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Social Studies School Service Scout Report Selection
Part of the History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers
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[Some of the sites that also celebrate diversity are located in other menu items on the Homepage. See the History, Humanities, Archaeology and K-12 menu items.]

Women's History

  1. The National Women's Health Information Center (NWHIC)
  2. HER Winter 1997 Issue Contents
    Article abstracts from the Symposium. See The History of Women in Education.
  3. PBS: Out Of The Past
    Covers "... facets of our history that have been left out of the textbooks and follows one young woman making history today. This site continues the exploration begun by the film, providing glimpses of nearly 400 years of lesbian and gay history, and encouraging you to share relevant stories and news from your own life and community."
  4. The National Museum of Women in the Arts
  5. Photo-Documentary Press-Beth Reynolds
    Creating awareness about issues concerning the health and well-being of women and children.
  6. Women
    A selection of photographs by Annie Leibovitz, which reflect "...a cross-section of women in the U.S. and encompasses a broad spectrum of subjects."
  7. Working Woman
    Gateway site to many resources.
  8. Women with Disabilities - Homepage
  10. Women in History
    Current articles and a global approach to the struggles makes this a top site.
  11. body (i)con
    Media and corporate manipulation of body image promotes a biologically unattainable ideal. "We were puzzled why women educated about the trappings of the diet and beauty industry are still falling prey to the media's con. Why is it women feel their self-worth is tied to the state of their body? We set out to interview a diverse group of women and experts to give us an up-to-the-minute report. Here, we provide an insightful look at the private and pervasive issues surrounding our bodies."
  12. American Women's History: A Research Guide
    Information on print and Internet reference sources. The TOC includes:General Reference/Biographical Sources, Subject Index to Research Sources, State and Regional History Sources, Finding Primary Sources and Finding Books, Journal Articles andTheses. The site also reports on finding Digital Collections -- Text, Photograph and Historic Film.
  13. DOI Workforce Diversity
    Worth exploring, but you might start with Where Women Made History and Places Where Women Made History.
  14. SISTERFRIENDS Web Site - The Premiere CyberForum for Women of Color.
    An email discussion group dedicated to black women and the issues that touch their lives, featuring discussions on a variety of topics.
  15. Women In World History Curriculum
  16. Upper Midwest Women's History Center
  17. Archives for Research on Women and Gender, UTSA
  18. The Emancipation of Women (1750-1920) Great Britain
    From The Spartacus Internet Encyclopedia.
  19. Women Who Walk Through Time Video
  20. Home: Women's Bodies Women's Property
  21. National Desk
    PBS takes a look at a collection of issues that relate to diversity. The War on Boys, Politics and Warriors: Women in the Military and Title IX and Women in Sports: What's Wrong with This Picture?
  22. A Glance: Pride and Joy : The Lives and Passions of Women Without Children
  23. Women of Color Health Data Book
  24. Women Writers Project
    goal is to bring texts by pre-Victorian women writers out of the archive and make them accessible to a wide audience of teachers, students, scholars, and the general reader.
  25. Re-Presenting Women
  26. The National Women's Hall of Fame
    TOC: Winning The Vote, Bibliography of Women's Resources, Classroom Ideas For Teaching Women's History. See the fine lesson on "Winning the Right to Vote."
  27. Woman Pilot magazine's Home Page
    A worthwhile page that is lacking some on-line articles from past issues.
  28. University Of Wisconsin System Women's Studies Librarian's Office
  29. Kalliope-A Journal of Women's Art & Literature
  30. National Partnership for Women & Families: Home Page
  31. Brave Girls and Strong Women Bookstore
    Books for young people ages 2-17.
  33. Women Artists Archive
  34. Archival Sites for Women's Studies briefly annotatated below, or visit the WOMEN STUDIES section of the Diversity page. Other sources on this revision include the Encyclopedia of Women's History and Women's History: A Todd Library Research Guide.
  35. H-WOMEN Discussion Group
  36. H-Frauen-L, Women and Gender of Early Modern Europe
    The list and its website will provide teaching materials, translations, bibliographies, and the usual services available through H-Net lists on the topic of women and gender in the period between 1350 and 1800.
    Studies of women in war and women in the military, worldwide and in all historical areas.
  38. NOVA Online | The Proof | Math's Hidden Woman
    See the links to the Nova Page in the K-12 section.
    H-Net's discussion list dealing with the history of women and gender in the U.S. South, and related issues of interest.
  40. Women's Exhibition - Celebrating Women's Achievements balloon.jpg
  41. National Council for Research on Women
  42. Brave Girls and Strong Women Bookstore
  43. Learning Page of the Library of Congress: Feature Presentation on Pioneering Women in American Memory
    Stack of canned foodsWell organized resource to provide access to the vast resources in the Library of Congress on pioneers "...who journeyed across the country to settle unknown western territories, as well as women who struggled for recognition as equals in politics, in the workforce, and in their communities."
    Site for information on a film documentary that explores the artistry and philosophy of a collection of African American female artists. "Born and educated in the West, they are now using their disciplines to reclaim their "africanisms:" an intuitive experience of what could not be codified, and what their foreparents had to deny if they were to survive."
  45. Women In American History
  46. NPR CDs
    "The Mystic and the Muse" Featuring the virtuoso Celtic-folk early-music group Ensemble Galilei, The Mystic and the Muse is a recording of 600 years of music written for, by, and about women. Ever think of selecting representative works from the history of music to play as background for some selected student classroom activities?
  47. Annie Smith Peck
    Annie Smith Peck (1850-1935) -- mountain-climber, a passionate worker in the cause of Woman Suffrage and an author of several books.
  48. NGA - Mary Cassatt - The Color Prints, 1889-1894
    After viewing the Cassatt exhibit, take some time and move to the "Education Page" which offers a "...variety of educational experiences with images of works of art and detailed descriptions of educational opportunities at The Metropolitan Museum of Art."
    If you are a woman, you have dreamed of mounting a motorcycle to travel through India, right??
    - a website by, for, and about middle school girls.
  51. Brave Girls and Strong Women Bookstore
  52. Women's International News Gathering Service
    A news and current affairs radio program that has featured speeches and interviews with distinguished women of the world.
  53. CWP at
    Citations of 20th century women who have made significant contributions in physics. Each citation describe and documents the major scientific contributions and some biographical information on the scientific lives of the women.
  54. Scientific American:Science and the Citizen: Women in Politics throughout the World: January 1998
  55. WomenWatch
    The UN Internet Gateway on the Advancement and Empowerment of Women.
    See the Site Index and the The Feminist Chronicles.
  57. The National Women's Hall of Fame
  58. Women and Gender Studies Links
  59. Education World (tm) - Special Theme Articles
    Women's History Month special.
  60. Duke Women's Archives & Special Collections
    "Collections range from plantation diaries to women's suffrage documents, from a Phyllis Wheatley letter to Anne Tyler manuscripts, from the records of local Women's Christian Temperance Union to the papers of contemporary feminist activists."
  61. Girl Power! Campaign Homepage
    National education campaign to encourage 9- to 14- year old girls to make the most of their lives, with a strong emphasis on positive values in health areas. When visited (2/98) the page had special features on elebrates Black History Month and the 1998 female Olympians.
  62. Victorian Women Writers Project
    Transcriptions of literary works by British women writers of the 19th century, encoded using the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) and HTML.
  63. Iowa Women's Archives, University of Iowa Libraries--Index
  64. Women's Studies Primary Source Materials
    A guide (by geographic location) to WWW pages of archives, libraries, and other repositories that have primary source materials by or about women.
  65. ACRL Women's Studies Section Collection Development Committee Web Site
  66. Early Illinois Women
  67. Women's History- From The Mining Company
    Lesson plans, Teaching aids, Projects Web sites and Shared Wisdom (Ideas that other teachers have used).
  68. The Pioneers, Page 1
    A gallery of American women who fought to break into the ranks of male-dominated worlds at the turn of the 20th Century.
  69. Information SuperLibrary
    CREATED EQUAL -- A Multimedia History of American Women.
