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[Some of the sites that also celebrate diversity are located in other menu items on the Homepage. See the History, Humanities, Archaeology and K-12 menu items.]
  1. AMEA Home Page
    Association of MultiEthnic Americans.
  2. Ethnographic Studies Internet Resource Page
  3. The Culture Catalog: Resources about Oral History, Multicultural Education, Folklore, and Cultural Studies.
  4. Well-Founded Fear
    Broadcast date June 5th. How would you decide these cases?
  5. frontline: assault on gay america
    Explores the roots of homophobia in America and how this relates to hate crimes.
  6. Diversity Training University International
  7. NetGuide: King special
  8. Table of Contents for Teacher's Companion to Shared Experience
  9. On the Fringe: Reflections of Life on the Street: homelessness in Toronto.
  10. Class in America
    A PBS companion site under construction. The film, to be aired later, is being produced by the Center For New American Media. You might visit their site for more information. Film topics for the series (with two hour programs) include: a rural community in southern Ohio, a reunion of an African-American college fraternity, Life on the assembly line at a Milwaukee heavy equipment factory, a quinceañera, or coming-out party, in a Mexican-American family in Los Angeles and a portrait of life at an economically-mixed high school in Texas.
    I enjoyed the visit to the New Media site. I clicked on "Vote For Me" and watched and listened to a flash presentation of a campaign song. PBS also has a companion site for that film as well, with an excellent collection of links for further study and a very good Teacher's Guide.
    Speaking of "flash".... have you visited the Flash page? I made the mistake of going to this site and clicking on the "New Feature Tour" (a mistake because I eventually had to return to my page, which has no "...vector and bitmap graphics, motion, MP3 audio, form input, and interactivity"). Before I returned I had visited four of the sample sites that use the Flash technology and software for their web presentations -- CBS Sportsline, Dupont, Hewlett Packard, Kodak and MSNBC.
    I wondered, is it just these corporate giants that are using the technology? I then visited the cutting edge of K-12 web showcases....ThinkQuest and did a search on "Flash Technology" and located the NanoTechWeb.
    Finally, if you have not requested it yet, be sure to order the ThinkQuest CD (it's free) at the site before you leave.
  11. SCORE Teacher Guide: "Annie and the Old One"
  12. In the Time of the Old Ones
  13. diversity inc - Diversity News, Resources and Commentary, plus Free Updates
    Diversity in the corporate segment of society.
  14. Ethnologies
    From The Folklore Studies Association of Canada. Current and past issues.
  15. Texas Council for the Humanities Texas Journal
  16. Precious Children
    Cross-cultural exchange on early education with China.
  17. Many Faces, Many Voices
  18. USET Forums
  19. SoftLine Information - Publishers of 3 electronic databases, Ethnic NewsWatch, GenderWatch, and Alt-HealthWatch. All three are full-text and are available on CD-ROM or via the web.
  20. TeacherSource: This Month
    October 1999: The Multicultural Classroom, Episode Menu, Lesson Plans, Resources in Your State, Teacher Talk, Primer on Social Science Inquiry, Primer on Volunteerism, Visit Kids' Lab, Things to Do In Your Town, Kids' Contest and a documentary film on New York Online.
  21. Rethinking Schools Online -- Summer 1999 -- Home Page
  22. K-5 CyberTrail: Multicultural Curriculum Resources
  23. U.S. Society& Values, June 1999 -- Population Diversity
    Changing America: The U.S Population In Transition. Remember, you can "shift/click" on a PDF file for downloading and offline reading. This one (725K) will take 4-5 minutes to download. I have created a special directory for PDF documents and set to sort on date for viewing the most recent download. The archive of this site is most interesting and documents can be downloaded in several different languages. (U.S. Society and Values Electronic Journal Archive Select "E" for English, "F" for French, "S" for Spanish, "R" for Russian, "P" for Portuguese, and "A" for Arabic texts )
  24. Salon News | Hair-brained politics
  25. -- Arab Names
    Might be fun to have students go through an exercise where they use the Arab designations for their American family names.
  26. Scientific American: Science and the Citizen: Ethnic Groups in the World: September 1998
    5,000 ethnic groups but only 190 countries.

    Some PBS Picks

    To air as a part of the August pledge month. Best to check local time listing, as no air date was given on the PBS site.
    same as above...check local listings.
    small town Southern living.
    I love the MidWest (especially my home states of Iowa and Wisconsin) but, since retirement from teaching, I am spending almost half of the time living and traveling in border states. For loads of reasons, this region is exciting and alive with change.
    THE BORDER tells six stories about this cultural exchange between the United States and Mexico. The two-hour program airs on PBS September 23-24, 1999. "Character-driven vignettes" represent the "...cross-cultural voices of the more than 15 million people who live along the border." You can also learn about the issues facing the region: "...NAFTA and the changing global economy; the crisis of water in desert communities; the migration in and out of the border region; litigation over land ownership; the condition of the region's indigenous people; and artists who struggle to define the border through their art."
    A one-hour documentary airing on PBS Thursday, September 2, 1999, 10:00 p.m. ET (check local listings).
    "The Americanos Concert"
    Gloria Estefan and other leading Latin musical artists perform in "The Americanos Concert," airing on PBS Wednesday, September 29, 1999, 9:00 p.m. ET (check local listings). Treat yourself to a 90-minute celebration of the story of Latino-American culture through musical performance.
    Women who shattered the social, cultural and legal inequalities that had for centuries shackled women and ultimately set in motion the movement that won the right to vote for all women. The two-part broadcast airs on PBS Sunday-Monday, November 7-8, 1999, 8:00 p.m. ET (check local listings).
    A " 10-hour documentary series by award-winning filmmaker Jennifer Fox (BEIRUT: THE LAST HOME MOVIE). A daring, dramatic vision of the devotion, hardships and history of an interracial family in Queens, New York, this blend of cinéma vérité footage, original interviews, music and media images promises to challenge American concepts of race, romance and family."
    I'll Make Me A World
    Designed to "...provides an extraordinary opportunity for educators to promote dialogue across cultures and generations on vital social issues." For middle-school students and older students.

