall of Saigon and of the beginning of the Vietnamese Diaspora.
  54. Asian-American Writers' Workshop
  55. Hmong WWW Homepage
    Basic background and historical information and links to on-going research projects, current events, and issues pertaining to Hmong history, resettlement, and repatriation.
  56. Committee on East Asian Libraries
    Large list of sites on Asia.
  57. Hakka Culture
    Excellent background (text) on the history of this group in China.
  58. Life in a Vietnamese Gang
  59. The Thai Heritage Page

  1. The Watsons Go to Birmingham--1963
    Book Club Lesson Plan.
  2. February African Heritage Month
    Listing Nova Scotian Sites followed by Canadian and American sites. Although the time is past for the month of recognition, pages such as this contain information that is always timely.
  3. African and White Americans Show Dramatic Differences in Views Of 20th Century History
  4. In the Black The African-American Business Journal
  5. Small Towns Black Lives
    By Wendel A. White. Looks at historically African American communities in New Jersey, with photographs, text, historical documents, panoramic images and Quicktime video records for content. Presented more as an artist’s journal of travel and discovery than as a historical resource.
  6. New Intelligence Inc.
    Instructional Software from New Intelligence -- Outstanding African-Americans
  7. Kwanzaa
    The African American Heritage Museum and Cultural Center and the Seattle Art Museum.
  8. Web links - Black peoples of the Americas
  9. Resegregation in American Schools
    "It has been 45 years since Brown v. Board of Education outlawed intentional segregation in the south, but a series of Supreme Court decisions in the 1990s helped push the country away from Brown’s celebrated ideals and closer to the old idea of "separate but equal." Think this issue will end up on anyones campaign priorities?
  10. AFRO-Americ@: Black or White
  11. Speak Out Home Page
    Speakers for a host of topics.
  12. Banyan Tree
    Mutual cultural changes associated with Asian Indian immigrants to the United States.
  13. Lena Horne: In Her Own Voice, An "American Masters" Special
    This is one that you should not miss! Premiere: Wednesday, May 19, 1999, at 10 pm on PBS (Check local listings). "Lena Horne tells the story of her extraordinary journey to reluctant stardom from her early days in the chorus line of the Cotton Club when she was 16, to her film career in Hollywood and her cabaret career. In addition to interviews with Horne and her family, the documentary includes interviews with Ossie Davis, Alan King, Dionne Warwick, Ricardo Montalban, Liz Smith and many others."
  14. African-American Women - On-line Archival Exhibits at Duke University
    Read Elizabeth Johnson Harris: Life Story, the Vilet Lester Letter and letters from Hannah Valentine and Lethe Jackson.
  16. The Christian Science Monitor Electronic Edition
    See the new Black History Project.
  17. The Christian Science Monitor Electronic Edition
    Featuring a new "Black History Project", a multimedia experience which "...captures the essence of people of African origin from around the world..." and combines " original material with the Monitor's deep audio and print archive, with the latest technology.
  18. CJR - Blacks in the Newsroom: Progress? Yes, but..., by David K. Shipler
    Part 1.
  19. Black History Month All Year Long
  20. 5 Positive Plays For African American Children
    Features a small on-line sample for the plays available for purchasing. See some of the links below for more play resources on the Internet.
  21. Cavalcade of the American Negro: African-American Mosaic Exhibition (Library of Congress)
  22. The Educating the Black Mind Webring
  23. CENSUS - Black Population
  24. We The Americans: Blacks
    pdfbug.gifInformative PDF document.
  25. Thurgood Marshall
    Before and after viewing/listening guide. Many of the audio programs on C-Span are not available after broadcast, unless they are placed online for some special purpose.. Since I missed this program, I conducted a search on the site to see if infomation was recorded elsewhere on Marshall. Using "Marshall" as a key word for the search, I discovered that a collection of oral arguments before the Supreme Court are available for listening (but are not indexed on a special page). In fact, C-Span has recordings of the presentations going back to 1955. There is an "archive page", but it features a current selection and does not index those from the past. To avoid missing special Radio programs, see the Program Grid, and note that starting a search at a large site will often reveal information gems that are not indexed.
  26. African American Art: An Introduction
    Art Department, University of South Florida.
  27. Painted Voices
    Paintings of African-American Writers.
  28. American Legacy
    American Legacy: Celebrating African-American History and Culture. For Black Music Month, a guided tour through the recent reissues of great folk, pop, soul, and jazz. "A growing number of state legislatures, schools, and other organizations are working to give Black Music Month meaningful content, trying to make it more than just a ritual affirmation of what everyone knows is an incredibly diverse heritage."
  29. CJR - Black in the Newsroom: Progress? Yes, but..., by David K. Shipler
  30. Federick D. Patterson Research Institute
    Disseminate research to policymakers, educators, the media, and the general public. The Institute aims at "...improving the educational opportunities and outcomes of African Americans from preschool through adulthood."
  31. Yahoo! Full Coverage - Eldridge Cleaver Dies
    Recent newspaper articles on Clever.
  32. 1997 Gallup Poll Report - U.S. Black/White Race Relations
  33. frontline: the two nations of black america
    Issues facing the black middle class as they become increasingly distanced from the urban poor.
  34. Teaching African-American History
    Presents several lessons, student exercises, and reviews of special materials to bring African-American history into the classroom.
  35. The African-American Mosaic Exhibition (Library of Congress)
    Highlights four themes: Colonization, Abolition, Migrations, and the Works Progress Administration (WPA). This is a site to visit from time to time, as the exhibit will be expanded in the future with more resources online.
  36. Urban Sounds Black History Month Index
  37. African American History Crossword Puzzles
    Test you knowledge with these interactive Java crossword puzzles.
  38. Gale Salutes Black History Month
  39. frontline: the two nations of black america
    A companion site to a recent Frontline program that examines the growing class gap within the African-American community. I especially enjoyed the "Readings and Links" page. If you send students, let them know in the directions that the Titles on the left of the page are "clickable" and transport the browser to the site summarized on the right (it's not all that obvious).