  70. Women's History Resources
  71. Une Exposition Herstory: An Exhibition
    Women as Icons. Includes: Marian Anderson, Naomi Campbell, Patsy Cline, Babe Didrikson Zaharias, Amelia Earhart, Dale Evans, Greta Garbo, Martha Graham, Guerrilla Girls, Audrey Hepburn, Katharine Hepburn, Frida Kahlo, Helen Keller, Sophia Loren, Jenny McCarthy, Anna Pavlova, Eleanor Roosevelt, Kate Smith, Gertrude Stein, Martha Stewart, Elizabeth Taylor, Margaret Thatcher, Tina Turner, Twiggy, Mae West and Virginia Woolf.
  72. Upper Midwest Women's History Center
  73. Women of Achievement and Herstory
  74. Women and Western Culture, Parts I and II
  75. Distinguished Women of Past and Present
  76. Encyclopedia of Women's History
  77. Paving The Way
    Profiles four remarkable women of the 1950s.
  78. Women's History
    Lessons, student exercises, and reviews that provide ways to bring women's history into your classroom.
  79. Multimedia Sites: Women's History
  80. Women's Exhibition - Celebrating Women's Achievements: 21 Pioneers
  81. Bios of women
    Short biographies of accomplished women through history.
  82. Women's History Month Collaborative Encyclopedia
    Summary of classroom assignment to write research papers on figures in Women's History. They invite all K-12 students to submit entries to a collaborative Web encyclopedia, or "kidopedia", that would maintained for all to use. Currently entries from students in grades 3 through 12, and for some students, English is a second language are included.
  83. Women of Achievement and Herstory Newsletter.
Other Sites

  1. The National Center for Curriculum Transformation Resources on Women
    Interested in curriculum change projects and activities that provide information for faculty and project directors? Resources on women and diversity for both secondary and postsecondary education.
  2. NPR CDs
    Featuring the virtuoso Celtic-folk early-music group Ensemble Galilei -- "...a spellbinding recording of 600 years of music written for, by, and about women."
  3. Scientific American:Science and the Citizen: Women in Politics throughout the World: January 1998
    Brief article with a chart and map showing participation on one dimension (lower house).
  4. Gifts of Speech
    Provides access to speeches made by influential contemporary women.
  5. Women's Educational Equity Act Resource Center: EQUITY ONLINE
    Offers access to: Woman of the week - 52 role models, Your key to equity - Answers to educational problems.
  6. The New York Times Magazine: Heroine Worship
  7. Women's Studies Primary Source Materials
    Archives for Research on Women and Gender at the University of Texas.
  8. Women's Resources on the Web
  9. The Official Site of The National Council of Negro Women, Inc.
  10. AMAZON CITY * Museum of Women in Science & Technology
    The site will soon be offering free personal home pages!
  11. About-Face!
    See a showcase of ads showing positive images of women contrasted with the "Gallery of Offenders."
    Professional Opportunities for Women in Research and Education. Includes Nation Science Foundation Grants for women (Deadline is December, 1997!).
  13. Young Woman
    A global multicultural magazine that profiles women who positively influence our world and demystifies the steps required to achieve personal success.
  14. IGC: WomensNet
    Featuring: Access To Technology, Activism For Women, Development, Economics & Women, Feminist Directories, Health & Reproductive Rights, Human Rights, International Activism, Media, Politics, Social Justice, Violence Against Women, Women Of Color, Women's Publications, Women's Studies.
  15. Women As Allies
  16. Voices From the Gaps
    Information about women writers of color in the United States and includes biographical and bibliographical information and images and audio files.
    A Quarterly of Women's Studies Resources.
  18. "Women Of Hope"-Featured Article, Spring 1997
    A photo essay on twelve Native American Women across the United States, complete with hand-tinted photographs by the photographer herself.
  19. Lost Heroines
  20. Women in Latin America - LANIC
  21. SAWA
    South Asian Women for Action -- is a Boston-based collective of women of South Asian descent.
  22. Celebrating Women Theme
    Provides links to a "baker's top ten" of sites which highlight women and their accomplishments.
    Online and print Magazine for African American women.
  24. RESOUR> For girls on the Net: Links!
    Tracy Marks has been kind enough to list some key resources for girls.
  25. Women Writers Project
  26. Back in the picture: women photographers
    Current (March, 97) article from the Smithsonian Magazine.
  27. Women in Architecture
    Information about issues women face in school, in the workplace and statistics concerning women in architecture schools and the profession. The site also profiles six outstanding women architects, and links to various architecture and women's studies locations.
  28. Take Our Daughters to Work 1997
  29. Gender Diversity - 1997 Annual Conference site
  30. Welcome to Shatter
    Biweekly Zine for women.
  31. Women in America
  32. International Center for Research on Women (ICRW)
    Provides information and technical assistance on women's productive and reproductive roles, status in the family, leadership in society, and management of environmental resources.
  33. Women into Science and Technology
  34. The New York Times Magazine: Heroine Worship
    Both on and offsite information, some in movie format. Heroines include: Marian Anderson, Naomi Campbell, Patsy Cline, Babe Didrikson Zaharias, Amelia Earhart, Dale Evans, Greta Garbo, Martha Graham, Guerrilla Girls, Audrey Hepburn, Katharine Hepburn, Frida Kahlo, Helen Keller, Sophia Loren, Jenny McCarthy, Anna Pavlova, Eleanor Roosevelt, Kate Smith, Gertrude Stein, Martha Stewart, Elizabeth Taylor, Margaret Thatcher, Tina Turner, Twiggy, Mae West, Virginia Woolf.
  35. New Moon Magazine
    The Magazine for Girls and Their Dreams.
    Support organization for the Women's Educational Equity Act (WEEA), a federal program dedicated to reducing educational disparity for women and girls.
  37. Take Back the Night
    Violence Against Women. "On December 6th, 7 years ago, 14 women were killed for being "feminists" at the Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal. This tragedy in Canadian history has not been forgotten. Our aim is to raise awareness of violence against women across Canada and throughout cyberspace, by presenting this Candlelight vigil across the Internet. In memory of women everywhere whose lives have been affected by violence, please place a candle image on your Web page now through December 6th and link it back to this web page."
  38. XX - Empowered Young Females
    Features on a Summer in the Rockies (climbing) and Amazing Athletes: Girls that know how to use their bodies! At least one link encourages girls to establish high goals and Cool Careers: DARE-TO-DREAM, on Anchorwoman, Linda Williams. On a similar note, see Just for the Ride, Anybody ever say "...too...young...too old...too weak...too crazy...too inexperienced...too stupid...too smart... too fat...too thin...too...scary...too frivolous...too lazy...too flighty...too unrealistic...too difficult...too inappropriate...too selfish...too poor...?" Here is a site (inspired by a film about women in the rodeo that was broadcast on the PBS series) that might guide your response.
  40. Women Nobel Prize Laureates
  41. SherryArt Women
    This site has all the potential for offering an enlightening and informative experience for the visitor or researcher. Topic areas incluce: Profiles of Women, Women Who Negotiate, Women's Rights, Women Who Make Art, In A Class By Themselves, Women Who Tell Stories and WOMEN SITES ON THE WEB - A LIST.
  42. W O M E N H O U S E
    "WomEnhouse is a collaborative, multi-authored site that explores the politics of domesticity and gender relations through virtual "rooms" and conceptual domestic "spaces" by 24 artists, architects, poets, art historians, and cultural theorists."
  43. Women's Studies
  44. The President's Interagency Council on Women
  45. Women's Studies Resources
  46. The Celtic Lady's Web Site
    New location,.
  47. Women Leaders Online
    A Page "...dedicated to mobilizing women over the Internet, to empower women politically and stop the anti-women agenda of the Radical Right."
  48. W I T I
    Women in Technology International.
  49. Women's Studies Platform Page
  50. Women and Talent
  51. FeMiNa - Web Search For Women and Girls
  52. Anniina's Alice Walker Page
  53. Gender Related Electronic Forums
    A large alphabetical listing of publicly-accessible electronic forums relating to gender issues.
  54. Women in Cinema: A Reference Guide [Dec. 1994]
  55. Feminist Majority Foundation
  56. Women's Literature and Arts
  57. To The Contrary's Web
    This month(Mar.96) only, the PBS site will include features articles, statistics, and online resources about women and the law.
  58. The March 1996 issue of Computer-Mediated Communication
    A searchable and browsable collection of bibliographic records of its over 2500 sound recordings and 200 video cassettes. Also, information about the Undine Smith Moore Collection of Original Scores and Manuscripts of Black Composers and selected links to other African American Internet resources.