  27. "Pluralism and Unity"
    An exhibit for the United States pavillion at EXPO98 prepared by MATRIX and H-Net. The site is a prototype for the future collection of sound history files to be included in the The National Gallery of the Spoken Word (see the brief annotation below in the American/Canadian history section.
  28. toc.html
    This page with the strange title is Guavaberry Books' Content Page with links to free Educational Online Curriculum and Educational Resources
  29. European Centre for Minority Issues
    Interested in a comparison with the United States? I looked at a "ECMI Brief" called "Ethnopolitical Conflicts in Eastern Europe and the OSCE - An Interim Appraisal, August 1998" in PDF format. You might have students visit and sample the materials at the site, in view of our national "ethnic" problems. Clearly, the recent foreign policy (of intervention/protection) by the U.S. generates a need for the briefing of citizens on the European ethnic conflicts.
  30. Ethnic NewsWatch - Foreword
    Ethnic NewsWatch is a full-text collection of the newspapers, magazines and journals of the ethnic, minority and native press. A rich collection of articles, editorials, columns, reviews, etc. provide a broad diversity of perspectives and viewpoints -- the other sides of the stories.
  31. Softline Information
    Ethnic and Gender Watch.
  32. - Welcome Page
    This site provides information about quilting and fiber related art, craft and textile traditions of diverse ethnic groups from contemporary, traditional and historical perspectives.
  33. Center for Multilingual Multicultural Research
  34. - Welcome Page
    This site provides information about quilting and fiber related art, craft and textile traditions of diverse ethnic groups from contemporary, traditional and historical perspectives.
  35. VSA - Arts, Education, Disability
  36. The Center for Multicultural Education
  37. The Multicultural Sky Scraper
  39. Catherwood Library: Reference Guides-Human Resources and the Internet
  40. Racial Legacies and Learning
  41. PBS: Out Of The Past
    "From the beginning of American history, homosexuality and love between people of the same sex have been part of the social and political landscape. The documentary Out of the Past recovers facets of our history that have been left out of the textbooks and follows one young woman making history today."
  42. Promising Practices
    Over 300 promising practices that the President's Initiative on Race identified from 1997 to 1998. Select either an area of the United States or a subject. Searching the topic on "Religion" brought up a page with a large collection of programs that contain a religious component to bring about racial, ethnic and religious cooperation and harmony. You can locate successful programs that also offer a web presence, often with more detailed information. Young people (and adults) who might be "jaded" by media reports of racial and ethnic disharmony might benefit by a lengthy visit to the listing. There is clearly a large number of "silent" individuals and organizations that are making efforts (mostly overlooked by the media) to promote harmony and cooperation. Before we leave the topic, you might visit the "One America" site which provides a series of guides (PDF)pdfbug.gif on the topics of: Characteristics of Community Dialogues on Race, Getting Started-Steps in Organizing a Dialogue, Conducting an Effective Community Dialogue on Race, The Role of the Dialogue Leader.
  43. Common Concerns, Different Responses
    So simple, yet so profound. Young people need to become more aware of the universals that link all cultures and people -- national and international. This exhibit is designed to do just that. "People everywhere must deal with the stuffof life --finding food and shelter, building relationships, defining ourselves, coming of age and much more."
  44. NCAE Teaching and Learning and NCAE Cultural Diversity Resources.
  45. Miss Ochie and Her Circle of Friends
    A site "...where differences don't matter and cooperation, sharing, caring and having fun are a part of every day! In the Friendship Circle, the things that make us different are the things that make us special!"
  46. The Multicultural Pavilion - Multicultural Education Resources and Dialogues for Students, Educators, and Activists
  47. mosaic
    Students are asked to imagine being a member of a poor immigrant family traveling from the Old World to the New World in search of the American dream. Each student is asked to create a portfolio containing: "(1) a journal of your travels, activities and thoughts, and your new life in America; (2) a list of items (a bundle of belongings) that you will bring to help you start your new life in America, (3) a recipe from your country of origin, and (4) a map of the United States showing where most of the people from your country settled. The journal must include: (1) an account of the trip to America, (2) your impression of your first view of the Statue of Liberty and what it meant to you, (3) the process of going through Ellis Island, and (4) the establishment of your new life in America." From the Pioneer and Birch Lane School.
  48. CNN Interactive Community Index
    View the variety of opinions and add you own comments on a wide range of topics.
  49. Poisoning the Web - Table of Contents
    TOC: Internet as a Hate Tool, Don Black, David Duke, The National Alliance, NAAWP, Ku Klux Klan, Identity Church Movement, Posse Comitatus, Aryan Nations, Neo-Nazis, Young Neo-Nazis, Longtime Hitlerian Activists, Holocaust Denial, African-American Anti-Semitism, Aryan Women Online, World Church of the Creator, Racist Rock, Homophobia Online, Anti-Abortion Extremism, Militias, Bomb-Making Manuals.
  50. All under One Roof: Mixed-Status Families in an Era of Reform
    According to the "stats", 1 in 10 families contains a mix of citizens and non-citizens. By Michael Fix and Wendy Zimmermann.
  51. The Multicultural Advantage Online Community For Minorities
  52. A Day In The Life
    I visited Spring Lake and browsed the "Life is good in the borough, especially for a 10-year-old" article. "Imagine living in a place where the town dump could pass for a park." All are part of the Home News Tribune's "A Closer Look" section.
  53. Television Race Initiative
  54. Voice of the Shuttle: Minority Studies Page
  55. KQED : It's Elementary : Teaching Kids About Tolerance
  56. UNITY: Journalists of Color, Inc. Host of the UNITY '99 Journalism Conference.
  57. Through Our Parent's Eyes: Tucson's Diverse Community
    Here is an outstanding site that has (strangely) only registered 6700 visits since 1995. It is part of an exceptional collection of resources from the University of Arizona Library. See: The Bisbee Deportation of 1917, La Cadena Que No Se Corta / The Unbroken Chain: The Traditional Arts of Tucson's Mexican-American Community, Cuentos de Nuestros Padres: Tucson's Hispanic Community, Desert Documentry: The Spanish Years, 1767-1821, David K. Udall, For Love of Ruth: A Celebration of English and American Literature, A Heritage of Loving Service: The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet in Tucson, Heart of the Southwest: A Selective Bibliography of Novels, Stories and Tales Laid in Arizona and New Mexico & Adjacent Lands, Hooves and Rails: A History of the Tucson Street Railway 1897 - 1906, In The Steps of Esteban: Tucson's African American Heritage, Jesse Addison Udall (1893-1980) Just Memories by Roy P. Drachman, The Leona G. and David A. Bloom Southwest Jewish Arhcives, Mission Churches of the Sonoran Desert, Morris K. Udall -- A Lifetime of Service to Arizona, Maps of the Pimería: Early Cartography of the Southwest, The Old Fort Lowell Neighborhood, The Promise of Gold Mountain: Tucson's Chinese Heritage, Sabino Canyon: Our Desert Oasis, Southern Arizona Folk Arts, Stewart Lee Udall: Advocate for the Planet Earth, Tubac Through Four Centuries : An Historical Resume and Analysis, Tucson's Ronstadt Family, University of Arizona Photographic History, USS Arizona - "that terrible day", War Relocation Authority Camps in Arizona, 1942-1946.
    The site also links to the Southwest Electronic Text Center where another large list of projects resides. See: The Bisbee Deportation of 1917, features chiefly printed materials and pamphlets from Special Collections' Manuscript Collection AZ 114, entitled Bisbee deportations legal papers, and consists of case files from lawsuits that followed the Bisbee deportation of 1917. Borderman: the Memoirs of José María Ronstadt: An electronic version from the manuscripts in the Ronstadt Family archives at the University of Arizona's Special Collections, Desert Documentry: The Spanish Years, 1767-1821, Heart of the Southwest: A Selective Bibliography of Novels, Stories and Tales Laid in Arizona and New Mexico & Adjacent Lands, Heritage: The Story of St. Mary's Hospital 1880 - 1980 The Negro of Tucson, Past and PresentTrek of the Seven Sisters; and The Diary of Sister Berchmans, Voyage and Travel to Tucson 1876, A Southwestern Century: A Bibliography of One Hundred Books of Non Fiction about the Southwest, Southwest Jewish History, Tubac Through Four Centuries: An electronic version of a 200+ page historical work on Tubac, Wagon Making in Southern Arizona.
  58. Idaho Public Television Outreach - Diversity
  59. The Culture Catalog: Resources about Oral History, Multicultural Education, Folklore, and Cultural Studies.
    I reached this site a couple of weeks ago, but was unable to reach it prior to publication. Perhaps you will have better luck.The site is sponsored by the National Task Force for Folk Arts in Education and City Lore's Center for Folk Arts in Education at Bank Street College of Education.
    Central to the resources on the site: Folklife in Education: A Guide to Resources, Agencies with Folklife Programs (National Programs, Regional Organizations, State- and Community-Based Programs) and Selected Readings in Folklore and Folklife Studies.
  61. Migration and Ethnicity on H-Net
    The main page organizes the vast topic into subtopics such as: Terminology, Political issues, Identity issues, Ethnicity in history, teaching tools and Links. Thread and message content focuses on the controversial aspects of each topic as discussed in the discussion groups, often as far back as 1993. Example... teaching ethnic history using films. The "Race and Ethnicity in U.S. Film" thread provided a long list of films for possible classroom use. I like the concept here of taking the vast archives of discussions over time and presenting a page organized around a number of issues or central themes and topics. I can't think of a quicker way for a teacher (or student) to discover what current thinking is on the teaching/learning associated with the topic.
  62. Breaking Barriers at UMES Home Page
    Fall conference site scheduled for OCTOBER 7th through 9th,1999. Crossing Boundaries of Identity, Gender, Genre, Modernism & Postmodernism, Ethnicity, Pedagogy, Technology & Politics
  63. Race in America
    Research on Race and Minority Politics. TOC: Brookings and other Books, Brookings Review Articles, Periodical Articles and Opinion Pieces, The Review articles section features essays on "Unequal Opportunity" by Linda Darling-Hammond, "Black America" by Christopher H. Foreman, Jr., "The Two Nations of Black America" by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., "American Racial and Ethnic Politics in the 21st Century" by Jennifer L. Hochschild, "The Black-White Test Score Gap" by Christopher Jencks and Meredith Phillips, "An American Tragedy" by Glenn C. Loury, "Affirmative Action" by Orlando Patterson, "Race Relations and Central City Schools" by Paul E. Peterson and Jay P. Greene, "Empty Streets" by James Rauch, "Black Progress" by Abigail Thernstrom and Stephan Thernstrom and "The Ties That Bind: Timeless Values for African American Families."
  64. Cultural Diversity
    Virtual trips to Hopi Ancestors (Homol'ovi I), Andrew Jackson's Hermitage, Roman Fort on Tyne, Brimstone Hill Fortress, Festivals of India and Zimbabwe's nutritional educational program.
  65. The Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies
    NEW ONLINE EXHIBITS INCLUDE: Armenian Rugs: Fabric of Culture, Ethnic Weddings in America, Italian-American Traditions, The Japanese American Experience, See primary documents, including translated guides for new immigrants and photos and essays from a number of past and recent exhibits ("Ethnic Images in Advertising" and "Ethnic Images in Comics"). The Museum Guide features selections from the Museum Collections and Past Exhibits, including Building the Gold Mountain: Philadelphia's Chinatown, Ethnic Images in Toys and Games, Ethnic Weddings in America, Italian-American Traditions, The Japanese American Experience, Preserving Polonia in America, Rites of Passage in America and Sense of Self: Contemporary Ethnic Women Artists.
  66. African-Native Americans : We are still here : A Photo Exhibit : Cover Page
  67. Celebrating Our Nation's Diversity
    Units for several grade levels from the Census Bureau, with statistical information, gathered from the 1990 Census of Population and Housing.
  68. Critical Issue: Meeting the Diverse Needs of Young Children
    From the Pathways to School Improvement site. Other critical issues are listed at
  69. Blue Earth Alliance
    The Blue Earth Alliance supports photographic projects that document endangered cultures, threatened environments and social issues.
  70. DOI Workforce Diversity
    The DOI diversity site provides information on diversity related Federal laws and regulations.
  71. Casanova Research Page
    Perhaps this link should be in the history section, might be interesting to consider (from a historical or contemporary point of view) the image men have of themselves and images of self held by others. The Casanova page might be the "take-off" for discussion about "male images" in the media and in literature, sports, etc....
  72. TimesSquarePhotography
    On public exhibit inside the subway cars of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in New York City during the month of January, 1999. You will enjoy them all. The photos are great and each is accompanied by some short "text" by the photographer. I especically enjoyed this one and the poem
  73. Eras
    Chronicles six generations of lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and gay Southerners.
  74. Racial Legacies
    Issues of race and diversity on college campuses,
  75. Discovery Online, Amish Online
    A reporter spends eight days with the Amish and docements each day's activities -- text and photos.
  76. Evidence of Democratic Principles and Multiculturalism in Our Schools
  77. ONElist E-mail Communities
    List discussion of multicultural literature for children and young adults (African- African Amerian, Native American, Hispanic, Asian- Asian American, Islamic, Indian, Jewish, Caribbean, French, Italian-Italian American). "This list is ideal for all children and young adult book lovers, parents, educators, librarians and researchers."
  78. Multicultural Pasts
    Course page that "...explores the field of American Studies through the lens of multiculturalism."
  79. NCAE Online
    See the sections on Teaching and Learning and Cultural Diversity Resources
  80. CET: Ancestors in the Americas PBS video series
    See the Ancestors in the Americas: Documents page.
  81. Pluralism and Unity
    The tension/conflict between plural and unitary as a (universal/national) historical theme. "The struggle between these two visions, one of pluralism, one of unity, is the tale told by the images, the sounds and the words throughout this site." The six major sections of the site (with a focus on the early 20th century) examine: The Idea of Pluralism, The Idea of Internationalism, Culture and Pluralism, Labor and Pluralism, Race and Pluralism, Gender and Pluralism.
  82. LinkAge 2000: Home Page Cultural Exchange via Internet - Links: Cultural Diversity, Cultural Exchange
    See Opportunities and Strategies. House of World Cultures, Cultural Exchange via Internet (Links: Webzines, Magazines)
  83. H-ETHNIC Discussion Group
  84. The Diversity Project
    "In an effort to build a more diverse alternative press, the Institute for Alternative Journalism initiated the Diversity Project to first assess the state of racial diversity and then assemble a series of recommendations and concrete steps to aid papers in the recruitment and hiring of people of color."
  85. ML Diversity
    From McDougal Littell Inc.
  86. Teaching About Affirmative Action
    A pro/con debate could easily be organized with the information from this site.
  87. Cultural Values Through Hero Mythology
    Helps students identify cultural values and assess and appreciate cultural similarities and difference through reading, analysis and appreciation of various hero myths.
  88. NCES Publication Information
    Issue Brief: Racial and Ethnic Classifications Used in U.S. Public Schools View or download in PDF format.pdfbug.gif
  89. Issue of the Week, 7/13/98: Race in America
    Research Issue of the Week, an issue that "...aims to shed light on how our markedly multiracial nation deals with the often divisive issue of race." TOC: Race Relations in America and President Clinton's One America Initiative, Affirmative Action (Support and Opposition, The Economics of Race, Race and the Criminal Justice System (Police and the Prison System, The Death Penalty and Race) and links to other resources. The archive of past issues is well worth a visit, especially for classes that have time set aside for current events debates and discussions.
  90. Teaching from Objects and Storiesobject.jpg
    Three lessons and resources. See the Gateway for a detailed description and review of the site.
  91. Some articles and programs from MSNBC - Colorblind? Net debaters shed their cover and MSNBC Race in America Front Page 6:07 AM ET Thursday, August 20, 1998.
  92. Multicultural Art Print Series
    The materials from this site can be used in almost all areas of the K-12 curriculum. Explore the site in full and allow some time, although the response of the server was excellent, there is just so much matarial to see. A special page divides the resources into themes (developed by graduate student Harriet Walker) that might be most useful in teaching World History or Global Studies.
  93. Recipes: Table of Contents
    Project by Monroe-Woodbury High School Home Economics Department. Each recipe has a very short history/ethnic description. Try an ethnic snack program in your World/Global History class.
  94. Census -- New Features
    Items added to the Census Bureau's web site within the last 30 days.
  95. !OutProud!
    See the resources for Middle/Secondary teachers on Lesbigay youth.
  96. softlord dot com - Books for and about Gay and Lesbian Teens and Youth
    Listing both fiction and non-fiction.
    Lesbian and gay people are ensured of their basic equal rights.
  98. Webactive Directory Topic Index
    Links to Bisexual, Gay, and Lesbian Communities, Community Service, Disability, Family, International Affairs, Race and Ethnicity, Religion, Women.
  99. Gender & Race in Media: LesBiGay and Gender & Race in Media: Cyberspace
    Great collection from the University of Iowa. Visit and browse prior to assigning students or list appropriate sites in a separate assignment.
  100. The Movies, Race, and Ethnicity: Videotapes in the Media Resources Center, UC Berkeley
    From Europe and the Middle East, Listing of movies by title and by director, War Movies and War Propaganda, Gay and Lesbian studies, African Americans and Native Americans in Film and Television, Jews in Film and Television, Chicanos/Latinos in Film and Television, Full-text articles on ethnic and racial representation.
  101. Gay New York
  102. National Center for Research on Cultural Diversity and Second Language Learning (NCRCDSLL)
    "The Center is committed to promoting the intellectual development, literacy, and thoughtful citizenship of language minority students, and to increasing appreciation of the cultural and linguistic diversity of the American people."
  103. KRON 4 - About Race
    Educators can obtain a free copy by sending a request on school letterhead.
  104. P.O.V. Interactive: The Television Race Initiative
    Child immunizationA three-year effort " which diverse, character-driven, high-profile public television broadcasts create a spine for sustained community dialogue and problem solving around the issue of race relations." First in this effort will be this program in September. Media teachers might also note the Long Term Objectives (at the bottem of the page).
  105. The Initiative to Eliminate Racial and Disparities in Health
    TOC: Infant Mortality, Cancer Screening and Management, Cardiovascular Disease, Diabetes, HIV Infection, Child and Adult Immunizations.
  106. Y? The National Forum on People's Differences Home Page
    This has been listed previously, but is included again because of a recent revisit. For a quick preview, click on "the Best of the Week."
  107. We, The Americans
    A click on the link launches a 12 page profile report on Americans in 1990, a Census Report in PDFPDF Document Icon format.
  108. Race, Class and Gender.
    Sociology course. Interesting links to browse: See the "Projects" link for some interesting and creative assignments -- present and past.
  109. Blackquest:
    Power Resource Links.
  110. Multicultural Pavilion - Multicultural Paths: Other Sites
  111. The Middle Eastern Cook Book
    Try some "...tasty and joyful experience in Middle Eastern (Arabic) cooking."
  112. Y? The National Forum on People's Differences Home Page
    A forum designed " give you a way to ask people from other ethnic or cultural backgrounds the questions you've always been too embarrassed or uncomfortable to ask them."
  113. The Bridges Project
    From the Center for Documentary Studies seek The Program uses photography, creative writing, oral history, narrative, biography, and video as tools for education and community building (connecting diverse peoples and communities in a common bond of dialogue).
  114. MINORITIES' JOB BANK - Career Site for Professionals of Color
  115. "Color, Culture, and Compromise"
    "An Unabashed Look at Racial Diversity in Alternative Newsweeklies -- And Promising Approaches for Change.
  116. Searchable Map of Homeless Shelters and Soup Kitchens!
  117. Affirmative Action and Diversity Page
  118. Border Studies
    A joyful revisit to the Border Studies site! Now showing Nine graphical exhibitions, associated learning activities and three slideshows on the history and culture of the lands and nations bordering Texas and the United States from the 15th Century to the present day. Be sure to view the Curriculum Sets online:Activity Set One: A River Runs Through It: Natural/Industrial Landscapes, Activity Set Two: Mapping the Border-Mexico/US; Texas/Chihuahua:/Coahuila/Nuevo Leon/Tamaulipas, Activity Set Three: Workers on the Land and in Cities, Activity Set Four: Religion and Tradition, Activity Set Five: Thinking About People, Activity Set Six: Exhibiting Photographers: Design and Personal Vision. Finally, see the "Early Printed Maps of Texas and the Southwest." An excellent site.
  119. Action Packet
    See the "Daily effects of white privilege" for a series of interesting questions to pose to students (and to yourself) about privilege.
  120. SPLC: Classroom Resources
    Features a collection of free or low cost materials on tolerance, including a 64 page simi-annual magazine with resources for promoting interracial and intercultural understanding (school letterhead required).
  121. 8th Annual National Minority Careers in Education
    For those seeking employment and for Recruiters: School districts, colleges and private sector companies looking for qualified teachers and staff.
  122. CARTS: Cultural Arts Resources for Teachers and Students
    Online resources on folklore, anthropology, traditional arts, oral history, and community-based education. "The site, a work in progress, currently offers visitors a selection of more than 500 pages, including: virtual residencies and interviews with National Heritage Award-winning artists, a listserv discussion that archives to the Web, in-depth teacher institute retrospectives, regional slide shows, Real Audio recordings, and links to relevant regional resources. WWW.CARTS.ORG is an award-winning site that has received funding from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Southern Poverty Law Center's Teaching Tolerance."
  123. Myth of the Melting Pot: America's Racial and Ethnic Divides
    An article on the "second great wave of immigration" into America... fueled by Asian and Latin American immigrants. The site contains selected ethnic shift graphs and charts, a link to a _WP_ article on US immigration policy, and a link to selected US Census data.
    A collaboration by artists Ann T. Rosenthal and Stephen Moore that explores life in the atomic age.
  125. Multicultural/Bilingual Education - Teaching Aids - Posters & Pictures - Ethnic Groups
  126. Diversity
    Review of the Diversity site. The Clearinghouse resource provides a valuable listing of some of the best Web pages. This page shows an example of their rating system.
  127. Roundtable - 97.11
    Atlantic Monthly Discussion of Race In America. Round 1 online...and the rest runs though the first weeks in December.
  128. Resources for Diversity
  129. horizon - an online magazine about community
  130. The Most Wonderful Egg in the World
    Eggs and diversity? Well, why not? If you notice, this page links back to a source "The Educational Technolgy Journal"
  131. Close to Home: Addiction
    Part of a set of companion sites to a PBS special series -- WATCH Moyers on Addiction -- to air in March,1998. The five-part series also includes those impacted by tobacco addition.
  132. "In The Mix"
    A PBS newsmagazine series for teens (Note...I have also placed this link in the K-12 section so that teachers can inform students about this new program). The series will probe "...why the American obsession with body image is driving teens to diet, use steroids, and even develop dangerous eating disorders." The series will also look at how television, in films, magazines and bill boards are involved. "Young men and women speak their minds about how waif-thin models and macho-men make them feel about themselves."
  133. arab media house, Inc
    Arab-American news source.
  134. Islamic Centers Online
  135. Welcome to Pulaski Parade
  136. What's New on Yahoo - Society and Culture:German American
  137. Affirmative Action and Diversity Page
    An excellent site with primary documents and well organized topical information. Includes links to pending legislation and a history of the affirmative action concept. A search tool is on the site, but the Site Map is perhaps the best way to view the scope of the information.