    See an essay by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., a writer for Frontline's report and text from the Du Bois Institute's 1997 forum and interviews with prominent African-American activists and scholars (Eldridge Cleaver, Angela Davis, Cornel West, and Jesse Jackson).

  40. The Encyclopædia Britannica Guide to Black History
  41. NETLiNkS! Black History Archive
    Good annotation for this listing.
    "Until the Lions Have Their Historians, Tales of the Hunted Will Always Glorify The Hunter"

  42. Teaching African-American History
  43. National Trust for Historic Preservation: African American History
    See the African-American Oral History Project and the Gallery at Old Salem.
  44. Transition Magazine
    Leading magazine of African intellectual life.
  45. Still Going On Start Page
    A multimedia celebration of the centenary of the birth of William Grant Still, the dean of African-American composers.
  46. African-American Women - On-line Archival Exhibits at Duke University
    Also lists related web pages offsite.
  47. Black History
    The Making of "Lost Boundaries" (A 1949 NH docu-drama on race and prejudice by Louis de Rochemont), "Black Jacks" (a history of African American mariners in the Age of Sail, Excerpt from the1855 history book ("Colored Patriots Of The Revolution") of black Revolutionary War heroes, First Blacks Of Portsmouth (Part 1) -- African American history from 1645 through the first harsh century of slavery Part 2 also on site, Slavery In Portsmouth (An 1800s view of slavery), Black Heritage Trail, The Portsmouth Elders (Selections from Valerie Cunningham's oral history of long time black residents of Portsmouth), Blues Bank Collective Hotlink and links to other Web site on Black history.
  48. The Web of Life: The Art of John Biggers
    An African American artist widely acclaimed for his complex, symbolic murals based on African American and African cultural themes.
  49. Title Page, Afro-American Sources in Virginia
  50. The Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences.
    By the Louisiana State University Chemistry Library. Presents profiles on over 40 African American biochemists, chemists, physicists, engineers, inventors, and zoologists.
  51. TBS' Hank Aaron:Chasing the Dream
    Click on the years to read highlights of Hank Aaron's life, the African-American civil rights struggle and the story of African-Americans in baseball. Aaron was not one to complain, but in his later years he related stories of discrimination and mistreatment in many of the cities the Club visited. More of this information, and perhaps what other African Americans were experiencing, needs to be added to this site.
  52. Harmon Collection
    Another exhibit site from the From the National Portrait Gallery. A selection of twenty portraits of distinguished African-Americans. The exhibition toured the US in the early 1950s in the cause of combatting racial inequity. The current exhibit, "Breaking Racial Barriers," will be on view in the National Portrait Gallery through January 4, 1998.
  53. In Motion Magazine
    A multicultural publication promoting social change among communities of color and working people. In this revisit, try the "What's New" link for a listing of some excellent essays.
  54. Juneteenth
  55. Selections from The African-American Mosaic
    A Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Study of Black History and Culture. Focus on four areas --Colonization, Abolition, Migrations, and the WPA
  56. African American Nobel Prize Winners
    The site also includes MARTIN ROBINSON DELANY -- an Educator, Author, Physician, Abolitionist, Black Nationalist, Emigrationist, and first black Army Officer.
  57. International Association of African American Music
    Established to promote, perpetuate and preserve America's indigenous music.
    "The Truth about Black America" (available in the near future) on the topic of the results of the civil rights movement in America. The site includes interviews with program participants, a timeline tracking black America's social and economic status, background readings, and a discussion board with the program producer and correspondent.
  59. KWANZAA Information Center
  60. The American Image: Portrait of Black Chicago
    Great photo essay in three parts by John H. White (a photographer with the Chicago Daily News) who worked for the government ( the EPA DOCUMERICA project) photographing the African American community in Chicago. With the recent drop in prices for digital cameras, I am tempted to buy one and combine it with the purchase of a new computer. Tight budgets in most schools in Wisconsin make it almost impossible to purchase such items. Guess most teachers are going to have to dig in their own pockets for classroom tools or do without. I mention the camera thing because visiting sites such as this can generate those "teachable moments" when a group of students decide they want to do something of a similar nature. Students in Wisconsin (because of restrictions passed in previous State Legislatures) may have to do without such frills. Most schools have to attempt to pass bond issues to repair the roof leaks and patch the holes on the tennis court, and many of those bond issues are not passing.