  59. To The Contrary
    All-female news analysis series. ".. TO THE CONTRARY continues to provide an important, timely forum for women to discuss issues and policy affecting the nation."
  60. Isis: OurStory
    "When people talk about the "strength" of black women... they ignore the reality that to be strong in the face of oppression is not the same as overcoming oppression, that endurance is not to be confused with transformation."
  61. One Woman - One Ocean
  62. Welcome to Her Online
  63. Women's News, News Sources and Media Watches
  64. The Women & Politics Home Page
  65. Astra Enterprises Home Page
    See the "Woman of the World" page.
  66. Pleiades: Directory of Women's Organizations & Resources
  67. GENDERPLEX is an exhibition of work by visual artists
    Current conceptions of gender. Questions posed: Are there really only two sexes, and two genders? Is the perception of gender always modified by factors like race, class, and sexual preference? How does our society impose and enforce the current notion of gender? What are the effects of being gendered in this society? To what extent can one opt out of the current gender system?
  68. Where the Girls Are
    Susan Dennis.
  69. University of Virginia Four-Millionth Volume Celebration
    Rita Dove. "Lady Freedom Among Us." [Includes text, images, audio, and video.] Dove, a United States Poet Laureate, is the English Department at the University of Virginia.
  70. The Women's Desk
  71. Women Leaders Online
  72. Women's Web
  73. WOCIA Homepage
    Women of Color in Activism. From the Introductory essay:
    "The women I was surrounded with as a child sought to preserve and transmit a kind of wisdom and knowledge to one another as well as to their daughters about the realities and perspectives of women's lives which had (and have) been long ignored by the official historical record. The preparation of meals then became an occasion for the women of my family to nourish one another's minds and spirits with soul food."
  74. Voyager: Guerrilla Girls
    A group of women artists and arts professionals who make posters about discrimination. See the listing at Voyager: Poster Index.
  75. Celebration of Women Writers
  76. Her Own Words: Newsletter
  77. The Cybergrrl Webstation
  78. The Women of NASA Project
    Teachers! Introduce your students to the exciting world of math and science through the eyes of women working at NASA. "These women provide a link between the real-world and what students are actually learning in the classroom."
  79. Feminist Majority Foundation
    Part of the Linkages World Wide Web server.
  81. The World's Women On-Line!
  82. The Female Appreciation Page
  83. Planet Woman Menu
    Interesting and fun resources for women on the Internet. A click on "History" listed a good selection of serious works on women in history, including a research project done by a K-12 school recently.
  84. The National Organization for Women (NOW) Home Page
  85. Women's Resources
  86. Kansas Careers - Women
    Comprehensive site for women - jobs, internet, studies..
  87. The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing
  88. Women's Conference Web Site: Ground Zero
  89. Women Studies
    University of Maryland at College Park inforM system.

  1. Crossword Puzzle
    Play the puzzle on-line if you have a Java enabled browser, or print out an image of the puzzle to play off line. You can also check out the crossword on Women's History.
  2. Lakhota Language Study Project. Created by WoundedBear
  3. American Indian Studies
  4. Women's Legal History Biography Project
    "Self-employment and Wealth Disparities between Black and White Households Approaching Retirement". Available in the PDF format at the Population Research Institute -- Pennsylvania State University.
  5. The New York Times Magazine: Heroine Worship
    Marian Anderson, Naomi Campbell, Patsy Cline, Amelia Earhart, Dale Evans, Greta Garbo, Martha Graham, The Guerrilla Girls, Audrey Hepburn, Katharine Hepburn, Frida Kahlo, Helen Keller, Sophia Loren, Jenny McCarthy, Anna Pavlova, Eleanor Roosevelt, Kate Smith, Gertrude Stein, Martha Stewart, Elizabeth Taylor, Margaret Thatcher, Tina Turner, Twiggy, Mae West, Virginia Woolf, Babe Zaharias.
  6. Famous Females
    Student project (16 pupils) on famous females.
  7. Welcome to the Working Women Festival
    Collaboration by four gifted women results in a month-long women's theatre festival in San Francisco, now an annual event with workshops, staged readings of four new plays, out-of-town guest artists. A Woman got it done!
    A lession about the contributions and accomplishments of women across many fields of endeavor, available for use for free from Cindy O'Hora.
  8. Canadian Geographical Names - Aboriginal Communities
  9. cultural
    A Trip to the Cherokee Nation East, by David J. Williams
  10. Canada Heirloom Series: Canada’s Native Peoples
  11. Native American Quotes
  12. American Indian World's Fair and Pow-Wow
    THUNDER IN THE DESERT site in Tucson -- December 31, 1999 - January 9, 2000. Watch the History/ Social Studies Site for a photo essay on the event. A celebration of the ancient craft of Basket Weaving is currently online
  13. Native World
  14. Teachers' Guild Lesson Plan: Native American Culture
  15. Hopi Welcome to Hopi
  16. Cowlitz Indian Tribe - Welcome!
  17. Luxton Museum Home Page
    Designed " provide Canadians with a better understanding and appreciation of native societies." Designed for classroom use, with "modules" for a fifty minute class that features a 200-300 word text selection, a short comprehension test and suggestions for further classroom activities.
  19. The Museum of the Cherokee Indian (
  20. Teaching Indigenous Languages Home Page
  21. Native Site Links
  22. Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma
  23. Northern Ute Indian Tribe Main Page
  24. KIDS Report March 30, 1999: Native American Culture
    By students at Whitehorse Middle School in Madison, Wisconsin.
  25. Navajo Art: A Way of Life (Getty ArtsEdNet)
  26. Within the Walls
    First Nations people incarcerated in the prison system. Once in prison, many Aboriginal inmates are introduced to the Native Brotherhood. It is within the Brotherhood that many begin their journey on the Red Road . . . the good road . . . the road to healing.
  27. Native American Online, serving all Native American Tribes and First Nation Communities.
  28. Using Pictures to Compare Lifestyles of Native Americans Past and Present
    Complete lesson/unit for grades 4-6.
  29. The Southern Cherokee Nation
  30. Native Networking: Telecommunications and Information Technology in Indian Country
    PDF on current progress, available as a single file or by topics.
  31. Powwow Song
    The link above plays a short sample from The Mississippi River Of Song: A Musical Journey Down The Mississippi (2-CD set Smithsonian Folkways). The CD presents a two-hour musical journey down the Mississippi and was recorded in small towns and large cities along the river. For background on the music, visit the PBS documentary film series for artist bios, photographs and info on purchasing the video. History classroom + Internet Connection + Sound Card and Speakers + Music/Music History. No need to memorized the ingredients. They are all here to stay.
  32. Alaska Native Heritage Center
    The page features a fine collection of Internet links for doing research on the Native people of Alaska.
  33. Canada's First Nations
  34. TurtleTracksHome
    A Newsletter for Kids from a Native American View.
  35. The AIM Project
    Send your students to this site to "...explore some of the recent events of First Nations activism in Canada and the United States in the past 30 or so years. This site serves as a resource for our study of Okanagan author Jeannette Armstrong's Slash, a historical novel about a young Okanagan man's political and spiritual development in the context of the events of the 1970s and 1980s."
  36. The Oklahoma Project
    Browse the historical and cultural issues surrounding the state and the people and the early pioneers who formed it. You might think that this page looks at the European dimension, as so many web pages do... The site is the product of a Contemporary Native North American Literature (1997-1998) class at the University of Toronto. They explore the "...history of the Osage and some of the other First Nations who settled there, but the political, social, and economic changes undergone in Oklahoma from Indian removal to the 1920s." The information was used as a base of study of Chickasaw author Linda Hogan's Mean Spirit, a historical novel about the oil boom which took place on Osage lands in northeastern Oklahoma in the early 1920s." You can read some Non-Native Reviews of Mean Spirit at the site or visit Amazon Com for the reactions of those who purchased the book. Linda's "Drums" was featured in the NEA anthology "Writing America" . If you look closely at the Poetry Month site, there is a mail-to to order a free copy of the "Writing America" publication. Welcome the Oklahoma Project site to the fold of the non-Eurocentric web world.
  37. TurtleTracksHome
    A Newsletter for Kids from a Native American Viewpoint.
  38. Index of Native American Resources on the Internet
  39. NMAI Conexus / Archives / Exhibits / Yup'ik Masks
  40. National Museum of the American Indian
    Navigation Homepage. Many featured site, but be sure to visit the Exhibitions site.