    Skin Deep

    (PBS) The press release claims that it provides "...a powerful tale of the complexities of race relations in America today." The companion site provides information on changes in the racial make-up of American society, a discussion guide for communities and educators on diversity and the online discussion on race relations.

  138. Neighborhoods: The Hidden Cities of San Francisco
    A documentary series on the history of San Francisco through portraits of its unique and diverse neighborhoods.
  139. Italian American Program
    Preserves and interprets the history and culture of people of Italian descent in Western Pennsylvania, with a large collection of oral histories, artifacts, photographs, and other research materials dealing with Italian immigrants and their descendants.
    Check your local listings for air dates in your area.
  141. "Italian Journey"
    University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology. A photographic exhibition with black and white prints. Compare the lives of relatives who remained in Italy with images of a family's efforts to preserve their culture in the United States. As such, the site might provide insight into the plight of many first and second gereration Americans.
  142. Italian American Links and Much More ...
  143. Changing Colors
    Offers four scenarios of life in the 21st century that represent two different kinds of progress.
  144. Amigos Home Page
  145. Affirmative Action and Diversity Page
    A site that should be at the top of your diversity bookmarks for its primary document links and resources alone, and there is much more on the site.
  146. Resources for Diversity
    Online NewsHour Forum: Opening Doors, Opening Minds -- October 10, 1997

    A typical PBS page -- providing timely information and background on a current topic of major interest with interactivity and viewer input. Top shelf visual interest.

    This site asks viewers to post questions on race relation to Gov. William Winter, and Prof. Christopher Edley. They will be guests on the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer October 10th. The site also serves as a central location for PBS features on race relations, with links to programs and discussion back to 1995. The offsite resource list is short and select. You might want to visit the site for the previous program ( Online NewsHour: Little Rock Anniversary -- September 25, 1997), which presents a text/graphic page of the entire program and also links to a RealAudio version for those that want to listen. This page also links to previous PBS program sites for those that have the time for more research online.

  147. Critical Issue: Educating Teachers for Diversity

    American West : Multicultural Perspectives

    One of the most comprehensive diversity site to appear on the Web recently, with key elements designed by members of the Washington State University American Studies program. Native Peoples & American Indian West, African American West, Asian / Pacific American West, Chicano / Latino West & Borderland Sites, Women & the West, Intercultural & European American West, Literary Texts & Western Literature Sites, Western Landscape & Natural History, Western Popular Culture & Folklore, On-line Books, Articles & Reviews, On-line Courses, Syllabi & Bibliographies, Art Museums, Galleries & Visual Art Sites, Historical Historic Sites & Monuments, Libraries with West Materials, Discussion Listservs, Scholarly Associations & Centers, On-line Journals with West Material, Western Tourism Sites.