  61. African American Pamphlets Home Page
    The Library of Congress continues to offer top-shelf features and services. See "The Progress of a People" -- A Special Presentation from the African American Pamphlet Collection. The Daniel A. P. Murray Pamphlet Collection covers the early nineteenth through the early twentieth centuries, with the bulk of the material published between 1875 and 1900.
  62. African-American History Online
  63. Black History: The African American Journey
    Examines the struggle for freedom and equaltiy beginning with the slave trade through the height of the civil rights movement in the 1960's.
  64. Black Facts Online!
  65. African American Literature -- March 18, 1997
    Online NewsHour Forum: Nellie McKay -- The Norton Anthology of African American Literature: PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE.
  66. Web links - Black peoples of the Americas
  67. African American Issues
    Currently showing a host of articles: Black History Articles on Contemporary African-American History Makers, African Science Before The Birth Of The "New" World, The Quotable King, Understanding The Essence of Malcolm X, The Student Days of Martin Luther King Jr., Great African Americans You Should Know and What Every African American Student Should Read.
  68. AFRO-Americ@: The Black History Museum -- Interactive Exhibits
    Black Resistance... Slavery in the U.S. (Explores the myth that slaves were all quiet, docile workers), the Tuskegee Airmen (The 99th as became the first Black combat pilots in America), an interactive exhibit on Jackie Robinson and his struggle to be the first African-American in the major leagues. Additional exhibits on The Black Panther Party and the Scottsboro Boys round out the selections.
  69. The AFRO-American Newspapers Home Page
    A click on "What's New" takes you to pages that deal with "Black Greeks" with links to historic black fraternities and sororities, with excellent graphics for those profiled. Click on "BLACK HISTORY MUSEUM" for a series of interactive excursions to The Tuskegee Airmen, Jackie Robinson, the Black Panther party, Black or White (Experience the environment of the 20's and 30's when Black America was on a binge to undo its Blackness...), THE MILLION MAN MARCH, The Scottsboro Boys ("..Get a sense of how "Southern Justice" was practiced in the 1930's) and This is Our War. The page is very well done with excellent graphics and well organized links.
    Stories of African-American women who use their artistic disciplines to reclaim their heritage.
  71. Teaching African-American History
    Currently offering two new Web exercises: The Development of Jazz and The Underground Railroad. Directed research exercises lead students to sites where they answer questions based on what they have found. Students can also read The Record on Film, 1929-1969, a critical essay that looks at African Americans on the silver screen with an extended study questions for the film Once Upon A Time...When We Were Colored.
  72. African Festivals
  73. The BRITANNICA Guide to Black History
    Features a timeline, split into 5 sections covering the years from 1619-1997. Topics under these sections include slavery, civil rights, arts, entertainment and religion.
  74. National Black Programming Consortium Home Page
  75. PBS ONLINE Celebrates Black History Month-Programming
    Commercial site with an emphasis on resources on Africa and African-American topics.
  77. African American Web Connection
  78. Callaloo, Volume 18 - Table of Contents
    A Journal of African-American and African Arts and Letters.
  79. NETLiNkS! Afrocentric Guide to the WWW
  80. What is Black? Too Black? Not Black Enough?
  81. Yahoo! - Society and Culture:Cultures:African American:Organizations:Nation of Islam
  82. Welcome to The Black World Today
  83. Stamp on Black History Index
  84. African-American Population Statistics
    Site includes information on other racial and ethnic groups. the charts and graphs are excellent. Showcase site for using Census data.
  85. Minority Health Resource HomePage
    Within the context of this homepage, "minority" is used to refer to all people of color and people who are underrepresented economically and socially.
  86. Black history