  41. Tribal Law and Government Center
    University of Kansas School of Law.
  42. Native American Tlingit Culture
    Raised in the Chilkat Valley, Haines/Klukwan, Southeast Alaska; Jodi Stickler-Ivie is of Chilkat Tlingit descent and descends from the Thunderbird House in Klukwan. Include are xamples of Tlingit legend a collection of tlingit related images, historical data concerning the language and life of past Tlingit people and off-site information on Tlingit Culture.
  43. The Azteca Web Page
  44. Native American Intertribal Council (NAIC)
  45. THE OFFICIAL Hopi Cultural Preservation Office
  46. Heard Museum
    Current Exhibits: Art in Two Worlds, Cloud Messengers: Hopi Katsina Dolls, Cradles Corn and Lizards, Blue Gem, White Metal and Horse! Past Exhibits: The Cutting Edge, From Cairo to Carefree, Inventing the Southwest, Mayan Life and 7th Native Americans.
  47. Pueblo Cultural Center
    I especially enjoyed the "Murals" page.
  48. Rugs of the Hubbell Trading Post
  49. Native Americans and the Environment Home Page
    A page designed to "...promote education and research of environmental problems facing Native American communities.." and to "...explore the values and historical experiences that Native Americans bring to bear on environmental issues."
  50. Library: DOI Publications
    Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).
  51. Native American Constitution and Law Digitization Project
  52. First Americans, Native American Indian Studies for Grade Schoolers.
  53. Artic Studies Center Exhibitions
    Currently (12/98) featuring: Agayuliyararput (Our Way of Making Prayer -- The Living Tradition of Yup'ik Masks, AINU: Spirit of a Northern People ("The only exhibit in North America to explore the history, culture and art of the Ainu, the Native people of Northern Japan), Looking Both Ways: Heritage and Identity of the Alutiiq People and the Viking exhibition listed below.
  54. Frontera Magazine
    Short selections from current and back issues of this print magazine...I was surprised that a Spanish version was not on-line. I looked at one of the on-line articles ("The Gag Comes Off") and sampled the reading level...
    "Sustained by the centrifugal force of their pilgrimages from one space to the next, the Latinos of the '90s are stable in their transitory status as intermediaries from one culture to another. For members of this generation, the journeys from their Latino world to the mainstream world are second-nature, an intrinsic part of who they are."
    Difficult for many 9-12 students.
  55. Native American Geometry
  56. Compact Histories
    Native American histories.
  57. Inuit Culture
  58. NATIVE AMERICANS resources from Nerd World Media
  59. Innu Nation/Mamit Innuat WWW Site
  60. the Native American Pod
    Offers features similar to the Judaism Pod as well as access to information on over 3000 historical events which affected the indigenous peoples of North America. (see THIS WEEK IN "NORTH AMERICAN INDIAN" HISTORY by PHIL KONSTANTIN)
  61. ALL US TRIBES: Main Access Mapindex
    tribes.jpgExcellent collection of maps showing the location and other information about all tribes.
  62. tekayr's Home Page
    For the "...history, culture, and environment of the Hopi and Navajo tribes of Northeastern Arizona, and the scenic grandure and wonder of the region in which they live."
    Myths and Legends for American Indian Youth.
  64. Indians - Seminole Tribe of Florida
    The Official Home of the Florida Seminole Indians
    An Anthropology course page from the University of Arizona. See the selection of lecture notes and exam review materials.
  66. The Indie Scene: Making a Noise: A Native American Musical Journey With Robbie Robertson
    Inspired by the return of Robertson to the Six Nations Indian Reservation "...where he had spent his summers as a child listening to relatives play country and blues on the guitar. During this musical journey, Robertson absorbs the native rhythms of his youth and blends them with contemporary rock, jazz and blues to create a rich and exciting new sound."
  67. ILTweb: History: NA: Native American Navigator
    See the Topic Index for a listing of subjects and sections.
  68. Inuuqatigiit
    A page to promote the "...enhancement and enrichment of the language and culture of Inuit students. It also promotes integration of the Inuit perspective with the standard school curriculum. In almost every school subject, students should learnabout Inuit history, knowledge, traditions, values and beliefs."
  69. CMC Magazine: Ain't Gotta Do Nothin But Be Brown and Die
    Introduction to the Internet and an American Indian Chat Room, by Ellen Baird.
  70. The Fraud Called the Bureau of Indian Affairs
    Download Stealing From Indians: Inside the Bureau of Indian Affairs an Expose of Corruption, Massive Fraud and Justice Denied - Advocating Freedom for American Indians and Federal Government Reform.
  71. Native-American Village
  73. NavajoToday -- Your On-line Navajo News ResourceBaje Whitethorne, Sr.
  74. ABQjournal's @VENUE: Museums
    Feature on the opening of The Navajo Museum, Library & Visitor's Center in Arizona.
  75. KODAK: The Enduring Spirit Introduction
    Phil Borges photographs people in trouble, especially native people, who "...are facing political repression, encroachments on their environment, disease, drought or other scarcities."
  76. CMC - Grand Hall - Northwest Coast Native culture
    Some great graphics and creation stories. See if you can find out how light came into the universe.
  77. ILTweb: History: NA: Native American Navigator
    For "...geographical, historical, topical and keyword-based student inquiry on topics related to Native American history and culture in the United States." Designed for K-12 teachers and students. An excellent resource. Overview | Student Work | Curricula | Museums | The Navigator | Tribes | NativeWatch News
  78. Inuuqatigiit
    Learn what is important to this Canadian Native American group and how it is being promoted.
  79. The Virtual Keeping House: A First Nations Gallery
    View the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre's permanent Aboriginal art collection and also its collection of artifacts.
  80. Tribal Index
    A gateway to information concerning 80 western Native American tribes (photographed by Edward Sherrif Curtis from 1890 to 1930).
  81. Welcome to Kahon:wes's Mohawk & Iroquois Homepage Index
  82. American Indian Studies Programs at the University of Arizona
    See the Indigenous Links Page and Links To American Indian Resources on the Internet.
  83. Red Ink
    Provide an opportunity for students (at American Indian Studies Programs At The University Of Arizona) and non-students to publish their work in the areas of poetry, short stories, creative non-fiction, original artwork, book & film reviews and scholarly articles. While enhancing a student's professional development, RED INK gives contributors an opportunity to interact with other Native American researchers and writers in their respective fields.
  84. The Official Home Page of the Seminole Tribe of Florida
  85. SITES: Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Services
    Smithsonian site currently featuring information on an exhibit of Native American quilts. Students should note the cultural context described for the selection of online quilts.
  86. Yamada Language Guides
    Guides and links to major language information, both past and present.
  87. THE OFFICIAL Hopi Cultural Preservation Office
  88. Wounded Knee: Past and Present
  89. Mohican Indians, New York State, Hudson Valley
  90. "Tlingit National Anthem" from Alaska's Tongass
  91. WWWVL -- Circumpolar & Aboriginal North America Resources
    For Alaska, northern Canada, Greenland, and the Nordic countries, southern Canada, and Hawaii and the continental USA.
  92. NativeWeb - an Internet Community
  93. Voices of the Wintercount
    A site to share the thoughts, ideas, and words of traditional Native American people.
  94. Native American Home Pages
  95. Hawaii Resource Library
  96. The Lumbee Tribe
  97. Native Americans and Change
    A WebQuest designed to involve the students in the past and current life of Native Americans in Florida. TOC: Teacher's Overview, Student Stage and Student WebQuest.
  98. Sky Watchers
    "Sky Watchers" reveals how the ancestors of the Pueblo Indians (the Anasazi, a tribe of 10th century cliff dwellers) created an amazingly accurate calendar for religious ceremonies and crop-plantings with only the sun and the stars to guide them. You might show the site to the Science teachers (since several astronomy students reveal that modern sky watching is motivated by the same forces that drove the Anasazi) and consider some collaboration projects.
  99. History of the Cherokee -- White Indian's Homepage
    History, Images and Maps, Genealogy: Cherokee and other Native American, Books and Newspapers, Related Links, In the Beginning...The Legend of the Keetoowahs, A View of Traditional Cherokee Law, Fire in the Mountains, First European Contact, The Chickamauga and The Arkansas Cherokee and Cherokee History Links.