  148. National Association for Multicultural Education
  149. The ERaM (Ethnicity, Racism and the Media) Programme
  150. Webcult
    Explores the myths, legends and folktales reflecting the blend of cultures that make our communities in America authentically American.
  151. Teachers Guide Intro
    Focusing on an American Diversity lesson plan from Pathfinder.
  152. Evidence of Democratic Principles and Multiculturalism in Our Schools
    A Webquest designed to explore the following questions: "How do we ensure that all students are given equitable rights and responsibilities within our school community? What principles of democracy are most critical in decisions about classroom and school-wide subject matter and policies? How does the school environment in which one presently works reflect a strong value of democratic principles?
  153. Residential Segregation
    Also includes links to Housing and Economic Statistics.
  154. Culture (Community)
    Afro American, Asian, Celtic, French, Holidays, Jewish, Latino, Native American.
  155. future culture
    Diversity in a global context. Follow the "links" section to any country in the world.
  156. Pathways to Diversity on the WWW
    Using the Internet to Find Multicultural and Diversity Resources by Carolyn McIntosh (California State University, Los Angeles) and John Waiblinger (University of Southern California).
  157. Building One America for the 21st Century
  158. NewsHour Online: Clarence Page Essay
  159. P.O.V. Interactive "It Takes All Kinds"
    The page examines "...the classic tension between ethnic identity and assimilation in American culture... Read the personal stories of children and adults born in the U.S. and abroad and share your own experiences through the site's electronic bulletin board."
  160. Affirmative Action and Diversity Page
  161. Clinton's Race Initiative
    Presents a collection of articles in the form of "NewsHour Backgrounders."
  162. Multiculturalism - Welcome from The Mining Company
  163. JustCause Home Page
  164. Smithsonian Talk Story spring 1997/ number11
    From the Center for Folklife Programs & Cultural Studies. Introducing a new educational kit -- "Land and Native American Cultures, a teacher/student guide with accompanying slides, is now available through Smithsonian Folkways. The kit introduces students to the use of land in Native American communities through case studies of the Hopi of Arizona; the Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian of Alaska; and the Aymara and Quechua of Bolivia and Peru."
  165. Multiworld Homepage
    a web-based bimonthly multilingual publication.
  166. Teachers of Color
    creating a dialog about and working toward increased diversity in the teaching profession.
  167. I*EARN Indigenous Global Art Project
    "Indigenous students in 10 schools in Thailand, USA, Hungary and Australia created art work based on the themes: Myself, My family and My culture."
  168. Straight Talk
    Tiger Woods says he's a "Cablinasian," a combination of his white, black Indian and Asian ancestry.
  169. AS@UVA Yellow Pages: American Identities
    Categories: African-American, Arab-American, Asian-American, Jewish-American, Latino-American, Multi-Cultural Mosaic, Native American.
  170. American Civil Liberties Union Briefing Paper Number 6
    The United States as a historically multilingual nation.
  171. Latvians in America
  172. Culture & Tradition: The Canadian Graduate student journal of Folklore & Ethnology
    Published in French and English by graduate students in Folklore at Memorial University of Newfoundland and l'Universite Laval de Quebec. Arts, music, cuisine, architecture, beliefs, cultural psychology, and sociological structure of regional ethnic, religious and industrial groups in Canada.
  173. Peto Projects
    Multi-cultural projects and global education.
  174. Current and Upcoming Education Offerings
    Publications offered at one of the Smithsonian sites.
  175. Archives of Traditional Music
    Large university-based ethnographic sound archive covering a wide range of cultural and geographical areas, commercial and field recordings of vocal and instrumental music, folktales, interviews and oral history.
  176. Tales of Wonder
    Folktales - Global.
  177. Teaching Diversity
    Teaching tips on diversity.
  178. OneWorld Magazine: Deserts
    Explores the interesting social and physical landscape of deserts in different parts of the world. Some fine writing here.
  179. Center for Folklife Programs & Cultural Studies
    From the Smithsonian. Information on the programs from 1996 to 1998.
  180. Shattering the Silences
    A PBS documentary site that "...explores issues of faculty diversity in American higher education in the mid-1990s, focusing on the experiences of eight minority scholars in the humanities and social sciences at a wide range of institutions." See the Teacher's Guide.
  182. Ethnic Studies at USC
  183. Frontline: Secret Daughter
    Although a site for the program, PBS has assembled an excellent site with links to the following topics: discussions | blurred racial lines | audio history | june's family tree | bi-racial portraits | how to search family trees | readings | reactions.
  184. KIDPROJ's Multi-Cultural Calendar
    Featuring a new search tool.
  185. Multicultural Alliance Homepage
  186. Evidence of Democratic Principles and Multiculturalism in Our Schools
    A 3-part online activity designed to help educators explore the following questions: "...How do we ensure that all students are given equitable rights and responsibilities within our school community? What principles of democracy are most critical in decisions about classroom and school-wide subject matter and policies? How does the school environment in which one presently works reflect a strong value of democratic principles?"
  187. Clearinghouse for Multicultural/Bilingual Education
    Commercial and non-commercial sources for multicultural and bilingual/ESL information, materials, and resources.
  188. STANDARDS: An International Journal of Multicultural Studies
    A former print publication that claims to be the first international journal for multicultural studies on the web.
  189. My Shoes
    A support group in cyberspace hosted by clinical psychologist Dr. Juanita Brooks for biracial children, adolescents and adults who have a white appearance.
  190. Faces of Adoption Home Page
  191. Community Cousins
    A project to overcome barriers is to promote " on an individual basis among people of different racial backgrounds, allowing them to genuinely get to know each other, person to person."
  192. Al-Hewar WebSite
    Designed to be a forum for dialogue among the various members of the Arab-American community.
  193. The Multicultural Education Home Page
    Download Lesson Plans.
  194. TerraQuest: HighSights '96
    Climb with the blind.
  195. Multicultural Symposium
    Information on the CEC/DDEL Symposium on Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners -- Enriching the Tapestry of Diversity at the Radisson Hotel. New Orleans, January 8-10, 1997.
  196. University of Maryland Diversity Database
    Includes diversity Reference Resources, Definitions of words, phrases, and policy relating to diversity issues, Directories on Age, Class, Disability, Gender, National Origin, Race and Ethnicity, Religion and Sexual Orientation,General Diversity Resources, Institutional Response to the Diversity Challenge, Diversity plans, statements and initiatives of institutions in the country.
  197. -ISM(N.) Home Page
  198. Nova Media Inc.
    Features an AIDS Trivia exercise, Drug Culture Monopoly and a Racial Attitude Survey.
  199. Old Songs, Inc.
    Dedicated to preserving traditional folk music and dance through concerts, dances, classes, and a yearly festival.
  200. Eric's Internet-based Diversity Resources
  201. A Deeper Shade
  202. Literary Resources -- Ethnicities and Nationalities
    Diversity through Literature! Fine collection of links to pages.
  203. OneWorld Magazine - Home
    Zine with a heavy emphasis on "...environmental, cultural, and exploration issues around the world..." and founded on the belief that "...not only biological, but cultural diversity is essential for the evolution of the planet..." Currently featuring "Ethiopia, Land of Plenty" and an exhibition of Australian Aboriginal Art
    that captures the artistic purpose as well as the product of Australian Aborigines.
  204. Children's E-texts and Multicultural Literature On-line
    A site that has it all...links to story sites, poems, music. A feature site.
  205. Multicultural Pavilion Discussion Group
    Just click to subscribe to the mail list.
  206. CAIN: Conflict Archive on the INternet
    A multi-media database of resources on teaching and research in conflict studies. See topic on the roots of conflicts and mechanisms for resolution, network resources on ethnic conflict and the Northern Ireland conflict.
  207. Second Harvest Online
  208. Ethnic World Survey
    Search for information on ethnic, native and nationalists affairs.
  209. Living Languages of the Americas
    Includes all of the Americas.. A great resource!
  210. Fourth World Documentation Project Home Page
    New location...with documents from African, European, Asian American (North, Central, and South), United Nations, Melanesian, Polynesian, and Micronesian Documents.
  211. Pacific Waves
    A comparative study of Australian and Canadian cultural issues and policies.
  212. Weber State University - Multicultural/Bilingual Education
    Commercial and non-commercial sources.
  213. Multicultural Education Resources
  214. POS302-L: The Race and Ethnicity Book Review Discussion List
  215. NAMES Project
    Providing AIDS Info & Links and a searchable database of the over 78,000 names and 45,000 images in the AIDS Memorial Quilt.
  216. Brownfield Development: the Implications for Urban Infrastructure
    Site looks at the task of renewal of abandoned, idled or underused industrial and commercial facilities -- often complicated by the cleanup of a contaminated environment.
  217. Open Dialogue: Association of American Cultures
    Preserving cultural diversity through the arts, with special support for artists and arts organizatins using the arts to preserve their culturally specific idenitities.
  218. AIMD Home Page
    American Institute for Managing Diversity, Inc -- founded to conduct research and provide education on diversity.
  219. European Crosspoint Anti Racism
    A collection of links in the field of of Human Rights, Anti-Racism, Refugees, Women's rights, Antifascism.
  220. Canada-Ethnic Diversity
  221. Diversity
    UCLA listing.
  222. Callaloo, Volume 18 - Table of Contents
    Sample issue online.
  223. The Teacher's Internet Pages
    June's Focus: Multiculturalism, with feature articles ["Is Multiculturalism Another Symbol of The Emperor's New Clothes?"] ["Perspectives"] ["Changes: fiction about Multi-cultural issues"] [Multicultural Resources on the World Wide Web].
  224. Shared Vision - Community Bridge Project
  225. Hospice - A Photographic Inquiry
    Photography and the matter of dying.
  226. Pennsylvania Dutch Country Welcome Center
    Explore the lives of the Pennsylvania Dutch. Email questions to the Amish.
  227. Hellenic Times - Greek American Newspaper
    On PBS Tuesday, December 8, 1998, 8:00 p.m.
  230. Sarah Zupko's Cultural Studies Center
    Journals/Archives, Articles, Papers & Presentations, Theorists and Critics, Alternative Culture E-zines and Film.
  231. ACORN home page
    Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, To organize and win power for low and moderate-income people.
  232. Friends for a Non-Violent World Home Page
  233. HUD Home Page
  234. SFBook Home
    Literacy and diversity merge in this fine program in California.
  235. Office of Diversity/Compliance UWM Home Page
  236. Time Warner Presents It's Us
    A Celebration of Who We Are in America. Graphics and text celebrate the diversity in the United States. A fine demonstration and idea site for your diversity projects. See the Action Guide for Teachers Guide Intro (Focusing On Diversity, Community Snapshot: It's Me, Close-up on Immigration, Worth a Thousand Words).
  237. Langston Hughes
    Photo gallery and brief summary of "The Fruit Tramp."
  239. Log Cabin Chronicles
    Anglo/French/Yankee community Chronicles from the Lake Memphremagog watershed on the Vermont/Quebec border.
  240. Cultural Survival
  241. ONE on-line (cover)
  242. Smithsonian/Folkways Recordings
  243. Artists Against Racism
  244. National MultiCultural Institute
  245. Resources for Diversity
  246. Indigenous Peoples' Literature
    The Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania, Famous Documents, Famous Quotes, Great Chiefs & Leaders, Indigenous Nations - Active Home Page, Indigenous Nations of North America, Mother Earth Prayers, Music, Poetry, Stories, Writers/Speakers and Writings of Native Youth.
  247. Cultural Equity Position Paper
    California Confederation of the Arts
  248. Spring. Free From Racism
    Canadian site with resources in links below: Cyber Petition | Find Out More | Special Events | Kids' Petition | Links.
  249. INTERracial
    Page for those who have experienced interracial relationships (contains info on all forms of interracial relationships). Table of Contents includes: Take a Gander at Author & Daughter, The Love Aspect, Our Children, Life as a Biracial/Multicultural Child, Personal Pages of Other Colorful People!.
  250. Diversity in Business at Fisher College
    See the link to teaching resources for a good bibliography on diversity, especially asit relates to various aspects of business and employment.
  251. The Bahá'í Faith Directory
  252. Multicultural Awareness in the Language Classroom
    Portions of the book online, with table of contents, lengthy extracts and sample procedures.
  253. The Amistad Research Center
    Minority repositories named after a famed revolt by Africans on La Amistad in 1839 and landmark U.S. Supreme Court case, now contains more than 10,000,000 documents.
  254. Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance
  255. Extending Learning Time for Disadvantaged Students
  256. Portuguese Historical Museum
    Emphasis on the Portuguese in California.
  257. 29th Annual Festival of American Folklife
    Menu items to: The Cape Verdean Connection, The Czech Republic: Tradition and Transformation, Heartbeat: The Voices of First Nations Women, Russian Roots, American Branches: Music in Two Worlds.
  258. Humboldt State University Multicultural Center
    State University Multicultural -- a student-directedfacility/program to "...celebrates both the differences and commonalities reflected in our culturally diverse university community."
  259. Equal Opportunity Publications [Career Center for Workforce Diversity]
  260. BreakThrough
    Designed to connect students (primarily students of color), teachers, and parents to science education programs and resources in their communities.
  261. A.M. Data: Ethnic Studies Interactive
  262. The C.A.R.E.-page
  263. One - World // GLOBAL . CALENDAR
    Multicultural Resource -- FESTIVALS, CELEBRATIONS & HOLYDAYS
  264. ClubNUBIA Home Page
  265. In Motion Magazine
    A multicultural, English / Spanish, magazine promoting grassroots organizing among communities of color and working people. Uses art as a vehicle for social change.
  266. Creative Investment Research - Minority and Women-owned banks
  267. Quarterly Reviews of Costume, Clothing & Ethnic Textile Books
  268. Web Page for Australian Indians
  269. Minority Health Network
    For individuals interested in the health of minority groups. Page uses the term"minority" to refer to all people of color and people who are underrepresented economically and socially.
  270. Intercultural Sensitizer (ICS) method
    Download interactive (Mac) software authored by Stephan Spitzer. It challenges people to develop strategies to deal with many situations they are likely to encounter travelling, studying, or working abroad or in dealing with cultural diversity among peoples who belong to the same culture.
  271. Electronic Text Center -- University of Virginia
    MAJOR ARCHIVE in French, German, Japanese and Latin. a huge archive of SGML-encoded electronic texts. Includes American Multiculturalism Series. (Unit One. Documenting the African American Experience. (Readex, 1995). The archive also includes The African American Poetry Database ( VIVA , that is available to "members only").
  272. INCORE Front Page ( text-only)
    Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity
  273. The Balch Institute for Ethnic Studies
    Effort to promote greater intergroup understanding by documenting and presenting American ethnic and racial experience.
  274. Trophies of Honor
  275. Polynesian Cultural Center
  276. Texas A&M's Race and Ethic Studies Institute
    A research organization that conducts university-wide interdisciplinary research and symposia on race and ethnicity in education, economics, health, and the environment.
  277. Polish Home Page in the USA
  278. The Carter Center
    Dedicated to fighting disease, hunger, poverty, conflict, and oppression through collaborative initiatives in democratization and development, global health, and urban revitalization.
  279. Celebrating Our Nation's Diversity
    New lesson from the Census Bureau. Also, see LIGHTS! CAMERA! ACTION! STUDYING THE SIZE AND THE CENTER OF U.S. POPULATION, 1790-1990. For Use in Junior High/High School.
  280. Interracial Voice
    See the "Bill of Rights for Racially Mixed People."
  281. Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages
  282. Common Ground
    Antibias Education Resources: Tools for Combatting Prejudice.
  283. British Columbia Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs
    I opened the "First Nations" menu to a map of British Columbia with a clickable imagemap of the region with the major tribes and nations listed (red dots). I wish Wisconsin had an online map such as this to help teachers to fulfill the statuatory requirements. Site would perhaps be more useful for teachers in Canada, especially if each area had more information on the people and culture -- perhaps some art from the schools and some stories.
  285. Islamic Center of Blacksburg
  286. The Official New Orleans Mardi Gras Home Page
    This site is also listed in the "Fun" page and is listed here because the city and the region helps to demonstrate the diversity of the nation. I would appreciate any information on the history of this region and on similar efforts to preserve its heritage.
  287. Na Mamo
    The Young Hawaiians of Southern California.
  288. Milwaukee Irish Fest
  289. Welcome to The Irish American Cultural Network
  290. Carrie Crazy Quilt Cultural Page
  291. Bill's Aboriginal Links
    Links to Canadian, U.S., Mexican, Australian, New Zealand, International and Newsgroups. Also included are links to Aboriginal Arts, Cultural, and Human Rights pages. Part of Bill Henderson's Home Page.
  292. Ethnic Heritage Council
    A non-profit umbrella organization which promotes ethnic diversity and cross-cultural understanding in the Pacific Northwest.
  293. American Communication Association WWW
    Provides a collection of materials on communication law and First Amendment issues, resources for teaching and research in communication studies, and an extensive reference resource page for scholars and activists.
  294. BUBL Information Service Web Server
    Culture and Civilization Resources. See the WWW Subject Tree and the Index of Nations in the World (each with files on culture and civilization). I located a Celtic Heritage Society in Scotland and interesting text files for genalogical research.
    On PBS December 8, 1998, 10:00 p.m.
  296. Voice of the Shuttle: Minority Studies Page
    Web Page for the Humanities. This is one of the best sites I have seen recently!
  297. Museum of Tolerance
    "Simon Wiesenthal Center's Museum of Tolerance is a high tech, hands-on experiential museum that focuses on two themes through unique interactive exhibits: the dynamics of racism and prejudice in America, and the history of the Holocaust..."
  1. OHS-Portland: More Than Raindrops and Four Way Stops
    A "...photographic exhibit by a group of mentored Portland high school students documents and celebrates the city's diversity in black and white images that the photographers developed, printed, mounted, and hung themselves."
  2. PD&R - Publications: Homelessness
    Programs and the People They Serve - Highlight and Summary Report.
  3. Friends and Neighbors: A Community Divided
    Companion site for the "...moving stories of Utah men and women, their families and friends, who struggle with issues surrounding homosexuality..." presented last Fall on PBS.
  4. USA Neighborhoods
    State homepages as well as a selection of special neighborhood pages. A research charge might be: How would you implement a vision of your city and enlist the resources of government, businesses, non-profits and citizens to improve the overall quality of life in that community?
  5. Eiteljorg Museum
    TOC: The American Western Gallery, Taos, N.M., artists', Contemporary Artists, Native American Collection, Contemporary Masters (showing thru Feb. 20, 2000) Americanos: Latino Life in the United States, starting Jan. 22 thru April 16 and From One Hand to Another: Native American Treasures From The Children's Museum (April 8, 2000, thru Summer 2001).
  6. Partnership for America's Small Cities, Towns and Villages
  7. All Suburbs Are Not Created Equal
    A New Look at Racial Differences in Suburban Location -- Population Studies Centre -- University of Michigan PDF. Remember to shift/click for a download and offline reading. Best to have a special PDF directory for this purpose.
  8. Covington's Homeless
  9. Cities/Buildings Image Archive
    Which a focus on world cities that are making efforts at restoration. Well organized and easy to use for students. Note the use restrictions.
  10. American Heritage Center Exhibit Rural Images Index
    Rural Images: the Cartoon Art of J.R. Williams, Ace Reid and Jerry Palen focuses on the portrayal of rural American life in the twentieth century three artists, an online exhibit that replicates part of an exhibit currently on display at the University of Wyoming's Art Museum, Centennial Complex.
  11. Smart Library on Urban Poverty
    A collection of research on urban poverty from leading academic journals.
  12. Resource for Urban Design Information (RUDI) Home
  13. Rudy Bruner Award - For Urban Excellence
    "At their best they showcase the rich diversity, cultural achievement, and democratic values that characterize the American spirit. At their worst they reflect our country’s most persistent social ills -- economic disparity, hopelessness, neglect and abandonment. Yet there are those places that are developed with such vision and imagination that they transform urban problems into creative solutions." The 1999 Finalists are currently online.
  14. the place
    See the Ur b a n D i a r y, which chronicles the life and thoughts of an anonymous urban citizen.
    A small town takes on Wallmart.
  16. San Francisco Stories by Derek M. Powazek
  17. Metropolis Unbound, Robert Geddes, The American Prospect
    The future of the city in the 21st Century.
  18. The Earth Times Daily Web Edition
    Environment, business, health/Report from A Small Town in America. See the special Earth Times series. In Amherst, peace is disrupted by parking garage plans.
  20. Virtual Voyager:Voyages -- Asleep at the Wheel (Western swing) will take you on a virtual tour with the band. Other trips to the Good Housekeeping Institute in Manhattan, Roswell and other classic UFO encounters, golf ("...a whimsical and serious look at one of life's passions"), Museum of Fine Arts Houston - Splendors of Ancient Egypt, Mardi Gras in New Orleans, ElvisQuest '96 and watch Tibetan monks create a mandala.
  21. Rural Impressions
    A journey across rural America documenting vernacular architecture.
  22. Florida Folklife Programs
    With links to many historical resources in and about Florida.
  23. My America
    "A rollicking ride across the changing terrain of American culture, ReneeTajima-Peña's new documentary odyssey MY AMERICA (... or honk if you love Buddha) recaptures the spirit of Jack Kerouac's novel, On The Road, Asian American style. An intoxicating and irreverent look at America's fastest growing ethnic group." Read About the Film (which aired earlier this year).
  24. Pluralism and Unity