    Tom March and the Applications Design Team capture another top slot in the Creative dimension. Although obviously created for the Black History Month, the site lessons (over a dozen) and suggestions can be used for all sorts of student/teacher collaborations on the implications of mass migrations and how these migrations impact a society in the past and today. Other topics and lessons come to mind - the historical roots of the current confusion (debate, confict) over our national identity, the issue of internal migrations (African-American from the South to Northern cities after World War II, displacements and migrations caused by the Great Depression, the migrations to America (See Immigration History Research Center listed elsewhere on this update or John Heilemann analysis of the role of immigrants in the information economy). You might also visit Twilight's Children for a study of children on both sides of the Mexican-American border.
  87. Savannah: African-American History
  88. Western Journal of Black Studies
    An interdisciplinary quarterly publication concerned with research, social analysis, political commentary, literary criticism, and contemporary arts. Vol 18-21 archived online.
    A Website For African Heritage Children, Parents, And Educators. "Watoto World [watoto is Kiswahili for children] was created to bring the creativity of African heritage children to the Internet; provide information and instruction for African heritage parents to meet the challenges of parenting now and in the 21st century; encourage educators and school systems to provide and utilize Internet access and computer technology in the classroom; and to highlight African Centered education and independent Black schools."
  90. Anacostia Museum
    Programs and exhibitions on the contributions of African Americans to US history and culture.
  91. The Bill McCreary Website - Index page
    See the Bill Cosby interview and a report on the National Association of Black Journalists conference.
  92. Recent Acquisitions in African-American History & Literature: Home
    Including Autobiographies, Biographies, Church Histories, Letters, Slave Narratives, Literature, Fiction, Journalism, Letters and Poetry.
  93. Black Cultural Studies
    An experimental Black cultural studies site.
  94. Downlow's Black Actor Info Page
    Information about African-American actors in movies made within the last ten years.
  95. MELANET On-Line African Wedding Guide
  96. African American Women Gopher
  97. Black History Month
  98. MELANET's Ida Wells Barnett Media Center
    Explore Black produced publications and Links to: A Tribute to Nat Turner, African Connections, KWANZAA Information Center, Mypheduh Films News and Your Black Books Guide On-line.
  100. The Black Film Center Archive
    Includes listings of films and related materials by and about African Americans.
  101. Black Hollywood Reports
    Events that impact African Americans in the entertainment industry.
  102. African American Resources
    Currently featuring a list of links. The site will eventually contain an Introductory Essay on African American Studies; Bibliographies and Bibliographical Essays; Electronic Discussion Lists and Newsgroups; and Teaching Resources and Projects.
  103. Alliance for West Virginia Black History
    TOC:Origin of African Americans in WV, The Civil War and Reconstruction, Segregation and After, Honoring Our Past.
  104. The Black Alaskan Perspective
  105. USA African American Newspapers and Publications
  106. African American Studies Platform Page
  107. San Diego BLAACK Pages
    See the extensive links to "Back History."
  108. Still Going On Start Page
    Exhibit Celebrating The Life and Times of William Grant Still.
  110. African American Resources
  112. African-American Interests
    Hyperlinked listing of News and Discussion groups. Comprehensive and useful.
  113. Georgia Sea Island Singers Gullah African American Culture
    Song group with the aim of "...preserving the rich reservoirs of African-American culture along with the customs and the songs of the Gullah language spoken on the isolated islands of the Georgia Coast. These islands have been a vital storehouse of African-American history, because Blacks living there were cut off from the melting pot on the mainland and retained a more pure version of the games and songs brought over from Africa."
  114. African American Warriors
  115. Separate But (Un)Equal
  116. Black Metropolis
    Link on the Chicago page...
  117. African American Gopher
  118. Resources for African American Women
  119. The Cemetery
    Photographs and historical and documentary text used to describe and analyze the lives of working and middle class blacks outside the urban setting.