  100. al intra NA Indian Web-sites A-E
  101. Multicultural Bibliography
    Bibliography of Native American literature for children from the American Northwest. Includes folktales, biography and other genres.
  104. Cow Creek Band of Umpqua Tribe of Indians
  105. Keihan's Native American Issues
  106. Native American Authors
    Information on contemporary Native North American authors with some historical authors are represented.
  107. Native Pages From StFXU
  108. Bill's Aboriginal Links
  109. Voice of the Shuttle: Gender Studies Page
  110. HONOR's Native American Support and Resource Information Center
  111. In the Time of the Old Ones
  112. Native Peoples Magazine Homepage
  113. Navajo Community College
  114. Lone Bear's Cherokee Links Homepage
  115. Indian Paintbrush Gallery -
    Native American Art.
  116. Indian Country
  117. History of the Cherokee -- White Indian's Homepage
  118. trophies of honor
    A "... project to chronicle and preserve indigenous culture and Art by presenting museum quality works on the Internet in exhibition form."
  119. Compact Histories
    First Nations.
  120. Cherokee
  121. OSKANONDONHA'S PIPE - Oneida Indian Nation
    Descriptions and Myths of Oskanondonha, Chief Oskanondonha and Hero of the Revolution, The Treaty Years War and Wampum Keeper, Traditional Leader and Progressive Leader, Pipe Smoker, Oskanondonha"s Pipe.
  122. Roots of Peace, Seeds of Hope
    A Journey for Peacemakers. Matthew Fox, Howard Zinn, traditional Native leaders, plus many, many more nationally known and respected individuals have offered praise for this gentle book that expresses the essence of what Native and non-Native people have been to one another in this country.
  123. Lakota Teaching Project
  124. The Pow Wow Trail
  125. Arctic Circle:The Crees of Northern Quebec
  126. Languages of Oregon
    A map of Oregon shows the richness of the Native American language diversity. Links to the left of the map link to pages with rich and diverse content about the language and culture. The visual impact of the site clearly demonstrates diversity in a section of the US. Native folklore and writings are presented in clear graphics with the text translated into English. Younger viewers will find it easy to navigate and will enjoy the richness of the Native American tales. See the Yamada Language Guides
    Fonts for 115 languages.
  127. Tse-tsehese-staestse (Cheyenne)Literature
    A Northern Cheyenne Website.
  129. KIDS January 13, 1997: Native Americans
    KIDS reviews of Native American sites.
  130. Lakota Sioux
  131. Cheyenne Indian Art & Native American Art
  132. A Guide to the Great Sioux Nation
  133. Nez Perce/Nee-me-poo Home Page
  134. Aid Cuts and Cold Bring Cruelest Winter to Sioux Reservation
  135. i&d.CULTIVATION: Language
    "Every time one of our elders dies, it's like a library burning down." Essay by William Yardley on the possible death of a large number of American Indian languages. From the current issue of "Increase and Diffusion," a new publication by the Smithsonian.
  136. Southern Native American Pow Wows
    If you plan to visit a Pow Wow, this is the site to review the courtesies and customs. Other features include: Introduction to the Southern Circle (A history and overview for the old and new to the circle), Pow Wow Terminology (Common words you might hear at a Pow Wow), The Drum and Songs, Dance Styles and a listing of annual Pow Wows, events and resource lists.
  137. Return of the Natives
    An eight-part series presented by the Hartford Courant.
  138. The Native American Adventure
    Literature linked to specific tribes. The largest listing I have seen.
  139. Sierra
    Native American issues and contributions to the preservation of the environment.
  140. The Sacred Buffalo book
    For Canadian history and Diversity, with links to an Index by Community, Inuit Art, current exhibits and the International Inuit Calendar.
  142. Dene Gopher
    "The Reserve is a vibrant and prosperous community with a band membership of approximately 450 and a population of 260. Most of the residents are South Slavey Dene, who have occupied these lands for thousands of years."
  143. First Perspective On-line
    Canadian source on indigenous peoples.
  144. Navajo Nation
  145. League of United Latin American Citizens
  146. Tables Turned by Linda Stasi
    Mohegans and Pequots gain a measure of revenge in gambling establishments.
  147. NativeWeb Home Page
    ||Subject Categories || Geographic Regions || Nations/Peoples || Languages || Education || Law Legal Issues || Literature || Newsletters Journals || Organizations ||Bibliographies || Historical Material ||Information Sites || Dictionaries || Personal Home Pages || Mailing lists.
  148. NATIVE
    Native American Tribes.
  149. Index of Native American Resources on the Internet
    Great Oral History section. See also: Comments On Carving Soapstone, Inuit Cultural Perspectives, Dehcho: "Mom, We've Been Discovered!" People From Our Side: A Life Story with Photographs and Oral Biography, Puiguitkaat a transcript of the 1978 Elders Conference held in Barrow, Alaska. Extensive list of resources on Native American issues with links to art, culture, history, archeology, music, texts, museums and government services (Mostly US).
  150. Native Nations of Iowa
    History of the Native Nations of Iowa included the Ioway, the Santee Dakota and Yankton (Nakota) Sioux, the Sac (Sauk) and Fox (Meskwaki), the Otoe and Missouria, the Omaha and Ponca, the Pawnee, the Winnebago, the Potawatomi, and the Illinois Confederacy. The Prehistory of Iowa Before 1700: The Original Nations of Iowa, 1700-1800: Iowa as a Refuge from the Eastern Wars, 1800-1900: War, Treaties and Removal, and the Return of the Mesquakie, 1900-Today: The Mesquakie and the Development of Iowa's Urban Indian Communities.
  151. Indian Languages in Iowa
    Indian Languages and Place Names in Iowa.
  152. Nunamiut of Alaska: Simon Paneak Museum
  153. Plaza de Sol
    Site listing of Indigenous cultures of the Americas that includes commerical, informational, historical sites. Native Americas of the Northern, Arctic regions; Indian cultures of the present- day U.S.A. and Aztec, Incan and Mayan cultures of the past.
  154. Oneida Indian Nation - Wamoum
  155. FDLTCC Welcome-text
    Fond du Lac Tribal & Community College.
  156. Taino Inter-Tribal Council
    Organization of Taino and other Arawak-speaking people from the Caribbean islands who are resident in the U.S.
  157. Indian Health Service
    Provides information on health care and the IHS environment, along with links to medical references. Nice page of links to other Native American pages.
  158. North Georgia History-Trail of Tears
  159. Return of the Natives: An eight-part Series
    The first artictle in the series By HILARY WALDMAN from the Hartford Courant - Should be easy reading for students, with short concise sentences and paragraphs. This is the type of site Wisconsin needs to help schools and teachers comply with state-mandated teaching about Wisconsin Indians.
  160. The Mechoopda Indian Tribe of Chico Rancheria, California
  161. THE SNAKE
    A boy growing up on the Mexican-American border.
  162. "The American Way"
    A site devoted to Native American affairs where "...wandering journalist ponders political and historical repercussions of the cataclysmic clash between newcomers and oldcomers...
  163. The Elkus Collection of Eskimo paintings
  164. Another Native-American Search Links Page, maintained by Michael Kinsella
  165. Chief Leschi Schools
    A tribal school in Tacoma, Washington, operated by the Puyallup Tribe.
  166. White Indian's Homepage
  168. Polynesian Cultural Center
  169. ETSU Native American Association
  170. Indigenous Environmental Network
  171. Pueblo Cultural Center
    Click on the "Murals Project" for some of the finest contemporary native art.
  172. "NAVA Presents - The Flags of the Native American Peoples of the United States"
  173. Menominee Nation
  174. Native American Indian -- Culture, Education, Art, Science, History --Native Sources, Startpage
  175. NATIVE AMERICAN BOOKS: By, about Native Americans
  176. Aboriginal Star Knowledge Menu
    See the Lakota Stellar Theology and Lakota sacred star map and the teacher resources for daytime and naked-eye astronomy.
  177. Native America
    CHEROKEE, CHICKASAW, CHOCTAW, CREEK, and SEMINOLE who were settled in INDIAN TERRITORY (present-day Oklahoma).
  179. NativeNet Web
    America page.