    "By the early twentieth century, any visitor to an American city saw a complexity of cultural life unknown anywhere else in the world. Chinese neighborhoods abutted Italian ones; black migrants from the south moved into Jewish communities. The sounds, the smells, the colors of contrasting cultural heritages overlapped, interacted, overwhelmed the senses."

    I spent some time at this site...especially in the section called "cultural pluralism." This was partly because the text description (to the right) generated memories of an ethnic mix of neighborhoods in Milwaukee in the 1940s. In addition, it is the only site I have found that uses the frames capability of the new browsers to place a sheet music cover in one frame, the RealAudio controls in another and the actural musical score in a third. The score page changes as the music plays so that you can sing along if you want to. All than is missing is the bouncing ball (try to explain that to kids today).
    The page also generated some other surprises. While browsing the information on Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks, Charlie Chaplin and D.W. Griffith, I discovered when the cursor is place on the name of one of the four, that person's image is "sharpened" and the image of the other three blurs.
    I can think of a host of practical applications for this in my own pages...if I could learn how is done....
    The TOC links to topics such as: William James (The Idea of Internationalism), George M. Cohan sings "Over There" and Booker T. Washington speaks on race. Listen to Russian-born Irving Berlin's song about his imagined childhood home in Michigan and see Images of Women in sheet music.
    All of the pages within the site say may be reproduced for non-profit or educational purposes. The page is sponsored by Pluralism by H-Net, Humanities and Social Sciences Online and Michigan State University.
  25. Welcome to The Chicago Reporter
    An "...investigative monthly set on a mission of documenting the city's, and later the whole metropolitan area's, struggles with the burning issues of race and poverty."
  26. CATALYST Table of Contents: June 1998
    The progress,problems and politics of school reform in Chicago since 1989.
  27. Rivera Photo Archive; Diego Rivera at the DIA
    Web page to showcase 27 fresco panels -- "Detroit Industry" -- on the walls of a large garden court inside the Detroit Institute of Arts. See the views taken at the Ford Motor Company River Rouge Plant which served as a model for many aspects of the frescos.
    Through dramatizations, commentary and interviews, this program explores the history of Southern literature, a compelling tale of multicultural diversity.
  29. USDA'S Agriculture Fact Book 1997
  30. The State of the Nation's Cities
    A Comprehensive Database on American Cities and Suburbs.
  31. Through the Eyes of a Child
    A dozen children (age 5-16) representing a variety of New York's neighborhoods and ethnic communities are taught basic skills of photography. More will be added later.
  32. The American Promise: Community Action Guide
    "The American Promise" distributed a calendar/poster for 1998 called "98 Things You Can Do For Your Community in '98." It includes many items that students could do to take a more active role in their communities and schools.
  33. Design Paradise
    A free account will enable you to play the game, a city planning simulation, save your games, and chat with other players. Highly interactive site designed to "to educate users about the interrelationships among industry, environment, and population..." with the island of Kauai (Hawaii) as the focus.
  34. New York Stories
  35. Photographic Center of Harlem


    In some respects, the Metro Area of Milwaukee is an outstanding example of city planning. The city/county park system is exceptional and early planners made unusual efforts to acquire and improve property for public use. On the other hand, the city/county has been lax in developing its expressway system. For years it sported an expressway arm that ended on a bridge with no exit (except air) and use the power of eminent domain to buy a corridor of property through the heart of the city for an express highway that was never built, much to the distress of the African American neighborhoods that were disrupted. So what is the point? Good decisions made in the past are great for current residents, but bad decision leave a legacy of mistrust and even hatred.

    Milwaukee and most of the other major metropolitan complexes in the United States, will have to be "rebuilt" in the 21st century. Countless costly decisions will have to be made by citizens in areas where they may have no previous training or familiarity. What should be kept and what should be discarded? What has worked in the past and what has not worked? How important is the environment (recycling, transportation, education, greenspace, neighborhoods, building codes)? If you care to venture into this vast area, the sites listed below provide a few entry points.

    URBAN PLANNING, 1794-1918

    Presents collected documents that are the equivalent of a 600-page book. See the essays that describe an ideal physical pattern for cities. "Several survey broadly the state of planning at the time of writing. A number use a single city as an example of how improvements should be made. Others discuss legal issues of land use regulations." For students, the "Subject Index" might be the best place to start..with about a dozen areas to explore. There is much history here, and a kind of history that is frequently not explored at the K-12 area. See "13. The Model City Exhibit in 1904 at the St. Louis World's Fair 14. Australian Federal Capital Competition of 1911-12, but many other links explore historical aspects of urban planning.

    I also visited the City of Vancouver, B.C., Municipal Government site, which profiles School Plays and a "water site" on the importance of a clean water supply (Take note Milwaukee, with its recent bout with contamination). Most of the metro water treatments systems in the nation will have to be rebuild soon and some are contaminated now. For some recent information on the topic of water, see The Safe Drinking Water Act - One Year Later and Safe Drinking Water - Water on Tap. You can download and read a 24p EPA document on the issue.

    Vancouver conducts an education program at many sites in the city and in the schools. Visit the Vancouver Solid Waste site for comprehensive waste management program and the web site to promote it. Vancouver also provides recognition for the communities and neighborhoods in the city in the form of Community Profiles.

    Encouraging residents to raise part of their own food makes sense for a number of reasons and The City Farmer: UN Book and Urban Agriculture Notes provide plenty of information on the benefits. The Children and Horticulture -- kinderGARDEN should provide special guidance for the young students.

    A recent Tripod column What Makes a City Liveable? provides information (perhaps for more mature students because of the reading level). Students might explore the link to Pre-Ironic in Chicagoby Thomas Frank: urban renewal gone wrong. At one point, Frank describes the view from Midway Airport: "The soil is yellowish and toxic in the vacant lots where steel mills used to be. Sulfurous smoke pours from the steel mills that are still operational and blankets the south side with a foul-smelling cloud on winter nights. The Chicago Skyway, engineering marvel of the 1940s, decomposes slowly by the engineering marvel of the 1980s, the great landfill hills dotted with bright spots where methane burns off."

    More information and Web resources on Urban problems can be found at the Diversity page, which list a large number of Web sites to explore urban issues.

    Finally, the American Promise series will be presenting a three-part program starting October 16th. with Part 1: Freedom/Responsibility/Participation (Grass-roots democracy in action, told through the personal stories of ordinary people), followed by Part 2: Hard Choices/Information/Deliberation on Oct 23 (How citizens make hard choices, share information and deliberate issues) and Part 3: Opportunity/Leverage/Common Ground -- Oct 30 (challenges facing democracy, tools people use to make their opinions known, leveraging power and the need to find common ground). An outstanding PBS "teacher tune-in" Web site is available for the series!