    Can architecture impact our lives? Explore this site and see. An editorial note. If we have the ability to create conditions/spaces that leave those who occupy those spaces absolutely helpless to defend themselves and their children, we should also have a responsibility to create visual and physical environments that inspire and nurture. The expectation that a whole segment of our population can somehow rise above an architectural environment that is pored in concrete, and a social/political environment that is almost as hardened, is insane and ignorant.
  121. Separate but Equal?
    TIME MAGAZINE'S recent (April 29, 1996) examination of the concept.
  122. Assignment Discovery: Harlem Diary
  123. Media Literacy - SAM's Tips & Links
    Review of Harlem Diary above.
  124. How Jackie Robinson Desegregated
  125. Persistence Of The Spirit
    An interpretive study of the people and events that contributed to the black experience in Arkansas. Inlcudes links to: Historical Narrative (highlights of the African-American experience in Arkansas, a Photo Scrapbook (historic images in chronological order, calendar of humanities films and exhibits from the Arkansas Humanities Resource Center plus other public programs based on African-American culture and history, History Links to other informative sites, References (A reading list for teachers and others).
    African-American men dedicated to, the quality of life, parenting, economic growth and development,and the pursuit of excellence and spiritual development.
  127. Archives of African American Music
  128. The Universal Afrocentric Events Calendar
  129. THE ELDER
    Site for those of African descent to share information, experiences, and opinions. Circulation is via e-mail on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. FREE publication.
  130. Black Culture Center Library Home Page
  131. Schomburg Center For Research in Black Culture
  132. African American Resources
  133. Toni Morrison
  134. African American Webliography
  135. WebDiva's InfoCenter
    African-American site packed with links and information.
  136. Negro Leagues Baseball Online Archives
  137. Education First's Black History Month Website
    Another Tom March production and a feature site.
  138. * VIBE Online
    presents a tribute to Black History Month, with features on pioneers of Black history and a quiz--"Who Am I?"--which challenges you to identify a different famous person each day. Plus, the editors of Vibe have compiled an extensive guide to Black resources on the Net.
  139. African-American Population Statistics
  140. Detroit News: African American History
    Historical Text Archive, Mississippi State University. When you visit this site try the "Great Day In Harlem" for a real treat.
  142. Pathfinder Celebrates Black History--Contents Page
  143. Wilkins Memorial
  144. American Studies, Black History and Literature
    Literature and History written by and on African Americans.
  145. February is Black History Month
  146. Afro-American Sources in Va. A Guide to Manuscripts
    African-American laborers from the Longdale Iron Co. in Virginia, 1889. Photographic Archive includes a collection of excellent images, photos and pages of diaries. An excellent archive for teachers who would like to pitch the text and do an entire lesson (unit, course) involving discovery and research.
  147. Festival International de Louisiane
    Revelations of Diaspora: The African Journey.
  148. African American Resources from UVa.
    Products of some excellent research at the University of Virginia.
  149. CAAAS - Center for African and African American Studies
  150. Moving Image and Recorded Sound Division
    Documents the experiences of peoples of African descent, captured via audiovisual technology. From the New York Public Library.
  151. ONE (Index)
    Magazine with an African American voice.
  153. Howard University
    New revised page for African American education.
    Music From Africa and the African Diaspora.
  156. African-Americans in Film and Television: A Short Bibliography of Materials in the UC Berkeley Libraries
    Bibliography of Materials in the UC Berkeley Libraries. Also see African-American Studies Videotape and Audiocassette.
  157. Rockford Chapter NAACP Home Page
    African-American Culture, African-American Entrepreneurs and Businesses, African-American Organizations.
  158. Ragtime Home Page
  159. African American News Service -- Gopher site.
  161. About the Database of African-American Poetry, 1760-1900: Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia
  162. K-12 Africa Guide
  163. IPL Museum of African American History Detroit, Michigan
    See Documenting the Past - Current research and a sampling of our collection, now featuring Sandy Horace Love, Inventor (1893-1963) and African Tribal Masks.
Martin Luther King, Jr. LISTING