  180. Native American Studies Platform Page
  181. The Singing Tuscaroras
    Learn about: Origin of the Iroquois Nations, General Iroquois information, the Iroquois Constitution, Tuscarora Timeline and the The Tuscarora War, 1794 Treaty with the Oneidas and Tuscarora, Saksari's Mohawk Nation Drum, Oneida Indian Nation and The Iroquois Longhouse Family.
  182. The Seminole Tribe of Florida
  183. Peguis School Introduction
    Canadian school with student population primarily of Native ancestry.
  184. Aboriginal Web Links
  185. FNAI -- Canadian Native Art Gallery -- Home Page
    More than art, read about "Ooligan Fish and Oil -- A Nearly Perfect Food" (and learn from sketches how to make it).
  186. Native American Home Pages
    This is one of those pages where the first reaction is "Wow, this is just what I have been looking for!" One top graphic (great photo to showcase weaving, Lisa) and the rest is content. Needs a brief TOC to jump down to those sites on the bottem though...
  187. Dusters Native American White Buffalo Page !
  188. Canada First Nations
  189. Native Amrican Indian -- Culture, Education, Art, Science, History --Native Sources, Startpage
  190. The Plains and Emigrant Tribes of Kansas, revised 3/12/96
  191. Jewishnet
  192. The Native Book Centre
    Lists Native Indian resources on the Internet.
  193. First Nations/First Peoples Issues
  194. Native American Home Pages
  196. Aloha and Welcome to INTERNET ISLAND!
    Stop at "Historic Park" and see if you can locate the only royal palace in America. A must see is the "Birth of Internet Island" Links to Interesting Facts about Hawai`i, Historical Landmark of the Month, The Hawaiian Word of the Week, and Hawaiian Folklore.
  200. Multicultural essays
    Different Voices, Different Choices -- essays by students in Journalism 150, Fall, 1995. Hawaii's Cultural Melting Pot by Lane Hirashiki, Racism in Hawaii by Morgana Goble, A Look at Racism by Cathleen Goto, Building the Better Bigot by Harold Chung, When East Meets West by Myong Choe, Who Are the Filipinos? by Mark Ocampo, Changing Goals of Filipinos by Beverly C. Domingo, Life After Death in the Filipino Culture by Clarine Orodio, Reflections of a Second-Generation Chinese by Willow Chang, My Chinese Grandmother by Johnette Maielua, O Kanega-Naru!, Okinawan Traditions by Lance Nitahara, Growing Up Hapa by Willow Chang, Life in Hawai'i during World War Two by Dorie Coronado, Real Guamanian Recipes by Jaymee Caraval.
  201. Virtual festival of American Folklife
    Learn about a Lu'au in Hawai'i, watch some of the most beautiful dancing in the world, read about Hawaiian culture, African naming ceremony in US, A Nigerian Yoruba Naming Ceremony in the Washington DC Area, Ewi naming ceremony poem, Photo Gallery, Music/Musica, Exploring Borders, Celebrations/Celebraciones, Language/Lenguaje, Traditional Art/Arte, Occupations/Oficios,
  202. Great Lakes Regional American Indian Network
  203. Mardi Gras Indians History
  204. The Monacan Indian!
    See the page for children and read The Story Of The Natural Bridge -- one of the stories of Old Tree.
  205. The CMN Home Page
    College of the Menominee Nation.
  206. Lakota Link
  207. Peace Brigades International, North America Project
    Provides international human rights observers for Native American communities in Canada and the United States. Special online reports about project activities.
  208. Chelan and Entiat
    Information on a book about the Chelan and Entiat, two Northwest Indian bands. It includes sections on the Indian owned Wapato Point located on Lake Chelan in Washington State.
  209. Filipinas Online
    Features summaries from Print Edition and Online and selected complete articles.
  210. First Nations/First People Issues
    This site addresses past and present issues of consequence to the First Nations. See the Wounded Knee...a collection, First Nations Histories (Tsalagi, Mahican, Catawba...) and "In The Spirit of Crazy Horse."
  211. Alaska Natives & First Nations
  212. Abernaki Indian Center, Incorporated
  213. Koshare Museum
    La Junta, Colorado.
  214. noson page
    Costanoan-Ohlone Indian Canyon Resource.
  215. Florida Seminoles - James Billie
    Shares ancient legends, languages, boyhood dreams, and an uncommon view of today's world. Sound files in wav format.
  216. The American Indian Quarterly
  217. The Shadow Catcher
    Edward S. Curtis and the North American Indian.
  218. Mathers Museum Collections: Native North American
  219. Navajo (Dine) Home Page
  220. Navajo Language Sample
    Feature site because of the clickable alphabet of letters/sounds in the language.
  221. Native American Information:
  222. Native American Electronic Text Resources on the Internet
    A comprehensive guide to Native Americans and Native American resources on the Internet.
    " Explore the unmatched variety of American life and the common threads that bind us together as a people. Then get involved to actively promote diversity and tolerance with the help of Time Warner's teaching, reading and volunteering resources in the Action Center."
  225. Powhatan Renape Nation - Rankokus American Indian Reservation
  226. Tlingit Indians of SE Alaska
    Includes Tlingit artwork, Thumbnail history of the Tlingits, soundfiles, Poetry from "Soulcatcher", Bibliography of texts on the Tlingits, Links to Native Resources on the Web.
  227. Web Pages and Other Computer Resources for American Indian Schools and Students
  228. Humboldt State Univ: Native American WWW Sites
  229. Current Stories
    Texas site - and this is an interesting addition to the stories - The Stone People's Lodge.
  230. Fluxus Indian Museum
  231. SDBP - The San Diego BLAACK Pages
  232. Red Earth, White Lies
    Extended book review.
  233. NativeWeb has moved to a new location
  234. Native American Home Pages
  235. Native American Info on the WWW
    Links to organizations, newsletters and journals. Soon to come -- biographies, native language, and native literature indexes. An events calendar is included at this site.
  236. American Historical Images on File
    Comprehensive collection of images of Native American people. The collection is arranged chronologically from the prehistoric period and the Paleo-Indians to 1990 and the appointment of R. Richard West as director of the National Museum of the American Indian. The collection includes information and images which describe the lifeways of various tribes and include historical entries for particular Indian groups.
  237. Native American Documents Project
  238. Human Studies Film Archives
    Collection of approximately eight million feet of original ethnographic film and video.
  239. Native Languages
    "Keeping Native Languages Alive: Hawaiians, Eskimos, and Navajos use technology to preserve their cultures" -- by Maureen M. Smith.
  240. Cultural Survival
    Founded to help indigenous peoples and ethnic groups deal as equals with societies that often, in the name of development and progress, take their lands, natural resources, and their cultural identity.
  241. Indigenous Peoples
  242. Welcome to Dreamcatchers
    Interesting site but you must have "images" on. No text is supplied at the site. A line-mode or text viewer will not work.
  243. Redhawk Publishing
    Native American owned company specializing in publications to educate the public about traditional native american culture and spirituality.
  244. Gathering of Nations
  245. TMT And ICUG Present The People's Home Page
    American Indian Culture and other Native Cultures.
  246. Native American thought, language, and culture
  247. Cherokee Nation
  248. Homepage of the Kau activists
    Part of the indigenous Hawaiian (called "Kanaka Mauli") sovereignty movement.
  249. Burning Feather's Native American Information Pages
  250. Sunbow 5 Walk for the Earth
    Source of information including background, photos, maps and itinerary for the Sunbow 5 Walk for the Earth. The walk is being guided by traditional Native American elders " fulfill understandings that they have carried for thousands of years, and to unite all the races and religions."
  251. Native American Studies
  252. Native Americans in Film and Television: A Short Bibliography of Materials in the UC Berkeley Libraries
  253. Aboriginal Youth Network - Home Page
  254. Institute of American Indian Arts Museum
    Presented from an Indian perspective. Contains but six images, like "Traditional Bear Fetish", "Ghost Dance" and "Hopi Maiden", with a brief description of each. Some have multiple choice questions for the student/viewer who can then submit the answer via a form. Instead of just providing information, this site demonstrated how the WWW can be used as a tool for teaching
  255. Native American Information
    Arizona site. Try INDIANnet BBS - telnet or
    "INDIANnet is an Indian-owned and operated nonprofit organization dedicated to establishing and developing free public access, computerized information and communications services for American Indians and Alaskan Natives."