  36. Form of the City: Web Resources
    A student hotlist of sites on the history of cities.
  37. Urban Reader: March 1997
    Urban planners might scope out this site.
  38. Earth Times
    Report from A Small Town in America.
  39. The National Urban League
  40. NewsHour Online: Phyllis Theroux Essay - Going Home (Thoughts about San Francisco)
    Essayist Phyllis Theroux shares some thoughts about her first hometown, San Francisco.
  41. Design Paradise
    Examine the interrelationships among industry, environment, and population through a visit to the island of Kauai, Hawaii. See the Resource Section -- offering general facts about the island of Kauai, its people, and its history and real-life examples of the concepts explained in the interactive game. The Simulation Game places you in the role of a CEO of a major development company who "...must balance the needs of industry, environment, and population to create a stable and prosperous economy." (Playing the game also involves a sign-up.) Best to visit the Game Demo for a walk through a number of sample games to avoid common errors. Finally, the worldwide Community Gallery provides information about other communities and areas similar to Kauai and a collection of outside resources.
  42. ny@work
    The On-Line Magazine for New York's Working People. When I visited, the site was featuring: Housing Crisis: The 7 Deadly Signs ("...a crisis affecting everyone and it's about to get worse), More than a Home ("...explores the connections between housing, neighborhood business stability and the survival of our city's communities), rent stabilization and other housing issues in New York.
  43. Ready to Live
    Companion site to "Let Jesse Live" on the topic of urban violence. Lists many resources that work with young people to improve their lives and help them make a difference in the world.
  44. Sprawl Guide: Sprawl in the News
    Features selections from urban newspapers on urban growth. The [Raleigh, NC] News & Observer: "Mapping the Boom" included an animated map of the growth of the area from 1960 through 2020.
  45. Ideas : Cities
    Shockwave rendition of cities. Place your browser cursor in the center and watch the show! If you go on to explore you will see the product of a Webmaster who knows how to use frames in a creative way.
    RECLAIMING OUR NEIGHBORHOODS -- "Rebuilding Neighborhoods from the Ground Up." The first episode in this series [Friday, May 16, 1997] explores local initiatives and community development corporations that offer everything from new housing to businesses and social services.
  47. Neighborhoods:Introduction
    Neighborhoods: Keepers of Culture documents the history of four Chicago neighborhoods: Douglas/Grand Boulevard, Rogers Park/West Ridge, Pilsen/Little Village, and Near West Side/East Garfield Park. "These neighborhoods reflect a broad range of experiences and represent old and new immigrant and migrant groups, over forty spoken languages, diverse racial and ethnic perspectives, class stratification, numerous religious affiliations, and multiple political, social, and economic agendas. Collectively, the stories of these neighborhoods are a microcosm of contemporary social issues and the historical processes that have shaped our nation's urban landscape."
  49. CFUS - Disney's Celebration
    Dedicated to collecting information on Disney's newest attempt to 'imagineer' a better society through the design of better cities.
  50. Downtown Anywhere(sm) - Front Street
  51. [City of Bits] Table of Contents
    Nice collection of Surf Sites.
  52. Lincoln County, Montana Homepage
    Take a grand 4 season photo tour of a rural area.
  53. Imaging America
    A PBS look at three cities, Portland and Phoenix, Arizona (April 8) and Salisbury, Maryland (April 15) that together create a "portrait of America." Get a feel for what is current in urban America. How could I have missed the first in the series (Portland)? SeeImaging America: Phoenix and Imaging America: Portland. Information on the "Salisbury" program will be added later.
  54. Stories From The Subways
    Subway system of New York City. Click on "map" for an excellent large PDF document/map of the subways.
  55. Chronology of a Demolition [Room 1]
  56. ATLex
    Exhibitions and performances exploring the nature of the modern city using the Atlanta metropolitan area a base.
  57. Country Net
    A guide to the Internet for grown-ups living in rural America by Marty Gallanter
  58. Habitat Project Description
    Cities of Today, Cities of Tomorrow -- UN Curriculum.
  59. 1002situations
    Here is an interesting site that lets you view what "place" means or what a homeland is...It suggests ideas for how to use HTML and the Internet to generate an extended definition of a concept or feeling. I was impressed with the "Childhood" page that profiles vivid memories of my own youth. If this triggers similar memories, you can contribute "in the box."
    Speaking of creative ways to view "place", you MUST visit the "Urban Diary" site below! A project that lets you place text, photos and sounds that define your "heimat" (homeland) into the virtual museum.
  60. Urban Diary
    The life and thoughts of an anonymous urban citizen.
  61. Rural Design
    A project designed to increase the awareness of places (and of people in places) by focusing attention on different aspects of our daily lives and expanding sensitivity to the environment. Links to explore:Web of Activities, Closure, Distinct Town Limits, Streets for People, Commercial Clusters, Connecting Commercial Buildings, Inviting Storefronts, Natural Light in Buildings, Awnings and Canopies, Small Parking Lots, Connecting Alleyways, Living Above Stores, Animals, Enclosed Front Spaces, Treeplaces, Trees by Houses, Fences and Hedges, Ditches, Open Fields, Paved Walkways, Poles and Posts, Signs.
  62. Los Angeles Murals Home Page
  63. Houston Wet
    Houston as an example of how most American cities are growing today.
  64. Seednet
    "A non profit organization in the state of Washington dedicated to fighting hunger through sustainable agriculture. We give away free vegetable seed to promote independence and sustainability among those who struggle to obtain the basic necessities of life."
  65. Eco-Village Information Service
    "An eco-village is a human scale, full-featured settlement which integrates human activities harmlessly into the natural environment, supports healthy human development, and can be continued into the indefinite future."
  66. The Farm
  67. Fragile Dwelling
    A surprising gem, as a click on "gardens" generated an essay, a collection of pictures of the homeless in New York and audio descriptions by the photographer. The attempts by the homeless to create some beauty in their surroundings is often thoughtlessly bulldozed by the authorities or vandalized by teens. Margaret Morton documents their aesthetic products.
    A publication for and by the homeless community of Boston.
  70. Megacities 2000 - Home Page
  71. The Neighborhood Works Home Page
    Links to information on: Computers/Search Engins, Economic Development, Environment, Government, Housing, Media, Organizing, Recycling, Sustainability, Transportation.
  72. Stone Soup - Homepage
    How to help the poor, one scrap of food at a time. Only three articles on the site, but I read them all and the soup sounds great.
  73. United States - Journey of Chicago's Ultimate Street Tough (Part 1)
    Monitor feature on gangs and a gang leader. Links onsite to Part 2 and other gang related sites on the Web.
  74. Virtual Greenbelt
    A source of collaborative interdisciplinary learning and creativity, with images, interviews and other materials relating to Greenbelt, Maryland (a New Deal-era planned community in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.)
  75. San Francisco: The City By The Bay
    Designed by the San Francisco Unified School District as supplementary curriculum material for teachers. Lessons and information on a collection of topics -- ethnic and racial history, African Americans in the Early History of San Francisco, Chinese Immigration and Angel Island-Ellis Island Of the West, Hmong Story Cloths, Japanese Immigration and Cultural Traditions, Sourdough Bread - The Lore of the West, Russian Immigration- Yesterday and Today and El Barrio de la Misión.
    A PBS documentary video shown earlier. The story focuses on how the residents of Billings, Montana responded when their neighbors were under attack by white supremacists.
  77. The Healing Powers of Community
    Best of CAFÉ UTNE: Depression, Disconnection & the Meanings of Illness. Perhaps it does take a village.
  78. MIT Museum Online Gallery: From Louis Sullivan to SOM
    Examines the contributions Boston architects in changing architectural design and practice in Chicago during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
  79. Ethnic Mosaic of the Quad Cities
  80. Suburban Gangs-The Affluent Rebels
    Promo for a book, but the site also features a Suburban Gang Update and FAQ on suburban gangs.
    A site that features Arcosanti, an experimental city in the high desert of Arizona to demonstrating ways to improve urban conditions, keep the natural countryside in close proximity to urban dwellers and reduce the impact on earth. keeping the natural countryside in close proximity to urban dwellers.
  82. Los Angeles Times Report--18th Street Gang
  83. CitySpace Project
    A virtual three-dimensional model city built collaboratively by kids and artists. Participants share stories, pictures, sounds, and models they create and assemble inside a navigable, .
  84. Through Our Parents Eyes: Tucson's Diverse Community
    For many reasons, I often rate sites on a "Delight -- Disappointment" continuum and this site is clearly in the delight category. Since I will be returning frequently, I hope they spice it up with new material from time to time and beef up the speed of the server. Key links to Cuentos de Nuestros Padres: Tucson's Hispanic Community, In The Steps of Esteban: Tucson's African-American Heritage, The Old Fort Lowell Neighborhood, The Promise of Gold Mountain: Tucson's Chinese Heritage. Future exhibits will view the Korean-American and the Native American Communities of Tucson.
  85. Rivertown Introduction
    An experimental interactive simulation of downtown revitalization in a fictional Rivertown. Produced by the Urban and Regional Planning Program at EMU(Eastern Michigan University). Anyone with an Email address and Internet graphics capability can join in. Issue #1: What should be done to encourage the revitalization of Rivertown's old downtown?
  86. In Our Path: Photographs
    Has your city built expressways? This site provides some photo documentation that captures some of the disruptions for people.
  87. "The Plain People"
    Answers questions and answers about the Amish, the Mennonites, the Brethren, and the other "Plain People" of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country.
  88. COSMOPOLIS: Visions for a Global Community
    "If you were to create a civilization based on the integrity of human life and the natural world, what would such a civilization look like?"
  89. Rural New England
    Refreshing Black and white graphics and great writing will perk you interest in rural New England. Read Bumper Crop, Death by Doritos and Nine Horses Died by Robert Streeter. Boxcar Willies, the Itinerant Poor, by Don Anderson Fed and Gone, the Itinerant Poor, by Bob Kaldenbach, The Big One, Back in '38 by Don Anderson and Easy Keepers by Bob Kaldenbach round out the selections.
  90. The Smallest Towns "This New England" Story
  91. The Urban Information Center -- University of Missouri-St. Louis
  92. Neighborhood Planning for Community Revitalization (NPCR
  93. Augustana Special Collections
    Farm Life, interviews with Western Illinois pioneers from the early part of this century, Native Americans, Civil War Diaries, and an "Ethnic Mosaic" that features immigrant and ethnic groups of the Quad Cities urban area.
  94. Trail of Tears by James Ridgeway
    Disturbing essay on current treatment of immigrants.
  95. Ethnic Mosaic of the Quad Cities
  96. graffiti
  97. Countrylife Online Village plaza
    Features a Ethnobotany Cafe with a Discussion Lounge, The Herb Exchange, Ethnobotany Archive, The Mesquite Connection and Ethnobotany Links. A second major link takes you to the Bakery with links to a Community Forum, Recipe Bin, Bread Question Center, Beginner's Guide, Tricks and Tips, Grain Mill, Intro to Sourdough, Sourdough Proof Box. Home Yogurt and cheese Makers from Around the World is also featured.
  98. MultiMag
    A network of COMMUNITY MAGAZINES for small towns to promote their businesses and events. Information on local governments (maps, weather, demographics) will also be online.
  99. The Farm Report #1 and The Farm Report #2 by Robert Sturgeon at SherryArt
    First and second of a series of articles that address the ignorance of 98% of the population about the farm segment.
  100. NTIEVA Newsletter 2
    Organized into three categories: the country, the city, and the home.
  101. Urban Desires
    This has been on my personal bookmark file for some time. You will need to visit the site (over time) and decide if you will include in your educational program.. It had an "adult" tone and content at times.
    This city created the "Permission Wall" for graffiti. The wall is gone now, but the electronic images remain.
  103. LAR702- Town Planning
    A case study of urban design in the suburban context, especially the urban form of the edge city, with its "...multiple centers of retail, office and residential developments concentrated around highway interchanges surrounding an older central city."
  104. Chicago 96
  105. Generations Gallery
    Images highlighting the people, institutions, architecture and events that made Cleveland's Detroit Shoreway neighborhood, a community with a rich ethnic and cultural makeup.
    A page on Americans ... who live here but do not feel as if they completely belong." Large collection of links on the page...with some in the "adult" category.
  107. Urban Education Web
  108. Bridging the Urban Landscape: Homepage
  109. Rural Chronicles Online
    News and Information for Small Towns & Rural Life.
  110. An Historical Small Town Treasure
    Send your students to Wilmerding, Pennsylvania, a town that rose to prominence during the Industrial Revolution.
  111. BEATS: Community & Society - PRIMER
    Can a sense of community be created and maintained given the increasing diversity of American communities? See this page for some pointers on the concept of COMMUNITY. Be sure to click on the "Virtual Community" for a discussion on this variety of community.
  112. Across the River Press Release
    Friday, November 24, 1995
    "Offers viewers a look at Washington's inner-city neighborhoods that contrasts sharply with the typical images of crime, drugs and violence conveyed on the nightly news. "ACROSS THE RIVER" SPOTLIGHTS GRASSROOTS ACTIVISTS IN WASHINGTON, DC'S ANACOSTIA NEIGHBORHOODS. Students might also visit this location for a look at the politics of the area.
  114. Horseradish Farm
    Rural Maine Life.
  115. National Coalition for the Homeless
  116. Photo Survey of Homeless People living in Shantytowns
    Documentary of American shanty towns where homeless people have created shelters out of "trash" or other non-traditional materials.
  117. Homeless In America
  118. Tripod non-profit Profiles: The National Coalition for the Homeless
  119. The Austin Chronicle's Hypermedia Gallery
    Output of photojournalist Jana Birchum, who spent 6 weeks in early 1995, chronicling the lives of young homeless living on the streets of Austin, Texas. The unappealing title "Gutter Tribe: Kids on the Street" was an essay written later to present/explain the photos in the newpaper.
  120. Real Change
    Proof that there are people who want to work (and people who want to help them). Site includes information on how to establish a paper for homeless people. Dedicated to broadening public notions of who poor people really are. Links to "homeless" locations in the U.S. and other nations.
  121. HUDUSER Web server
  122. National Coalition of the Homeless
    Includes legislative and policy issues, profiles one family's slide into homelessness plus interviews with homeless persons.
  123. The SOME Home(less) Page
    Every day in our Nation's Capital SOME serves over 1,200 hot, nutritious meals to homeless children, women and men.
  124. Covington's Homeless
    Cultural diversity may be as close and the neighbor next door or the local commercial center. Check it out....
  125. Urban/Minority Families
    Some samples from the Main Menu. This a great site for parents and those who need information on building programs in the schools to support parents.
  126. UW Homeless Project
  127. Atlanta Heritage
    National Black Arts Festival | World Fest '96 | DeKalb County |Atlanta History | Walking Tour | Goods & Services |Art & Culture | Delectable Dining | Shopping.
    This page lists a number of excellent reference materials dealing with equity and diversity. Links generate short abstracts of the documents and soruces for the full text. For example: ASIAN AMERICANS AND PACIFIC ISLANDERS IN TEACHING.
  129. Joseph Knight - Portfolio
    Joseph entered a design competition that had the theme "cultural transpositions in architecture." He was assigned " take an existing 'typically American' house near campus and add-to and transform it into a 'home away from home' for Islamic students. Look for paper/electronic plans such as this to be transformed into actual structures in the future, as more of our nation's schools recognize and celebrate our current diversity.
  130. Conscious Choice
    Conscious Choice:The Journal of Ecology & Natural Living - a bi-monthly Midwester magazine that reports on environmental issues and natural alternatives in health care, food, and nutrition. One of the more recent issues focused on diversity.
  131. Overview of 54 Ways You Can Help The Homeless