"Martin Luther King, Jr. A LIFE Tribute,"
LIFE presents an exclusive photo essay capturing King's message and memory.

  • Celebrate Dr. King!
    See especially the "Activities" link. Electronic Classroom - Martlin Luther King
    Includes an archive of dialogues between students in Alabama and Washington state about King, a selection of Internet links, an Interactive quiz on Martin Luther King Jr. and a Study guide: A resource for teachers and students.

    Martin Luther King Jr. educational website
    The Seattle Times. Includes a photo tour of key events in the fight for civil rights, a quiz and study guide, sound clips of King speeches and a dialogue between students in Alabama and Washington.

    NHHS E-mail Essay Project
    Martin Luther King. A nice recent collection of student essays on King. I am not sure how long these will be posted, so visit the site soon.

    Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr
    Speeches in .wav format, including titles such as "A Lonely Island of Poverty", A Telling Comparison, plus a collection of Images for use in building pages.

    Dr. King Timeline
    Children's art.

    P.M.A.: Aboriginal Peoples Gallery
    This page is a small part of the Provincial Museum of Alberta Galleries & Exhibitions, but a very representative one.. Plan to spend some time here.

    SDCDP - Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Center in Atlanta.

    Dr. Martin Luther King
    From the Chico High School Library.

    Dr. Martin Luther King Resources
    Bellingham Schools. Martin Luther King, Jr.{*} Dr King's Dream{*} Webcorp -- King's Washington Speech{*} A True Leader{*} Martin Luther King, Jr. Bibliography{*} Dr. King Was A Peaceful Person{*} The Martin Luther King You Don't See On TV{*}

    Not enough?? AltaVista will list "thousands" at Simple Query Martin+Luther+King


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