  256. Tandanya Aboriginal Art
  257. The Electric Gallery: Northwest Myths
    Recent addition to the Gallery.
  258. National Museum of the American Indian
  259. The Heard Museum
    Dedicated to promote respect for Native Americans.
  260. International Native Arts Festival
    Canadian Site..see the First Nation Photo site.
  261. Web Pages and Other Computer Resources for American Indian Schools and Students
  262. Legends Page One
    Sandpaintings originate from Navajo healing ceremonies. Why is the painting destroyed?
  263. Navajo--Hopi--Santo Domingo--Zuni Indian Jewelry.
    Also Kachina Dolls, rugs, baskets, pottery, Indian artifacts, sculptures, oils.
  264. Indian Civil Liberties Union
  265. Bill Wright - Fine Art Photographs
    Native Americans in Texas and People's Lives - a photo celebration of the lifestyles of various people.
  266. broadway gallery
    Currently an American Indian display.
  267. SambaLa Home Page
    Dedicated to the spread of Brazilian culture.
  268. Special Collections High School Page - Native Americans
    Tradition and Daily Life, Biographies and Ft. Armstrong. A click on "Biographies" revealed a page with about ten interviews with Native Americans. An excellent example of the use of oral history techniques to document the history of Native Americans.
  269. Costanoan-Ohlone Indian Canyon Resource
  270. OTA's Native American Resource Page
    Links to the Fon du Lac Tribal site and several other tribal homepages. I explored the link to the nation of Hawai`i and visited the Bishop Museum, Iloa Exhibit and Star Navigation. Lots of historical text files, chronologies and pictures in JPG format.
  271. Tribal Voice
  272. American Indian Central
    An attempt to centralize information on Native Americans on the Internet.
  273. Arctic Bites
    Poetry, Inuit writings and newspapaer accounts of Inuit culture. See "The Snow Goose and the Mosquito" or "Caribou Magic" and many others.
  274. American Studies Web
    American Studies Web -- Links to Race and Ethnicity, Asian American Studies, Native American Studies, Latino and Chicano Studies, Other Race and Ethnic Resources, African American Studies.

  1. Chicano Humanities and Arts Council
    Gallery in Denver, Colorado.
  2. Hispanic Reading Room / Library of Congress
  3. Hispanic Culture Review
  4. Hispanic Americans in Congress, 1822-1995
  5. Latino/Hispanic Resources
  6. Immigrants' desperate trek
  7. Booming Border Town
  8. Illegal crossers wreak havoc on Sonoran Desert landscape
  9. Mexican Migration Project/Proyecto Sobre Migracion Mexicana
    "What are the causes of Mexico-U.S. migration? How many undocumented Mexicans settle in the U.S.? What are the consequences of emigration for Mexico? How do Mexicans fare in the United States? "
  10. Farmworkers' website!
    A first stop at the site might be Los Braceos -- part of an effort to document the origin of the border farmworkers and their contribution to American society.
  11. JSRI Research and Publications
    A resource for current research and information relevant to Latinos.
  12. Gale Group - Hispanic Heritage
  13. Hispanic Heritage
  14. Self Help Graphics & Art
    Designed to showcase art that reflectes the rich cultural values and spirit of the local Chicano community in LA.
  15. CSBS
    Center for the Study of Books in Spanish for Children and Adolescents.
  16. Chicana and Chicano Space
  17. The Latino Museum of History, Art and Culture
  18. The Hispanic Society of America
    A free museum and reference library for the study of the arts and cultures of Spain, Portugal, and Latin America.
  19. - Charlas
  20. Language & Culture Links: Spanish
  21. The Border
    "Trace the volatile history of the United States/Mexico border region with this informative site. Browse border-related stories, follow an interactive timeline, view a morphing map showing the changing border, participate in online forums and access suggested reading lists."
  22. Education World ® - Lesson Planning: Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!
  23. Census Bureau Facts for Hispanic Heritage Month
  24. Hispanic Heritage
  26. Hispanic Folk Arts & The Environment: A New Mexican Perspective
  27. The Diego Rivera Mural Project
    As might be expected, this is a site with high graphic content, but the art is so excellent, you will not mind the brief wait. On the Mural page, clicking on a graphic of the entire mural generates a larger version of the first graphic. Viewers can also select a panel or segment for viewing details.
  28. Center for Latino Studies in the Americas
  29. "El Nuevo Mundo"
    A photographer examines and document the character of a Latino neighborhood in LA.
  30. Smithsonian Highlights
    "Americanos: Latino Life"
  31. Smithsonian Center for latino initiatives
  32. Hispanet On-Line Spanish Language Website
  33. Latino USA | Learning Resources
    ""Taco Bell and Latino Stereotypes" And "An Interview With Dinky The Spokes-Dog. This report by María Martin and the satire by Lalo López and Esteban Zul can stimulate discussion on several topics, including stereotypes, sensitivity, and the role of advertising." You might also visit POLICE AND LATINOS: ONE COMMUNITY’S STORY and LATINO MUSIC IN REVIEW.
  34. "Americanos: Latino Life"
    Smithsonian Highlights - Recent feature article. The Smithsonian site has an Email newsletter to inform visitors of new resources. It is well worth the on-line time to browse it when it arrives. See the sign-up form in the left margin frame. Enjoy the free on-line articles at the site. When I last visited (6/99) the site featured articles from the May issue: The Resurrection of the Stones (Ruins of Britain's monasteries that were seized when Henry VIII broke with Rome
  35. AmericanosProject.Com
  36. Americanos Project
  37. Smithsonian Center for Latino Initiatives
  38. latino center related resources
    Latino Museums and Museums with Latino Collections.
  39. Mexican Migration Project/Proyecto Sobre Migracion Mexicana
    "Retablos and Oral histories alike reveal the degree to which U.S. migration has become a core part of the collective experience of the Mexican people. Working in the United States is now an institutionalized feature of the nation's culture and society."
  40. BrownPride.Com - BrownPride Online!
    Mexican/Chicano zine.
  41. Mexica Movement - Frames Version
  42. Some Spanish Language Places
  43. Latino Beat - The National Daily Hispanic News & Information Service
    Showing a unit on Latino Beat - Cesar Chavez.
  44. TeacherSource: In Your Town: Station Spotlights
    Kicking The Habit: Minority Students Tackle Tobacco. "Recent studies in California show that ¾ of all Latino students age 17 and under have smoked at least once; this number is at least ten percent higher than the general student population. What's more, 1/3 of all Latino high school students smoke regularly, and one out of every five Latino eighth graders are habitual tobacco users."
  45. Hispanic Heritage Clip Art
  46. Hispanic/Latino News Service -- Daily Latino news updates, opinions, and more!
    Visit the site and try the free RichLink plug-in, which provides immediate translations of words or phrases in selected English-language opinion pieces. Both the Spanish and English definitions are displayed in pop-up windows. Features daily Latino-interest news from around the web.
  47. Nueva Vista: Latino/Puerto Rican Issues, Views and Links
  48. NGA - Folk Arts of the Spanish Southwest from the Index of American Design
    Your in for an excellent on-line exhibit, anytime you see the NGA (National Gallery of Art). Although only 25 samples are presented from the tour...they are stunning and representative.
  49. CHICO - Cultural Heritage Initiative for Community Outreach
    Umbrella site for a host of programs and web sites, all in the area of diversity. See the Exhibition, Harlem 1900-1940 for an example of the quality of sites linked to CHICO.. Sugggestion, go to the Exhibit link and read the Introduction for a quick overview. Then visit Our Way of Making Prayers, which features traditional masks and their stories (as told by Yup'ik elders) from collections from around the world.This is a top site in presentation, organization and content.
  50. Sonoma State University Art Gallery
    "Body/Culture: Chicano Figuration (1990) featured twelve artists (Juana Alicia, Judy Baca, Enrique Chagoya, Eva Garica, Lorraine, Garcia-Nakata, Rupert Garcia, Carmen Lomas Garza, Frank Lopez-Motnyk, Magu, Jose Montoya, Armando Rascon, and John Valdez) whose work incorporates the human figure and the many aesthetic, cultural, and political associations such imagery can evoke." Other links/features connect to: Waurá: Drawings of the Waurá Indians (1991) and Shared Experiences/Personal Interpretations: Seven Native American Artists (1993) for issues raised by Native American visual artists of California.