  1. Online Communities - Intranet Net Links
  2. Virtual City HomepageCyberSites: Creators of 3D Virtual Worlds and Web Communities
  3. Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies
    "Collaborative in nature, RCCS seeks to establish and support ongoing conversations about the emerging field, to foster a community of students, scholars, teachers, explorers, and builders of cyberculture, and to showcase various models, works-in-progress, and on-line projects." The site includes a nice listing of Internet resources for Cyberculture and electronic communities.
  4. STL# - Electronic Firebuilding
    Community Building in Virtual Reality: Designing, Building, and Nurturing Virtual Communties.
  5. The Grand List of School Virtual Museums
  6. The Virtual Community by Howard Rheingold: Table of Contents
    Interested in more information and examples of virtual communities? This is a site to begin exploration. Features the book, "The Virtual Community: Homesteading on the Electronic Frontier" by Howard Rheingold, is on the site...all of the chapters.
  7. Cybertown Main Town
  8. CyberStudio -- Cyber Island
    [ The Story of Internet Island | Find Your Hawaiian Name ] [ The Cyber Hawaiian Dictionary | YoPet! A Yahoo Parody! ] [ Endangered Species of Hawaii | How to have a BIG Luau.
    "Auroville, the City of Dawn, was inaugurated in 1968 in South India, as a planned universal city of the future for fifty thousand people. The ongoing project is an experiment in the next step in the evolution of mankind."
  10. Digital City Chicago - NeighborhoodsIncluded is demographic, education (including subject- and grade-based "report cards,") employment, crime, and health information. There is also a short article about each neighborhood, written by a Tribune staffer.
  11. Charlotte's Web
    A regional communications network dedicated to helping people in communities use electronics to make their lives better and engage more fully in civic life.
  12. Cyberplanet for Renewal
    A site that focuses on the concept of community - both geographic and those that are evolving, such as electronic communities. Links listed below frame out the scope of the site: Community Links, Media and the Global Village : Myth or Reality, Sense of Community, Building a sense of community on the Net, Rebuilding America's sense of community --By John W. Gardner, Common Cause, MainStreet Network, WebMuseum, Paris- Marc Chagall, Real Solutions for Families and Communities, Education & Children, Civic Practices Network, Societal Action, Culture & Health, Environmentalism & Nature.
  13. [City of Bits] Synopsis
    Another "virtual city", but this one has a historical slant that is worth a careful perusal.
  14. GeoCities Neighborhood Directory
    Homesteaders set up residency in one of our twenty-nine themed communities, based on the content of their home page.
  1. VSA - Arts, Education, Disability
    Featuring: "Through the Looking Glass," a photographic exhibit to celebrate the 160th Anniversary of Photography, See "Start with the Arts" for an instructional program for four-, five-, and six-year-olds. Conducting a puppet interview, communicating through movement, and other educational activities for young children, plus a program (Express Diversity) to promote disabilities awareness through art education projects.
  2. America's Athletes With Disabilities, Inc.
  3. ETA Projects for People with Disabilities
  4. Students with Disabilities in Postsecondary Education
    A Profile of Preparation, Participation, and Outcomes PDF format.
  5. Wheelchair sports
  6. Disability Social History Project
  7. OneWorld Online - Radio News Service: HOMEPAGE
    Listen to some very interesting content on world news.. One called Disability rights: "Jerry's Orphans" is a report from WINGS about the ethics of a charity which portrays disabled people negatively in order to raise funds. Have people in the US come to expect manipulation and deception from for-profit corporations? What about the ethics of charitable organisations?
  8. Writers Press educational children's literature
    Currently featuring a series of books and reading materials Writers Press helps best explain various disabilities such as Down syndrome, epilepsy, ADD and asthma to students in a classroom.
  9. Center for Indigenous Research - Archaeological Studies
    A very friendly site for young peple, offering special opportunities for at risk students to participate in digs. I clicked on "The Development of Agriculture" which offers a very readable text, simple graphic and a java applet to define new and difficult terms for young readers. Students simply slide the cursor over the term and a pop-up box presents a definition.
  10. NICHCY
    The National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities. Provides information on disabilities and disability-related issues for families, educators, and other professionals, with a special focus on children and youth (birth to age 22).
  11. Cornucopia of Disability Information
    Disability information in a wide variety of areas.
  12. Welcome to the National Council on Disability (NCD)
    A new site with a host of publications online, with more in the pipeline.
  13. New Mobility Magazine Home Page
    A resource serving the informational needs of people with disabilities.
  14. Mathew
    Matthew is an Australian lad in 2nd grade who has cerebral palsy.
  15. JAN on the Web
    Toll-free consulting service that provides information about jobs and the employability of people with disabilities and information regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).
  16. Children with AIDS Project
  17. The Ability Mall
    Links to Government Resources, Other Sites, Visual and Hearing, Universities/Education.
  18. Kennedy Center Home Page
    See Helpful tips for parents, teachers, and others who work with children and adults with disabilities.
  19. EASI: Access to Information for Persons With Disabilities
  20. Karen Nakamura's Deaf Resource Library
  21. WebABLE!
    Information repository for people with disabilities and accessibility solution providers.
  22. Abilities - Issue 24 - Fall 95
  23. WebABLE!
    "WebABLE! is the World Wide Web information repository for people with disabilities andaccessibility solution providers. WebABLE! is dedicated to promoting the interests of adaptive, assistive, and access technology researchers, users, and manufacturers."
  24. A Shining Tribute to Special Olympics Athletes Everywhere
  25. DO-IT Program
    A goal of DO-IT (Disabilities, Opport unities, Internetworking, and Technology), is to increase the participation of individuals with disabilities in science, engineering, and mathematics academic programs and careers.
  1. Danish Immigrant Museum Introduction
  2. Immigration Issues Home Page
  3. Irish Resources in the Humanities
    An excellent variety of resources maintained by Susan Schreibman, Department of Humanities, New Jersey Institute of Technology.
  4. German American Corner: German American Magazine and Business Guide
  5. The National Immigration Forum Home Page
    Try the TOC first.
  6. Canadian Immigration Theme Page
    Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild. "We offer letters and diaries written by immigrants, and articles that were published about their experiences. We provide information about specific ships and shipwrecks, some rescues but many whose fate is unknown. The Compass lists sites on the internet with passenger lists,"
  8. Center for Migration Studies Home Page (Page 1)
  10. Cultural Maps
    Territorial Expansion of The United States 1775-1920, Immigration and Ethnicity: Settlement Patterns in The United States, Excerpt from John Shelton Reed's, The South, Historical Geography, Exploring the West from Monticello.
  11. Germans From Russia - A Local Production of Prairie Public
    Trace the history of the Germans from Russia -- a distinct ethnic group that migrated from Germany to Russia and, ultimately, the plains of America.
  12. Immigration and Ethnic History Society
  13. Immigration History Research Center
  14. Center for Migration Studies
    Human migration and refugee movements from many perspectives.
  15. Chinatown History
  16. NatCitCol
    National Citizenship Network -- a clearinghouse for the exchange of information, analysis and strategy on a wide range of issues affecting immigrants and refugees in the United States.
  17. Historical Census Statistics on the Foreign-Born Population of the United States: 1850 to 1990
  18. In the Mix Immigration Station
  19. Pioneer Sikh Asian East Indian Immigration to the Pacific Coast from Punjab
  20. Immigration History Research Center
    An international resource on American immigration and ethnic history. Features an archive and library collections, information on academic and public programs, and bibliographic and scholarly works. Includes immigration history, a research center, an international archive on American immigration and ethnic history, much that was produced by the immigrants and their descendants (including personal papers of community leaders, clergy, journalists, or educators) and the records of fraternal organizations, immigrant service agencies, or publishing companies, the ethnic presses in the United States (and Canada) from the late nineteenth century to the present.
  21. Immigration, Ellis Island, page 1
    New York, NY, Ellis Island -- Immigration: 1900-1920. From University of California, Riverside Keystone-Mast Collection, California Museum of Photography. "Christmas on Ellis Island, ca. 1908."
    Chroniclesthe migration of some of our fifth grade students and their parents at Alderwood Elementary School to the United States. Using the information and knowledge of students and parents to demonstrate immigration/multicultural themes in the U.S. Done by students at Alderwood Elementary School.
  24. 20th Centrury Immigration and Ethnicity
    Thomas J. Archdeacon's course is a good example of a current trend in post-secondary education - the effort to make the Internet and especially the World Wide Web, a required part of the program of study. The Web is used as a communication device, as a research tool and as a means of pubication for both the instructor and the students.
  25. Close Up Foundation: U.S. Immigration Policy
    "The page includes an overview of U.S. immigration policy, a summary of current U.S. immigration law, statistics on immigration to the United States, a timeline of U.S. immigration policy, and a teaching activity."
  26. History 264: Immigration and Ethnicity in the United States
    Features a fine List of links to Federal Government Agencies, Immigration Advocacy Groups, Immigration History, Museums, and Archives, Ethnic Organizations and Specific Immigration History.
  27. The American Immigrant Wall of Honor
  28. American Immigration Center!
    Immigration resources and information.
  29. International Channel--Angel Island
    "From 1910 to 1940, Angel Island Immigration Station, located in the middle of the San Francisco Bay, was routinely the first stop for immigrants crossing the pacific Ocean. More than a million immigrants from around the world came through this station." Given the diversity of the American population, both Ellis and Angle Island should be visited. Teachers interested in a contrast/comparison between the two should visit "Immigration: Angel Island vs. Ellis Island", a Webquest on points of immigration entry.
  30. Chinese History, Tours, Angel Island, Island, Park, Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation
    Go first to the "Past" icon for extensive links to: Pictorial History of Chinese at Angel Island, The Open Door, The "Coolie"Trade & Immigration To California, The China Boy, Men Who Moved Mountains & Railroad, Agriculture & Light Industry, Fishing & Salmon Industry, The Chinese Question, The Chinese Must Go!, The Twain Shall Meet & The Possible Dream, New Faces, Old Problems Of Chinese Descent & Born American. The "Fame" link also explores historical information on the topics of: Eduction & Breaking The Political Glass Ceiling, Asian Americans Excel In Sports and the Arts, Hate Crime & Labor Movement & Social Activism. The "Land" icon also links to historical infomation and several graphics. You might ask students to research the current and past problems in establishing and funding (and now maintaining) national monuments and historic sites. Should individual states, local area or non-profit non-government be expected to maintain sites which are truely "national" in character? Great debat topic. My only criticism of the site is that the icon titles don't seem to directly relate to the content under the link....I also wish more of the poetry composed by the Chinese immigrants would be added to the page.
  31. American Immigration Center!: immigration resources and information.
    TOC: News Groups, Citizenship Tutorial, Immigration Tutorial, Immigration Tips, Bulletin Board, Translation Services.
  32. Decisions, Decisions: Immigration
  33. Immigration & Ethnic Group Experience in the 20th Century U.S.
  34. Legislative History
    Federal immigration and naturalization statutes in the United States from 1790 to the present.
  35. P.O.V. Interactive: Main Menu
    Currently, only a Press Release and place-holder site ( for a program to air Tuesday, June 30, 1998 10:00 P.M. Part of the P.O.V. series, "Kelly Loves Tony" -- Kelly is a straight-A student and Tony is trying to leave gang life. It becomes a " diary of a young Southeast Asia couple wrestling with the demands of parenting, love, dreams and disillusionment in the nebulous cultural zone between first and second generation immigrant life."
  36. Immigration History Research Center's Archival Collections
    "On August 2, 1995, police officers raided a fenced compound of seven apartments in El Monte, eight operators of a clandestine garment sweatshop and freed 72 illegal Thai immigrants who had been forced to sew in virtual captivity."
  37. Triangle Fire
    The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire -- March 25, 1911. Labor history may be one of the most overlooked topics in American history. For those teachers looking for Web resources, this site offers some needed items . The indexed oral histories were not yet online when I visited, but I located some under the topic of "Sweatshops and Strikes before 1911." You might follow with a visit to the american history sweatshop exhibition at a different location.