  51. Frontera Magazine
    Short selections from current and back issues of this print magazine...I was surprised that a Spanish version was not on-line. I looked at one of the on-line articles ("The Gag Comes Off") and sampled the reading level...
    "Sustained by the centrifugal force of their pilgrimages from one space to the next, the Latinos of the '90s are stable in their transitory status as intermediaries from one culture to another. For members of this generation, the journeys from their Latino world to the mainstream world are second-nature, an intrinsic part of who they are."
    Difficult for many 9-12 students.
  52. NetGuide: NetGuide article: A Celebration of Latin Music Online, LatinoLink, Hispanic Heritage Month, Saludos Web, The Society of Hispanic Historical and Ancestral Research, Hispanic Online, Latino Culture--The Mining Company LatinoWeb, LatinoWorld, Things Latino, The Xicano Files.
  53. Chicano! History of the Mexican-American Civil Rights Movement
    To air August 24th.
    CAYUTAVILLE is a documentary airing on PBS, Tuesday, September 1, 1998 (check local listings). The program attempts to reveal "...real people living real lives that are both beautiful and bleak. The film focuses on the experiences of two extended families ....[in] a small village in upstate New York, where the church represents the literal and psychological center of life.
  55. California State Parks: Hispanic Heritage Sites
    A look at California State Park System units that are related to the Spanish Colonial and Mexican Republic eras of California history, or have other associations that may be of interest to people concerned with the Hispanic/Mexican heritage of California.
  56. La Herencia Del Norte - Hispanic Heritage Magazine
    A "...quarterly magazine that highlights New Mexico's Hispanic culture, both past and present. Current issues and trends that directly affect Hispanics in the state are also covered. The magazine's editorial focus is dedicated to the preservation of the Hispanic culture of New Mexico and the Southwest."
  57. Hispanic-American Village
  58. Online NewsHour: Strangers Among Us--April 29, 1998
    How Latino Immigration is Transforming America, in a conversation about the Latino population in America.
  59. HISPANIC Online
  60. ALEGRIA - The Mexican Folklorico Home Page
  61. Hopscotch Contents
    Web preview of a new quarterly journal (to start November 1998) and published by Duke University Press. The first regular issue of the journal will include articles on Hollywood depictions of Latinos, the pitfalls of the Brazilian Left, Latino percussions, Julio Iglesias, and the controversy over Spanglish.
  62. Hispanic/Latino News Service - Daily Roundup
  63. SEDL - New Items
    The Texas public schools have joined forces with the cultural ministry of a country overseas to improve and expand the teaching of language and culture.
  64. LatinoLink Home Page and LatinoLink: Links we Like.
  65. Latino/Hispanic History US History
    Covering: Historical Topics, Chronological History(1492-1945), Reference Material and Documents.
  66. Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Gala
    Provides access to the The Educational Quarterly (aimed at high school students, parents and educators), which provides college profiles and access information on the attainment of higher education for Hispanic students. The site also links to valuable scholarship search information and information on Internships and Fellowships for Latino students. Finally, the page offers a PDF file on the 1997-98 National Directory of Hispanic Organizations to download.
  67. Web Sites of Interest to Latinos
  68. ¡del Corazón!
    Featuring the National Museum of American Art's collection of art by Latino artists and ¡del Corazón!, an interactive, educational webzine for teachers and students.
  69. Hispanic Population of the United States
    Recent update by the Census Bureau.
  70. Home: Chicana and Chicano Space
  71. Amigos Home Page
    See "Carmen Says" for unique problems people of diverse cultures face as they adapt to life in the United States.
  72. TM: The Story Of Their Lives, Page 1
    Here is a great sample from the Teacher Magazine Web, an essay from Greg Michie's recently completed book about his first years of teaching. How "...five Latino girls bonded over a book about their world."
  73. SCORE: I Am Joaquin
    An introduction to the Chicano Power Movement through its literature.
  74. Education World (tm) - Lesson Planning
    A ".. piñata full of activities that will help teachers focus attention on the contributions of people of Hispanic heritage to the history of the United States."
  75. Border Studies Web Site
    Literature and Culture in the Americas by Paul Jay/Loyola University Chicago. A Web page for a university course, but a unique and special topic. Table of Contents: Introductory Essays ("Critical Theory, American Literature, and Border Studies" and "Human Interaction in the Mexico-Texas Borderlands"), General Bibliography (Displacing Borders: A Bibliography), Menu of Electronic Resources(The Conquest of the Americas, Hispanic Borderlands Indigenous Cultures, Diaspora and Migration, The Caribbean), Academic Programs. Stop at the Border Studies Exhibitions before you exit.
  76. History Channel Classroom
    Heroes Hispanos: Part I, Part II and Part III.
  77. Republican National Hispanic Assembly Connecticut Chapter
  78. Hispanic Contributions to World History
  79. Republican National Hispanic Assembly Connecticut Chapter
  80. NewsHour Online: Richard Rodriguez Essay--June 18, 1997
    Essayist Richard Rodriguez, editor of the Pacific News Service, discusses being Hispanic.
  81. Internet Resources -- Chicano Studies
  82. Hispanics in Americas Defense
    Provided by the United States Government Department of Defense.
  83. The Hispanic Child
    In this Issue | Fields of Dreams | Two Worlds in One Classroom | Citizens of the World | Great Expectations | Families First | Growing Teachers | High Sights | In the Library | Research Review | Parent Power | Diamonds in the Rough.
  84. The Hispanic/Latino Telaranya
  85. Things Latino at EgOWeB-Connections to CyberRaza
  86. Hispanic Americans USA
  87. Bilingual/Latino Elementary School Resources on the Internet
    Art, Music, & Dance (with links to Mexicanos/Mexican Painters, Songs and Hispanic/Latino Music and Dance Links), History & Culture (links to Spanish Language Activities and information about the Maya collected by a network of Elementary Classrooms and links to information on Hispanics in the world history), Recipes from la Universidad de Guadelajara and Bilingual Recipes - recipes shared by high school students in Edinburg, Texas), Spanish Lessons, Spanish Speaking Countries, Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC) at the University of Texas, Mexican Colonial Cities, Stories and Poetry ( Bilingual Folktales Stories and poetry - written by students in Edinburg, Texas (English/Espanol), Teacher & Cybrarian Gateway, Art & Virtual Museums and load more! This could be one of the better sites for bilingual education as well.
  88. An Urban Ethnography of Latino Street
  89. U.S. News 9/23/96: American firms recruit Mexicans to do dirty, dangerous work
  90. Network TV: Latinos Need Not Apply
    Examines the lack of current roles and the shallow character of former Latino roles.
  91. CMAS
    Center for Mexican American Studies -- University of Texas at Austin.
  92. LatinoLink Home Page
  93. The National Hispanic University Home Page
  94. SHHAR HomePage - Main
    The Society Of Hispanic Historical and Ancestral Research.
  95. CiberCentro - Directorio en Español
  96. Servidor "Mundo Latino" - Pagina principal
  97. Chicano! Home Page
    See the extensive Teaching/Learning Resources and the Series-related Resources pages.
  98. UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center
  99. Chicano! Press Release (April '96)
    HISTORY OF THE MEXICAN-AMERICAN CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT, Fridays, April 12 and 19, 1996 (check your local listings)
  100. Future Leaders of America, Inc.
    Organization that serves Latino and Latina youth in Orange County.
  101. The Hispanic Poets
  102. Pan-American Latino Society
    A student and community service club dedicated to promote cultural awareness. Members come from various ethnicities ranging from the countries of South America to the Carribean but also includes anyone interested in learning more "...about the Latino society, the dance-crazed music of Merengue and the exotic and sensuous Salsa."
  103. UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center
  104. The Cuban American Media Web
    Analyses of contemporary Latin and Latino cultural identity inpatria and diaspora cultures throughout the Americas. See the Digital Film and Hypertextual Essay Exhibit.
  105. CLNET Home Page
  106. The Mexican Museum, San Francisco
    Latino arts and art education " The Museum collects, exhibits and promotes the visual expression of the Mexicano peoples and symbolizes the common cultural heritage shared by our Latino communities."
  107. LatInfo
    Latin American Information Center.
  108. Latino Literature Home Page
  109. Intercultural E-Mail Classroom Connections (IECC)
  110. Hispanic.Com
  111. Wyandot Nation of Kansas
  112. LatinoWeb

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