  38. The American Immigrant Wall of Honor
    Sports a great "splash" page but comes up short on content. You can add your family name to the"wall."
  39. North by South: from Charleston to Harlem, the Great Migration
  40. North to Alaska
  41. US State Department - Policy -Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration
    Documents, reports and links to related sites.
  42. Issues and Controversies On File
    I recently picked up a free print copy of an "Immigration Update" (I suspect at the Cincinnati Convention) and, after reading the issue, sought a central Web site for the publication. After a search (HotBot), I located the site AND an electronic version of the issue. The Issue (a sample) also gives deep background on Juvenile Justice and School Desegregation. Teachers who dedicate time and lessons to current events and issues must provide "transitional learning" or background to help students understand events and behavior. This page also provides deep background information on Sample Articles on Assisted Suicide, Abortion, War Crimes Tribunals and Renewable Energy. The site also features selected highlights from the current issue in the form of a TOC for the issue and some selected articles in full text.
  43. National Center for Urban Partnerships
    Formed to help underserved urban students successfully complete degree programs.
  44. Port of Entry
    Be a historical detective and search for clues to America's past in American Memory and the vast collection of photographs and eyewitness accounts of immigrant life in America. Special Teacher Material on site.
  45. The Irish in America
    Placeholder site for the PBS page on the Irish in America. "Interviews, essays, images, and audio files will allow Web visitors to delve into Irish genealogy, Irish music, and Irish language. Interactive maps will trace where Irish-Americans came from and where they settled."
  46. Immigration in the Guilded Age and Progressive Era
  47. North to Alaska
    National Archives and Records Administration site for the 1998 History Day focus on Migration. View the photographs, letters, drawings, and acts that highlight some of the factors that prompted thousands to migrate north to Alaska.
  48. American Immigration
    Topics covered Reasons for immigration, Who were/are the immigrants to the U.S.?, Peaks/waves of immigration, Methods of transportation and ports of arriva, Process of entering the U.S., Destination/places where they settled, Treatment/reception by other Americans, Effects/impact on America (positive and negative), Opportunities for and success of immigrants, Assimilation? If so, to what degree?, What did/do immigrants find distinctive about America?, Legal vs. illegal immigrants, Laws restricting immigration. Time periods: 1607-1830 | 1830-1890 | 1890-1924 | 1968-Present .
  49. Migration and Political Power (MigPol).
    With MigPol, students can see how current trends in population growth may translate into future political power, or model the effects of alternate scenarios. Includes a Download Site.
  50. Federation for American Immigration Reform ( FAIR )menu
  51. Irish Emigrant Publications, Galway, Ireland
    Electronic newsletters for the Irish abroad. For the over 70 million people who embrace their Irish heritage but have never visited the Island. See CHERISHING THE IRISH DIASPORA (The Irish Emigrant Ltd, Galway, Ireland).
  52. Refugee Web: Home Page
  53. The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Migration and Ethnic Relations
    New location..
  54. The American Immigrant Wall of Honor
  55. Ellis Island
    Presenting a historical overview, info on "THE JOURNEY" (from an oral history project) and an Ellis Island Cookback. See
  57. D.L.H. Citizenship and Immigration Resources for more recent information.
    The Irish Experience in Boston 1840 and The Immigrants' Experience Today A Technology/Internet Based, Integrated Unit. Many teachers might have used this lesson when it was in "Apple" format.
  59. Migration Museum: Contents
    South Australia's settlement past creates a multicultural society.
  60. In Surge to Be Americans, Thousands Take Oath
    With links to related articles. Report Says Immigration Is Beneficial to the U.S. (May 18). Join a discussion on The Future of Immigration.
  61. Report Says Immigration Is Beneficial to the U.S.
  62. GREEN CARD lottery rules
  63. Green Card Lottery
  64. American Immigration Center
    Do-It-Yourself Immigration: Typing Service, National Interest Waiver, Immigration Publications, Employment, Residence via Marriage, 1997 Visa Lottery, Translation Services, Coming to America, Immigration Newsgroups, Visa Bulletin.
  65. The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Migration and Ethnic Relations
  66. Polish Immigrants in Chicago
    Refugee themes to help children understand fundamental issues in history, geography or other subject areas. The site will provide specific ideas on how refugee issues can be taught within various subjects to students in different age groups with detailed unit and lesson plans.
  68. The WWW V-Lib: Migration and Ethnic Relations / Complete List of Resources
  69. Charlotte's WWWeb Immigration/Population Page
  70. Immigration Lesson Plan Description
    Download/view in Doc or HTML format.
  71. Immigration Control Bill of 1996 <
  72. Immigration, Ellis Island -- 1900-20
  73. Turner Adventure Learning -- Migration to America
    | Where In the World Is Ellis Island? | On This Adventure | Teacher Resource Book | | Interesting Facts and Figures.
  74. American Immigration Resources on the Internet - USA Immigration Software
  75. The Immigration Superhighway
  76. Immigration History Research Center (IHRC)
    University of Minnesota. An international resource on American immigration and ethnic history.
  77. National Visa Center
    Service bureau registering worldwide applicants into the U.S.State Dept.
    European Research Centre on Migration and Ethnic Relations, a university-based research institute devoted to the specialist study of migration and ethnic relations at a European level.
  79. Merger
    Newsletter from the Migration and Ethnic Relations Group for European Research.
  80. The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Migration and Ethnic Relations
  81. Immigration: An Open or Closed Door?
    Inscription at the base of the Statue of Liberty:
    Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame
    With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
    Here at our sea-washed sunset gates shall stand
    A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
    Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
    Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
    Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
    The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
    "Keep your ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she
    With silent lips.
    "Give me your tired, your poor,
    your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"
  82. ANU - Centre for Immigration & Multicultural Studies
  83. Basic Immigration Resources
  1. What's New on!
    I explored the link to Jews in the Civil War and located a large collection of oral history and primary resources on the topic.
  2. Everything Jewish: Your Jewish Information Source.
  3. horizon article - Live from Theater J
    Theater J is housed in the handsome 260-seat theater in the D.C. Jewish Community Center.
  4. Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada Inc.
  5. Maven - Jewish/Israel Index U.S.A.
    Provides archival resources on the History of Jewish Women in America, with major links to: Annotated bibliography of books and articles, a guide to repositories and sample holdings, information for Israelis in the USA, Torah / Traditional information, products, and services, Jewish Heroes & Heroines in America- Jewish Heroes & Heroines in America-Colonial Times to 1900 and from 1900 to World War II, Jewish towns in the USA, primary research material about Jewish-American participation in the Civil War, Jewish Recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor and links to a host of other on-line resources.
  6. Jews in America Table of Contents
    Features informaton on: American Jews Serve in World War II, Americans React to Damascus Blood Libel, General Grant's Infamy, Jewish Population of the United States (1996), New Amsterdam's Jewish Crusader Rabbi Gittelsohn's Iwo Jima Sermon, Sixteen Jewish Recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor and When the Rabbis Marched on Washington. You should also add Yahoo Internet Life - Site Reviews: Jewish-American Heritage for annotated links and reviews of key sites on the Web. Very handy and usually current.
  7. Internet Jewish History Sourcebook
  8. the Judaism Pod
    An active "pod" with Pod Live Chats (Sunday, August 16 from 9:00 PM to 10:00 PM EDT = Judaism chat), Conferencing and discussions and a Pod Newsletter and a Jewish Magazine (elicoh).
  9. Academic Jewish Studies Internet Directory / The WWW Virtual Library
    Includes telnet access to the "RAMBI - Index of Articles in Jewish Studies."
  10. Jews America
    French Photographer Frédéric Brenner explores "how the Jews changed America, and how America changed the Jews" as part of the Diaspora project.
  11. University of Arizona Library -- Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives
    See the Pioneer link:West Texas Jewish Pioneers, New Mexico Jewish Pioneers, Arizona Jewish Pioneers, At Home on the Range: Jewish Ranchers, All Aboard: Jewish Pioneers Built Railroads, Setting Up Shop in the Old West: Merchantile Interests.
  12. jewishlife
    Essays, articles, reviews (books/zines/films/websites), interviews, letters column (if the response is good), commentary, poetry, fiction, an extensive list of recommended links, plus artwork and photographs.
  13. The Leona G. and David A. Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives
    A focus on Jewish pioneers who built Jewish communities and contributed to the development of the Southwest. See "Jewish Images of the Southwest, documents the pioneer Jewish families who settled in Arizona, New Mexico, and West Texas, during the mid-nineteenth and early part of the twentieth centuries."
  14. JWA Exhibit Entrance
    A page " uncover, chronicle and transmit the historical record of Jewish women's lives, their impact on Jewish culture and their active participation in society at large." The site is currently showing links to: Glikl bas Judah (1646-1724), Rebecca Gratz (1781-1869), Henrietta Szold (1860-1945), Lillian Wald (1867-1940), Rose Schneiderman (1882-1972) and Molly Picon (1898-1992). In a recent revisit, I clicked on Archival Resources at the top of the page and discovered a new prototype for a searchable archive at the site. "The Jewish Women's Archive plans to build a thorough, searchable online directory of all archival and library source materials relating to Jewish women in the United States and Canada." When this material comes online, the site could very well be at the top for reserarch resources.
  15. The Archive: Russian-Jewish Immigrants Museum
  16. Yiddish Culture
    Books on Yiddish Culture From the Archives of The New York Times.
  17. Jewish Communties of the US
    Virtual Jerusalem.
  18. Jewish American Culture - Feature: 05/02/97 - Yom Hashoah - From The Mining Company
  19. Growing Hasidic Enclave Wrestles With Secular Neighbors
    From the New York Times, 13 Jan, 1997.
  20. Aish HaTorah - Window on the Western Wall
    See the lighting of the Hannukah lamps at the stern Wall, near the Miracle of Lights. Offers live photos of events at the Wall 24 hours a day.
  21. Jewish America Home Page
  22. Anti-Defamation League
  23. TheJewish Theological Seminary of America
    Aims to further knowledge of Jewish History, Culture and Language to Jews and non-Jews in schools, universities and adult study groups, through regular day and evening classes, cultural events, seminars and international tours of Jewish interest. Links of interest to Modern Jewish History 1780-1948, The Bible as Literature, Jewish History through Documentary Film, Holocaust Studies, Jewish Women's Literature and Jews in the World of Islam.
  25. Dor L'Dor Interactive Multimedia
    Multimedia Judaic Software and Related Products, provides students with hands-on experiential learning of the Hebrew alphabet and prayers.
  26. Torah on the Information Superhighway
  27. Jews in Second Place
    When Asian-Americans become the “new Jews,” what happens to the Jews? From the new publication by Microsoft - Slate.
  28. United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism
    Service provider and policy-making organization of Conservative congregations in North America, representing close to 800 affiliated synagogues.
  29. The Judah L. Magnes Jewish Museum
  30. Jewish holiday of Passover (Pesach)
    Features the history, customs and music of the Jewish holiday.
  31. The Jewish Post of New York the first online Jewish newspaper.
    American Jewish newspaper.
  33. David Dickerson's Home Page
    Topics = Holocaust, Classical Music, Antisemitism, Literature and Language, Jewish Culture and History.
  34. Jewish American Literature Research Homepage
    A site devoted to American Jewish literature and writers and their works.
  35. Hanukkah - Festival of Lights
  36. The Jewish Family and Its Tradition
    Classes from the 7th grade from Junior High Schools in Haifa and towns around it, will participate in this project. Email address of project director is included. Perhaps some American schools would be interested in a comparative approach. Has the American experiece altered the Jewish family?
  37. Access Delmarva/The Daily Times
    See the link to Rosh Hashana: Head of the Year.
  38. Jews in Film: A Short Bibliography of Materials in the UC Berkeley Libraries
  39. Columbia Jewish Information on the World Wide Web
  40. Jerusalem One - Software
    Large collection of clip art and software focused on Jewish themes.
  41. Traditional Jewish Recipes
    From the Israel Information Service.
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